Bimbo or Billionaire: Holiday Special

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2018

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SYNOPSIS: Tabitha was once a sex symbol to millions, but now that her fame has faded can the Bimbo or Billionaire Holiday Special reignite her career?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is the eighth story in my Bimbo or Billionaire series, you don’t have to read the others but you probably should read the first one at least as I’m not going to re-iterate some of the show mechanics.

You can’t write a story like this without acknowledging the great work of MrGrey’s “You Bet Your Brain!” and Chrystal Wynd’s “Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!” and so I have.

I’ve received a few requests from authors to write episodes and in general I’m fine with that, however there are some rules to follow which I’ve added to the end of the story.

I’ve moved all my old Tumblr content over to, drop by and say hi.

Chapter 1 – Faded Glory

Tabitha looked at the legal documents and wondered how it had all gone so wrong. Just a few years ago, or at least it seemed that way, she’d been at the top of the world. A famous actress, legions of fans, producers begging her to appear in their TV shows and movies. She had it all.

Now, as she scribbled her name across the bottom of the papers closing out her production company and liquidating the last of it’s assets to pay off the debts associated with it, she shook her head and let out a sigh of resignation.

“Thank you Tabitha.”, her lawyer said as he pushed another stack of papers in front of her, “I know it’s not what you wanted, but I assure you it’s the best result given the circumstances.

She brushed a bit of her long blonde hair back over her ear and continued signing the papers that would effectively keep her solvent, but only just barely.

“Thanks Jim, you’ve been great through all these years. I’m sorry I won’t be able to pay you a retainer any more.”

“Don’t worry about it Tabitha, you’ve been far too good to me. If you ever need anything, just let me know.”

“That’s sweet Jim, thanks.” she said as she signed the last of the papers and pushed them back to him.

Jim had been there from the start, one of the first people she had met , professionally, when she arrived in LA and was just starting out. He’d been just out of law school at the time and was working for a small studio doing contracts for them when she’d been offered a small part in one of their films.

Jim had been the one to walk her through the contract and make sure everything was sign before filming started.

They’d hit it off, in a friendly kind of way and a few of the things he’d told her in that first session had stuck with her. They proved very useful with a few less scrupulous production companies she’d worked for in those first few months.

Then after getting what she had thought was going to be another cheesy pilot that would never get picked up, Beach Guards became a big hit and she became the face of the show. Her image was everyone, decked out in those tiny bikini’s that left nothing to the imagination!

Who would have thought that a group of young people on a beach running around like idiots saving people would have been so popular? In hindsight it was obvious, the producers had stacked the cast full of beautiful people and the camera work always caught just the right angle to show off their young supple bodies.

No one expected it to do well and so they’d only signed her to a one season contract, for peanuts really. When when she quickly became the face of the show, everything change. They wanted a long term contract with her and there were all kinds of clauses she wasn’t sure about.

She’d reached out to Jim and he’d taken a look at it, giving her advise that was invaluable and made her rich and in control of her own career.

She’d hired him as her personal attorney as soon as the first check had cleared.

There was a string of successful shows after that, and eventually she had with Jim’s help, setup her own production company to starting being more than just the pretty face in front of the camera, but the brains behind it too.

As the years passed, things only got better… until they didn’t.

Eventually her youthful looks started to fade and she’d turned to the surgeon’s knife to try and abate the effects of time. Some attempts were more successful than others.

The string of bad boy boyfriends and husbands didn’t help her image either and slowly she started to fade away from the limelight.

She knew it would happen one day and with her production company well established, she didn’t mind so much. But even so, she still missed it and after a few years of being away, she’d decided to try and reinvent herself.

She’d gone and had all of her implants removed, trying to get back to as much of a natural look as she could. Then she went after “mature” roles, “serious” roles, roles that a “real” actor could sink their teeth in to. She managed to land a few small parts and even had some good reviews, but she wanted more.

And, she had to admit, against Jim’s advise she’d used her production company to try and kickstart the process. One box office disaster after the next hadn’t dissuaded her. Until she was here, in Jim’s office with nothing to show for it.

It had turned out that once you’d been a sex symbol for so long, it was hard to get people to look at you any other way.

There was still hope though, while the movies hadn’t been financially successful, they had received good reviews. She could still try and make a go of it, but without any financial liquidity or industry clout left, she’d be a the mercy of others if she was going to be successful.

Tabitha picked up her purse from the desk, waved at Jim and walked out of his office with a mixed sense of sadness and hope.

“You’ve got to be kidding me right?” Tabitha said with astonishment to Terry her agent.

“No… no I’m quite serious Tabitha, Bimbo or Billionaire wants you on the show.”

“There’s no way I’m doing that, I mean the women on that show… how they end up!”

“Well you see that’s the thing, this is the holiday special they do every year. It’s always a…” Terry paused catching herself before the words ‘has been’ popped out of her mouth, “distinguished actress that is on the program. All off the money goes to the charity of your choice and the transformations are only for 24 hours. You do some promotional shots, a few meet and greets and then BAM! Right back to normal. And the best part is that you can keep any of the changes you want while getting rid of the ones you don’t!”

Tabitha just shook her head, “But… I don’t want to do that kind of work anymore! I’m trying to get serious parts.”

“I know Tabitha, but no one is giving them too you because your not a big enough draw yet for those kinds of roles. You’ve got name recognition but no mind share any more. Bimbo or Billionaire is huge, you appearing on it will set social media on fire!”

She had to admit that what Terry was saying was true, it had been years since she’d been in a tabloid or on the cover of a magazine. A new generation of famous people had come up after her that used social media and other tools to keep in front of people all the time.

“Well… HHAA could use some extra money.” Tabitha said.

Humans for Humanitarian Advancement of Animals had been her personal crusade since even before she was famous. It had been a wonderful feeling to be their spokes person and she hated not being able to give them any more donations.

“Exactly!” Terry smiled

Tabitha read over the contract one final time before signing it, the show had sent it over to her by courier earlier that day and she’d almost picked up the phone several times to give Jim a call but hadn’t.

She didn’t want to impose on him and she was pretty sure it was all pretty straight forward, even if written in dense legalize.

Basically it said that she was agreeing to appear on Bimbo or Billionaire’s holiday special. That any money she won would be donated to the charity of her choice as selected before she appeared on the program so they could vet the charity before hand and partner with them on the promotion of the show. And most importantly that any changes from the Collar of Fate would be reversed after 24 hours at her decretion.

She had to admit that the last part intrigued her. Assuming that the audience didn’t go overboard with it’s selections, she might keep a few changes afterwards.

She signed the contract, once more with mixed emotions, before stuffing it back in the the courier package and dialing the number on the front of it.

Chapter 2 – Opening Credits

The studio curtain raised as the theme music blared from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. Tabitha was calm and composed, she’d been in front of far larger crowds and the tiny white strips of uniform that barely covered her modesty were more than she’d had on in her sex tape.

She felt the Collar of Fate’s cold steel against her neck that she’d been living with for a week and wondered how on Earth it worked. But none of the technicians had been willing to say anything even with her considerable charm.

“Yes folks it’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds? Is she a? Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and the audience roared in response.

The applause brought a smile to Tabitha’s face and she took a look to see Jack holding his mike in front of his lips as he spoke, “Thanks Dan, as you know, today is a very special show, it’s our annual Holiday Special!”

It wasn’t the first time she’d met Jack, she’d bumped in to him any times over the years at various event parties. He’d always given her a bit of a sleazy feel, but then again, he was a game show host so she figured it was to be expected.

Jack was wearing a full tuxedo, including bow tie tonight as he waved and smiled to the audience, trying to get them settled down.

The audience roared inspite of his attempts and Tabitha smiled, it was good to hear the roar of an audience once again.

“Tonight we’re very excited to have a world famous actress on our show! What do you think folks, do you want me to bring her out?”

The audience went wild again and Jack gave a hearty chuckle.

“Ok, well I think that’s my answer, so let’s get today’s contestant out on stage? Tabitha Sanderson!” Jack called out and she walked on to the set her practised smile on full display as she waved to the audience that she couldn’t see due to the stage lights but new was there to see her.

“Hi Tabzee, it’s great to see you again and welcome to the show!”

Tabitha inwardly winced at the nickname she’d picked up in her youth and still hung around her neck like a ball and chain.

“Thanks Jack, It’s great to be here. I’m trying to remember, when was the last time I saw you?” she asked with a knowing look at the crowd.

“Oh… my… I don’t think we need to remenise about that Tabzee.” Jack replied, clearly nervous.

“Wasn’t that just before your, what, fourth divorce Jack?” she asked with a raised eyebrow and a wink to the crowd.

Jack cleared his throat before replying, “Please Tabzee, no need to bring up such old news!”

Tabitha let him squirm for just a moment before answering, “Well, I guess not Jack, after all we’re here tonight for a good cause.”

“That’s right Tabzee, we are! Tonight we’re play Bimbo or Billionaire for your charity, HHAA!” Jack replied, eager to move on.

The audience applause swelled and when it died down Jack continued, “A great charity that you’re well known for. I’m sure they’ll do great thing with whatever money you win tonight. But enough of that, there’s a question I need you to answer Tabzee before we can begin… are you ready to play Bimbo or Billionaire?”

“Yes Jack, I’m ready!” she replied with great confidence.

“Ok Tabzee, I’ve got to get a few housekeeping items out of the way and we can get going. First off I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl Chrissi!”

As always the spotlight highlighted Chrissi and the buxom blonde bimbo wiggled and jiggled as the crowd cheered and whistled. For the holiday special Chrissi was stuffed in to a tight red sequence dress that came almost all the way down to her feet in the front and had a bit of a trail out the back. Across her chest was a wide white sash with ‘6969’ written across it in big bold black letters.

“Chrissi was the unluckiest contestant to ever play our game here and opened twelve bimbo cases in a row. But we just couldn’t let her leave with nothing so instead we didn’t let her leave at all and she’s been with us ever since!

Ah… Chrissi what are you wearing?”

Chrissi looked confused at the question, though she had looked confused before the question and would no doubt look confused afterwards, but answered anyway, “Like it’s my new years costume Jack!” she replied, spinning around once and almost falling over as she came to a halt.

“New years? But we don’t do a new years show Chrissi? And even so, shouldn’t the sash say 2019 then?”

Chrissi pouted as she answer, “But… but… we don’t? But like I really want it to be 6969 next year! I’m totally sure it would be the best year ever! giggle

“Ha ha ha… I’m sure it would be Chrissi… I’m sure it would be. You know what Chrissi? Just for you we’re going to make it the year 6969 next year… and every year after that too!”

“Goodie!” Chrissi squealed and jumped up and down in excitement.

The crowd laughed and started chanting “6969”.

“Ok, well now that that is settled, we also have in the back of the studio the fine technical folks who are operating the Collar of Fate tonight, we won’t get a chance to see them but we’ll certainly see their work on stage!

And of course we cannot forget our generous benefactor, who has put up the billion dollar prize! Our mystery man that we simply call ‘The Accountant'”. As always the pitch-black area above the columns of monitors was backlit revealing a person sitting at a desk but obscured in darkness like each show, but this time you could make out the outline of a Santa cap on his head.

“And since this is our holiday special, we have a special board as well! It’s still split in to two sides with twelve steps each, revealed one at a time as the cases are opened. But as this is all for charity, the cash side starts at a $100 and works its way up to the maximum five million dollar donation!

As always though, the Bimbo side is divided in to two halves, the first six are physical changes that the ‘Collar of Fate’ will make and the second half are mental changes. Each of the changes will be selected by an audience vote from a list of four random selections from our database!”

Chapter 3 – Round 1

“Ok Tabzee, as you know we have five rounds here. In the first round you have to open 12 cases, the second 6 cases, the third 3, the fourth and fifth rounds are 1 case each to see if your charity will win 5 million dollars. I need 12 numbers from 1 to 24 from you right now.”

“Ok Jack, I don’t have any real plan so let’s start with number 8 please.”

“Chrissi, could you please open case 8 please?” Jack called over to her and she wiggled her way over to the case, almost tripping over the trail on her dress as she turned.

Chrissi managed get to case 8 without further incident and opened it to reveal a cash symbol.

“Great start Tabzee, you’ve got $100 with your first case!

“Awesome Jack!” Tabitha replied and put her hands in the air with a little shout.

“Alright Tabzee, what’s your second case going to be?

“Well let’s try number 6.”

“Ok Chrissi, can you please open case number 6?”

“Oh my god Jack! Like 6 is the first number on my sash!” Chrissi squealed and pointed to the top most number.

“Your right Chrissi, but it’s also the third one too.” Jack shot back with a wink.

Chrissi’s mouth opened in to an O and her eyes opened wide, “Like, you’re totally right! Your so smart! giggle Hummm… like, what was I supposed to do Jack?”

“Open case number 6 Chrissi.” Jack replied with a sympathetic smile.

“Right, like I’m soooooo sorry!” she replied and scurried over to the case, opening it to reveal another cash symbol.

“Congratulations Tabzee! That’s $500 dollars for your charity so far!”

“That’s great Jack, and I hope everyone at home can support HHAA and donate as well!”

“I’m sure they will Tabzee, in fact we’re running their donation phone number across the bottom of the screen right now.

“That’s great Jack, they do such amazing work.”

“Ok, we’ve plugged your charity so now it’s time for another number.”

“Right you are Jack, let’s go with case number 3.”

“Case number 3 for choice number 3 Tabzee?”

“Yeah, sure, why not!”

“Ok Chrissi, you’re turn.”

“Like, my turn? Ok, like I totally choose case number 42!” Chrissi squealed, holding her hands in two small balls in front of her.

“No, no , no Chrissi. Not your turn to pick a case, but to open case number 3!” Jack said with a sign of exacerbation.

“Awe! Like, when do I get to pick a case?” she pouted once more.

“Maybe after the show Chrissi, but right now, case number 3 please?”

She continued to pout but made her way over to the case, but the audience was on her side and let out a sympathetic awe which brought a smile to Chrissi’s face. Which in turn caused the audience to clap until the old bubbly Chrissi was back by the time the case was open.

“Great work! Another cash case!” Jack said and Tabitha smiled, this was easier than she thought it would be.

“That’s $1000 dollars for HHAA… please call the number at the bottom of your screen, operators are standing by…” Jack said with a wink to the camera and the audience let out a chuckle.

“Ok Tabzee, what’s your forth choice going to be?”

“How about case number 12 Jack.”

“You got it, Chrissi, case number 12 please.”

This time the buxom blonde went straight to it and opened it, revealing the first bimbo symbol of the game.

“Well it had to happen eventually Tabzee, that’s your first bimbo case!”

The audience cheered and Tabitha smiled, “That’s ok Jack, it’s for a good cause.”

“Yes, yes it is, but now on to the first category! Which is of course Hair! And the four voting options are? Shaved to the Wood, Wind Swept, The Farrah Fawcett, Beach Bleached Blonde! Ok folks as always use the pads on your arm rests and vote for which one you want.”

Tabitha almost laughed out loud, in the last few years she’d gone a little shorter and darker, but she was famous for her long bleached blonde look and she had little doubt what he audience would choose.

This was a choice that she might even keep after the 24 hours. Over the years she’d done a lot of damage to her hair, but from everything she knew about the Collar of Fate, she’d soon have a head full of perfectly healthy bleach blonde that would never need to be coloured again.

“Well the audience has voted and the I guess in a surprise to no one, the winner is? Beach Bleached Blonde!”

Tabitha felt the Collar of Fate activate and her head come to life. The familiar feeling of hair cascaded down over her neck and shoulders as she looked down to see the almost white strands of hair pool in front of her. It stopped just as suddenly as it started and she reached up, running her fingers through it and pushing the mass of hair up over her head before letting it fall down in to place perfectly once more.

She smiled and shook her head from side to side as she let out a small squeal and the audience cheered in appreciation.

She took a quick look at it on one of the off stage monitors and just as she suspected her hair was a perfect match for the style she’d sported on Beach Guards.

“Well Tabzee, I must say that it’s a classic look!”

“It feels great Jack, it really takes me back to the day.”

“Ok well, we need to keep going so can I have your next case please?”

“Sure Jack, how about case 17.”

“Chrissi, case number 17 please.”

Chrissi once more manage the feat without issue and opened yet another cash case.

“Congratulations, that’s your fourth cash case! You’re charity is up to $5,000!” the crowd cheered, not as hard as they had for the bimbo case, but they wanted to see the charity do well too.

“Ok Tabzee, what’s your next selection?”

“16 Jack!” she said, happy HHAA was going to at least get something respectable from the show.

“Oh sweet 16 is your second bimbo case!” Jack said and the crowd roared in response.

“Let’s reveal the second Bimbo change and the four randomly selected items our audience gets to vote on! The category is Voice! And the four voting options are? Husky Harlot, Valley High, Southern Comfort, Booming Base! Ok folks it’s all up to you, vote now!”

Tabitha has spent years playing characters that could either be described as either have a Husky Harlot or Valley High voice so it was hard to tell which the audience would choose, but she had no doubt it would be one of the two.

“Well the audience has voted and it was close but the winner is? Valley High! Technical team, please, activate the Collar of Fate now!”

The collar activated and Tabitha it felt like someone was gripping her throat from the inside for a few seconds.

“So Tabzee, let’s hear that new voice!”

“Well Jack, I’m interested to hear it!” she said, her voice was right out of a show she’d done called Heaps. She had played a ditzy blonde, yet again, but this time she’d used an even higher pitched voice than she normally spoke in and tried to increase her cadence as well.

“Wow Tabzee, I have to say I loved Heaps and it’s a real thrill to hear that voice again!”

“Ha ha ha… yeah, I worked really hard on getting that voice just right, but his just comes so naturally now!”

“That’s the wonders of the Collar of Fate and our technical team! But now it’s time for another case Tabzee, what is it going to be?”

“Ok Jack, how about 21.”

“It’s been a little while since you’ve seen that number Tabzee…” Jack said with a smirk as Chrissi sauntered over to the case.

“Not as long as you Jack!” she shot right back.

Jack cleared his throat and shuffled his feet as Chrissi opened the case to reveal another cash symbol.

“Amazing!” Tabitha shouted in her high pitched voice.

“That’s $10,000 for HHAA! Ok I need your 8th case please.”

“Case 18 Jack.”

“Oh, that’s your third bimbo case Tabzee, let’s see, the category this time is lips! The options for the audience are? Sweet as Candy, Pleasure Pillows, Permanent Pout, ‘O’pen for Business.

Audience, please make your choice now!”

Tabitha had never been famous for her lips so she really didn’t have any idea what the audience was going to select, but in all honesty she’d wondered what fuller lips might be like.

“Ok Tabzee, the audience has chosen? a tie! Pleasure Pillows and Permanent Pout!”

Tabitha caught the pink glow of the Collar of Fate as she felt her lips start to tingle. Then the tingling intensified as she could feel them puffing up and forming a pout.

“Wow Tabzee, I think this is a whole new look for you!”

The audience cheered as she lifted a finger to her lips and ran it over them. They were just as she expected, puffy, pouty and sensitive. This was something she was definitely not going to be keeping after the show.

“Well the audience seems to like them, but I need another case, what’s it going to be?”

“Let’s try case number 10 Jack.” Tabitha replied, trying to work her newly enlarged lips the best she could.

“Another cash case! That’s $50,000! Great to see HHAA getting a great donation tonight. What’s your next case going to be Tabzee?”

“How about case 11 Jack?”

“That’s your fourth Bimbo case! The category is Body Shape. The options are? She’s All Legs, Straight as an Arrow, Bottoms Up, The Heavenly Ratio 1:1.618!”

Tabitha had always been known for her curves, even if they had faded over time, so she was pretty sure Straight as an Arrow was out of the question. The audience had definitely been in a good mood so far.

“What do you think Tabzee any thoughts on what option you’d select if it was your choice?”

“Well I think I’ve had the Heavenly Ratio before and that worked out pretty well…” Tabitha replied and winked at the audience as they tapped at the controllers.

“That is very true… but the audience has made its choice and your getting what you wanted… The Heavenly Ratio 1:1.618!”

The Collar of Fate came to life and Tabitha’s entire body began to tingle, then her waist started to constrict as her shoulders and hips expanded. Before long her body was a perfect hour glass, much like she’d worked so hard for when she was younger. But there was something else too, she raised an eyebrow and looked at Jack questioningly.

“Ah, yes… well it is the holidays so we’ve thrown in a little extra gift to the body category. Not only is your waist to hip and waist to chest ratio a perfect 1:1.618 or a 61.8% difference, we’ve also taken 61.8% off of your age!”

Tabitha’s mouth hung agape as she looked down at her body, her perfect skin from her youth once more returned.

“Holy beeeep Jack!” she burst out before remembering the show was rated PG 13.

“Ha ha ha… Tabzee, careful with the language. Now if my math works out correctly, that would make you physically just over 21 years old now, correct?”

“Your right Jack, that’s amazing!”

“Well, we’re all about giving here at Bimbo or Billionaire, so I’m glad your happy. But now let’s get back to the game. Can I have another case number please?”

“You bet Jack. And you know what, this show has just shot up to my number 1 favourite TV show ever, so let’s go with case number 1!”

Tabitha couldn’t believe it, not only was she now more beautiful than she ever had been, she also had all of her lifetime of experience. She’d take the industry by storm and not make the same mistakes a second time.

“Well that’s your fifth bimbo case Tabzee, let’s find out your options for the fan favourite category… Breasts! Tonight the options are… Flotation Devices, Decorations for the Holidays, Valley of Pleasure, Botched.”

The audience roared as Jack read out the category and options and for the first time on the show Tabitha was nervous. She’d had a long history of breast augmentation and really there were only two options the audience might decide upon. The first, Flotation Devices was an obvious choice from her Beach Guard days, but Botched frightened her from the several bad augmentations that had been in all the tabloids. If the audience went that way it could ruin her good luck so far.

“And the audience has chosen… Flotation Devices!” Jack called out and Tabitha let out a sigh of relief.

The collar activated and Tabitha felt her chest start to expand, and expand, and expand, and expand. Soon they were larger than any implants she had ever had but strangely they were felt lighter than even her smallest implants. Almost like…

“That’s right Tabzee, those are real flotation devices now. Filled with a custom polymer that has trapped air inside of it’s matrix, it is almost as light as air but still provides a firm structure to give the right look of your new bustline.”

Tabitha reached up and gave them a squeeze from the sides. Jack was right, they felt light and soft but also held their shape and bounced back as soon as she let go.

“Amazing Jack.” She said, not unhappy with how high up and round they were, but not quite sure what to make of them either.

She’d considered going larger in her youth, but hadn’t because of the weight and strain on her back, but these had neither of those problems.

“Well Tabzee, I’m sure the audience could spend hours watching you squeeze your new breasts, but I think it’s time we got to your final case of the round… don’t you?”

Tabitha blinked and realized she was still squeezing her breasts together and immediately stopped before blushing slightly.

“Yea, of course Jack. How about case number 7.”

“You got it Tabzee. Well that’s your sixth bimbo case so you’re ending the first round at 50%, but that’s not too bad really. Now then, the final category for this round is… Face! And the options for the audience are… From Dusk to Dawn, Blue Sky, Arch Angels, Overall Oval!”

The audience went silent as they tapped on their pads until finally they had made a decision.

“And the audience has chosen… Arch Angels!” Jack shouted.

Tabitha felt the Collar of Fate activate one last time this round and her face tingle. Soon it was over and she looked to the side of the stage to see a camera zoomed in on her face.

It wasn’t too different, but where her eyebrows had always been lower on her forehead, they now arched up and over her eyes in a dramatic shape. There were other small changes, more pronounced cheekbones, a slightly shorter nose, a minimally smaller chin. All of the changes simply enhanced her already famous face.

“That’s it for round 1 Tabzee, what do you think so far?”

“It’s amazing Jack, it’s been a great experience!”

“I think the audience is in full agreement with you on that one! But as everyone knows, it’s now time for The Accountant to do his work and make you an offer.”

Tabitha was over the moon, the changes were so amazing and she’d definitely be keeping most of them, if not all!

“Ok, The Accountant’s offer is in? he’s very happy with your progress so far, he’s a big fan of yours! Your at $50,000 for your charity now, he’s offering to move you up one more cash rung to $100,000 but he wants three more steps on the bimbo board to end the game right now.”

The director of the show had talked to Tabitha earlier about the offer and told her that none of the celebrities ever took it due to the temporary nature of the changes. After all they were there for their charities and they wanted to get as much money as they could for them.

“I’m sorry Jack, but HHAA needs more than $100,000 to do it’s work, I’m declining the offer!”

Chapter 4 – Round 2

“Welcome back everyone, let’s get round two started. Tabzee if you wouldn’t mind I need six cases this time?”

“Let’s start with case 20 Jack.”

“Alright, that’s another cash case! That’s $100,000 for HHAA! Looks like it was a great choice to turn down the Accountant Tabzee!”

“You know it Jack. Let’s try case number 9 next!”

“Chrissi, case number 9 please…”

“Oh my god Jack! Like 9 is the second number on my sash!” Chrissi squealed and point to the second number.

“Your right Chrissi, but it’s also the fourth one too.” Jack shot back, turning to the audience and raising an eyebrow to them.

Chrissi’s mouth opened in to an O and her eyes opened wide, “Like, you’re totally right! Your so smart! giggle Hummm… like, what was I supposed to do Jack?”

“Open case number 9 Chrissi.” Jack replied with a sympathetic smile.

“Right, like I’m soooooo sorry!” she replied and scurried over to the case.

She paused just before opening it, “Like, this so totally seem familiar… almost like… de… dej… deja…”

“Deja vu Chrissi?” Jack asked as the audience laughed.

“Yeah, like totally that! giggle” she replied as she giggled along as the audience laughed and she opened the case.

“That’s our Chrissi for you folks…” Jack said just before he saw what was in the case.

“That’s your ninth bimbo case and your first mental change!”

The crowd went wild as they always looked forward to the start of the mental changes.

“The category is? Clothing Style! The audience options are? Latex Formal, Beachwear, Leather and Lace and finally Birthday Suit!

That seemed like an obvious choice to Tabitha and she wasn’t surprised when Jack called out Beachwear. She was famous for it after all.

A fog of the Collar of Fate rolled over Tabitha’s mind as she felt slightly dizzy as the collar started its work. When it was done, she didn’t feel any different, but looking down at the simple two piece uniform of the show, it somehow felt better than it had.

“Well I don’t think that surprised anyone did it? The good news is that these days beachware has come a long way, I’m sure you’ll find lots of options Tabzee. Ok let’s move on to the next case.”

Tabitha smiled, she would be removing this change for sure, she enjoyed fashion far too much to be limited in that way, “Sure Jack, case 23 please.”

“You got it… and it’s another cash case! That’s $200,000 for HHAA! What’s your next choice Tabzee?”

“Let’s go with case number 2 Jack.”

“That’s your 8th bimbo case, your even on both sides of the board once more! The second category of the mental changes is vocabulary! With the random options being? Proper English, Valley Girl, Klingon, Elvish!

Do we even need to wait for the audiences answer this time Tabzee?”

Tabitha didn’t have any doubt about it, “Like, I totally don’t think so Jack!” she replied in her best valley girl speak as she thrust her hip to one side, placed one hand on it hand gave a limp single wave with her other hand even before the Collar of Fate activated.

Much like the first mental change, a fog seemed to come over her for a moment and then recede, leaving her to blink several times before saying anything.

“Oh my god Jack! Like Tabzee’s a totally valley girl now! Isn’t that awesome?”

“Ha ha ha… yes it is Tabzee… yes it is! You know I heard recently that you didn’t like your nickname much anymore, is that true?”

“Like oh my god, Tabzee’s like the best name ever!”

“It is isn’t it. Why I bet you even think of yourself as Tabzee in your own mind now, don’t you?

Tabzee thought about it for a moment, what else would she call herself? Tabzee was her name after all, “Like, of course!”

“That’s great Tabzee, but can I have another case number now?”

“Totally fur sure! Like case number 22!”

“Well Tabzee, you’ve been trying to change your career for a long time, but now it’s going to happen! That’s your 9th bimbo case… audience your choices are… Celebrity Special, Personal Trainer, Video Vixen, Dance Dance Revolution!

Now just a reminder, as always in our holiday special, we have the ‘Celebrity Special’ selection in the career category. If the audience picks this option I’ll get to choose your new career from one of the roles you have played in the past.

Audience, please make your selection.”

Tabzee knew there this was one of the changes she would be undoing, so really it didn’t matter to her. For 24 hours she could live with any of the characters she’d played or any of the three other options the audience could choose from.

“I have been waiting so long for this, thank you audience, you’ve selected the Celebrity Special!” Jack said, almost teering up as he did so.

“Alright Tabzee, as I already said in the opening, I was a big fan of Heaps, so I think we’ve going to go with that as your new career… Party Girl!”

Tabzee refrained from rolling her eyes… only just barely. Heaps had been her first attempt to try and break out of her stereotypical role… by playing her stereotypical role but at a completely out of character location. It hadn’t last long, but it did have a dedicated following.

The Collar of Fate glowed once more and she felt her mind shifting around. All of her plans on how to use the publicity to restart her career moved far in to the back of her mind, instead thoughts of how she would be able to get in to the hottest parties from her appearance, both on the show and with her new body.

“How are you feeling Tabzee?” Jack asked.

“Totally great Jack. Like, is there gonna be, like, an after party for the show?” she asked and the audience laughed for some reason.

“There usually is Tabzee, there usually is. But right now I need the last case number of the round from you.”

“Ok, like totally Jack, number 4!”

“Well you ended this round the same as the last, with a final bimbo case, that’s number 10 Tabzee. Just two more left!”

“That’s totally cool Jack!”

“Ok, well this time the category is… Compulsion… and the choices are… The Final Word, Mouth to Mouth , Hop-Skip-Jump, Strike a Pose!

Oh Tabzee, I hope the audience picks the ones I’m routing for!”

“Oh my god Jack, me too!”

“Well it looks like I’m in luck as the audience has picked… Strike a pose!”

The Collar of Fate came on for the final time in the round and Tabzee felt like there was a party going on inside of her mind as it did it’s work.

“From now on you’ll make sure to ‘strike a pose’ whenever your in the spotlight so that everyone can get a good look at you. So Tabzee, are you ready to get an offer from the Accountant?” Jack asked.

Tabzee stood up straight, crossed her arms under her giant breasts and then raised a finger to her chin, cocking her head to the side and stair up in thought. Then she held it for several seconds before answering, “Like, totally Jack!”

Once she was done answering she spread her legs apart, placed her hands on her hips and smiled while looking straight ahead.

“That’s great Tabzee, well, I have his offer, he is really liking the results so far to say the least! He doesn’t think your going to want the party to end just quite yet but he’s offering you a two for one deal. Two steps up the cash ladder to $750,000 for the one more rung on the bimbo board. What do you think?”

“Wow!!! Like, he’s totally right Jack! No way this party is gonna ever end! Let’s totally keep going!” she cried out and the crowd roared in approval as she turned to the side and pushed one of her hands in to her hair, holding the pose as the show faded to commercial.

Chapter 5 – Round 3

“Ok Tabzee, we’re down to 6 cases left and I’m going to need three numbers from you in this round… what is your first one going to be?

“IIIIEEEEE! Like 19 Jack!” Tabzee cried as she pushed her arm in to the air and pointed at the ceiling.

“That’s your eleventh bimbo case Tabzee, no more room for mistakes after this! Your final bimbo category that the audience gets to vote on is… Fetish! And the choices are… Tattoo’s Say It Best, Whips and Chains, Water Water Everywhere, Fan Fantasies!”

Tabzee screamed out even before Jack had finished reading the choices, “Oh my god pool parties are totally the best!”

As she did so she turned her head to the side and pretended like she was swimming with her arms, holding still when she was happy with the pose.

“It looks like the audience agrees with you Tabzee as they’ve selected… Water Water Everywhere!

By the time she released it the Collar of Fate started doing it’s work. When it was done she not only knew that pool parties were the best, but that having sex in pools, showers, lakes or any way that involved water was a massive turn on to her.

“That’s right Tabzee, from now on just being around any body of water is going to be really exciting for you! And don’t worry about… ah… lubrication… yours is now hydrophobic and will keep things smooth and comfortable for you.” Jack said.

“Yeah, like totally Jack!”

“Alright Tabzee, I need another case number from you, but it has to be a cash case if you want to keep this party going…”

“You totally know I do Jack! Like, case number 13!” she replied and formed a heart shape with her hands just in front of her flotation devices, tossed her head to the side and gave a half smirk, half smile.

“That’s $500,000 for HHAA Tabzee, great work! Now, one more case for the round… you need it to be a cash case if you want to keep going…”

“Totally gotta be case number 14 then!” she replied, crossing her arms under her breasts and pouting even more than her lips normally were as she held the pose.

“I’m sorry Tabzee, but that’s going to end the game with the final bimbo case!”

Tabzee flung her hand to her face and opened her mouth and eyes wide in a shocked look as the Collar of Fate came to life for the final time.

Chapter 6 – Epilogue

Tabzee walked in to the after party and swayed her hips as she made her way through the crowd. It had taken longer than she would have liked to get to the party, but all those photos took so much time! Not to mention all the nice people she was introduced to!

Tabzee bumped in to someone as her mind had wandered back to several of the men she’d met, “Like, oh my god I’m totally sorry!” she exclaimed before the man could turn around.

When he did she flung her arm around him and pushed her tits in to his chest, “OMG Jimmy!” she cried out and pushed her plump pouty lips to his his and then her tongue between them.

He wrapped his arms around her small waist and pulled her in close to him, She could feel his erection start to strain against his pants and she broken their kiss, “Like, I can totally tell someone is happy to see me! giggle” she said as she cast her gaze downwards.

“Well… I… I…”

“Awe, like it’s totally ok Jimmy, I’m horny too! giggle

“We… I’m mean… could you know… if you wanted to… go back to my place…” Jim said in a hopeful voice and Tabzee squealed out in delight.

She’d been to his house many times over the years, it was nice but nothing special. He lived alone in it and so it wasn’t the largest house, but the one thing that had her full attention about it at the moment was the large swimming pool and hot tub he had in the backyard.

She plunged her tongue back in to his mouth and made out for several more seconds in the middle of the party before grabbing his hand and almost dragging him out the door.

Tabzee was in Jimmy’s hot tub, leaning back as Jimmy face was buried between her tits that floated on top of the bubbling water, his cock sliding smoothly in and out of her pussy and she was crying out in pure joy.

“Oh my god Jimmy, like totally fuck Tabzee’s pussy! Fuck Tabzee in your hot tub! Fuck Tabzee in your pool!”

“Oh god Tabitha, I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long…”

“Like, I told you, I’m Tabzee baby!”

“God that’s so hot Tabzee, your such a hot fucking party girl now!” Jimmy cried out, something deep inside of him letting go.

He started to push in harder and deeper inside of Tabzee’s pussy and she grunted and groaned in appreciation.

“Yes! Yes! YES! Fuck Tabzee! FUCK TABZEEEEEEEEEEE!” she cried out as she felt his cum enter her and the warm bubbling water all around her flotation devices as her orgasm crested and her eyes rolled back in her head from the tidal wave of pleasure that raced over her.

Tabzee hung on Jimmy’s arm and held a pose with a wide smile as the two men talked. She recognized the other man as well, she’d talked to him just over a week ago when she’d come to the studio to have the Collar of Fate put around her neck.

Her fingers absent mindedly reached up and touched the cool metal of the collar and she let out a giggle.

“So Tabzee,” the man across the desk asked and she realized she was in the spotlight once more, her half surprised expression stayed on her face as he continued, “This form that your lawyer has filled out for you is indicating which changes you want to keep and which ones you want to undo.”

Tabzee giggled in response.

“Now, he’s checked ‘keep’ to all of the changes you received as part of the show. If you are in agreement, just sign at the bottom, here.” the man said pointing with a pen to a line at the bottom of the form.

She looked over at Jimmy with a questioning face, “It’s ok, you can sign it.” he said and nodded at the paper and his hand slide over to her thigh and then up towards her pussy.

God she’d had such a great pool party last night with Jimmy, and he said she could have another one tonight and tomorrow night and the next and as many nights as she wanted. All she had to do was sign some little paper thingy and she’d be all set to party at his pool every night!

She giggled again and nodded, taking the pen from the man’s hand and writing her name on the line… Tabzee Sanderson, putting a little off kilter heart at the end of it which caused her to giggle once more.

Jimmy’s fingers finally made their way to her pussy and once more she was the centre of attention and she froze in place, her smile plastered across her face captured in mid ecstasy.


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    7 Clothing Style $5,000
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