A Visit to the Strip Club

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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CODES: mf, md, mc

SYNOPSIS: Alex hasn’t been to a strip club in years, but to help out a friend he’ll visit one tonight.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: Just a quickie to pass the time.

A Visit to the Strip Club

The club was dark and noisy, just like Alex had remembered them being. On stage a slightly overweight dancer was lazily moving side to side, holding on to the pole loosely while the, what passed for music these days, seemed to completely beyond the woman’s rhythm.

‘She was still wearing her panties but had shed her bra so she must have another song to go.’ Alex thought.

As his eye’s adjusted to the lighting he could see the layout of the club was, to be charitable, utilitarian. Housed in an industrial area, it was obviously converted from warehouse space and they had not even put down carpet to cover the concrete floor. The floor was littered with tables and chairs haphazardly, with a row of smaller tables and chairs around the edge of the main space.

The VIP area was to the right side of the building with the bar along the back wall. The DJ booth stood in the far left hand corner beside what looked to be the dancers change room. The DJ seemed to be talking to several of the dancers with his clipboard and microphone waiting for the song to be over.

It was still early, only 8pm, so the club was not busy by any means. Alex counted 5 tables with people at them and maybe 8 dancers wandering around the club. He couldn’t see in to the VIP of course but he suspected there were not many in it either.

Alex walked over to the right hand side of the club and sat down at one of the tables along the wall, the waitress was quick to approach him, glad to have a new customer. She was a little older but was in pretty good shape herself, clearly weary of working in a strip club though, her face betrayed her apathy.

“What can I get you?”

“Just a water thanks.”

She walked back to the bar and returned with his bottle of water.

“That’s six bucks.”

Alex paid the waitress, ‘A buck for the water and five for the club tax.’ he thought to himself. Tipping seemed unwarranted but he did so to make sure he didn’t stand out in her mind later on.

The song had finished and as the next song started the dancer on stage started to remove her panties. Alex watch with little interest and soon the first of the dancers began to approach him.

“Hey cutie, want to have some fun?” the dancer asked. She was in her early thirties by the looks of it and in good shape. Small perky breasts, short brown hair and maybe 5′ 4″ in her heels.

“No thanks, I just got here.”

“Ok, well let me know if you change your mind.”

She walked off, he wasn’t looking for just a dancer, he was looking for a specific dancer. The one his best friend since childhood, Jason, had told him about. The one that had been blackmailing Jason for the last three months.

It had started out innocently enough apparently, a few dances in the VIP when Jason and some soft ball buddies had dropped by one night after the game. She was friendly, beautiful and young. She played up to his ego and soon enough instead of just a dance she was giving him a blowjob.

His second trip to the VIP had been a few weeks later and soon after that it had progressed to weekly visits and finally he had taken her to a hotel room.

That had been his downfall. She had videotaped the hotel room session and now he was paying her a weekly visit to drop off the blackmail money but getting nothing in return.

Several more ladies dropped by over the next few songs, Alex turned each down in procession, politely, but firmly. Eventually his target came out of the VIP and Alex could see that Jason had no chance against her.

Her long blonde hair came half way down her back and was like a halo around her face. She had to be at least 5′ 10″ with the 6 inch high heels on and she walked with a purpose. She clearly worked on her body and stood out in contrast to the other women working, her tight midsection and long legs would have been the envy of any model. If that had been all there was to her, Alex was sure Jason would have been able to resist her charms, but her large, round breasts completed the package. The fact that they were clearly man made only made it worse for Jason. The tiny bikini she wore made sure there was nothing left to the imagination.

Jason never stood a chance, his near fetish level attraction to large fake tits gave this woman an easy target and the outcome had pretty much been pre-determined as soon as Jason had seen her.

Having just come out of the VIP, she made a b-line for the dressing room and disappeared for several songs. Alex waited and watched the stage, knowing she would be back soon, looking for her next target.

Cassandra counted the money again, five hundred even. It had been going even better than she thought it would, she had 5 guys on the line for 500 a week. That didn’t even count the money she actually made dancing either. She’d be retiring before she was 25 at this rate.

Of course that was not going to be a reason to stop milking the marks for cash, but at least she’d be out of this dump, even if it was a good place to find married, horny men.

After fixing up her makeup she headed back out on to the floor, it was almost 9pm and it would be getting busy soon. Maybe she could find another mark before the night was out.

Walking back in to the club she took a look around. She recognized some of the tables, they had either turned her down already or didn’t have the kind of cash she was looking for. There were two tables she didn’t recognize, a single guys by the wall and a couple in the middle of the floor.

‘Ugh, why would anyone bring their girlfriend to this place?’ she thought to herself.

Clearly it was time to go see what the loner was up to. He kind of looked cute though, maybe in his early forties but well dressed and clearly not a regular.

She walked slowly towards him, making sure to swing her hips from side to side for effect.

“Umm, like hi! My names Nikki!” she said in her best dumb blonde voice she could. Sure it was a cliché, but guys ate it up and they didn’t think with anything but their dicks if they didn’t feel threatened.

“Alex, nice to meet you.” He smiled at her, he was cute and definitely reeked of money as well. He looked at her breasts and she took the opportunity to check out his ring finger.

‘Ha, married too, perfect!’ she thought.

“So, like, can I take you in the back and have my way with you? giggle” she lowered her head and touched her finger to her lips, it was her best move and always got her at least a few dances.

“That sounds like fun, let’s go.”

‘Gotch ya!’ she thought.

Jason had told him she play the dumb blonde to perfection but even Alex had to admit his cock was stirring a little bit after the show she had put on.

She had grabbed his hand and almost dragged him back in to the VIP, finding a dark corner in the back of the room. From what Alex could make out it didn’t look like there was anyone else around.

While the song played out, the small talk was almost painful, but she was playing the part to perfection. Making sure to touch his arm or hands or face and guiding his hands on to her back and ass.

When the next song started Nikki quickly got undressed and was all over him by half way through it. She had already unbuttoned his shirt and was raking her nails down his chest with her hands as he squeezed her large fake breasts. She moaned and bucked her hips against him and near the end of the song she moved in close and french kissed him deeply.

“Like, oh my god, I’m sorry Alex! I just couldn’t help myself, you’ve really got me excited!”

“I can tell Nikki. So tell me, do you like your boobs squeezed?”

‘Not another boob man.’ she thought. She’d had enough men fixate on her breasts since she’d had them done to last her a life time. But they were money makers so she had to put up with it.

“Of course baby, like, I love it when you squeeze them!”

The kiss had been a calculated move and when Alex had returned with tongue she knew she was on her way to another steady customer.

As the second song started she slid down between his legs and pushed her breasts against his crotch, providing a ‘fake’ titty fuck to him.

“Like, I think someone’s happy to see me!”

She continued for a few moments and then slid slightly farther down, placing her left arm across his belt and kissing his erection under his pants.

She pulled back slightly, looked him in the eyes and started to stroke him with her right hand. She moaned softy.

“God Alex, you feel so big… can I see it… please?”

She went for her best puppy dog expression. Asking was the key, it gave them a sense of power and control they just couldn’t resist.

“Well Nikki, if you really want to…”

He spread his hands out to each side motioning her to do as she liked… ‘Hah! Got you now!’

She moved to the belt buckle first and then the button underneath. The zipper to his pants was next and she pulled his pants and underwear down in one practiced motion.

“Oh my god… it’s so big!” she said, wide eyed and oohing.

‘Damit, it is big. Oh well too bad for me…’ she thought to herself as she pressed her lips together and wrapped them around the tip of his cock.

Alex watched Nikki go for his dick, she had been perfect up to this point and played out her part to perfection, but as her lips touched his head he saw the change come over her.

The pretense was gone, she started to give him a serious blow job and enjoy it as well.

It was part of his family heritage, the oldest male child had this effect on women. Once they touched his cock, they lost all control over what happened next. In this case as it was Nikki’s mouth that first touched his dick, she couldn’t help but take it inside of her. In a few more seconds she’d move in to the second phase of his power and be open to whatever suggestions he gave her.

It wouldn’t be long now…

Cassandra couldn’t believe how good Alex felt between her lips. Her head was bobbing up and down quickly and she was taking all of it in to her throat.

‘I’d better slow down or he won’t last long.’ she thought.

She concentrated on pulling off but found she couldn’t stop, instead she quickened her pace.

‘What the fuck is going on!’

Panic started to set in as she realized she couldn’t stop sucking Alex’s cock.

Alex watched her start to flail about, trying to pushing herself away from his dick, only to stop as she reached the top of his shaft and plunge back down.

“I’m impressed Nikki, most women don’t realize what’s happening. You must be very intelligent to have realized something was wrong. Not that it matters of course, there’s nothing you can do about it now.

You see I’m here on behalf of a friend of mine, Jason. You’ve been blackmailing him for several months now and he really doesn’t want to pay you anymore.”

Her movements started to slow down until she finally slipped all the way down his shaft and stayed there.

“Ah, I see you’ve gone completely under now. Well I guess it’s too late to see your reaction to what I’m about to tell you so let’s just get started.”

Cassandra was happy, happier than she’d ever been in her life and it was because she had Alex’s stiff cock deep in her mouth. Nothing else mattered and she looked up at Alex, her mind empty of any thought, simply waiting for him to say something.

“You are no longer in the blackmail racket. You will destroy all evidence and tell your marks that they’re no longer in danger.”

She knew exactly how she was going to destroy the files, the next time they came in to pay she’d tell them and then she’d have to get rid of her phone to make sure they didn’t try and contact her again. It would be easy enough.

“Next, let’s get rid of the nasty streak you have in you. You have played the sweet innocent young girl quite well tonight and so that’s who you will be from now on. Not a bimbo, you can keep your intelligence, but you don’t have a mean bone in your body. After you have taken care of the blackmail scheme you won’t remember having even been anything else. You will treat your customers with respect and work hard to earn your pay.”

She felt dizzy for a second before Alex came back in to focus, he was such a nice guy for letting her suck his cock, she was so lucky to have him as a customer.

“Finally, my good friend Jason, you will remember him. He’s your favorite customer, you like him so much that you don’t even charge him. In fact you let him come over to your place and fuck you any way he likes any time he wants. You love being his mistress and will do anything to keep him happy. Sex with him is the best sex you have ever had.”

Cassandra’s pussy twitched at the memory of the last time Jason had fucked her. At the time she seemed to think it was nothing special, but now she knew it had been the best sex of her life.

“And for good measure, any time you see me, you’re going to have a deep seeded need to give me a blowjob, understand?”

Cassandra bobbed her head up and down and the pleasure intensified. She once again started in earnest to work Alex’s cock.

She needed to finish Alex’s blowjob, she knew it was the most important thing to do right now.

She felt his cock twitch and she knew he was close, he grabbed her head and pushed down hard. She felt his cum hit the back of her throat and heard him say…

“…and remember, there’s no sex in the VIP, but blowjobs are just fine.”