BMBZ Radio

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Stacy has been listening to BMBZ Radio a lot lately… maybe a bit too much?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
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  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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BMBZ Radio

Stacy’s foot tapped along to the beat, not to the headphones in her ears, but of the subway car as it clacketed along the rails as she grew closer and closer to her destination, work.

Just the thought of another day in the office sent a shiver down her spine. The work was ok, she’d been working as a graphic designer for a big marketing company for 3 years. She’d gotten the job right out of college and the experience had been priceless.

That was up until six months ago when the new managing partner, Ryan, had taken over. Oh, he’d always been there, but mostly in the background, pressing the flesh with the clients more than anything else. But with Jerry, the previous managing partner’s retirement, Ryan had been promoted.

She had heard the stories of course, and even experienced a few of the lesser infractions by Ryan herself. Nothing that could be considered outright inappropriate or that met the legal definition of harassment, but all of the female staff made sure to stay away from him as much as possible.

That, of course, was no longer an option. Ryan strutted around the office these days like the king of the world and there were few women that didn’t catch his eye. Stacy, being a young blonde with a reasonably fit frame, had drawn a lot of his attention recently.

The song coming across her headphones ended and the announcer came on, “That was ‘Welcome to the Party’ by Jessi Beatz! We’ve got more on the way right after this quick commercial break… Looking for a makeover? Need to make a change? Come visit Bimbotech…”

Stacy tuned out the ad as the train slowed down and came to her station. The ads were annoying, but she hadn’t signed up for the ad-free version yet and so she was still suffering through them. To be honest, she’d only downloaded the app on the recommendation of one of her friends. It hadn’t seemed like the kind of thing she’d like, the bright pink design had really irritated her professional taste.

And the name… BMBZ Radio… who’d come up with that brilliant marketing idea?

After she’d installed it and slipped in her headphones, she’d started a playlist and almost winced at the sugary sweet pop music that came out of them. She’d skipped around to a few different tracks but they’d all seemed the same to her, until she’d stumbled on one that was at least a little bit tolerable.

She could still remember the guitar riff that dominated it, the distorted sound striking a chord with her and she’d at least listened to the rest of it. It was more of her style, dark though not brooding, serious but energetic.

Stacy was a series of contradictions that way. Today she was wearing a classic Nirvana t-shirt, but a set of slacks and a blazer as well. Her hair was short-cropped, with one side shaved, and the rest of it styled to look like it was going in the other direction. On her backpack was a WWF sticker along with a “Proud Vegan” badge as well. But in her hand she held a plastic cup and straw with a smoothie in it.

As she walked up the stairs of the subway station the next song started to play and the poppy electronic rhythm brought a slight smile to her lips. The app had learned pretty quickly the kind of songs she liked, but everyone in a while it messed up and inserted something else entirely. Though she had to admit, that after a week of listening to the app each day on the subway, both to and from work, she was growing to almost like the mistakes.

Stacy tried to hunker down into her seat without looking like she was hunkering down as she caught Ryan out of the corner of her eye. He was walking in her general direction and, after a quick check, she saw no one in between her and him that would distract him.

“Hi Stacy.” Ryan said with a predatory smile and a wave as he stopped in front of the cube and leaned over the 3/4 divider of it.

“Hi Ryan. What can I… I mean, what do you need?” she replied, catching herself just in time before opening a verbal door that he would surely have walked right through.

“Oh nothing, nothing. Just wandering the office to make sure everything is going well. Is there anything I can do for you?” he came back with, overemphasizing the do.

“N… no, thanks. I should get back to working on this…” she said, waving her hand at her computer monitor.

“Well, ok.” he replied, looking slightly disappointed but not taking it any further. As he walked away she watched him to make sure he didn’t turn around.

‘He has kind of a cute ass…’

The thought had just popped into her head and she gave it a little shake and blinked several times, where had that come from?

It wasn’t like he was ugly or anything, he was in his mid-thirties, maybe 5’9”, was trim but not athletic and had the traditional receding hairline that he was clearly trying to comb forward. But she’d never thought of him as cute, butt or otherwise.

She passed it off as having spent too much time at work and picked up her stylus again, working on the logo design for the current campaign she was assigned to. She’d been working on it for days, normally she’d have banged off several possible designs in a few hours, but each time she thought she was on the right track, it had gone off the rails.

It was the same with this one and in frustration, she closed the file without saving before opening a clean slate and starting again.

Stacy listened to BMBZ Radio as the wheels of the subway clattered along.

Gonna get me a real man, 
one that can go all night long. 

Gonna get me a real man, 
one that can seal the deal.

The song echoed in her ears as her head bobbed from side to side along with it. On her lap was a sketch pad, she had several coloured pencils in her one hand and was outlining a new logo idea that had just come to her.

Her hands seemed to almost move on their own as pencils were swapped, lines were drawn, fills and shades were added. Her eyes seemed to dart around the page, never taking in the whole thing, until her hands stopped and she was staring at the page like it was a thousand miles away.

She blinked several times and looked up, “Damn it!”, she cried out, realizing she’d missed her stop three stations ago. Pushing her sketch pad into her backpack, along with the pencils, she darted for the doors before they closed and just hoped it wouldn’t be too long before a train came the other way.

Frowning, Stacy looked at the sketch, it wasn’t very like her, but for some reason it seemed really good as well. The bright colours, bold design, and highlights were very much out of place for her usual designs.

“Hey Stacy, how’s that logo coming?” a voice called over her cubical wall and she looked up to see Ken, her manager. He’d been the one to hire her and she respected him a lot, but she’d also kinda had a little crush on him when she’d first started. It was long over with, but he always brought a smile to her face when he dropped by her cubical.

“Oh, ah…” she stumbled to respond.

“Don’t tell me it’s not done yet… you’ve had it for three whole days…”

“No… well, it’s…” she almost panicked as her eyes darted down to the sketch pad and then back up to Ken several times.

“Is that it there?” he asked, pointing to the pad.

“Well… ah… maybe?” she replied and meekly held out the pad so he could see it.

His face looked shocked and he blinked several times before he finally responded, “Wow, Stacy, I mean. I mean I was a little worried when I gave you the account… I mean you do great work… but, well, not always what the client wants. But I mean, you’ve really knocked this one out of the park! The client’s going to love it!”

If she had thought Ken’s face looked shocked, she could only imagine the look on her own face.

Ken gave her a thumbs up and walked away, “Get it in the computer and over to the client.”, he called over his shoulder.

Stacy dropped the sketch pad on her desk and her shoulders slumped, was it good? She wasn’t sure, but picking up her stylist, she started digitizing the design.

Stacy looked down at her tapping feet, the splash of pink in her otherwise dark outfit brought a smile to her face for some reason.

I just want to party! 

Party with the boys and men! 
Boys and men!

BMBZ Radio blared in her ears and she wondered why she didn’t wear these shoes more often.

She looked back at her sketch pad and continued to fill in the bright red heart she had drawn, along with the pink shoes, yellow top and several other articles of clothing. She was doing a lot of doodling on the way to work these days as she listened to BMBZ Radio.

It was the kind of doodling where you didn’t really have to think about it, you could almost close your eyes and just let the pencils move around the page by themselves.

She was enjoying it very much, it gave her a sense of freedom that she hadn’t felt with her art in years.

As the subway car came to a halt, she stood up and walked to the door, the clicking of her heels echoing inside the car as she swayed her hips from side to side… just a bit.

Stacy worked on her latest design in her cubical, her colour pallet filled with bright primary colours. She’d gotten so much great feedback on the logo design last week, both from the client and the others in the office, that it had only seemed natural to try and break out of the rut she had been in.

Funnily, she’d never thought of it as a rut, just the way she did things. But looking back on it, she could definitely see it was a rut now. All those dark and dreary colours and really limited her creativity and she was determined to break out of the box she’d stuffed herself in.

That had meant a rethink of a few things, including a minor wardrobe upgrade. She’d gone shopping on the weekend and picked up a few items, just to add a bit of colour to her style. A pale yellow blouse, a couple pair of blue and green shoes, a few patterned skirts. Nothing too major, but just enough to bring some lightness to her.

Today she had worn the yellow top, along with a pale blue skirt and matching shoes.

“Hey Stacy, looking great!” Ryan called as he leaned on her cubical wall.

She smiled and blushed just a bit, “Thanks Ryan. You’re… you’re looking pretty good yourself.”

Oh god, did she just flirt with Ryan? She tried to think quickly of something else to say to divert the conversation.

“Thanks.” he replied before she could, “You work for Ken, right? I’m hearing good things about you lately.”

“Yes. Well, I… I better get back to it… before you hear anything bad.” she quickly replied and turned to her monitor, trying not to make eye contact.

“I guess so. We wouldn’t want that, would we? Haha!” he replied and walked away.

Gonna get a man with a plan. 
Gonna be his number one fan. 
Gonna show him my overall tan.

Stacy mouthed the words to the sugary sweet song as she rode the subway, absently sketching away on her pad. If she’d been paying any attention to it she would have easily seen the phallic-looking shapes that filled the page, but her mind was elsewhere.

Specifically, it was in Ken’s office, she had her weekly one on one with him first thing this morning and he’d been on her mind a lot the last few days.

The first time it had happened it had been strange, those old feelings from years ago resurfacing after all this time, but the more she thought about it, the more obvious it had become. She’d never really gotten over the crush, just buried it deep down where she didn’t pay it any attention.

She raised the end of the pencil to her lips and gently placed them around it, the bright red lipstick she wore matched much of the other makeup she’d bought on the weekend and applied this morning.

The light blue dress was new as well, though the matching shoes she had already had.

The last month had been a whirlwind of changes for her, once she’d accepted how trapped she’d been, she wanted nothing more than to break out of her box. She hadn’t worn a pair of slacks in two weeks, and no black or grey in just as long.

She smiled as her tongue gently caressed the end of the pencil until the train came to a stop and she headed towards the exit.

“Here, let me show you Ken…” she said as she reached across him and grabbed his mouse. She was standing just to his left behind his desk so they could both see his monitor.

She moved the cursor around the screen and opened up several sample files she’d been working on lately as her torso pushed up against Ken’s face. He was a gentleman of course and leaned as far back as he could to get out of her way, but the limited space behind his desk made that difficult.

She finally stood back up and let Ken look at what she’d opened, “What do you think?” she asked as she reached around behind him and put her hand on his right shoulder.

“Well… it’s really good…” he replied nervously.

“I know, right?” she said, absently moving her hand from his shoulder to his head, running her fingers over the short-cropped thinning hair on top of it.

“I mean, I can’t believe how much I was limiting myself before!” she continued, running her finger around the top of Ken’s head in a circle several times.

“Yes, yes, very good. Well… I think that’s all we have to talk about today Stacy…” Ken replied in a hurry, trying to get her to leave.

“Thanks Ken… you’re the best!” she replied and stepped away from him, letting her hand slide over the top of his head and brush his left shoulder as she did so.

She walked to the door and opened it, stepping though she was pretty sure she heard a huge sigh come from Ken as she closed it. A broad smile crossed her lips and she almost giggled.

I wanna look up at you! 
I get down on my knees just for you! 
I have just such a need for you!

BMBZ Radio seemed to know just the perfect songs to play on Stacy’s way to work. Oh sure, those first few weeks had really had some stinkers in them, but now, it was just perfect!

The lyrics brought back memories of her dream last night, and of the last few nights, and just thinking about it gave her butterflies. She knew it was going to work, after all she’d been planning it for weeks now. Each time she had her one on one with Ken she’d laid it on thicker and thicker. Until finally last week she’d watched him squirm in his seat and she’d caught sight of the tent that was pitched in his pants.

She’d almost gone for it right then and there, but something held her back. But not today! Today she was ready. She had her push up bra on, which gave her modest C cups a little extra umpf, her red with white polka-dot dress came down to just above mid-thigh, she’d done the best she could with her short hair and applied the perfect amount of makeup.

She closed her eyes for a moment to bring back the memory of the dream and a smile grew across her face from ear to ear.

“Oh god Stacy, I can’t… I’m married!” Ken objected but his hands didn’t stop hers from unbuckling his belt, or unzipping his pants as she knelt between his legs in his office.

His hard shaft popped free and he let out a moan, even before Stacy’s lips wrapped around it. Stacy let out a similar moan as soon as they did.

Her one on one had gone exactly according to plan. She’d flirted with Ken for a good ten minutes, touching his shoulder, his head, his chest, his arms, etc. Until she worked her way in behind him, under the pretense of getting a better look at the monitor. Then she’d bent over just enough to cradle his head between her breasts.

He’d been so cute, he’d even let out a little whimper at that point. But a few minutes later when her hand had snaked down his chest and then on to his crotch, he’d tried to protest.

She’d had none of it of course, as hard as his dick was, her pussy was just as wet and she couldn’t last any longer.

She’d nibbled at his ear as she stroked his dick through his pants, finally whispering to him, “God Ken, I want to suck your dick so bad. I’ve wanted to since the day you interviewed me. I’m gonna wrap my lips around you and suck you off until you fill my mouth with your cum.”

She’d stepped back, twirled his chair around and dropped to her knees.

Stacy plunged down his shaft and sucked as hard as she could, eliciting another moan from Ken, but no further refusals.

Up and down she went until Ken exploded into her mouth and she came as well.

I want to be your doll, 
I want you to play with me. 

Make me up any way you want, 
then strip me down. 

There’s no better feeling, 
then when I belong to you.

The beat from BMBZ Radio filled Stacy as she walked up from the subway and to the office. Her 6” heels clicked on the concrete as she wiggled her hips and she flipped her long hair over her shoulder.

It wasn’t hers unfortunately, it was a wig, but she’d grown tired of the mess that her own hair was and even after three months it hadn’t grown nearly enough, especially the shaved side.

God, why had she ever shaved it? What had been going through her head? She giggled at the thought, it certainly hadn’t been Ken’s dick, that was for sure. Though his dick certainly was these days.

She’d been giving Ken two or three blowjobs a week since that first one in his office and she was really looking forward to today’s, since she hadn’t seen his since last week. She’d masturbated over the weekend of course, god her dildos were getting a real workout these days, but that didn’t really compare to a real dick.

She rode the elevator up to the office and walked right to her desk, checking to see if Ken’s door was open yet, but it was closed. She checked her watch, she was in early, perhaps in anticipation. She frowned a bit but sat down and started to work until he arrived.

Half an hour later she received an e-mail from Ken, addressed to the entire team, “Sick day, won’t be in the office.”

Stacy’s heart sank nearly as much as the butterflies in her stomach started to swarm. God she needed to suck on something. She grabbed a pencil without thinking about it and place it between her lips before going back to work.

Who wants to work when you can suck?
Who wants to suck when you can fuck?
Who wants to suck and fuck?
I do!
I do!

Stacy was on edge, Ken had called in sick both Monday and Tuesday and now as she rode to work, listening to BMBZ Radio as always, she couldn’t help but agree with the lyrics that filled her ears.

It had been five days since the last time she’d sucked off Ken and she wasn’t sure what she would do if he called in sick again today. How was a girl supposed to survive when her favourite dick wasn’t around?

She tried to put the dark thoughts out of her mind, that was the kind of thinking that had limited her for so long. Ken would be in today, she knew it, she just knew it!

And if not… well, she’d figure something out.

Stacy’s eyes glued to the monitor as the message came in for the third day in a row and she almost cried.

Instead she headed to the bathroom with her purse, several minutes later the dildo that it contained was sliding in and out of her pussy, then into her mouth and back again.

She managed to achieve a small orgasm and she resigned herself to being satisfied with that before she freshened up and returned to her desk.

To her surprise, Ryan was waiting for her there.

“Hi Stacy.” he said, the same wolfish grin on his face as always, but it sent a shiver of excitement through her this time.

“Hi Ryan.” she smiled as she watched his staring, first at her hips swaying and then at her tits pushed up and out in the tight dress she wore.

“I love the new hair.” he said and she pushed a bunch of it up at the side of her head.

“Thanks!” she replied as she stepped up beside him instead of sitting in her cubical. Her hand reached out and touched his arm that was resting on the top of her cubical wall as she pushed her chest out as best as she could.

“I just wanted to drop by and let you know that Ken’s going to be off for a little while, family issues. Anyway, I’m going to have his entire team report to me for now. My assistant is going to schedule a one on one meeting with each of the team in the next few days so I can get up to speed.”

“Oh that’s great!” she replied and stroked his arm until her hand was on top of his and she held it, “I can’t wait.”

“Me too.” Ken said and squeezed her hand before turning and leaving to find the next member of Ken’s team he had to speak to. Stacy remained standing until he turned the corner and then almost ran towards his office, where she knew she’d find his personal assistant.

She wasn’t going to leave their desk until she’d secured her one on one with Ryan for today.

“It’s really a wig?” Ryan asked as Stacy sat on his lap, her arm around his shoulders, his one hand on her lower back and the other her crossed knee.

“Yep, well, you know I shaved the one side of my head… god what a stupid mistake that was. So there wasn’t really any choice for now. You really like it?” She asked as she swivelled her head from side to side to make sure the hair would gently brush up against his face.

Ryan had been much easier than Ken, but then she knew he would be. Ken was a happily married man that she’d spent weeks at until she was sure he’d give in.

On the other hand Ryan was a horny bachelor that had been chasing after every skirt in the office.

She wiggled her ass and felt Ryan’s hard shaft pressing up against it, without asking she leaned in and kissed him on the lips, her tongue probing into his mouth. He responded in kind, his hand on her back shifting down to her ass, his hand on her knees moving to her breast.

She broke off the kiss after a moment, “Oh god Ryan, I’m sorry.” she said in fake shock, “I… I just had to do that, I don’t know what came over me!” she said, standing bolt upright and taking a step away from him.

“That’s alright Stacy, I know you can’t help it, you’re all just sluts at heart.” he said, reaching out and grabbing her hand, pulling her back towards him as he stood up as well.

He wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her ass, kissing her fiercely. She faked fighting it for a moment, lightly beating his back until finally ‘giving in’ and letting out a moan.

She went to drop to her knees, but to her surprise he stopped her, instead twisting her around and bending her over his desk, pulling her dress up and her panties down.

“Oh god Ryan, I don’t know… we shouldn’t…” she weakly protested as she heard his pants hit the floor.

“Oh my god!” she cried out as loudly as she felt him slide into her dripping wet, waiting pussy.

“Oh god Ryan, you’re fucking me bent over your desk! Like some cheap intern slut desperate to get a job!”

Ryan sped up his stroking as she continued to talk until she felt him explode inside of her and her orgasm crested as well.

Sluts get all the best dresses.
Sluts get all the best shoes.
Sluts get all the best action,
cause sluts get all the dudes!

Stacy wiggled her ass to the music as she walked into the mall with Ryan’s credit card, it was a workday but she hadn’t been into the office in weeks.

Of course that was because she was spending her nights over at Ryan’s condo getting fucked six ways to Sunday, just the way she liked it.

Today she was shopping for some new dresses, she’d been feeling too constrained by the ones she had, they just didn’t show enough skin even though they barely came down over her ass and plunged deep into her cleavage.

As she walked from store to store she finally found one that looked like it might have what she was after. They were shiny and sparkly; pink, blue, green, and a rainbow of other bright colours. But more importantly there was also a cute guy standing behind the counter.

It wasn’t long before she had several dresses picked out and she was on her knees behind the counter, sucking on his surprisingly large cock, BMBZ Radio still playing over her earphones like it did most of the time nowadays.