A Gilded Cage

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2016

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SYNOPSIS: Night Sparrow has been captured by a new villain in town, can she escape before he completes his evil plan?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes: If anyone is interested, I do some short writing on tumblr (https://thehandsthatlead.blog) as well.

Chapter 1 – Flight of the Sparrow

Dianica watched the building closely from the darkened alleyway, only the moon light illuminating the street. Her black leather uniform, including jacket stockings and boots worked well to keep her concealed in the darkness. Her long blonde hair and porcelain skin offset her uniform, giving her a striking appearance that criminals didn’t soon forget after she had dispatched them. The only indulgence she allowed herself was her choker, adored with a dark jewel, around her neck.

Criminals that were introduced to the Night Sparrows fists always tried to avoid a second encounter.

She looked around the street, to say it was a run down part of the city was an understatement, several of the streetlights were knocked over and pushed to the beside the buildings and the rest had broken bulbs and provided no light. Only one still stood upright and provided some illumination as it flickered on and off.

There were the remains of several cars lining the street and most of the buildings looked to have no windows left in their decaying husks. The one she was interested in was still in good shape, though it had been staged to appear like the rest of the buildings and only a trained eye could tell it apart.

The tip she’d received earlier in the night had led her here, she’d been tracking a new smuggling operation for several weeks and this, her informant told her, was the warehouse that it operated out of.

She wasn’t sure what was in the warehouse, no one seemed to know exactly what was being smuggled in to the city, but that just made it even more likely to be something that deserved her attention. What she did know was that it was very organized, involved a large number of people, seemed to use some very high-tech methods and was definitely illegal.

Dianica stepped out from the alleyway and towards the building, taking care to keep to the dark as much as possible. As she approached the front of the two story structure she could here activity going on inside, almost like construction.

She hugged the wall and shuffled towards a window, taking a quick look inside. Her years of training required only a fraction of a second to evaluate the scene inside.

The building was a large empty space, with only a small office raised off the floor at the back, creating a small second story. The main floor of the warehouse looked like a construction site, with several incomplete structures underway and two completed cubic structures linked together with a smaller connecting rectangle.

Four henchmen were busily working on the incomplete cubes with a variety of tools. The bright overhead lights made a direct entry problematic. The pattern of windows along the back wall, 3 on the first story but only two on the second, looked like there should be one where the office was and that would provide her more cover.

She worked her way around to the back of the building and confirmed her hunch, three windows along the top of the building, two with light coming from them and the farthest one to the right, dark and inviting.

Pulling her grappling rope line out and heaving it on to the roof, she snagged a secure anchor and double checked it to make sure before starting her climb.

Bracing herself with her legs against the building she easily climbed up the rope, hand over hand until she arrived at the window and carefully peered in. The blackness thwarted her attempts to deduce what was in the room but checking the window revealed no obvious alarms and so she slid up the unlocked lower section of the window and pulled herself up and on to the sill.

Dianica pulled out her small flashlight from her black leather jacket’s pocket and turned it on, it’s narrow beam providing enough light for her to see without illuminating the entire room and attracting unwanted attention. It looked like a normal office, a desk with a chair and some paper on it along with a laptop.

A quick scan revealed nothing of interest and so she stepped down from the window sill and moved towards the desk. Perhaps the laptop would have the information she was looking for, though she suspected she’d have to take it with her to get one of the League’s tech wizards to break in to it.

As she took her second step forward, she heard a sudden noise behind her, she turned to the window just in time to see the armoured slab drop down, sealing it shut. Just as it hit the floor, the lights in the room burst to life and she was momentarily blinded.

As her vision cleared she moved quickly to the door, she reached for the handle and found herself grasping at air as the hologram wavered as her hand passed through it.

“Damn it!” she said aloud as she turned back to the desk and went to grab the laptop. It too shimmered as her hand passed through it and she let out a sigh.

Whoever was behind this was expecting someone to find them and that meant this was a trap, it was time for a tactical retreat so she could come at it another way.

She turned to the window and inhaled, there was no point trying to go through the door, there was no way to know what was behind it, but she knew the window lead outside.

The Night Sparrow let out her cry, giving it more than enough to break through whatever armour plating they had installed. The plate though, seemed to have a different idea and instead her cry bounced off of it and back at towards her, she ducked just in time as it passed through the hologram of the desk and hit the other wall.

Her gut suddenly had a sinking feeling as the wall stood fast and her cry bounced off of it as well, but this time as it passed by, it sounded louder.

She dodged again as it bounced off another surface and again, it was getting louder and faster. She dodged to the corner of the room and managed to get a moment to regroup. She took in an even deeper breath and let out the most powerful cry she had at the window.

It rattled before it bounced back, she dodged to the side but had lost track of her first cry and moved right in to it.

She grabbed the sides of her head, covering her ears as the noise overwhelmed her and she collapsed to her knees.

It ended just in time for her second cry to slam in to her and she fell to the ground, unconscious.

Chapter 2 – Bound to Cry

Dianica awoke and took stock of her surroundings, the room was a dark grey cube and she was bound in a chair in the center of it.

Wide leather straps were rapped around her ankles, thighs, waist, wrists, elbows and neck, securing her to the chair. She could still feel her costume on her, the skin tight black outfit she came in, though the jacket and choker was gone.

She felt something on her head but couldn’t quite make out what it was. There were several cool spots though from where it touched her skin through her long blonde hair.

And of course, there was a large metal ball gag in her mouth, she could only assume it was made of the same sound reflecting metal she had encountered in the room.

The rest of the room seemed empty so she struggled against her bonds to see if they would give, but they held firm.

A few minutes later, after exhausting every possibility she could think of, she heard a faint “click” from the base of the chair. It was followed by a prick in her butt and a sudden warmth as she felt something being injected in to her.

The warmth spread across her entire body and a wave of calmness threatened to engulf her as it reached her brain. She struggled against it, trying to keep a clear head as the drug fought her relentlessly.

As she started to lose the battle, a slight electric tingle passed over her scalp as a blinding flash of white light obscured her vision.

Dianica stood in a white expanse of nothing which seemed to go on forever. She looked around finding no land marks or other points of reference for as far as she could see.

She looked down at her naked body and was unconcerned by it. In fact, she was unconcerned by anything that was happening for some reason.

She crouched down and touched the “floor” but her hand passed right through it. She cocked her head to one side and reached under her own feet and touched the bottoms of them. It was strange as she still felt the weight of her body resting on her feet as if there was a floor there.

She called out, “Hello? Is anyone there?” to silence. She called out several more times but not even an echo responded.

She tried her cry, but it too seemed to disappear in to the distance.

After a while she decided to start walking, she placed one foot in front of the other but couldn’t really tell if she moved, the vast whiteness remained unchanged and without a reference point, she looked to have stood still.

Still it was something to do and so she continued.

What seemed like days passed, there was no night so she didn’t sleep. There was no food so she didn’t eat, but likewise she didn’t seem to get hungry either.

Without any reference for night and day, Dianica had a trouble keeping track of how much time had passed since she had arrived, but days must surely have turned to weeks and months at some time.

Eventually she’d stopped walking and sat down. Once in a while she’d called out to the emptiness, but never received a reply.

Months must have turned to years, years to decades, decades to centuries? She didn’t know but at some point she’d curled up in to the fetal position and started to rocked back and forth and hadn’t stopped.

When the voice first spoke her rocking at come to an abrupt stop and at first she had thought it must have been her own voice, but she didn’t feel her lips move.

“Are you there?” it came again.

She stood up and looked around, unsure of what to do.

“Can you hear me?” it said.

She parted her lips and replied softly, “Yes.”

“What’s your name?”

She opened her mouth to reply but paused, “My name?”

“Yes, what is your name?”

She thought hard about it but the past seemed like a dream that she couldn’t quite grasp, “I… I don’t know!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find out together.”

“Together? But where are you?”

“I’m right here with you.”

“But I can’t see you!”

“That doesn’t matter, from now on I’ll always be with you.”

A sudden wave of euphoria washed over her, “You… you will?”

“Yes, I’m here to help. You need help don’t you?”

“I… I think so. Yes, yes I need help.” She replied more confidently.

“Then it’s a good thing I’m here to help. You want my help, yes?”

“Yes, yes please.”

“You need my help, yes?”


“Yes what?”

She paused for a moment, not understanding, “Yes… I need your help?”

Another wave of euphoria came over her as the voice replied, “Yes, that’s a good girl.”

“If I’m going to help you I need you to trust me. Do you trust me?”

She didn’t hesitate this time with her reply, “Yes I trust you.”

“Do you trust me completely?”

“Yes I trust you completely.”

“You trust everything I say?”

“Yes I trust everything you say.”

“Everything I say is true?”

“Yes, everything you say is true.” She replied as the wave of euphoria peaked, her eyes rolling back in to her head at the sheer pleasure washing over her.

Chapter 3 – Free to Sing

Dianica woke once more, her head pounded and she raised a hand up to her forehead. The bed she was on was a simple cot, the sheets were plain cotton and the blanket was prickly.

She let out a sigh of relief and swung her legs over the side of the bed and looked around. The room was spartan, but functional; a dresser and wardrobe stood along one side and a small makeup table along the other.

She still had her uniform on, even her choker and jacket had been returned.

She tried to remember what had happened and her mind replied with two conflicting answers.

The first was that she was here for her training. The man that had saved her from the evil white expanse had taken her under his wing and she was eager to learn all he had to teach her.

The second was that she had been captured and brainwashed and she needed to do everything she could to escape. The man from the evil white expanse was her enemy.

Her headache worsened as she tried to reconcile the two in her mind. She was interrupted in mid fight as a man walked in to the room.

“Ah awake at last, good.” He said, the voice of her mentor/enemy filling the room.

“You… you won’t… get away…” she struggled to get out.

“Get away? But I’m here to help you, remember? You trust me don’t you?”

“Yes, I trust you.” The words were out of her mouth before she even registered she was supposed to reply. The wave of euphoria that followed them landed a body blow to the voice in the back of her mind that said he was her enemy.

“Now stand up.”

She did so, a smile crossing her lips as the euphoria increased, pushing the voice to the ground.

“And follow me.”

“N… n… n…o.” the voice said as it tried to assert control.

“But you want to follow me. And everything I say is true, right?”

“Yes, everything you say is true.” The words escaped her lips again before she could stop them and the euphoria landed a head shot to the voice and it went down for the count.

Dianica took a step forward, “I want to follow you.” She said as they walked out of the room.

Dianica sat on the edge of her bed, hands clasped in front of her, head bowed as she waited for her mentor to arrive.

She’d been training with him for over a week and he was pleased with her progress, but she knew today would be a special day.

Each morning since she’d arrived she woken up with a voice in the back of her head telling her he was her enemy.

She’d fought it each time but it wasn’t until her mentor came to help her that she’d managed to defeat it. Then, they’d leave her room and begin her training for the day.

But today was a special day, she had woken up this morning and the voice had fought her for control. Like every morning she’d fought back, repeating her mantra’s in her mind, but this morning was different. The voice was weaker, and each time she repeated a mantra, it seemed to get quieter, until finally, it was gone.

Today was a special day because it was the first day she had won her fight by herself.

Dianica hear the door open but kept her head lowered.

“Good morning Dianica, how are you today?”

“Very well mentor, thank you.”

“Is there anything you want to say before we begin your training?”

“No mentor, I am ready.”

“Good, then come with me.”

He led her down the hallway again, like every morning, in to the room at the end of it. It contained several pieces of furniture, a chair, a couch, a tread mill, a stationary bike and a pedestal platform.

Dianica didn’t understand the purpose of her training, but she trusted him and he had told her it was needed so she didn’t question it.

He directed her to the pedestal and she stepped up on to it and took her pose. Her feet spread apart, her hands on her hips and her face a placid mask.

She’d be here for a few hours, he’d give her other positions to take and then when he was satisfied he’d direct her to the chair, where she’d sit reclined back, legs spread and her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open.

The couch would be next, she’d lay down on her stomach and then bring her knees up under her, keeping her arms at her side.

Finally, it would be the tread mill and stationary bike, before he took her back to her room for the night.

Her training continued for another week without any changes.

Johnathan looked at the monitor as Dianica climbed in to bed and pulled the sheets up over her. He shook his head side to side, she’d almost shown up to early. He’d expected her to take more time tracking down the informant he’d planted and get the warehouse location. Fortunately, they’d worked on the “office” first so it was ready for her when she arrived.

“Everything in the green?” he asked.

“Yes sir. As you know, the repetition of obeying the same commands is critical in this phase, but there’s no sign of resistance left so you can move on to the next phase now.” The tech/henchman replied.

“Good, she put up quite a fight. Swap out her uniform for the first batch of upgrades tonight. It’s too bad we have to spend so much time making changes to her, but the machine can only do so much, now it’s our turn.”

“Yes sir.”

Dianica slipped her feet in to her shoes and stood up, something seemed different today, but they looked like the same shoes she wore yesterday so she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She pulled at her jacket and tried to get it to sit right, but it too seemed to be wrong somehow. She was about to take it off again when she heard the door start to open, instantly she dropped down on to the bed, clasped her hands and bowed her head.

“Good morning, how is everything this morning?”

“Very good mentor… but…”


“Something seems wrong with my uniform.”

“Stand up and let me take a look.”

Dianica stood up, placed her hands behind her back and waited.

“Nope, thing wrong with them. They’re the same clothes you wore yesterday. They fit perfectly.”

Dianica couldn’t believe how stupid she’d been, of course he was right. She’d put them away herself last night.

He took her to the training room and she mounted the pedestal once more, she took her initial pose and looked towards her mentor for approval. A grimace on his face greeted her instead.

“Time to go to the next level of your training, pull your top down to expose your breasts.”

Dianica hesitated only a moment before hooking her thumbs over the top of her uniform and pulled it down and retaking her position. If her mentor said this was the next level of her training she trusted him.

“Very good.”

A wave of euphoria rushed over her and her nipples hardened.

She spent the rest of the day training with her top down, when she’d gotten to the chair, he’d had her play with her nipples the entire time she was in it and it had almost driven her over the edge.

Johnathan watched Dianica carefully step up on to the platform to start the day. It had been ten days since they’d started swapping out her uniform, each day making small changes that she’d accept as soon as he re-enforced the idea they hadn’t changed since the day before.

In fact, after the third day she had stopped asking and simply accepted the, without question.

Today’s outfit was the last one for a while, until they proceeded to one of the later phases.

She was being so careful due to the 8″ stiletto ballet shoes she was wearing; she was a quick learner but such a major change to foot wear did have her being extra careful.

Her uniform was quite different now as well, gone was the spandex and leather, replaced by latex. The main uniform hugged her body and ended just below her breasts. There were holes to expose her pussy and ass as well.

The latex jacket didn’t even come down to the bottom of her breasts and the sleeves ended just below her elbows.

The lace choker had been similarly replaced with latex, even though they had kept the oval jewel that adorned the front of it.

He couldn’t wait for her to get to the chair, he was eager to see the new training he had lined up for her there.

Dianica walked over to the chair, her high heels clicking on the floor as she did so. She sat down and reclined in to it, placing one hand on her breast and the other over her pussy.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as her fingers started to dance over body.

She barely was aware of the footsteps coming towards her until he spoke.

“Here, use this.” He said.

She opened her eyes and looked up at her mentor holding a dildo.

She took her right hand from her pussy and reached up towards it, but hesitated just before grasping it.

The voice from the back of her mind that she hadn’t heard in weeks pounded on her brain.

“I… I…”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I trust you.” The words flew from her mouth but did nothing to beat back the voice.

“I… won’t….”

“Everything I say is true, you need this training.”

“Yes, everything you say is true, I need this training.” She responded as the voice grew louder.

“N… no… I… don’t…”

“Do you want to go back to the white expanse?”

The voice screamed and shattered in to a million pieces.

She grabbed the dildo, “No mentor. Anything but that. I trust you. I need you. I oooooooobey you!” she cried out as she pushed the dildo in to her pussy and the euphoria overwhelmed her.

Chapter 4 – A New Perch

Dianica walked in to the training room and didn’t know what to do, she looked at her mentor with a confused look on her face.

The room was empty except for a single piece of furniture in the middle of the room. At least she assumed it was furniture of some kind.

It was made of chromed metal and was mounted on a tripod base. Its main structure was a single piece of metal that arched up, starting wide at the base and then narrowing as it reached its summit.

There were several holes along it’s length. Mounted to the top side of the arch, just above the tripod base, was a metal seat. In front of the seat were two round struts that came out, one from each side and below them a large round pipe that was several feet long. At the top of the arch was some kind of head rest but she couldn’t quite figure out how it might be used.

“Sit in the seat.” He said.

She approached the device and sat down, facing away from the arch and tried to lean back to the headrest.

“No, turn around the other way.”

She stood back up and turned around, sitting in the seat.

“Now hook your legs over those posts and place your feet on the tube below it.”

She did so and waited for more instructions.

“Now lean forward and rest your chin on the top there. Good, now get as close to the arch with your body as you can. And finally grasp your hands behind your back at the elbows.”

She pushed herself as far forward as she could, her exposed breasts hanging at the sides of the arch, here knees coming up just below them, her head held level by the chin rest and her ass being pushed up in to the air as a result.

The rest of the day was spent trying to hold her position, each time she relaxed slightly her mentor would correct her and she’d fix her mistake.

After several hours he commanded her to get up and took her out the door on the other side of the room, she hadn’t even seen it as she had been so fixated on the device when she had come in.

As they entered she immediately felt relived as she instantly recognized it as her regular training room. Well almost, the pedestal was gone and the stationary bike and treadmill were both different.

The stationary bike no longer had a seat and the treadmill had a tennis ball hanging down from the ceiling in front of it.

He pointed at the chair and she quickly took her position, taking the dildo in one hand and grasping her breast with the other.

Once she was done with the couch, she approached the stationary bike and stepped on to it. Without a seat it was more difficult to stay on the pedals with her stiletto ballet shoes, but after a little while she got the hang of it and continued her workout.

Getting on the treadmill, she started the automated program that varied the speed and incline and started to jog.

“Keep your nose in contact with the tennis ball.”

She sped up her jog slightly until her nose touched the ball and then continued. It was difficult to maintain contact and she lost it several times but by the end of her session she was getting better at it.

Dianica walked confidently in to the room, it had been a week of training in the posture chair and she’d managed to keep her form for the last two days without any correction.

She walked behind her mentor and he waved her to the chair, but it was different today, the seat had a dildo attached to it.

She stepped up to the device and position herself over the dildo before sliding down on to it. She then hooked her legs over the posts and took her position.

The distraction of the dildo made it harder for her to concentrate but she focused and maintained her pose until she was released.

He then led her in to the training room and she also noticed the changes that had happened there.

The couch had been replaced by a wooden horse that had several straps attached to it. The chair looked the same but the bike and treadmill had been altered again.

The bike still had no seat, but instead there was a dildo where the shaft had been. Likewise, the tennis ball had been replaced by another dildo that was hung horizontally so the tip was pointed directly at her.

Without hesitation she took her position in the chair and started her training.

When she finished in the chair he had to help her get strapped in to the wooden horse, it was only after that she noticed the other device behind the horse. He wheeled it around behind her and pushed the mechanical dildo in to her pussy and then started it up. In moved in and out in a consistent rhythm until he changed the speed. Faster, slower, faster… he kept changing it throughout her training.

She pulled herself up from the horse and took her place on the bike, she lowered herself on to the dildo and started to peddle. It didn’t provide any support for her but like the device on the horse, as the program of the bike increased and decreased the difficulty of the ride, the dildo moved faster or slower in and out of her.

Finally, she mounted the tread mill and placed the tip of the dildo to her nose as she started her jog.

She heard a slight chuckle, “That’s not quite right Dianica, put it to your lips.”

She hurriedly repositioned it and continued to jog as the wave of euphoria rushed across her body.

Dianica felt the vibrator in her pussy buzzing like there was no tomorrow but focused on maintaining her posture. After a week of training with the basic dildo of the posture chair, it had been replaced with the vibrating model that was now stuffed deep in her three days ago. Its constant distraction had made a mess of her perfect posture the first two days but she was determined not to let it get the best of her today.

When it finally stopped, her orgasm shook her entire body but she never lost her pose.

Johnathan watched on the monitor and was impressed at Dianica’s stamina, sure she was a superhero and in phenomenal shape, but she wasn’t an alien or anything. She was still just a human being, though obviously a very motivated one now and she was putting everything she had in to conforming to the shape of the posture chair.

He flipped through a couple of the different angles and checked to make sure there were no gaps. When he was satisfied he switched back to a longer view on the monitor. He was impressed how much the pose the chair forced her in to gave the impression of a bird sitting on a perch. Her legs push up under her, her ass pushed up like plumage and her breasts forced out in front of her.

He was sure the client would be quite happy with the effect.

He’d have to give her a few more days to make sure she’d mastered it, but he was pretty sure she was ready for the next phase of the program.

Dianica waited for the vibrator to start as she sat in the posture chain, reach to start her training for the day, but instead her mentor walked in front of her.

“Open wide.” He said.

She did so and he placed something between her teeth.


She bit down on whatever it was and her lips formed around it, forcing them out over it, not letting them touch together.

“Breath in and out.”

She took a breath; it was slightly constricted by the device but she managed to get a good deep breath none the less.

She exhaled and the device let out a high pitched chirping sound. It sounded just like a song bird.

She did it again and after a few times found she could change the sound by how hard she exhaled.

If she exhaled very slowly and gently, it made no sound at all.

Then the vibrator started up and she focused on that instead, the constant chirping as she exhaled distracted her but she remained steady and in control.

It took her several days of training with it to control her breathing so it didn’t make any noise, but once she had she found something new to focus on. Very faint in the background, she could just make out a melody of bird songs playing.

She listened carefully and started to copy them as a way to distract her from the vibrators constant attack.

Johnathan listened to Dianica chirp in time with the faint song that was playing as she had been for the last week. The song in turn was playing in time with the vibrator, though he doubted she had realized that.

Today would be the first day he didn’t remove the whistle from her mouth after her time in the posture chair. After today, she’d never say another word again, just whistle.

The only time she’d take it out would be to eat and clean the whistle and her mouth.

Dianica chirped out the song like she had for the last week, it started slow and steady and rose to a crescendo and the vibrator brought her to orgasm every time.

She hadn’t noticed a few days ago when the faint melody in the background had disappeared, she didn’t need it any more, she knew the song by heart.

As her chirps came faster and faster, she neared her orgasm, but today the vibrator stopped just before it. She continued to chirp and her body crested as her song did and her orgasm washed over her none the less.

She looked up to she her mentor standing above her, a smile on his face. He reached down and stroked the side of her face, “That’s a good girl.”

The second orgasm was as good as the first.

Dianica hung over the wooden horse as her mentor strapped her in. As always he rolled the machine around behind her and lined it up.

Unlike every other time though, today, she felt it press against her sphincter. She felt the cool lube that was spread over it and then it pushed against her back door as he manually cranked it over.

She let out a shrill chirp, followed by another one as it entered her and then pulled most of the way back out.

He repeated the process manually several times as she let out chirp after chirp, until finally she heard a familiar faint song being played. She focused on it and it lasted only a few bars but it was enough to start her singing the song she had done so many times.

She didn’t notice him turn the machine on to automatic, nor did she notice it had the same pattern as the vibrator in the posture chair.

She sang her song as the machine did it’s work and as the machine sped up and she reached the crescendo of her song and her body orgasmed just like it always did, the mechanical dildo buried deep in her ass.

Johnathan reviewed the tape of Dianica on the wooden horse, it was the fifth day of it penetrating her ass. She was chirping away at her song but it was clearly not yet completely imprinted on her.

Today had been the first day he hadn’t had to prompt her with the music so it would take a few more sessions before she fully imprinted to the idea that anal sex was as good as vaginal. But she’d get there, he had no doubt of that.

She hadn’t shown a single sign of rejection since the first time he’d handed her a dildo and all the readouts confirmed it.

Once she was done with the wooden horse, they’d be able to move on to the final phase.

He looked over to the tech/henchman beside him, “Prep the room for the final phase in five days.”

“Yes sir.”

Chapter 5 – New Plumage

Dianica let the pleasure of the dildo in her ass wash over her as she happily chirped her song. When she came she pulled against the straps as her body spasmed from the pleasure.

After her mentor had released her bonds, she quickly moved to the stationary bike and then on to the treadmill to complete her training for the day.

A good night’s sleep followed and her routine started the next morning as always.

She put on her uniform and took her place on her bed, head bowed, hands clasped, waiting for her training to begin.

When the door opened and he stepped in, she remained still until he spoke.

“And how are you this morning?”

She chirped out a jaunty series of notes to tell him she was happy and ready.

“Good, follow me then.”

She stood and followed behind him as he walked out of the door and turned left. She followed but was confused, she was sure yesterday the hallway had only lead down to the posture chair, there was no left turn to make.

But she didn’t worry about it and followed him down a hallway that turned right after a while and then opened up to a new room.

In the center was gurney with lights all around it. There were several other people in the room, all in medical attire and masks.

“Get undressed.”

She pulled her barely there latex jacket off, pealed her primary uniform off and down her legs and then finally removed her ballet stilettos.

She stood still her head down, until one of the men in the masks came over with a marker and started drawing lines on her chest. When he placed a finger below her chin and lifted, she tilted her head up.

“Open up.” the man said.

She did and he grabbed her whistle and pulled it out of her mouth.


She closed her mouth and he started to mark up her face and neck as well.

“Up and on the gurney.” He said when he was finished.

She hopped up on to it and laid back as the man sitting at the head of the gurney stood up and took her arm. He found a vain and plunged a needle in to it and then started an IV drip.

Moments later blackness engulfed her and she was so happy it wasn’t white.

Johnathan watched as the bandaged body of Dianica was wheeled out of the operating room and back to her bed.

“Everything go as planned doc?”

“No problems at all. I suspect she’ll be up and around in a couple of days.”

“Days? Don’t you mean weeks?”

“No, while I was working on her, her body kept trying to heal up before I was done. I had to make several incisions twice. She might not be in the class of some of the other hero’s, but I guess any superhero is going to have better powers of recovery than a normal human.”

“That’s unexpected, but definitely a bonus. When’s your flight out?”

“Tomorrow, I have another patient to see before I go, a pro bono case I’m doing.”

“Not as lucrative as this one, that’s for sure.”

“No, but good cover for why I’m in the city none the less.

I’d suggest you keep her sedated while she recovers, its only for a day or two after all.”

“Thanks, I’ll do that.”

Dianica woke up in her bed and her entire body ached. And not the ache she’d felt the first few times after her mentor had introduced a new training regiment, no it was different than that.

She rolled out of bed and looked down at her massive breasts, they were round and high on her chest. She reached up and squeezed them and while tender, they felt amazing.

She let out a chirp of pleasure, but nothing happened. She reached up to her mouth and realized her whistle wasn’t there.

She felt her lips and found them swollen and tender as well.

She looked for her whistle but could not find it anywhere and quickly realized if she didn’t get dressed she’d be late for training.

The whistle would have to wait. She grabbed her uniform and slipped it on. As she slid it up over her waist she clasped her hands around herself and again found there to be some tenderness.

She placed her jacket on before lacing up her ballet stilettos. Only then did she realize her choker was missing as well.

She managed to finish just in time before her mentor entered her room.

“Good morning, how are you feeling today?”

She looked up at his with near panic in her eyes as she pointed to her open mouth.

“Oh, yes, your whistle. Don’t worry, I’ve given you a better one.”

She half smiled, trusting him to tell her about her better whistle but still feeling empty without it.

He brought his hands that had been behind his back in front of him and it them was her choker.

“This isn’t the same choker as you had yesterday though, its your new whistle as well.” He said as he wrapped it around her neck and secured it in place.

“Give it a try.”

Dianica didn’t understand how it was a whistle, but it didn’t matter, if he said it was she believed him.

She inhaled and then exhaled and her chirps filled the room. Her face beamed with joy as she played her morning happy song for him.

When she was done she bowed her head once more and was confronted by her inflated breasts, she started to look back up again.

“But don’t worry, that’s all that changed, everything else is exactly the same as yesterday.”

Dianica returned her head down and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing nothing else had changed.

Dianica followed her mentor in to the posture room and immediately noticed the change. The chair was encircled by a wall of metal bars with only a small hinged door to get through them.

Her mentor walked up to the door and opened it for her and she walked in, taking her position on the posture chair. Her massive round breasts engulfing the arch structure and touched each other on the other side.

That was when she noticed something else attached to the bars. Just to her right a large water bottle hung from them, with a spout coming out of the bottom of it.

She didn’t have much time to think about it as the vibrator started up and she focused on her training.

After her training was finished she stood up and walked towards the door where her mentor waited. Before she reached him he said “Go over to the water and take a drink.”

She chirped her agreement and walked to the water, the spout, which was another dildo, was lower down and she squatted down to reach it. As she did so she realized it was at the perfect height for her to take the same position as in the posture chair and so she did so.

She wrapped her lips around the it but nothing happened. She probed it with her tongue but still no water came out.

Without thinking and her lips still firmly around the spout, she chirped out a questioning song, and immediately realized why her new whistle was better than her old one.

Just as she was about to take her lips from it, she heard faint melody, just a few bars and she picked it up and started to chirp it out.

As she did so, she pushed herself up and down on the dildo, in time with the rise and fall of the melody until she reached the crescendo and the water flowed down her throat as her orgasm came over her.

Dianica finished her shower and was preparing for bed when she heard the door open and her mentor enter.

She looked to the bed but it was too far away and so she dropped to her knees and bowed her head.

“Get dressed, time for more training.”

Dianica quickly grabbed her uniform and put it on, eager to continue her training.

He led her in to the posture chair room but unlike her previous training sessions it was dark, with only a single pot light shining down by the water bottle that had been installed a week ago.

He held open the door and she entered it, taking her position on the chair and waiting for the vibrator to start.

This time, it stayed silent.

He closed the door and walked out of the room, leaving her alone.

She had never trained alone before and she wasn’t sure what to do, so she remained in the chair, until finally sleep overtook her.

Dianica woke up with a start as the lights came on and the vibrator started up, she was still in the posture chair and she started to chirp her song in time with the vibrator.

It had taken almost a week of training alone to finally stay in the chair all night without falling out. The first night had been a disaster as every time she fell asleep she would fall out of the chair and ruin her posture.

But she knew that tonight was just the first of many nights she’d accomplish her task.

When the vibrator stopped she stood up from the chair and moved over to the water, taking the dildo deep in to her throat as she started chirping once more.

When the water raced down her throat and she finished, her mentor opened the door and took her back to her room to clean up and the day started once more.

Dianica walked in to the posture room and smiled at the changes. The bars had been moved out, making the area inside larger and both her stationary bike and treadmill had been moved in.

She entered the door and took her position for the days training.

The posture chair was followed by the water and then the stationary bike, with the treadmill last, but not least.

Then she started the cycle all over again until after the second time through she returned to the posture chair and the lights went out.

When she woke up her mentor was there to take her back to her room to clean up and eat.

The training went on for a week as she worked to perfect the cycle. The next time she returned, there were two new additions to the room.

The first was beside the water, a food dispenser had been added. The second was a small closet.

She entered her training area and got straight to work on the posture chair.

When she’d completed the night time cycle, she waited for her mentor to return but he did not appear. While she waited she walked over to the food dispenser and looked to see how to activate it.

Inside of it was a stack of trays, each with what looked like prepared food in containers on it. To the side was a dildo, standing straight up on a pole, behind it was a cardboard backstop. On the backstop there was a drawing of two globes with a dildo between them.

Dianica pushed the dildo between her breasts and started to chirp as she rose up and down in time with her song. The crescendo brought her release as the dildo spurted out a white creamy substance all over her breasts, lips and face.

Beside her she heard a tray of food drop down and out of the dispenser.

After eating her dinner with the sticky white substance still on her as she had nothing to wipe it off with, she stood back up and looked at the closet at the other side.

She walked over and opened the door, to find that it was not a closet, but instead housed a toilet and shower. On top of the toilet seat was a clean uniform and a bag of essentials.

She removed the clean uniform and sundries and placed it on the ground before stripping out of her soiled one and stepping in to the shower and bathroom. It was small and cramped but she made due and cleaned herself thoroughly.

Stepping out of the closet she placed her dirty uniform back inside and opened the bag of sundries, applying her makeup, doing her hair in the mirror on the back of the door and finally changing in to her clean uniform.

Then, she returned to the posture chair and started her training for the day.

Chapter 6 – Taking Flight

Johnathan watch Dianica complete another cycle, she’d been in the cage for almost a week without anyone intervening.

The only time anyone went in to the room was to change out her uniform and top up the water and feeder, which was done when she was asleep.

He switched over to the view from the front of the posture chair as she lowered herself on to the dildo and started to chirp.

The surgeon had done a wonderful job and he had been right that she’d healed very quickly. He’d only had to keep her sedated for a day and a half before she was well enough to resume her training.

He watched her over plump lips try and close completely but fail as she set her head on it’s rest. The tech boys had really outdone themselves with her new whistle.

When the client had first come to them with the request for her to only make bird song, they’d been stumped on how to do it. Sure they could leave the mechanical whistle in her mouth, but that reduced the options available or would take the client out of the moment to remove it.

At first they’d thought to implant it in her throat, but computer modeling of the sounds proved to be a disaster as it would be muted and indistinct.

It had turned out to be a stroke of luck that part of her uniform was her distinctive choker with the oval jewel in it. One of the tech boys, who definitely got a big bonus, came up with the idea of making it a two-part implant.

The internal part replaced her vocal cords with sensors to detect the airflow muscle position while the external part fitted behind the jewel and received the transmitted data, converting it to the bird song he could hear her singing even now.

They’d even figured out how to use the jewel as the speaker so there wasn’t any speaker grate or anything else to distract from the effect.

As an added bonus, without her vocal cords, she could no longer form her famous cry.

On the monitor she re-positioned her breasts around the arch of the chair, she had always been well endowed but the client had a particular size and shape in mind and once more the doctor had come through in spades.

She clasped her hands behind her back and took her final position.

The client hadn’t said anything about her waist, but when the doctor had suggested removing a couple of ribs and adding and internal corset, he didn’t think the client would complain.

There were only two things left to do, one final test and then delivery to the client.

Dianica hardly noticed him come in to her field of vision, she was busy working through her current training cycle and she was focused on it.

She was waiting for the vibrator to start up again but instead felt something touch her lips. She focused on what was in front of her and recognized it for what it was, a source of water.

She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it and sucked it in as hard as she could as she started to chirp her song. She sucked it in and blew it out in time with it. She felt it get harder and harder as she increased her pace and when the crescendo of her song came, she received her drink that she eagerly swallowed.

It pulled out of her mouth and the vibrator started up once more so she continued to sing her song.

A few hours later, her training cycle was done and she started the next.

Part way through, Dianica felt the dildo slide out of her pussy and she felt so empty, but she felt the seat push her up slightly and she felt a cool breeze pass over her pussy just before the dildo returned.

It felt a little different, warmer and a little bigger but it was moving and she started her song once more. The orgasm washed over her as her body tensed and then relaxed back in to the chair. The dildo once more slid out of her and then back in as the seat was lowered back down.

Dianica slept soundly during the next training cycle and when it was over cleaned herself up before returning to the posture chair for the next cycle.

Once more she was waiting for the vibrator to start, but this time she felt something press against her sphincter and she immediately started her song as her ass was penetrated repeatedly. When her body tensed as her orgasm took her she was dimly aware of the voice of her mentor saying something before she passed out.

Chapter 7 – Bird in a Cage

Johnathan released his load in Dianica’s ass and watched her entire body buck from the orgasm that rushed through her as her bird song filled the room.

“Fuck, I could get used to that. Too bad you passed your final test, time to get you delivered.” He said to no one in particular as he gave her ass a slap.

He bounced his deflating cock on to her ass a few times to get the last of his cum out before putting it back in to his pants and exiting the cage and leaving the room.

He opened the hidden door in the hallway and walked out in to the warehouse and the control room. The cube rooms the henchmen had constructed and joined together; one for her bedroom, one for the training room, one for the posture chair and a final one for the operating room, were laid out over the warehouse floor.

He walked over to the control panel and reviewed the footage. He’d already screened his two previous sessions with Dianica and found no reason for concern.

The current camera angle, the only one he was concerned with was a close-up of her face. Her perfect makeup, large lips and flowing blond hair that framed her face filled the screen as it played. He could just make out his own outline as he approached behind her.

Her mouth opened wide as he assumed his dick first touched her ass and he watched her perform perfectly, just as she had dozens of times before on the wooden horse.

After over 80 days of training, longer than any of the others he’d worked on for the boss, she was performing flawlessly.

He checked the shipping details, the client had indicated he was ready for delivery anytime. Construction of the custom cage was complete and matched the specifications they had used in their own room.

When her eyes rolled back in to her head and it jerked to the side, he knew he had just finished in her ass.

He watched her float away on a cloud of ecstasy, but just as he was about to turn the tape off, he watched her lips form two words, but not a sound came out.

He replayed it several times before he’d caught both words. Since the implant in her throat had rendered her speechless, lip reading was the only way to tell what she was saying and her inflated lips made it hard to do.

Finally, he was satisfied, the words that no one had heard were simply “More please.”

Dianica looked ahead through the brass bars of her training area and in to the open space beyond. It was the same underground cave she’d been training in all along, her mentor had said so this morning when he came to see how she was making out.

He’d told her he’d be sending her other people to help with her training and that, like him, she would trust them completely. She would believe everything they said because everything they said was true.

She stayed in her training position and chirped a happy song waiting for the next session to start. When she heard her training door open she chirped in excitement as a new trainer came up behind her and she felt something press up against her ass.

Her next training session had begun and she was sure she would make the most of it as she sang out her song in joy.