Cara Loft – Crypt Detective

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Cara Loft has fought the forces of The Guild around the globe, but will she be undone in her own home town of London?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – End Of An Era

Cara looked down at the papers her solicitor had pushed across the old, worn oak of his desk, an expensive pen resting impatiently on top of them.

“I know Cara… I wish I could do more, but it’s for the best.” Reginald said, a small glimpse of sympathy momentarily crossing his weathered face before it returned to its usual stern look.

She let out a sigh before picking up the pen between her rough fingers and starting to sign the dozens of places the little yellow stickies indicated.

It had never occurred to her that all of her good work could be undone by something as simple as a lawsuit. Perhaps if she’d paid more attention to the family business…

No, she admonished herself, she’d left it in good hands as she had more important things to do. The Guild was a blight on the planet and she was determined to stop them, though with this set back she was no longer certain how she might accomplish that.

She had been fighting them since the day she had emerged from the jungle, the plane she and her parents had been in crashed when she was only 14. Her parents had died instantly upon impact, her own survival a fluke of luck as her mother had held her tightly and lessened the impact upon her.

It had taken her the almost a year to fight her way out of the jungle and it had taught her the skills that she’d used for the better part of a decade to track down and defeat The Guild every time she could.

Of course, the media had had a field day with the story, “Lady Loft fights her way out of Jungle!”, “Lady Loft, Jungle Warrior!” and so on and so on.

She’d become a celebrity overnight, well more so that she already was having grown up as the only daughter of the Lord Loft, the Duke of Norfolk. He had taken the crumbling title of his father and re-created it as a high-tech dynasty in the making.

She’d taken over the company, at least legally, when she’d turned 18, but her mind wasn’t on the family business. Instead, she was focused on the mystery around the plane crash that had claimed her parents’ lives. By the time she was twenty, she’d tracked the clues back to The Guild, a shadowy group that moved in the background, seemingly directing every major event in global commerce over the last 100 years.

Her research had taken her across the globe, to the darkest, deepest parts where no one went willingly. The papers had followed along, dubbing her “Cara Loft, Crypt Detective”, because of a single mishap in a graveyard. But she paid it little attention, she had accomplished what she needed to at the time and thwarted yet another plot by The Guild to send the countries economy into a downward spiral.

Finishing off the last of the signatures she brushed a stray strand of her dark brown hair back around her ear and leaned back in the thickly padded chair and let herself slouch there as she pushed the documents back to Reginald.

“Thank you Reginald, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“My pleasure Lady Loft, I am always at your service.”

She smiled and pulled herself upright, her taught muscles showing through the skin-tight fabric of her riding jersey. He had been there for as long as she could remember for her family, working with her father in her youth and then he had been there for her when she came back from the dead. She felt a small pang of loss at the idea she wouldn’t be seeing him as much anymore.

As the primary shareholder and the chairwoman of the board, the lawsuit had bankrupted her company as well as herself. Gone was her mansion and her homes across the globe, as well as the support staff she used to help track down The Guild, as she could no longer afford to pay them.

All that was left was a small condo that she had used when she was going to university as well as just enough money to live off of. She hadn’t even had enough to pay Richard, her trusty sidekick for the last several years, his final paycheck let alone provide him with any kind of golden parachute. At least Carson, her family’s loyal butler for many years, had the trust that had been set up by her father before the plane crash. Cara regretted not doing something for Richard before it was too late, but she had never thought it would come to this.

The lawsuit had the markings of The Guild all over it, but no matter how much she investigated it, she could find nothing to link them to it. Instead, all she found was a series of incompetent staff, managers and executives that had lead to a cascade of failures in the safety testing. When the product was finally released, and became a worldwide success, those failures finally caught up to the company and while no one had died, there had been several injuries as the product caught fire.

The recall had nearly been the death of the company, to begin with, but the civil class action lawsuit had done them under. Even if it hadn’t the fines the government was sure to levy against them would have finished the job one way or the other. The only option had been to file for bankruptcy and liquidate the company to pay off it’s debt.

And now, with the paperwork finalized, she had nothing left of her parents’ legacy but her family title.

Chapter 2 – Working It Out

Cara looked out over the skyline of London as she rode the stationary bike in the condo’s exercise room, her lean legs pushing down on the peddles with determination. She’d always been a scrawny child before the crash, but after the jungle had sculpted her into a lean ball of muscle, she’d found it easy to maintain it over the years.

It had served her well in her fight against The Guild, though now she wondered if it was worth it. The Guild seemed like a distant memory now that she no longer had the resources to go after them. She hoped that someone else would take up the fight until she could regain what she had lost, though she had no idea how she might do that.

Instead, she’d spent the last couple of weeks after signing the paperwork trying to figure out what to do with her life.

It had been amazing how quickly her old “friends” had stopped returning her calls after the debacle. Apparently, it was bad form to associate with a failure like her, now that she was basically broke as far as they were concerned.

Even the media no longer came around once the paperwork was filed and the last remnants of her company had been sold off like scrap.

She let out a sigh as she slowed her pace and came to a rest, wiping her brow with a towel, she slipped off the stationary bike and headed for the shower.

Just as she was walking in to the change room she bumped into another woman as she came around the corner, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” the blonde said as Cara took a step back and smiled.

“Oh, it was my fault I’m sure.” Cara said politely as she took a quick scan of the woman standing in front of her.

Cara had developed a keen sense of people with only a quick glance at them over the years of chasing The Guild around the globe and this woman screamed out “Trophy Wife” to Cara.

“Oh don’t be silly, I’m Suzi by the way!” the blonde said and extended a hand to Cara.

“Cara.” she replied and smiled. The woman’s name only confirming what she already knew from the trim physique, dyed blonde hair and obvious implants in Suzi’s chest.

“Nice to meet you Cara, I haven’t seen you around before?”

“Just moved in a couple of weeks ago. Well moved back in I guess is more accurate, I lived here when I went to university as well.”

“Well welcome back then! What floor are you on?” Suzi asked, her bubbly personality showing through the heavy makeup she wore for some reason to the gym.

“I’m on the 20th floor, 2002.” Cara replied, not having to give out her unit number but seeing no harm in it.

“That’s so amazing! Me too! I’m in 2004, we’re neighbours!” Suzi almost squealed and Cara could swear she was almost bouncing up and down. Cara resisted the urge to roll her eyes and instead managed a smile.

“Well it was nice to meet you Suzi, I’ve got to get to the shower though.”

“Oh, of course, I’ve got to get my workout in too. Maybe we can work out together some time?”

“Sure, sounds great.” Cara said and managed to slip by Suzi and enter the showers as she heard the other woman head out to the workout room.

A few minutes later Cara felt the warm water run down her body as the spray hit the back of her neck and she let the steam envelope her. Her hands worked the soap over her body until they arrived at her small breasts and she looked down at them.

She’d never really thought much about them before, but after seeing Suzi’s large implants, were hers too small?

No, she shook her head and continued lathering until all of the sweat was gone from her body. She was proud of her body, she didn’t need to change it just because someone else had changed theirs.

She finished off her shower, towelling down and heading back up to her condo to make herself some lunch. She had a nice juicy steak that had been thawing all morning she was going to toss on the BBQ along with a baked potato. She’d wear it off with the weights in the workout room tomorrow like she did every day.

Cara was about to close the door to her condo as she turned to the elevator, pausing for an instant as she saw Suzi walking down the hallway in her workout clothes towards the elevator.

Indecision suddenly gripped her, should she call out to her or go back into her condo?

It lasted longer than it should have, but in the end, she let the door close, “Hey Suzi!” she called out and waved as the blonde turned and smiled at Cara.

For some reason that smile made Cara feel good and then a wave of guilt rolled over her as she thought back to just a moment ago when she’d almost snubbed Suzi and gone back inside.

“Hi Cara! Are you heading to the gym too?”

“Uh, yeah.” Cara replied as she caught up to Suzi and the two of them headed to the elevator. It had been almost a week since they had “bumped” into each other in the gym and this was the first time Cara had seen Suzi since.

“That’s great! We can work out together and gossip at the same time.” Suzi said and slipped her arm through Cara’s as the approached the elevator and then Suzi hit the down button.

“Sounds… great.” Cara replied a little confused about the arm that was looped through hers, but not doing anything about it.

Suzi never seemed to run out of things to talk about; fashion, the weather, makeup, shopping, shoes, pop culture and the list went on and on. Cara hardly needed to get a word in edgewise for Suzi to take the conversation over.

But it did make the workout go faster than usual as Cara listened to Suzi ramble on and on.

The only thing that seemed to get under Cara’s skin about the whole event was that each time she’d gone to the weights or rowing machine, Suzi had sidetracked her to something else. Stretching, yoga, dance aerobics and other workouts that didn’t build muscle per se seemed to be more Suzi’s thing.

Though to be honest, that made sense. Cara’s original assessment had been spot on as Suzi had gleefully told her all about how she was “on the hunt” for a rich husband so that she could adorn his arm at all of the high society events she constantly talked about.

When they had finished, they both headed to the showers and Suzi continued to talk as they washed themselves down. Cara had tried to avoid looking over at Suzi, but eventually caught a glimpse of her naked body when Suzi had finally stopped talking for just a second and asked a question. On pure instinct, Cara had turned towards Suzi and was confronted by the blonde’s nakedness.

Cara had suspected that under the baggy workout clothes Suzi would have an impressive figure, but even she had to admit she was a little jealous of what she saw. Whatever surgeon had done the breasts implants had left no visible scars behind, they were perfect and if they hadn’t sat so high on her chest, or been so round, they probably would have passed as real.

But Cara had known that much about Suzi, it was the rest of her body that was just as impressive. Her long lean legs seemed to go on forever until they ended in a perfectly round butt, only to be pinched into a tight waist. She was the model of femininity that Cara had never been.

Cara shook her head, where had that thought come from? She’d never been concerned about her body or how other women looked, why did Suzi’s looks matter?

Before Cara could answer, Suzi just barreled on and Cara was left with the strange thought bouncing around in her head.

Cara bent over at the waist, Suzi doing the same in front of her, as the music played in the workout room. They both reached down and held the large workout ball in their hands as they bounced up and down in time with the music.

Cara had a perfect view of Suzi’s perfect ass and let out a sigh… why couldn’t her ass be that perfect?

Those kinds of thoughts had crept into Cara’s head a lot over the last few months that she’d been working out with Suzi. She’d been confused by them at first, tried to fight them off, but eventually, she’d had to admit that Suzi’s body was better than hers.

Of course, Suzi had been understanding when Cara had finally gotten up the courage to talk to her about it. After all, Suzi was quite proud of how much work she put into having a great body, so why shouldn’t Cara be jealous of it?

That had seemed so strange to Cara at first, but Suzi had said it so confidently and naturally, that Cara had no response other than to nod her head in agreement.

After that Suzi had offered to help Cara and ever since Suzi had been in charge of their workout schedule and routine. Cara looked over at the weights that she hadn’t touched in months and smiled. Gone was the sense of guilt that she’d felt at first for not using them, replaced with a sense of pride that she’d come so far.

Suzi had helped her reshape her body, making her softer and smoother, just like Suzi was. It had been weird at first, but she had to admit that it felt so much better now that she wondered why she had ever wanted her old bulging muscles in the first place.

Suzi rose up and Cara did as well as her friend turned around and smiled at her, “Ok Cara, that’s enough for today, let’s hit the showers!”

Cara beamed back a smile and nodded as the two of them walked towards the change room, Cara just a few paces behind Suzi as the blonde prattled on about, well about a dozen different topics that all seemed to relate to men somehow.

Cara was enthralled with every word of it and she listened intently as they stripped down and headed into the showers. Cara watched Suzi’s perfect ass wiggle from side to side as it did right up until Suzi turned to face the shower and Cara took in the rest of her perfect body.

It was a few minutes later, as Cara lathered up her body, that Suzi interrupted her nonstop chatter with something else, “Oh darn it!” she exclaimed and turned to Cara, who looked over at her friend.

“What’s wrong?” Cara asked.

“I’m out of soap, can I borrow some of yours?” Suzi asked.

“Of course, here.” Cara said and held out the bar of soap in her hand. Instead of taking the soap from Cara, Suzi wrapped her own hand around Cara’s and pulled it to her chest, rubbing the bar of soap between her large round globes.

For a moment Cara stood there shocked, letting Suzi rub the soap into Suzi’s body with Cara’s hand but then she started to do it for herself and Suzi lifted her hand from Cara’s.

“Thanks Cara!” Suzi said and Cara continued to lather up her friend’s body, starting with her breasts, then moving on to her abdomen, then her buttocks and finally her long lean legs.

By the time Cara was done, she was on her knees, rubbing the soap into Suzi’s feet. Cara looked up at Suzi smiling down at her, “Oh that’s just perfect Cara! Thank you!”

Cara nodded in reply and stood back up, finishing her own lathering as she stared at Suzi’s naked body as she rinsed off.

Chapter 3 – Girls Night Out

Cara tossed and turned in her sleep as dreams of lathering Suzi’s body raced through her mind. She shot bolt upright in her bed as the sounds of sex came murmuring through her bedroom wall.

She was soaking wet, both from sweat as well as from the heat in her pussy and she collapsed back down before rolling over to a dry area of her bed.

But the sounds coming from Suzi’s bedroom only made it worse, and this wasn’t the first time she heard them. It had been two weeks ago, on a Friday night, Cara had been reading a fashion magazine in bed when she’d heard Suzi’s excited voice slam the door to her condo and a few minutes later the passionate sounds of Suzi making love to someone.

Perhaps love wasn’t the right word, it was more sex. Raw, hard pounding, sex. Cara was pretty sure she could hear each thrust he made into Suzi and the subsequent gasp that Suzi let out. It seemed to go on forever until Suzi literally screamed out at the top of her lungs in what Cara could only assume was pure pleasure.

Cara might have gone over to complain about the noise, if she hadn’t found herself masturbating to it before it was over. It had been so strange, the feelings that the sounds instilled in her and before she knew it, she too was cumming. Though she’d done Suzi the favour of muffling her own cries into her pillow.

The next day she’d mentioned in passing that there had been a lot of “noise” coming from Suzi’s condo and Suzi just couldn’t hold it in and let out every last detail of the night before. How she’d meet him at a bar, how he was some high flying stockbroker, how he made her pussy come alive with every stroke, how he’d cum inside of her and sent a rocking orgasm through her.

Cara wanted to tell her to stop, but for some reason, she just nodded her head and listened intently to every word. When she was finished their workout and shower, to which Suzi seemed to never bring any soap too, not that Cara complained. They’d headed back up to Suzi’s condo and Cara noticed it was a mirror image of Cara’s, realizing that their bedrooms were right next to each other, which explained why Cara could hear Suzi’s escapades so well.

But tonight Cara’s fingers had already made their way to her pussy, slowly rubbing her own clit in time with the sounds Suzi was making, until Cara could tell Suzi was close and Cara stepped up her efforts.

She was rewarded with an orgasm just as she heard Suzi cry out as well.

Cara tossed her sheets off and headed to the bathroom where she turned on the shower, full blast on cold, and stepped in.

“Come on Cara, why don’t you come out with me this week. I mean, you really need to get laid right?” Suzi said sitting across from Cara at the restaurant.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean clubs aren’t really my thing…” he replied, biting her lower lip not wanting to acknowledge the fact that she did need to get laid or that Suzi’s constant flow of men into her condo had almost driven her to the edge of barging in and joining them.

“Oh come on girl, we’ll go shopping and get you something to wear! It will be so much fun!”

Cara cast her gaze downward and nodded slightly, unable to form the words to either agree or disagree with Suzi in the moment.

“That’s great! Come on, let’s go!” Suzi said, tossing some money down on the table and grabbing Cara’s hand, pulling her up and dragging her out of the restaurant.

It was true that Cara didn’t have anything to wear to a club, of course, she’d spent her adult life running around the seediest places in the world, and that hadn’t called for clubwear.

Suzi, on the other hand, seemed to only have outfits that were appropriate for a club. Even today, in contrast to Cara’s simple blue top and khaki pants, Suzi was decked out in a tight-fitting dress that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, showed off her cleavage and barely come down below her panty line. Though Cara suspected she wasn’t wearing any panties, just in case it rode up and they might show.

Before Cara knew it, the two of them were in a taxi, rushing to one of the many shops that Suzi had gushed to Cara about in their many workouts. When they arrived, it was just like Suzi had described it, filled with glittery dresses, tight skirts, barely-there tops and heels that seemed to defy gravity.

Suzi pulled her to the back of the store where the change rooms were, grabbing several items on their way by and then pushed them into her hands, “Here, try this and I’ll go get some more…” Suzi said and turned, almost sprinting back into the rows of clothing.

Cara looked down at the skimpy skirt and top and wanted to protest, but Suzi was gone and so Cara opened one of the change room doors and stepped in. A few minutes later Suzi was knocking on the door as Cara stood staring into the mirror, half horrified, half ecstatic.

“Come on slowpoke, what’s the holdup? Get out her already!” Suzi said and Cara wasn’t sure if she could do it, but her feet seemed to move on their own and before she knew it she was standing in front of Suzi.

“Oh that skirt is so cute on you!” she gushed and Cara looked down at the shiny black mini skirt that hardly covered anything.

“But that top is just so wrong!” Suzi continued and Cara wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t know if either were right but the thin yellow material of the top with the plunging neckline did no favours to her small B cup breasts.

“Here, try these!” Suzi said and pushed another set of clothing into Cara’s hands before grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her back into the change room.

Minutes later Cara emerged once more to Suzi’s critical gaze, “That tops a lot better but that skirt is way too long!” she said.

Cara’s skirt was only maybe 3 inches longer than the first one, but was white and covered with sequens, while her pink top ended just above her belly button but covered her entire torso and had long sleeves.

Suzi pushed another set of clothing into her hands, this time accompanied by a pair of high heels before she headed back out into the racks of clothing, leaving Cara to once more change.

Cara stepped out of her condo to Suzi’s smiling face and she couldn’t help but smile back. Suzi was wearing a tight red dress that looped over her shoulders and met behind her neck, it dove all the way down to each side of her cleavage before meeting up at her navel once more and wrapping around her ass as a short skirt.

“Oh my god, you look great Cara!” Suzi enthused as she flung her hands out and wrapped them around Cara in a hug.

“Th… thanks.” Cara replied, no as confident as Suzi was in her fashion choice. She was dressed in all black, starting with a set of wedge heels that added a good 8 inches to her height, followed by a tight skirt that hugged her bum before ending just a few inches below it. A black lace top, with long sleeves that ended just above her skirt finished off the ensemble.

In her hands, she clutched a tiny black purse that only had her phone and ID in it. She held up her purse and gave a concerned look to Suzi, “Are you sure about… this” she said bobbing it up and down slightly.

“Of course silly! You don’t need any money, the guys are going to eat you up and pay for everything!”

Cara bit her lower lip, Suzi had been right about, well, everything so far but something just nagged at her that she should be paying her own way instead of taking advantage of strange men.

She’d said as much earlier in the day during their workout together but Suzi had just brushed her concern aside with the wave of her hand, “That’s what guys are there for silly!” she’d said and that had ended the conversation.

“Come on, let’s go!” Suzi said and grabbed Cara’s hand, leading her to the elevator and eventually to the waiting taxi.

The music pounded along with the lights in the club and Cara stood over by a wall, her purse clutched in her right hand as her left reached across and clutched her right arm.

She looked out on to the dance floor, Suzi was rubbing up against some guy she’d just met and Cara was amazed that it wasn’t even the first, second or fifth one she had done so with. And she’d turned down many more.

Each time Suzi had come back to Cara and gushed about how hard their bodies were, or how much money they had or whatever had stood out in Suzi’s mind that had made her say yes.

Cara was having a hard time of it, to be honest, she’d always been the center of attention in any room she walked in to. Either because of her title, her position at the company, or the twin guns that often hung from the holsters at her sides.

But here, almost no one had even noticed her. Oh, there had been two guys that had approached them, both seemed more interested in Suzi than her, but they’d asked both Cara and Suzi to dance. Suzi had batted them away with a limp-wristed wave and they’d slunk off.

Before Cara could ask why, Suzi had leaned in and whispered/yelled over the music, “Scrubs, got no money!”

The current song ended and Suzi sashayed her way back to Cara, all smiles, her hard nipples clearly showing throw the thin red material of her dress.

“God he was hot!” she said as she wiggled to the next song as it started, “But such a small dick!” she said and laughed.

Cara looked out to the crowd and her eyes went wide as she ducked in behind Suzi, “Oh god, he can’t see me like this!” she said and Suzi looked behind her at the trembling Cara.

“Who?” Suzi asked and Cara pointed her towards a man across the room that didn’t quite seem to fit in.

“Him? Do you know who that is!?!” Suzi said excitedly.

“Of course I do!” Cara said in a near panic.

“That’s Lord Stanton! Do you know him? Can you introduce me?” Suzi asked.

“Yes! I know him. No I won’t introduce you, we have to leave!” Cara replied pushing Suzi towards the door.

George Stanton, or Lord Stanton as Suzi called him, was at the top of Cara’s list of possible heads of The Guild. Even if he wasn’t the head, he was certainly a senior member of it and she had no intention of being spotted dressed up like this by him.

Suzi protested a bit as Cara pushed her closer and closer to the door until she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks, “Oh hi Jimmy!” Suzi said and Cara popped her head out from behind Suzi’s body.

“Hey Suzi, how’s it going?” the impossibly attractive man named Jimmy replied and wrapped an arm around Suzi’s tiny waist.

“Suzi, we have to…” Cara said emerging from behind Suzi only to be confronted with a similarly handsome man standing beside Jimmy.

“And who’s your friend?” Suzi gushed as she stepped into Jimmy’s embrace.

“This? Oh, this is my brother Tommy.” Jimmy said as he tossed his head to the side slightly indicating the man in front of Cara.

Tommy smiled and reach down to take Cara’s hand, lifting it up and kissing it gently, “And who might you be?” Tommy asked with a smile across his lips.

“I… I… I’m Cara!” she let out in a squeak just as Tommy stepped beside her and put his arm around her own waist.

Cara felt Tommy’s cock push deep into her pussy and she let out a loud gasp, “Oh god Tommy, yes!”

The four of them had left the club together just moments after meeting and Suzi and Jimmy had been making out in the cab all the way home, causing Cara’s pussy to get wetter and wetter with every mile they drove.

By the time they’d gotten into the elevator, Cara had nearly jumped Tommy, pushing herself against him, kissing him and pushing her tongue into his mouth. He’d returned the favour and his hands had roamed over her body, finding her ass and squeezing it just before the elevator opened and the four of them poured out of it.

Tommy pulled out and drove back into her once more and she grabbed one of her own small breasts, pinching the nipple as she did so. From behind the wall that connected her bedroom to Suzi’s, she could hear Jimmy similarly pounding away at Suzi.

It seemed to go on forever, pleasure coursing through her body as the need that had been building up for weeks was finally being satisfied. When she felt him release, her body jerked and spasmed as her orgasm crashed over her.

Chapter 4 – Changes

Cara smiled and nodded as Suzi told her all about Jimmy from the night before. How he’d grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. How he’d slid his dick between them and even slapped them with it before flipping her over and taking her doggy style.

Cara pouted a little, confiding in Suzi that while Tommy had brought her the best orgasm of her life, that he’d hardly paid any attention to her breasts.

“Well honey, what do you expect?” Suzi had replied as she gave her tits a little shake.

Cara knew exactly what she meant, of course, she’d watch man after man approach Suzi at the club, their eyes fixed upon her cleavage, only leaving it to the last moment to look Suzi in the eyes.

Cara had garnered no such attention with her small B cups, even with the push-up bra that Suzi had picked out for her. In fact, the only reason that she’d gotten laid at all was because Jimmy had zeroed in on Suzi’s tits and Tommy, being the dutiful wingman, had bedded Cara.

Not that Cara was complaining of course, she really had needed to get laid and Tommy had been more than up to the task, it was just that Suzi had clearly had more fun then Cara had.

“I know, but what can I do?” Cara said exacerbatedly.

“Oh honey, what can you do? Do you think I got these puppies through puberty?” Suzi replied and shook her tits once more.

“These are some of the best tits money can buy honey. And you can have them too.” Suzi continued with a wink.

“I… I can?” Cara’s whole face brightened. Of course she’d known Suzi’s tits were store-bought, but the thought had somehow never crossed her mind that she could do the same.

“Of course you can, let me give you my surgeon’s number. He’s simply the best!” Suzi said and picked up her phone, a moment later Cara’s own phone buzzed as the surgeon’s contact information arrived.

“Would… would you come with me?” Cara asked her friend, unsure if she could go through with it without Suzi’s support.

“Of course silly!”

Cara felt Suzi squeeze her hand as she let out a moan, the anesthesia was wearing off and Cara’s vision was starting to clear.

“How are you feeling baby?” Suzi asked and Cara let out another small moan.

“Oh don’t worry, Suzi’s gonna take good care of you.” Suzi said as she started to help Cara sit upright, the tight bandages across her chest feeling odd, almost as odd as the extra weight.

A few minutes later Cara was mostly dressed and being wheeled out to the front entrance of the clinic, her head still a fog from the operation, Suzi did most of the work getting them home.

For some reason having Suzi there just made everything feel like it was going to be alright and so she let her guide her into her room and finally into her bed. A few pain pills later and Cara was drifting off to sleep, a set of headphones over her ears as Suzi smiled down on her.

The next few days were a haze of pain and confusion as Suzi tended to Cara’s every need. Bringing her the pills she had to take, massaging her breasts at the appointed time, feeding her food, helping her to the bathroom. Cara couldn’t have been more appreciative of Suzi’s help even if she wanted to.

It was on the forth, or maybe fifth day, it was so hard to tell, that she finally came around to her senses. She opened her eyes, laying on her bed, a set of headphones on with the hiss of white noise in them and no pain in her chest.

She looked down at the two large orbs that stuck out from her, obstructing the view of her feet, and smiled broadly.

God they looked amazing!

They might even be larger than Suzi’s, Cara thought as her hands raised up to touch them. They were still sensitive, but a gently squeeze sent a wave of pleasure through her and she instantly knew she’d done the right thing.

“Oh! Is sleepy head finally awake?” Suzi asked as she entered Cara’s bedroom, a bowl of steaming soup on a tray that she carried.

Cara blinked several times before replying, “Oh that smells delicious!”

Suzi sat down on the side of the bed and set the tray in front of Cara, the smell of the chicken soup wafting up to her. Cara was about to reach for the spoon when her hand stopped for some reason, she scrunched her forehead for a moment before Suzi picked the spoon up, scooped up some soup and raised it to Cara’s lips.

Cara smiled as Suzi feed her the soup and thanked her when it was all finished.

It was only then that she realized that static still filled her ears, “Ah, Suzi, what’s with the headphones?” she asked.

“Oh, the doctor said they would help with the pain. Do they?” Suzi asked in response.

“Ugh, yeah? I guess. I mean I don’t have any pain.”

“Oh goody! You should keep wearing them for a while then, don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, sure, sounds good.” Cara replied and smiled, “So, uhm, when can I see them?” she asked as she looked down at her tits.

She blinked a few times as she realized they were tits, just like Suzi’s. Not the small breasts she had before, but full-blown tits that stuck out from her and let everyone know what they were. She smiled as the word rolled around in her mind for a while until Suzi finally responded.

“Soon honey, you have a follow-up appointment with the doc in two days.” Suzi said and reached out, stroking the side of Cara’s face.

Over the next hour or so Suzi went over everything Cara needed to do; change the dressings, massage them, clean them, empty the drains, everything and Cara listen intently to it all over the gentle hiss of the white noise that came from the headphones.

Cara looked down as the doctor removed the bandages from her tits, the two perfectly round globes sat high on her chest and she let out a small squeal of excitement as they were revealed.

“I take that as approval then?” the doctor asked and Cara looked up at him and nodded her head enthusiastically.

“Oh god yes Doc!” she said as she half turned to Suzi proudly showing off her new tits to her.

Suzi smiled and nodded in approval.

“Good. Now keep up the massaging for the next few weeks, but you should be ready to resume your normal activities by the end of next week. If you have any concerns, just let me know.”

“Uhm, Doc… about the headphones…” Cara started to ask and noticed the doctor turn to Suzi who nodded back at him.

“Do you want to keep using them?” he asked hesitantly.

“Oh yes… I mean… if it’s ok?” she replied excitedly before thinking better of it and finishing off cautiously.

“You can keep using them for as long as you think necessary.” he replied and a wide smile came to Cara’s face.

“Thanks Doc, for everything!”

Cara rubbed up against the man she was dancing with, her large tits pushed into his chest as a look of lust was plastered across her face.

She wasn’t taking this one home of course, he was just too young and inexperienced, but he was fun to play with for a while. She almost let out a giggle at the thought as the song ended and she looked around for Suzi, who had similarly just finished with her latest target.

The two met just at the edge of the dance floor and exchanged stories as they both fixed their dresses and hair before starting to scan the club for what they were both looking for. Cara loved the blonde streaks the hairdresser had put into her long dark hair, she wasn’t sure if she’d go for even more next time of just take the plunge and go fully bleached blonde.

Tonight Cara was wearing a sparkly blue dress that was comprised of two thick bands that came down over her tits before joining up with a miniskirt of the same material. The dress showed off both the cleavage between her tits as well as the ample side cleavage that she now possessed.

“Hey look, it’s Lord Stanton! Do you want to leave?” Suzi cried out in a half squeal and Cara swiveled her head to look over to him.

The last time Cara had seen him it had seemed so important to avoid him, but now, she didn’t give it a second thought, “God no! Who cares about him?”

Suzi smiled and grabbed Cara’s hand, pulling her back on to the dance floor where the two of them nearly made out together to the appreciative crowd that looked on.

Cara slid the dildo into her pussy as she squeezed her tit and moaned. She’d been masturbating a lot lately, several times a day if she was honest, well at least when she wasn’t bringing some hot stud home from the clubs of course.

She and Suzi were getting quite the reputations as complete sluts and there never seemed to be an end to the stream of men that lined up to find out.

Of course most of them they turned down, but a lucky few found out the truth. Some even got to take them both home at the same time!

Cara pushed it in deeper and gave her tit a slap, sending a wave of pleasure through her that none of the men that she brought home seemed to be able to do. They were missing something that she just couldn’t put her finger on. Suzi called it “the magic touch”, but Cara suspected it was just a big enough dick.

The hiss of the white noise from the headphones brought her higher and higher until her orgasm finally crashed over her and she collapsed on to the bed and drifted off to sleep.

Cara hung off of Suzi’s arm and she knew there was someone on the other one, but she was drunk and horny enough not to care who it was as long as he had a dick to stuff in her.

She made out with Suzi for most of the ride home, the man’s hands roaming across both Cara’s and Suzi’s bodies throughout the entire trip until the reached Cara’s condo.

When they got into Cara’s bedroom, the man sat across the room as Suzi guided Cara to the bed. Propping Cara up on a pillow, Suzi retrieved Cara’s trusty dildo and placed it in her hands, then slipped the headphones over her ears and smiled down at her.

“Cara dear, would you masturbate for a while? I think our guest would like to watch while I give him a blow job.” Suzi said as she walked back over to the man and dropped to her knees.

Cara just smiled and popped her tits out from her flimsy dress before lifting the skirt up and revealing her bare pussy and sliding the dildo into it.

Minutes later she was lost in the pleasure of it all, not noticing Suzi standing up and guiding the man over to the bed.

Her attention came to full to them when Suzi spoke, “Cara Loft, Crypt Detective”, and a wave of memories flooded back into her mind.

It was all wrong! She wasn’t a slut! She was Lady Loft, not some big-titted bimbo that slept with anyone that looked cross-eyed at her tits!

But despite the realization that something was horribly wrong, her hands did not stop sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy or pinching and squeezing her tits. A confused look crossed her face that was intermixed with pleasure as well.

“I see it has worked exactly as planned.” the man said and Cara’s attention focused on his face, the horror of it all intensifying as she recognized George Stanton looked down at her with a smirk across his lips.

Suzi smiled and leaned in against him, “Oh yeah Lord Stanton, she’s a complete bimbo slut now.”

Cara fought against whatever was happening with all of her will, “Ngh…. ngh… not a… a bimbo… slut…” she managed to get out between ragged breaths.

“Oh baby, sure you are! And do you want to know how I did it?” Suzi asked as she leaned over and touched the tip of Cara’s noise with the long nail of her index finger.

Cara managed to nod her head before biting her lower lip as another wave of pleasure came from the dildo deep inside of her.

“Well you were right of course, Lord Stanton is part of The Guild and he arranged for all of this to happen. Everything. From the bankruptcy of your company right down to those two big fake tits stuck to your chest.” Suzi said and crossed her arms under her own impressive tits before a satisfied smile crossed her lips.

“I’m sure you suspected the bankruptcy was the work of The Guild, after all, how could so many things go wrong in just the right order? The truth is that they couldn’t by themselves, The Guild paid off dozens of managers and staff in key positions to ensure the companies failure. They are all now well-paid employees of The Guild of course.” George Stanton said with a wicked grin on his face.

Suzi shook her head as she spoke again, “You never even recognized me, did you? No, of course not, why would you recognize poor little Suzanne Watson?”

Cara recognized the name instantly, she’d gone to grade school with her, Cara had tormented the scrawny little tomboy just like all the other students. But unlike the others, Cara’s father had taken over Suzanne’s father’s company in a hostile move that left the family nearly penniless.

“Th… that… that wasn’t… my fault…” Cara managed to get out once more.

“Nor was it your fault that your great-great-grandfather stole the title of Duke of Norfolk from my family, but alas I cannot take my revenge on him nor can Suzi take revenge on your father. So it is just a happy coincidence that we both get to take it out on you.” George Stanton said with the same self-satisfied grin that was on Suzi’s face.

“Wh… when I… I get… free…” Cara tried to form a threat but it was weak and not intimidating at all.

“When you get free?” George Stanton chuckled, “What makes you think you are going to get free? This has all been planned down to the most minute detail, including this little interlude.”

“Oh yes, that’s right Cara. I moved in here two weeks before you arrived and made sure everything was set up perfectly. The Guild had to buy out the previous owner of this condo at quite a premium just so that I could have it. The subsonic subliminal message generator that I placed under my bed right up against the wall wouldn’t do any good if it wasn’t directed right at you each and every night.”

Cara winced at how much planning must have gone into this just as she let out another gasp.

“Yes, The Guild balked at the cost of all this at first. They had suggested a more… direct, solution to the problem. I managed to convince the council that such a move would bring too much attention to The Guild. Then, after your last escapade cost The Guild millions, the last roadblocks were cleared for me. I guess I should thank you for being so dogged in your pursuit.” George said, ending with a little chuckle.

“And when Lord Stanton approached me with his plan, well, I just couldn’t wait to get started!” Suzi beamed at Cara.

“Bu… but… you did… that to… yourself… just… get even?” Cara stuttered as her hand landed a slap on her tit and her whole body shuttered from the pleasure.

“Oh my dear, no! Why I had done this long before Lord Stanton approached me. Without my family money, I had to make do with what I had after all. No, all that teasing from the children made it very clear to me that you either fit in or get left behind. These were a sweet sixteen present from my father and the rest was just plain old hard work.” Suzie said, waving at her tits, “Of course lowering myself to associate with the likes of you… well, there had to be some sacrifices to be made I guess.”

“Of course the subsonics could only take you so far. To really get into that pretty little head of yours we needed a more direct route.” George said as he tapped the side of his head and Cara instantly knew what the headphones were for.

Not for any kind of pain management, but a more direct route into her mind. And it was true, it had taken them months and months of slow work to get her into a dress and out to a club where she longed to be more like Suzi. But once Suzi had placed the headphones on her after the surgery things progressed much faster. In mere weeks she’d become a complete slut, eager to take any cock that was presented to her.

“Now then Cara, if you ask me very nicely, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen next.” George said as he leaned over towards her, his hands clasped behind his back.

She wasn’t sure she wanted to know, but something of her old self managed to bubble up and form the words, “You… you… bastard… tell… tell me!” she managed to get out between gritted teeth.

“Haha, of course Cara, do you recognize this?” he said, whipping his hand from behind him and presenting an envelope to her.

Her eyes widened with recognition of the fancy scrollwork on the invitation, “The Loft Family Charity Masquerade Gala”.

She managed to shake her head from side to side, her family had been holding the gala since she was a small girl and there had only been one year where she had not attended, the year she spent in the jungle. And while she was no longer involved in it, she had agreed to let them continue to use the family name for a good cause.

“It’s just in a few days and I find myself in need of a plus one. I think a busty bimbo slut like yourself would make a perfect accessory for me to take.”

“Oh I agree.” Suzi nodded her head, “I think a slut like this one might even get under the table and give you a blow job while the important men are giving their speeches.”

Cara was near panic as well as near orgasm as they laughed between themselves.

“Of course, that’s just over the next few days. I have longer-term plans for you as well, including our imminent marriage. After all, I do still need to reclaim my family’s rightful title. But don’t worry, it won’t last long. There will be a nice little signing ceremony for the prenup where you agree to get nothing if I divorce you as well granting my existing son the title of Duke of Norfolk.”

“You… you won’t get… away… Richard!”

“Oh, you mean that nice young man that you went on all of those adventures together with? Well, you went on the adventures, you left him behind in the mansion or RV or whatever you were using as a control room at the time. It turns out that after a half dozen years of leading a man on, only to dump him with nothing but the clothes on his back and no job, does not lend him to be particularly sympathetic to your situation.”

“Nugh… nugh.. not my…fault…”

“True, but he didn’t know that. Well at least at first. Once The Guild hired him through one of our many fronts, at quite a pay raise I might add, he was much happier about his life in general. By the time he had figured out the truth it was only a matter of letting him in on the plan and assuring him he’d have you to himself for a few weeks once I was done with you of course, to bring him fully on board.”

Cara’s gasped once more as another pillar of her world collapsed from beneath her. She had always known that Richard had a crush on her, but she never led him on, at least not intentionally. But she had to admit he’d stayed longer than any rational person would have and she had let it go on.

“Ngh.. ugh… ugh!” Cara let out several grunts as she bucked her hips against the dildo, desperate to cum but with no relief in sight.

“Oh goody, she’s ready!” Suzi cried out as Cara continued to pound away at her pussy with the dildo.

“Yes, she looks like she is.” George replied and sat down on the bed beside Cara.

He reached out and gently took one of her nipples between his thumb and finger, “Now Cara, how does this feel?”

She let out a cry of pure bliss as the pleasure coming from her nipple caused her whole body to spasm again and again until he released it.

She hadn’t cum, but it had been so close, “Please… please…” she looked at him, her eyes begging for more as something Suzi had said before rose to the top of her mind, “the magic touch”.

Oh god, he had it! Whatever it was, he had it and she knew that if he fucked her she’d be lost forever in the pleasure it would bring.

He smiled at her, “Please what Cara?”

“Please…” she begged, not sure what she was begging for until his hand gently made it’s way down from her tits, across her stomach to find her swollen clit awaiting him. As so as he made contact she arched her back, pushing herself on to his hand as hard as she could.

“PLEASE FUCK ME! PLEASE FUCK ME!” she cried out as she flung the dildo across the room, it’s useless ministrations lost in a haze of need from the simple touch of his hand.

He mounted her and rode her hard and fast, each thrust wiping away more and more of her old self, replacing it with the new Cara.

The Cara that fucked and sucked any cock that she saw.

The Cara that wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits for any man that would look at her.

The Cara that lived only for her partner’s pleasure.

The Cara that didn’t have a thought in her head other than how to look pretty and hang on her man’s arm.

The Cara that would do anything she was told to because that’s what good sluts did.

The Cara that was above all else, a very good slut.

Cara’s orgasm burned through her body and mind until she was left alone in her room, cum dripping from her pussy just like the good slut she was.

Chapter 5 – Going Home

Cara pushed her tits out as she smiled, the mask covering her eyes as she hung off of George’s arm as they entered the grand ballroom of what had once been her home. Her long pale blue dress, with the built-in corset, squeezed her stomach tight and ended just above her nipples to show off the maximum cleavage she could.

Of course, that thought hadn’t crossed her mind as they did so, instead, the only thought that was there was exactly how horny she was. But then again any time she wasn’t sucking on a dick or getting fucked, the thought of how horny she was always seemed to make its way to the top of her mind.

She let out a soft giggle and leaned into George’s shoulder, in return he leaned his head over to her as well, “How’s my little slut doing?” he whispered into her ear.

“I’m so horny George! Can’t I suck your cock?” she whispered back and looked up into his eyes as she licked her painted lips.

“Not yet, but soon.” he replied and patted her hand as he led her around the room. He introduced simply as ‘CL’ to several people and she giggled and said hi with a little wave each time. A few of them tried to start a conversation with her but she just jiggled her tits and giggled a bit and they got the message.

Eventually, the entire group of people were ushered to their tables, dinner being ready to serve and George guided her to one of the back tables that had no one else sitting at it.

Waiters brought around dinner, a juicy steak for George and a sparse salad for her, which she spend extra time on, sucking the fork with each leafy green bit she took.

When dessert came, a rich slice of chocolate cake, she used her fork to take the smallest sliver of it should could and moaned as she sucked the fork of every last bit of taste that she could.

Soon the speaches started and with a quick look around, she slipped under the table, unzipping George’s pants and taking his shaft between her painted lips.

The taste of it made the cake pale in comparison.

The room filled with the announcer’s voice as she bobbed up and down, “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our annual charity gala. The Loft family would like to wish you all the best, even though the current Lady Loft, Cara, could not be here tonight to do so herself. The Loft Family Charity Masquerade Galla has a long history of setting the highest standards of moral character and charitable giving.”

Cara paid no attention as minute by minute she knew she was getting closer and closer to the only thing that matter at the gala, George’s cum.

Cara signed the papers and giggled, happy that she was finally going to be Mrs. George Stanton in just a few days and eager for her wedding night. George had promised to finally take her virginity and she was on edge just thinking about it.

Of course, her pussy wasn’t a virgin, god no. Her pussy had been pounded by stud after stud from the clubs, let alone George’s own cock that slammed into it each night, but her ass was and that was the next best thing.

She looked over at George and smile, “Anything else baby?” she asked as he shook his head from side to side and she stood up as the other men began signing, attesting to the fact she had signed of her own free will.

Of course, she’d signed the papers, she hadn’t read them, nor did she want to, all she needed to know what that George wanted her to sign them before they got married. And that was more than enough for her.

She wiggled her ass as she left the room, hoping George got a good look at it, but honestly she’d have been happy as long as at least one of the men stared at it as she left.

She headed right out to the car and off to the dressmakers to get a final fitting before the big day, it wouldn’t do to have the dress not fit perfectly. She’d be sown into it of course on the day of the wedding, she couldn’t wait for George to literally rip it from her body when he got her back to their bedroom.

The next few days flew by as she prepared, her maid of honour Suzi helping her get everything perfect for the big day. When it finally arrived, there were only five people in attendance. The minister, Suzi, Richard the best man, George and herself.

Secretly she was hoping that Richard would take advantage of the position of best man and fucker her before the ceremony. But to her disappointment, he did nothing more than stare at her tits through out the whole thing, which was nice of him of course.

They were easy to stare at when they were fully exposed by the dress, the two silver bars that Suzi had picked out for her peirced through her exposed nipples. The bars matched the one that was in her tongue as well as the one in her navel and even the one that adorned her clit.

Her dress ended just above her navel, it was more of a corset than anything, leaving her pussy and ass bare for everyone to see. The rest of her dress was just a long frilly train that came from her tiara and flowed all the way down to the 12-inch wedge ballet heels that she was wearing. All in white of course.

Around her neck was a collar made of diamonds and rubies, the red gems spelling out the word “SLUT” in all capital letters.

Suzi walked her down the aisle and as soon as she got a look at George, standing there in his black tuxedo, her knees almost failed her as her pussy moistened and she let out a gasp. But Suzi kept her on track as always and in no time she was eagerly saying “I do” to the vows he had written for them.

“Do you Cara Loft, take George Stanton to be your legally wedded husband. To serve and obey him, in sickness and health, to put his needs above your own, to be his loyal slut, to use your body in any way you can to bring him happiness and pleasure?”

The words rolled over her and she almost dropped to her knees and sucked George right there at the altar, but she managed to stay upright and say the words, “I do.”

“Do you George Stanton, take Cara Loft to be your legally wedded wife. To use her for your own pleasure, to command and discipline her as you see fit?”

“I do.”

The words from his mouth almost caused an orgasm to crash over her, but instead the minister continued, “The rings?” he asked of Richard.

Richard took a box from his pocket and opened it, handing a ring to Cara who slipped it on George’s finger. Richard handed the remaining ring to George, but instead of putting it on Cara’s finger, he replaced one of the bars through her nipples with it.

“You may now blow the groom.” the minister said and the moment she had been waiting for finally came as she dropped to her knees and fished George’s cock from his pants.

She was now officially Mrs. George Stanton and she’d soon be receiving her first load of cum as such.

Cara tossed her tiara to the side as her husband carried her across the threshold of their bedroom, then he set her down and gave the ring through her nipple a hard tug, releasing it only to give her tit a slap as well.

She moaned in appreciation and leaned in, sending her tongue between his lips and probing his mouth as he pushed her back towards the bed.

She knew what was coming and her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation, she was finally going to lose her virginity to her husband.

When they reached the bed she turned around and bent over face first, sticking her ass as far up into the air as she could, “Please hubby, pop my cherry and make me your lawfully wedded wife!”

She wiggled her ass and he brought his hand down on to it, the slap echoing through the room, “Oh god yes!” she cried out just as his pants hit the floor.

Moments later she felt his cock pushing up against he sphincter and she let out a gasp, “Do it baby! Do it! Shove that cock in my virgin ass!”

She felt him push in and her world exploded in pleasure, “Oh god baby yes! Fuck your slut’s ass! Fuck it hard!”

Orgasm after orgasm crested as she knew that this night would be the best night of her life, no matter how many times he fucked her in the ass, no matter how many cocks she sucked of fucked, this first time as his wife would never be topped.

She let the pleasure roll over her, permeate her, taking it all in, vowing to never forget what it felt to be fucked so perfectly and to make sure that each and every time she was used that she would try and match the intensity of this moment.

She felt his cum enter her bowels and the final orgasm that crested was too much, her world collapsed around her and darkness consumed her.

Cara felt Richard drive his cock into her pussy as she laid back on the bed, her legs beside her head as he grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, “Yeah baby, fuck my pussy good! Your cock is so big it’s filling me up!” she cried out as she gasped and moaned.

God she loved his cock inside of her, not as much as her ex’s of course, but then who could really compete with George?

Richard grabbed hold of the two rings that adorned her nipples and pulled on them hard, “That’s it baby, pull those nipples all the way!”

Gone was her wedding ring of course, George had taken it back from her when he had divorced her, but she’d gotten two nice new rings to put in her nipples in the settlement so she couldn’t really complain.

She felt Richard release inside of her and she cried out and arched her back as her orgasm came over her.

She let out a giggle as he rolled off of her and she wiggled her way down to his deflating cock, taking it between her lips and sucking the last of his delicious cum from it. When the last of it was out of him, she moved down to his balls and suckeled on them as well.

Eventually, Richard grabbed a handful of her platinum blonde hair and pulled her free of his sack before standing up and slapping her ass good and hard, “Not bad slut, I guess I’ll keep you another day.”

She let out another giggle as the words sent a shiver down her spine and right into her pussy, “Thanks Richard, I don’t deserve you!” she replied as she spotted a stray drop of cum on the sheets and moved over to lick it up.

As soon as the divorce had been finalized, Richard had picked her up from George’s home and brought her over to his own. She’d been lucky he’d wanted her and she’d eagerly agreed to be his personal sex toy for as long as he wanted her.

She’d been dreaming of his cock since the wedding and when they finally arrived at his place she could hardly restrain herself long enough for them to get to his bedroom. Each day since then he’d fucked her, slapped her ass and said the same thing, “Not bad slut, I guess I’ll keep you another day.”

She knew he’d meant it each time too, she wasn’t a bad slut, but the first day that she was she’d be out on the street on her ass.

Though walking down the street, showing off her body to every man that walked by until she found one that would take her home for the night did have a certain appeal to it. Another shiver ran down her spine at the thought but she knew she’d have a place to sleep for at least one more night.

Cara spun around the pole, her tits on each side of it as she slid down until her ass hit the hard surface of the stage, then she leaned back and humped the pole with her bare pussy as she let out a small cry to the crowd.

The music came to an end and the audience clapped and hollered as the MC came over the PA system, “That’s right folks, step right up and take Cara to the VIP room for more fun with our favourite dancer! Next up is Kristi, please put your hands together for three songs by the beautiful Kristi!”

Cara picked up her tiny outfit and quickly slipped into the two-piece blue number that was hardly more than a bikini before stepping out on to the floor of the club once more.

She’d been dancing there for a few months, Richard had dropped her off one night after fucking her ass repeatedly and saying “God your just a totally useless slut now Cara, time to get rid of you.”

She’d begged him to let her stay, that she’d be a better slut tomorrow, but he’d gotten dressed, tossed her one of her slutty outfits and told her to get dressed.

An hour later she was sitting in Joe’s office, the manager of the club, her head hung low as Richard told him she needed a job. Joe had insisted on a full demonstration of her skills and Richard had stood up and leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Maybe if you show him you can be a good stripper for his club and a fine slut after hours I’ll take you back home for one more night.”

She nodded her head as her face brightened in hope as Richard left the room. For his part, Joe stood up and walked over to the couch across from his desk, then sat down and patted his lap.

Cara had stood up, swayed her hips and tits all the way over before starting to dance to the base of the music that could be heard through the walls of the office.

Three songs later she was sucking his cock, two more songs later and he was fucking her pussy. He finished off by spraying his cum all over her tits and she scooped up every last drop and licked it from her fingers as she giggled and thank him.

When Joe let Richard back in the office, Joe said she’d passed the audition and Richard smiled and nodded knowingly.

He walked over to her, standing there naked and smiled, “Alright slut, get dressed. We’re heading home.”

She squealed in delight as Richard turned back to Joe, “What time do you want her here tomorrow?”

“Drop her off at 7, I should have a place for her to stay by then.”

“You got it.”

She’d been there ever since, one of the apartments above the club had become her new home and she often took customers there after work so they could fuck her instead of just the blowjobs she gave in the club.

Of course, Joe took care of all the money, but that was fine with her as long as she got cocks to suck and fuck as well as new clothes to show off her tits.

She had just stepped back out on to the floor when Joe walked up to her, “Hey Cara, go to VIP room number 2, you’ve got some special guests.”

“Ok Joe, you got it!” she smiled and made her way to the back VIP rooms, her ass swaying from side to side as her heels clicked against the hard floor of the club.

She opened the door and almost had her legs come out from under her as she looked at the three people in the room.

Suzi’s big tits still seemed unbelievably perfect to her even though her own were larger now, George sent a shiver down her spine right into her ass as the memory of their wedding night came back to her and Richard sent her pussy twitching.

She dropped to her knees and crawled over to the three of them sitting on the couch, she snuggled between George’s legs and looked up into his face, her wide eyes full of need as he stroked her hair.

“I see your still a total slut Cara.” Suzi said looked down at her and Cara nodded as she licked her lips and then flicked her tongue out to touch the crotch of George’s pants.

“But are you still good slut?” Richard asked and she turned her head towards him.

“Oh god yes Richard! Cara’s a good slut! Can Cara go home with you again?” she so wanted Richard’s cock in her pussy again… or her ass, or her mouth, or between her tits, or wherever else he might want to stick it.

She started to rise from George’s crotch to move over to Richard, but instead George grabbed her hair and pushed her back down between his legs.

“I think we’re here to find out just how much of a slut you’ve become Cara.” George said as he rubbed her face into his pants before letting her ups.

Minutes later Cara’s face was buried in Suzi’s pussy, her tongue darting in and out as she licked eagerly at her clit. Richard’s cock was stuffed deep in her pussy, his manhood filling her up like it had so many times before. But it was George’s cock stuffed deep into her ass the brought her the most pleasure as the two men slammed in and out of her.

The memory of her wedding night came back to her, the pleasure of George’s cock taking her ass for the first time had filled her such pleasure that she thought nothing would even come close. But now, her two favourite cocks fucking her as she licked her best friends pussy, the pleasure welled up inside of her as she began to orgasm over and over again.

When they left, she knew two things; it had been the second-best fucking of her life, and one cock would no longer satisfy her.

She giggled as she scooped up the last of the cum from her ass and pussy, sucking her fingers of every last drop, before getting dressed and heading back out on to the floor. There was a whole room filled with men that wanted to fuck her, surely she could find two that wanted to take her home for the night.