Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

Diana looked down at the man sitting on the couch a scowled for a moment, “Fuck…” she half whispered and then put on her best smile.

“Principal Hardcock… what… what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Ah, Miss Divine, I had a report that a student was working here at the Pretty Pussy and I was concerned for their wellbeing… but I see the report was… mistaken.” he replied with a frown.

“Well, I mean, I can explain…” she started but could see Principal Hardcock was having none of it.

Instantly she made a choice, “Fuck it…” she said allowed and put on her best ‘I want to fuck you’ face she could. If she was going to be fired from her teaching job, she might as well go out with a bang.

She stepped forward and just as Principal Hardcock was about to get up, she pushed him back down with her palms firmly on his shoulders and straddled his lap, before pushing her tits into his face.

“God Principal Hardcock, I’ve wanted to do this for so long…” she purred and started to rub her pussy against the fabric that covered his dick.

“I’ve wanted you to bend me over that desk of yours and put that big hard cock so deep into my pussy that I scream like a little girl’s first time.”

She continued to grind against him until she finally felt his hands grab hold of her ass and squeeze.

She pulled back and smiled, moaning softly as he held her ass firmly, “Yeah, grab that ass, show me how a real man handles a woman.”

She reached up to her top and quickly undid the knot that held it together, letting her tits free of their confines. She grabbed hold of each one and started to massage them, tweaking her nipples and tossing her hair back over her shoulders.

“Come on Principal Hardcock, squeeze that ass, suck these big fat titties…” she said and leaned forward, putting on of her nipples directly to his lips. He latched on and she let out a gasp as the pleasure pulsed through her body with each suck.

She felt his right hand come up from her ass and reach around between her legs. It was difficult for him to reach all the way around, but she did her best to accommodate him and pushed her ass hard into his lap so that her hips rotated around slightly. Then she felt his fingers find her wanton pussy.

“Oh fuck Principal Hardcock, I’m so fucking horny for you! Am I finally going to get that big hard cock stuffed in to my tight little cunny? Am I going to bounce up and down on it right here in the middle of the strip club?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, instead pushing back against his chest, causing her nipple to pop out of his mouth as her hands dove for his zipper. Her skilled hands made short work of it and she was back on his lap, his dick inside of her, before he knew what had happened.

“Oh my fucking god! You’re so big Principal Hardcock!” She placed her hands on his chest once more and then got down to work, working his dick up and down her love channel, rocking her hips, wiggling from side to side. He reached up and grabbed a hold of her tits and played with them as she did so, sending her into even greater need.

Before she knew it, he was cumming and so was she. She collapsed on top of him, his softening dick still buried deep inside of her and she let out a contented sigh.

“I guess I’m fired, right?” she asked sheepishly.

Principal Hardcock smiled, “Well, perhaps we don’t have to go that far. Maybe if you dropped by my office tomorrow after school for a little…” he said and then reached over and gave her ass a good hard swat, “…corporal punishment, that would suffice.”

She smiled and maneuvered right up to his ear, where she could nibble it a bit, “Only if you promise to bend me over that desk of yours too…” she replied and knew that she’d be keeping her job, both of them.