Lindsay could almost feel the two men entering the room as she stood up on her tippy toes and held her position. She’d gotten pretty good at holding it for as long as an hour, but she’d only started her workout a few minutes ago, so it was really not an issue.

She’d thought it had been a strange kind of workout when her personal trainer had suggested it, but she had to admit it had done wonders for her butt, so she couldn’t really complain.

Though, if she was honest, all of the suggestions he made, at first, seemed strange. It was only after a few days of performing them that she’d come around to each, and over time, she’d grown to depend on the gym in a way that was just as strange.

“So, as I promised…” Dan, her personal trainer said.

“Shit, that’s impressive.” the second voice said from behind her, she didn’t recognize it, but it didn’t matter, she let the words pass over her as she focused on her workout.

“And… I can?”

“Oh yeah, go right ahead. I’ll leave you two alone. Come see me afterwards and we’ll get the paperwork done on your investment.” Dan said and then she heard his footsteps grow faint as he walked away.

It was a few moments later that she felt hands come to rest on her ass and she let out a little gasp, and she knew the second phase of her workout was about to commence.

In preparation she spread her legs apart and leaned over completely so that her body was suspended by the fabric that she’d been holding on to. She felt the cool air of the gym come in contact with her bare pussy and ass, thanks to the new gym shorts Dan had provided her that had holes for both.

Then the second phase of her workout really started, as she felt his hands grip her hips and his shaft push up against her pussy. She moaned and swung backwards on her support, pushing him deep inside of her. She used every muscle she could to swing back and forth, feeling the workout deep inside of her.

Her workout seemed to go on forever, but she knew it was over the instant she felt him release inside of her and her own orgasm washed over her.

When she recovered, she quickly stood back up, retook her position on her tippy toes and let the warm liquid run down her thigh as she heard the man leave the room.

Unconsciously she started to hum along with the barely audible music that played through the speakers of the gym, and in her mind when she wasn’t there.