A Glorious Change

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2018

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SYNOPSIS: Gloria crossed the line when she tried to get between Robert and his wife, but he knows how to take care of a gold digging woman like her.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes: This started off as a caption on my tumblr/now blog (https://thehandsthatlead.blog) and just kind of grew and grew and grew until it was too long for that format 🙂

Also there are three endings included for your enjoyment.

A Glorious Change

Gloria felt head splitting pain as consciousness returned slowly to her, she raised her hand up to her forehead, or tried to before realizing it was strapped down and she moaned in pain as she tried to open her eyes.

The bright light caused her to close them tightly once more as she turned her head to the side and felt the harsh starched sheets of what must have been a bed that she was laying on.

“Ah, finally awake I see.” a familiar voice sounded and it sent a shiver of fear down her spine.

“Robert?” she asked groggily as she once more cracked open her eyes and his fuzzy outline appeared before her.

“Yes Gloria, it’s me. That fuzzy feeling in your head is from the sedative, I’m afraid it was quite strong.”

“Sedative… what… what’s going on?” she asked as she tugged at her bonds and looked down at the heavy white straps around her wrists.

“Why am I tied down Robert?” her voice more anxious now that the fog of the sedative had started to clear.

“I’d say you were restrained for your own safety, but really it’s for mine and the staffs.” he replied with a slight chuckle.

Finally things clicked in to place and Gloria realized she was at Robert’s clinic, strapped down to one of the gurneys he used with his clients.

She’d only met Robert twice before, both times in social settings, both charity events that he and his wife had attended. What she feared though was that Robert knew that she had seen his wife many more times.

As if reading her mind he started to speak, “You know my wife and I have an understanding, our little dalliances outside of the matrimonial bedroom are fine. As long as all they are are dalliances. No long term attachments. If you had been satisfied with a few nights in Wendy’s bed then this wouldn’t be required.”

Looking around Gloria felt like there was something off, Robert’s clinic was on the 30th floor of a hi-rise, yet just outside of the window she could see green trees.

“Ah, you’ve noticed we’re not in the city any more have you? Yes, well, this isn’t my clinic in Manhattan, it is my other clinic, the one even my wife doesn’t know about. You see soon after I graduated medical school and setup my city clinic, I was approached by a very rich client with particular tastes.”

Gloria tried once more to pull herself free of the restraints but had no luck.

“Tastes that no woman would willingly submit to, but that with his almost limitless wealth he could easily procure an unwilling woman as long as he could find a willing surgeon to do what he wanted. I had to admit that at first I was hesitant, the risks seemed to outweigh the benefits, but he was quite convincing, especially when he setup this private island for me.”

The shiver of fear that had run down her spine settled in the pit of her stomach, “Robert, I… I don’t know what’s going on, but if you let me go now…”

“Oh Gloria, we’re too late for that I’m afraid. I’ve kept you unconscious for just over a week now, your old life no longer exists. I must say it was easier than I thought it would be, everyone keeps everything in their phones these days and no one things about the security of it. Why once the team grabbed you, all they had to do was swipe your thumb across your phone and they had access to everything they needed. You bank accounts, your e-mail, everything. Officially you book a flight out of the country and departed just two days afterwards. Breaking up with my wife over text messages was so cold of you. You e-mail, messaged and facebooked all your friends, telling them how upset you were and that you just had to get away for a while.”

The knot of fear grew larger as she realize he was serious, “Robert… please… I won’t talk to Wendy again. Just let me got and you’ll never see me again!”, she said with real panic in her voice.

She had intended on taking Wendy for as much money as she could, the rich socialite had turned out to be a much easier target than she had expected with her lesbian interests well known throughout the gossip circles.

“Well fortunately Wendy found consolation in the arms of a pretty young redhead for a few nights to lift her spirits. Why I heard she is heading out to the clubs tonight, on the prowl once more, with you firmly in her rear view mirror.”

Gloria struggled once more, “Fuck you Robert, she deserves better than you!” she blurted out, her fear turning to anger for just an instant.

“Oh, and better than you too Gloria. Once I had your phone I did some digging, you’ve left quite the trail of broken hearts haven’t you? And most ended poorly when they found out just how much of a gold digger you really were. But there was one in particular that interested me… Ivan.”

“No!” was all she could say as she thrashed against her restraints. She’d almost snagged Ivan two years ago, it was only when she tried to siphon off some of his money with a little check forgery that he’d caught on. She’d fled as soon as it became apparent he was getting too close to finding out the truth, taking several heirloom pieces of jewelry with her.

She’d sold them on the black market for a profit and financed her return home, but she knew what he’d do to her if he ever got his hands on her again.

“Robert, look, we can work something out.”

“I’m afraid not, after talking to a few of my eastern European clients to satisfy myself he was the right kind of person who would appreciate my work, I made a call to Ivan. He was very interested in my proposal and provided some very detailed specifications he wanted implemented.”

“You… you can’t… I won’t go along with it, I’ll fight you to the end! I don’t care where we are, I’ll find someone to help me escape and then I’ll report you to the authorities and you’ll be locked up forever you bastard!”

“No, I’m afraid not. This island is outside the jurisdiction of any country and even if you were to escape this building, you’d find yourself in the middle of the ocean with no way off. My staff are paid handsomely for their loyalty and you’ll find them unsympathetic to your plight.”

“Fucking bastard, I’ll kill you!” she screamed as Robert walked up beside her and smiled.

“I’m sure you would like too, but I’m going to leave you with a little thought to occupy your mind overnight before your surgery in the morning. Your never going to see me again once you leave this clinic, in fact once you are delivered to Ivan I’m sure you’re never going to see the outside of his basement. I’d suggest you enjoy these last few weeks at the clinic, I’m sure what comes afterwards will be far worse.”

Gloria just blinked as what he said sunk in and then she heard the door close as Robert left her room, leaving her to consider it for the rest of the night.

Gloria had little sleep that night, Roberts warning playing through her head again and again. She watched the sun rise through her window until finally her door opened and in walked two nurses.

“Please! Help me! I’m here against my will!” she cried out as they both approached her on each side.

One of the scowled, the other slapped her face and spoke, “Of course you are, now shut up and do as your told or I’ll have the orderly come in and put you in your place.”

The shock of the slap was far worse the the sting of it, “Please… please…” she begged once more and another slap landed on her face.

“Go ahead, open your mouth again.” the nurse taunted her and she closed her mouth tightly as they started to get to work.

First they ratcheted up the bed so that she was sitting upright, then they pulled the sheets off to reveal her naked body. She tried to cover herself with her hands but they stayed right where they were restrained as the two nurses started to bath her with sponges. They pushed the sponges in to every nook and cranny and then repeated the process with towels to dry her off.

“Now then, Dr. Tildon will be in shortly. I’d suggest you co-operate, he will not be so lenient as I was.” the nurse that had slapped her said and then turned and walked out of the room, leaving her on display facing the door.

The door opened a few minutes later as Robert walked in to her room and smiled, “Ah good, I see they didn’t have to call the orderly.”

She let out a soft sob as her head dropped forward a little, her body exposed for anyone who walked in to the room to see.

“Now then, this can go easy, or it can go hard, but it is going to happen. The easy way is for you to co-operate and let me do what I need to before your surgery today. The hard way is that I call in the orderly and have him hold you down while I insert a stint in to your spinal cord that will temporarily paralyze you from the neck down and I’ll do what is needed anyway. Of course the hard way has the risk of it not being temporary…” he said with a menacing look.

“The easy way…” Gloria said after a moment as her head fell even farther forward.

“Good, now chin up and keep your face relaxed.” Robert said as he pulled out a surgical marker and started drawing dotted lines on her face. Soon he was done and moved down her her chest, then her waist.

“Alright Gloria, now comes the hard part. Orderly!” Robert called out and a moment later a mountain of a man entered the room. He stood well over six feet tall and his muscles rippled beneath the tight white shirt he wore.

“Now, I’m going to undo your ankle restraints and one of your wrist restraints and then I need you to stand up and face the bed. Understand?”

“Yes.” she mumbled as she stared at the orderly.

“If you try anything foolish, my orderly is going to break at least one of your bones and probably more. That’s going to delay things and you don’t want Ivan to be any more upset than he already is with you now do you.”

She shook her head and watched as Robert moved to her feet, removed a key from his pocket and unlocked each of her restraints one at a time. Then he moved up and did the same to her right hand.

She turned and draped her legs over the side of the bed before gently setting her feet on the floor, her muscles were stiff and ached but she managed to stand up straight before turning to face the bed, her arm cross in front of her as it was still restrained to the bed.

Robert continued drawing lines on her body, but now on and around her ass and then he moved down to her feet. When he finally seemed satisfied with the results, he let her lie down once more but this time with only the one restraint on.

He was about to leave and Gloria decided to try once more, “Robert…. please. It wasn’t anything personal… just don’t send me to Ivan.” she almost whimpered as her lower lip trembled.

Robert smiled, “I’m not just going to let you go Gloria. In a little while I’ll be cutting in to that delicate flesh of yours, molding it in to something new. I wouldn’t deny myself that pleasure at this point. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. After I’m done with you today, there’s going to be a lot of recovery for you to go through. The best case scenario would probably take 4 to 6 weeks for you to fully heal up. Worst case would be 8 to 12. If you fully commit to the recovery process, I’ll consider sending you somewhere else.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Somewhere else?”

“Yes, I have a client in China, he runs several brothels and I’m sure he’d find a spot for you in one of them. Unlike Ivan, he would have no personal grudge against you, I’m sure you’d be treated much better there.”

Her mouth dropped open, “I… I’d be… a prostitute!”

“Yes, but is that really so different that what you were doing before? Of course if you’d rather spend the rest of your life with Ivan…”

“No! No… I’ll do it.” she didn’t like the choices she had but perhaps she could persuade him to give her another choice if she agreed now. After all, Robert was clearly set on proceeding with the surgery and it was in her best interests to recover fully from that.

“Good. Don’t disappoint me. You’ll have to follow all of the instructions of the staff to the letter. I’ll be providing them detailed instructions to ensure you recovery goes smooth.”

She just nodded as he turned and left. A little while later the nurse that had slapped her returned and inserted an IV before giving her a sedative that sent her head spinning.

The last thing she saw was the anesthesiologists attaching a drip bag to her IV and then the room grew dark.

Gloria groaned as it felt like every inch of her throbbed or stung with pain. She tried to form her lips in to words but the sudden jolt of pain made her gasp and she relented.

“Finally coming around are we? Well, just hold still and I’ll get Dr. Tildon.” she hear the now familiar voice of the nurse say, followed by the clicking of her heels against the hard floor of the clinic as she left the room.

She was pretty sure she wouldn’t have been able to move even if she wanted to, between the pain and the tightness that she felt in her chest, abdomen and feet. Her head started to clear by the time Robert entered the room.

“You’ll be glad to know that everything went well Gloria. No complications and if I do say so myself, some of my best work. That might have been due to the… personal… involvement I have with your case I suppose.”

“Mmmmmmmhhhhh?” she tried to say something but failed miserably.

“Ah yes, I wouldn’t try and speak for a day or two, better to let everything heel up a bit first. Now the nurse is going to give you a nice pain killer that will make the next 24 hours just fly by, but after that your going to have to live up to your end of our agreement. Don’t bother responding, I’ll drop by tomorrow before I fly back to the city and check on my work.”

As he spoke the nurse walked over to her IV drip and inserted a needle in to the it, sending the clear liquid in to her veins. It acted quickly and soon the pain no longer bothered her as she felt like she was floating on a cloud.

Gloria was still on cloud 9, or at least cloud 8, when Robert returned the next day. He and the nurse took several bandages from her head and before applying new ones, Robert took several photos. They repeated the process with her breasts, her waist before rolling her over and unwrapping her bum.

The movement had sent her crashing down from her high and by the time they finished she was feeling very uncomfortable, if not actually in pain.

“Wob… Wobert?” she managed to get out.

“Ah, how are you feeling Gloria? I have to say everything looks great so far, couldn’t hope for more really.”

“Miwwor?” she asked.

“Oh, not yet. I’ve just bandaged you back up. Don’t worry, there will be time for that later. Now, I have to head out, I’ll be back in two weeks. Remember our deal, co-operate with the staff and focus on your recovery. If you don’t, I’ll hear about it.”

A shiver ran down her spine at the unsaid threat of Ivan and she just nodded her head slightly, sending her spinning once more as he walked from her room.

Over the next few hours as whatever they had given her wore off the rest of the way, the throbbing returned. It wasn’t as bad as she had remembered it from yesterday, but it was still significant.

The nurses brought her something to drink and some soup that she sipped up through a straw before leaving her to rest for the night.

Once she was alone, light over her head illuminating her bed, she finally had time to catch up and take stook of herself.

The first thing she noticed was that she was not restrained any more, but with the way she felt she knew she wouldn’t have gotten far even if the orderly wasn’t only a shout away.

The next thing was the mass that now sat on her chest. She had gotten large implants at a young age, paid for by a sugar daddy, taking her normal C cups up to DDs, but what now adorned her looked to dwarf those by at least an order of magnitude.

There were sore and so she didn’t touch them, but her hands did glide down to her waist, which was almost as sore, but she found to be for the exact opposite reason. She had always kept herself in shape and was proud of her 24″ waist, but now as she delicately explored with her fingers, she knew whatever Robert had done had reduced it farther.

She knew he had worked on her backside as well, she had been sitting on some kind of cushion that suspended her in the air slightly so her bum wasn’t touching the bed directly. She couldn’t see what he had done, but as she tried she noticed her feet, both encased in white plaster casts with blue material sticking out from around the top and bottom of them.

She couldn’t get a good look at them without putting herself in to a painful position so instead she turned off the light and tried to get some sleep.

It had been four days since Robert had left and Gloria was feeling much better and much worse at the same time. Her body had been heeling well, much of the initial swelling had gone down, but that had let her explore what Robert had done in more detail.

The first change that stuck out was her ass, quite literally. That first night she hadn’t been able to tell the full extent of it, but now she realized it was similarly proportioned to her now massive breasts.

On the third day the nurses had come in to remove her dressings and it had been the first time she’d been able to see exactly how big Robert, or should she say Ivan, had gone. She doubted there were real bra sizes to describe them and unlike her previous implants that had looked mostly natural, these were round, high on her chest and unnaturally firm.

Her buttocks were much the same, they stuck out from her body and formed a perfect heart shape behind her.

But it was when the nurses removed the bandages from her face that she found herself still trying to determine what he had done. She could tell her lips were puffy, far more plump than they had been. So much so that she found it hard to fully close her mouth, but he’d also done something to her nose and around her eyes that she couldn’t quite figure out. There was something wrong with her tongue as well, but her sensitive lips stopped her from exploring that mystery any farther at the moment.

What concerned her the most were the casts on her feet, they were shaped the wrong way and were thick near the back but thin at the front. Embedded in to both of them was a rubber heel so she knew they were expecting her to walk on them for a while at least.

The nurses had also given her several massages to perform on her self, several times a day. She was familiar with them from her previous implants, but it was so much harder with the large ones she had now and she had to do her buttocks as well!

It had only taken a single mention of Ivan’s name to get her in gear though when she had hesitated the first time. After that she had dutifully performed her massaging, no matter how hard or painful it was.

The nurses were also documenting her progress each day with a digital camera, she could only imagine they were sending the photo’s back to Robert with their notes and comments.

But now, the nurses had entered her room holding two crutches and she knew it was time to get out of bed in something other than a wheel chair.

One nurse stood on each side of her as she swung her legs over the side of the bed and set her cast encased feet on the floor. Pain shot up her legs and she winched, but she continued on, standing up and taking the offered crutches.

Thankfully they only had her take a few steps before returning to the bed and she gratefully took the weight off her feet and rested until it was time for the next round of massages.

Gloria moved down the hallway with her crutches, if not gracefully, at least with enough skill as to not look like a complete idiot. The nurses had come in to her room every day and had her use the crutches, then twice a day and then every couple of hours until she’d managed to start moving around the clinic on her own.

It had taken almost a week and in the mean time they’d removed the bandages from her body. Unfortunately, afterwards, they had not given her any clothing to wear and so she had spend the time since naked when not under the covers of her bed.

She’d found a mirror in one of he common areas as there wasn’t even one in her bathroom. What she saw sent her mouth agape, or at least more agape as the two large pillows that adorned her face where her lips had once been never seemed to come completely together no matter how hard she tried.

She had expected that of course, though not to quite this extent, but the other changes were more subtle, but no less significant.

Her eyes, once wide and bright now seemed to be permanently partially closed, looking like those classic bedroom eyes from old movies.

And her nose, while still generally looking the same, seemed now to be slightly turned upwards.

Then it hit her, her eyebrows weren’t raised. The shock would normally have sent them racing to her brow line, but they remained perfectly in place even as she tried to force them upwards.

Gently she touched her lips, they were still a little tender but she had been able to eat real food for the first time that morning. She ran her finger gently across her lower lip and was surprised at how soft it was.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath and then opened them again, along with her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

She hadn’t know what to expect, she knew there was something different about it, but it was a complete surprise when it emerged from between her lips and just kept going, extending much farther than it should have.

She pulled it back in and slouched her shoulders, Robert was true to his word, it was some of his best work.

Gloria wanted to scream, to run down the hallway and escape the hell that Robert had condemned her too, but she knew it was pointless. As she had hobbled around the clinic with her crutches she realized he had been telling the truth that first day she had woken up. The staff were loyal to him, there was nothing else on the island and she had not heard a plane or a boat since she had been there.

Instead, she hobbled her way back to her room and started another round of massaging her breasts and buttocks.

Gloria looked at the treadmill in disbelief, “Wou caw’t be sewious?” she blurted out before she realized what she had said.

The nurse raised an eyebrow and started to open her mouth to speak when Gloria corrected herself, “I wean… I wean… wes, of cowse.” as she stepped up on to it, taking hold of the hand rails as she set her crutches to the side.

She’d gotten quite good at walking with the crutches and even had been going to the bathroom from her bed without them, but it was still uncomfortable to walk in the casts.

The nurse turned on the treadmill, set it for 30 minutes and walked away. Gloria kept pace with the treadmill knowing what the alternative was.

The next day her time on the treadmill was longer and it’s speed set higher. By the end of the week she was almost jogging two hours a day on it.

That was also when she heard the engine of the plane pass overhead and a shiver of fear ran down her spine, Robert had returned just as he said he would.

She had just finished lunch when he arrived in her room a smile on his face, “The pictures don’t do my work justice!” he said as he approached her and took her face in to his hands, tilting her head this way and that way.

“Now then, let’s see the tongue.” he said matter of factly and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes and instead extended her tongue as far as she could.

“Oh, that’s very impressive. You can never tell how much extension your going to get with that procedure.” he said, taking the tip of her tongue between his fingers and giving it a little tug and she grunted a bit.

He then went on to inspect her breasts, squeezing them and tweaking her nipples before lifting them slightly and letting them drop.

“Ok, up and turn around.” he said and then performed a similar inspection on her buttocks and waist.

His eyes finally dropped to the casts on her feet, “How are the feet feeling Gloria?”

She concentrated on her pronunciation as she responded, her lips and altered tongue making it hard to speak, “A little sore still, but ok.” she managed to get out without any issues but at a slower pace than she would have normally done.

“Well, that’s to be expected. Should be another week before the casts can come off. Now then, the staff tells me you’ve been very co-operative, I’m glad to hear it. Just keep focusing on your recovery.”

“Wobert…” she started to say, internally wincing at the terrible pronunciation of his name, “Your… your friend in China…”

“Ah yes, I was just speaking to him the other day. He’s just sent me a new patient that I’ll be working on this weekend. He was quite interested when I mentioned you to him, it seems blondes are very much in demand in his brothels.”

She forced a smile, “Maybe… maybe I could stay here… where you could keep an eye on me…”

“Don’t push your luck Gloria, I’m not one of your marks that you can twist around your little finger. I can always still just ship you off to Ivan, I’m sure he’ll take good care of you.”

“No! I’m sowwy! I didn’t meaw dwat!” the words flowed quickly from between her inflated lips as she lowered her head.

“Good. Now these next few weeks are going to be crucial, I’m leaving a detailed plan with the nurses so I expect your full focus on your recovery, do you understand Gloria?”

“Wes Wobert.” she replied, choking back tears.

“Alright then, I’ll check in with you for the next few days and then I’ll be back in two weeks to review your recovery progress.” he said and then turned and left her room.

He had been true to his word, dropping by once or twice a day for the next several until she heard the plane take off once more.

The “detailed” plan kicked in the next morning after he left as several new items were added to her daily routine. She was still massaging her breasts and buttocks, and still spending hours on the treadmill, but now she had two additional recovery tasks to perform; lip exercises and tongue exercises.

The lip exercises consisted of sliding a small plastic tube between her lips and pressing them together as hard as she could and then taking a deep breath. The tube was open on the end in her mouth, but sealed on the other end and there was as stopper on a spring inside of it. Each time she finished taking a breath she slid the tube out of her mouth and checked how far the stopper had moved before resetting it.

The tongue exercises used a similar, if larger tube but in this case the stopper was already near the open end of the tube and she used her tongue to push it as far in to the tube as she could.

After she had become successful with both tubes consistently, the nurses replaced them with new ones, thicker for her lips and longer for her tongue, both stoppers harder to move.

By mid week the nurses were adding more to her exercises; squats, waist bends and other techniques to increase her strength and flexibility.

It didn’t take her long to figure out what they were for, though if she was honest with herself, longer than she would have liked. She wrote it off as just being so distracted with all that had happened and resigned herself to the fact that there would probably be more.

At the end of the week, true to his word, the nurses came in and removed the casts on her feet. She wasn’t surprised at what she saw, she had pretty much guessed what Robert had intended for her feet, so the unnatural arches that placed her toes well below her heel made perfect sense.

She tried to stand flat footed, but the pain was too much and she ended up standing on her toes until she sat down on her bed once more. The nurse produced a set of high heeled shoes that she gratefully slipped on and stood once more.

There was not pain, they felt natural and she walked around the room easily. She knew she’d never wear anything less than the six inch heels she now had on her feet but for some reason it no longer bothered her as much as it should.

Gloria’s legs produced long strides on the treadmill as it whirled along at nearly a sprinters pace. Her six inch stilettos came down hard on the treed, making small indentations in the rubber where her heel landed. It wasn’t long before the program ended and she slowed down, eventually stepping off the machine, sweat glistening from her body.

She took the towel from the hand rail and wiped herself down before moving over to the mat, the dumb bells waiting for her to take in her hands as she bent over at her waist and held herself horizontal, her breasts hanging from her body in perfect round spheres beneath her.

Next were her squats and other exercises that were part of her recovery until she finally arrived at her lip exercises.

The tube, which had started out at a little under an inch round was now almost 4 inches. She inserted it between her lips and formed a perfect seal as she breathed in hard as she pulled the stopper further and further along until it reached the end.

Her tongue exercise were similarly advanced as she pushed hard with her tongue to complete it.

Finally done her morning recovery exercises she headed back to her room and turned on the TV, which was a new addition just a few days ago. When she had first seen it after returning to her room she had been hopeful for a news channel or something interesting to pass the time, but her hope was dashed when she turned it on and found only a selection of soft core porn in a continuous loop.

Still, it was better than nothing and after a few days she’d even found that she’d fallen asleep with it still on. Of course like everything else, after a while new movies started to appear, with more explicit themes and scenes.

After a week of the increasingly hard core movies playing, she had found herself masturbating one night without even thinking about it really. It had surprised her, but hadn’t stopped her and she’d had her first orgasm in over a month.

When she heard the sound of the plane overhead, she knew Robert would be visiting her soon and she headed in to the bathroom to put on her makeup, which like the TV had appeared one day.

When he finally arrived, she was seated on the side of her bed, her legs crossed, her hair and makeup done perfectly and her chest thrust out.

“Hewwo Wobert.” she said and smiled as much as her lips would allow her to.

She’d given up trying to enunciate, just after the casts had been removed from her feet the nurses had started a new recovery exercise, flash cards. Each card had a word or phrase on it and she had to say it as quickly as possible. At first she’d tried to take her time but an admonishment from the nurse had torpedoed that idea and soon she was making a mess of it.

When the nurses had praised her progress, she’d given up trying to make her lips and tongue do anything but what they now naturally did.

“Hello Gloria, I’m so happy to see your progress has come so far!” he said and stepped in close to her, pressing his thumb to her lips.

“Let’s see how those lip exercises are coming along…” he said and with nearly no thought, she wrapped her lips around his thumb and sucked in as hard as she could.

He pulled his thumb out with a pop, “And those tongue exercises?” he said and she pushed her tongue out as far as she could.

“Very good, you’ve gotten at least 2 more inches of extension there. Stand up.”

She rose to her feet and stood still as he inspected nearly every inch of her, even bending over and spending extra time on her feet, “And these are feeling better?” he asked as he grasped them.

“Wes.” she replied.

“Good.” he said and turned to the nurse, “Take her off everything now, she should be ready for the final phase of her recovery.”

She would have raised an eyebrow if she could, but instead she remained quiet. The nurses had still been giving her several medications each morning, never telling her what they were for of course, but she had taken them without complaint.

He reached over to the tray that the nurse was holding and picked up a syringe and swap, gently wiping her arm before plunging the needle in to it and releasing it’s contents in to her.

Finally he left the room with the nurse and Gloria sat back down on her bed, turned on the TV and once more started to masturbate to pass the time, like she often did now.

Gloria awoke in the middle of the night, her body tingling all over. Well not all over, but in all the places that counted; her lips, nipples and breasts, her pussy and even her ass.

She moaned as her fingers started to explore her body, they came in contact with her lips first and she gasped as an almost electric current of pleasure blossomed from them. Her back arched as her other hand found her hardened nipple and squeezed it, “Owww gawwwwdddd!” she cried out to the empty room.

Moments later her fingers were buried deep in her pussy as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her body.

She managed to get back to sleep a while later, but the scene repeated itself when she awoke in the morning, after breakfast, just before lunch and so on.

Her body seemed to have become supercharged with sensitivity, anything more than a light stroke across her lips, breasts or pussy send waves of pleasure through her body that demanded more and more attention.

She had held out for two entires days before her fingers had finally made it around to her sphincter, she knew whatever Robert had done to her body had effected it just as much as the rest of her. It would demand the same level of attention and she wanted desperately to avoid that.

But finally, in the throws of passion as yet another orgasm had rocked her body, her hand had snaked around her and gently pushed up against her rear entrance before she even realized what it was doing. Moments later, her finger deep in her own ass, her first anal orgasm crested, she knew it wouldn’t be the last either.

By the end of the week, there were only three things Gloria was doing; working on her recovery exercises, eating and masturbating to the progressively kinky movies on the TV.

The movies had progressed from simple hard core sex, to anal sex, gang bangs, bondage, latex, pet play and other kinks. She often tried to match what was happening on the screen, imagining she was the actress, just for something to do.

For the first while, she’d relied solely on her fingers to do the work, but one day as she was leaving the recovery exercise room a thought popped in to her head, both her lip and tongue exercise tubes might work as dildos if she turned them around.

With no one to stop her, she took them back to her room, turned on the TV and shoved the smaller tongue exerciser in her ass, the lip exerciser in her mouth and used her fingers for her pussy and breasts.

The orgasms came hard and fast as her entire body bucked and twitched on her bed until she passed out from exhaustion.

Gloria rubbed her clit hard, her fingers dancing across it to no avail. Oh sure, it was still pleasurable, but it wasn’t anything like it had been last night and the buzzing in her ass, nipples and lips had faded as the day progressed as well.

She finally managed to orgasm as the actress in the movie, tied up and suspended from the ground, her ass being pounded by the anonymous man’s cock, finally came and cried out in pleasure through her gag.

Masturbating became harder and harder the rest of the day, taking her longer and longer to reach orgasm, until finally, laying in bed late that night, she passed out without coming.

The next two days were a living hell as her body refused to orgasm for her, no matter how hard she worked her pussy, ass, lips or breasts. She was desperate for the pleasure she knew her body could bring her, for the release of the orgasms that washed away everything but the bright burning light of pure bliss.

She had her make shift dildo rammed deep in to her ass when she heard the engines of the plane fly overhead and she pulled it out swiftly as she sprinted to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Robert was back and he’d be able to fix whatever was wrong with her.

When he entered her room, she was on her knees, her hands clasped behind her back, her head bowed, her breasts pushed out as far as she could. She knew Robert would appreciate her posture, just like the men in the movies did.

He stepped up to her, she could almost feel the grin on his face but she dared not look up to see it.

“So Gloria, the nurses tell me you have all but finished your recovery, is that true?”

“Wes Wobert, Glowia wowk hawd on hew wecovwry.” The flash cards the nurses still quizzed her on had continued to degrade her speech, but they had also replaced any first person pronouns with third persons names, but that had been the least of her concerns at the time.

“Yes, I can see that. How is everything feeling, any issues?”

“Glowia… Glowia… Glowia cwant cwum Wobert.” she said, feeling shame and humiliation at answering but knowing she had no choice.

“That must be extremely frustrating, especially with how powerful they must have been for these last few weeks. How long has it been?”

“Twee.. Tweee dways Wobert.” She replied, her shame only outstripped by how right he was, she was desperate to cum again and he clearly knew it.

“So, what would you do to cum again Gloria?” Robert said, reaching down and placing his finger under her chin and then tilting her head upwards so they made eye contact.

“Glowia dwo anywhing, anywhing!”

“Yes, yes I believe you would, wouldn’t you.” he said, clearly not expecting an answer so she simply nodded her head slightly.

“Alright, stand up.” he said and she scurried to her feet as Robert took a syringe from the tray the nurse was holding and injected her with it.

“Follow me.” he said as he walked from the room and Gloria kept pace just a few steps behind him. He led her down the hall to another room, inside of which had been setup a camera and a bed. He pointed to a spot at the end of the bed, in front of the camera and she walked to it and turned back towards him.

The nurse had followed them in to the room, her tray replaced with flash cards.

“Now then Gloria, we going to do some flash cards and then I’m going to put that new body I built through some exercises. Do and say everything your told and I guarantee you that you’ll be coming by the end of it. Understand?”

“Glowia Undwerswand. Glowia bwe a gwood gwirl.”

“Good.” he replied and turned the camera on.

The nurse flashed the first card for her to read, “Glowia is a twowtal swut!”

More followed.

“Glowia wove swucking cwocwk!”

“Glowia wove bweeing fwucked!”

“Glowia wove Glowia’s bwig twitties!”

“Glowia wove wanal swex!”

“Glowia swimple gwirl, woo twell Glowia whawt twoo dwoo.”

And they continued, with the flashing cards telling the camera all about how she liked to have all her holes filled at once, how she was turned on when men degraded her, used her, tied her up and abused her body that was so clearly made for it.

By the time the flash cards were done, she could already start to feel the sorely missed tingle starting to come back between her legs, in her breasts and lips.

Robert stepped in to the view of the camera, his now naked body exciting her in a way that no man had ever before. He stood beside her and she turned towards him as his finger rose to her lips and without any hesitation she wrapped them around it, sucking it in and pumping it back and forth. It felt better than anything had for days and her hands darted for her pussy.

“Naughty girl, clasp your hands behind your back.” he admonished her and she complied, a chill running up her spine as she did so.

He pulled his finger free after a few moments and then grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard, “Gwawd wes! Sqweeze Glowia’s twitties hward!” she cried out as he did so.

Robert stepped back when he was done and slightly forward to move out of her way, “Bend over at the waist and spread those legs Gloria.” he said and she quickly complied, her hands still clasped behind her and her weeks of training in holding the position kicked in.

He walked around behind her and picked up a dildo from the bed, showing it to the camera for a moment before plunging it in to her pussy.

The wave of pleasure coursed through her and her entire body shuttered, “Wes! Wes! Stwick wit win Glowia’s pwussy dweep!” she cried out as she shifted her entire body back a bit.

He repeated the process with another dildo in her ass and she almost came, she was so close that all that came out of her mouth was gibberish, right up until Robert returned to her front and placed his cock in front of her face.

“Tongue exercise time.” he said and her tongue snaked out of her mouth and across the tip, moving part way down the shaft as she tried as hard as she could to wrap it around him.

Finally he moved forward and pushed between her lips, she sucked him in deep as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed himself all the way down her throat.

Her lips burst forth in pleasure and as he rocked back and forth, fucking her face, her first orgasm in days crested.

“I think that’s an orgasm.” Robert said and reached back with one hand and slapped her ass hard, causing another orgasm to come over her, and Robert to land another blow on her ass.

She lost count of her orgasms, lost track of time, couldn’t imagine the number of ways Robert had used her body, but she finally found herself on the bed, on all fours, staring right at the camera with Robert behind her.

The nurse, still standing beside the camera, had a new set of flash cards as she felt Robert push in to her ass.

“Glowia wanal whore! Fwuck Glowia’s wass!”

“Glowia woves cwocwk! Glowia woves Wobert’s cwocwk!”

“Glowia Wobert’s wanal whore!”

She felt his cum finally enter her ass and an orgasm like none she had experienced in her life crested as her whole body spasmed and she collapsed on to the bed, Robert’s cock still buried deep in her ass.

Robert pulled out of Gloria’s ass and slapped his deflating dick against her ass, the last few drops of cum spraying across it, before getting off the bed.

“You can stop recording now Sandy.” he said to the nurse and she turned of the camera.

For her part Sandy jotted down some notes on the clipboard she was holding, “Sir, the results look promising don’t they?” she asked him.

“Yes, yes they do. The bio-electric microsphere’s I injected in to her erogenous zones during the surgery are responding just as they were designed. I was a little worried that they might not last long enough with all the masturbation she was doing, but they shut down right on schedule.”

“If you don’t mind me asking sir, where did you find them?”

“One of my clients has a company that makes them, or at least was researching them. They wanted to see if they were useful in stimulating nerve growth in damaged tissue. Turns out they didn’t help that, but the test subjects did report increased sensitivity in the nerves they did have. Once activated with the right agent, which I injected Gloria with two weeks ago, they’re run for 10 days before needing a ‘recharge’ with another injection. They were investigating a way to keep them charged with a orally administered pill.”

“And her… submission?”

“That’s just good old addictive behaviour at work. 10 days of mind blowing masturbation and orgasms, the likes of which you never imagined possible, would make even a nun beg for it. Of course it didn’t hurt that we spend the previous four weeks breaking down just about everything about her; her self image, her body, her routines, her choices, her control. By the end even subtle things like the every ramping up porn with subliminal messages in it on her TV were accepted as normal. Masturbation became the one thing she could control and when the microspheres ran out of juice and even that was taken away, well, as she said, she’d do anything to get them back. Take her back to her room when she comes around and when you get back to your station write up the final report and send me the video.”

“Of course sir.”

Robert walked back to his office, he had several patients to see this weekend but first he had to make the final arrangements for Gloria.

Ending 1: The Clinic

Robert picked up the phone and dialed the number on file for Ivan, it rang several times before he answered.

“Ivan, it’s Robert.”

“Robert my friend, how are you? You have good news for me?” he replied with a thick accent.

“I’m afraid not, the project took a turn for the worse and I’m afraid I’ve had to terminate it.”

“That is sad to hear. May I assume that the assets were completely terminated, that there is nothing left to handle?”

“Of course Ivan, I have ensured an orderly closure to the project. I am sorry that we didn’t get to see it through to fruition though, these kinds of projects do have some risk associated with them. Perhaps we can work on another project some time?”

“Yes, yes I think I have one in mind. An opportunity that will benefit us both. I will send you the details soon.”

“I look forward to it Ivan. Have a good evening.”

“You as well, you as well.”

Robert hung up the phone and smiled, he didn’t like deceiving Ivan, after all it was he who had reached out to Ivan in the first place, but Gloria had turned out far better than he expected. The microspheres were new and he hadn’t expected them to so completely overwhelm her so quickly.

From the data he had from the manufacturer, he’d expected there to be months of continuous cycling of her on and off of the microspheres. Perhaps it was some other factor in conjunction with the microspheres, the drastic surgery? Her pre-existing relationship with him? Her cold, calculating mentality?

He wasn’t sure, but he had enough of a supply of them to do some more research and find out definitively. Of course that was going to require some new patients, fortunately he always had those coming in to the clinic.

Robert powered up his laptop and connected to the network, finding Sandy had completed her report and attached the video. Playing it, he watched Gloria’s eyes closely as she recited the flash cards, there was no sign of hesitation or resistance and her breathing had even started to quicken by the end of her recital, clearly the effect of the “re-charge” shot he’d given her in her room.

He’d keep her here, for research purposes of course. He’d have Sandy continue to monitor her over the next few months, looking for any signs of regression, but he doubted they’d find any.

In the mean time he’d put Gloria to work, he often had clients come to the island with the patients and Gloria could provide them with a distraction while he worked.

And if he checked in with her once in a while to make sure she was performing up to his expectation, well that would be fine just as long as he didn’t get emotionally attached to her. After all he loved his wife and he’d never think of breaking their agreement.

Glow walked down the hallway, her arm looped through the man’s beside her as she cross one foot in front of the other, sending her ass and tits wiggling as she did so.

Her pussy was almost dripping down her thigh as the man’s body was in contact with her own. He was just the kind of man she liked, rich and with a working cock!

She’d been so happy when Robert had told her she’d be staying on as the clinic’s in house entertainment and not off to China or worse yet to Ivan, that she’d dropped to her knees and sucked him off right away.

Not that she wouldn’t have done that anyway, after all she was a total cock slut and she knew it. Big or small, thick or thin, it didn’t matter as long as it was in one of her holes.

The last two weeks of her recovery had shown her the truth, the orgasmic bliss of those 10 days of masturbation had been heaven, unlike anything she had experienced before. The three days of hell that followed provided the perfect counter point. But those few hours with Robert with the camera as he stuck his cock in to every hole she had blasted away the days of hell and demolished what she had considered heaven and replaced it with his image.

She’d said she’d do anything just to cum again after those three days, to get back the pleasure she had experienced before, but she had been a fool. That pleasure was nothing in comparison to Roberts cock inside of her that day and she’d fuck a thousand men on his say so just to have a chance to experience it again.

Glow and her escort arrived at her private bedroom and she closed the door behind them as he sat down on the edge of the bed. She knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants, pulling them down around his ankles and releasing his dick.

“Ohw mwy gwawd!” she said and took him in her hands before wrapping her tongue around his stiffening member. Then she wrapped her lips around him and sucked him in to her. The pleasure was immense, her lips sending it out in waves with each stroke of him between them.

Soon enough she felt his cum start to flow and she swallowed it all, her own orgasm coming over her as she did.

They weren’t nearly as good as the ones she had experienced with Robert, but they held her over for the time being.

She knew Robert was on the island, she had heard his plane a few hours earlier and had a small orgasm just from the thought of his arrival.

If she was lucky he’d drop by after he was done surgery. If she was a good girl and the nurses gave her a good report, maybe he’d fuck her ass again.

Ending 2: China

Robert hung up the phone, Ivan had been disappointed he wouldn’t be getting Gloria after all, but understood that sometimes complications arose in such cases and happily accepted his offer to provide his services in the future if Ivan found a suitable patient.

He was quite sure it wouldn’t take Ivan long to find one.

He picked up the phone once more, looking up the number in China and dialing it, he double checked the time just to make sure it wasn’t too late, or early, to call.

Gloria sat on the plush seat in the baroque style brothel, her thin, nearly transparent lingerie not leaving much to the imagination. But that was how the clients liked it and she it made little difference to her.

A young man, not much than a boy hesitantly walked up to her and smiled, “B… B… Barbie?” he stuttered out, clearly inexperienced in speaking with whores like her.

“Woo wannwa fwuck Bawbie?” she asked, smiling as she stood up and pushed her breasts out and took his hand and placed it on one of them.

When she’d arrived at the brothel the madam had taken one look at her and called her an “American whore Barbie doll” and at least the Barbie had stuck.

All of the girls called her Barbie, all of the men called her Barbie and when she’d been added to the “menu”, Barbie had been emblazoned beside her picture.

She hadn’t fought it, it wasn’t worth it, what did it matter what name they called her by?

The young man nodded his head and she took his hand and led him back in to her usual room where she unbuckled his belt, dropped to her knees and started to suck his dick.

She worked him between her lips, feeling nothing more than she would have before Robert had gotten his hands on her.

After Robert had finished fucking her ass she’d returned to her room, still horny even after her massive orgasm and so she’d turned on her TV to masturbate for a while.

To her surprise, her regular porn was gone, replaced with a loop of Robert fucking her in the other room, with one small change to it.

Every few seconds an audio clip played over top of the sound, “Glowia wanal whore!”. It was her own voice, taken a few seconds before her final orgasm had come as Robert had pounded her ass.

She had spent the next week and a half masturbating to the video and audio until she had started to chant along with the rhythmic sound of her own voice on the TV.

Gloria popped her lips off of the young mans dick, extending her tongue and wrapping it around him before pulling it back and and looking up at him.

“Woo swo bwig! Woo wanna fwuck Bawbie’s awss? giggle

He only nodded enthusiastically as she stood up and removed her thong before climbing up on to the bed and presenting herself to him.

He drove in to her ass quickly, but he wasn’t really that big and Gloria’s ass had been fucked so many times over the last ten months she’d been at the brothel that she could barely feel him penetrating her.

“Aaaawwwwwoooooo! Woo swo gwood!” she said out loud and then her lips formed the words that always accompanied her ass being used, though she made no sound while doing so, only repeating them to herself in her own mind, “Glowia wanal whore!”

The young man sped up and soon she felt his shot his load in to her ass and she made a show of cumming for him.

He pulled out and she rolled over, once more taking his dick in her mouth and cleaning him off before he left and then cleaned herself up as well.

He was her last client today, but they’re be many more tomorrow, though none of them would bring her any real pleasure.

Her mind drifted back to that day that Robert had fucked her ass, the pleasure of it still fresh in her mind as if it was just yesterday and a smile crossed her lips as she walked back to her small apartment in the brothel and stroked off another day from her pocket calendar that one of her regulars had given her.

Just two more months before her return to the clinic.

She’d begged Robert to let her stay at the clinic when he’d told her the next day that she was being sent to the brothel in China, but he’d simply asked if she’d like to go to Ivan instead and she’d retreated immediately.

When, 10 days later, the orgasmic bliss finally subsided and her orgasms stopped coming once more, she was desperate to please Robert in any way possible.

When he’d arrived just before she was shipped off, he had made her a promise, that if she performed well at the brothel, that once a year she could come back to the clinic and he’d fuck her once again and bring back the pleasure.

It was the only thing she looked forward to, the only thing she wanted and so if she had to fuck a dozen men a day for a year to get it and be a good little whore for them, well that’s exactly what she would do.

Ending 3: Ivan

Ivan watched Gloria’s hips buck in fevered need as she was strapped to the X frame. She’d been there for almost 10 days, since he’d injected Dr. Tildon magic serum in to her.

She’d been unable to masturbate, her hands tied tightly to the frame and he could see the wild need in her eyes. He smiled and checked the timer to make sure she was at the peak of cycle before picking up the riding crop and stepping in close to her.

She pulled at her restraints, desperate to touch him, but unable to close the last few inches to what she needed more than anything.

“What a horny slut you are now Gloria. Long gone is the cold hearted bitch that stole from me.” he said with a smirk and landed a blow with the crop on the top of her breasts.

He watched her body tense up as the orgasm rushed over her, he didn’t wait for it to end as he landed another blow, then another and another.

He moved on to her ass cheeks, then her pussy and finally, with a smaller crop, her lips. The red marks covered each part of her body that he’d landed the crop on to when he finally step back to admire his work.

It wouldn’t be long before the serum wore off, but he’d wait a full day before moving her on to the next phase of the cycle.

Gloria still felt the sting of the riding crop as she laid in bed, it brought back memories of the intense orgasms it had brought and let out a small moan as she turned over.

She didn’t remember being brought back to her bed, nor being cleaned up, but she was grateful to feel clean sheets under her after so many days in the dungeon.

She had thought that Robert had put her through hell with just three days of being denied the pleasure of orgasm at the clinic, but that had been nothing in comparison to the last ten days that Ivan had denied her that pleasure when she had been so close for so long.

And then the pain of the crop, coming down on her body followed by the waves of pleasure from the orgasms, blurred in to one as her mind was awash in pure bliss.

Gloria heard the door open and she turned to see a small woman bringing in a plate of food and setting it on the small table by the door.

Gloria rolled over and gingerly made her way to the table, eagerly eating solid food for he first time in over a week.

Afterwards, she masturbated for a while to pass the time, even though the pleasure was gone, it was still something to do.

At some point she fell asleep, exhausted and dreamed of the crop and the orgasms it brought.

When she awoke, the small woman was there once more, but this time she motioned Gloria to walk through the door.

Gloria knew better than to fight it, Ivan’s mansion, if that is where she was, was in the middle of no where, well protected by loyal guards and with the only law being that which Ivan decreed. Even if she had made it out of the mansion, through the forest to the closest town, the local police would surely have returned her to him with the deepest apologies for taking so long.

She was directed down the hall to the dungeon once more, but this time instead of being tied to the X frame, she was strapped down to a wooden horse. Then, two machines where aligned at each end, the one in front of her had a piston on it with a dildo strapped to the end.

She could only imagine the one behind her was similarly outfitted, though she expected it had two dildo’s attached.

When all three had been lightly inserted in to her orifices, they were started and the woman left, leaving them running.

It was a pleasant feeling, having all three holes filled at once, but not nearly enough to get her body excited. She’d known such pleasure from Robert and Ivan that these mere mechanical stimulations would never bring her to orgasm.

And that’s when it clicked in to place, Ivan wasn’t trying to bring her to orgasm with the machines, he was simply desensitizing her to “normal” pleasure before he placed her back on the X frame and left her hanging there once more.

She jerked her body, tried to pull free but the bonds were tight and the dildos continued to penetrate her. Eventually she gave up, letting the machines do their work as she lay there, helpless to do anything about it.

She knew he would succeed in the end, it might take months or even years of cycling her through the process; denial, pain, orgasm, rest, ineffectual stimulation and repeat.

Eventually her body would learn the lesson he was teaching it, orgasms came only from pain, everything else was pointless. Then her mind would follow and it wouldn’t be long after that she was begging Ivan to abuse her body so she could have another orgasm.

In the end, she would be his pain slut, at that thought brought her far more pleasure than the three dildos sliding in and out of her did.