“Yes Sir, of course Sir.” Victoria said as she slipped her bra from her body and then held it in front of her for a second before letting it drop to the floor.

“Good girl.” the voice from the computer said and a shiver of pleasure ran through her.

When it passed she walked forward and took the seat in front of the table in which her laptop sat, leaned forward until the view of the camera was filled with her breasts and then started to fondle them.

“God Vicky, I can’t believe you don’t show those off all the time, to anyone who wants to see them.”

She let out a little moan before answering, “I’m sorry Sir, I want to but she won’t let me.”

A chuckle came through the speakers as she continued to fondle herself, “Well, don’t worry about her, it won’t be much longer until she doesn’t have any say in the matter.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir. I can’t wait until I can show off my body to everyone Sir.” Victoria replied and stood up and slipped her panties from her body. She put a foot up on the chair she had just been sitting in and started to rub her pussy in full view of the camera.

“You love playing with that tight little pussy too, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm… Yes Sir, I love playing with my pussy… especially when I’m imagining sucking on your big hard cock. Please Sir, tell me you are going to be here soon… that I’ll be able to play with my pussy while I suck your cock… that there will be nothing she can do to stop you from fucking my tight little pussy… aaaahhhhhhh…”

“That’s right Vicky, it won’t be long now. Soon you’ll have my cock anytime you want it, and she won’t be able to stop you.”

“Yes! Yes! Please Sir! Do it soon! I need your cock so badly!” Victoria cried out as an orgasm crested and her legs wobbled beneath her.

She managed to grab the back of the chair before she fell over, but it did little to stop the feeling of her legs being jello.

“Good girl, now get dress again and we’ll talk soon.”

“Yes Sir.” Victoria replied as the call ended and she steadied herself for a moment before redressing and sitting down in front of the computer.

Victoria blinked and looked at the computer screen in front of her, “Call ended; 15 mins, 23 seconds.”

She frowned for a moment before also seeing the payment confirmation in her mailbox, which brought a smile to her face and pushed out the lingering questions in her mind.

So what if she couldn’t really remember the call details? He paid well and was a regular, so it didn’t really matter. None of them seemed to mind her rules; no nudity, no sexual displays, no vulgar talk.

She ran a clean show and if they didn’t like that, well, they could go find one of those other slutty models that would show off the goods for just a couple of bucks.

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought of showing everything to her regulars, but she convinced herself it was disgust instead of the obvious turn on that it was.

Her attention was brought to the incoming e-mail, a confirmation from her booking sight, and she saw he had booked the same time for the next day. A broader smile crossed her lips and without even realizing it her hand slipped between her legs and gently stroked her pussy.

She let out a contented sigh and the stood up and walked to her closet and considered what she might wear for tomorrows call. A thought crossed her mind, perhaps nothing?

She shook her head, trying to dislodge it, succeeding after a few moments. At least for the time being, as she had been having vivid dreams most nights, of her naked body, a hard cock, and powerful orgasms.

Of course dreams were dreams, but only yesterday she’d found herself daydreaming about the same thing and she knew that orgasm had been very real.