Bimbo or Billionaire: All Hallows Eve

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2017

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SYNOPSIS: Evelyn got drunk one night with her friends and on a dare applied to be on Bimbo or Billionaire, now that she’s been accepted as a contestant will she regret her drunken night choice?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is the seventh story in my Bimbo or Billionaire series, you don’t have to read the others but you probably should read the first one at least as I’m not going to re-iterate some of the show mechanics.

You can’t write a story like this without acknowledging the great work of MrGrey’s “You Bet Your Brain!” and Chrystal Wynd’s “Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!” and so I have.

I’ve received a few requests from authors to write episodes and in general I’m fine with that, however there are some rules to follow which I’ve added to the end of the story.

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Chapter 1 – Drunken Antics

Evelyn still winced every time she thought of that night with the girls, the splitting headache the next day had been epic and they’d all sworn off drinking for weeks afterwards. Of course that had only lasted until the next Friday night when they headed out once more.

The problem was that while she could remember the pain of that night clearly, the rest of the details had been a drunken blur afterwards and it was only weeks later that the details had come to light.

They’d all seen the show of course and they’d even seen it playing in clubs before on the big screen, a loop of the “best of” moments in the show’s history was a common sight at night spots. In this case “best of” meant the stupidest, sexist changes in the shows history with many of them having near pornographic endings.

None of her friends could remember seeing it that night, but it must have triggered off something in one of them as they had, apparently, submitted their names through the show’s website to be contestants they crashed for the night at Mandy’s place.

Of course contestants had 2 weeks after submitting their names for consideration to withdraw from the selection process, but in her drunken stupor she must have put in her old e-mail address and it wasn’t until after the phone call that she’d realized her mistake.

Apparently none of her friends had thought to mention it as they had all retracted their entries and so she was the only one to get selected to come in for an interview.

Unfortunately for her, once the two-week grace period was over, the show was very adamant that potential contestant follow through with the process.

That didn’t mean people went willingly and some tried and fight it, but while a few managed to succeed, there were two downsides to trying to get out of your commitment. The first was the financial impact, to say that the show employed some of the most vile, flesh eating lawyers on the planet was an understatement and fighting the contract in court could cost millions, money she clearly didn’t have being just out of college and having just gotten her first job a few months ago.

The second was more… insidious. If you failed to get out of the contract, the show made sure that the audience knew full well you didn’t want to be on the show and that often turned the crowd ugly.

And an ugly audience on the show could definitely make for some extreme changes if the right options came up, which the always seemed to for such contestants.

In the end she’d resigned herself to head in for the interview and see if she could sabotage it somehow, maybe act dumb and flirt a lot, then they wouldn’t want her. But she knew that wasn’t likely to be the case, she was the perfect kind of contestant for the show. Smart, well educated, pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. She took care of her body, but wasn’t a supermodel, or even a regular model for that matter.

Their research department was top notch of course and they’d quickly seen through her thinly veiled attempt and before she knew it she was with the technical team; the Collar of Fate being sealed around her neck.

Of course it wasn’t all bad news really, it wasn’t like she was setting the financial world ablaze working as a junior account rep for the bank. Maybe in 10 or 15 years she’d get promoted to a management position and then ride it out until retirement. On the other hand, with a billion dollars she could start her own bank!

So it seemed like, since she had to go through with it anyway, she might as well make the most of it.

Chapter 2 – Opening Credits

The studio curtain raised as the theme music blared from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. Evelyn was nervous and a little embarrassed as well, the tiny white strips of “clothing” that barely covered her modesty were less than she’d ever worn to the beach, let alone on to national TV.

She felt the Collar of Fate’s cold steel against her neck, hoping to get through the first round and be done with it, but something was nagging in the back of her mind, something her friend Mandy had said, “Your lucky you got picked, you could win a billion dollars!”.

It seemed silly of course, there had only been one winner over the life of the show and from what the papers had said afterwards, “winner”, might be too strong of word.

“Yes folks it’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds… Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and the audience roared in response.

The applause brought Evelyn back to the moment and she lifted her head up to see Jack waving his hands around in the air as he spoke, “Thanks Dan, as you know, today is a very special show, it’s our annual Halloween episode!”

Jack was wearing a different suit, black with long tails and he held a cane and over half of his face a white mask, he was obviously the Phantom of the Opera for the Halloween episode.

The audience roared again and Evelyn perked up, the Halloween show often brought out the best in the audience, they often went with the sexy nurse or cheerleader, something that wasn’t over the top, but fun to go with the spirit of the holiday. Perhaps this was her lucky break after all!

“Ok, well it’s that time, let’s get today’s contestant out on stage… Evelyn!” she walked on to the set at her queue, smiling but a bit hesitant at the bright lights of the show.

“Hi Evelyn, welcome to the show!”

“Th… thanks Jack, I’m happy to be here!” she stuttered a bit and then found her courage and waved to the crowd.

“That’s great Evelyn, we have a full show today so I have just one question for you… are you ready to play?”

“Yes Jack, I’m ready!” she replied, almost convincing herself she really was.

“Ok Evelyn, let’s get a few housekeeping items out of the way and we can get going. First off I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl Chrissi!”

As always the spotlight highlighted Chrissi and the buxom blonde bimbo wiggled and jiggled as the crowd cheered and whistled. Being the Halloween special though, her regular glittery dress was replaced with… a slightly shorter glittery dress.

“Chrissi was the unluckiest contestant to ever play our game here and opened twelve bimbo cases in a row. But we just couldn’t let her leave with nothing so instead we didn’t let her leave at all and she’s been with us ever since!

Ah… Chrissi, aren’t you supposed to be wearing a Halloween costume today?”

Chrissi blinked several times and scrunched her mouth in to a question of some kind before answering, “Like I am Jack!” she replied, pouting and stomping a foot as she did so.

“Really, so what are you dressed up as today then Chrissi?”

“Like, I’m a stripper! Wanna see?” Chrissi replied and started to wiggle around as she hooked her thumbs over the top of her dress and started to pull down.

“No… No Chrissi that’s fine, I believe you and this is a family show after all!”

The crowd laughed, while the show was rated as PG, no one really considered it a family show even if the ratings board said otherwise. There were rumors of course the board received “personal” tours of the show each year when the show was reviewed and there had never been a fine or punishment meaded out when there was a slip of the wardrobe or other similar accidents on set.

“Ok, well in that case we also have in the back of the studio the fine technical folks who are operating the Collar of Fate tonight, we won’t get a chance to see them but we’ll certainly see their work on stage!

And of course we cannot forget our generous benefactor, who has put up the billion dollar prize! Our mystery man that we simply call ‘The Accountant'”. As always the pitch-black area above the columns of monitors was backlit revealing a person sitting at a desk but obscured in darkness like each show, but this time in his hand was the outline of a pitchfork.

Of course you all know our board, two sides with twelve steps each, revealed one at a time as the cases are opened. As always the cash side starts at a penny and works its way up to one billion dollars!

The Bimbo side is divided in to two halves, the first six are physical changes that the ‘Collar of Fate’ will make and the second half are mental changes. Each of the changes will be selected by an audience vote from a list of four random selections from our database!”

Chapter 3 – Round 1

“Ok Evelyn, as you know we have five rounds here. In the first round you have to open 12 cases, the second 6 cases, the third 3, the fourth and fifth rounds are 1 case each to see if you win the billion dollars or not. I need 12 numbers from 1 to 24 from you right now.”

“Ok Jack, let’s start with number 22 please.”

“Chrissi, could you please open case 22 please?” Jack called over to her and she wiggled her way over to the case, the tiny dress trying to expose both her lower and upper privates at the same time.

Chrissi managed stay mostly covered up, and get to case 12 as well, before finally opening it to reveal a bimbo symbol.

“Oh Evelyn, not a good start with your first case!

“Ok, the first category is of course Hair! And the four voting options are… Darkness Calls, Fires of Hell, Shaved to the Wood, Angelic Halo! Ok folks as always use the pads on your arm rests and vote for which one you want.”

Evelyn smiled, those weren’t that bad of options really, well maybe a shaved head wouldn’t be the best thing, but that one didn’t get picked very often.

“Well the audience has voted and the winner is… Fires of Hell!”

Evelyn felt the Collar of Fate activate and her scalp tingle, she had never really been happy with her slightly frizzy brown hair, but the bright red strands that floated down in front of her face were amazing! Then she noticed how, as she moved, it shimmered in the bright lights of the studio.

“Yes, not only is that an amazing shade of red, as light reflects off of it will give the appearance of flames flickering! Alright Evelyn I need your next case please!”

“I think case 10 Jack.”

“Chrissi, if you can manage to get over to case 10 without flashing the audience please!”

Chrissi pouted, “But I like the audience sooooooo much! Can’t I flash them just a bit? Pretty please?” she whined.

“No Chrissi, not unless you want the ratings review board to come down hard on us.”

“Oh! I like the ratings review board, especially when they cum hard on to me! giggle

The audience broke out in laughter and Chrissi broke down in to a giggle fit before eventually making it to the case and opening it.

“Congratulations, your first cash case!” the crowd cheered, not as hard as they had for the first bimbo case, but they cheered none the less.

“Ok Evelyn, you’re on the board, what is your third case going to be?”

“Case 19 Jack.” Evelyn replied and crossed her fingers as Chrissi made her way to the case and opened it.

“Another cash case! Good work Evelyn, what’s your next case going to be?”

“How about 17 Jack!” she said, getting excited now that she was ahead of the game.

“Your third cash case! That’s a whole dollar your up to! But no time to waste, what’s your next choice?”

Evelyn almost jumped up and down at her luck, “Case number 5 Jack!”

“Well, I guess your luck had to run out eventually, that’s your second bimbo case! Let’s reveal the second Bimbo change and the four randomly selected items our audience gets to vote on!”

The crowd cheered as the board displayed the category.

“Category is Voice! And the four voting options are… Heavenly Chorus, Valley High, Husky and Sweet, Pause for Effect! Ok folks it’s all up to you, vote now!”

Evelyn liked her voice and was nervous about what the audience might pick.

“Well the audience has voted and the winner is… Husky and Sweet! Technical team, please, activate the Collar of Fate now!”

The collar activated and Evelyn felt her neck tingle for a few seconds as well as something like a small itch in the back of her mind.

“So Evelyn, let’s hear that new voice!”

“Ok Jack, it kind of feels weird but… wow!” she said, her voice now oozed sex appeal with something that sounded like an actress from the golden age of movies.

“Alright Evelyn, let’s get to the next case, a number if you please…”

“11 Jack.” she said, even saying a simple number sounded like a come on now.

“You’re forth cash case! That’s a whole $10!”

“Yea!” she screamed and beamed a smile to the audience as they cheered.

“Ok Jack, l want case number 8 next!”

“Oh, that’s another Bimbo case Evelyn, let’s see, the category this time is lips! The options for the audience are… Sexual Sensitivity, Sweet as Candy, Fire in the Hole, White and Wild.

Audience, please make your choice now!”

Evelyn didn’t like the sound of any of the options, but suspected with the Halloween theme of the show it might be an easy choice for the audience.

“Ok Evelyn, the audience has chosen… Sweet as Candy! Not too surprising for this episode!”

The collar glowed pink as it worked on her lips, though they tingled she couldn’t really feel them change in any significant way.

“Ok Evelyn, why don’t you give those lips a little lick?”

Evelyn stuck her tongue out just a bit and licked her lips, a sugary sweet taste greeted her as she looked at one of the monitors to see the deep cherry red colour of her lips.

“That’s right Evelyn, your lips now excrete a slight sugary red coating, that’s completely calorie free… of course!”

The audience cheered as her tongue traced over her lips once more.

“Well Evelyn I need another case, what’s it going to be?”

“Jack I’m going with case number 4.”

“Another cash case! Your doing great Evelyn, but what is your next case going to be?”

“How about case 1 Jack?”

“That’s your fourth Bimbo case! The category is Body Shape. The options are… A little Imp, The Heavenly Ratio (1:1.618), To Hell and Back, Patchwork Perfection!”

Evelyn sighed slightly, she was still ahead of the game and honestly her body could probably use a bit of help, but these options seemed a little too Halloweeny for her taste.

“What do you think Evelyn any thoughts on what option you’d select if it was your choice?”

“I don’t know Jack, maybe the Heavenly Ratio one, it sounds kinda nice?”

“Well, that it does, but the audience has made its choice and I think I’m starting to see where they’re going tonight… To Hell and Back!”

Evelyn cringed slightly, it didn’t sound like the worst option of the bunch, but she doubted it was the best either.

The Collar of Fate came to life and her entire body began to tingle, but especially so around her ass. She looked down at her body and couldn’t see anything happening at first, but then she noticed her skin getting slightly darker, then slowly becoming redder and redder.

Finally, when the tingling stopped, her skin was a crimson red from head to toe. She stretched a hand out and turned it over, that was when she noticed her tail flick between her legs and she gave out a shriek.

Jack gave out a small fake laugh, “Evelyn I see you’ve noticed the addition the Collar of Fate has made to your backside. That’s right, that’s a fully prehensile tail to go along with that lovely new colour of skin!”

Evelyn was in shock but tried to “feel” the tail and control it, bringing it up between her legs and look at the slightly triangular tip.

If she’d thought that this wasn’t the worst option before, now she dreaded what the other ones might have been!

“In line with the Halloween theme of tonight’s episode, your body has completed a trip to hell and back, taking on the shape of a succubus as it did so!”

Evelyn was in shock, she’d never be able to walk down the street like this or anywhere else, what was she going to do?

“Ok Evelyn, I know it’s a shock but we need your next case please!”

Evelyn tried to focus, it was done an there was nothing to do about it now, “Case 21 Jack.” she said, her voice still sounding strange to her.

“Ok Evelyn, your back on track… it’s another cash case! You’re up to $1000! Just two more to go, what will your next one be?”

“Uh, case number 2 Jack.” She said, regaining some confidence, she was going to break even at worst in the first round she thought as her tail started to swing from side to side slightly.

“That’s cash case number 7, that’s $5000! Which one is going to be your final case for the round?”

“Case 18 Jack.” she said, knowing she was going to be ahead no matter what now.

“That’s your final bimbo case of the round Evelyn, you’ve done great this round but now it’s time to find out your options for the fans favorite category… Breasts! Tonight the options are… Pointing to Heaven, Chains of Hell, Inflatable Balloons, Toys for the Boys.”

The audience roared as Jack read out the category and options, but Evelyn knew what the choice would be as soon as it left his lips.

“No surprise here and my hunch is confirmed Evelyn… Chains of Hell!”

The collar activated once more and Evelyn felt her nipples come alive. Slowly she could feel something cool forming inside of them until the tip of it poked out the side. A shiny metal nub that curled down from each side until it formed a perfect ring with no join in it hanging from her nipple. Then the first link of a chain formed, then another until a small silver chain linked the two rings together.

But the chains didn’t stop there, another link formed in the middle the chain and started down towards her pussy while she could feel another chain forming around her neck and a ring forming in one of her nostrils.

By the time the chains finished, they linked her nose to her neck to her nipples to her belly button, around her waist and finally to her clit.

All without a single latch or clasp among the links making it a permanent part of her unless she wanted to literally rip them from her body. Even then, she knew they would simply grow back, the Color of Fate’s changes couldn’t be reversed by simply removing them.

“Ok Evelyn, that was a great round, 7 cash cases and 5 bimbo cases! Your doing great, but now it’s time for The Accountant to do his work and make you an offer.”

She looked at the board and couldn’t believe it, even with the terrible fourth change, she was doing amazingly well. She only had four cases to go to the billion dollars.

Evelyn absent mindedly tugged at the chain between her breasts and felt a wave of pleasure run through her nipples. It would seem there was more than just the chains the Collar of Fate had added to her breasts as she’d always hated having her nipples played with, but now they were sensitive and pleasurable.

Jack was right though, as much as the changes had been more extreme than she might have liked, she was doing well. Many contestants at this point had already burned through all their physical changes and she still had one left.

“Ok, The Accountant’s offer is in… he’s very happy with your progress so far, he’s always been a big fan of our Halloween special. He’s offering up a two for one special, one rung up the cash board for two rungs up the bimbo board to end the game right now.

That’s ten thousand dollars to call it a day!”

Evelyn thought about it, two bimbo rungs meant both the final physical change, face, but a mental one as well, clothing.

But was it really worth it, the next round was only 6 cases, if she just broke even she’d only be going up 1 more bimbo rung to vocabulary for two more cash rungs…

And honestly, with how things were now, even a career change, the 9th bimbo case, wouldn’t be so bad at this point, she wasn’t going to be able to go back to work at the bank looking like this anyway.

Of course, she could quit right now, but with only $1000 and no hope of keeping her job after the show, that really wasn’t an option.

Evelyn smiled a little, “Jack, no deal, I’m going to the second round.” she said with a level of conviction she wasn’t entirely sure she had.

Chapter 4 – Round 2

“Ok Evelyn, let’s get started on the second round, what’s your first of six cases going to be?”

“Case number 15 Jack!” she said with the same false confidence. She just had to get a few more cash cases to be really ahead of the game!

“That’s a great choice, it’s your 8th cash case! What’s your next case going to be?”

“Case 9 Jack.”

“Oh that’s your 6th bimbo case and your last physical change.”

The crowd cheered again, they always looked forward to the first mental change.

“This time we have the category of… Face! The audience has the option of… The Whiteness of Being, Arch Angels, Bedroom Eyes, Lost in the Awe of it All!

Audience, what do you say?”

Evelyn saw only one option that seemed like it would fit the direction the audience was going…

“And the winner is… Bedroom Eyes!”

And she was right, she felt the Collar of Fate activate and she closed her eyes. When it was finished, she opened them and looked in to the offstage monitor. Her previously dull, brown eyes now seemed to draw a person in to them. They almost looked half closed but were fully open and her iris’ almost sparkled a vibrant green.

“Oh my Evelyn, those eyes do look very inviting… don’t you agree audience?” Jack asked as all the monitors in the studio showed a close up of her eyes.

The audience stood on it’s feet and hooted and hollered until Jack managed to calm them down.

“Ok, I need your next case please Evelyn.”

“23 please Jack.”

“I’m sorry Evelyn, that’s your 7th Bimbo case! And your first mental change as well!”

The crowd went wild, showing their excitement to see the start of the mental changes.

“The category is… Clothing Style! The audience options are… Sexy Nurse, Gothic Splendor, Spandex Tights, Little Girl Blue!

Evelyn, I don’t even think I need to wait for the audience to make its choice on this one, but lets see what they have chosen… yep… Gothic Splendor!”

A fog rolled in to Evelyn’s mind as she felt slightly dizzy as the collar started its work. Once the fog left her she looked down at the plain white uniform and curled her nose at it. How could she wear such a thing?

“Yes, that’s right, Evelyn will be wearing dark, frilly, old fashioned clothing from now on, which only seems reasonable if you ask me!

Ok Evelyn, what’s your third case of the round going to be?”

Evelyn managed to stop fretting about her bright white uniform and look up at Jack, “Case 13 Jack.” She said, the false confidence having left her voice now.

“Another Bimbo case! Our second category of the mental changes is vocabulary! With the random options being… Valley Girl, English as a Second Language, One Track Mind, Darkness Engulfs Us All!

This seems like another easy choice for the audience, don’t you think Evelyn?”

Evelyn winced a bit, but nodded her head slowly without saying anything.

“Oh and isn’t this a surprise! The audience has chosen One Track Mind, I thought for sure they’d have chosen Darkness Engulfs Us All!”

Evelyn felt the collar activate and the fog roll in to her mind once more, as it receded she felt a strange “focus” to her mind.

She looked over towards Jack and arched an eyebrow questioningly.

“This change has focused your vocabulary on a single common theme, in this case, of course, hell.” Jack said.

Evelyn opened her mouth to speak, “Bloody hell Jack, what in the name of all that is demonic are you going on about?”

She closed it quickly once more and tried to open her eyes wide in surprise but found they only looked more inviting that way and so let them return to their normal place.

“That’s right Evelyn, bloody hell indeed! But I do have to say that with the changes so far it might be time to think about shortening your name up a little bit.”

Evelyn knew where this was going, but said nothing, not noticing her tail flailing from side to side.

“Maybe Eve would be a more suitable name now?”

She felt something shift in her mind, it wasn’t the collar at work, but the changes it had already made to her vocabulary settled in.

“My name is Eve, not Eve! There’s a snowballs chance in hell that I’ll change it!”

She lowered her head and shook it from side to side, her new vocabulary wouldn’t let her say Evelyn out loud, even if it was how she still thought of herself. Eve was just too linked to the single track her vocabulary now had.

Jack and the crowd laughed for a moment before Jack continued.

“Well Eve, it’s time for another case what number will it be?”

“Hell fire and brimstone Jack… case number 16!”

“That’s your 9th bimbo case Eve!”

The audience cheered, she was behind the game now, it hadn’t been a good round, but it wasn’t the end of the world or anything, she needed a new career anyway.

“Well it’s time for a new career Eve, the options are… Cheerleader, Bride of the Devil, Dance Dance Revolution, Preaching to the Choir!

Do we even need to vote on this one audience?” Jack asked, turning and addressing them directly with a chuckle.

“And the audience has chosen… Bride of the Devil! That was perhaps the most predictable choice of the night!”

The fog rolled in for the third time to Evelyn’s mind, remolding her to fit her new career goals.

“That’s right Eve, you’ll be working as a professional ‘Bride of the Devil’, also known as a succubus, to fulfill the desire of men to be seduced by a devil from hell!”

Evelyn tried to focus on her college courses but they were just a blur, replaced with night courses in dance and acting along with hours of practice in front of the mirror with her toys.

“Ok Eve, what will your last case for the round be?”

Evelyn smiled a wicked little smile, “Black Christmas has 12 days to it Jack and each one is more damming than the last so let’s go with that.”

“Your 9th cash case, congratulations your up to $50,000!

It’s all tied up Eve! Now we need to find out what The Accountant has to say!

You know Eve, some people think The Accountant is the Devil himself, all that effort to hide his appearance and keep his anonymity. Why else would he do it if his name is not Lucifer, or at least his son?”

Evelyn felt a chill run down her spine to her pussy, could it be true? It didn’t seem possible but something in the back of her mind grasped on to the idea and it sent waves of pleasure through her.

“Ok, I have his offer, he is really liking the succubus trend, you could say it reminds him of home almost. He might even schedule a private appointment with you himself! But he wants to see how the next two mental changes will go so he’s offering you the same two for one deal as last time. Two bimbo rungs for one cash rung, what do you think?”

Evelyn knew she should quit, but that thought in the back of her mind just kept spinning around and around, if he was the Devil, how could she refuse an offer from her Lord?

Not only that but having a powerful client like him would be a huge win for her career. Two more rungs was a big commitment to make but $100,000 would get her business setup nicely.

“What do you think audience, should Eve take the deal?”

The crowd cheered and booed at the same time, but Evelyn had made up her mind.

Chapter 5 – Finals

“As Lucifer is my saviour, I’ll take the deal!” Evelyn said, her tail wrapping around her waist and threading through the chains.

“Ok Eve, as you know when you take The Accountants deal, he gets to choose the changes from the random options!”

The crowd cheered, The Accountant never let them down, he had impeccable taste.

“So, the first category is… Compulsion! And the options for The Accountant to choose from are: It’s not flirting if you Follow Through, Attending to the Patient, Cheering for the Underdog, Seeing is Believing!”

It was only a moment before the board lit up, “And The Accountant has chosen It’s not flirting if you Follow Through!”

The crowd cheered once more as the fog rolled in and Evelyn felt the change deep in her mind. She had never been much of a flirt, but now it was different, she wouldn’t be flirting, she would be following through on any sexual inference she made.

“That’s going to make it much easier to find new clients Eve, congratulations!

Now then, your final category is… Fetish! The options are… Age of Innocence, Whips and Chains, More than One Way to Do It, Experience is the Best Teacher”

It only took a second for The Accountant to choose Experience is the Best Teacher and Evelyn felt the collar work on her mind for the last time.

“Congratulations Eve, with Experience is the Best Teacher you’ll be eager to engage in all kinds of new experiences and learn all you can about them. A perfect complement to ensure all your clients experience the full depth of your knowledge… and perhaps share a bit of their own.

Well that’s all for tonight Eve, thanks for playing… Bimbo or Billionaire!”

Chapter 6 – Epilogue

Evelyn rocked her hips back and forth, her tail snaked up between them rubbing on her pussy lips as it wound its way up through the chain connecting her belly button to her nipples as she pushed her breasts together and licked the tip of it with her lips.

The light on the web cam glowing as she watched the computer monitor showing her current client on screen. He normally showed up in person for their weekly sessions, but this week he was overseas on business and so she had scheduled the video conference instead.

He’d suggested they simply skip this week, but she was having none of it, the snivelling “men” that came to her may have displayed a powerful persona to the public, but she knew they were anything but.

It made for good business, the harder she pushed them, the sooner they returned for more.

“Fuck! You little piece of shit, I want to shove this tail so deep in to your ass that I’ll reach all the way to the pits of hell with it!”

“Please… please… Mistress…” he snivelled as she continued the show.

Soon enough their time was up and she shut down the camera. She had one more client for the day, but it was the most important client that she had. She’d scheduled plenty of time before it to ensure she was ready on time.

Unlike her other clients, which she made come to her, this client demanded her to come to him and she had agreed without hesitation.

She checked her phone for todays address, which turned out to be a few blocks away and got dressed. Her tight black coreset, fishnet stockings, black stilettos and black lacey lingerie contrasted with her red skin and fiery hair.

Leaving her condo and taking the elevator to the lobby, she quickly moved to the door, which was held open by the doorman with his mouth agape as always. She stepped out on the street and towards the waiting car, but like always, every head on the street turned to her.

It wasn’t the clothing or the tail that drew the attenition, well not entirely at least, but the waves of fire that reflected in the bright sunlight of the afternoon sky in her hair.

She quickly moved in to the car, not wanting to get distracted by one of the passersby and end up taking them in to the car with her, so she could follow through on whatever innuendo that might come up in conversation.

Being late for this client wasn’t an option.

The trip was short and fortunately the destination had underground parking, making sure that no one would see her entering the building. Her real-estate agent was trying to find her just such a place to live, but the market was overheated and finding one had proven difficult.

Evelyn walked out of the car and in to the elevator, pressing the penthouse button as the doors closed and it started to move upwards. They opened once more on to a luxurious room, well decorated with a mix of old and new, but her eyes were focused on the man standing in the middle of it.

As always, he wore a mask, it was just a cheap plastic “devil” mask, but it sent shivers down her spine.

She stepped forward, her heels clicking against the marble of the floor, until she knelt before him, bowing her head, “My Lord of Hell, how may your bride pleasure you tonight?”

His hand reached down and pressed up against her face, tilting it back up as he pushed his thumb between her lips and she sucked it in. The taste of her own sweet lips coming off of it as she did so.

Even now, after dozens of visits, she’d never seen The Accountant’s face, nor heard his voice, but his presence brought her to her knees each time.

There was something deep in her mind that recognized the power he commanded and unlike her other clients, she was in his total control.

His thumb popped out of her mouth and he walked around behind her and grabbed a hold of her tail. A moan escaped her lips and she rose to her feet once more.

He walked back in front of her and lead her by the tail through the living room to the bedroom, as he did so he squeezed her tail several times, sending waves of pleasure up it to her pussy.

Soon she was naked, laying on her back with her legs in the air, The Accountant towering over her as he undid his house coat and let it fall to the floor.

His hard cock pushed up against her sphincter as he pushed the tip of her tail up against her dripping wet pussy with one hand and grabbed the chain just above her belly button with the other.

Then, with a single motion, he plunged his cock in to her ass, her tail in to her pussy and yanked on the chain.

“By the fiery pits of hell! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out as he stroked in and out of her ass, pushed her tail deep in to her pussy and yanked on the chain.

She didn’t know how long he fucked her for, she always seemed to lose track of time with him, but it didn’t matter. Orgasm after orgasm rocked her body and by the time she recovered, he had left once more.

Evelyn rolled over and felt her tail still buried deep in her ass, where he’d put it after he had been done with her ass. He’d then moved on to her mouth and then her pussy, she smiled as she pulled it out and looked at the cum that dripped down it.

She brought it to her face and inhaled, then licked it clean as the taste of him brought another small orgasm to her.

Her other clients were weak men, hardly worthy of her time, but they paid well and so she accommodated them. But The Accountant was different.

He was Lucifer himself, her lord and master, and she could hardly wait to be called upon once again to serve him with her only reward being the orgasms she received.


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  • The board layout is as follows:
    Case Bimbo Side Cash Side
    1 Hair $0.01
    2 Voice $0.10
    3 Lips $1
    4 Body Shape $10
    5 Breasts $100
    6 Face $1,000
    7 Clothing Style $5,000
    8 Vocabulary $10,000
    9 Career Change $50,000
    10 Compulsion $100,000
    11 Fetish $500,000
    12 Intelligence $1,000,000,000
  • The categories are not random but the options in each one are. You’ll also notice the cash side does not go up linearly, this is on purpose to keep a contestant playing for as long as possible. Likewise The Accountant will usually lowball his offer to keep them in the game.
  • Your random options in each category should be different than mine. You can use a few from my story to create a bridge back but the fun part of the game is seeing different options and results.
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