Lindsy teetered on her heels as she carefully, but purposefully walked towards the tree line. Carefully because of the unstable shoes she wore and the tight, restrictive corset made it hard to breath if she exerted much effort at anything. Purposefully because this had been the first opportunity to escape she’d had since Mark had taken her captive.

Well, captive wasn’t really the right word to use. There were no locks on the doors, no bars on the windows, she could have walked out at any time.

The problem was the small device that was firmly inserted into her anus that Mark controlled.

It was a devious thing, sending her entire body quivering in ecstasy with the slightest press of a button on the control that Mark carried with him at all times. Any time she had tried to leave, he’d simply pressed it and she’d felt the device activate and send ripples of pleasure and need through her. She’d then run right towards the closest dick she could fine, which was always his own, and spend the next hour or so servicing it and her own needs that she couldn’t control.

But even Mark couldn’t keep and eye on her all the time, she’d noticed a few times when he’d been distracted for a few minute, and figured that if he was distracted long enough, she could slip out the back of the house and make the tree line before he noticed. Then, perhaps if she was lucky, she’d be out of range and free of him.

She took another step forward and then checked over her shoulder, only to see Mark standing by the back door, a smile on his face and the control in his hand. She instinctively grabbed her ass and then shook her head, begging him with her eyes to let her go.

He simply depressed the button and she felt the device come alive and her hopes of escape float away on waves of pleasure and need.