“What do you mean ‘Take my top off’?” Jill asked, a semi-confused expression across her face as she pushed back a few strands of stray hair from her face.

Semi-confused because her first instinct was to do what she had been told, which seemed to make perfect sense, but also a growing feeling that she should do that at all and that it made no sense what so ever.

After all John was a friend sure, even a trusted one, but he wasn’t her boyfriend or anything, and she didn’t just go around showing off her tits to anyone… did she?

John rolled his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, “I mean take off your top, I want to take a photo of your new tits.” he replied.

This time her hands reached around behind her back and unclasped her top before she could even think of anything else, but she managed to stop before she pulled the top off of her body.

“But… but why do you want to take a photo of my tits?” she said with a crinkled forehead.

This time he didn’t respond directly but instead tapped at his phone for a moment and then held it up in front of her, “Here, this will explain it…” he said and her eyes went to the screen.

“Ohhhh!” she gasped as the swirling patterns and colours filled her vision and a tingle ran through her body.

She felt good, she felt happy… and then the patterns and colours stopped.

She blinked several times and then smiled at John, “Ah… what was I doing?” she asked him.

“You were taking your top off so I could take a photo of your tits.” he replied matter of factly.

“Oh yeah! I zoned out there for a moment, sorry.” she replied and quickly pulled the lose ends of her top around in front of her and then pulled the entire thing up over her head.

She smiled and jiggled her tits from side to side a little as John snapped photo after photo.

“Great.” he said finally and put his phone into his pocket and then walked up and grabbed her tits, squeezing them firmly.

“Oh god John, that feels soooo good.” she cooed as he continued to play with her tits. He stopped after a little while and she pouted when he did.

He pulled his phone back out and sent several messages before turning it to her once more to look at. On the screen was a photo of a man much older than her, dressed in a business suit, it was the CEO of the company she worked at.

“This is your perfect man; smart, trustworthy, sexy, authoritative, dominant. You’ll do anything to be with him, do anything he asks you to, no matter how degrading or humiliating.” and then the swirling patterns and colours were back and her mind floated away on the pleasure they brought.