Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Becky flounced in to the first class cabin from the galley, her perky tits hardly being contained by her uniform as she headed right for her favorite passenger.

“Hi!” she half squealed as she arrived beside his seat, “Like, need anything?” she asked as she hoped he’d say yes.

Yes to anything really; yes he needed a blowjob, yes he needed a titty fuck, yes he needed to fuck one… or more… of her holes.

She was only a little crestfallen to see the mass of blonde hair bobbing up and down in his lap which belonged to Tammy, the other flight attendant assigned to first class.

But only a little, as while it meant a blowjob was probably off the table, there were still lots of other things the man with the glowing red eyes could want of her.

The man looked at her and her whole body shivered in pleasure as the glowing embers seemed to burn their way in to her very soul. It was such a different felling than the first time. She could still remember the fear, though she couldn’t understand why she’d ever felt it.

But then she felt a familiar tingle course through her body as the passenger once more reshaped her body and mind. It only took a moment for her uniform to give up complete as her expanding tits pushed through the opening they had been stretching to its limit for the last hour, until they were far larger than her head. Her waist constricted, her lips expanded, and what little intelligence she had retained from the first change quickly drained from her mind.

Her eyes crossed and a string of giggles escaped her lips as she pushed Tammy to the side and dropped to her knees, “Titty fuck! Titty fuck! Titty fuck!” she cried out and wrapped her massive melons around the man’s already stiff shaft.

She bounced up and down and continued to chat until the man released a never ending stream of cum on to her tits and she shivered as orgasm after orgasm rocked her as each stream hit her skin.