An Immovable Object

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Star Raven is battling her nemesis NanoMan once again, luckily his nanobots can’t affect her… or can they?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter One

“Breaking News: Star Raven is battling NanoMan in the downtown core! Reports indicate an epic battle is taking place between the two with NanoMan converting several buildings into his trademark battle bots. Star Raven is, of course, holding her own while trying to minimize damage and injuries. We’ll update you as soon as we have more information.”

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“Give it up NanoMan, your nanobots can’t affect me and I can keep demolishing your battle bots all day long…” I yelled over the sound of my fist going through yet another one of NanoMan’s creations. They were strong but not very agile and their programming left them completly predictable.

As the last of the battle bots crumbled to the ground at my feet I turned to NanoMan with a menacing glare, “What? No more toys for me to break NanoMan?”

There was something off though, his posture didn’t indicate he was worried and the smile across his face left me perplexed. Usually at this point he’d be running away, sending another wave of battle bots to slow me down so he could escape, but now he remained still.

“Oh no need for any more battle bots Star Raven, they’ve done their job and given my nanobots enough time to do their work.” he replied confidently.

“All they’ve done is delay your capture a little!” I called backed and took a step forward but there was something wrong. My legs wobbled and my knees almost buckled as all of my strength suddenly left me.

“Something the matter Star Raven?” NanoMan called out and I tried to steady myself.

“No… nothing. Now give up and I won’t have to hurt you.” I shouted out as confidently as I could.

He let out a chuckle and took a step towards me, “I don’t think so Star Raven, my nanobots have done their work and now your as weak as a normal human.”

“Im… impossible!” I stuttered out, as my hand rose up to my forehead to touch my power band, the source of my power. The cool metal was still right where it should be, the magic that it contained gave me my strength, speed and flight. As well it protected me from NanoMan’s nanobots, they couldn’t do anything to me.

“You’re delusional if think your nanobots can do anything to me NanoMan!” I said, taking a step back hoping to portray more strength than I felt.

“True Star Raven, true. But my nanobots haven’t affected you at all.” he replied as he stepped right up to me, his hand quickly reaching up and grabbing me by my neck.

I choked and flailed as his powerful grim lifted me from my feet, he wasn’t nearly as strong as I was but his nanobot enhanced body was still far stronger than a normal human. Then, his free hand rose up and easily removed my power band from my forehead.

“You see, quite possible. You know I’m kind of embarrassed really, all these battles and I completely missed the obvious solution. I just kept beating my head against the same immovable object that was your immunity to my nanobots and missed the simple solution. Your power band gives you your power any time your wearing it, so all I had to do was command my nanobots to squeeze in between it and you. Then, even though it was still around your head, no part of you came in contact with it, leaving you nothing completely powerless.”

I felt his grip tighten around my neck as the smile on his face slowly faded to black with the rest of the world.

Chapter Two

“Star Raven defeated! NanoMan takes the superheroine down and absconds with her to his secret lair! The League says it is scouring the city for her even as we speak.”

via the Superhero News Network

I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised that my entire body didn’t ache. Even my neck felt perfectly fine after being squeezed by NanoMan until I was unconscious.

What didn’t surprise me was the bonds that were wrapped around my wrists, ankles, abdomen and neck. Or the fact that I was naked and on some kind of medical table in what seemed to be a pretty plain white room.

“I must apologize Star Raven, I might have gone a little overboard at the end there. But after all, we’ve had so many fights where I had to go all out just to land a blow, you can’t blame me for not holding back quite enough.”

I could hear the gloating in NanoMan’s voice as I turned my head to the side to see him standing at a console and typing as he spoke.

“Let me go, you got what you wanted and you know the League is not going to rest until I’m freed.” I said, calmly but without my normal confident tone.

“That is true, which is why you’re here now.” he said and made a flourish of hitting a key on the keyboard he was working on.

As soon as he did the table I was laying on came to life and tilted upward until I was almost standing upright. As it moved another table came it to view which was moving the same way until the two tables faced each other.

“I think you know my trusty assistant NanoGirl?” NanoMan said, waving at the naked woman on the opposite table.

I let out a huff, trusty assistant wasn’t the right term for her. At one time she’d been his equal, the two of them working together in a lab on curing, well, everything with nanobots. She’d been the one to have the initial breakthrough, but he’d subverted their work and she’d become his first test subject.

I’d seen a picture of her before NanoMan’s changes, a traditional lab geek with slightly greying brown hair and a few extra pounds, she now looked like a porn star. The large breasts, the tight waist, the long blonde hair, the puffy lips, there was nothing of the old scientist left.

“Now then, before we get started can I assume my nanobots have repaired any damage I may have caused you Star Raven?”

I blinked as the realization hit me, without my power band NanoMan’s nanobots had free reign to invade my body. They were the reason I felt no ill effects from my battle with him.

“I’ll take the surprised look on your face as a yes. Good.” he continued, not waiting for my answer as he brought the tablet he was holding up from his side.

He tapped several times on it before setting it down on a table close to him.

“I thought you might want to watch this as it happens…” he said and waved over to NanoGirl.

“Watch what happen?” I asked but before I could finish the sentence I started to see NanoGirl change.

It was her hair that caught my eye first, the bright platinum blonde locks darkened as the last twelve inches or so suddenly dropped to the floor.

But taking a closer look there were other changes. The two large orbs on her chest started to shrink, her nose shifted along with her cheekbones and other features of her face. She seemed to be growing, becoming taller as well.

I watched in amazement as the changes took place, the woman was transforming right in front of my eyes. It was only when I realized what she was transforming into that the horror of it struck me.

Minutes later it was like I was staring into a mirror, my identical twin standing before me. But unlike me, my twin wasn’t strapped in, the smile on her face the polar opposite of my own frown.

“What… what have you done?!?” I stuttered out as NanoMan walked over to his assistant as she stepped off of the table.

“Why it’s my ‘crowning’ achievement of course!” he said with a chuckle as he pulled my power band from his pocket and placed it on her head.

I watched the familiar look on her face as the power band bestowed its gifts upon her and she floated a few inches from the floor before returning.

“My nanobots have created an exact replica of you, down to smallest of details. They’ve even copied your memories across so that she has access to them. Let me show you.” he said and turned to her doppelganger, “What is Star Raven’s secret identity?” he asked.

NanoGirl replied happily, “Sandra Ravenhood, she lives in a condo downtown and works as a freelance reporter for SNN.”

“YOU BASTARD!” I screamed but all I got in response was another chuckle from him.

“Don’t worry Sandra, my Star Raven will take good care of your life. She’s going to go and report back to the League that I’ve been defeated and will do everything she can to cover up any of my future plans, isn’t that right Star Raven?” he said looking directly at his assistant.

“Yes Master. As you command Master.” the imposter replied in my own voice.

“Good, now before you leave why don’t you drop to your knees and give me a blow job.” NanoMan said and the imposter giggled and sank down, fishing his dick from his pants and taking it into her mouth.

I laid there watching my doppelganger perform fellatio on NanoMan and wanting to throw up.

Chapter Three

“Star Raven escapes from NanoMan’s clutches! She tells our reporters in an exclusive interview that NanoMan has been defeated and is no longer a threat to the city.”

via the Superhero News Network

I watched the TV that NanoMan had set up across from where I was bound to the table and set it to SNN. Kelly, one of my friends from work was interviewing my doppelganger with a bright smile on her face. There was no indication that Kelly suspected anything and why should she? There was Star Raven, dressed in her colourful costume, speaking as she had thousands of times before to the press.

Even I couldn’t tell anything was off and I was the real Star Raven!

After a few hours SNN moved on to a new story and then another and then another, Star Raven’s escape and defeat of NanoMan dropped from the new cycle as the next superhero story emerged.

A little while later there was a fleeting report that scrolled across the bottom of the screen, the League had issued a press release on the return of Star Raven, welcoming her back to the team.

That’s when I knew NanoMan had finally won. There was no one looking for me, my doppelganger, a perfect duplicate of me with my power band and my costume, would convince anyone.

I was stuck here, secured to a table that I should have easily been able to break free of, except for the fact that I was just a normal person now. I hadn’t felt this weak and defenceless since before I’d first place the power band on my head and become Star Raven.

I sulked for a few hours to myself as SNN played in the background until I heard a door open and footsteps come towards me.

“So Sandra, what do you think of the news?” he asked sarcastically.

“Alright, you’ve won… what are you going to do with me?”

“You know, that’s a good question. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it since I figured out how to defeat you and I think I’ve come up with something… interesting.” he replied and walked over to the console along the far wall and started typing on it.

A minute later the second table across from me came to life, first tilting back to its horizontal position and then all the way through until it was completely vertical the other way. On the back of the table was a mirrored surface that reflected her own bound image perfectly.

“I, of course, could just have my nanobots remake you into my loyal servant, like I did NanoGirl, but I already have enough of those. No, instead, I have something special planned for you.” he replied and picked up the tablet as he walked over to her.

He tapped several commands on to the table and then smiled, “There we go, I don’t think you’re going to enjoy this but it’s going to be interesting none the less.”

I felt the nanobots come to life, almost like tiny ants crawling all over my body, but it was my arms and legs that seemed to tingle the most. It wasn’t long before I realized why, they were shrinking.

It wasn’t long before they were only half as long as they had been, looking almost like tiny baby limbs. But there was something else as well, my skin looked different.

I managed to take my eyes away from my receding limbs long enough to see my skin start to change. At first, it was almost like there was a sheer coating of sweat all over my body, my skin glistening slightly as if from a hard workout. But it was soon obvious this was different.

It wasn’t long before my skin took on a shiny, plasticky look. Suddenly my eyes were forced to look straight ahead and I saw what had been happening on my face. The same plastic sheen was there, but also my mouth had opened wide and my eyes had glazed over.

Then, the strangest feeling I’d ever experienced happened. As the last remanents of my limbs faded from view, leaving no sign they had ever been there, I gave a last gasp as I stopped breathing.

My insides started to churn as the nanobots continued to work until I could feel nothing inside of me. I felt hollow, as if there was nothing there but air.

Just as suddenly as they had started, the nanobots finished and I stared at my own reflection in the mirror. Gone was the image of Sandra Ravenhood, replaced by a plastic sex doll of Star Raven.

The sex doll was just a torso, no limbs to get in the way. Its mouth was round and open, pink full lips inviting something to be placed between them. The same could be said for her lower lips as well.

To finish the doll off, it was wearing a painted parity of her costume. The power band painted across her forehead, her red and black costume only starting below her breasts and ending above her pussy.

“There we go, all done. I’d ask how it feels, but of course you couldn’t answer if I did.” NanoMan chuckled.

I tried to scream out at him, but no sound came from my plastic lips.

“Now then, let’s see what happens when I do this.” NanoMan said and reached over and squeezed one of my plastic breasts.

The sound of plastic deforming under his grip echoed throughout the room, like a child squeezing a balloon. But it was the wave of pleasure that caught me off guard.

He continued to squeeze it, again and again, as more and more pleasure coursed through me until finally, an orgasm crashed over me.

“I see you enjoyed that, good, everything looks nominal.” he said looking at the tablet before setting it down and stepping in front of me. He then proceeded to undo his pants and let them fall to the ground.

He reached over and undid the straps holding me to the table and then picked me up. Even without his enhanced strength he would have done so with no problem, my body was now almost as light as air.

He placed his hands on each side of my head and then slid my plastic lips around his dick. Once more the pleasure was unbelievable as an orgasm built from each stroke. It crashed over me when I felt his cum run down my plastic throat.

Before I could recover, he flipped me around and grabbed me by my waist, sliding his still hard dick into my plastic pussy. It made the face fucking I had just received seem like a gentle kiss on my lips in comparison.

Then he used the last plastic hole that was left and I nearly passed out from the pleasure.

Chapter Four

“Star Raven sex tape released! Star Raven kicked out of the League for conduct unbecoming a hero! Star Raven’s response? Who needs those stuck up assholes anyway?”

via the Superhero News Network

I watched the sex tape of my doppelganger on the monitor in front of me, it was humiliating. At the moment she was taking three men, one in each hole, her costume in tatters and a wild look of hunger on her face. Or at least what you could see of her face for the large cock that was stuffed between her lips.

But even more humiliating was how much pleasure was racing through my body as I watched it.

After NanoMan had finished fucking each and every plastic whole I had, several times, he’d put me into the contraption where I was currently.

A strong strap wrapped around my waist, securing me in position, as three automated dildos stroked in and out of all three orifices of my body as I laid face down on it.

In addition, my plastic breasts were stuffed into two round holes forming an airtight seal at the top. Then the air would be alternately pumped out of and into the holes forcing my breasts to feel like they were being squeezed and squashed in time with the dildos.

At first, it had been impossible to know how long I had been in the contraption, the videos that played on the TV were generic porn, it was only when NanoMan had played me a clip of SNN with the date on it that I’d realized it had been months.

To be honest, I’d lost track of everything as the waves of pleasure and orgasm had rolled over me. I pushed everything else out of my mind to try and keep something of myself alive as the contraption had done its work.

At some point during those long weeks the audio had changed, no longer generic grunting and groaning, well that was still there, but over top of it were other words as well.

“Dolly wants to be played with.”

“Please fuck Dolly’s pussy.”

“Please fuck Dolly’s ass.”

The phrases seemed endless, but they were all along the same line. Something a sex doll would be expected to say, as if someone had pulled on a string.

At first, I’d just ignored them, letting the pleasure take me away as each orgasm came to me. But at some point, while the words were being said, they worked their way into my mind and for just an instant I repeated them to myself.

To my horror, a small tinny version of my voice echoed in the room over the squeaking sounds of the dildos assaulting my plastic body, “Dolly wants to be played with.” It was followed by a massive orgasm that rocked me to my core.

I fought it for as long as I could, but it was like the old saying went, try not thinking of a pink elephant.

It was impossible. And each time my mind slipped, I was rewarded with a similar orgasm.

I don’t know how long it took, but at some point I stopped fighting it, just like I had with the pleasure and pushed myself a little bit deeper.

But now I couldn’t hide from it. As the sex tape played, as my own tinny voice echoed through the room asking to be used, I orgasmed again and again. This time I let them into every corner of my mind as the pleasure consumed me.

Chapter Five

“Star Raven signs with sex toy company! Says that ‘a girl has to eat after all!’ as she announces coast to coast tour as a featured dancer at strip clubs!”

via the Superhero News Network

It was so dark, and it had been for so long that I wondered if it would ever be light again.

At first it had been dark and quiet, then sounds and motion, and then silence once more. The cycle was repeated several times with only tiny variations. Every once in a while I could hear a voice and hope sprung up inside of me. But they vanished soon enough and only the darkness was left.

Finally, new sounds came to me. Ripping and slicing as if a box was being opened, until I felt myself being lifted up and light streamed into my eyes.

By the time they adjusted I had been set down on to something and for the first time since NanoMan had captured me, I could see the outside!

It was bright and sunny, the warm sunshine streaming into the window and threw the plastic film that was in front of me. On the street were dozens of people walking by.

Many men, and even a few women, stopped to look in the window at me and my voice rang out, “Dolly wants to be played with.”

It was true, oh god it was true! Why didn’t any of them come in to play with me?

I hadn’t been played with since before the darkness had come and I so desperately needed to be played with! The men had cocks they could stick in any hole they wanted! The women could lick and suck my plastic tits or rub my plastic face on their pussies!

Several men came into the store, but none of them played with me no matter how much I begged them to.

I watched people walking by all day long until the sun began to set. Soon the lights of the store were turned off and I was left alone once more.

I looked out on to the street and managed to see my faded reflection in the window. I was still the Star Raven sex doll that NanoMan had made me, but now I realized I was in a box. I focused on the reflection of words that were emblazoned on it, “All New Star Raven Sex Doll!”, “Self Cleaning!”, “400 Realistic Phrases!”, “Batteries Not Required!”.

Oh god, I was for sale! NanoMan had packaged me up and shipped me to a sex store to be sold off to some random person.

I tried to scream but of course nothing came out. When I managed to calm down I once more looked at my reflection in the window, but this time I noticed what was to each side of me.

An incidental box to my own, with an identical Star Raven sex doll in it.

Everything came crashing down on me at that moment. I wasn’t Star Raven, I was just a copy of her. One of thousands? Ten’s of thousands? Millions?

NanoMan had used his nanobots to create as many identical copies of her as he wanted to.

I was just a sex doll made to be sold off to the general public. The real Star Raven was still back at NanoMan’s secret lair, being used as nothing more than a master mould to create more like me.

“Dolly wants to be played with.” came from my right, then my left, then my right again as I imagined each of the dolls on display in the window had come to the same realization.

My voice joined the choir as I hoped that tomorrow I’d be purchased before any of the others so that I could be played with before them.