It was Sandra’s turn to wear the programming goggles this last week and now it was time to choose who was next.

Technically wearing them wasn’t really necessary, after the first few hours with them on each of the girls had fallen completely under my control. All four of them would do anything and everything I asked of them, without hesitation.

But also, they desired to be under my control, it was part of the programming the goggles had originally instilled in them. As a result, they knew that the ultimate expression of that control was the goggles themselves.

So, now, they each wanted to wear them whenever possible.

And honestly, I am a bit of a softie when it comes to my girls. So if it made them happier to wear the goggles, well, then why not?

Of course the constant competition between them was getting a little out of hand…

Sandra, on the left, had been a CEO of a fortune 500 company when I’d first met her, Donna had been an aspiring country singer, Rachael a high priced lawyer, and Linda a fashion designer.

None of them were any of those things now. They had given up everything and moved in to a condo together and then spend every day trying to be better than the others, to the point where their old friends and family would never even recognize them now.

Not that any of that was a bad thing, but even so, Sandra’s and Linda’s ass were large enough now that they could barely find any clothing that fit, Donna had an unhealthy obsession with being a toy cowboy figure from a popular animated movie, and well, I was getting a little concerned with how much time Donna was spending in the tanning booth.

Perhaps it was time to add a few new commands to the goggles, just to dial their competitive streaks back a little… but then again… I could always just get some new girls if things ever went too far to replace them.

I smiled and stood up, taking the goggles from Donna’s face and mentally flipping a coin to see who would get them this week.