“Hey babe, I’m home!” the voice from the front of the condo called out and both Jim’s and Daryl’s head swiveled towards it.

“Shit!” they both said under their breath as they turned back to look at the woman sitting in the chair, the programming helmet still doing its work.

Daryl looked over at Jim, and Jim looked down at the case of medical supplies that was at his feet. He reached down and pulled out a syringe and vile, quickly filling one from the other.

“Ok, you distract her and I’ll sedate her.” Jim said and Daryl nodded back.

The two men quietly moved towards the living room and caught sight of the tall blonde standing in front of the fridge, rummaging around.

Jim nodded at Daryl and the other man quickly stomped towards the door, but not too quickly. The blonde let out a scream and then through a bottle of water in Daryl’s direction as he made his way for the front door.

She then grabbed a knife and gave chase, never noticing Jim sneaking up behind her, until he jabbed the needle into her ass and it was too late.

Daryle opened the condo door and quickly looked down the hallway, there didn’t seem to be anyone that noticed and so he closed the door and returned to Jim standing over the unconscious body of the blonde.

“She’s not supposed to be home for another three days!” Daryl said, pointing over to the suitcase by the doorway.

“I know, but she’s here now. Good thing it’s the middle of the day, nobody around to hear the scream.”

“Yeah… Lucky.” Daryl said and then pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. A moment later he was talking to someone, questioning what had gone wrong and what the next steps were.

Jim headed back to the other room and double checked the stats on the tablet to make sure the programming was coming along as planned. All was well and so he set it back down and headed out to the living room just as Daryl was finishing up on the phone.


“They’re going to double check what happened. She…” he said, waving his hand at the blonde, “…was still supposed to be at the conference. In the mean time, they want us to secure her and keep her sedated while they ship over another programming unit.”

Jim nodded and the two men took the limp body of the blonde in to the same room as the brunette and made quick work of securing her in a similar fashion to a second chair.

Daryl looked over at Jim when they’d finished, “Have we got enough sedative to keep her under?”

“Oh yeah, that first shot I gave her would keep an elephant down for a couple of hours at least. It should keep her out for the entire day. And I’ve got lots more where that came from.”

Daryl nodded, “And how’s the other one coming?”

“Pretty well, she’s 70% the way through the bisexual program, and 30% through the sexual re-aligment program. Those should be done by tomorrow, then there’s just the basic obedience program to finish.”

Daryl nodded once more and rubbed his chin with his index finger, “Her father is a real piece of work isn’t he?”

It was Jim’s turn to nod this time.

“What do you want to bet they’re going to offer the blonde to him as a package deal for half price now that we have to do something with her.”

Jim chuckled a little at that, “What’s so funny?” Daryl asked.

“You don’t know the half of what her father is capable of. This isn’t my first job for him, he’s a repeat customer. Trust me, they’re going to give him the blonde for free with all the business he’s done with us.”

Daryl’s phone let out a little beep and he quickly unlocked it to read the secure message that had come in.

He shook his head as he read it aloud to Jim, “Second unit on its way, ETA 1 hour. New program for second individual, mistress with high tolerance for pain. Male only, anal only. Contract extension of three days for both employees.”

They both shook their heads and headed back to the kitchen to clean up and grab a snack, it would be a longer job than either had anticipated, but that was one of the risks that came with the job.

Just as they sat down at the table, Daryl’s phone beeped once more and he read the message, a wide smile forming on his lips as he did.

“Apparently the client has add a bonus to our fee… an extra day’s pay and free use of the blonde once the programming is done.”

The men high five’d, “Fuck yeah!” Jim said and reconsidered his opinion of the client, perhaps he wasn’t so bad after all.