“Oh hi Dan!” Jenna chirped and smiled as she stood in front of him.

“God he’s so hot!” she thought to herself as her nipples hardened and her pussy twitched.

She wasn’t really sure when her opinion of Dan had changed, she could still clearly remember thinking of him as ‘that old creep’ that seemed to always be hanging around the neighbourhood, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on when she’d grown so turned on by him instead.

Well, it really didn’t matter. She’d been trying to get his attention for the last few weeks and she thought she’d finally found the perfect outfit to do so and had been walking around the block several times trying to ‘bump’ into him.

“Well hello to you too Jenna.” Dan replied, a broad smile on his face, “Say, by the way, nice nipples.”

She blushed and looked down at her chest and then back up to him, “Thanks, you really think so?”

“YES! He finally noticed me!” she thought and did mental back flips of joy.

“Absolutely, they look perfectly suckable. Do you like them sucked Jenna?”

Jenna let out a little moan before she answered, “Oh god yes Dan! Sucked, twisted, flicked, pulled, pinched, you name it!”

Dan chuckled a little and Jenna giggled along with him.

“Say, you wouldn’t like to come back to my place for a while would you? I just got a new set of nipple clamps that I’ve been dying to try out on someone…” Dan asked and Jenna’s knees almost buckled.

“YES!” she almost screamed, “… I mean, sure, if you’d like me too…” she continued after getting a little control over the volume of her voice.

In reply Dan just stepped up beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist and then started leading her down the street towards his home.

Dan felt Jenna push up against his side as they walked and smiled, not because the hot young blonde that was on his side had just offered to let him play with her nipples, but because the device he held firmly in his left hand in his pocket had finally finished it’s work.

He’d spent several weeks exposing Jenna to it, and he’d seen slow progress as she’d started to warm up to him, and even flirt a bit, but the process had taken longer than he would have liked.

But he figured that was mostly due to the fact that he could only spend a short time with her in public as they crossed paths in the neighbourhood. The device really needed longer, more direct exposure to work quickly.

That no longer was going to be an issue though, and he was anxious to find out how much more effective it would be with her after a few hours back at his place. He was quite confident that she’d be begging to be his full time fuck toy before she left.