Bimbo or Billionaire: Fun with Numbers

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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SYNOPSIS: Lilian has become a contestant as she’s sure she’s found a way to win the game and can beat the odds.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is the fourth story in my Bimbo or Billionaire series, you don’t have to read the others but you probably should read the first one at least as I’m not going to re-iterate some of the show mechanics.

You can’t write a story like this without acknowledging the great work of MrGrey’s “You Bet Your Brain!” and Chrystal Wynd’s “Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!” and so I have and on to the show…

This episode also owes a thank you to RH Music as well for suggesting the idea of trying to beat the system.

I’ve received a few requests from authors to write episodes and in general I’m fine with that, however there are some rules to follow which I’ve added to the end of the story.

Chapter 1 – Math Lessons

The room was dark but the three large computer monitors of my hacking rig cast ample light for me to see my desk and its contents. The monitor on the left held my e-mail and chat windows, a recent unread message still highlighted and was clearly spam with a subject line of “Lilian, 30 days to a bigger member!”

The monitor on my right had browsers and sites displayed but it was the one in the middle that held my attention at the moment.

Playing right there in front of me was a recent episode of “Bimbo or Billionaire”, my new found addiction. Though not in the way most people seemed to be addicted to the show. Instead I was on episode 439 or the 461 shows broadcast so far and was carefully recording the case numbers and what they contained in to a database.

The database was my ticket to the billion dollar prize.

My obsession had started off as mere curiosity… how did they randomize the cases?

The question had led down a rabbit hole of intrigue and mystery, the show’s technology was impressive and they clearly kept everything secret, including how the cases were picked.

I had spent several days hacking at the main firewalls of the shows servers to no avail and decided to approach the problem from a different angle. The cases where brought in from offsite just before the show started and the opening credits clearly showed them being transported in an armoured car. That’s where I had hit pay dirt.

The armoured car company had tight physical security but they were lax on their servers and I’d penetrated it after just a few hours. It turned out the cases actually came from three different locations.

The first was the physical cases, picked up from a distribution warehouse by the airport. The second was a major accounting firm in the city and then finally to a law firm across town.

I suspected the accounting firm must be in charge of ensuring the right number of cash and bimbo symbols were in the cases, which left the law firm to attach the numbers to each case. Splitting it between two firms made sense, no one at either office knew for sure which cases contained which symbols and that ensured there wasn’t any cheating by either firm going on.

Hacking the accounting firm had been more complicated than the armoured car company but it none the less fell to my skills. It didn’t provided any additional information to me, though it did confirm they managed the symbols.

The law firm was more difficult, much like the show, they had top notch security. To get access to the second half of the process, I had had to go back to basics and the good old standby of the social engineering hack.

At just over 5 feet tall with traditional Asian features and thick rimmed black glasses I passed easily through what limited physical security they had in place and looked perfectly at home walking among the countless interns, legal assistants and junior partners.

A quick stop at a cubical with a computer that had been left unlocked as the tenant had taken a break delivered my virus on to the network and in minutes it was sending back to me everything I would need.

After pouring over the information from both firms I had come to one conclusion, while the cases appeared random, there was a flaw in how the firms picked the random numbers and it was possible to tip the odds in the players favour as the information I had could be used to predict the cash cases.

Which had led me to my current binge watching of all 461 episodes of the show.

Once completed I’d be able to crunch the numbers and confirm my theory. Then the hard work would start. The mathematical formula to predict the cases was complex and I’d have to be able to do it in my head as there was no way to smuggle a computer on stage, not with the costume I’d be wearing.

And worse yet, the formula needed to have some data to work with before it could be used to predict the cash cases. That meant that even the best case scenario was that I had to open at least 14 cases to get the pattern. That was 2 rounds and if I was unlucky I may not have enough focus left to do the math.

But it was a risk worth taking, the averages said I’d have to open 7 bimbo cases before I could use my knowledge and that would mean I’d have to accept all the physical changes that came with that fact. I was happy with my small breasts and thin tomboyish frame, but at 28, while I looked young, time was starting to take its toll.

The mental changes concerned me though. I’d probably have to have a least one or possibly more to get through the first 14 random cases and having watched so many episodes, I now understood how insidious the show was. It took every opportunity to undermine the contestant’s mental faculties with every change, not just the last six that were labeled as mental ones.

But a billion dollars…

Chapter 2 – Opening Credits

The studio curtain raised as the theme music blared from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. I was still off stage and was going over the math in my head yet again using the mnemonic technics I’d come up with.

I had seen the collar of fate so many times in the episodes I’d watched and there seemed to be two different reactions to it. The first was to ignore it and the second was to fidget with it. I’d spent the better part of the last week trying to stop myself from fidgeting with it and now as the show began my hand was once more moving it about as if it was made of wool and irritating my skin.

“Yes folks it’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds… Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and the audience roared in response.

Soon I’d have to start opening cases and the work would begin, but before that there were introductions to do. I need to make sure everything went smoothly, while I wasn’t actually cheating the game, I certainly didn’t want to give them any reason to stop the show or disqualify me before I had won.

“Thanks Dan, now to get to today’s contestant… Lilian!” the crowd cheered as I walked on to the set, smiling and waving, trying to be as confidant in my appearance as I was in my math skills..

“Hi Lilian, are you excited to be here today?”

“Sure am Jack, excited and ready to play all the way to the end!”

“That’s great Lilian, now on your information form under career, you list ‘hacker’, is that true?”

“Sure is Jack, I spend the last 10 years working in the information security field, hacking in to some of the most secure networks in the world. Of course all legally, having been hired by those same firms to prove their security!” Expect my recent forays in to the show, but they didn’t need to know about those.

“Wow, Lilian, that’s quite impressive. That might make you one of the smartest contestants we’ve ever had on the show! It’s says here you’re a member of Mensa and graduated 2 years early from university. That’s an amazing accomplishment, if you don’t mind me asking, what’s your IQ?”

“Well Jack, that’s kind of a personal question…” I said winking, “but I guess I could let you know, 149.” Cheers came from the audience, I knew they liked nothing better than seeing a highly intelligent woman lose.

“That’s incredible Lilian. Well we will get to some more about you later in the show, but now I have just one more question for you… are you ready to play?”

The crowd echoed Jack’s question as he asked it and I knew it was time to get serious again.

“I’m ready Jack, let’s get going!”

“Ok Lilian, let’s get a few housekeeping items out of the way and we can get going. First off I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl Chrissi!”

As always the spotlight highlighted Chrissi and the buxom blonde bimbo waved and giggled as the crowd cheered and whistled. I had heard the next line so many times I almost lip synced along with it.

“Chrissi was the unluckiest contestant to ever play our game here and opened twelve bimbo cases in a row. But we just couldn’t let her leave with nothing so instead we didn’t let her leave at all and she’s been with us ever since!

In the back of the studio we also have the fine technical folks who are operating the Collar of Fate tonight, we won’t get a chance to see them but we’ll certainly see their work on stage!

And of course we cannot forget our generous benefactor, who has put up the billion dollar prize! Our mystery man that we simply call ‘The Accountant'”. As always the pitch black area above the columns of monitors was backlit revealing a person sitting at a desk but obscured in darkness.

“Of course you all know our board, two sides with twelve steps each, revealed one at a time as the cases are opened. As always the cash side starts at a penny and works its way up to one billion dollars!

The bimbo side is divided in to two halves, the first six are physical changes that the ‘Collar of Fate’ will make and the second half are mental changes. Each of the changes will be selected by an audience vote from a list of four random selections from our database!”

Chapter 3 – Round 1

I wanted to close my eyes and concentrate on the math, but I knew that would look strange so instead I tried to focus on Jack and Chrissi. The audience was hard to make out with the stage lighting on but they seemed to be very loud tonight.

“Ok Lilian, as you know we have five rounds here. In the first round you have to open 12 cases, the second 6 cases, the third 3, the fourth and fifth rounds are 1 case each to see if you win the billion dollars or not. I need 12 numbers from 1 to 24 from you right now.”

I had found no pattern in the data for which case to pick first so I had decided to use my birthday, the 23rd.

“Ok Jack, let’s start with number 23.”

“Chrissi, could you please open case 23 please?” Jack called over to Chrissi.

Chrissi seemed to have been distracted by someone in the crowd and was trying to use some kind of hand signals to indicate she was busy right now but that she would be glad to see them after the show.

“Chrissi? Chrisssssiiiii?!?” Jack said in an exacerbated tone.

“Oh sorry Jack, like what can I do for you?” The audience laughed as Jack just shrugged and repeated himself.

The pedestal with case 23 was still flashing as Chrissi finally made her way over to it. A quick flurry of action on Chrissi’s part that seemed completely unrelated to any motion that would actually cause the case to open somehow delivered the desired effect and revealed a gleaming bimbo symbol.

“Oh Lilian, a bad start with your first bimbo case!

Ok folks, let’s reveal the first bimbo change and the four randomly selected items our audience gets to vote on!”

The crowd cheered as the board displayed the first category.

“Category is Hair! And the four voting options are… Straight to the Bum, Blonde Bomb, Mullet Over and Shaved to the Wood! Ok folks as always use the pads on your arm rests and vote for which one you want. Lilian, any thoughts?”

My classic straight black hair was only down to my shoulders, but I had always thought it one of my best features. I had done the numbers and usually the hair category simply augmented whatever you had, very seldom did the audience go for big changes to start with.

“Well Jack, I can’t picture myself as a Blonde but I really wouldn’t like to be shaved bald!”

“We don’t get that one very often and I can’t remember the audience ever selecting it so I think you’ll be safe there Lilian.

Well the audience has voted and the winner is… Straight to the Bum! Oh the classics are the best sometimes don’t you think Lilian? Ok technical team, please, activate the Collar of Fate now!”

I felt my scalp start to tingle and moments later my hair touch my shoulders. It was only when I felt it crest the top of my buttocks that the tingling stopped and I realized the full weight of my new hair. Turning my head side to side revealed the mass of hair that now was over half as long as I was tall and it was full and perfect.

“Ok Lilian, what’s your next case!”

“How about number 3 Jack.”

“Ok Chrissi, let’s open case number 3…”

“Ok Jack…” Chrissi seemed confused for a moment and then started to walk to the front of the forest of cases. Once she made it there she started to count the cases out loud… “1…. uhm…. 2…. Jack what comes after 2?”

“3 Chrissi, that’s the case we need you to open.” Jack said smiling and shaking his head.

“Oh goodie!” Chrissi replied as she wiggled over to the case and opened it.

“Another bimbo case Lilian!”

I knew the odds, I was probably going to have to get through at least 7 bimbo cases before I could do the math, I just mentally recorded the information and smiled.

“That’s ok Jack, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet after all!” The crowd seemed to like the analogy even if it wasn’t very apt. It was one of the things my research had shown, an audience that likes you will definitely make choices that make your life easier in the long run.

“Good to see you keep your spirits up Lilian! Ok the board says the category is… Voice! With the options being Valley High, At the Speed of Anime, Pause for Effect and A Force of Nature. This is of course just a change to the sound of your voice not your vocabulary.” Jack said.

“So Lilian, what do you think of the choices?”

“Well Jack I’m not sure what A Force of Nature is but the others seem pretty straight forward.”

“Well that one makes… I’m sorry Lilian, I’ll have to tell you about it after the show. The voting is complete and the audience has chosen… At the Speed of Anime!

As many of our audience is clearly aware, lead female characters in Anime often have a very high pitched voice and speak incredibly fast, which is what you’ll be doing from now on!”

The collar once more activated and I felt it go to work on my neck but also a tingle in the back of my mind as well.

“So Lilian why don’t you tell me about your favorite place to go on vacation?”

I had just felt the tingle stop when Jack ask the question, I didn’t hesitate to answer.

“WellJackIlovethebeachinHawaiiwithallthesunandwater…” I stopped as quickly as I could but my mouth seemed to have a mind of its own and merged my entire train of thought together in to a single long word.

To make it even worse, my voice was a high pitched, piercing whine that I didn’t know if humans could even hear!

Focusing on slowing down as much as I could, I continued, “Wow Jack, I love it!” I didn’t really, but playing up to the audience was still a good plan until I didn’t need them anymore.

The audience clapped and hollered at their choice as I finished.

“That’s great Lilian, let’s get to the next case, a number if you please…”


During my quick speech, Chrissi had placed her hands in her ears and Jack had to go over and physically remove them before she could hear which case she was to open.

“Your first cash case Lilian, you’re on the board!”

That was a relief, getting on the board ensured I’d make it through the first round at least.

“Ok Lilian, what’s your next case?”

“22Jack!” I said forgetting to slow down.

“Your second cash case! You’re up to 10 cents!”

“Thatsgreat… Jack, let’s try case number 5.” I said slowing down. It was still almost a high pitched shriek, but at least everyone could understand it.

“Three in a row, you’re on a roll now Lilian! You’ve got a whole dollar now!

What’s your next case?”

“12 Jack.” It took a lot of work to keep my voice at a reasonable pace, but I also had to focus on the cases and their contents, keeping track of them to use later on.

“Wow, four cashes! $10!”

The crowd cheered, even though they liked the bimbo column to light up, they still wanted to secretly root for the underdog and four in a row was always a good run.

“Ok Lilian, let’s get to your next case, do you think you can get 5 in a row?”

“I don’t know Jack, but I can hope so. Let’s find out! Case number 19 please.” Talking was getting a little easier at a reasonable pace, but it was still a lot faster than I was used to.

“Oh, I’m sorry Lilian, that’s your third bimbo case…”

The crowd actually moaned in sympathy, but I was still ahead of the game and with the audience on my side I was confident I’d be walking home with the billion dollar prize.

“Ok Lilian the category this time is lips! The options for the audience are… Wide Open, Just Big Enough, Permanent Pout and Black like the Midnight Sun.”

I knew the options well, each had been on the show before and they were all pretty straight forward.

“Oh Lilian, no surprises in the options here, let’s see what the audience has chosen… Just Big Enough!”

The collar once more glowed and I felt it go to work on my lips. This time it felt strange as if I was puckering up after eating a lemon. When the feeling passed the off stage monitor showed me the results.

My entire mouth was smaller than it had been, my wide smile that had been on my face before had been replaced with a much smaller version of itself. Just big enough for a bimbo to fit a dick in to.

“I think the audience has a bit of an anime fetish going on today Lilian!”

“Oh that’s ok Jack, I think it looks amazing!” Ok, perhaps not amazing, but given my heritage and options that could have been picked, I didn’t have a problem with fostering this direction for the audience.

“Well Lilian we still need to open 5 more cases this round so let’s get your next choice.”

“Ok Jack, how about case number 1.”

“That’s your fourth bimbo case and two in a row! The category is Body Shape. The options are… Heart Shaped Bottom, The Heavenly Ratio, To the Point and Hip Deep!

Well Lilian none of those really fit the anime style, what do you think?”

“I’m not sure Jack, but know we’ll find out soon enough!”

“Your right about that Lilian, the audience has spoken and they’ve said… Hip Deep!”

This time the collar came to life and it felt like everything below my waist was on fire. So much so that I almost missed the tingling in my mind. I watch my previously thin hips spread out and produce a very bottom heavy shape to my body.

“Now then Lilian, why don’t you take a quick walk around the podium?” Jack said with a twinkle in his eye.

I had a pretty good idea of what to expect but the amazing deep sway in my hips even surprised me. The crowd however found it cheer worthy as they came to their feet in applause. I completed my circle and stood once more in place.

“Wow Jack, that’s great!”

“Ok Lilian, I’m glad you like it, but we have four more cases to go this round, what’s your next choice?”

“Ok Jack, case number 2.”

“That’s bad luck Lilian, your third bimbo case in a row!”

Luck is exactly what it was, once I’d gotten through these random cases I wouldn’t need luck any more.

“The category this time is … Breasts!”

The crowd went wild, between a run of three bimbo cases and their favorite category it took several minutes to get them settled down so the show could continue.

“Ok folks, the choices this time are… A Bounce in Your Step, Big and Bold, Tent Poles and One for All and All for One!”

I looked down at my breasts, my Asian heritage had already provided for thick nipples so I didn’t think the audience would go that way and they weren’t large enough to bounce. That meant there really was only once choice for them…

“And the result is… Big and Bold!” Jack confirmed what I already knew.

The collar came to life and the heat in my chest was like a fire as my breasts ballooned out, going from my simple B cup, through C and D all the way to DD. But they didn’t sit naturally on my chest, instead they stood high and proud. I hadn’t noticed it this time but clearly a change in my mind had happened as well as I was pushing my chest out to bring attention to them.

“Well Lilian that balances you out quite nicely!”

“Thanks Jack, they look amazing don’t you think?”

“They certainly do! Ok Lilian we’re almost through the round, what’s your next case?”

“18 Jack.”

Oh, Lilian, that’s your 6th bimbo case! You’ve matched your four cash cases in a row with four bimbo cases!”

The crowd cheered again, a run of 4 cases was a reason to celebrate either way.

“This time we have the category of… Face! The audience has the option of… Pierced Perfection, My What Big Eyes You Have, Sky High Cheekbones, The Whiteness of Being!

I don’t know if we even have to wait for the audience on this one Lilian…”

“I does kind of seem obvious Jack, but the audience will know what to do!” I winked, trying to play it up to keep them on track.

“They do indeed… My What Big Eyes You Have!”

The entire room became fuzzy as the collar did its work, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling but it didn’t last long. Once the room returned to focus, I could see in the off stage monitor what had changed. My eyes were much larger than before, matching the anime look the audience had been going for all night.

“Ok Lilian, just two more cases…”

“13 please Jack.” I once more played up the changes and blink a few times for effect.

“Your streak continues Lilian, your 5th bimbo case in a row! And your first mental change as well!”

The crowd flew in to a near riot as I smiled and waited for things to calm down. I didn’t like the five in a row but I had been prepared for 7 or 8 bimbo cases and so this was not unexpected. More importantly it was the 11th case to be opened, now I just needed 3 more.

“The category is… Clothing Style! The audience options are… Tripping the Flesh Fantastic, Tie Dye, Sexy Traditional Cultural Ware and Suits and Ties!”

Just like the last category, there really wasn’t any guessing required to know where the audience was going to go. I could see sexy school girl outfits, revealing kimonos and other anime inspired attire in my future. I almost wondered if these options were rigged but my extensive research showed they weren’t, it was just the luck of the draw on my part.

“Lilian, the audience has chosen… Sexy Traditional Cultural Ware!”

Unlike before, where the collar effected my body, this time I felt my mind go numb and everything seem to stop as the changes were made. Once things returned to normal, Jack was talking about the change.

“…of course the new clothes will be showing off those new breasts and hips as well. I’m sure she’ll be wearing just the best traditional clothes she can find that still show off lots of skin!”

I looked down at the costume I was wearing and while before I had been fine with it, now it seemed wrong somehow. The wrong color maybe, or the wrong fabric. But there was still more work to do and I continued to track the cases as I opened them.

“Ok Lilian, last case this round, what’s it going to be?”

“16 Jack.”

“Your 5th cash case! Congratulations, you have $100!”

It was a relief to see a cash case again, my body was no longer anything like when I had started and I was still trying to figure out what was wrong with my clothing which was becoming slightly distracting.

Which I definitely couldn’t afford right now.

“Ok Lilian, we’re through the first round, it’s time for The Accountant to do his work and make you an offer.”

“Oh Jack I’m having too much fun to stop now!”

“It does look that way, but we still have to follow the rules. Ok, The Accountant’s offer is in… he’s pretty happy with your progress so far so all he’s offering is to move you up on rung on the cash board if you quit the game right now.”

“Well Jack, I’m here to win and having so much fun so I’m to turn down his offer and keep going!”

Chapter 4 – Round 2

The crowd was cheering as I stood at the podium, tugging at what little clothing I had on.

“Ok Lilian, what’s your first case of the second round going to be?”

“Case 20 please Jack.”

“Another cash case, you’re up to $1000!”

Between the rounds I had been working on the math in my head as much as I could, it looked like I would need two more cases and that should do it, just avoid two bimbo cases and I’d be home free.

“That’s great Jack, how about case number 8?”

“Oh, case number 8 is a bimbo case!”

The crowd cheered, Jack smiled and waved at them to settle down.

“Let’s check out what the category and options are…

Vocabulary! With the random options being… Klingon, English as a Second Language, Freudian Slips and Valley Girl!

Well Lilian these options are pretty much playing right in to the audience!

And the result is… English as a Second Language!”

I had seen that coming from a mile away as soon as it had been said. The fog was pervasive throughout my mind as the collar worked this time and things were definitely different once it had left.

“Lilian, how does that feel?”

My answer didn’t come out the way I expected. I spoke 4 language but my native tongue had always been English. This time my response was in Japanese and without focusing on speaking slowly it was a long string of words all jumbled together.

“Li-li-an… feel… good.” Was all I could muster in English.

“Well that’s certainly a big change, Lilian. That anime trend is going full speed now!

You know, you seemed to have some trouble there with your name, perhaps if you use the Japanese translation it would help?”

That wasn’t a suggestion I liked very much, but before I had any choice in the matter my new vocabulary latched on to it.

“Ri Ri An?”

“Oh, that’s not too bad, but how about just RiRi?”

“Hei! RiRi!” It sounded ridiculous, but I went with it, there wasn’t any choice. The collar had made sure of it.

“Ok RiRi, what’s your next case going to be?”

“RiRi choose 15!”

“Oh another bimbo case, that’s too bad!”

“Well it’s time for a new career RiRi, no more hacking for you. The options are… Dirty Jobs, Dance Dance Revolution, Bottom Rung and His Girl Friday!


I knew this was bad, but it was the last bimbo case I would be seeing. I just ignored what Jack was saying and focused on the math. But there was a problem. I had used words and phrases to map the complex formula in to a format that I could remember but they were all in English. Now with English as my second language it was hard to tell if what I was remembering was right or not!

“His Girl Friday! A classic if there ever was one. Your new job will be doing all the little things your boss either doesn’t have time for or just feels they’re too demeaning for him to do!”

I was just finishing the problem in my head as best I could when the collar came to life again, the fog rolled in and I tried to keep focused but it was a lost cause. Once it had left I tried to refocused on the pattern and finish the problem.

“Well RiRi, what’s your next case?”

I stalled as long as I could, double checking everything but the last change had made things fuzzy. Jack wasn’t just the host, he was the boss. I was supposed to make sure the boss had everything they needed and I was keeping him waiting. I needed to give him a case number. I couldn’t wait any longer and went with what I thought was the right answer.

“21 puh-lease.”

“A cash case, great work RiRi! You’re up to $5000.”

My world brightened up, it was a cash case, I was on my way to the billion dollar prize. But more importantly Jack had said I’d done a good job!

“Ok, two more cases to go RiRi, what’s your next choice?”

I picked the next case that my formula said was a cash case, “9.”

“Another cash case! That’s $10,000! Ok RiRi, just one more case this round.”

It was working, I was doing a good job for Jack!

“4!” I said with confidence. I had the game beat!

“And your third cash case in a row to end the round. That’s $50,000!”

“RiRi so smart!”

“Yes you’re doing very well RiRi, but now we need to find out what The Accountant has to say!

I have his offer, he’s willing to jump you up one cash level, all the way to $100,000, if you quit right now.”

“RiRi no stop, RiRi go all way!”

“Alright, that means round three!”

Chapter 5 – Round 3

“Ok RiRi, in round 3 you need to open 3 cases, what is your first one going to be?”

I was confident I had it licked now, the next case was “10 Jack.”

“You were on such a good roll there RiRi, but that’s you 10th Bimbo case!” Jack said enthusiastically.

It wasn’t possible, it had to be a cash case! Something had gone wrong and I started to check my math again, but it was so hard. Between fidgeting with my clothes, trying to remember the right English phrases and now Jack seemed so happy I had chosen a bimbo case. Maybe I should pick another bimbo case if that’s what he wants.

No… that’s the show messing with my head, I have to focus on the cash cases.

“We have a new category for you RiRi, Compulsion! The options are… Hop-Skip-Jump, Frozen in Place, Proving Them Right and Roaming Hands.”

I was still working on the problem as the audience came back with its answer.

“And the audience has chosen…Frozen in Place!”

The fog engulfed my mind as I continue to work though the math as the Collar of Fate glowed its evil pink light. Once it had cleared I found I had stopped fidgeting with my clothing.

“RiRi, from now on you’ll find that if you don’t have a specific action or re-action to make, you’ll be completely still. You’ll stay in whatever last position you were in until some external impetus gets you moving again. Welcome to a lifelong game of freeze tag!”

I wanted to say something but I couldn’t get my body to move at all. This was bad and getting out of hand. I only had two more bimbo cases left and still needed three cash cases. I worked as hard as I could on the problem in my head.

“So RiRi, I’d ask you some personal details but you don’t seem very talkative anymore, so instead what’s the next case you want to open?”


“Another cash case RiRi! Well done you’re up to $100,000!”

Maybe I still had a chance, 2 cash cases and 2 bimbo cases left…

“Ok last case of the round, what is it going to be?” Jack prompted me.


“That’s you’re 11th bimbo case RiRi, you can’t afford any more of those!”

My math was wrong, or the show had messed with my mind too much or maybe I had really wanted to pick another bimbo case. I don’t know for sure, but it didn’t matter now.

“Now the last category is Fetish and the options are… Latex, Tattoo’s Say It Best, Playing Footsie and Balloons.

Audience, this is your last chance to participate, what’s it going to be?


The fog came over my mind again, once it had left the uncomfortable feeling about my clothes was even worse.

“Well RiRi, I think you’re going to look fabulous in Latex.”

I just stood there, completely still. Jack hadn’t asked a question, there was nothing for me to respond to and so I didn’t.

I was relived to be done, I’d be able to end it now and have some kind of life, even if it wasn’t going to be anything like it was before.

“I think The Accountant is going to have a serious offer for you now. You’re two cases away from the billion dollars!”

It suddenly hit me, he was right. There were only three cases left. I had a 66% chance of opening a cash case next round!

“You know we haven’t seen anyone this close to the big prize in quite a while. I know I’m excited for you to keep going!”

Jack’s encouragement hit me like a freight train, he wanted me to continue, I wanted to do it for him!

“Ok RiRi, the offer is $1 million to end it here and now.”

I knew somewhere deep down it was the show that had messed with my head, but I couldn’t help it.

“No. RiRi go all way. RiRi get billion dollar!”

Chapter 6 – Finals

“Ok RiRi, this is round 4, you only have to open a single case, which one is it going to be?”

I didn’t even both trying to work out the math, it wasn’t worth the effort.


“The second last cash case! Congratulations RiRi, you’ve made it all the way to $500,000!”

The crowd was going wild. No one had made it this far in a long time and Jack seemed very happy I had opened another case.

“Ok RiRi, we’re down to the home stretch, there are two cases remaining. One wins you the billion dollars the other completes your bimbo transformation.

There’s no offer from The Accountant this time, your only choice is if you want to continue or not. I’m rooting for you to go all the way and I know you’ll do the right thing. Are you going to continue?”

My brain was on fire, I was trying to scream out no, but Jack’s continued encouragement beat it down to a dull whimper and instead I replied “RiRi do it for Jack, RiRi will billion dollar!”

“All right then give me your final case number!”

I looked at the two remaining cases, 7 and 24. The math didn’t matter. Now it was just down to dumb luck and so I said “7.”

Jack’s wide grin told me everything I needed to know, he was happy with my choice. I saw Chrissi open the case to reveal the bimbo symbol but something strange happened next. The recording lights on the studio cameras turned off and the audience was quiet.

Instead of the collar glowing and taking away my intelligence, Jack walked towards me and asked Chrissi to open case 24 as well. I continue to stand in place, there was nothing to make me move even if my mind was racing at a billion miles an hour. Jack stood next to me as Chrissi opened the case to reveal another bimbo symbol.

“You really should have read your appearance contract better Lilian. That section about forfeiting your rights to the grand prize if you had committed any crimes against the company or their affiliates, like our accounting or law firms is an important one. Hacking our systems was one thing, but actually walking in to the law firm was a gutsy move to say the least.

Of course the details of the final case will never be aired, but we do have the perfect place for you in our organization once the collar has done its work.”

I was panicking as Jack walked back over to the other side of the stage, Chrissi closing the case again. The cameras came back to life with me in the exact same position as when they had shut off. Now the collar glowed a final time as the fog consumed my mind.

Chapter 7 – Epilogue

It was dark but RiRi didn’t mind, RiRi liked doing things in the dark or the light. Once things got light again RiRi would be much happier though, the latex dress look so much nicer when it shinned. RiRi was wet just thinking about how it pushed her big boobs together and showed off so much cleavage through the wide hole just below her neckline.

RiRi had been in Japan for three months now and this was her big debut. She was so excited she was almost jumping up and down, but of course she was just standing perfectly still. She was smiling as much as she could, her small mouth had been a big hit after her appearance but it did have its drawbacks.

The studio curtain raised as the theme music blared from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. RiRi remained motionless but her wetness increased as the reflections from her dress danced about the cases and pedestals that surrounded her.

“Welcome folks to Bimbo or Billionaire Japan!

It’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds… Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and the audience roared in response.

RiRi could see Jakurou talking to someone on stage, they were wearing a skimpy white outfit that she seemed to recall having worn at some point.

Jakurou had turned to the audience and it was chanting along with him, he seemed very happy and so RiRi was too. He was her boss and she did anything he asked her to.

“Ok Sachi, let’s get a few housekeeping items out of the way and we can get going. First off I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl RiRi!”

As always the spotlight highlighted RiRi and her dress came to life even more.

“RiRi was a contestant on the original Bimbo or Billionaire and she just turned out to be the best little bimbo case girl we could find so we brought her over here to help us out!”

RiRi remained motionless, but the audience applauded her, Jakurou smiled and clapped along and RiRi had a small orgasm to start the show off on the right foot.


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    3 Lips $1
    4 Body Shape $10
    5 Breasts $100
    6 Face $1,000
    7 Clothing Style $5,000
    8 Vocabulary $10,000
    9 Career Change $50,000
    10 Compulsion $100,000
    11 Fetish $500,000
    12 Intelligence $1,000,000,000
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