SolarMan sighed as he walked in to his kitchen as saw Doris standing by the kitchen Island, half naked and looking over the top of her glasses while holding a coffee mug.

giggle Like, hi baby!” she cooed and then wiggled her ass over to him, leaving the mug behind, wrapping her arms around him and planting a kiss on his lips.

It was follow by her tongue and then her tits pushed up against his chest as her hands slipped down his torso to his pants.

He managed to stop her by grabbing her hands and twisting them around her back and holding them there crossed over each other.

“Oh! Baby, yeah! giggle Like tie me up and totally fuck me like the silly little damsel I am! giggle

Mal rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.

Doris had been… no still was… the love of his life, but when she’d disappeared while researching a story six months ago, he’d been unable to rescue her in time.

Oh, he’d managed to get to her in time before they had shipped her off to some foreign country and sold off, but her mind had already been completely warped when he “rescued” her.

Gone was the intelligent, sharp witted, reporter that he had known and admired for years. Replace with a complete bimbo with only one thought in her head.

Mal had taken her home and done everything he could, but there was just nothing to be done as whatever they had done to her left no traces for even the best physic in the league could work with.

Unable to take care of herself, he’d eventually moved her into his place, simply for both of their convenience. For him, it was easier for him to keep an eye on her whenever he was at home. For her, well, she had needs now that the old Doris never did and Mal was one of the few beings on earth that could satisfy her now.

Those needs were more than just pure sex though, as her new personality had several deep seeded needs that the old Doris would have been mortified by.

Mal had been mortified as well when she’d started talking about how small her tits were, how boring her lips were, how none of her clothes showed off her body properly.

His jaw had dropped when they were in bed, her on top of him, riding him cowgirl style, and she’d cried out how she wanted big fake tits. She’d gone wild, bouncing up and down on him, impaling herself on his cock, begging him to take her to a surgeon so she could get big fake tits stuck to her chest.

Afterwards, he’d of course said no, but after a dozen more similar sessions, he’d given in and soon he was going to a consultation with her.

Since then, she’d been slowly moving more and more towards being unrecognizable. Time at the gym, lip fillers, botox, salon visits, shopping sprees, and so much more.

It was a good thing that Mal didn’t have to worry about money. Sure, as a reporter he didn’t earn a huge salary, but as SolarMan he had access to any number of resources he could draw upon. Including an asteroid that orbited between Mars and Jupiter that had thousands of tons of pure gold in it.

Lost in thought, Mal was brought back to the moment when he realized that Doris had slipped her hands free and dropped to her knees, fishing his cock out of his pants and had just wrapped her lips around it.

She drove all the way down to the base of his shaft and then pulled back, repeating the action several times as Mal grew harder and harder. Once he was a full attention Doris popped off him with a loud pop and looked up at him as she pulled her top down to expose her tits.

“Like, Mal…” she half whined as she jiggled her tits from side to side and then sucked on the tip of his cock for a second again before coming off once more.

“I need bigger… faker… tits…” she said before wrapping her tits around his cock and sliding up and down several times.

“Don’t ya think? Like, can you totally take me to see the doc again… pwettty pweassssseeee?”

She looked up at him, her eyes pleading with him as her lips parted slightly and she let out a low moan as she continued to titty fuck him.

He let out a grunt and then reached down and stroked the side of her face, “Sh… sure Doris… you know I can’t say no to you.”

Then his first massive stream of cum burst forth and hit her in her chin. She squealed in delight and titled her head down just in time for the second stream to hit her face and he watched her body shiver as her first orgasm crested.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned loudly as each new stream hit her, until he was finished, and then she giggled as cum ran down her face and on to her tits. Her lips wrapped around his shaft once more and she proceeded to suck every last drop of cum from his balls she could.

When she was finished, she kissed the tip of his deflating cock and then looked up at him, “Like, thanks Mal, I totally love your yummy cummy! giggle I totally can’t wait until I get my new bigger, faker, tits so I can pump even more cum from you with them! giggle

Mal groaned inwardly and shook his head. It was true that he couldn’t say no to Doris, he never had been able to. But he did wonder exactly how far it would go, how many more surgeries, how much more filler.

He felt a little guilt well up inside of him, not because he had said yes, but because deep down, he hoped she would ask for even more.