Bimbo or Billionaire: To the Matt

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2015

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SYNOPSIS: Oksana is a wrestler or at least should be but she can’t seem to break in to the ring so her manager suggests appearing on Bimbo or Billionaire to jumpstart her career.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This is the sixth story in my Bimbo or Billionaire series, you don’t have to read the others but you probably should read the first one at least as I’m not going to re-iterate some of the show mechanics.

You can’t write a story like this without acknowledging the great work of MrGrey’s “You Bet Your Brain!” and Chrystal Wynd’s “Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!” and so I have.

I’ve received a few requests from authors to write episodes and in general I’m fine with that, however there are some rules to follow which I’ve added to the end of the story.

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Chapter 1 – The Squared Circle

Oksana ran towards the ropes and bounced off of them, sailing directly towards her opponent and executing a flawless clothesline, sending her to the mat. She stole a quick glance over to her manager and the scout he was talking to as Linda pounded her fist in to the mat and slowly rose to her feet.

Oksana took the signal and quickly got her in to a head lock before she was fully erect. They danced around the ring a few times as Linda tried to break out until Linda tapped her thigh to let her know she was ready for the next maneuver.

Oksana flung Linda towards the ropes and as she returned executed a perfect crossbody press, sending her to the mat, face up.

Linda lay there as Oksana climbed the ropes and setup for the elbow drop. She leaped in to mid-air, seeming to catch more air time than physically possible until she came crashing down and collided with Linda.

“So what do you think?” Mathew said.

“Yea she’s great. Executed the moves perfectly, has a real presence in the ring.” Jimmy replied.

“She’s ready for the big time Jimmy, she’s got all the skills and could probably hold her own with the men!”

“Well, that’s kind of the problem isn’t it?”

Mathew sighed inwardly, he’d had this conversation before and knew where it was going.

“Skill is only part of the package isn’t it? And let’s face it, she doesn’t have all the ‘parts’ she needs does she?”

Mathew looked over to Oksana, she was breathing heavily and her muscular chest rose and fell with ease. He knew what Jimmy was talking about, Oksana wasn’t a beautiful woman in the traditional sense. She’d worked hard to get her muscular body and it had taken a toll on her.

He had seen photos of her before she had started training, even then she was just average. Not unpleasant to look at, a slightly pudgy face with her long red hair draped over a modest bust. That had changed with years of training, any trace of fat hand been eradicated leaving an almost gaunt face behind. Her modest chest replaced by rippling muscle and her hair cut short.

Unlike her hair she had never been short, she’d sprouted early and by 15 she had stood over six feet tall and now with her work out regiment she had packed on pounds of muscle, more than enough to intimidate most men.

“I’d like to help you Mathew, but I just came from scouting a nice young woman from Mexico. She’s not quite as technically proficient as Oksana, but they’ll be lining up to watch her matches even if she loses. My advice? Well, you know what my advice is don’t you. Give me a call if anything changes. “

Mathew watch Jimmy walk out of the gym knowing full well how the conversation was going to go with Oksana later.

“Fuck him!” Oksana nearly screamed at Mathew, for his part he tried not to shrink back in to his chair any more than he already had.

Oksana stood on the other side of the desk, her hands firmly planted on the top of it as she continue to swear up a storm of curses against the wrestling establishment. It wasn’t the first time, but it never got any easier and no matter how much he knew Oksana would never hurt him, she was still intimidating when she was like this.

“Look Oksana, I’m just the messenger here. You know you’ve got the skills, but…”

She glared at him and he felt himself involuntarily push back in to his chair just a little bit farther.

“I know, but…” her shoulders slumped and she flopped in to the chair, “…even if I wanted to, I don’t have the money to do anything about it. Everything goes in to my training!”

“I know, I know. Look, I’m your manager and I know you’re going to be a star as soon as you can get a break, but…”

“You’re not going to drop me are you!?!”

“No, no. It’s just as your manager I’ve been approached with an opportunity that might help your… ah… problem.”

“I don’t think I like where this is going. I’m not doing porn, you know that.”

“No, I agree, this isn’t porn. And just hear me out before you say anything.”

“Ok, what is it.”

“I have a friend, he works over at the Bimbo or Billionaire show…” Mathew waited as the glare returned but Oksana didn’t say anything.

“…they’re always looking for contestants, especially uniquely talented ones. An appearance could get you over the name recognition problem and then the wrestling federation would have to give you a contract.”

Oksana stood up, turned around and left without saying a word.

Chapter 2 – Opening Credits

The studio curtain raised as the theme music blared from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. Oksana was still unsure if this was a good idea or not, but Mathew had never steered her wrong in the past and she knew he was right this time as well. Even if she dropped out after the first round she’d have some money, maybe a solution to her image problem and at least 15 minutes of fame she could transform in to a career in wrestling.

Mathew was waiting backstage for her to finish and she knew he’d line up several auditions for her as soon as she had time to practice a bit after the show.

She reached up and touched the Collar of Fate, its cold metal tight around her neck. Last week when they had tried to put it on her they were surprise to find it wouldn’t close around her heavily muscled neck. She smiled at the memory of the techs running around trying to figure out what they were going to do.

“Yes folks it’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds… Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and the audience roared in response.

Oksana looked down at her costume, it wasn’t really all that bad, she’d worn similar outfits during her auditions for wrestling and she was comfortable in her own body even if others weren’t. She looked down at the high heels, she wasn’t as comfortable in them as she was the costume. She’d heard Jack was a little sensitive about his height and usually taller contestants wore flats, but she guessed even flats wouldn’t solve that problem so they’d gone with the normal clear high heels.

“Thanks Dan, now to get to today’s contestant… Oksana!” she walked on to the set at her queue, smiling and waving, she’d practiced the move quite a lot over the years in the mirror, knowing it would be a required skill when she made it to the big time.

“Hi Oksana, wow, I think you’re the tallest contestant we’ve ever had on the show!”

“I think so Jack, I’m 6’4″ and these heels have added a few inches as well.”

“And I don’t think there’s any doubt that you’re the strongest contestant we’ve ever had, you must spend a lot of time in the gym!”

“Yep. I spend every day at the gym Jack. My goal is to be a professional wrestler.”

“That’s great Oksana. I do hope you don’t mind but we have a little clip we’d like to show the audience. I think you’re recognize it from about a week ago…”

The monitors came to life and she saw herself sitting in the chair from when they had installed the Collar of Fate. It quickly moved to their failed attempt to close it and then went in to fast forward with a jaunty musical score that she recognized from an old British television comedy show.

She smiled and the audience laughed as they finally came up with a solution.

“Well enough fun for now Oksana now I have just one question for you… are you ready to play?”

“Yes Jack, I’m ready!”

“Ok Oksana, let’s get a few housekeeping items out of the way and we can get going. First off I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl Chrissi!”

As always the spotlight highlighted Chrissi and the buxom blonde bimbo wiggled and jiggled as the crowd cheered and whistled.

“Chrissi was the unluckiest contestant to ever play our game here and opened twelve bimbo cases in a row. But we just couldn’t let her leave with nothing so instead we didn’t let her leave at all and she’s been with us ever since!

In the back of the studio we also have the fine technical folks who have had to work extra hard this week and are operating the Collar of Fate tonight, we won’t get a chance to see them but we’ll certainly see their work on stage!

And of course we cannot forget our generous benefactor, who has put up the billion dollar prize! Our mystery man that we simply call ‘The Accountant'”. As always the pitch black area above the columns of monitors was backlit revealing a person sitting at a desk but obscured in darkness.

“Of course you all know our board, two sides with twelve steps each, revealed one at a time as the cases are opened. As always the cash side starts at a penny and works its way up to one billion dollars!

The Bimbo side is divided in to two halves, the first six are physical changes that the ‘Collar of Fate’ will make and the second half are mental changes. Each of the changes will be selected by an audience vote from a list of four random selections from our database!”

Chapter 3 – Round 1

“Ok Oksana, as you know we have five rounds here. In the first round you have to open 12 cases, the second 6 cases, the third 3, the fourth and fifth rounds are 1 case each to see if you win the billion dollars or not. I need 12 numbers from 1 to 24 from you right now.”

“Well Jack my birthday is the 12th so let’s go with number 12.”

“Chrissi, could you please open case 12 please?” Jack called over to her.

Chrissi smiled and jumped up and down, “Like my birthday is the 12th as well!”

Jack smiled, “Oh Chrissi, you don’t even remember when your birthday is any more do you?”

giggle Like that totally nice man said it was my birthday on the 12th and I should give him a birthday blowjob. So, like, I did!”

“Oh Chrissi, such a bimbo! How about opening case 12 please?” Jack said with a laugh.

Chrissi managed to get over to case 12 and open it, revealing a bimbo symbol.

“Oh Oksana, not a good start with your first cash case!

“Ok, the first category is of course Hair! And the four voting options are… Pink Punk Princess, Mile High, Curly Cue and Neon! Ok folks as always use the pads on your arm rests and vote for which one you want.”

Oksana frowned, she knew there would be a few bimbo cases to open, but the first one she chose could have been a cash case.

“Well the audience has voted and the winner is… Neon!”

Oksana felt the Collar of Fate activate and her scalp tingle, she turned to look at the offstage monitor and watched her dull red hair lighten and brighten. When it finished it was bright red, almost neon in appearance and certainly a colour that never occurred in nature.

She’d let it grow out over the last few weeks once she had decided to appear on the show, but it was still short, coming down to just below her ears.

“Ok, well that wasn’t too bad was it. Oksana I need your next case?”

“I think case 14. That’s my mother’s birthday.”

“Chrissi, if you would please? And no, before you ask, that’s not your birthday either!”

Chrissi pouted but stomped over to the case and opened it.

“Oh no, a second bimbo case!” the crowd cheered at the sight of the chrome bimbo in the case.

“Ok folks, let’s reveal the second Bimbo change and the four randomly selected items our audience gets to vote on!”

The crowd cheered as the board displayed the category.

“Category is Voice! And the four voting options are… Pause for Effect, Whisper Quiet, Texas Twang and Slow and Steady! Ok folks it’s all up to you, vote now!”

Oksana wait, looking at her grand total of zero dollars after two cases had her worried.

“Well the audience has voted and the winner is… Texas Twang! This one is pretty self explanatory so let’s just get right to it.

Technical team, please, activate the Collar of Fate now!”

The collar activated and Oksana felt her neck tingle for a few seconds as well as something like a small itch in the back of her mind as well.

“So Oksana what do you think?”

“Well Jack, a little bit of a twang seems fine to me” she said, her now distinctive voice going out over the PA system. It sounded strange to her, but it could only help make her stand out from the other women wrestlers.

The audience clapped in appreciation of the change they had made.

“That’s great Oksana, let’s get to the next case, a number if you please…”

“19 Jack, that’s my father’s birthday”

“I’m starting to see a trend here Oksana, let’s hope it’s the only one! Chrissi please open case number 19!”

Even Chrissi didn’t have a problem finding the case right beside her and opened it to reveal a third bimbo case.

“Oh bad luck Oksana, that’s your third Bimbo case…”

The crowd erupted in applause, they seemed be eager for the next change now.

“Ok Oksana the category this time is lips! The options for the audience are… Round and Red, Sweet as Candy, Always Wet and Sparks and Sparkles.”

Oksana had heard of most of the options before and they weren’t too bad, though the last one was new to her.

“Ok Oksana, the audience has chosen… Round and Red!

It looks like the audience really likes your red hair!”

The collar sprang to life, its pink glow incessantly reminding her it was working on her lips. She felt them shift on her face and when she looked at the monitor she could see what had changed. Her lips were now bigger, but not as wide, making them almost look to be circular. They were also a bright red that matched her hair perfectly.

“My, Oksana, those new lips really are something. And that colour is permanent, it will never rub off on anything!”

The audience clapped as she reached up and touched them, they felt normal, not like there was lipstick on them or anything.

“Well Oksana we need another case, what’s it going to be?”

“Ok Jack, I’m giving up on birthdays, how about case number 4.”

“Your first cash case, congratulations, you’re on the board! What’s your next case Oksana?”

“How about case 13?”

“Your 2nd cash case! You’ve got a whole ten cents!”

“What’s your next case Oksana?”

“24 Jack.” She said, just picking a case at random again.

“That’s a cash case! You’re on a role now Oksana, which one next?”

“Number 2 Jack.”

“Another cash case! You’re up to a whole $10.”

“That’s more like it Jack, let’s get case 3 out of the way as well!” Oksana said, more excited now that things were going well.

“Oh sorry Oksana, you were on a good role there but that’s your fourth Bimbo case! The category is Body Shape. The options are… To the Point, She’s All Legs, Top of the World and Sleek and Supple!”

Oksana cursed under her breath, well at least only one of the options was particularly bad.

“The audience has spoken and they’ve said… Sleek and Supple!”

This time Oksana cursed out loud.

“Oh, the censers are going to have fun with that one Oksana!”

Before she could respond the collar of fate came to life and her entire body began to tingle. The tingling soon escalated beyond the point of comfort and felt more like pins sticking in to every inch of her body.

Jack noticed her discomfort as her body started to shift, “Oh, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the Collar of Fate is really having to work hard on this one… hang on I’m sure the techs will get the job done.”

When the pin pricks finally stopped Oksana took a deep breath and looked down at herself, the change shocked her.

She extended her now slender arm out in front of her and her gaze followed it up to her delicate torso, down to her tiny waist which flared out to a rounded butt. Bellow that long slender legs eventually reached the floor where her tiny feet looked out of place in the large shoes. She reached up and found the Collar of Fate hanging loosely around her slender neck.

“My muscles….”

“Yes the Collar of Fate had its work cut out for it but Sleek and Supple has reshape you. Giving you supple curves in all the right places while taking away any unneeded fat, or in your case, muscle!

And of course, like all changes made by the Collar of Fate, its permanent, no matter how much you eat or work out your body will always remain Sleek and Supple!”

Oksana couldn’t believe it, just one change had destroyed years of work and any chance of making it as a pro wrestler. She almost cried but managed to hold it together.

“Ok, Oksana, I know it’s a big change, but we need your next case, just 4 more to go!”

Oksana was still reeling from the last one but somehow managed to get out case number 22.

“You got it Oksana… it’s another cash case! You’ve hit triple digits!”

Oksana shook her head, “Ok Jack, let’s try number 11.”, she said recovering slightly.

“Your 6th cash case! You have $1000! Keep it up Oksana!”

“Right, uh, case number 9 Jack.” She said slightly more confidently now as she shuffled around a bit trying to get use to her new body.

“That’s cash case number 7! Keep going!”

“8 Jack.”

“Now you’re on a role again, cash case number 8! You’ve got $10,000 to end the round!

I have to say that’s one of the best rounds we’ve seen on the show in a long time, 8 cash cases and only 4 bimbo cases!

But now it’s time for The Accountant to do his work and make you an offer.”

She looked at the board and couldn’t believe it, even with the terrible fourth change, she was doing amazingly well. She only had four cases to go to the billion dollars.

She thought about her new body, it was never going to get her back in to the ring and there was nothing she could do about that now. But maybe it wasn’t a total loss if she could win even the half million dollars and she had a real chance at it.

“Ok, The Accountant’s offer is in… he’s not very happy with your progress so far. But he thinks your luck is going to run out so he’s only offering to move you up a single rung on the cash board if you quit right now.

That’s fifty thousand dollars to call it a day!”

Oksana set her mind to the task at hand, “No Jack, I’m doing too well to quit with just $50,000. Let’s get the next round started!”

Chapter 4 – Round 2

“Ok Oksana, let’s get started on the second round, what’s your first of six cases going to be?”

“Case number 23 Jack!” she said confidently. Now that she’d made up her mind nothing would stop her, just like when she had first started training.

“Oh I’m sorry Oksana, the second round is starting just like the first, that’s your fifth Bimbo case!

The category this time is … Breasts!”

The crowd was on its feet their favorite category always got a standing ovation and the crowd had been disappointed it hadn’t happened in the first round.

“Ok folks, the choices this time are… Is it a little nippy in here?, Slap Happy, Pumped Up and Show and Tell!”

Oksana smiled, she knew her chest was flat as a washboard and it had been one of the reasons she’d been unable to get in to the wrestling federation. She was sure the audience would be taking care of that problem now.

“And the result is… Pumped Up!”

The Collar of Fate glowed and Oksana looked down as her chest expanded. Growing from A’s to B’s through C’s, D’s and DD’s. But they didn’t feel like she expected and when they finally stopped growing they didn’t look quite right either.

“Well Oksana as you can see Pumped Up! has given you what you’ve never had before, large breasts. But they aren’t just any breasts, they’re actually filled with the noble gas helium! They’re now lighter than air and of course the gas has expanded outwards to give them a nice round shape as well.”

Oksana placed her hands under her new breasts and couldn’t believe how light they were. Or for that matter how large they were!

“But let’s move on Oksana, what’s your next case?”

“Case 5 Jack.” She said, still distracted by the large orbs in front of her.

“Oh my Oksana, your 6th bimbo case and your last physical change.”

The crowd cheered again, they always anticipated the first mental change.

“This time we have the category of… Face! The audience has the option of… Happy Time!, Pierced Perfection, Nose to the Grind Stone, Plastic Perfect!

Audience, what do you say?”

Oksana finally stopped touching her breasts and paid attention to what Jack was saying.

“And the winner is… Happy Time!”

The light of the collar reflected off her new breasts as it did its work to her face, looking in the off stage monitor at what had changed. Oksana saw her smiling face looking back at her, but something was different, her eyes looked much larger more open and she didn’t think she was smiling!

“That’s right Oksana, from now on there will always be a smile on your face, no matter what you’re actually trying to express!”

Oksana tried to frown but instead her smile receded only slightly.

“Ok, I need your next case please.”

“7 please Jack.”

“Number 7 for your 7th Bimbo case! And your first mental change as well!”

The crowd jumped to its feet to applaud. They were excited to see the start of the mental changes.

“The category is… Clothing Style! The audience options are… Suits and Ties, Cheerleader Chic, Latex Formal and Less than the Rest!

Oksana, the audience has chosen…Cheerleader Chic! I think the audience has figured out where it’s going now!”

A fog rolled in to Oksana’s mind as it went numb and the collar started its work. Once it had finished, things didn’t seem much different but Jack was describing her new wardrobe.

“Yes, Oksana will be wearing fashion that you would find on a cheerleader! Lots of short skirts, low cut tops, hot shorts and even bikinis!

Ok Oksana, what’s your fourth case of the round going to be?”

“Case 10 Jack.” She said a little groggily from the last change.

“Another Bimbo case! It’s all even now folks!”

The crowd cheered, Jack smiled and waved at them to settle down.

“Our second category of the mental changes is vocabulary! With the random options being… Positive Outlook, Third Person Perfect, Body Language and Silly Slut!

Well Oksana I think I might know what the audience is going to pick but let’s see if I’m right!

And I am! Body Language!”

Oksana didn’t know what that meant but didn’t have much time to wonder as the fog descended once more on her mind, leaving behind a feeling of light headedness.

She looked over towards Jack and shrugged her shoulders.

“Yes?” Jack said.

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms under her large breasts. She extended her right foot and started tapping it.

“I’m sorry Oksana, just having a bit of fun. From now on you’ll find you’ll be using your body to do the talking more than your mouth. Whenever you can express yourself though body language, that’s what you’ll do!”

“Ok Oksana, what’s your next case going to be?”

Oksana tried to say 17, but instead found herself holding up her hands, all 10 fingers stretched out, then closing them and holding up 7.

“17 it is Oksana!

I’m afraid the bimbo cases are starting to win out Oksana, that’s number 9!”

The audience cheered, she was no longer ahead of the game and they liked it when any swing happened.

“Well it’s time for a new career Oksana, I guess wrestling is definitely out of the picture now! The options are… Dating for Profit, Pole Professional, Cheerleader and Virtual Video!”

Oksana, Jack and everyone else knew what the choice was going to be as soon as Cheerleader appeared on the display.

“And the audience has chosen… Cheerleader! That was perhaps the most predictable choice all season long folks!”

The fog rolled in for the third time to Oksana’s mind, shuffling around her goals and desires.

“You know Oksana cheerleaders are a tradition around here and they need to have an easy, happy name to make them the best cheerleaders. Oksana Dovechikin is a great wrestler’s name, but not a very good cheerleader name, how about something more like Okie Dokie?”

Okie looked over at Jack and nodded her head up and down, followed by her sticking her thumb out and up with a wink.

“Folks I think she likes it!”

“Ok Okie, what will your last case for the round be?”

Okie held up her hands again, flashing 18 this time.

“Your 9th cash case, congratulations!

It’s all tied up Okie! Now we need to find out what The Accountant has to say!

I have his offer, he thinks the cheerleader motif is going great but he thinks you may want to get out now. So he’s offering you to move you up one cash and one bimbo rung on the board if you quit right now.”

Okie heard the crowd start to boo and she turned to them and put her hands up in the air a confused expression on her smiling face.

“What do you think audience, should Okie take the deal?”

She stuck out a thumb and turned it down and the audience cheered. She turned up upright and the crowd booed, she turned it back down and the cheers returned.

She extended both thumbs down towards Jack and winked at him while trying to pout but not having much luck. She couldn’t go against what the crowd wanted, she had to encourage them to cheer even louder!

“And can I assume the audience would like Okie to continue to round three as well?”

The cheer from the audience was almost deafening as Okie flipped her thumbs upright and bounced slightly sending her breasts jiggling up and down.

Chapter 5 – Round 3

“Ok, in round 3 you need to open 3 cases, what is your first one going to be?”

Okie just picked a number out of thin air and flashed 21 to Jack.

“Your 10th Bimbo case, that’s too bad!

We have a new category for you Okie, Compulsion! The options are… Hop-Skip-Jump, Strike a Pose, Picture Perfect and Sleight of Hand!”

And the audience has chosen, no surprise here… Hop-Skip-Jump!”

The collar lit up and the fog took her mind. Once it had cleared she started to take small hops, up and down, as she stood in place.

“Well Okie, that fits right in with your new career! From now on when you need to get somewhere, walking just won’t do! You’ll be hopping, skipping or jumping your way to wherever you’re going from now on!

Now then, what’s your next case going to be?”

She flashed 15 at Jack.

“And we’re tied again! You’re up to 100,000 dollars!

And now what’s your final case for the round?”

Okie thought about it only for a second and held up a single finger.

“Oh and that’s your 11th bimbo case!

The last category is Fetish and the options are… Whips and Chains, Nip Clips, Tattoos Say It Best and Fan Fantasies.

Audience, this is your last chance to participate, what’s it going to be?

And the audience says… Fan Fantasies!”

The fog consumed her again and when it cleared she looked around at the audience, her fans, and wondered what they thought of her, what kind of fantasies they might have about her. Her pussy started to tingle, not from the Collar of Fate but from the thought of the fan in the front row holding up the penis shaped sign with the declaration of love on it.

Jack was saying something but she wasn’t paying any attention and when her fan in the front row extended a downward thumb she simply played along and did the same thing. The cheers from the audience made her so happy and they exploded even louder when the fan turned his thumb up and she did the same thing.

Chapter 6 – Round 4

“Ok Okie, this is round 4, you only have to open a single case, which one is it going to be?”

She still wasn’t playing any attention but the fan hand pulled out a marker and written down 16 on his sign so when Jack finally got her attention she knew exactly what case she wanted.

“Oh so close Okie, but I’m afraid that’s you’re 12th and final Bimbo case!”

The fog rolled in to Okie’s mind one fine time but she didn’t mind, her fan was cheering like never before and she simply started to giggle she was so happy.
The audience was going crazy and stormed stage, Rain basked in the attention.

Chapter 7 – Epilogue

Okie was skipping around the ring, holding the round number sign high above her head. A second lap around it and she got down beside the ring and found Mathew waiting for her, she nearly jumped right in to his arms but he managed to stop her before she took them both to the floor.

“Alright Okie, you’re doing great! Just two more rounds to go in the match.” He said as he held her from behind so they could both watch the match.

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have such a great manager, she giggled as she pushed her bum back in to his crotch and wiggled it, feeling his dick harden.

“Now, now, Okie. You still have work to do.”

She slumped her shoulders, turned around and lower her head as she wobbled her breasts from side to side, pushing them forward in to Mathews face.

She watched him almost break but suddenly stand more upright and grabbed her hips and twisted her around.

“You’re up, now go.” He said giving her ass a swat.

She double checked her long red hair before getting back up in to the ring.

Okie tried to skip a little as she walk beside Mathew but it was hard with his arm around her waist and his hand on her ass.

They walked through the hotel and up the elevator to the top floor and in to one of the VIP suites.

“Now Okie, Mr. Finch is one of your biggest fans.” He said, not mentioning that he was also one of the federation’s largest stock holders.

“He really wants to meet you, he’s been thinking about you a lot and I’m sure he’d love to share all the things he’d like to do to you.”

Her pussy started to get wet, she loved meeting fans but even more so when they could share their fantasies with her.

Mathew knocked on the door and an older gentleman opened it a few seconds later.

“I’ll let the two of you get acquainted.” Mathew said as he gave he a little push in to the room and Mr. Finch closed the door behind her.

“You know I really am a fan Miss Dokie.”

She extended her arms and motioned him to come to her by letting her hand fall towards the floor and then back up again.

When he did she wrapped her arms around him and pushed his face deep in to her cleavage.

When he came up for air, he looked up at her and said, “I have to admit I’ve been having this sexual fantasy about you lately and I hope you can help me fulfil it.”

She raised an eyebrow and touched her finger to her bright red lips and gave him a wink.

“There’s an outfit in the bedroom I hope will fit you, would you mind putting it on?”

She beamed a smile and nodded as she skipped across the room and in to the bedroom

Okie felt Mr. Finch’s dick push deep in to her pussy as he pulled the leash around her neck.

It had turned out the “outfit” had been little more than a black corset, some high heels, the collar and leash and a set of dog ears that were now firmly attached to her head.

He had paraded her around the room on all fours for a while, with each passing moment increasing her own need until he’d finally told her to stick her ass up in the air.

She started to give out small whimpers just as he’d described to her in his fantasy and they’d driven her even farther in to heat.

When he came inside of her, her own orgasm swept over her and she nearly passed out.

She lay there for a moment and giggle, fulfilling her fan’s fantasies was the second best part of her new career.

The best had turned out to be the best thing from her previous career, because while Mathew had gone to the mat many times her, now she got to go to Matt every night as he was her biggest fan and his fantasies always involved her being the best bimbo she could be!


Want to write an episode?

If you want to write an episode of “Bimbo or Billionaire” then you have my permission if you follow these guidelines:

  • Before publishing your story you must send me a copy for review at, if I don’t respond within a week you can assume its fine and post it. If I have any changes I think are required I’ll let you know as soon as I can.
  • You cannot sell your story and you must publish it on (you can post it anywhere else you like as well). That means you have to follow Simon’s guidelines on subject matter. See’s FAQ ( for more detail.
  • You must credit this story and myself with a link back to this story on
  • The main characters in the show (Jack, Dan, Chrissi, The Accountant and those yet to be written) and the contestants I write should not be altered in your story. If you want to make changes to any of the main characters in your story arc, you should substitute them with a “guest” version for the episode.
  • The game is not rigged per say, but is heavily in favour of the house (like all good games for profit 😉 and is therefore theoretically winnable. However winning episodes should be an exceptionally rare occurrence.
  • Winning episodes should end with an epilogue that effectively returns the money to the show somehow and takes advantage of the changes the contestant underwent.
  • The game has a specific structure to it, you will not alter it. You can fiddle with the details, perhaps have a double down day where the cash and changes are both doubled up for a round.
  • The board layout is as follows: Case Bimbo Side Cash Side
    1 Hair $0.01
    2 Voice $0.10
    3 Lips $1
    4 Body Shape $10
    5 Breasts $100
    6 Face $1,000
    7 Clothing Style $5,000
    8 Vocabulary $10,000
    9 Career Change $50,000
    10 Compulsion $100,000
    11 Fetish $500,000
    12 Intelligence $1,000,000,000
  • The categories are not random but the options in each one are. You’ll also notice the cash side does not go up linearly, this is on purpose to keep a contestant playing for as long as possible. Likewise The Accountant will usually lowball his offer to keep them in the game.
  • Your random options in each category should be different than mine. You can use a few from my story to create a bridge back but the fun part of the game is seeing different options and results.
  • The show has five rounds, 12 cases in the first, 6 in the second, 3 in the third, 1 in the fourth and fifth.
  • You should not take text directly from my story except where appropriate. For example the banter between Jack and Sharon shouldn’t be copied in to your story. On the other hand, the opening description and Jack’s introduction of the game is perfectly fine to copy verbatim. Just use your common sense, if it’s something that is unique to one episode then it shouldn’t be copied, if it would be common in many episodes you can copy it to yours.
  • If you would like to break any of the above guidelines, you can e-mail me and ask permission. Make sure to include a description of what you want to do and why. If I don’t respond you must assume the answer is NO.