BimboTech: Dental

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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SYNOPSIS: Nina has been laid off from work for months but before her benefits run out she’s going to visit the dentist one last time.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This story takes place in The Sympathetic Devil’s BimboTech universe, which he has generously let me write a story in.

BimboTech: Dental

Nina couldn’t believe her luck, for the last few months it had seemed bad was the only kind of luck she had. She’d called work last week to double check that her medical plan was still in force after they’d laid her off almost three months ago. They’d told her it was but they had changed providers so she’d have to go to a new dentist that specialized in checkups and routine cleanings.

‘Sure…’ she thought, ‘specialized probably means incompetent to perform anything else and dirt cheap too!’

But now maybe it was turning around, as she approached the office a simple hand written sign greeted her; “Office Help Wanted”. At 26 she had been out of university for 2 years and still hadn’t found a job in her major, religious studies, but had taken a job as a receptionist at a large insurance broker in the city. But more and more people were buying insurance online and the company had to cut back so she had been replaced by a new telephone system and her other duties spread out across several other people in the office.

With her medical benefits set to run out she figured one last trip to the doctor and dentist would be a good idea. She’d seen the doctor earlier in the day and came away with a clean bill of health, though the creep did suggest she lose a few pounds. She wasn’t a wisp of a woman by any means but did keep in good health, even if she may be carried 10 extra pounds. She still fit in to a size 6 dress and felt good about herself as well.

She opened the door and entered a simple office setup, a few chairs in the waiting room and a receptionist’s desk a few paces in. There were still boxes all over the place and clearly the office was still being unpacked and setup.

On the desk was a cardboard sign beside a bell that read “Please ring bell and we’ll be right with you.”

She tapped the bell once and the sharp, clear ring from it startled her a bit. She attributed it to being a bit nervous about the job. She hadn’t brought a resume or anything and was thinking that she should maybe come back later.

Before she could turn around and leave, a thin man, maybe in his early fourties and in a white coat walked out from the hallway, a wide smile on his face.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Johnson. You must be Nina, my 3pm client?”

“Hi, yes I am.”

“You seem a little nervous, don’t worry the place looks a mess, but all my equipment is setup. You’re my first patient in my new office.”

“I see you’re still unpacking. Um, about the help wanted sign…”

“Do you know someone who would be interested? I’m desperate to find someone as my last receptionist couldn’t commute to the new office.”

“Well yes. I’m interested in it.”

“That’s great, my first patient and hopefully my last interview all in one! Why don’t we get started on your checkup and we can talk as I work. Afterwards I can get your references and details from you.”

Nina followed the doctor back to the exam room and true to his word the dentist’s chair and x-ray machine were setup and there was no clutter to be seen. It even sparkled as everything was brand new. The machinery look different than her last dentist’s office, more high tech and certainly newer.

“Alright Nina, take a seat and we’ll get started.”

She sat down and Doctor Johnson placed a small bib around her neck. He grabbed a tablet computer from the counter and started typing on it. As she waited she looked up at the ceiling, it was painted blue with white clouds all over it, presumably to keep the patients relaxed. One cloud, right above the chair was different, it had a slight pink tinge to it and looked out of place.

“Ok, I’m trying something new in my new office, we’ve computerized all the records and as a new patient I have a couple of questions for you to get everything setup. The IT contractor is still tailoring the system to my practice so I’m sorry I’ll have to ask a few questions that might not be applicable but of course just like any doctor, your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed here.

“Ok Doctor, fire away.”




“130 pounds.”


“5 foot 2 inches.”

“Bust, waist and hips? I know, I know, but I can’t go on to the next screen without entering the data, sorry.”

Nina hesitated a moment, but if she didn’t answer he might hold it against her and not hire her for the job, in the end she decided it was best just to answer.

“36c, 29, 34.”

“Marital/Dating status?”

“Uh, single.”

“Ok, just one other thing here, what’s your ancestry?”

She hesitated again, but he was looking at her expecting an answer so she did.

“My parents are Italian.”

“Ok, thanks Nina. Sorry again for those questions. The computer guys say they’ll have it updated by the end of the day and I’ll make sure to delete that information afterwards.”

Nina felt better with his assurance and took a deep breath.

“Ok Nina, I normally like to start with an intense cleaning. Most patients like to have the gas while I’m doing this, sometimes I do get in a little deeper in to my work than other dentists. The gas just makes it easier for both of us. What do you think?”

Like most people, Nina thought the laughing gas was the best part of coming to the dentist, so getting it early sounded good to her.

“Sure, that’s fine Doctor.”

He placed the gas line over her upper lip and she inhaled the gas. It wasn’t like the last time she remembered, it smelt sweeter, like strawberries and bubble gum. As the doctor continued to work on his tablet she took in a deep breath of the gas and suddenly all her worries floated away. After just a few seconds, she felt like giggling and so she did.

“Oh, that works very quickly with such a directed stream of gas. How are you feeling Nina?”

“Just dreamy doc! giggle

“That’s good, just keep taking deep breaths.”

That sounded like the best idea anyone had had in a long time to Nina, so she did. Her mind quickly rising above her body and floating away on the pink cloud above her.

“Ok Nina, open wide. You don’t mind if I use a mouth prop to keep your mouth open while I work do you?”

Nina couldn’t find her mind, it was far away by now so instead all she did was giggle.

“I didn’t think so, here we go then.”

The doctor went to work propping her mouth open, once he had finished he leaned in and accidently brushed up against her right breast. A shot of pleasure went straight to Nina’s brain as it floated abover her and she moaned, or at least tried to through her open mouth as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“So that’s why they say to use a mouth prop. Those BTI guys think of everything.”

A quick cleaning later Nina was still in heaven but the doctor had removed the gas line and she was relaxing in the chair. He was strapping her wrists and legs down which almost seemed odd to Nina but the pink fog of pleasure still engulfed her mind so nothing could be wrong.

He went over to the counter and picked up what looked like a spray bottle, with several long squirts of a fine mist of its contents he had wetted Nina’s entire outfit. Nina giggled again briefly before wondering why he had done that. She liked this outfit, a stylish pair of pants and a simple blouse was perfect for her.

The areas of her clothes where more of the mist had hit suddenly started to disappear right in front of Nina’s eyes, panic would normally have set in but the gas still had her in its grip and instead a fit of giggles came fourth.

“BTI Nanosolv, guaranteed to remove a woman’s panties and the rest of her clothes!” The doctor read from the bottle.

Nina continued to giggle as the last of her clothing disappeared from her body, leaving her completely naked. The doctor moved behind her and adjusted the headrest of the chair. Walking back to the counter he picked up his tablet and returned to his seat beside Nina.

“I might have used a bit too much gas on you Nina, I guess we’re going to have to wait for you to come back down before we can get started with the interview. Let’s work on your body while we wait.”

The doctor tapped his tablet a couple of times and suddenly the “X-Ray” machine came to life, like a robot in a car factory. Its head first positioned itself at Nina’s feet and then started to hum. A pale pink light emanated from the head of the device and the robot arm moved slowly up Nina’s body.

When it reached her head Nina giggled again and stuck out her tongue at the machine.

“Silly bot thingy! giggle

The arm reset to its starting position at her feet and this time a bright pink light came out. Followed by a wave of pleasure the likes of which Nina had never felt before. It once again moved slowly up her body, but this time as it passed it left behind a changed woman.

As it passed over her legs, the minor blemishes and scars disappeared, the hair fell out and they appeared toned and tight.

When it arrived at her hips, it slowed down even more. When the light first touched her pussy her mind exploded in an orgasm which continued until it had moved past her belly button. Her new midsection had wider hips, a tiny waist and significantly more padding on her ass. Her pussy was completely hairless and felt much tighter than it had before.

The pleasure once again exploded when it reached her breasts, releasing more orgasms that didn’t abate until the light had left the top of her head. In its wake was a set of ‘E’ cup breasts, puffy lips and a mane of long black silken hair.

Her face was refined from what it had been before. Her nose was slightly smaller, chin more in line with the rest of her face and her cheek bones higher making it look more angular.

When her last orgasm had finally faded, the effects of the gas had been burned away.

“What’s going on, why am I naked and strapped down! What have you done to my body!”

“Well Nina, it’s time for your interview and you want to make a good impression don’t you?”

“What, no… I mean… ohhh!” Suddenly she felt a buzzing at the base of her skull and the world around her darkened, confusion set in and she didn’t know what to say.

“You still want the job don’t you?”

“I… I… don’t… yes?” The buzzing and confusion continued as she stumbled for an answer but was replaced with pleasure as she said yes to the doctor.

“In fact you really need this job don’t you?”

She hesitated again, confusion returned and she hurried to reply.

“Yes.” The pleasure coursed through her body, she did need this job.

“Alright, I have a few questions to ask, just answer openly and honestly.”

This time she answered quickly, “Ok!”, and the pleasure pushed her over the edge and she orgasmed again.

“I like to use a couple of props when I’m interviewing a candidate, you don’t mind do you?” he said as he pressed a button on his tablet.

“Props? I don’t underst…” She was cut short as the dildo invaded her pussy. Her back arched and another orgasm filled her.

“And of course we can’t leave that new ass unattended…”

Another button press and a second dildo penetrated her rectum. They each started sliding in and out of her in an alternating pattern.

The pleasure left her babbling and drooling. She returned to reality once they had stopped moving, but the pleasure was still immense.

“So I can use those anytime right?”


“In your… pussy…” he pushed the button on the tablet and the dildo in her pussy pushed deep.

“… or ass…” pressing another button the dildo in her pussy moved out but the one in her ass pushed in again. He alternated them several more times repeating the words out loud to her.

“…pussy…ass… pussy…ass… pussy…ass… pussy…ass… anytime, right?”

The pleasure was unspeakable, she knew she was being fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time and she should tell him to stop but her body screamed out for it to never end.

“Yes… fuck me anytime in the pussy or the ass!”

The pleasure eventually receded and Nina felt the dildos come to a rest in her.

“Ok, now then what’s your full name?”

Nina didn’t hesitate to answer, she needed to answer the questions to get the job. She was rewarded with another jolt of pleasure from the buzzing in the back of her head.

“Bambina Moretti.” Pleasure washed over her again.

“Oh, that will never do, you can’t have this job with a name like that.”

The buzzing came back at full force, confusion and despair were crushing her. She wasn’t going to get the job because of her name, she had to have this job. Suddenly an idea popped in to her head.

“Please… I need this job, you can call me anything you like!”

“Well that might work, but it couldn’t just be a nickname or something. We have to present the truth to our clients at all times so you’d have to get it changed legally.”

“Yes, of course… anything…”

“Ok, what do you think of Bambi Moretitty?”

Disgust welled up in Nina, then the buzzing overwhelmed it.

“I… I…”

“Why don’t you try saying it outloud. That sometimes helps people make a decision they aren’t sure about.”

“…Bambi… Moretitty…OOOOOO MY GOD!” The pleasure rocked her body and an explosion of pink stars and flowers rattled her mind.

“Let’s try it again a few more times, just to make sure it has taken.”

“Bambi Moretitty.”

“Bambi Moretitty!”


Each time the orgasm was more intense and the final time she lost conscious.

“Bambi, Bambi. Wakey, wakey! How are you feeling?”


“That’s a good answer Bambi, now there are just a few more things to go over before you will be the perfect fit for the job. As long as you agree to all of them, I’m sure you’re a shoe in for the position.”

Bambi knew she needed the job more than anything and the doctor had been right so far. She’d agree to anything he said.

“Now then, the job requires you to wear a uniform and it does show off quite a bit of cleavage, you like to show off your body right?”

Bambi looked down at her big new tits, of course she liked to show them off, that’s what they were for.

“Of course honey!” Pleasure invaded her again.

“And since we’re a dentist’s office, we specialize in providing the best oral experience we can, so you love to give blowjobs right?”

Bambi licked her new plump lips, “Bambi loves to suck cock!”

“And we’ve already seen how much you like to take it in your pussy and up your ass right?”

“God yes! Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass!”

“Good, good Bambi! Now let’s just summarize and I’m sure you’ll have the job!”

Bambi was so happy, she was going to get the job!

“Now then, you love to show off your body, you love to give blowjobs and you want to have your pussy and ass fucked all the time right?”

“Yes!” Her hand went to her pussy, it didn’t even register with her that it was no longer strapped down.

“Now what kind of woman does that describe?”

“Ah…I don’t… maybe… a… bimbo?”

“That’s right Bambi, so does that make you a bimbo?”

“Bambi’s a bimbo?” It sounded right, she tried it again.

“Bambi’s a bimbo!”


“That’s right Ms. Moretitty, you’ve got the job! Now come over here and show your new boss how a good bimbo gets a raise.”

Bambi jumped out of the chair, pulled down the doctor’s pants and went to work. She knew exactly how a good bimbo got a rise out of any man!

‘God, like this was my lucky day. I totally got the job and get to like, suck the bosses cock too!’ Bambi thought to herself as the doctor released a load down her throat and she orgasm like a good bimbo did.