Charity Starts At Home

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2023

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SYNOPSIS: Running a national animal rights charity can be a stressful job.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1: Another Day At The Office

Justine Vandyke was a prideful woman, she freely admitted it, though most who knew her would have said she was overly prideful, she didn’t see how that could be a problem.

At 24 she was the CEO of a national animal wellness charity that focused on helping abandoned pets find new homes, she was rich, semi-famous, and a classic beauty. Her high cheekbones, small nose, sculpted chin, natural blonde hair, clear blue eyes, and toned body made her look like a runway model.

Of course she would never have admitted that she hadn’t put in any effort for any of those things. Her wealth had come from her parents, and she’d used it to create the charity and install herself as the CEO. Her internet fame came from splashing her wealth around and mixing with those who were actually famous. And her looks were due to a mix of having the best trainers and nutritionists money could buy, and the genetic “upgrades” her parents had purchased for her while she was still in her mother’s womb.

All in all, she was prideful in the worst kind of way, so sure of her own superiority that she paid little attention to those around her.

It had caused small issues in the past, mostly when she was embarrassed by others on social media for saying things that were clearly disconnected from the day-to-day reality of most people. But those blew over and after a few weeks her latest post from some gala charity event, or some exotic beach, pulled in the likes just as they had before.

Overall her life was blessed and she was oblivious to it, though some days did seem harder than others. Today was one of those days.

She’d woken up at 5 am as usual to do her gym routine, only to find a message on her phone that her personal trainer had come down with COVID-29… again, and wouldn’t be able to make it. Worse still, he hadn’t even managed to find a replacement!

She’d ended up going by herself and overdoing some of the stretching and strained her neck as a result. She was going to have to find a new personal training, which she didn’t look forward to, or more aptly didn’t look forward to having to assign to her assistant Joan.

Then, when she stopped by for her decaf double soy, double mocha, whipped, double leg “standard” order, the barista had the nerve to say they were out of soy milk! She’d had to settle for… regular milk!

Finally, when she’d arrived at the office, Joan’s smiling face greeting her, she’d remembered what today was… photo day.

Justine had snipped at the poor girl, finding some little thing that she wouldn’t even remember in five minutes, to gripe about, before she slammed the door to her office and tried to relax for a moment.

It didn’t really work, instead twenty minutes later Joan knocked on her door and poked her head inside.

“Excuse me Justine… the photographer and the pets are here.”

Justine sighed and stood up, putting on her best fake smile and waved Joan to bring them in. She ran her hands down her front, smoothing out her stylish business suit, made sure her favourite heels were blemish-free, and then double-checked her teeth and hair in a small compact she kept in her desk drawer, just in time for the photographer and a half dozen dogs to enter her office.

Justine continued to smile as she held the small dog in her arms, the flash of the camera going off several times, until the photographer was satisfied he’d gotten what he needed. Her smile disappeared instantly and was replaced by a frown as she dropped the mutt down onto the floor a foot or two away from her.

“Shit!” she muttered under her breath as she looked down at her suit jacket, now covered in dog hair. She grabbed a roller from her desk and did her best to remove all of it.

“Is that it?” she asked as she worked the hair out of her jacket.

“Just one more.” the photographer replied and then she felt something against her leg.

She looked down to see a poodle of some kind humping her leg and she was aghast.

“Stupid dog!” she cried out and shook her leg, the dog dislodged from her but she didn’t stop shaking her leg in time and unintentionally kicked the poodle with her pointy designer shoe several feet, eliciting a yelp from the poor thing.

She rolled her eyes and huffed, “Oh it wasn’t that hard of kick you pathetic little mutt. Get over it!”

A few minutes later the last of the photos was complete and the photographer left her office, letting Justine slump into her chair and rub her temples, hoping the rest of the day went better than the morning had.

Chapter 2: Karma

Justine pushed through the gaggle of reporters in front of her office, her dark sunglasses protecting her vision from the barrage of flashes going off, as she held up her hand to try and get through.

“No comment. No comment! I said NO COMMENT!” she repeated until she managed to get to the doors and security opened them for her before holding the mob at bay.

She stomped up to her office where Joan was already at her desk in front of Justine’s office, a concerned look on the girl’s face.

“Joan! I want that bastard’s head! Get my lawyer on the line!” she yelled out and then rushed into her office, ignoring the looks from the rest of the staff.

She unlocked her computer and opened up her social media, it was filled with scathing comments, death threats, and worse, but more than anything it was filled with re-posts of the video of her kicking the dog and sneering at it afterwards.

She doom scrolled through it for a few minutes until her desk phone chimed and Joan’s voice came over it, “Justine, Daryl is on the line.”

“’bout time!” she shouted back so Joan would hear it even without the phone.

She grabbed the receiver and held it up to her ear, “Daryl! I want to sue that bastard for all he’s worth and then some!”

“I thought you might.” he replied calmly, “So I had his contract and release forms sent over to me first thing this morning. I don’t think there’s going to be much you can do I’m afraid.”

“What the fuck do you mean!?!” she screamed into the phone.

“Calm down Justine, no need to yell at me, I’m just the messenger. The contract gives him total creative control of the campaign, and the release form you signed gives him ownership of the photos and videos he took.”

“Well this is fucking not part of any ad campaign! It’s slander!” she shot back.

“Not slander, maybe defamation, but even that would be a stretch… after all, it’s just video of you… you know. He didn’t do much in the way of editing other than to trim it down a bit. And as for it being part of a campaign, didn’t you notice the placard at the end of the video?”

“What are you talking about? Hang on.” she spat back.

She hadn’t actually watched the whole thing, not needing to see it all the way through. She turned to her computer and clicked on the video that was still at the top of her feed. It ran almost all the way to the end and then she saw it, “Help stop animal cruelty… donate to the Vandyke Animal Wellness Charity… or don’t… your choice.”

Her jaw dropped, “Fuck me…” she said, trailing off in disbelief.

“Yes, well, as you can see, he did promote the charity with the video.” Daryl said just before Justine slammed the receiver down and let out a banshee scream that reverberated throughout the office.

The office was quiet, it was well past 5 pm and everyone had left, but Justine was still sitting behind her desk, staring at a stack of resignation letters that sat on it in defiance of her motivational speech earlier in the day.

Tomorrow there would be no one in the office, and her e-mail was filled with similar letters from those who worked in the offices around the country, or remotely.

Even Joan had resigned as she left just a few minutes ago. Justine had threatened her on the way out not to talk to the press or else, but there was still a throng of reporters outside the building and Justine had little to back the threat up with anyway. She was ruined.

After she had closed down all her social media accounts, she called down to security to check to see if there were still reporters waiting for her, and they gave her the all-clear. She sulked out of the office and headed to the condo she kept in the city to have a nice long hot bath and try and forget the shit storm for a little while at least.

Chapter 3: Country Home

It had been two weeks since she’d officially decided to close down the charity, put her city affairs in order, and retreated to her family’s country home. It had been the best decision she’d made in a long time, or at least the best choice as it had actually been Daryl to suggest it.

The fresh air and sun did her a world of good, and it was far enough away from any population centre that no one came around to bother her.

She’d had to fire the house staff of course, they kept giving her sidelong disapproving looks and that was just unacceptable. That did mean she had to go into the town once in a while to do her own shopping, but she tried as hard as possible to blend in and so far no one had really noticed her.

This afternoon she was lounging by the pool, laid out on a sun cot in her tiny pink bikini, a large straw hat, and her dark sunglasses, soaking up the afternoon warmth as she sipped a nice cold ice tea.

Her serenity was interrupted by the ringing of her phone and she looked over to see Daryl’s contact photo on the screen.

She smiled and picked up the call, “Hi Daryl.”

“Good afternoon Justine, I’ve got good news.” he said.

“I can definitely use some of that!” she replied.

“I’ve gotten the video taken down with a loophole in the contract, so it should be off the sites in the next few days. That should accelerate this thing fading away.”

“That is good news, and the photographer?” she replied icily.

“I’m afraid I’ve had a few other lawyers take a look as well, and we all agree, nothing can be done there. You could file a defamation suit, but he’d just file an anti-SLAPP response and not only would you be footing the bill, but you’d just bring attention back to the whole thing anyway.”

She signed in resignation, “Well, thanks for trying Daryl.”

“No problem, it’s what you pay me for.” he said half-jokingly.

“How are you making out? How’s the country house?” he asked.

“I’m doing alright, the country house is fantastic! Just what I needed, thank you for suggesting it.”

“No problem Justine. How long are you going to stay?” he asked.

She laughed a little, “You know several people have asked me that and I’ll tell you the same thing I told them, forever! Doing a complete technology detox by getting off social media and out of the city has been just what the doctor ordered.”

“Great to hear Justine. Let me know if I can do anything else, I’ve got your power of attorney and will make sure all the paperwork gets done for the charity, so don’t worry about that.”

“You’re the best Daryl, thanks.” she replied and then after a little more small talk, they ended the call.

Justine rolled over in bed, woken by a loud thump coming from downstairs. She blinked several times and then waited, straining to hear if the noise was just a residue of a dream or had really happened.

Not hearing anything for a minute or so, she decided to slip out of bed and take a walk downstairs, just to make sure.

Putting on her housecoat and slippers, she carefully made her way down the hall from the master bedroom to the top of the stairs, looking over the banister, she didn’t see anything, so made her way down to the foyer.

She froze in place when she arrived at the bottom of the stairs only to see the front door slightly ajar, “Fuck!” she whispered and made a dash for the door.

“Shit! Don’t let her get away!” a voice from behind her said as she reached for the doorknob.

Unfortunately, her momentum carried her forward into the door, pushing it closed and forcing her to stop and take a step back. By the time she was far enough back to swing the door open, she felt two pairs of hands take hold of her arms and legs and pull her back off of her feet.

“LET FUCKING GO OF ME!” she screamed to no effect as the strong hands that held her tightly resisted her thrashing.

The screaming was ineffectual as well as it was miles to her closest neighbour and no one else was half as close again.

She continued to thrash until she felt her housecoat flipped up from her legs, exposing her ass, and then a sharp pain blossomed from her right ass cheek. Moments later her arms and legs settled down and her head slumped forward as she lost consciousness.

Chapter 4: The New Help

Justine awoke to darkness once more, but this time it wasn’t from the night or the drug that she’d been injected with, but the fact she was laying face down with her head securely strapped in place. She tried to move the rest of her body but she was still weak and could feel straps on her wrists and ankles.

“Mmmmmmphf!” she cried out into the sheets or whatever she was lying on.

As she thrashed she could feel something slapping against her right arm and tugging just a little bit at the same time, she could only imagine it was some kind of IV drip that was attached to her.

“How long do we have to wait?” a voice she didn’t recognize asked.

“Till that sedative I had to inject her with clears her system, maybe an hour or two more.” a second voice that she didn’t recognize either replied.

“Shit.” a third voice said with a tinge of regret in it.

“Yeah, too bad butterfingers had to knock over that lamp and wake her up. Then we wouldn’t have had to use the general sedative on her at all.”

“Look, I said I was sorry! What does it matter anyway, we’re here for the next few months, a couple of extra hours won’t make a difference.”

Justine cried out once more into the sheets and thrashed even harder.

“Sounds like she’s fully conscious at least.” the second voice said, “Alright, well it’s going to be daylight soon, certainly before she’s ready, so while Dave and I take care of the procedure, Rob, why don’t you head into town and start introducing yourself.”

“Sure thing Mark, I’ll go take a look around and see what the place needs.”

Justine heard a set of footsteps that must have belonged to Rob leave the room and head up a flight of stairs. Justine surmised that they must be in the basement but couldn’t imagine what they were up to.

If this was just a robbery gone wrong, why were they planning on staying for months? If this was some kind of kidnapping plot, why stay at all?

No answers came as the two remaining men fell silent leaving her to wonder what they had planned.

Eventually, hours later, when Mark seemed satisfied, she felt a slight burning in her arm as the IV drip flooded her system from whatever was inside of it and she returned to the blackness.

Justine awoke in a bed, her head thumping, but free to move around. She jumped up and quickly got dressed in the simple shirt and pants that were laid out on the dresser and she darted for the door, only to find it locked. A quick scan of the room told her she was still in her home, just in one of the servant’s quarters in the basements. The room was smallish, but had the basics, and attached through the other door was a small bathroom.

“HEY! Let me out of here!” she screamed as she banged on the door in front of her.

She continued for several more minutes until she finally heard the lock click open and the door push inward. She backed up as a man stepped inside, behind him she could see two other large men and she backed up even further.

“Who the fuck are you people and what do you want?” she shouted and took a fighting stance, which looked ridiculous for such a small woman as herself against such obviously formidable opponents.

“My name is Mark, that’s Rob and Dave.” the man standing in front of her said as he pointed to the men behind him.

“This will go much easier if you pay attention and listen.” Mark said sternly.

“Fuck you!” she shouted back and made a lunge for him.

Before she was even halfway there she felt all the strength go out of her limbs and she crumpled to the floor. She lay there motionless for several minutes until her limps regained a little mobility and she managed to get herself sitting halfway upright.

“What the fuck…” she muttered as Mark knelt down so they could see eye to eye.

“As I said, this will go much easier if you pay attention and listen.” he repeated.

She nodded, not sure what else to do.

“Good. Now then, I imagine the local anesthetic hasn’t worn off yet so you haven’t noticed the incision on the back of your neck.” he said and her fingers went straight to her neck, where she felt the incision.

“That’s from the implantation of the control chip, it has several modes, of which you’ve already experienced one of them.” he continued, waving at her semi-limp form still on the floor.

“It’s the latest in prisoner rehabilitation technology, what you experienced was the aggression limiter function. Any overt aggression will be met with instant suppression.”

“I’m a prisoner then?” she asked, quickly putting together what was going on. She’d heard of the control chips when the government had introduced them a few years ago. They were limited in use to the most violent offenders, but they had done miracles in rehabilitating even the staunchest of criminals.

“Of a sort.” Dave continued, “Another mode is the geofencing mode. At the moment it is set to this room, so if you try and leave you’ll experience the same kind of suppression, and of course, we’ll be alerted. There is a second geofencing boundary setup, which covers the house and a few hundred feet outside of it, so don’t get any ideas that just because we take you out of your room that you can make a run for it.”

Mark then stood up and extended a hand towards her, she ignored him with a huff.

He let out a sigh and shook his head before reaching into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a key fob for a car. He pressed a red button on it and suddenly her whole body jerked as pain shot through her.

“AAAHHHHH!” she cried out and then it passed.

She looked up to see Mark’s extended hand once more and this time she took it, helping her get back up onto her shaky legs. She watched his thumb move to a green button and a wave of euphoria washed over her, almost sending her back down as her knees threatened to buckle once more.

“Now then, I think that is pretty self-explanatory isn’t it?” he asked.

She nodded as she gasped, trying to catch her breath from the wild swings of pain and pleasure.

“And yes, all three of us have one of these. And no, you can’t use them, they’re bio-metrically tied to us. Besides which, it only has the two modes on it, so not much use to you anyway.”

She took a few steps back and sat down on the edge of the bed, still unsure of her feet beneath her as he continued.

“So, let’s make this simple. We expect total obedience from you. Disobedience or delay of any kind will be punished, obedience will be rewarded. Simple as that. Understand?”

She nodded her head in agreement, “That one’s free.” he said, holding his thumb over the red button on the fob, “When we ask a question that requires an answer, we require a verbal response. Understand?”

She hesitated only for half a second but it was too long and the pain returned, if only for a moment.

“Understand?” he asked again and this time she didn’t hesitate at all.


“Good girl.” he replied and hit the green button, for much longer than he’d held the red button and she fell back and squirmed on the bed.

Justine had been in “her” bedroom for three days, or at least she was pretty sure she had been. Without windows or clocks it was hard to be sure, but it was a reasonable guess.

In that time she’d managed to piece together a few things, like the fact that Mark was the leader of the three of them, some kind of doctor, that Rob was the gopher, and that Dave seemed to be a chemist or something.

All three of them seemed to be doing work around the house, which tied into what Mark had told Rob to do that first time she’d regained consciousness after they had drugged her.

Of all the things that were on her mind, that was what worried her the most. How easy she had made it for them to simply come in and integrate themselves into the household. If she hadn’t fired all her old staff, it would never have happened. If she hadn’t told all her friends that she wasn’t coming back to social media or the city, they might have missed her and become concerned. If she hadn’t completely closed down her old life, someone might have noticed.

Instead, no one was coming to save her, and she could already tell things were going badly for her.

She had of course tried to make a run for it the first night after Mark had left her squirming on the bed in pleasure. He hadn’t locked the door behind him and when she was pretty sure they would have gone to bed, she opened the door and tried to sneak out of the house.

She’d only gotten a step or two down the hallway when the pain had pierced her head and she collapsed onto the floor screaming in agony. They had waited far longer than they had needed to before dragging her back into her room and leaving her there whimpering on the bed.

On top of that the control chip was stupendously effective at providing both negative and positive incentives to do what she was told. So much so that even after just a few days, she was already finding herself wanting to comply before any order had been given to her.

In the three days so far, she’d recognized a standard pattern of how things worked. First, when she woke up, Mark would come in and give her some basic instructions. Stand up, sit down, walk over here, pick this up, put that down, etc.

Each time she obeyed, a quick reward. Each time she hesitated or refused, a longer punishment.

Then he’d leave and let her be alone until lunch, when Rob would come in with a plate of food and a plastic spoon. Well, it was food technically, but really it was more of a mush, and it tasted like shit.

Rob would tell her to take a bite, and then punish or reward her appropriately. She was pretty sure it had some kind of drug in it as well, each time after eating it she became sexually aroused and mentally numb, and it had gotten worse and worse after each meal, lasting longer and longer, like it was building up in her system.

Then in the afternoon Dave would come in with a pile of clothing and command her to change into one of the outfits, once more rewarding or punishing as required. He’d leave once he was finished and then she was left on her own for the rest of the night.

Dave had just left and she was still wearing the last outfit he’d had her put on, a tiny little black skirt and a top that was a size or two too small that only just covered her breasts. He’d also had her put on a pair of black stiletto heels.

She was about to change back into her t-shirt and pants, but a frown crossed her face, and she didn’t as no Dave had not told her to. Instead she laid down on the bed and replayed the rewards of the day in her mind, a smile crossing her lips each time she felt the waves of pleasure wash over her in her memory.

Chapter 5: Pattern

“Tits out.” Mark commanded and Justine pushed her tits out as far as she could and another wave of pleasure came over her. The pattern hadn’t changed in weeks, or what she thought was weeks, and Justine was well practiced in following Mark’s commands now.

“Turn around, bend over, ass out.” he commanded again and she complied, turning around, spreading her legs, bending over at the waist and sticking her ass out, more pleasure washing over her.

“Unzip and play with your pussy.”

She reached between her legs and unzipped the latex bodysuit she was wearing from her ass to her navel and her latex-covered fingers quickly rubbed her pussy lips.

Double pleasure exploded in her head, both from the attention of her fingers and at the obedience.

Justine hadn’t even noticed that Mark had not touched the fob in days.

It had been weeks of the same daily pattern, just with the commands Mark gave and the clothes that Dave brought to her, changing. Both had taken on a more overt sexual direction and Justine had only hesitated a few times, and never refused.

She continued to play with her pussy, not having been told to stop, when Mark did something new. Instead of giving her another command, she felt his hands take hold of her hips and pull her back onto his crotch.

“Shake that ass.” he commanded and she complied, feeling him grow hard against her.

He let her continue for what seemed like forever until he finally gave the command she’d been desperate for him to for days.

“Suck my cock.”

Justine looked at the plate of unappetizing food that Rob had placed on the floor and was confused, he hadn’t brought the spoon or handed them to her.

“Eat.” he commanded.

She cocked her head to the side in a question and instantly regretted it. The punishment exploded in her head and she collapsed down to the floor beside the food.

When it stopped she managed to get up onto her hands and knees before he spoke again.


This time she simply pushed her face into the food and gobbled down whatever she could. Rob seemed satisfied and let her continue, then had her stop and start several times, rewards coming with each one as she obeyed.

Justine was lying on her bed masturbating, like she was doing most of the time she was alone now. Tonight, like every night, it was a mixture of obeying Mark’s commands and dressing up in the sexy latex outfits that Dave brought, that filled her mind as she did so.

The problem was that her fingers just couldn’t get the job done like Mark’s cock could.

The mental image of her kneeling in front of Mark popped into her head and then his voice called out from her memory, “Suck.”

She let out a gasp and pounded her pussy with her fingers as hard as she could but she just couldn’t get over the edge.

Eventually she stopped and let out a whimper as she drifted off to sleep.

Justine winced a little as Dave cinched the leather straps that bound her latex-covered arms against themselves. He had already done the ones that bound her legs after she had put on the pink latex body suit, she’d been able to cinch the corset herself.

He stood up and took a step back as she took a tentative “step” forward as she stood on all fours.

“Good girl.” Dave said and Justine felt the reward wash over her.

This was the last outfit that Dave had for her today and by far the most complex one that she’d ever worn. The leather straps held her arms and legs securely. Around her neck was a collar with a tag dangling from the front of it, she’d only just gotten a quick look at it before Dave had secured it around her neck, but even so her whole body shivered with what was printed on it, “Duchess”.

Justine took another step forward and then another, walking around her small bedroom in a circle before returning to the bed.

Dave smiled and nodded, then turned and left, leaving her bound and on the floor for the night.

“Sit.” Mark commanded and Justine’s ass hit the floor quickly.

“Roll over.” he commanded and she dropped her front “legs” to the floor and rolled over.

“Speak.” he commanded when she finished and her lips parted.

“Arf!” she cried out, yet another reward coming over her.

She was still in the pink latex bodysuit, her arms and legs bound, from the night before that Dave had put her in. This morning Mark had started issuing her basic command as if she was a dog and she had been obeying every one of them instantly.

Mark walked over to her bed and patted the mattress, “Up.”

She walked over and struggled to get up onto the bed, but managed to do it after several attempts.

“Sit.” he commanded once more and her ass squatted down once more.

She heard the zipper in her outfit being opened and the chill of the air caressing her pussy and ass, then Mark’s dick pressed up against her.

“Beg. Duchess, beg.” Mark commanded and she started to whimper and whine as he pushed into her and continued well past the point her orgasms crashed over her.

Justine mawed down on the mush that was her lunch, pushing the bowl around the floor as she did so.

If her mind had still been working like it once had she would have noticed the taste of the mush had changed about two weeks ago, or noticed the things that were starting to happen to her body.

Mixed into the mush were genetic recombinators that were altering her very cells to a new design.

The most obvious change was the bright pink roots that had started to appear at the base of her hair. Harder to tell was the curls that would grow in as the pink took over more of her hair. The bright blue colour of her irises had started to fade with the pink replacing them just starting to become noticeable.

Justine’s skin had always been perfect, blemish-free and with a slightly darker hue that made it look like she always had a tan, which was due to the genetic editing that had been done to her in the womb. Now that genetic tan was fading and also taking on a decidedly pink tone.

The one thing she had noticed, but paid no attention to, was her waistline, the corset being easier and easier to put on each day. In fact, yesterday Dave hadn’t even bothered to bring one for her, instead he brought the tail that was now sticking out of her ass and wagging back and forth as she ate as well as the matching pink hood that covered her entire head with the two floppy “ears” laying on the sides of her head.

Other alternations were happening as well, some of her muscles were changing; some strengthening to make it easier for her to “walk” on all fours, others reducing to make it easier for her arms and legs to fold back on themselves. Her neck and spine were changing as well, making it possible for her to hold her head “up” more easily.

More cosmetic changes were happening as well, her lips were becoming fuller, her breasts larger, her ass more rounded, her tongue longer, along with new nerve endings in strategic places.

Finally there were changes in her brain; the speech centre had started to shrink, the pleasure centres had started to expand, and others had begun to shift as well.

It would only take another week or two for the changes to complete and then they could change over to just regular dog food, the drugs and genetic recombinators having done their work.

Chapter 6: Charity

Dave held his hand under Duchess’ stomach as she “stood” on the bed. She had sucked it in as far as she could giving her the appearance of an even tinier waist. Her haunches were taught and her tail still as she remained perfectly posed with her head held back like a prized purebred.

At the base of her arms and legs were light pink fluffy cuffs, matching the one around her neck and the ears that hung at the sides of her head. Her body was completely covered in darker pink latex, including her head, with holes for her eyes, nostrils and mouth along with a small hole at the top of her head where her bright pink curly hair was poking through in a tuft. The pinkness of her skin gave the illusion that the holes in the latex for her face merged into her skin seamlessly.

Her lips parted and she stuck her long tongue out as she panted for a moment before pulling it back in and closing her mouth once more.

Dave grabbed the leash off the bed and clipped it to the collar around her neck, where her name tag hung. He took a step away from the bed and gave the leash a little tug and Duchess jumped down from the bed and followed him around the room and then out the door.

For the last week Duchess had been going on longer and longer walks around the house and even out around the grounds. Yesterday she’d even been let off her leash so she could frolic freely, when she’d started chasing a squirrel Dave had called out to stop and she’d done so instantly.

He’d then called her back and ruffled the tuft of hair on her head and called her a good girl and she’d whined in happiness, her bright pink eyes looking dutifully up at him.

Dave led her upstairs but instead of turning to exit the front door, he turned the other way and walked her towards the living room where Mark was standing just outside of it. Dave handed him her leash and then walked back to the front door and out of the house.

Mark knelt down and smiled, petting her head, “Good girl Duchess, you’ve done so well.”

She wiggled her ass sending her tail wagging, then panted a moment before giving a single quick bark.

Mark stood back up and then led her into the living room where a man she hadn’t seen in months was sitting on the couch. She made no indication she recognized him, but instead continued to follow Mark’s direction as he led her over to the coffee table.

“Up.” he commanded and she jumped up onto the coffee table and took her pose, looking straight ahead as Mark unclipped her leash.

“As you can see Daryl, Duchess is a prime example of her breed.” Mark said and she heard Daryl shuffle forward on the couch before standing up.

“I’ll say.” Daryl replied and then walked around in front of her and leaned over so he was looking right into her face.

“She’s even still got that haughty I’m better than you look in her face. Almost like she was still looking down her nose at you even when she’s on all fours.”

Daryl took her chin in his hand and moved her head from side to side, then parted her lips and opened her mouth, before letting go.

Then he walked around beside her and reached under and grabbed her breasts, then ran his hand down over her stomach, before moving around behind her and grasping her waist and hips with both hands.

“Damn, that’s an impressive hourglass shape.” Daryl said as his hands slipped from her hips over her ass.

“I have to admit that Dave outdid himself with the genetic programming. I didn’t think he’d get her that svelte, she almost really looks like one of those show poodles from the side.”

A shiver of pleasure coursed through her at the compliment as Daryl stepped back and admired her.

“How much of Justine is left?” Daryl asked.

“That’s hard to say. I mean, she’s still Justine, it’s not like we wiped her mind or anything. She’s just more Duchess now than Justine. Every fibre of her being wants to be Duchess now, between the control chip, the pavilavian training, and the genetic modification, it would take a lot to resurface Justine.”

“Alright, well, I’ll transfer the final payment for your work, is there anything else?” Daryl asked.

“No, that covers it. Rob, Dave and I will head out after we pack up our stuff. If you need a recommendation for some… discreet help around this place let me know. This place is a lot more work than you might think, I know a couple of people looking to retire to a nice quiet place where no one will be looking for them.”

“Thanks, that makes sense, I do plan on moving out here full time, but I’m not much of a handyman.”

“Sounds good. I’ll leave her to you then.” Mark said and handed Daryl the leash and then she heard his footsteps recede.

Daryl came back around and knelt down in front of Duchess once more, a smile on his face as he looked right into her pink eyes.

“Hey Justine, I bet you’d be wondering why, right about now if you were still the old you that is.”

Duchess gave a single bark as an answer and Daryl smiled, “I’ve always known you were a real prideful bitch, but even I didn’t think you were the kind of bitch that would actually abuse animals. If I had I would never have lent my precious Princess to your little charity photo shoot.”

Duchess let out a little whine, something deep in the back of her head telling her she should run away, flee to the woods and never look back. Duchess ignored such a silly thought though, no one had commanded her to leave the coffee table, or do anything else, so she didn’t.

“I might have even been able to forgive you if nothing had happened to Princess, but those darn pointy heels you so love to wear caused a hemorrhage in Princess and while I got her to the vet in time to save her life, she’s never going to be able to have any puppies.”

Daryl reached over and clipped the leash onto Duchess’ collar and tugged a little to get her down off the coffee table. He led her out of the living room and started up the stairs to the master bedroom.

“I figured it was only fitting that have the same kind of experience as Princess did so you could understand what you have done. So I hired Mark and his friends to make you into the perfect poodle girl for me. They were very expensive, but don’t worry, you could afford it easily.” he said with a little chuckle at the end.

“You made it so easy too! Cutting yourself off from social media, moving out here to be by yourself, giving me power of attorney to handle all your legal issues with the charity and the rest of your life. No one even noticed when you stopped sending messages. I did get one or two inquiries from some of your old party crew, but they were easily mollified and haven’t even reached out in weeks.”

They crested the top of the stairs and walked down the hallway to the master bedroom, where some changes had occurred.

First the large four-poster bed was gone, along with all of the feminine pillows and decor, replaced with a more masculine look and a large modern bed. The thing that caught Duchess’ attention though was the pink fluffy doggy bed at the foot of the master bed, “Duchess” printed across the front of it.

“Do you like it girl?” Daryl asked as he leaned down and unclipped her leash once more.

“Arf!” she cried out and then ran over and jumped into the bed, turning around in circles several times before flopping down into it, her ass and tail wagging quickly.

“Good girl.” Daryl said and her whole body shivered.

Daryl walked over to a small dressing bench at the side of the room and sat down on it, then patted the spot next to him, “Come here Duchess, here girl.”

Duchess jumped out of her bed once more and jumped up onto the bench, then barked in excitement as she sat beside him. Daryl stood up and walked around to the other end of the bench and then wrapped his hands around her waist.

“I still can’t believe how tiny you are girl, and that ass is so round and firm.” he said and she wiggled her ass and waggled her tail.

He let go of her and a moment later she heard his pants hit the floor, followed by her zipper being undone. She whined and whimpered as he pushed up against her pussy, his hands wrapped around her tiny waist.

“Aaaarrrrroooooo!” she cried out as he pushed into her and started stroking in and out.

“God, girl, that’s one tight pussy too!” he said as he rocked back and forth.

“And the best part is I don’t have to worry about protection with you, you know why girl?”

“Arf! Arf!” she cried out, her mind not really caring what the answer was.

“Because all that genetic work that was done to make you into a perfect poodle girl for me has left you absolutely sterile, just like my poor Princess. I can’t wait for the two of you to play together.”

She felt him release inside of her and her orgasm crashed over her as she howled at the top of her lungs.

Duchess was nothing like Justine; obedient not wilful, always looking up not down her nose, eager to please others not herself, and most of all grateful for all she had.

The one thing that they shared was their pride, but Duchess was justifiably proud that she was the perfect poodle girl, and she would do whatever it took to stay that way for her owner.