The Bimbo or Billionaire (BoB) universe is my take on the classic game show formula for bimbofication. Several other authors have contributed to it and so here is a complete compilation of all the stories, art, games, and other things that take place in the universe that I know of and are publicly available.

If your store is not included in the list, then drop me a line and I’ll add it.

1Bimbo or BillionaireThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com6,135
2Bimbo or Billionaire: The InheritanceThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com5,486
3Bimbo or Billionaire: The CPAThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com5,895
4Bimbo or Billionaire: Fun with NumbersThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com6,798
5Bimbo or Billionaire: The Gospels of BThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com7,387
6Bimbo or Billionaire: New Years Eve ExtravaganzaFallen Angelmcstories.com2,064
7Bimbo or Billionaire: Win / WinInterstitialmcstories.com11,232
8Bimbo or Billionaire: The Girl Who Became Someone ElsePetaPanmcstories.com8,435
9Bimbo or Billionaire: To the MattThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com5,830
10Bimbo or Billionaire: All Hallows EveThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com6,358
11Bimbo or Billionaire: College EditionMetatronmcstories.com10,919
12Bimbo or Billionaire: Country MattersCassie the Friendly Succubusmcstories.com7,906
13BoB ArtworkLadyYukiHentai Foundryn/a
14Bimbo or Billionaire: Holiday SpecialThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com7,949
15Bimbo or Billionaire: Payday or PaisaXavierGhettymcstories.com9,540
BoB CaptiontransfunmationTumblr540
16BoB Reviewrobotunit8WordPress.comn/a
17GameElenaStarzTF Games Siten/aTG Game with BoB insperation.
18Bimbo or Billionaire: A Princess is Bornmax-sabDeviantArt5,365Unauthorized entry in the BoB universe.
19Bimbo or Billionaire: AlialiceasonalTumblrUnauthorized entry in the BoB universe.
20Bimbo or Billionaire: Seeking ApprovalJ.D.mcstories.com12,709
21Bimbo or Billionaire: Nursing A GrudgeThe Hands That Leadmcstories.com8,797