“Uhm, ok, like, I’m here.” Iris said as she placed her hands on her hips and placed one foot in front of the other.

I smiled and held back a chuckle, “I can see that, the intrepid reporter meeting in a dark ally to get the scoop.”

“Ugh, like, it’s totally not even dark or an ally stupid…” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“True, true. My mistake. But you are looking for the scoop aren’t you?”

I watched a little shiver run over her body before she answered, “Like, yeah, of course!”

“Well then, we’d best get to it.” I replied and opened my own beige trench coat to reveal my semi-erect dick.

Iris’ eyes widened as her mouth dropped open at the sight of it, “Oh my god, I’m totally going to, like, get my scoop…” she said as she undid her own coat and let it spill open before she sunk to her knees and wrapped her lips around my dick.

I watched the cities most feared investigative reporter giving me a blowjob in the middle of the street, this time failing to stifle my chuckle as she did so.

Six months ago she’d started her latest investigation into the organized criminal underworld of the city, and that had lead her right to my organization. Well, right to was an overstatement.

My organization was the one that was behind all the other criminal organizations in the city, controlling all aspects of crime in the city without every taking a hand in them directly.

I had moles in every major public and private company in the city, and when Iris’ editor and informed me that she had already pierced the veil of secrecy around my organization, well, I’d decided to take an active hand in dealing with her.

I’d reached out as a confidential informant and setup a meeting, giving her just enough information to prove who I was and that I had what she wanted. I’d given her a USB stick full of half truths and wild goose chases, along with a virus that infected her computer and any other device she had with a powerful subliminal message program.

At first, the changes had been slow, subtle. Her tightly bound dark hair and been let down, then lightened, then highlighted, then coloured, then styled. Her dresses had become more form fitting, then shorter, then more revealing, then to little more than lingerie.

It was her attitude that had shifted the most though, gone was the inquisitive, bright, well educated reporter, replaced with the dumb blonde bimbo that couldn’t string three words together without using a ‘like’, or ‘oh my god’, or ‘totally’.

The first time she’d shown up for one of our meetings with a couple of syringes of filler in her lips had been a surprise, but I’d leaned into it with the messages in the program and not only were her lips much fuller than they had been, but the implants in her tits were larger than even I had expected.

The slurping sounds that were coming from around my dick brought me back to the present and I could feel I was getting close. I let her continue for a few more strokes and then placed my palm on her forehead and pushed her back slight. Her hands flew to my dick and wrapped around it, pumping it for everything she was worth.

“Like, come on baby, totally give me my scoop!” she said and I granted her request, sending several streams of cum on to her tits.

She squealed and twitched as her orgasm washed over her, only for another to crest each time her fingers scooped up my cum and she sucked it from her fingers.

A few moments later, after getting every last drop of my cum from her tits, she stood up and retied her trench coat, making sure her tits were clearly visible.

“Like, thanks baby! giggle That’s the best scoop I’ve had all week!” she said and then turned, and took several steps as she walked away.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I asked and she turned back to see me holding up another USB drive.

Her eyes lit up and she scampered back to me, smiled and placed her hands behind her back, pushing her tits as far forward as she could and shook them from side to side.

I smiled and stuffed the USB drive between her tits and watched her eyes roll back into her head for a moment. Then without saying another word she turned a wiggled her ass away from me.

It would only be another couple of weeks before the programming would be complete and I’d drop the pretense completely. I’d already written the article she was going to submit to her editor, along with her resignation a few weeks later.

It was a thrilling tail of going undercover at a strip club and discovering herself in the process. She was already working at one of my clubs, though she was still mostly working clean. That would change soon enough, and then once the press around her story and resignation to become a stripper died down, I’d move her to one of my brothels.

I already had a long list of previous ‘targets’ of her reporting that wanted to spend some quality time with her there, and I was sure they’d enjoy giving Iris the scoops she now craved so much.