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I’m a male in his 50’s living in Canada, feel free to contact me via e-mail or the other social meida sites in the links page.

Due to time constraints I do not accept story requests, thanks for understanding.

Some important milestones and dates:

July 13, 2008First story submission to mcstories.com
January 25, 2014First Bimbo or Billionaire story
March 14, 2014First post on Tumblr
August 15, 2015My first OTTII story
July 5, 20161000 Posts
September 17, 2018First story submission to literotica.com
December 3, 2018Tumblr announces the adult content ban
December 4, 20182000 Posts
December 5, 2018First post to DeviantArt
December 8, 2018I create my WordPress.com site and migrate all my content to it
December 17, 2018The great Tumblr purge, I delete my account and all of the content on it
May 30, 2020First post on bdsmlr.com
February 14, 2021WordPress.com bans my account, permenatly closes my blog
February 14, 2021TheHandsThatLead.blog lives!
April 7, 20223000 Posts
November 2022Tumblr lifts adult content ban (or at least lessens it) and I create a new account there