Bumpkin Pie

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2015

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CODES: mf, md, mc, gr

SYNOPSIS: Linda’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on the way to the coast, fortunately a local comes by to help.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: Just a little something for Thanksgiving (the Canadian one thank you very much 😉

If anyone is interested, I’ve been doing some short writing on my blog (http://thehandsthatlead.blog).

Bumpkin Pie

Linda looked out over the hood of her car and watch the steam rise up from it.

“Well that’s not good.” she said out loud even though she was alone in the car. In fact she hadn’t seen anyone, not even another car, for the last hour as she drove through the vast expanse of the prairies.

She was on her way out to the west coast for a big job interview on Tuesday and had headed out early seeing as it was Thanksgiving and she didn’t have any family to spend it with.

That was probably one of the reasons no one was on the road today as well, everyone would be just about ready to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner right about now.

She pulled over to the side of the road and shut off the car. She found the owner’s manual in the glove compartment and read through it for a few minutes until she found the “Solutions to common problems” section which seemed to indicate she had a cooling system problem from her description.

“Well duh.” She muttered under her breath as she popped the hood and went to take a closer look.

Not that she really expected to be able to do anything, she wasn’t a mechanic and while she’d always been proud of being able to take care of herself and fix pretty much anything that might have gone wrong, even she knew this wasn’t something that was likely going to be an easy fix.

She leaned over the engine and took a closer look, after a few minutes she saw the problem, a split hose coming from the radiator. She shook her head in resignation, that was going to require a visit to a mechanic all right.

She turned around and looked down the road, brushing a few errant strands of her brown hair from in front of her face. There was nothing but telephone poles and the road for as far as she could see.

She pulled her cell phone from her pocket and found no signal.

Just as she was closing the hood of her car, she heard a faint noise, it sounded like an engine of some kind. The hood clicked shut as the sound grew louder and she finally was able to determine it was coming from the field beside her.

She squinted to try and get a better look and after a couple of quick scans of the field saw movement, it looked like an ATV or something in the distance.

She got back in to her car and leaned on the horn, keeping an eye on where she had seen the vehicle. When she was sure it was coming her way, she stopped honking and got back out of the car.

It took a few minutes for the ATV to make it all the way over to the road but once it was close enough she could make out the details. It was a four wheeler, decked out all in camo, with a young man riding it. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and like the ATV, was dressed in a camo shirt and jeans. His scruffy beard looking out of place on such a young man.

He pulled up and turned off the ATV, looked at the remaining wisps of steam rising from the car hood and then back at her.

“Looks like you’ve got a problem there ma’am, do you need some help?”

She smiled, “Yea, it’s a radiator hose that’s split and I couldn’t get any signal on my phone.”, she said as she pulled her phone from her pocket.

“Yea, we’re too far out of civilization for cell phones. I can give you a ride back to my house and you can use the phone there if you like.”

“Thanks, that would be great.”

He motioned for her to get on the back of the ATV and fortunately she’d chosen to dress down for the trip, her pants let her straddle the seat and her sweatshirt and jacket would keep her warm as they rode to his house.

She threw her leg over the seat and held on around his waist as he started the ATV and drove. She was surprised at how muscular he was under the t-shirt, he’d seemed almost skinny when he drove up but now as she held on to him she could tell he was all muscle and no fat.

“Hey Paw, I found someone stranded by the road.” He called out as they walked up to the house. It looked like a house from a painting of the prairies. Two stories, with a porch and faded and starting to chip paint, peaks and a steep roof to cap it off.

The door opened and an older, heavier and greyer man walked out, though there was no mistaking him for anything but the father. He wore a simple white t-shirt along with a pair of overalls.

“Dit’cha boy? Well, what’s that, third one this month?”

“Yea Paw, just that time of year I guess.”

“Well, I guess you’ll be looking to use the phone, come on in.”

“Thanks, I’m Linda.”

“Mighty fine to meet you Linda, just call me Paw, everyone does.”

It was a little strange, but they seemed to be nice people so she followed ‘Paw’ in to the house and found the phone sitting on a table in the front hallway. It was very old but seemed in good condition. She picked up the receiver and placed it against her ear. All she heard was silence.

“I think there’s something wrong ‘Paw’, no dial tone.”

“Dang it, again? It does that more and more often these days. We’ll give it a little while and I’m sure it will work.”

“Maybe I could borrow your car and go to the next town? Get some help there?”

“We’ll it’s just about an hours drive and everything will be closed anyway. Tell you what, we were just about to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, why don’t you join us and if the old phone ain’t working by the time we get done I’ll drive you in to town myself.”

Her stomach rumbled, how could she turn down an offer like that?

Linda looked at her empty plate, the dinner had been amazing. Turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes, cauliflower and so much more!

She turned to Paw’s wife, her bright blonde hair almost formed a halo around her head, her makeup perfectly applied if a bit heavily.

“Maw, that’s the best meal I think I’ve ever had!” Linda said.

“Oh why thank you dear. I just love spending time in the kitchen!”

Linda leaned back in to her chair stuffed and satisfied.

“But Maw you haven’t brought out the best part yet!” Junior said.

“Hush now boy. That’s not polite and you know better.” Maw admonished Junior and he lowered his head.

“Now help me clear these dishes and I’ll bring out dessert.” Junior jumped up front his seat and grabbed the plate and cutlery from in front of Linda before she could get up and help herself.

Paw turned to her and said “Just relax, do you like Bumpkin Pie?”.

“I love Pumpkin Pie.” She responded, not sure if she’d heard him right.

“Maw makes the best pie; I think you’ll agree once you’ve had a taste.”

A few moments later, Maw returned from the kitchen, four large pieces of pie on plates, somehow balancing them all perfectly as she walked and her high heels clicked against the wood floor. She deposited one in front of each of them as Junior hurried back to the table and sat down.

Linda took her fork and sliced off a piece of the pie and brought it up to her mouth, the aroma filled her nostrils and she was suddenly in heaven. She placed the piece of pie on her tongue and her taste buds exploded in the flavour. She closed her eyes, let the taste wash over her for a second as it melted in her mouth and then let out a muted moan as she swallowed the small piece of heaven.

When it hit her stomach, a bolt of pleasure shot up her spine and slammed in to her head. Her eyes opened wide along with her mouth as she let out a surprised gasp.

She was about to compliment Maw on such a wonderful pie, but found her body had other plans and it had already scooped up a larger piece of pie and was delivering it to her mouth.

This time as the pie found its way down her throat, it wasn’t just a bolt of pleasure running up her spine, instead her entire body felt like it was on fire, the most pleasurable fire she could imagine. It was capped off with an amazing orgasm that left her grinning ear to ear in a euphoric haze.

“Gawd Paw, I love that look in their eyes after that first orgasm.”

“Alright boy, don’t dilly dally around, get on with it.”

“Aw, Paw, alright.”

Linda heard them talking as if a thousand miles away, she was still coming down from what she was sure was the orgasm of her life when she caught another whiff of the pie. When the fork touched her lips a wave of pleasure emanated from them and they closed all by themselves around the utensil. The taste of the pie on the other hand exploded in her mouth.

“That’s right miss, here, have another bite.” Junior said as he raised another fork full of pie to her mouth. Linda no longer understood what was happening but her body seemed to know what to do and so she just rode the waves of pleasure and orgasms.

“Look Paw, her tits!”

“Yep, looks like the physical changes are kicking in boy.”

Linda managed too look down between serverings, her sweatshirt was stretched across her massive tits. Linda’s brow furrowed, she didn’t have massive tits did she? She’d always had b cup breasts?

Junior reached out and grabbed one and Linda no longer cared, the wave of pleasure was intense and she through her head back and gasped.

Junior shoved another serving of pie in to her mouth.

“Look Junior, her hair has changed too.”

“Oh Paw, she’s going to be just a sweet little country bumpkin with that hair.” Maw said.

Linda tried to focus but it was so hard, Junior was still squeezing her tit and he was also going for another piece of pie. She shook her head and her long, silken brown hair spilled over her tits. But she kept her hair short because it was always fraying and stringy…

The pie was right there in front of her, the scent so strong but she tried to resist.

“Aw, just one more bite, then it will be all better, I promise.” He said as he pushed the fork with the largest serving of pie yet in to her mouth. The orgasm that followed seemed to go on forever.

Paw stood up from the table as Linda came back around with a giggle and a moan as Junior grabbed her tits with both hands. Junior stood up and pulled Linda along with him, then pulled her drab sweatshirt over her head, freeing the now large tits that it contained.

Paw walked towards the front hallway as Junior pulled down his pants and sat down again, Linda dropped to her knees and was mesmerized at Juniors large dick.

He arrived at the phone, bent down and plugged in the cable once again. He picked up the receiver and dialed the number.

“Jack?” he asked as the connection was made.

“Yea, you got another one?”

“Yep.” he replied.

“Is she all prepped?”

“Hang on a sec…” he leaned towards the dinning room and listened. The slurping sounds of Linda’s mouth stroking up and down Juniors shaft echoed throughout the house.

“Yep; primed, pumped and ready any time you can get here. But no rush, her tits really did come out nice.”

“Well it is Thanksgiving after all, I’ll drop by tomorrow if that works for you.”

“Mighty kind of you. Tomorrow will be fine.”

Paw smiled, there really was no pie better than Maw’s Bumpkin Pie and he was thankful every day for it.