Check-In Time

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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SYNOPSIS: Rick is traveling to London and finds a problem when he checks in, the manager of the hotel turns out to be less than helpful, to start with.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Check-In Time

Travel was always an adventure for Rick, he liked to get away from his everyday life and see something new. Even, like this trip, when he was traveling for business he always made sure to take the time and explore the area. He was excited for this trip as it was the first time he had made it to the United Kingdom and knew there would be lots to do after his meetings.

The flight and cab ride from the airport had been uneventful and now that he stood in front of the hotel it was nearly 10pm, but the street was busy with tourists and everything was humming with life.

Rick breathed in the smell of the city and reached out with his mind to touch those around him. They were a mix of emotion, many happy, a few sad and a couple angry. He didn’t use his power at home, he never wanted to draw attention to himself, so when he traveled he would ‘stretch his legs’ and explore more than just the physical world around him.

He walked in to the front lobby of the hotel, it was like many he had stayed in over the years on business. Not a marble and granite palace catering to the rich, but upscale and sophisticated none the less. There were a few people lounging by the bar but the front desk was devoid of anyone but the lone clerk sitting behind it. She looked to be in her early twenties and a little bored. A quick brush of her mind found her to be exactly as she appeared, a student working the night shift to pay for University, she’d been working at the hotel for two years.

He walked up to the counter and brought her out of her malaise as he introduced himself, he noticed her name tag as she looked up at him.

“Hi Molly, I’m Rick Mosley, I have a reservation for tonight?”

“Of course sir, let me take a look.” She started typing away on her computer but the expression on her face turned from neutral to curious and finally confused in a matter of a few seconds.

“I… I’m sorry sir, I don’t have a reservation for you.”

“Really, here I have a confirmation number.” He reached in to his laptop bag and pulled out the bundle of documentation the office had supplied him with. He found the reservation slip and handed it to her. Her expression moved from confusion to scared as soon as she saw what looked like a valid confirmation number.

Molly hurriedly typed in to the computer again, several times, before speaking.

“I see it in the system but for some reason it’s not showing up as being valid. I don’t know what to say, let me check to see if we have anything available…”

She went on typing in to her computer but didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with it. Rick continued to feel the stress and fear coming off of her mind even without being directly in contact any more. In fact it was much more than really should have been expected for someone with her experience.

“I’m sorry Mr. Mosley, I don’t have any rooms and I can’t get the reservation code to be accepted.”

Rick remained calm, it wasn’t the first time a travel arrangement had gone wrong in his many trips. He also felt sorry for Molly, she seemed to be trying hard and he had a good vibe coming from her even through all the angst she was throwing out.

“Not to worry, is the manager on duty? Perhaps they can help.”

Molly’s face went pale, where as she was worried and nervous before, abject fear now emanated from her mind. Rick actually took a half step backwards as Molly reached for the phone.

“O…o…of course sir, let me her.” Molly spoke briefly on the phone and then hung up the receiver.

“She’ll be right out.”

Rick felt Molly’s mind again and he could tell the manager was the source of her fear. He imagined she must be quite the dragon lady to instill the kind of dread Molly was feeling. He quickly pictured a stern, grey haired old woman wearing an impeccable suit striding out from the managers door.

To his surprise, when she emerged, she was only a couple of years older than Molly. But he had been right on the suit. She was perhaps 5″6′ with shoulder length dirty blond hair and deep brown eyes. She carried herself like she was queen of the world and made a bee line for the reception desk.

“What seems to be the problem Molly?” It wasn’t what she said that amazed Rick, but the way she had said it. A simple question that sounded both like an accusation and an insult at the same time.

“Mr. Mosley here has a confirmation number for his reservation but the computer won’t bring it up and we don’t have any more rooms left…”

Rick read her name tag, Katya, even though she didn’t acknowledge his existence before physically pushing Molly out of her seat and sitting down herself. She rolled her eyes and started banging at the keyboard.

Katya closed her eyes for a moment before standing up from the desk and looking directly at Rick. He could feel the distain emanating from her mind, she clearly thought Molly should have been able to get rid of him herself and that was the only thing she was looking to do.

“Mr. Mosley? I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do. The system seems to have canceled your reservation a few days after you booked it and we have no rooms.”

“Well these things happen Katya, can you see if you can find me another room nearby?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Mosley, company policy won’t let me call another hotel to find available rooms.”

Rick could feel the lie coming off of her, he reached in to her mind a little deeper than normal to explore her.

“Really, well it’s after 10pm and I don’t have anywhere to stay. My company uses your chain all the time for business, can’t you just bend the rules a bit and help out? I could tip you well.”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help. If you want to call the customer service center tomorr…”

Rick could see now that Katya was not going to help at all, in fact moving through her mind he found a ferocious competitive streak and a strong self-belief that she was above all of the people around her. She had backstabbed her way to the nightshift manager’s position so she could pursue her master’s degree while she worked and still get paid.

“Excuse me ma’am, is something wrong?” Molly said as Katya simply stood frozen in place, mid-sentence.

“Oh, sorry about that Molly, I almost forgot you were there.

Katya is a little distracted at the moment, tell me something, why do you fear her so much?”

Molly answered quickly and truthfully, more so than she intended, “She’s a complete bitch! She spends all her time studying in her office but if she catches me doing it she yells at me! She even put an official note on my file about it so now she can get me fired anytime she wants to.”

“Wow, she really is a piece of work. You seem nice enough Molly and I don’t think you deserve to put up with such a bad boss, why don’t I take her off your hands?”

“W…wh…what do you mean?”

“Well as you might have noticed I have the ability to read and control minds. Normally I keep it simple, but Katya there looks to be in need of a major attitude adjustment. Since I’m not going to be sleeping in my nice comfortable hotel room I might as well have some fun tonight instead.”


“So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to leave with Katya in a few minutes. When I do, you won’t remember this part of the conversation, just that I left to find another hotel. You also won’t notice Katya is not in her office and you’ll take care of anything that comes up. I’m sure you can do that right?”

“Yes sir, nights are quiet.”

“Good, have a seat and you can get back to reading your book. Don’t pay any attention to Katya or I.”

Molly sat down and took no further notice of Rick or Katya. Rick on the other hand turned to Katya and released her mind, but kept her frozen in place.

“Hello Katya, I have to admit I haven’t seen a more self centered bitch in many years.”

“I don’t know what’s happening, but Molly please call the police! Molly! Molly! MOLLY!”

“Don’t waste your breath, she won’t pay any attention to you anymore.”

“Look I don’t know how you’re doing this, but if you stop right now I won’t tell anyone and you can just leave.”

“Oh I’ll be leaving alright, but a couple of things before we go. First, go grab your personal item from your office, you won’t be coming back here tonight.”

Katya returned from her office a moment later and walked out from behind the desk

“Alright, now grab my suitcase there.” She took hold of the suitcase, a surprised look on her face as she did so.

“Good, now we’re going to go for a walk to find a hotel for the night and you’re going to be my personal luggage caddy. Humm… I kind of like that, caddy… from now on I’m going to call you Kaddy.”

Kaddy just stared at Rick, she couldn’t believe what was happening, she didn’t have any control over her body and now even her mind was betraying her. She knew her name was Katya a few minutes ago but now she could only think of herself as Kaddy.

She wanted to scream out at him, at the people seated by the bar, but instead she remained quiet and waited for Rick to speak again.

“Second, we’re going to be looking for a specific kind of hotel for the night. Nothing as classy as this one you understand, something a little less respectable.”

Her mind started thinking about possible options without her consent and as soon as she thought about the Richmond, a smile crossed Rick’s face.

“Yes, that will do nicely. Lead on Kaddy.”

Her legs started walking towards the door as she trailed the suitcase behind her. Rick was walking a few paces behind it to make sure he wasn’t in the way. She could still feel him watching her as she walked.

“Oh Kaddy, that’s your business walk isn’t it. All destination and no enjoyment in the journey. Put some sway in to those hips.”

Kaddy’s body continued to have a mind of its own as it stopped momentarily and she felt it wiggle a bit before resuming. This time she was walking slower and she felt her hips undulate with each step from side to side.

As they exited the hotel she felt a dozen pair of eyes turn towards her from the street, she had always been able to turn heads when she wanted to and now she was walking like a model on a runway. She felt humiliation well up inside of her and head straight for her flight response, but at the last moment it made a left hand turn and ran right in to her libido.

Her face flushed, not from humiliation, but instead sexual desire. Kaddy knew Rick had done something, but it didn’t matter, the feeling was real and she needed more of it. She slowed down even more, swung her hips slower and opened her jacket so she could push her breasts out. She placed her free hand on her hip and felt her panties start to get wet from the attention.

She barely made it to the corner of the building where she turned down the side street and felt the gazes of the people leave her on the small street. She could still feel Rick’s presence behind her so she continued towards the Richmond.

Half a block later she crossed the street and the sign for the hotel came in to view. It was green neon and mounted vertically on the front of the building. She marvelled at how quickly the respectable neighbourhood of her hotel gave way to the seedy parts of the city.

“Now Kaddy, when we get in to the hotel, make sure to get a room by that neon sign if you can.”

Kaddy hated the idea of the green neon glow, but knew exactly what she’d be asking for at the counter.

Walking in to the front door left nothing to the imagination, it was a small, dark, run down room with two people in it. One, a bell hop of all things in this place, looked to be at least 90 years old and still wore the classic red tunic and hat. The other sat behind the desk watching some late night movie on a small TV he had setup in the corner.

“Excuse me sir, Mr. Mosley needs a room.”

“Wha? Oh, of course. Just a second…” The clerk looked startled that anyone had come in and even more so when he saw her, standing there with a hip cocked out, one hand on the luggage the other her hip with her jacket open and still pushing out her chest as much as possible.

Kaddy felt his eyes move across her and a small jolt of excitement raced to her pussy.

“Well I have… uh… a couple of rooms available. Would you like a street view or… uh… garden view?” he said while he shuffled some papers around.

“Oh Mr. Mosley likes a street view, something close to the sign would be perfect.”

“Sure… will that be cash or credit?”

Rick spoke up, “Cash.”

“I’ll need to get that up front. It will be 75 pounds for the night.”

“Of course, here you go.”

“Alright, here’s your key, you’re in room 317. Can I have Henry take your luggage up to the room?” Henry stirred at the sound of his name, but didn’t make it fully upright before collapsing back on to the chair.

Kaddy once more came to life, “No sir, I will take Mr. Mosley’s luggage up. Thank you very much.”

“Well, have a good night then.”

Kaddy loaded the lift and pushed the button for the third floor as Rick casually waited behind her. The lift squealed to life as it climbed the shaft.

A quick walk down the hallway presented her some relief as no one other than Rick was watching her and her pace quickened once more. She inserted the key and opened the door.

The room was in terrible condition and looked to not have been remodeled since the 1970’s. Through the window the neon sign could be seen and the green light filled part of the room.

The door clicked shut behind her as she parked the suitcase by the dresser and turned to face Rick once more.

“Well Kaddy, that was a bit of fun wasn’t it?”

Her mouth betrayed her just like the rest of her body as it remained silent. She wanted so badly to tell him to fuck off and die.

“Now, get undressed and let’s see what we have under that smart looking pants suit.”

She fought as hard as she could but her hands still moved quickly to remove her clothes. First her jacket, then her blouse, followed by her shoes and pants and finally her bra and panties. Her panties were still wet from the walk to the hotel and the smell of her own sex filled the room.

“Well I’m impressed Kaddy, you keep yourself in good shape. Not that surprising really though all things considered. You must go to the gym? And those are what, D cups? Implants?”

“Yes sir, I go to the gym several times a week. Yes they’re D cup implants sir.”

“And why did you get them?”

“They’re quite useful in getting guys to do what I want. I had one of my old boyfriends pay for them, he never even got to touch them before I dumped him.”

“Well Kaddy, I was thinking of just having some fun with you tonight with an improved attitude. But you just keep getting better and better the more I dig so I think instead I’m going to do something more long term with you.

Tomorrow, when you get back to your home, you’re going to call your boss and quit. Effective immediately.”

Kaddy was horrified, she’d spent so much time and effort getting the job and now she knew it was gone.

“Then you’re going to call your university and drop out as well.”

She knew she would do it. Everything he had said so far she had done and somethings he hadn’t even had to say. She was terrified of what would come next but powerless to stop it.

“Next you’re going to start job hunting, you’re looking for a nice simple job in the hotel industry that will let you show how good you are at customer service. The perfect job for you is going to be a bell hop.”

She screamed inside of her own mind, bell hops were at the bottom of the industry, she’d have to wait on everyone and grovel for tips to keep her apartment.

“But not at some fancy hotel like you used to work, at a place like this. And just like the old guy downstairs you’re going to wear that red jacket and hat. But unlike his, yours is going to be tailored to show off that fine body of yours. Tight and lots of cleavage.

You’re going to be very good at your job, you will always be smiling and happy. Cater to their every whim.”

She felt herself smile as she realized Rick was still her client.

“If any of your clients complement your appearance and if you think they will accept, you’ll offer to give them oral sex when you get them to their room.”

Kaddy’s mouth dropped open, she couldn’t believe what he was going to make her in to, she’d be sucking pretty much every single guy that came in to the place. With the tight bell hop outfit she was sure to get compliments from everyone. Then she realized Rick had complemented her body just a few minutes ago and suddenly her mouth felt empty.

“Of course repeat customers are a hotel’s bread and butter and they will be yours as well. If a repeat customer comes back and they gave you a tip the first time you will offer to let them use your pussy instead of your mouth. However if they gave you a big tip, you’ll offer to spend the night in the room with them and let them use you any way they like.”

Kaddy fought it as hard as she could but a nagging realization crept in to her mind, this was the second hotel she had serviced Rick at. He had offered her a big tip at the last one.

“Well sir, thank you for staying at the Richmond Hotel, we appreciate your repeat business!”

“Of course Kaddy, anytime.”

“Well sir, I know you must have important business here in London, but I was wondering if you would like me to stay the night? You could use me any way you would like to.”

“Yes that would be fine Kaddy. Why don’t you start with a blow job and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Kaddy’s smile widened even more as she dropped to her knees and fished Mr. Mosley’s dick out. Taking it in her mouth she started to work it as it hardened for her. She was so horny and Mr. Mosley was such a nice man she quickly found a rhythm that he seemed to enjoy and she sucked his dick as hard as she could.

Minutes later he grabbed her hair and pulled her off of his dick, “Ok Kaddy, up on the bed, I think I want to fuck those tities a bit.”

Kaddy quickly moved on to the bed and pushed her tits together so Mr. Mosley could slide his cock between them. She stuck out her tongue to catch the tip of it each time it came towards her face. The green light from the hotel sign splashed across her face and chest as she lay on the bed.

Soon he was coming on her tits and face and she came too.

‘God I love my job!’ she thought, ‘And making the clients happy is so much fun!’

In the afterglow of her orgasm, Kaddy didn’t notice Rick get dressed and leave the hotel room with his luggage. When she woke up in the morning she’d have no memory of him but it would be check-in time for her new life all the same.