Lucinda pulled up on the fabric of her bikini bottom as she looked over at Chuck. It was a ridiculous thing, the bikini, completely impractical and there was no way she could actually go into the pool with it.

Then again, practical wasn’t really at the top of her mind these days.

What was at top of mind was the burning need between her legs, the ever present tingling in her nipples, and the constant thirst between her lips.

Chuck was the only one that could satiate any of those things and he knew it.

And was why she was standing beside his pool in the ridiculous bikini that she was fidgeting with.

“Chuuuuck…” she whined as she wiggled her way over towards where he was seated at the table under the umbrella.

He looked up and her knees quivered as she took the next step, his eyes focused on her tits, sending her nipples into a frenzied tingle fit.

“Oh, hey Lucy, nice bikini.” he said and the complement washed over her.

giggle Like, thanks!” she replied as she got right up next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He stopped typing on the computer and turned his chair to the side so his legs came out from under the table. She quickly sat down in his lap and placed her arm around his shoulders.

She pushed her chest out a bit so her tits were basically right in his face and then wiggled her ass so she could feel his stiffness beneath her, “Chuuuuuck… like, I’m so horny, are you gonna fuck me or what?”

Chuck smiled at her and chuckled a little, “And what if I want to ‘or what’?”

Lucinda’s lower lip quivered a little as her face fell, “Well, like, ok… if you want…”

This time he chuckled heartily and then gave her tit a slap, “Oh you silly little slut, of course I’m going to fuck you, it’s why I made you into the perfect fuck doll after all.”

She giggled enthusiastically and slapped her tits against his face, “Like oh my god! Yeah!”

“But first… you have to tell me which is more needy… that mouth, those tits, or this tight little cunny…” he said, slipping his hand between her legs and rubbing the front of her bikini.

“God, like, my titties Chuck… I, like, so need you to fuck my big fake titties!” She replied, pulling her bikini top to the sides and then pushing her tits together before pushing them into Chucks face.

“Mmmm… I, like, want you to suck them, fuck them, slap them, pull on them, and then, totally cum all over them! giggle

Chuck took one of her nipples between his lips and the other between his fingers and she squealed in delight as she tossed her head back as the tingling finally started to subside.

It wouldn’t be for long though, oh sure, once he’d cum all over them and she spend a few minutes rubbing it into her tits it would bottom out, but then it would start back up immediately afterwards.

Perhaps the worst part of it was that only a year ago if Chuck had even looked at her small tits that she’d had back then, she would have fired him and blacklisted him throughout the industry.

But that was before he’d made his breakthrough, before he’d installed his software on her computer and phone, before she’d become addicted to his cock, before she’d spend all that time at the gym, before she’d undergone the dozens of plastic surgeries to make her into a walking wet dream, before she’d “retired” from the company and recommended him for her old job, before she’d moved in his home, before she debased herself in every conceivable way for just another few moments of relief from the ever present needs he’d programmed into her.

Perhaps the only thing worse than that knowledge, was the nagging suspicion that he was growing bored with her and that one day he might send her away, leaving that need forever more unfulfilled.

The thought sent a shiver down her spine as she slipped from Chuck’s lap on to her knees and then wrapped her tits around his hard shaft and started to stroke her tits up and down around it.

The pleasure pushed the suspicion out of her head as pleasure washed over her. She could deal with it later, perhaps more trips to the plastic surgeon, or more time in the gym, or find new ways to degrade herself in front of him. For now, her tits wrapped around his cock was all that existed for her and she was happy for the moment.