Anger Management

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2022

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SYNOPSIS: Danielle has an HR complaint with another employee but finds herself being forced to go to anger management therapy as part of dealing with it.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Anger Management

The Office

Danielle felt Johnathan’s hand grasp her left butt cheek and without a thought she twirled around and slapped him across the face… hard.

So hard in fact that by the time the stars disappeared from above his head she had already exited the elevator and was halfway to her boss’s office.

“Tamara! You won’t believe what just happened!” Danielle yelled as she slammed the door closed behind her and walked right up to Tamara’s desk.

“Hey Kevin, I’ll have to give you a callback…” Tamara said and Danielle noticed for the first time her boss was on the phone. Danielle took a step back at hearing the CEO’s name come from Tamara’s lips, but the fury raging inside of her did not subside one iota.

Tamara set the handset of the phone down with her perfectly manicured nails and then flashed the million-dollar smile of perfectly white teeth at Danielle before addressing her.

“Now then, what can I do for you, Danielle.” Tamara said as she pulled down slightly on her designer power yellow jacket that offset her extremely dark skin tone and fell perfectly in with her unkempt hair.

“It was fucking Johnathan again! This time he grabbed my ass in the elevator!” Danielle nearly yelled, getting some control of herself.

Tamara frowned and shook her head, “The bastard. This isn’t the first complaint I’ve had about him. We’ll have to do a formal report to HR, I’m sure there is a surveillance camera in the elevator that will sink him this time for sure.”

Danielle was taken aback at the thought of being monitored in the elevator, but it made some kind of sense she guessed. And if it finally got Johnathan fired, well, that was fine with her then. She huffed and nodded her head as she sat down in one of the chairs in front of Tamara’s desk while Tamara started typing on her computer.

“I’ve got your back on this Danielle, 100%. This is unacceptable behaviour in this day and age and it won’t go unpunished.”

“Thanks Tamara, you’re the best. I just can’t… I mean… what are those kinds of guys even thinking?”

Tamara nodded as she typed, “Yeah, well, ‘those kinds of guys’ are all of them. Men are just pigs looking for any excuse to grab some ass…”

Tamara looked over at Danielle and smiled with a half chuckle as she said the next words, “and, well, you can’t entirely blame them.”

Danielle felt all the stress flow out of her body as she started to laugh a little herself, she’d talked to Tamara about her men problems many times, and this was just Tamara’s way of giving her a little friendly jab with an in joke.

Danielle had matured early and been a target due to her curvaceous body as soon as the boys in her school had matured enough to be interested. But that had been only half the problem, the other, more significant problem was the older guys that had hit on her. And not just a few years older, but men that could easily be her father or even grandfather.

She’d learned early to ignore them and deny them any semblance of engagement, which send most of them running to stroke their bruised egos. A few had needed more direct intervention, and that was where she had developed the instinct to slap, hard, those that broke her boundaries.

It could have been worse though, at least she wasn’t a blonde, that would have been a disaster. Not just because of the assumption that ‘blondes are more fun’, but it would have been a real hindrance to her career, as the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype was so ingrained in the culture.

“Ok, looks like HR can see us now, let’s go.” Tamara said and stood up, pushing her chair back and walking out from behind her desk.

Danielle nodded and stood up as well, the two women striding from the office towards HR.

“What the fuck do you mean I have to go to ‘Anger Management Therapy’?” Danielle screamed at Tamara as she sat across from her boss.

It had been three months since they had submitted Danielle’s complaint to HR and Johnathan still roamed the hallways of the office like he owned the place. And now, to make it worse, they’d finally received the official report from the investigation.

Tamara frowned and shook her head from side to side, “I know, it doesn’t seem fair. But there just wasn’t enough evidence to fire Johnathan.”

“But what about the video…”

“Out of service. They’ve repaired it since, but there was no video they could get from the incident. And since no one else was in the elevator… it was your word against his.”

“But then why do I have to…”

“Well, it wasn’t quite your word against his, he had photos of the bruises you caused when you slapped him… so…”

“But that proves…”

“That you slapped him… yes… but not why you slapped him. That came down to your stories, and since he had some evidence backing up his side… but it’s not all bad news. I do have two good things to tell you.”

Danielle brushed back a strand of her long brown hair over her ear and raised a questioning eyebrow in curiosity, “Oh? And what might those be?”

“Well, Johnathan isn’t getting off scot-free either. He has to attend a two-week workplace harassment and discrimination seminar… in New Jersey.”

Danielle let out a laugh at that and Tamara joined in.

“Ok… ok, that’s pretty terrible… but he should still be fired.”

Tamara nodded in agreement, “Yeah, but that’s just a matter of time. He can’t get lucky like he did with you forever.”

Danielle gave a hefty sigh, “Ok, hit me with the rest then. What’s the other ‘good’ news?”

Tamara smiled like the wolf that had caught the sheep, “Well it’s true that you have to attend anger management therapy, but I’ve pulled some strings. I think you’ll find you’re two-week course in Palm Springs at a private spa and resort, all on the company’s dime of course, to be, well, not terrible to say the least.”

“Really? You’re kidding right? I mean…”

“Not kidding, and just say thank you.”

“Thank you Tamara, you’re the best boss!”

Arrival Day

Danielle dropped her bags at the front desk and smiled at the woman sitting behind it, “Hi, Danielle Young checking in.”

“Oh Miss Young, yes, I’ve got you right here.” the bubbly blonde with the large, if not well hidden, chest replied as she typed on the computer in front of her.

“It says you are going to be with us for 12 days, and you have the platinum package…” the blonde’s face fell a little and she leaned forward, whispering the next part, “… and you are registered for the…” the blonde’s eyes darted side to side, “…anger management sessions.”

Danielle smiled at the poor girl and nodded, “Yes, that’s right.”

“Great! Let me get you your keys and off to your room.”

A few moments later she handed Danielle a keycard and waved a bellboy over to get her bags. Well, bellboy was the wrong description, he was a bell man for sure. In his mid-twenties and she could see his toned muscles even under the classic hotel attire he wore. She doubted there was an inch of extra fat on him anywhere.

Danielle gladly followed the young man over to the elevator and up to her room, a smile on her face the entire way.

Evert, the bellman that had carried her bags up to her room, whom she’d spoken with briefly on their way up, closed the door behind him after depositing her belongings where they were supposed to go.

The room was spacious, a single large queen bed dominated the majority of it, with a small desk near the panoramic window on the far wall. In front of the bed was an equally large TV that hung above a credenza that had a selection of healthy snacks laid out on it.

The bathroom was large and had a separate tub and shower, along with double sinks, a toilet and bidet, and everything else you could ask for.

The entire room was high-end and premium in every aspect.

A large leather binder, embossed with the spa’s logo on it caught her eye on the bed and she went over to get it. Inside was a welcome letter, full of platitudes and basic information about the spa. There was also a schedule for the next day:

- 7 am: Pool and spa open
- 8 am: Breakfast
- 9 am: Introduction to Dr. Thompson, you're personal anger management coach
- 10 am: Spa tour
- 11 am: Massage therapy
- Noon: Lunch
- 1 pm: Introduction to the Process
- 2 pm: Hydrotherapy
- 3 pm: Free time
- 6 pm: Dinner
- 8 pm: Pool and spa close

Danielle tossed the binder down onto the bed again and went over to the window, outside was the main pool area, but beyond it was several other areas she couldn’t see very well due to the amount of palm trees and shrubs that covered them.

She shrugged her shoulders and checked her watch, it was only 6:30… the pool was open for a while longer so she decided to head down and take a swim.

Day 2

Danielle stepped out of the pool in her black full-body bathing suit and picked up her towel as the sun peaked over the palm trees. The swim the night before had felt so good that she’d decided to get up before breakfast and take another, so she’d set her alarm for 6 am.

Waking up hadn’t turned out to be much of a problem though, as her night had been restless, with sleep coming late, and her eyes open well before her alarm had gone off.

She wasn’t sure, but she thought she had only gotten, maybe five hours of sleep in total and none of them could have been called restful. Part of that was the mattress and different room, part of it was the disruption of her routine, and well, part of it was just an uneasiness she had felt since arriving.

If she was forced to choose though, it was the disruption of her routine that was probably the worst. She had for years watched the late-night talk shows and let herself fall asleep to them. When she’d turned on the TV last night though, she’d found only a few channels, and all of them full of claptrap feel-good programs that ran on a loop.

She’d ended up just leaving the TV on at the lowest volume on the most innocuous channel she could find and eventually drifted off.

Towelling herself off, she headed back up to her room for a quick change before heading to breakfast.

Danielle burst out of her room and walked straight into a brick wall… or at least what felt like one. Bouncing back a bit from it she looked up to see Evert’s smiling face looking down at her as he pulled a trolley of luggage behind him.

“Oh Miss Young, sorry, I didn’t see you coming out of your room. Are you alright?” Evert said

“Yes… yes, fine.” she replied smiling as well, her hand coming to rest on his chest for just a moment before she pulled it back.

She hadn’t noticed how tall Evert was, but perhaps that was because she’d been wearing her heels yesterday, or perhaps it was because she’d been staring at his ass all the way up. Either way, she guessed he must be right around 6 feet tall, well above her own 5-foot 4-inch frame.

She managed to take a step back and one to the side to let him by and then she hurried to the elevator for her meeting with Dr. Thompson.

Her room was on the 5th floor, while the spa was on the main level, but the therapy offices were on the second, so she pressed the button for the second floor and waited the few moments it took to travel between them. When the doors opened she stepped out into a small lobby area with a large board indicating which way each of the doctor’s offices were.

Dr. Thompson’s was to her left and so she walked quickly down the hall until she found his nameplate and knocked gently on the door.

“Come in.” the confident voice said from behind the door and she opened it to reveal an older gentleman sitting behind a large desk. He still had his hair, though it had turned snow white, which matched the thin beard than ran across his face.

If she had to guess, she would have said he was in his sixties, but there was something about the way he looked that suggested he might be older than that.

“Ah Miss Young I presume?” he asked as he stood up and extended his hand across the desk.

Danielle stepped up to the desk and took his hand in hers and shook it with confidence, practiced over many years working in corporate offices.

“Yes, and you must be my therapist.” she replied with a wry smirk.

“That I am. Please have a seat.” he said and waved at the large comfortable chairs in front of his desk.

Danielle chose the one on the right and relaxed into it, “So, what’s the plan Doc?”

“Well…” he started to say as he picked up a folder and started reading it, “It says here you have some anger issues at work… a slapping incident, which looks to be completely justified by the notes I have here.”

Danielle raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Oh don’t be surprised Miss Young, I get a lot of referrals from corporate HR departments for this kind of thing. They want to look like they’re doing the right thing, but aren’t all that concerned about if the right thing is actually done.”

“Ok, well, that’s surprising.”

“Not that surprising really, the spa gets paid the same if you change your ways or you don’t. Not to say that we can’t work on anything you want to while you’re here. I just want you to know that we don’t have to work on anything you don’t want to.

Each day you’ll have an hour session with me. We can talk about the weather, your job, your personal relationships, or nothing at all. It’s completely up to you.

And of course the spa’s facilities are completely available to you. Your company is paying all expenses here, including the commissary if you need any supplies or necessities.”

Danielle nodded and smiled, “Well, I’m not feeling all that talkative at the moment, could we just relax in silence for a while? I didn’t get a very good sleep last night.”

“Of course, in fact feel free to lie down on my couch if you like.” he said, once more waving his hand, this time to the couch along the far wall that had a chair sitting to the side of it.

“And so that concludes the tour of the spa.” the leggy redhead said as they returned to the starting point of the tour by the pool.

Danielle raised her hand and the woman pointed at her, “Yes?”

“Yeah… what about the areas beyond that gate over there?” Danielle asked as she pointed towards the gate that had an electronic lock on it, and lead towards the areas of the pool that had been obstructed from the view from her room the night before.

“Oh, that leads to the secondary and tertiary pool areas. You’ll get access to them as your time at the spa progresses. All of that will be explained at your 1 pm introduction to the process session.” the woman said as if that explained everything.

Danielle rolled her eyes and was about to ask a follow-up question when the woman pointed to another member of the group to ask a question. Danielle let out a little sigh and just let it be, she could always ask more questions at the 1 o’clock session after all.

Instead, noticing that it was almost 11 am, she left the group and headed towards the spa once more, to the massage therapy area. She’d been looking forward to this since she’d seen the schedule the night before.

She arrived at the check-in counter where a stack of towels and house coats were laid out with a sign, “Take one of each and feel free to get changed in the change rooms before coming into the main massage area.” it read. Below the text were two arrows, the one pointing to the left was labelled change rooms, while the one on the right was labelled massage area.

Shrugging her shoulders she grabbed one of each and headed to one of the small room to change. Above each was a light, three were green and one was red. Assuming that green meant available she approached one of the doors and turned the handle. It was locked but had the same kind of swipe card as her room and so she waved her room key over it and was greeted by a thunk and the door opening slightly.

Inside was another digital sign that read “Room reserved for Danielle Young”. She closed the door behind her and saw another small sign above the door handle, “Please press the reset button when you are finished with the room, thank you.”

She quickly stripped out of her light top and shorts, placed them all on the bench and then wrapped herself in the housecoat before leaving the room and heading into the main massage area.

She only just stopped herself from gasping aloud when she walked in to see three attendants, two men and a woman standing around a small table in the center of the room. There we four more doors, two along each wall that she assumed lead to the private massage rooms, three of the doors were open and one was closed, confirming her thought that there was already someone taking advantage of the massage services.

As for the attendants, all three of them were drop-dead gorgeous. The one man was blonde, with shoulder-length hair, clean-shaven, and at least a six-pack of abs. The second man had curly brown hair and a full beard and looked like he’d just walked down from mount Olympus. The woman had jet black hair down to her ass and was so toned she could have won any body-building competition she entered easily.

“Ah, are you Miss Young?” the blonde man said with a smile.

Danielle jerked her head over to look at him and gave a nervous smile in response, “Yes.”

“Great! My name is David and I’ll be your massage therapist for your stay here. Why don’t we go into my room and get started.”

Danielle just nodded and tried not to blush too much as David lead her away from the others.

Soon enough she was laying face down on the massage table, a towel draped over her bum and David’s hands working their magic on her shoulders.

“Welcome to the Process!” the man said as he stood in front of the small group of guests seated for his presentation.

“We here at the spa are proud to have developed a custom program that guarantees results, as long as you engage in it fully.

The first stage of the process will get you relaxed and open to learning new things. In this stage, you’ll have full access to the main spa, as well as the therapists, and other amenities in the main building.

The second stage or the process will start your journey to improving your life for the better. Once you have graduated to this level you’ll receive one of these.” the man said holding up his left wrist where a blue plastic band was.

“This will give you access to the secondary pool area as well as the additional services and learning opportunities provided there.

Then, when you are ready, you’ll get one of these.” the man said and held up his right wrist where a pink plastic band was.

“Which will open up the tertiary pool area as well as the advanced services and learning opportunities hosted there.”

Danielle was only half paying attention as he continued on his spiel and a few minutes later she was mostly daydreaming about the fantastic hands… and other body parts… of David.

She had to admit that she’d been so focused on her career over the last few years that she hadn’t really had much time for her personal life, but something about the chiselled bodies of pretty much everyone that worked for the spa had sparked something to life in her.

Hell, even this guy, who she couldn’t remember the name of, looked like he’d been an underwear model at some point in his life, even if now he was in his thirties. Thinking about it, even Dr. Thompson had been in great shape for his age.

“Ok, any questions?” he finally asked after he finished. Danielle was going to leave, but she’d foolishly sat near the front and before she could get up one of the other guests raised their hand.

“So who determines when you’re ready for the next phase?” A petite blonde asked, who looked too young to be here and wore a very plain white outfit that covered her head to toe. She looked as pale as a ghost with her hair pulled back into a bun.

“Good question Cynthia. Your personal therapist will work with you on that and when they’ve determined your ready, they’ll give you your next band.”

After a few more similarly simple questions, the guest left the room and she left as well.

Danielle collapsed onto her bed and let out a little moan, not of pleasure but of exhaustion.

The hydrotherapy had felt great, but the constant white noise and “relaxing” music in the background had given her a headache. She’d actually gone back to her room to take a quick nap before dinner, but that hadn’t seemed to help at all even though she’d left the TV on once more to help her rest.

The after-dinner swim had felt wonderful though even if she still felt completely spent after it. She managed to get herself up off the bed, do her nightly routine and then crashed, with the TV still quietly on in the background to try and get some rest.

Day 3

“So Miss Young, how did you sleep last night? Getting used to the resort alright?” Dr. Thompson asked as she sat at her appointment with bags under her eyes.

“No… not at all. I mean, the spa is great and all, but I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep yet. I don’t know why…”

Dr. Thompson nodded his head, “Miss Young… do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

Danielle let her shoulders drop as she slouched back into the chair, “God, what?”

“Well, I saw you in the lobby on your way to your room yesterday afternoon and couldn’t help notice you staring at one of the bellmen… Evert if I recall his name correctly?”

Danielle blushed a little, when she’d gone back to her room for a nap she’d seen Evert in the lobby and taken an extra moment… or two… or three… to stare at him.

The Doctor’s voice snapped her out of her pleasant memory as he spoke again, “When was the last time you had sex?”

“What!?!” she exclaimed in surprise.

“Come now Miss Young, I am a therapist, after all, these are the kinds of things I’m trained to notice.”

She blushed even more.

“The last time you masturbated?” he prodded her some more.

“Are you suggesting…” she asked in indignation.

“Of course not. Evert is an employee, it would be completely unethical for you to proposition him. I’m just saying that perhaps, your… infatuation, with the man may need an outlet. A little fantasy masturbation can relieve a lot of pent-up emotion if done correctly.” he replied in a completely clinical tone.

Danielle scrunched her forehead and thought about it for a moment. It wasn’t like she’d never fantasized about a celebrity in bed or anything, so was it really that different?

“Well, think about it, it was just an observation.” Dr. Thompson said and they both remained silent for the rest of the session.

Danielle was glad she’d taken an extra towel into her massage therapy session with David, as it was now firmly between her teeth muffling a little whimper of need as David’s hands were under the towel that covered her bum working his magic on both of her ass cheeks.

Another whimper came from her as she realized that this was the first time she’d thought of, well, her ass, as her ass. It had always been her bum, her tush, her bottom. Just something to sit on, not something… oh god.. not something to bring her pleasure!

She managed to just hang on until David finished her massage and she felt mixed emotions as his hands left her. Happy that she had managed to avoid making a scene, sad that he hadn’t gone even farther.

David left the room to let her put her house coat back on, and when she was done she darted out of the main massage area to the change room without making eye contact.

Deciding to skip lunch, she headed straight back to her room and tossed herself onto the bed.

“Fuck it…” she said to no one in particular and quickly undressed, slipping beneath the sheets, her hands found her breasts and pussy and soon she was masturbating to the very thing she had just resisted for almost an hour. David’s hands slipping between her legs and entering her pussy as she laid there face down and encouraged him to go farther.

It wasn’t long before her orgasm crested and she fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Day 4

“Doc, you were so right. I haven’t had that good of orgasm in… well… in a long time.” Danielle said to Dr. Thompson as he nodded along with her story.

“Well I’m glad I could be of help. I am a little surprised that it was… David, and not Evert though.”

She gave a wicked little grin as she answered, “And you are assuming it was only one time?”

Dr. Thompson chuckled a little and nodded, “Well played Miss Young, well played.”

“Oh please. Call me Danielle. I mean I just told you all about a masturbation fantasy, I think we can go with first names.”

“Of course, but if you don’t mind, I don’t like my patients to get too familiar with me. Perhaps you can just refer to me a Doctor or Doc if you like?”

Danielle scrunched her forehead, something about that seemed off, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, “Oh… ok… I guess… Doc.”

“Perfect Danielle. Anything else you’d like to talk about today?”

Danielle’s dreams had been full of fantasies and sexual adventures that she hadn’t had since she was a teenager and she wanted to tell Dr. Thompson all about them. So she just started talking and talking, before long, their hour was up and she left feeling better about herself than she had in a long time.

Danielle looked at the massage change room, holding her key out in one hand with her towels and house coat in the other, but didn’t swipe to open the door.

Her eyes darted to the entrance to the main massage area, then to the change room door, then to the exit, and then back to the main massage area, and around and around and around.

There was something going on that she didn’t like. Yeah, sure David was a god among men masturbating to the idea of him taking advantage of her during her massage session was… well… hot, but she wasn’t sure she could trust herself with him.

She finally dropped the towels and house coat and went for the exit, making a beeline straight for her room. She fortified herself against masturbating again there, she had to stop fantasizing about the staff, it just wasn’t right.

She arrived at the elevator and quickly pressed the button for her floor, then paced around until she heard the bing and the doors opened. Without looking she sprinted from the elevator and ran right into Evert as he walked down the hall pulling a trolley along behind him.

“Oh Miss Young, how are you today?” Evert said with the same warm smile he always had on his face.

Danielle’s lower lip quivered as she balled her hands into fists to try and maintain control of herself, “Oh, I… I’m fine Evert… thanks for asking.”

Her eyes darted down the hallway towards her room, then back to Evert.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” he asked and Danielle’s resistance crumbled. Her hands unclenched as she stepped into Evert’s personal space and placed them on his chest and she looked longingly up into his eyes.

“Actually…” she said as she pushed herself up onto her tippy toes and kissed him full on the lips.

He kissed back as his hands slipped around her and grabbed her ass, gently lifting her up off the ground and carrying her down to her room.

Danielle slept soundly curled up beside Evert and didn’t notice him slipping from the bed and picking up the phone beside it. He pressed several buttons and then spoke into the receiver.

“Hello, yes this is Evert in room 515.”

“Yes, full-on initiation. Only a small resistance to start with. I think she was supposed to be at her massage appointment.”

“Yeah well David can suck my dick… he gets first go at so many of these women he should be embarrassed.”

“Yep, fully asleep. You got it, what channel? Ok.”

Evert then hung up the receiver and grabbed the remote control, turning on the TV and changing the channel. He waited a few minutes, watching Danielle until her face contorted a little and she started to fidget as she slept.

Then he left the room and returned to his other duties, looking forward to seeing Danielle again soon in the second phase of the program.

Day 5

“So…so… you’re not going to report me Doc?” Danielle asked, nervous at what his response would be.

“Well, no actually. I know we talked about how acting out your fantasies with the staff would be unethical, but well, I spoke with Evert earlier today. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say that men tend to brag only when they’ve enjoyed themselves.” Dr. Thompson said and a great weight was lifted off Danielle’s shoulders.

“Thanks Doc, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. And Evert… Evert was just so… god.”

“Completely understandable Danielle. In fact I think we’ve made a little bit of a breakthrough here really. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Danielle smiled and nodded, “What do you think that is?” Dr. Thompson asked.

Danielle blushed a little but still answered confidently anyway, “Denying my sexuality isn’t healthy. In fact, I should be proud of my body and sexual skills.”

“And what do you think that looks like in practice?”

“Well first off, I’ve been walking around a beautiful spa and resort dressed like a nun. I mean, who wears a full-body swimsuit these days?”

“True. And?”

“Well, I shouldn’t be ashamed for looking at hot guys. Nor should I be ashamed if guys look at me! And… and…”


“And I shouldn’t be afraid to say what I want. I wanted Evert to fuck me, I asked him to fuck me, and he fucked me.”

Dr. Thompson nodded and smiled in agreement and Danielle found a wellup of confidence and excitement fill her.

“That’s great to hear Danielle… in fact…” he said as he opened one of his desk drawers and pulled something out, “I think it deserves a reward.”

Danielle saw the blue wristband in his hand and something like fireworks exploded inside of her mind. They only grew more powerful as she slipped it on her wrist.

Danielle was laying face up on the massage table as David rubbed her pussy with one hand and squeezed her tit with his other.

“Yeah David, that’s it, rub that pussy.” she said half dreamily as he took her nipple between his fingers and rolled it around before slipping his other fingers inside of her.

She let out a gasp as she closed her eyes and then moaned, “God David, I want to suck your cock while you play with my body, can I suck your cock please?”

Without a word David moved himself over to the side of the table where her head was as she opened her eyes to see his hard shaft bouncing slightly up and down right in front of her lips.

Her eyes went wide and she wrapped her lips around him, taking him deep inside of her mouth as he pushed his fingers deeper and deeper into her.

It wasn’t until she tasted his cum that she orgasmed and she fell into a satisfied sleep.

Danielle strutted across the main pool area towards the locked gate and swiped her blue wristband. An electronic thunk sounded and she pushed the gate open and walked through. The gate swung shut behind her as she continued to walk towards the secondary spa area.

She’d taken a trip down to the commissary after David had finished finger fucking her, or was that after she’d finished giving him a blow job? Was it a distinction without a difference really?

They’d both orgasmed and that seemed like the right way to finish off the massage.

Either way, she’d known she needed a new swimsuit before heading into the secondary pool area. She’d hidden her body for so many years that it now seemed like a completely wasted effort. Instead of the dreary old full-body swimsuit she had brought with her, which was now in the trash, she wore a tiny string bikini that showed off her body for all it was worth.

The floss-like string that held it together did tend to ride up her ass crack, and keeping the small patches of material that covered her pussy and nipples in place was sometimes a challenge, but it was worth it just for the looks she’d gotten walking through the lobby.

Especially from Evert. The thought of Evert’s surprised face brought a slight giggle to her lips as she came into the secondary pool area. There were perhaps a half dozen women and a few men milling about, none of them wearing any more than she was, and several making out on sun cots.

She felt a thrill run through her as she walked over to one of the empty sun cots and sat down to relax for a while. It wasn’t long before one of the waiters came over to take her order and she received a frilly fruity drink a few minutes later.

She’d scoped out a dozen guys wandering around, and she’d picked out a couple that she had her eye on.

Danielle flopped down on to her bed after a nice hot shower and let out a contented sigh. She grabbed the remote control for the TV and turned it on. To her surprise it was tuned to a channel that she hadn’t seen before.

She perked up and watched the blonde woman on the screen making out with a man, their hands roaming all over each others bodies. She let out a little moan as she bit her lower lip, then wondered if there were more new channels.

She clicked up to the next channel and it had on two women making out, her fingers went between her legs but curiosity got the better of her and she clicked the remote again.

This time it was two men engaged in sex and she turned her nose up a little before quickly clicking the remote for the next channel.

This time the scene was a group of men and women, though clearly more women than men, having an orgy.

A final click brought her back to the boring old channels she’d seen since the day she arrived and she quickly moved through them to find the first one again.

She laid back on the bed and watched the softcore porn as her fingers brought her to several orgasms.

Day 6

Danielle felt a hand come down on her ass and she turned towards the man that it belonged to with a smile, “Well hello there. I’m Danielle, who might you be?”

She pushed her tits out a little when he looked at them, and let him pull her in closer with the hand on her ass until she pushed upright onto his chest.

“I’m Jim, I couldn’t help but notice you strutting around the pool. You’ve got a really hot body you know that right?”

Danielle smiled and blushed a little, “Well yeah, I mean, of course I do.”

“And you really like showing it off don’t you?”

She nodded her head as he jiggled her ass.

“I bet you really enjoy it when guys take hold of it and really use it like it’s meant to be used, right?”

Danielle moaned and bit her lower lip, “God yes, I’m so fucking horny all the time! Are you going to do more than just jiggle my ass? No, fuck that’s not a question. You are going to do more than just jiggle my ass. You’re going to take me over to that private cabana I saw you come from and bend me over and fuck me good!” she said and then leaned in and nibbled on Jim’s ear.

Moments later her crys of pleasure could be heard throughout the pool area, but no one paid any attention.

Danielle’s fingers were working furiously as the man on the TV was fucking the woman whose hips he held on to firmly.

The man’s grunts and woman’s moans couldn’t be heard over her own vocalizations as she moved closer and closer to her orgasm.

She saw the man’s face twist with effort as he pushed in deep and her fingers did the same, causing her orgasm to crash over her at the same time as the pair on screen.

She drifted off into a sound sleep, the TV moving on to the next porn scene in the loop that never ended.

Day 7

“God Doc, I’m just so fucking horny all the time! It’s a good thing there are lots of guys around here to fuck me.”

Dr. Thompson nodded in agreement, “And how are you finding these… men… that you have sex with.”

“Well to begin with I had to entice them to come over and then tell them to fuck me, but it’s been getting easier now. I just let them maul my tits and ass and soon enough they’ve got me on my back and I haven’t had to tell them to do anything.”

“Hmmm… yes. Men do seem to be more dominant with a submissive woman, don’t they?”

Danielle blinked a few times in surprise, “Submissive? I mean… I don’t think I am…”

“You don’t? I mean you just finished telling me how much you enjoy men initiating sex with you, and how you do nothing to stop them. That sounds pretty submissive… at least in my professional opinion.”

Danielle let out a little giggle and smile as the Doctor spoke, “Yeah, well, I guess so. I mean you’re the Doc after all.”

“That I am, and you should always listen to your doctor shouldn’t you?

“Oh god yes! I always listen to my doctor. I always trust my doctor. I always agree with my doctor.” Danielle replied, almost by writ with a serious look on her face.

As soon as the words left the bright smile returned to her face.

“Good. Now tell me about your massage therapy in the secondary spa area.”

“Ugh… fuck, I never knew a woman’s tongue could lick my pussy like she did Doc!”

“Oh god Evert, fuck my pussy harder! Yes! Yes! Yes! Squeeze those titties!” Danielle screamed at the top of her lungs as she held her feet back almost all the way to her head as Evert leaned over her, his hands gripping her tits tightly as he pounded away at her pussy.

“Are you ready to cum for me you slut?” he asked harshly as he continued.

“Oh god yes, Evert! I’m so ready to cum! I’m such a fucking horny little slut! Make your horny little slut cum so hard!”

She felt him release inside of her and her orgasm crashed over her.

Danielle was masturbating to the TV again, though this time her curiosity had gotten the best of her and she’d changed the channel to the female on female channel.

She wasn’t positive it would be enjoyable at first, but soon her fingers left little doubt and she was getting off on watching the two women on screen pleasure each other.

Sometime later, when the two women on screen had orgasmed themselves, Danielle came harder than she had since she arrived at the resort and drifted off to sleep.

The TV continued to play its loop of lesbian porn throughout the night as she slept.

Day 8

“So, I was thinking Doc… I think I’m ready for the tertiary pool area.” she said firmly.

Dr. Thompson raised an eyebrow before replying, “Oh do you Dani?”

A small shiver of pleasure ran through Dani as he said her name, she’d insisted everyone, especially the Doc, start referring to her by it just yesterday after Evert had finished fucking her.

Danielle just seemed too stuffy and proper. She was too much fun to be a Danielle, Dani was a fun-loving little slut and she had proved it over and over again these last few days.

“Yes… yes I do.” she replied and crossed her arms under her tits, which were barely contained by the bikini she’d basically been living in since she’d bought it. The action pushed the small patches of fabric to the side and exposed her nipples, but she did nothing to correct it.

“Well, the tertiary pool area is very… advanced. There are a lot of people there that are very demanding, do you think you can handle that?”

“God yes Doc! I mean the guys at the secondary pool have been fucking me senseless for days, and they just love fucking me six ways to Sunday. Two of them even fucked me at the same time yesterday!”

“Well that does sound pretty advanced. But even so, the tertiary pool, well, the men might do some things to you that you haven’t experienced before. You have to be open to anything they want to do, no matter what.”

“Doc, I’m up for it. I promise. I won’t let you down!”

Dr. Thompson smiled and lifted his hand up from under his desk, the pink wristband clenched in it.

Dani squealed in joy and came around his desk, dropped to her knees and took the band from him with one hand and grabbed his exposed cock with the other before slipping her lips around it and sucking him all the way into her throat.

Dani walked through the second locked gate beaming with pride, she’d finally made it all the way!

She immediately realized she was overdressed as she looked around at the naked men and women surrounding the pool. She quickly stripped her tiny bikini from her body and walked over to where the sun was hitting the sun cots to find one to get rid of the small tan lines that had formed on her body over the last few days.

She was about to walk by one of the cots when she stopped and looked down at the petite blonde stretched out on it that look familiar.

“Hey, is your name Cynthia?” Dani half asked, half stated.

The blonde held up her hand to block the sun and smiled at Dani, “Oh hi, yeah, like, call me Cindi! giggle

Dani walked over to the cot beside Cindi’s and sat down on it, “Hi Cindi, I’m Dani. I almost didn’t recognize you from the introduction session on the first day.”

“Oh my god, like I know right? giggle” Cindi replied and fluffed her hair with her hands.

The change was dramatic, a nearly pure white halo of hair encircled Cindi’s head and her face was heavy with bright pink and blue makeup. Her skin was perfectly tanned a golden colour and there were piercings in her belly button, nipples, clit, and if Dani wasn’t mistaken, her tongue as well.

Dani was just about to lay down on the cot when a shadow fell over the two of them. They both turned to see who it was and were rewarded with the sight of a hard cock standing between them.

“Perfect, a two-for-one deal…” the man said and reached down and took each of their heads in his hands and pushed them towards his dick. It didn’t take much effort as the two women eagerly worked up and down his shaft together once they got to it.

Dani rushed back to her bed and turned the TV on for her nightly fix of softcore porn, but was surprised when it came to life and an entirely new channel was on the screen.

She supposed she shouldn’t have been really, new channels had shown up when she’d received the blue wristband, why not when she got the pink one?

She gasped a little at what was being displayed this time, a blonde woman with massive tits on her knees in front of a man. She held her tits together and was sliding the man’s cock between them, a sneer on her face.

Her voice echoed in Dani’s mind as she did so, “Yeah baby, fuck these big fake tits! I love your big hard cock between them, pumping up and down, using them just like another hole to fuck. God, I can’t wait for your cum to cover them, all sticky and sweet. I’m gonna lick it all off of them, every single drop, like the cum hungry little cock slut I am!”

Danielle was mesmerized, her pussy buzzing with excitement, but something told her she should look away. But that part of her was small and distant, the thoughts at the top of her mind were how amazingly hot the scene was.

She watched for a few more minutes, until the man’s cum coated the slut’s tits and she started to lick it up.

Then she changed the channel to see what other new wonders the TV held.

Each channel was more amazing than the last; from the woman on a leash, to the one covered head to toe in latex, to the one dressed up as a puppy, to the one whose ass was being whipped, to the one tied up with rope which was so tight around her tits that they had turned purple, Dani masturbated and came to all of them.

Day 9

“Doc, I tell yeah, it was amazing! Sucking the guy’s dick with Cindi was the best! It was like we were kissing each other and giving a blowjob at the same time!” Dani said as she looked up at Dr. Thompson from between his legs, his dick in her hand as she spoke.

Dr. Thompson grunted and nodded his head, “So you enjoyed the threesome with Cindi then?”

“Oh yeah, definitely. Well, I mean I was a little jealous of her when she got to go down on his dick all the way and I just had to suck his balls, but I mean, I got my turn too, so that was fair.” she said and the dove back down on to him.

“And how did you find the atmosphere of the tertiary pool?”

Dani popped off of Dr. Thompson’s dick and looked up a bit confused, “Atmosphere? Oh, you mean all the nakedness? God that is such a turn-on!”

She was back down on him as quickly as she’d come up for air, “Well, yes that too. But I was referring to how the man acted.”

Dani bobbed up and down several more times before answering, “Oh, you mean how he just took us by our hair and pushed us to his dick? Didn’t even ask if we wanted to suck him off or anything?”

Dr. Thompson nodded in agreement.

“That was the best part! I mean, we didn’t have to ask him or anything! And when he finally pushed our heads together and came all over our faces… I came so hard!”

Dani looked down a little embarrassed before she continued, “And… I think… I think Cindi did too. But I was a little preoccupied to notice.”

Dr. Thompson chuckled, “Well, I’m sure your new friend will forgive you.”

Dani smiled and took Dr. Thompson into her mouth once more to finish off her session with him.

“Oh my god, hi Dani!” Cindi nearly screamed as she hopped up from her cot and raced over to embrace Dani as she approached.

Dani threw her own hands out and the two women hugged for a moment, Cindi’s nipple rings feeling good on Dani’s tits. They broke their embrace a few minutes later and sat down on their respective cots, still smiling like two little school girls.

“Hey Cindi… can I ask you something about yesterday?”

“Sure, like, anything.”

“Well, I know we were having a good time, but I kinda got lost in all of it and was wondering…”

“Like, wondering what?”

“Well, did you have an orgasm too? I mean, I was so busy with my own I didn’t even notice if you had one too and I feel terrible that you might not have and that I was being so selfish…” Dani rambled on quickly, her eyes darting to and from Cindi as she spoke and polished her hands in her lap.

giggle Oh my god, like I was wondering the same thing! My orgasms have been so good lately that I, like, totally lose track of everything else! giggle

“Oh god, that’s great! I mean, I would have really felt bad if you hadn’t and I had.”

The two new friends hugged again and then got to enjoying the morning sun.

“Hey Dani?”

“Yeah Cindi?”

“Like, where are all the guys?”

Dani sat upright on her cot and looked around the pool area, there did seem to be a dearth of men.

“There’s one.” Dani said and pointed at a guy across the pool from them.

“Yeah, but like that redhead has already got his dick in her ass! And I’m so horny! I gotta totally cum soon!”

Dani laughed in sympathy, “God girl, I know what you mean.” and then she laid back down on the cot.

It was a short time later that Dani felt hands push her legs apart and she let out a moan as a tongue came in contact with her pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah, that feels good!” she said as she raised her head to see which guy had finally come over to fuck her.

To her surprise she saw a mass of blonde hair between her legs, “Cindi!” Dani half shouted as the blonde doubled her efforts.

Cindi came up for air a moment later, giggling like a school girl and then slid up Dani’s body to her tits.

“Like, I totally got tired of waiting… so I figured us girls could totally have some fun! giggle” Cindi said as she took one of Dani’s nipples between her lips and started to suck as one of Cindi’s hands slipped between Dani’s legs and took the place of her tongue.

“Oh god, don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

Day 10

“Doc, I never knew a woman’s tongue could do such things! She made me cum a half dozen times at least!”

“Well exploring your sexuality is a great step forward Dani, I’m glad you’ve found a friend to do it with.”

Dani smiled broadly and nodded, “Yeah, and I returned the favour! Cindi tastes like strawberries and peaches! I can still smell her…” Dani said as she brought her finger close to her nose and sucked in a deep breath as she closed her eyes.

Her other hand was busy rubbing her pussy as she laid back on the couch, she was showing the doctor how she had been masturbating at night, to see if he had any suggestions on how she might do it better.

“And how many times did Cindi orgasm?” Dr. Thompson asked.

“Ugh… well, we both kinda lost count when we started sixty-nine’ing each other…” Dani replied with a bit of a blush.

Dani closed her eyes and thought back to the previous day, working her pussy even harder as the memories of the afternoon by the pool filled her mind.

She didn’t even open them when she felt Dr. Thompson take her hand away from her pussy, or when she felt his weight on top of her, or his dick push into her.

No, she only opened them when he pulled out and sprayed his cum all over her face. Then she looked up at him and smiled, her eyes sparkling from her orgasm, “Thanks Doc, I really needed that.”

Dani’s face was buried deep between Candi’s legs when she felt hands take hold of her hips and push them upwards. She didn’t stop, she just let the man slip his cock inside of her and start pounding away.

“Oh my god, dick!” she heard Cindi squeal just before her voice was muffled by the shaft that was driving into her throat.

It wasn’t the first time the two women had been used that day, and if they were lucky, it wouldn’t be the last either. The last time had been three men, Dani had been fortunate to be on top that time, and so while Cindi licked Dani’s pussy, one man fucked Cindi’s pussy, while the others fucked Dani’s face and ass.

Dani had cum so hard that she was afraid she might have suffocated Cindi, but everything had been alright in the end and Dani promised next time three or more guys came by she’d make sure Cindi was on top, it was only fair after all.

Dani and Cindi walked back to the hotel as the sun set, smiles on their faces as they approached the elevators and Dani hit the 5th-floor for her room. Cindi hit the 3rd-floor button and the two women both frowned a little, “Hey Cindi… I’ve got an idea… why don’t we share a room tonight?”

It wasn’t Dani’s idea actually, it was the Doc’s, he’d suggested it after fucking her at their morning session and she’d agreed it was a great idea. What better way to improve her masturbation that to have someone to masturbate with?

Cindi giggled and nodded, “Oh my god, like the Doc said the same thing to me!”

The two girls hugged each other and then when the doors opened and closed on the third floor, both giggled excitedly as they made their way hand in hand to Dani’s room.

Day 11

“Oh, hello Dani… Cindi.” Dr. Thompson said as the two women walked into his office together.

“I think this is Dani’s appointment, isn’t it?”

The two women nodded in unison, but simply undressed each other as their answer.

Dr. Thompson smiled a wolfish grin, “I see you have both completed the process… good.”

He stood up and walked around from his desk, naked from the waist down. He walked up to the two women and took each of their pussies in hand.

“Now then, what are the two of you?”

Cindi replied first, “Oh god, I’m a total bimbo slut! giggle

Dani wasn’t far behind, “I’m a horny little slut!”

“And what does a bimbo slut…” Dr. Thompson said wiggling his fingers on Cindi’s pussy, “…and a horny little slut…” he continued, wiggling his other fingers, “…want to do with their therapist?”

giggle Like, fuck and suck! Fuck and suck like a total bimbo slut! giggle

“Fuck your horny little slut! Fuck your horny little slut any way you want to!”

Dr. Thompson removed his hands from their pussies and they both dropped to their knees, eager to show him exactly how far along they had come since they came under his care.

Return to the Office

Dani walked from her car in the parking garage at work with a smile on her face, even if she was a little upset about the clothing she had to wear. She’d returned home from the spa late yesterday and hadn’t had a chance to go shopping for a better outfit and this one hardly showed off any of her body.

But nonetheless, she’d made do with what she’d had in her closet and made a commitment to herself to go on a shopping spree as soon as she could.

She’d have to buy two new wardrobes of course, one for work and one for play. Work was going to be the hardest, she’d have to walk a fine line for what she could get away with, but she was sure she could push the boundaries a bit.

The elevator arrived and she stepped inside, hitting the lobby button, and riding the elevator all the way up. She step out and saw the bright morning sunlight streaming through the main building windows and felt a sudden longing for the bright sunlight of the pool at the spa, along with the dozens of cocks, along with Cindi’s pussy, that it contained.

She let out a sigh and stepped out of the parking elevator and walked over to the main elevator that would take her up to her floor. Just as the doors were about to close a hand held them open and Johnathan stepped in, a moment later the doors closed and he manoeuvred himself behind her.

Her pussy buzzed with excitement until she felt his hand come to rest on her ass and she let out a little moan, pushing herself back into his hand. She wiggled her ass and then turned around, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and kissing him full on the lips.

She unwrapped herself from him after a moment and smiled, “So, if you want to have some real fun, come by the copy room in say… an hour? K?”

She then turned and fixed her lipstick in the mirrored surface of the doors, then turned to the camera in the corner of the elevator and blew it a kiss, just as the doors opened and she stepped out.

She strode right to Tamara’s office, eager to tell her all about her great trip to the spa… she let out a little giggle, she mentally corrected herself, the anger management therapy, just as she arrived at her boss’s door.

Dani gently knocked on the door and waited for Tamara to invite her in.

“Yes? Come in.”

Dani opened the door and stepped inside closing it behind her, “Hi Boss!”

Tamara looked up from her computer and gaped at Dani, “Mother of fucking christ.”

“I know, right, don’t I look amazing?”

Dani twirled around and showed off the tight black skirt she wore that came to mid-thigh, the towering black stiletto heels, the bright white top that stretched tightly around her tits, the voluminous hairdo that surrounded her head, and the bright red lipstick that made her lips look entirely unprofessional.

“That’s one way to put it, I can’t believe they pulled it off!”

Dani was confused, “Pulled what off?”

“Oh fuck, you really don’t know do you? Ok, well let’s get this over with. Sit Danielle.” Tamara commanded with a firm voice and Dani dropped down into the seat in front of Tamara’s desk.

She blinked several times and shook her head, “What… what’s going on Tamara? Where am I… What am I wearing?”

Danielle looked up at Tamara with panic in her eyes.

“Ah, there’s the old Danielle I so love to hate.”

Danielle shook her head, “What? No, we’re friends…”

“Friends? Friends?!? My god Danielle, you’ve been a pain in my ass since the day I took over the department! We’re not friends, you’re my pain-in-the-ass subordinate that can’t get it through her thick skull that she isn’t the centre of the universe!

I put up with your shit for too long and that HR fiasco was the final straw. I mean it made me look like an idiot in front of HR, the senior VPs and the CEO!

When they offered a solution to the problem, I was only too eager to take it! And now that I’ve ‘proven’ that I’m one of them to the old boy’s club, I’m going to get promoted for this!”

“No…we’re going to fight them together… we’re… we’re…” Danielle stuttered more and more desperately.

“Together? Together? I mean you’re so self-centred that you didn’t even notice any of the hints I gave you.”

“Hints? What hints?”

“My god you are thick. I’m a lesbian, the only thing I’ve wanted to do with you was to get into your pants, not fight the company.”

“But… but.. how…”

“No idea, some kind of subliminal mind control or something… who knows. More importantly, I don’t care. They promised results and they have clearly delivered. The moment I saw you walk in to the parking elevator in that skimpy getup, I knew it had worked.”

“You… you can’t do this to me…

Tamara shook her head and walked around to the front of her desk, and leaned back against it in front of Danielle, who was almost in tears.

“Awe don’t cry Danielle, it will all be over soon enough.”

“What… what do you mean?”

“Oh come on now, think back to just a few minutes ago when you walked in here. Think about how happy you were, how submissive you were, how horny you were. Didn’t that feel good?”

Danielle want to jump up out of the chair and run away, but her body refused to obey her. Instead she found herself nodding her head up and down in agreement.

It wasn’t a lie either the last week at the spa had been filled with pleasure beyond anything she’d ever thought possible, and all it had come at was the cost of everything she held dear.

Tamara reached out and titled Danielle’s head up until they looked into each other’s eyes.

“Just tell me you want to be that horny little slut Dani again and I’ll make it happen. I mean, I’ve all ready seen you in the elevator with Johnathan today? Don’t you want to be ready and rearing to go for the next time you see him? I’m sure he’ll happily fuck that tight little pussy of yours.”

Danielle’s lower lip quivered, “Please… I… Please…”

“Just admit that Dr. Thompson was right. That you’re nothing but a horny little slut, that you’re my horny little slut.”

Danielle’s eyes rolled back into her head as she let out a moan, “I… I… want to be the horny little slut Dani again… please!”

Dani’s whole body shook as an orgasm crashed over her and she slumped back into the chair, Tamara’s finger slipping from her chin as she leaned back upright with a smile on her face.

Tamara waited a moment and then undid her pants and let them fall to the floor, “Wakey, wakey Dani.”

Dani stirred and pulled herself upright again, “Oh, hiya Boss!”

“Welcome back my horny little slut, now it’s time to get to work… you don’t think all that training at the spa made you just a horny little slut for men do you?” Tamara said as she patted her bare pussy.

Dani smiled and slipped from the chair onto her knees and she crawled over and looked up into Tamara’s eyes, “Of course not Boss! I know you’re the best boss ever and I’m so lucky to be your horny little slut too!”

Dani’s tongue touched Tamara’s pussy for the first, but by no means the last time, as she showed her boss just how much of a horny little slut she now was.


Cindi was sucking her husband Desmond’s cock eagerly as he sat on the couch and scrolled through his phone. It had been several months since she’d returned from the spa and things were far better with her marriage than before.

They never fought now, and he’d been so generous in his apology gifts for being such a bad husband. Not only had he paid for the spa, but he’d also paid for her new tits as well!

She stroked all the way down his shaft to muffle the giggle that would have otherwise escaped her lips, he normally loved the way she giggled, just not when she was giving him a blowjob.

The giggle was from the thought of her old small tits, she could hardly believe anyone would have wanted to fuck her with those tiny things. But that was one thing she’d learned for sure from the spa, it didn’t matter how big your tits were, or how tight your pussy was, all that mattered was being a complete bimbo slut and guys would fuck you anyway.

She felt Desmond’s shaft pulse and the first taste of cum enter her mouth, she sucked as hard as she could and tilted her head back so she could look up into his eyes. She didn’t last long until her own orgasm crashed over her and her eyes rolled back into her head.

She came back around to her husband gently stroking the side of her face, his softening dick still in her mouth, and his cum dribbling out the side of her lips. She quickly, without moving too much, scooped the cum back into her mouth and gently started sucking again, to get every last drop of it.

A smile crossed her husband’s face just before he spoke, “Hey good news, guess what?”

Cindi continued sucking until she was pretty sure she had all the cum she could get and then pulled off of his limp shaft. She continued to stroke it gently with her hands as she knelt at his feet.

“Like, I don’t know… giggle what?”

“I got a response from the spa, the other party has agreed to communicate with me, I just got an e-mail from them.”

“OH MY GOD REALLY! GIGGLE” Cindi screamed out at the top of her lungs as she balled up her fists and shook them in front of her in excitement, closing her eyes and smiling as widely as she could.

“Yep, looks like they’re open to meeting up, especially once they saw some of the videos from the spa with the two of you.”

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Like, I totally can’t wait to see Dani again! giggle

Desmond smiled and chuckled as Cindi acted like the total bimbo she was, “Hmmm… it does look like Dani’s partner is a woman… you don’t mind eating some pussy do you Cindi?”

Cindi smiled and giggled as she nodded her head from side to side, “Like, I totally love pussy! giggle

“That you do, that you do. I’m glad I selected that option, it’s come in handier than I expected.”

Desmond started typing on his phone and Cindi relished in the memories of the days at the spa with Dani, sucking and fucking everyone that was there like the total sluts they both were.