Bimbo or Billionaire: The Inheritance

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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SYNOPSIS: Victoria has to play the game if she wants to inherit her grandfather’s money.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is a sequel to Bimbo or Billionaire, you don’t have to read it but you probably should as I’m not going to re-iterate some of the show mechanics in this one.

You can’t write a story like this without acknowledging the great work of MrGrey’s “You Bet Your Brain!” and Chrystal Wynd’s “Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!” and so I have and on to the show…

I’ve received a few requests from authors to write episodes and in general I’m fine with that, however there are some rules to follow which I’ve added to the end of the story.

Chapter 1 – Reading of the Will

The office was filled with bookshelves and boxes, Victoria suspected they were just for show as Mr. Williams only dealt with estate law and had only a few very wealthy clients. He was in his late sixties himself and showed his lavish lifestyle her grandfather and other clients had provided him, with his large gut and unhealthy appearance in general.

Victoria hated being here, it reminded her of the last time she had been in this office, after her parents had died 20 years ago when she was just 7. Her grandfather had sat with her and comforted her as the will had been read but there really wasn’t much to go over. Her parents hadn’t been rich and having gone so early in life they still had a mortgage and other debts left over.

Her grandfather on the other hand was quite rich and had taken care of her since then. Where he had been stern with his own daughter, he had been generous with Victoria. At least up until the last couple of years.

Recently he had pretty much cut her off, giving her only $10,000 a month to live off! How could she live off so little?

But now it didn’t matter, she was going to be getting it all as his last surviving heir. His estate had to be worth at least 60 or 70 million, maybe more. Mr. Williams had been going through the preamble and a few specific items to various friends and charities, but he was finally getting to the heart of the will.

“…as for the rest of my estate, I leave it to my granddaughter Victoria…”


“…under one condition.”

“What!?!” Victoria almost screamed. Fortunately there wasn’t anyone else in the room.

“Victoria, if you would please let me continue…” said Mr. Williams.

“Victoria, I know I have spoiled you but over the last few years I’ve tried to get through to you to change your ways.

You have no appreciation of money or how fortunate you are. You’ve spent almost your entire life acting like a spoiled brat and to my great shame I have to take responsibility for that.

As it is too late for me to do anything more I am giving you a choice. You may accept a limited allowance of $5,000 a month for the rest of your life, the rest of my fortune will be placed in a trust and eventually go to needy charities.

Or if you wish to inherit my entire fortune, you must become a contestant on Bimbo or Billionaire and complete at least one round of the game.”

Victoria couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her grandfather had gone insane and changed his will, she’d fight it in court, no one could make those kind of demands in a will!

Mr. Williams continued to read, “In case you’re thinking of fighting the will in court, you can try but in that case if you lose you will inherit nothing. And you will lose. You don’t have the money to hire lawyers good enough to fight it and I’ve made all the arrangements needed to ensure no judge will find me incompetent.”

“I’m afraid he’s quite right Victoria, he had me document the will with a video recording. He had three separate psych evaluations and even had two sitting judges witness it all.”

Victoria fumed, her money was right there… just out of reach.

“You don’t have to give me an answer right now Victoria, Roger left you a month grace period here so you could have some time to think about it. He really did want what is best for you.”

Victoria stormed out of the office, livid with what her grandfather had done.

Chapter 2 – Opening Credits

The studio curtain raised as the theme music blared from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. Victoria was still full of anger of having to go through this farce to get her inheritance but she’d be damned if she’d live off of the pittance her grandfather had suggested in his will.

The collar around her neck was the current source of her displeasure, it had been there for a week and a minute hadn’t gone by that it didn’t feel like a noose.

“Yes folks it’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds… Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and gave me something new to focus on for a moment.

“Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire…” I wined and scrunched my face up as I said it. The assistant beside me turned his head to see what the problem was now.

“Oh just turn your head back around the other way jackass!” I spat at him.

She was even angrier when he did so. Normally if she’d been wearing such a revealing outfit all the men’s heads would be turning towards her. She kept in shape and when her grandfather was still being generous to her she’d splurged on the best breast enhancements she could buy. The nose job had cost even more but the master stroke on that had been her skiing “accident” they had used to cover it up.

Coupled with her natural blonde hair, petite frame and workout regime, she could turn heads anywhere she went.

Except the set of Bimbo or Billionaire. These guys saw the results of the collar all the time and clearly she couldn’t compete with what trotted out of the game each week.

The stage lights came up as I walked out towards my pedestal revealing the entire set in all its glitzy glory. It was even worse than what I’d seen in the episodes I had watched on TV. With the television camera’s muting many of the colours the reality of the set looked even more garish. The shag carpet looked to be at least four inches deep with overtly thick piles in it. The pink of the set was almost glowing in real life.

The pedestal, which on TV looked so large, was tiny on set. They didn’t want there to be anywhere to hide when it came time for the collar of fate to do its magic. The bank of monitors were glowing, their brightness cranked up to overcome the glare of the stage lighting and make sure they appeared on screen correctly.

“Thanks Dan, now to get to today’s contestant… Victoria!” the crowd cheered as Jack approached me with an overtly drawn out frown on his face.

“Ohhh… Victoria you look so sad, what’s the matter?”

“Oh you know what’s wrong Jack! The only reason I’m here is to get this first round over with and then get out!”

“What? You want to leave us so soon? Don’t you want the billion dollars?”

It was for show of course, he knew why I was here. But ratings matter and that meant I’d better just answer and get it over with.

“No, I’m here because to inherit my grandfather’s money he made it a stipulation in his will I had to be a contestant.”

“Oh there’s a little more to it than that isn’t there?”

“I… I… don’t know what you mean…”

He couldn’t know about the options in the will could he?

“Well it turns out that the Accountant and your grandfather, Roger, were good friends. As part of his estate he left the show a copy of the will, which I have right here…” Jack said reaching in to his jacket pocket and pulling out a sheath of paper.

He unfolded it and turned a few pages in, “And it says right here that you had a choice. A $5,000 a month allowance or coming on to our fine show and getting over $70 million?”

The crowd booed at the thought of me turning down $5,000 a month, more than most of them made. I didn’t care though, I deserved all of it!

“That’s private Jack!”

“Don’t worry Victoria, I’m sure our audience and viewers will keep it to themselves.” He said as he winked at the camera.

The crowd continued to boo as Jack started to speak again.

“But audience, don’t worry, she’s here and now the only question that remains is she a…”

The crowd chanted along with Jack as he said the show’s title, “Bimbo! Or! Billionaire!”

“So Victoria, are you ready to play?”

“Damit, yes, let’s get this over with!”

“Ok Victoria, let’s get a few housekeeping items out of the way and we can get going. First off I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl Chrissi!” a spotlight hilighted Chrissi and the buxom blonde bimbo waved and giggled as the crowd cheered and whistled.

“Chrissi was the unluckiest contestant to ever play our game here and opened twelve bimbo cases in a row. But we just couldn’t let her leave with nothing so instead we didn’t let her leave at all and she’s been with us ever since!

In the back of the studio we also have the fine technical folks who will be operating the Collar of Fate tonight, we won’t get a chance to see them but we’ll certainly appreciate their work on Victoria!

And of course we cannot forget our generous benefactor, who has put up the billion dollar prize! Our mystery man that we simply call ‘The Accountant'”. As always the pitch black area above the columns of monitors was backlit revealing a person sitting at a desk but obscured in darkness, Victoria wondered how her grandfather had known him, but it didn’t seem like she’d get a chance to ask the Accountant.

“Of course you all know our board, two sides with twelve steps each, revealed one at a time as the cases are opened. As always the cash side starts at a penny and works its way up to one billion dollars!

The Bimbo side is divided in to two halves, the first six are physical changes that the ‘Collar of Fate’ will make to you and the second half are mental changes. Each of the changes will be selected by an audience vote from a list of four random selections from our database!”

Chapter 3 – Round 1

Victoria’s hate was now split, on one hand Jack was the scum of the earth and she really wanted to smack him hard in the face. On the other hand the audience was a faceless mass of lowlife’s she wouldn’t associate with even at gun point.

“Ok Victoria, as you know we have five rounds here. In the first round you have to open 12 cases, the second… well you really don’t care about that do you? So let’s just get to it, that means I need 12 numbers from 1 to 24 from you right now.”

She glared at Jack, “18” was all she said in a clipped voice.

“Chrissi, could you please open case 18 please?” Jack said.

The pedestal with case 18 on it started flashing and Chrissi flounced over to it.

Chrissi stared at it for a moment before shrugging and looking back towards Jack.

“Ummm, what was I supposed to do again?”

“Open it dear…”

“Dear? Where? I love dear, is she named Bambi?” Chrissi said as the audience laughed.

“No Chrissi, just open the case, there’s no dear here at the moment.” Jack replied.

Chrissi pouted a bit but opened it anyway, revealing the dreaded Bimbo symbol.

“Oh, not a good start for you Victoria, perhaps you’ll do better next time.”

My glare became a scowl.

“Ok folks, let’s reveal the first Bimbo change and the four randomly selected items our audience gets to vote on!”

The music came to a crescendo as the first monitor in the Bimbo column came to life.

“Category is Hair! And the four voting options are… Long Red Ringlets, Pixie Perfect, Mullet Over and The Rachel! Ok folks use the pads on your arm rests and vote for which one you want. Victoria, any thoughts or are we continuing the silent treatment?”

bleep you Jack!”

“Well that wasn’t silent now was it?” Jack said laughing.

“Well the audience has voted and the winner is… The Rachel!”

“Whatever, I had that when I was like 16.”

“Well now it’s going to be with you for the rest of your life! Ok technical team, please activate the Collar of Fate!”

I felt my scalp come to life and the faint glow of the collar told me the collar was hard at work. My hair was normally shoulder length so really the only change was in the style. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about going to the salon any more.

“Ok Victoria, let’s get on to the next case!”


“You’re on Chrissi…”

Chrissi looked around and smiled widely, waving to the audience as she walk to the case. Opening it quickly in a lucid moment.

“Oh another Bimbo case, let’s see what we have for you this time!”

beeeeep another Bimbo case!”

I might have to go dig grandfather up after this just so I could kill him myself!

“And the board says… Voice! With the options being Always a question, Squeak…Squeak…Squeak, Southern Comfort and Irish in America. This is of course just a change to the sound of your voice not your vocabulary, that comes later!”

I just shook my head, maybe smacking Jack wouldn’t get me kicked off the show…

“And the voting says… Squeak…Squeak…Squeak!”

The collar once more came to life before I had any chance to do or say anything. I was taking in a deep breath before I knew it as my throat felt like it was on fire.

I continued to glare at Jack as he looked expectantly at me.

“Oh come on now, back to the silent treatment? Everyone wants to hear what you have to say…”

Clearly he wasn’t going to continue without me saying something, so I gave in.

“I’m not some trained poodle that speaks on command!” I said trying to sound indignant, but instead sounding more like Betty Boop. My previously modest but commanding voice had been reduced to a squeaky toy imitation of itself.

The audience laughed raucously as I spoke and Jack joined them.

“Oh, I’m sorry Victoria, that’s just too funny. Ok, ok, let’s keep going, what’s your next case?”

“14.” I said but the emphasis on the four with a slight drawn out teen made it sound ridiculous and everyone started laughing again.

Chrissi opened the case to reveal a dollar sign.

“Congratulations Victoria, you’re on the board!” Jack said as the first monitor in the Cash column lit up with a single penny.

I tried burning a hole through his forehead with my thoughts but instead simply said “9.”

Chrissi’ undulating booty almost knocked over one of the pedestals on the way by but she managed to open the case without further adu.

“Oh, tough luck Victoria, another Bimbo case. The category is lips! The options for the audience are… Permanent Pout, Collagen Enhanced, Always in Touch and Lickity Split.”

Shit, I had always liked my lips, just the right fullness without dominating my face. This was getting bad fast with 8 more cases to go.

“And the audience says… Collagen Enhanced!”

The off stage monitor showed me the camera zoom in on my mouth as the collar once more started its work. When it was all over they looked large and fake, making it clear to anyone that they were not natural.

“Well Victoria, it looks like the audience is starting to have a theme here!”

beeeeeep beep beeeep the audience Jack.” I squeaked out in anger. The audience responded with a mixture of laughter and applause.

“Well, none the less, what’s your next case?”

“23.” I said trying to lower my voice as much as possible.

“Your fourth Bimbo case! I think the audience is going to like this one Victoria! The category is Body Shape. The options are… Corset Trained, Heart Shaped Bottom, She’s All Legs and No Need to Kneel!”

Oh that wasn’t good, the first really bad option had just popped up. I wasn’t tall by any means at 5’4″ but No Need to Kneel would drop a good 16″ or more off my height and pretty much make it hard to do anything normal.

“And the board says? She’s All Legs!”

That was a relief, but the collar once again set about its work and my legs suddenly felt like I had been running a marathon and my torso felt like there was a ton of bricks on it. Looking at the off stage monitor I could hardly believe the change as my legs suddenly looked to be much longer than before but I still seemed to be the same height.

“Everything ok Victoria? That’s a major change there and I have to say those legs look incredible!”

“Why don’t you come a little closer and I’ll introduce your ass to my foot…” I said before remembering how incredibly laughable it sounded coming from my new voice.

“Ha ha ha, that’s alright Victoria, I’ll just keep an eye on them from where I am. So what’s your next case?”


“Another Bimbo case! I’m afraid you’re not getting very lucky today Victoria. Now the category is… Breasts!”

The crowd rose to its feet in anticipation, this was their favorite category. I was five for six on the Bimbo cases and I still had six more to open.

“The choices this time are… Valley of Pleasure, ‘A’ tiny problem, Man Made and A Pleasure to Touch!”

I looked down at my D cup’s, I’d had them for almost ten years and there was no way I wanted to give them up. The audience had better not choose ‘A’ tiny problem or I’d have to jump over the podium and show them exactly who they were messing with.

“And the winner is… A Pleasure to Touch!” Jack called out.

The warmth the washed across my chest told me the collar was doing its work quickly, once it had left I didn’t feel or look any different.

“Ok Victoria, let me show you what this one is all about…” Jack said as he extended his hand towards my left breast.

The glare in my eyes made him stop in his tracks as he pulled back his hand.

“…well, perhaps I’ll just tell you…” he said with a nervous laugh.

“A Pleasure to Touch has made your breasts an erogenous zone for you. Any time someone grabs them, squeezes them, licks them or sucks them you’ll be on your way to an orgasm before you know it!

And the best part is that once they’ve been touched, you’ll need to have that person finish the job, no backing out once things have started!”

I couldn’t believe what Jack had said, I hated it when men, well they were boys really, focused on my breasts. I had gotten them for me, so I looked good in whatever I wanted to wear, not them to obsess over!

“Well, let’s continue then, what’s your next case Victoria?”


“Your bad luck continues Victoria, another Bimbo case!”

This was bad, the last of the physical changes and still 5 more cases to open.

“The category is… Face! The audience options are… Bedroom Eyes, Right On The Nose, Always a Smile and The Nose Does Know How to Say No!”

The audience was voting even before Jack had finished, which was good as the last option was definitely one I wanted to avoid. The Nose Does Know How to Say No was almost a mental change, it altered the contestants noes so that anytime someone was sexual attracted to her it would pick up their pheromones and then trigger a cascade of hormones in her own body to send her in to a sexual heat directed at that person.

“And this one is a tie folks! The audience just couldn’t decide I guess and was split. As always in a tie Victoria, you’ll be getting all the options that tied. In this case the options are… Right On The Nose and Always a Smile!”

The collar came to life once more and I felt my scowl fade away, replace with a big wide grin. The monitor showed the results were even more than that. The anger that had been clearly visible in my eyes was gone, replace with a cheerful playfulness that shouted out my smile with my whole face.

“I can see the audience was sick and tired of the unhappy face you had since you came out but I have to admit the tie does make it interesting as well. Right On The Nose complements you’re A Pleasure To Touch quite nicely. You’ll now find that when giving a blowjob that you’ll need to go all the way down so your nose touches the groin.

If on the other hand you’re pleasuring a woman, you’ll make sure to keep your nose buried deep in to her as you do. Each time your nose touches flesh you’ll get a jolt of pleasure and when your partner cums you’ll push in deep and have an orgasm yourself.

Of course just like A Pleasure To Touch, you’ll need to see it through to completion.”

If I wasn’t smiling like an idiot my jaw would have been on the floor. But Jack didn’t waste any time and continued right along.

“What is your next case going to be Victoria?”


“Your second cash case! Congratulations, you have 10 cents!”

beeeeep” I didn’t care about the money, my inheritance was more than enough, I just had to get through these next four cases! The next Bimbo case would start me on the mental changes and that was going to be unacceptable.

“6.” I shot out at Jack, but between the smile on my face and the high pitch of my voice it didn’t have much force behind it.

“You know Victoria, you might want to be a little nicer. You’re smiling now anyway and you may have some more audience participation coming up!”

I smiled like a bimbo and swore like a sailor at Jack for the next several seconds, giving the censors a good workout. It felt good, but didn’t really help me.

“Well, I guess that speaks for itself. Let’s see what we have in the case… Oh my Victoria, another Bimbo case, your seventh!”

The crowd cheered and did a wave, they knew we had turned the corner to the mental changes and they loved it.

“The category is… Clothing Style! That’s an easy one for your first mental change. Now the options are… Party All the Time, Leather and Lace, All Business and Rock Goddess!

Some classics there Victoria!

Audience, what do you say?”

There was a short pause as the audience voted on what would be my new clothing style.

“The results are in and Party All the Time is the winner!”

A fog rolled in to my mind this time and moved through me quickly. I could tell there was something different but couldn’t understand what it was. I felt fine and no different.

“So Victoria, your wardrobe choice is going to be pretty much limited to party dresses and skimpy outfits. Every day you’re going to get dressed like your going out clubbing no matter what it is you are actually going to be doing.

So there are still three more cases in this round Victoria, what will your next one be?”


“Your 8th Bimbo case!”


“Well of course I could do that Victoria, but I don’t think they’d let us show it on live TV…

Instead let’s check out what the category and options are…

Vocabulary! With the random options being… Bimbo Perfect, Just Like a Porn Star, Street Slang and English as a Third Language!

Audience do your duty!”

I could see my smiling face on the monitor, for all the world looking like the happiest person in the studio. Of course nothing could be farther from the truth…

“And the result is… Just Like a Porn Star!”

“Victoria I think the audience has it in for you, you’d better hope there’s just cash cases left in your future.” Jack said with an evil grin.

Once more the fog came over me, this time I could tell there was something different.

“Well honey, just because your pants aren’t around your ankles doesn’t mean I can’t have fun any way. A girl has to be able to take care of her own needs even if no one else will…”

I just kept talking as if Jack was a pizza delivery man in a bad porno, I didn’t stop until Jack finally cut me off.

“Well I’d like you to keep talking about sex all day but we really must go on, what’s your next case Victoria?”

“Oh, well I guess that would be 12 Jack. You know I like a good 12 inch dick in me anytime, anywhere.”

“Thanks Victoria… you know, now that your talking like a porn star, perhaps Victoria isn’t a very appropriate name, a little too high class don’t you think? What do you think about Vicki?”

“Baby, you can call me Vicki, Victoria, Vi, babe, honey, slut or anything else you like as long as you’ve got that hard 12 inches to statisfy me.”

I couldn’t believe what I was saying, but it was true. I didn’t care in the least what he called me, it was after all just a word. My new vocabulary had linked them all together making them the same word in my own mind.

“Well then let’s see what is in case number 12… Oh my Vicki… Bimbo number 9!”

“God Jack, you talk too much, just take your dick out of your hand and tell me what’s going to happen!”

“Well Vicki, it’s time for a new career and the options are… Dance Dance Revolution, Selling It Cheap, Office Help and Trophy Wife!

Audience, what will it be?”

There was a long pause as the audience voted, they didn’t seem to have a choice they liked, but in the end time ran out.

“Selling It Cheap! Well Vicki your grandfather always said you didn’t understand the value of money…”

The fog rolled in again and once it had left I looked around the stage. My eyes focused on the cash board and I realized I had a whole 10 cents already!

beep Jack, do you know what I’d do for 10 whole cents?”

“I don’t know Vicki, would you give a guy a hand job for 10 cents?”

“I’d do a hand job for a penny Jack, for a high roller with 10 cents I’d definitely give him a blow job, maybe even more!”

“Well that’s good to know Vicki, but I still need one more case from you to finish this round.”

“Ok, well if a 12 inch dick is good, then two 12 inch dicks must be great, so how about case number 24?”

“You got it Vicki… and it’s a money case. You have a whole dollar now!”

I couldn’t believe my luck, a whole dollar and I didn’t have to open any more cases.

“Congratulations Vicki, you’ve completed the first round!

Ok Vicki, I’m pretty sure I know the answer, but the Accountant is still going to send down an offer and see if you want to continue or not.

Ok, The Accountant’s offer is in… He’ll move you one rung up the Cash board, that’s a whole 10 dollars but also one up the bimbo board if you end your game right now.

Of course you can also just end the game and walk away with your dollar right now.”

“I don’t know Jack, that’s a lot of money The Accountant is offering. I think I have to take that big offer he’s put right in front of my face!”

The crowd cheered as Vicki smiled.

“Ok Vicki but as this is an offer from The Accountant, there isn’t any audience participation in this one. The category is Compulsion and the option is… Public Performance, do you still want to take the deal?”

beep yes Jack! Give me that big hard deal right now!”

Chapter 4 – Epilogue

I knew I had won. I was going to get my inheritance and be able to live like a queen for the rest of my life.

I was in the green room after the show, having changed in to a little black dress whose neck line plunged all the way down to my waist, six inch “stripper” shoes and some fantastic jewellery and accessories I found in my dressing room after the show.

Now I as just waiting for my winner’s check… A whole 10 dollars!

No one else was there as I had pretty much told them all to go to hell for the last ten minutes. It wasn’t long until I heard the door open and Jack walk in. I didn’t even turn around and acknowledge him until I felt his hand on my shoulder.

I spun around quickly, but instead of dislodging his hand he managed to keep it in place as I did so. My smiling face meeting his own in a strange surreal moment.

“If you’re not going to do something with that hand, just get it off…” I started to say but was cut short as Jack’s hand moved down between the neckline of my dress and grabbed my right tit.

“Ohhh…” I moaned as the most amazing sensation of sexual pleasure emanated from my tit straight to my pussy. Jack started to pull his hand away and I moved forward to press in to it again.

“God baby, don’t stop. I love it when you play with my tits.”

Jack used both his hands to grab my tits and push open my dress. He turned me slightly sideways, moving in to lock lips while he continued to maul my tits with his right hand and grab my ass with his left.

I pushed my collagen inflated lips in to his and moaned again. He broke off the kiss and turned me around the rest of the way so he could reach from behind me and continue molesting my tits.

In front of me was a full length mirror, I could see my smiling face in pure pleasure as Jack had both hands full. The room wasn’t public by any means but I knew it was effecting my compulsion as my hands reached down and hiked my dress up so I could show off my pussy.

“Oh fuck yes Jack, squeeze my tits!”

My mind was racing, I hated him but my body was in such pleasure it didn’t matter.

He grabbed a hold of my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger squeezing and twisting them. It sent me over the edge and my orgasm rocked my world for over a minute.

By the time I had regained my composure Jack had his pants down and had place the tip of his dick on my over inflated lips. Before I fully knew what I was doing I had taken him in to my mouth and down my throat, my nose finally touching his pelvis. Pleasure once more raced to my pussy and my world focused in on Jacks cock.

Up and down I went, each time pressing firmly in to his pelvis and receiving an electric jolt of pleasure for myself. Jack had his hands on my head, helping me go all the way down each time and after a few minutes I could feel his dick harden even more in preparation for his release.

When the pre-cum hit the back of my throat I pushed down hard, my nose buried in his pubic hair as he came, I sucked it all down and then orgasamed for a second time.

A few minutes later when the world returned to normal I ask, “So do you have my winnings Jack?”

“Yes I do, here’s your check for 10 dollars Vicki.” He said handing me a company check.

“But I was wondering something Vicki…”

“What honey?”

“You said on the show that for 10 cents you’d give a guy a blow job right?”

“Sure baby.”

“Well in that case…” Jack said pulling out a bill from his pocket, “would you let me fuck your ass for 10 dollars?”

“Fuck yes sugar!” I said mesmerized by the 10 dollar bill in his hand. Grandfather would be so proud at how much I’d learned to value money now.


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    2 Voice $0.10
    3 Lips $1
    4 Body Shape $10
    5 Breasts $100
    6 Face $1,000
    7 Clothing Style $5,000
    8 Vocabulary $10,000
    9 Career Change $50,000
    10 Compulsion $100,000
    11 Fetish $500,000
    12 Intelligence $1,000,000,000
  • The categories are not random but the options in each one are. You’ll also notice the cash side does not go up linearly, this is on purpose to keep a contestant playing for as long as possible. Likewise the Accountant will usually lowball his offer to keep them in the game.
  • Your random options in each category should be different than mine. You can use a few from my story to create a bridge back but the fun part of the game is seeing different options and results.
  • The show has five rounds, 12 cases in the first, 6 in the second, 3 in the third, 1 in the fourth and fifth.
  • You should not take text directly from my story except where appropriate. For example the banter between Jack and Sharon shouldn’t be copied in to your story. On the other hand, the opening description and Jack’s introduction of the game is perfectly fine to copy verbatim. Just use your common sense, if it’s something that is unique to one episode then it shouldn’t be copied, if it would be common in many episodes you can copy it to yours.
  • If you would like to break any of the above guidelines, you can e-mail me and ask permission. Make sure to include a description of what you want to do and why. If I don’t respond you must assume the answer is NO.