Bimbo or Billionaire

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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SYNOPSIS: Sharon wants to get rich by playing the game show that has big stakes, win or lose.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: You can’t write a story like this without acknowledging the great work of MrGrey’s “You Bet Your Brain!” and Chrystal Wynd’s “Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania!” and so I have and on to the show…

I’ve received a few requests from authors to write episodes and in general I’m fine with that, however there are some rules to follow which I’ve added to the end of the story.

Chapter 1 – Opening Credits

The studio curtain rises as the theme music blares from the speakers with the applause of the live studio audience. I had butterflies in my stomach but it was too late now to go back, the contract had been signed two weeks ago and the cold metal of the “Collar of Fate” had been with me since then.

I instinctively touched the collar as I thought about it, its nanites now fully dispersed throughout my body over the last seven days. They were just waiting for the commands from the show’s technical team now.

“Yes folks it’s time to answer the question that is on all of our minds…Is she a… Bimbo or Billionaire!” the announcer’s voice came across the PA system and shook me from my thoughts of the collar. On the large display screen I could see the clips being played of me getting the collar attached and activated. I was smiling like such a ditz in the clips but could remember being excited by the prospect. After all, how many chances at one billion dollars do you get?

Of course it wasn’t that easy, no one had claimed the prize yet and after I had agreed to be a contestant I had started to hear rumors that the game was rigged. It was too late to worry about that as the stage lights came up revealing the entire set around me in all its glitzy glory.

It kind of looked like a bad 70’s game show with shag carpet and lots of pastel colours that had been attacked by a 14 year old designer with a deep passion for everything pink. On the left hand side of the stage where I was standing was a simple pedestal that I was behind. On the right were two large columns of monitors, 12 in each one, one column labeled “Bimbo” and the second “Cash”.

In the center of the stage were 24 hot pink make up cases on clear pedestals that had a pink glow to them. Each case was labeled from 1 to 24. Inside each case was either a dollar sign or a chrome bimbo outline line like you sometimes see on the back of a big truck. Each time a case was opened I moved a step up the associated cash or bimbo column. The game continued until I collected 12 cash or bimbo cases and I kept whatever I had collected from both columns.

“Thanks Dan, now to get to today’s contestant… Sharon” the crowd went wild as Jack, the MC, walked over to me with a big fake grin on his face.

“So Sharon, tell us about yourself…”

“Hi Jack, well as you know my name is Sharon and I’m a junior partner in the law firm of Mcginty, Wallace and Baird. I’m 26 years old and 5 foot 9. But the only thing you really need to know is that I’m here to win the billion dollars!” I said putting on my best fake smile as the crowd cheered.

“That’s fantastic Sharon, we’ll talk some more later about you, but now I have just one question for you… are you ready to play?” the crowd screamed in unison with Jack as he asked the question and only after the roar died down could I answer. The question was rhetorical, it was just for show as the contract I had signed, and the nanites in my body, guaranteed at least the first round of play.

“YES! Absolutely Jack I’m ready to play!” the crowd once more broke out in applause as I beamed a smile and waved at them. I turned back to Jack I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the off stage monitors. I had seen so many other contestants it was hard to believe it was really me in the skimpy outfit. It was just a simple thong and tube top. They were made out of a stretchable material to ensure the censors wouldn’t fine the production company, but they didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“Ok Sharon, I just need to take care of a few housekeeping items here and we can get going. First of I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to our case girl Chrissi!” a spotlight was focused on Chrissi and the buxom blonde bimbo waved and giggled as the crowd gave another riotous round of applause.

“As most of you know, Chrissi was the unluckiest contestant to ever play our game here and opened twelve bimbo cases in a row. But we just couldn’t let her leave with nothing so instead we didn’t let her leave at all and she’s been with us ever since!

In the back of the studio we also have the fine technical folks who will be operating the Collar of Fate tonight, we won’t get a chance to see them but we’ll certainly see their work on stage!

And of course we cannot forget our generous benefactor, who has put up the billion dollar prize! Our mystery man that we simply call ‘The Accountant'”. A pitch black area above the columns of monitors was suddenly backlit revealing a person sitting at a desk but obscured in darkness so all I could see was his outline.

“Of course you all know our board, two sides with twelve steps each, revealed one at a time as the cases are opened. As always the cash side starts at a penny and works its way up to one billion dollars!

The Bimbo side is divided in too two halves, the first six are physical changes that the ‘Collar of Fate’ will make to you and the second half are mental changes. Each of the changes will be selected by an audience vote from a list of four random selections from our database!” Once more the roar from the crowd was immense and Jack cheered them on as well.

“Ok Sharon, this is the last chance for you to back out of the show, do you still want to play?”

“Let’s do it Jack!”

Chapter 2 – Round 1

All the excitement of the show opening had displaced the butterflies I was feeling for a brief time but now as the game was really getting underway they had come back with a vengeance.

“Ok Sharon, as you know we have five rounds here. In the first round you have to open 12 cases, the second 6 cases, the third 3, the fourth and fifth rounds are 1 case each to see if you win the billion dollars or not. That means I need 12 numbers from 1 to 24 from you right now.”

“Well Jack, I don’t have any strategy here so I’m just going to pick the first twelve numbers that come to my mind. Let’s start with 13 first.”

The pedestal with case 13 on it started flashing but Chrissi remained still.

“Chrissi, could you please open the case please?” Jack said.

“Oh, sorry I forgot I was supposed to do that.” Chrissi beamed as she started in to the forest of pedestals, walking right by number 13.

“Chrissi, number 13 please?”

“Uhmm, which one is 13 Jack?”

“The one flashing honey.” Jack said with a smirk and the crowd laughed right along with him.

Chrissi struggled with the case for just a moment and finally opened it revealing the dreaded Bimbo symbol.

“Oh tough luck on the first case Sharon, hopefully that won’t be an indication of how the rest of the game will go.”

“I know it won’t be Jack.”

I felt as if the bottom of my stomach had dropped three feet, but the game was young and I knew I wouldn’t get out of the first round without several items on the Bimbo side.

“Ok folks, let’s reveal the first Bimbo change and the four randomly selected items our audience gets to vote on!”

The music came to a crescendo as the first monitor in the Bimbo column came to life.

“Category is Hair! And the four voting options are… The Farrah Fawcett, Black Bob, Long Red Ringlets and Bald! Ok folks use the pads on your arm rests and vote for which one you want. Sharon, what do you think of the choices?”

“Well I have to say I don’t like the bald option Jack!”

“We don’t see that one very often I think you’re ok on that front, but it does mean that your shoulder length brown hair is going to be gone in a few moments.”

“I can live with that Jack. The other three options seem reasonable at least.”

“Ok, voting is complete and let’s have the answer please!”

The graphic on the display flipped over and revealed “Long Red Ringlets”.

“And the audience has spoken! Oh great technical team, please activate the Collar of Fate!”

I suddenly felt my scalp come to life and while I couldn’t see the collar I knew it was glowing and flashing various shades of pink. It took only a few seconds until I could feel my hair growing down my back. Pulling some of it around to my face only confirmed it was now a bright red like nothing found in nature.

“Ok Sharon, let’s get on to the next case!”

“Number 7 Jack.”

“Chrissi if you please?”

This time the flashing pedestal caught Chrissi’s eye and she opened it quickly.

“Oh another Bimbo case, let’s see what we have for you this time!”

I really didn’t like the second case, I didn’t want to end up like Chrissi, a twelve and out contestant. But that was extremely unlikely even if opening two Bimbo cases was bad luck. I had to keep focused on the fact there were still ten more cases to open.

“And the board says… Voice! With the options being Squeak…Squeak…Squeak, Low and Husky, Southern Drawl and Russian in America. Now to be clear this won’t change you vocabulary, just how you sound when you speak. So Russian in America won’t make you start saying Da and Neyt but it will give you a more clipped sound and you will favour the emphasis of certain syllables over others that a more traditional native English speaker would.”

“Just as long as I don’t sound like a mouse I’ll be fine Jack!” I said with a smile.

“And the voting says… Low and Husky!”

The collar once more came to life and I suddenly took in a deep breath as my throat felt like it was on fire. Once the collar was done I exhaled.

“Wow Jack, that felt a little weird…” I said, my voice several octaves lower and dripping with sex.

“Well Sharon, while the voice change is pretty early in the game, it takes quite a bit too actually make the change. But don’t worry it seems to have worked quite well!”

“Thanks Jack.” I replied sarcastically, knowing it sounded more like an invitation back to my apartment.

“Ok Sharon, what’s your next case?”

“Let’s try case 21 this time.”

Chrissi opened the case to reveal a dollar sign.

“Congratulations Sharon, you’re on the board!” Jack said as the first monitor in the Cash column lite up with a single penny.

“You bet I am Jack!” I replied. “Let try 15 next!”

Chrissi fiddled with the case for a second having forgotten how to open it, once she managed to undo the clasp she reveled another Bimbo sign.

“Oh, tough luck. What do we have this time for Sharon? Category is lips! The options for the audience are… Permanent Pink, Pleasure Pillows, Sexual Sensitivity and Always in Touch.”

Another dreaded Bimbo case didn’t even try for any witty banter as the audience voted.

“And the audience says… Pleasure Pillows!”

In the off stage monitor I could see the camera zoom in on my mouth as the collar once more started its work. My modest but pleasant lips start to balloon out, forming twin pillows on my face.

“A classic if I do say so myself Sharon. Those new lips are going to give some lucky guy a lot of pleasure!”

“Not if I can help it Jack. Let get on with it, I want number 3 next.” It felt different talking, like I was going to have to learn how to work my lips again but I managed to get by.

“Your second cash Sharon, congratulations you now have 10 cents!”

“Let’s do number 1 next.”

“Oh, your fourth Bimbo case, now we’re getting serious Sharon. The category is Body Shape. The options are… It’s All Gone Pear Shaped, She’s All Legs, Hour Glass and She’s Going to Reach a New Height! Audience, do you duty!”

“So what do you think it will be Sharon?”

I had a sinking feeling I knew what it was going to be… “I don’t know Jack, but maybe Hour Glass?”

“Let’s find out, what does the board have to say? Hour Glass it is Sharon! Good guess!”

I suddenly felt my midsection light on fire, looking up at the monitor I saw my normally slender 26 inch waist start to contract. When it was done I gasped for air and if I had to guess my waist was now only 20 inches. With my normal 30 inch hips and 28 inch bust it gave me a very sexy hour glass figure.

“Are you alright Sharon?”

“Fine Jack, just a little winded thanks.”

“Alright Sharon, what’s your next case then?”

“Number 23 Jack.”

“Oh no, Sharon, another Bimbo case! This time the category is… Breasts!”

The roar of the crow soared, this was always their favorite category. I knew I was in trouble now, I only had 10 cents in the bank but this was my fifth Bimbo case. Maybe it was fixed, maybe when I was done with the rest of this round I’d have to call it quits with almost nothing! No my luck had to change I just need to keep going.

“The choices this time are… Nipples Like Erasers, Valley of Pleasure, To ‘E’ternity and Beyond and Man Handled!”

I had seen Man Handled before on the show and I knew I didn’t want that. The last contestant to get it was doing bondage porn now as she had to have her breasts fondled as often as possible and the rougher the better.

If there was one thing going for me on this one was that my own natural breasts were quite small as a B cup and the audience had been tending towards a more ‘traditional’ set of Bimbo choices.

“Oh my Sharon, we have a surprise from the audience this time, we have a tie!”

I inwardly groaned, ties were the worst outcome possible as the contestant received all the changes that were tied. One poor contestant last year actually had a 4 way tie on the body shape category and gone from a 5 foot 10 svelte fashion model body to a 4 foot 10 buxom, ass heavy woman that had to always wear high heels. It had pretty much broken her and she left after the first round in tears.

“And the tie is between ‘E’ternity and Beyond and Nipples like Erasers!” Jack called out. I was glad it was just two straight forward choices and only verified what I had though. Today the audience was straight up Bimbo all the way.

I didn’t have to look in to the monitor this time to see the effects. Instead I just looked down as the heat moved across my breasts and they expanded outward. Stretching the tube top along with them as they grew well beyond propriety to a full set of E cups, maybe even a little larger as it was hard to tell at this point.

On the peak of each breast my nipples grew thicker, longer, hard and erect, pointing though the stretchy fabric of the tube top. I knew they’d always be hard and erect from now on.

The crowd was still going crazy and Jack had to eventually calm them down to keep the show going.

“Ok Sharon, I have to say that the combination of those new breasts of yours and the previous Hour Glass option have certainly had a complementary effect! But we need another number from you.”

I could feel the new weight on my chest and had to adjust to keep standing up straight. I needed another money case now or this was going to get out of hand.

“Ok Jack, give me number 10.”

“Good choice Sharon, your third money case, you’re up to a whole dollar!”

The audience applauded dutifully, but not nearly as energetically as with the Bimbo cases.

“What’s your next number?”

“Case number 5 Jack.”

“You’re on a roll now Sharon, another money case! You’re up to $10!”

Once more the polity clapping of the audience could be heard, I was on a role now and things were turning my way.

“That’s better Jack, I’ve got this licked now. Give me number 18!”

“Oh sorry Sharon, that’s Bimbo number 6 for you!”

I knew it was a setback but the two cash cases had gotten me back in the game and there were just three more cases in this round.

“The category is… Face! The audience options are… Wide Eyed, Pretty in Pink, Bedroom Eyes and Expressionless!”

The audience were voting as soon as Jack had finished, Expressionless was the worst by far, the others, while not great options, were just par for the course in this game.

“And this one is close folks, you lucked out this time Sharon as just one vote separated Pretty in Pink and Bedroom Eyes. I have to say I think Bedroom Eyes would nicely complement the Low and Husky of the voice category, but the audience knows best and they’ve chosen Pretty in Pink!”

I felt the heat move across my face and once it had subsided I could see in the off stage monitor a full close up of my new permanent makeup. Pink eye shadow, pink eye liner, pink blush and now dominating my face my lips were covered in shinny pink lip gloss.

“And of course Sharon none of that new makeup will ever smudge, run or otherwise get out of line no matter what you’re doing.” Jack said as he pushed his tongue in to the side of his cheek.

The Bimbo board was divided in to two parts, the first six steps were purely physical changes, but the second half was where it really kicked in to high gear and the last six steps were all mental changes. I was at the end of the first half of the board and I was out of physical changes, the next Bimbo case I opened would start me down the path to being a true bimbo instead of just looking like one. I still had two more cases to open in this round and I had to avoid any more bimbo cases.

“Jack, give me case number 19.”

“Are you sure Sharon, I’ll give you a chance to change your mind, you know the next bimbo you get will start on the mental changes.”

“I know Jack, but give me case 19.”

“Oh, that’s a tough one Sharon, your seventh bimbo case!”

The crowd cheered even as my stomach seemed to drop in to a bottomless pit. I had wanted to avoid getting to the mental changes, but now it was going to happen no matter what and I only had $10 in the cash column. I’d have to go at least one more round to get any kind of prize at this rate.

“The category is… Clothing Style! You lucked out Sharon, that’s an easy one for your first mental change. Now the options are… Sunny Day Dress, Party All the Time, Tripping the Flesh Fantastic and Gothic Splendor!

That’s a pretty wide selection of choices Sharron, what do you think?”

“Well Jack, the first two sound ok, but I don’t think those last ones would really fit my new body quite as well.” I said giving the audience a wink.

“Audience, what do you say?

The results are in and Sunny Day is the winner!”

This time instead of feeling the change happen in one part of my body I instead felt a fog come over my mind as the change happened. The fog stayed only for a few seconds and then receded, leaving my mind clear, but clearly different.

“So Sharon, as we can’t give you your new attire quite yet, let me tell you what your new fashion sense will be. Previously you spent most of your days in a business suit and from your pre-show interviews we know in your downtime you usually wore a pair of jeans. From now on you’ll find your primary attire will be sun dresses, with an occasional venture in to more formal dresses as the occasion demands it.”

I had been lucky, both in the category and the audience selection. Sure my new breasts and waist were going to make me look like some kind of erotic 50’s housewife in those sun dresses, but the other options had been much worse. Tripping the Flesh Fantastic was particularly bad as it virtually made you walk around naked, choosing the skimpiest outfits possible.

“So what will your last case of the round be Sharon.”

The question brought me back to the moment, “Number 8 Jack.”

“And the final case is… Cash! You’re up to $100.”

“Congratulations Sharon, you’ve completed the first round!”

“Thanks Jack. It didn’t go as well as I would have liked but it’s done now.”

“Ok Sharon, as you know at the end of the round The Accountant will be sending me an offer to give you. You don’t have much cash yet so don’t expect too much from him, he’s going to be pretty confident.”

“That’s ok Jack, I’m in this to win!” I said with as much gusto as I could even though I wasn’t feeling it really.

The crowd once more erupted in to cheer and I felt a surge of adrenaline run through me. I could do this, I just had to get through the next round with 4 cash cases and I could leave with my dignity in tack.

“So while we wait for the office, tell me what your plans are for the future.”

“Well Jack, I intent to make full partner at my law firm in the next 2 years and then a year after that start my own firm. The cash I’m going to win from the show will be the seed money I use to get things up and running. I need to win at least $50k to make it happen!”

“That’s great to hear you have a plan Sharon. Ok, The Accountant’s offer is in… He’ll move you two rungs up the Cash board and only one up the bimbo board if you end your game right now.”

“No way Jack, that’s only $5000, that’s not nearly enough to start my own firm. I’m here to win big!”

The crowd surged its support as Jack held up his hands for them to settle down.

“Ok Sharon, then do you want to go on too round two?”

“Let’s play Jack!”

Chapter 3 – Round 2

The audience clapped and shouted my name as I smiled and waved at them. Round two was only six cases, I could still win the game with a good round.

“Ok Sharon, what’s your next case?”

“Case number 2 Jack.”

“A good start to the second round, you have $1000!”

My high continued as the board lit up the $1000 under the case column.

“Ok Jack, let’s do number 24!”

“Oh, bimbo case number 8 Sharon, how do you feel about that?”

“It’s not what I wanted, but I’m still ok, I just need to get some more cash cases in this round then I did in the last round.”

“I do like it when our contestants have a positive attitude Sharon, but now let’s get to the category. Vocabulary! Oh, this will complement your voice category from before. Unlike the Voice category, this won’t change your voice but instead change the kinds of words you use. The audience voting options this time are… Third Person Bimbo, French Immersion, Street Slang and Simply Sweet!”

“Oh such classic choices in this round, but I know what I’m hoping for… how about you Sharon?”


“Not to worry Sharon, we have an answer already… Simply Sweet!”

I knew the answer even before Jack had said it. Every choice the audience had made had been driving me toward the classic sweet and simple bimbo. They had avoided all the nasty choices and I guess I should be thankful for that but somehow I just couldn’t muster it up.

Once again I felt the fog decent over my mind and when it lifted my thoughts seems clear once more but somehow different.

“So how are you feeling Sharon?”

“Ok dokey honey! It’s so sweet of you to ask sugar!”

I realized I’d be hearing a lot of those kinds of words from now on, honey, sweetie, sugar. The change was done and there was nothing to do but keep going.

“Your very welcome Sharon, now for you next number please?”

“You betcha Jacky, number 9!”

“Another cash Sharon, that’s good news! You’re up to $5000!”

“Yea! Can I have number 4 sweetie?”

“Oh, another bimbo case, number 9 for you. That’s going to cost you I think!”

“Awww, that’s ok it’s not your fault after all!”

“Thanks Sharon that’s so very sweet of you!” Jack winked at the audience as he said it and they gave out a loud roar of laughter. “The category this time is Career! Oh Sharon, I’m sorry I don’t think you’re going to make partner at your law firm.”

I knew the easy categories were over. The career category could be just about anything from some truly nasty options to simply a new role within her current office.

“Ok audience, here are your voting options… Sleeping with the Boss, Serving the Public, Adult Industry and Trophy Wife! Well those are interesting choices Sharon, what do you think?”

“Gee, I don’t know, I guess I don’t want to be in the adult industry.” Inwardly I knew my best option was ‘Sleeping with the Boss’, it might even advance my career faster than my current plan called for. However I didn’t want to tell the audience that as they might not pick it because I wanted it. It was better to play in to their current desires for the sweet bimbo and direct them away from the Adult Industry option and hope I got lucky.

“I don’t know Sharon, that new body of yours couple with the sweet wholesome thing the audience has going on could make you a star in the adult industry as a dancer or actress!”

“Awe, that’s nice of you to say Jacky!”

“Well the audience has made its choice… and they’ve chosen Serving the Public!”

The fog engulfed me once again and when it cleared Jack was talking.

“So with Serving the Public Sharon will be looking for work as a waitress or other front line staff that spend all day taking orders from the public and delivering them. A big step down from lawyer, wouldn’t you agree Sharon?”

“Gee Jacky, it sounds like a great job to me!”

“I know it does Sharon, but enough about your new career, what is your next case going to be?”

“Sure honey, how about 6?”

“You got it Sharon. Oh, another bimbo case, number 10 I’m afraid.”

“That sucks Jacky!” I said almost pouting.

“Well let’s see what the category is… Compulsion! We’re defiantly in the home stretch on the bimbo board now Sharon. The options are… Flirting with Disaster, Public Performance, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Trying to Please Everyone!”

“Boohoo Jacky, I don’t like any of those!”

“Don’t worry Sharon, the audience knows best on these things and they’ve chosen… Trying to Please Everyone!”

I once again felt the fog roll in to my mind and as it left I looked around at all the people in the studio. I couldn’t help but wonder what would make each of them happy and what I could do to make it happen.

“So Sharon, how are you doing?

“Ok Jacky. I think…”

“That’s good, can I as you a question?”

“Of course!”

“What do you think of changing your name?”

“Uh… I don’t know, do you think I should?”

“I think it would be a good idea, can I suggest Shari?”

“Well if you like it I guess it would be ok.”

“Oh I think I like it, what about you audience, what do you think?”

The audience roared its approval and I knew it was the right name for me.

“Yea! My name is Shari!”

“Alright Shari, your next case please.”

“You bet Jacky, I’m happy to give you a case number! How about case 20?” I said almost asking it as a question of Jack. I wanted to pick the case he wanted me to.

“That’s a good case Shari, it’s a cash case! You’re up to $10,000! And you’re done round two!”


“So while we wait for The Accountant to send down his offer, why don’t you tell me what your plans are for the future now that we’re through the second round?”

“Gee I don’t know Jacky, things are different now and I have to find a new job and there are so many people out there who I want to help be happy!”

“That’s very nice to hear Shari. I have the offer from The Accountant, he would like you to get out of the game for your own good. He thinks you’re pretty much done. So he’s offering to give you another rung on the cash board if you leave the game right now.

“Oh I don’t know Jacky, what do you think? Should I take the deal?”

“Well it’s not up to me Shari, but the audience has been pretty good to you so far, why don’t you ask them?”

“That’s a great idea sweetie! What do you think guys, should I take the deal?”

The audience roared no, no, no and I could feel it in the depths of my soul, the people didn’t want me to take the deal and so I wouldn’t!

“No way Jacky!”

Chapter 4 – Round 3

“Alight Shari, so you want to continue to the third round?”

The crowd was screaming yes at me and I just couldn’t refuse them.

“Yes honey, let’s do it!”

“Alright Shari, pick another case then!”

“Case number 22!”

“Oh, bad start Shari, your eleventh bimbo case!”

“Oh doodoo!”

“Ok, this time the category is… Fetish! And the options are… Fit to be Tied, Latex and Lace, Down and Dirty and Breast Obsessed!”

“Oh I think I can see where the audience is going with this one, how about you Shari?”

“Really Jacky? You’re so smart!”

“Thanks Shari and it looks like the audience agrees, Breast Obsessed it is!”

The fog moved even quicker than before and I seemed to float through it this time. When I came out the other side I looked down and my marvelous breasts and gave them a squeeze. A soft moan escaped my lips as the pleasure coming from my breasts reached my brain. I pinched my nipples and gave them a tug and my knees almost gave out from under me. I was brought back to reality by the laughter of the crowd.

“Hey, what’s so funny?” I asked.

“Oh nothing Shari, we’re just all having a great time thanks to you.”

“Oh that great Jacky, I’m glad I’m making everyone happy!”

“Well Shari then you won’t mind giving me another case number will you?”

“Not at all! Case 12!”

“Oh you are lucky this time a Cash case! You’re up to your goal of $50,000!”

“I’m so happy Jacky!”

“Now all you have to do is avoid one more bimbo case and you’re finished the round!”

“Ok Jacky, give me case number 11!”

“Oh Shari, I’m so sorry, that’s your final bimbo case!”

“But, but, but I don’t want that!” this time I did pout and cross my arms under my large breasts.

“Oh I know but we all know what the final category is… Intelligence!”

I knew the final category was always Intelligence and it didn’t need any audience vote as it always left the contestant as a brainless bimbo.

This time the fog rolled in and never left.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s our show for this week! We’d like to tell you about our new show coming soon called Business Bimbo’s, where we place one of our fine new bimbo contestants in to a business that is failing and need a little something extra to turn it around.

And don’t forget to check the website in a few weeks for an update on Shari and how she’s making out in her new life as she now has the answer to if she’s a… Bimbo or Billionaire!”

Chapter 5 – Epilogue

I was wearing the restaurants waitress uniform but I wasn’t very happy with it. Its skirt was too long and easily came a good 6 inches past my butt. I had done what I could with the top but it covered up too much of my boobs and I knew the guys in the restaurant wanted to see more of them.

The $50,000 from the game show had helped me buy a whole new wardrobe and I had needed it afterwards. The show also had an excellent job placement service and they had found me a new job right away after the show was over.

This restaurant hadn’t been very popular before I had arrived but everyone had seen me on TV and even though I wasn’t a very good waitress no one complained. I tried to make sure everyone was happy when they left.

But even so, Doug, my manager was upset and that is why I was in his office yet again.

“Shari, I know you’re a bimbo but you have to make sure the orders are correct, write them down!”

“Sorry Dougie, I try my darnedest.”

“I know, it’s just not enough. You’re just not making me happy with your work.”

The words sent a dagger through my heart but I thought I saw a slight smile on Doug’s face as he said it.

“Please sweetie, what can I do to make you happy?”

“Why don’t you come over here and I’ll tell you…”

“Ok honey.” I said as she stood up and walked around behind the desk. Doug pushed his chair back and motioned me to sit in his lap. I sat down on his lap and waited for him to tell me how to make him happy but instead I felt his hand grab my boobs through the uniform.

I let out a moan from the pleasure, I loved having my boobies played with and I pushed myself even closer to Dougie to make sure he didn’t stop. I reached around behind my back and undid the uniform so he could get better access.

As the uniform fell down around my waist Dougie leaned forward and sucked on my large erect nipple. The moan intensified and eventually became words “Yes Dougie, suck on my big boobie…”

Dougie continued to suck on my nipple as he played with the other one and I was lost in pleasure. I only came out of it when Dougie started speaking to me again.

“What honey?”

“I said get down on your knees and give me a blow job with those big fat pleasure pillows you call lips Shari.”

I quickly got up from his lap and descended to my knees as Dougie undid his pants and pulled out his dick. I knew a good blowjob always made the guys happy!

I wrapped my shiny pink lips around Dougie’s member and began giving him a blowjob. It wasn’t as good as getting my boobs fucked, but at least I was able to play with my boobs as I descended on Dougie. As I looked up at the pleasure in Dougie’s face I seemed to recall telling someone my lips would not be giving anyone pleasure if I could help it but for the life of me should couldn’t remember why I had said it.


Want to write an episode?

If you want to write an episode of “Bimbo or Billionaire” then you have my permission if you follow these guidelines:

  • Before publishing your story you must send me a copy for review at, if I don’t respond within a week you can assume its fine and post it. If I have any changes I think are required I’ll let you know as soon as I can.
  • You cannot sell your story and you must publish it on (you can post it anywhere else you like as well). That means you have to follow Simon’s guidelines on subject matter. See’s FAQ ( for more detail.
  • You must credit this story and myself with a link back to this story on
  • The main characters in the show (Jack, Dan, Chrissi, the Accountant and those yet to be written) and the contestants I write should not be altered in your story. If you want to make changes to any of the main characters in your story arc, you should substitute them with a “guest” version for the episode.
  • The game is not rigged per say, but is heavily in favour of the house (like all good games for profit 😉 and is therefore theoretically winnable. However I reserve the right to write the first winning episode.
  • The game has a specific structure to it, you will not alter it. You can fiddle with the details, perhaps have a double down day where the cash and changes are both doubled up for a round.
  • The board layout is as follows: Case Bimbo Side Cash Side
    1 Hair $0.01
    2 Voice $0.10
    3 Lips $1
    4 Body Shape $10
    5 Breasts $100
    6 Face $1,000
    7 Clothing Style $5,000
    8 Vocabulary $10,000
    9 Career Change $50,000
    10 Compulsion $100,000
    11 Fetish $500,000
    12 Intelligence $1,000,000,000
  • The categories are not random but the options in each one are. You’ll also notice the cash side does not go up linearly, this is on purpose to keep a contestant playing for as long as possible. Likewise the Accountant will usually lowball his offer to keep them in the game.
  • Your random options in each category should be different than mine. You can use a few from my story to create a bridge back but the fun part of the game is seeing different options and results.
  • The show has five rounds, 12 cases in the first, 6 in the second, 3 in the third, 1 in the fourth and fifth.
  • You should not take text directly from my story except where appropriate. For example the banter between Jack and Sharon shouldn’t be copied in to your story. On the other hand, the opening description and Jack’s introduction of the game is perfectly fine to copy verbatim. Just use your common sense, if it’s something that is unique to one episode then it shouldn’t be copied, if it would be common in many episodes you can copy it to yours.
  • If you would like to break any of the above guidelines, you can e-mail me and ask permission. Make sure to include a description of what you want to do and why. If I don’t respond you must assume the answer is NO.