Club Reality

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2022

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SYNOPSIS: Four heroines have tracked down their common enemy to a seedy club on the outskirts of town.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – Stake-out

SolarGirl hovered high above the dark alley, her cap flapping in the cool night air, her short blonde hair whipping in front of her eyes every few moments. She watched Galia de Thule’s limo pull up and come to a halt by a door in the alley and the driver get out and walked to the passengers door. A moment later the villainous woman stepped out and made a quick beeline for the rear entrance.

She knew Galia was up to no good, she’d been planning something for weeks and had visited any number of seemingly empty warehouses and other buildings that had to be staging areas. She was the head of the most notorious assassins collective, and was involved in as several other nefarious groups that always seemed to be able to slip through the clutches of the law.

SolarGirl knew whatever she was planning was big, and that was more than enough to keep tabs on her.

She focused her enhanced vision to peer through the walls of the building, but found her sight blocked by something… though she wasn’t sure what. A quick scan of the other builds brought up nothing out of the ordinary… except…

She flew down to a rooftop just across the street from the building Galia had entered and landed silently behind the shadowy figure on it.

“Nice try SolarGirl, but you can’t sneak up on me.” Came the familiar voice of Shadow Sword.

“A girl can try, can’t she?” SolarGirl replied with a little laugh as the two heroes embraced.

Unlike SolarGirl, Shadow Sword was shorter, with deep olive skin betraying her Asian heritage, and a long mane of jet-black hair that followed around the blank red mask that she wore to conceal her identity.

SolarGirl respected her privacy of course and never tried to see beyond it, though she doubted it would work. Shadow Sword had powerful talismans, infused with magic, that would even stop SolarGirl’s enhanced sight.

“So what are you doing here?” SolarGirl asked.

“Probably the same thing as you. I got some intelligence that Galia de Thule would be here tonight and I’ve been tracking her for the last few weeks… she’s got…”

“…something big going on. I know.” SolarGirl finished for her.

Shadow Sword nodded just in time to see the rooftop door behind SolarGirl swing open, she instantly took her fighting stance, pulling her sword from its sheath on her back, but then just as quickly, relaxed.

“You know if you two made any more noise, you might as well just go down there and knock on the front door.” Night Sparrow said with a smirk on her face.

“You too?” SolarGirl asked as she repositioned her cape and brushed a few stray blonde hairs away from her face.

“It appears all three of us have been working the same case.” Night Sparrow replied as she walked over to the edge of the building and across the street. Her dark blue half jacket covering her black unitard with fishnet stockings and thigh high boots making her hard to make out from the dark night sky.

“Make that four…” a voice came from the right side of the roof and the three heroes all turned in unison to see WonderMaiden take a step from her invisible jet’s wing and onto the roof. The sound of the jet manoeuvring away from the building and off into the night sky could hardly be heard even this close to it.

“…and by the way, I kind of like your idea Night Sparrow.” WonderMaiden continued without a bit of sarcasm on her face. She gripped her gauntlets and repositioned them slightly before putting her hands on her hips just above the short leather skirt that flowed from the dark red leather chest piece that made up the bulk of her outfit.

“What do you mean?” Night Sparrow replied, raising an eyebrow and jerking her short jacket a little as she stood a little more upright.

“Have any of you looked to see what that place is yet?” WonderMaiden asked.

SolarGirl shook her head no, “I just flew in a couple of minutes ago, I’d been following Galia’s limo from above.

Shadow Sword made a similar shake of her head, “Hard to get too close with this on my back.” she replied, pointing to her now-sheathed sword.

“Some kind of club, right?” Night Sparrow said as her fingers absentmindedly touched the choker around her neck.

“That’s right. Club Reality.” WonderMaiden stated matter of factly.

“Never heard of it.” SolarGirl replied and the other two shrugged their shoulders.

“No one has by the looks of it. I did a quick Internet search in the jet and found nothing.”

“That’s strange.” Shadow Sword said and then turned around to take a look at the building across the street, the three other heroes did the same.

“Club Reality. $20 cover charge, ladies free. Open 9 pm to 4 am.” SolarGirl said out loud as she zoomed in with her vision to the small poster on the otherwise opaque door.

“Shit, wish I could do that.” Night Sparrow said out loud and the others turned to look at her, then all four broke out in laughter.

“Well I wish I could create sonic blasts with my voice…” SolarGirl said after the laughter died down, “…no, wait, I can!”

The four of them returned to their laughter instantly, SolarGirl’s overpowered ability were well known, just like her cousins, and she often referenced the fact in self deprecating humour.

“Ok, ok, but really, what are we going to do? Or are we just going to stand around on the top of this building all night?” Shadow Sword finally asked.

“I’m still all for going in through the front door. I mean, the sign does say ladies are free. And besides, it’s not like with the four of us following her around, Galia didn’t notice at least one of us. She knows she’s being tailed, we might as well do something unexpected.” WonderMaiden was the first to answer.

“Really?” SolarGirl asked, “I mean, yeah, head-on is kind of my thing, but that seems a little too direct even for me!”

“Direct, but unexpected, that is for sure.” Shadow Sword replied.

“And we don’t seem to be getting any closer to answers just standing around flapping our lips.” Night Sparrow finished.

“Alright, front door it is.” SolarGirl replied with a shrug of her shoulders, “Besides, I haven’t been out to a club in eons… I could use a little fun.”

“I’m sure we’ll all be a big hit walking in like this.” Shadow Sword said, gesturing at their costumes.

“We are perfect as we are for our goal. Galia would never expect us to go into the club in costume! If we can get her off balance a little, she might trip up and make a mistake.” WonderMaiden said.

“It’s as good as plan as any.” Night Sparrow replied with a shrug.

With nothing else to discuss, the four heroes jumped over the side of the building and landed on the street below, then strode confidently across it and opened the door to Club Reality.

Chapter 2 – Forced Entry

The bouncer on the other side of the door looked shocked, then confused, then shocked again as the four heroines enter the club.

“Ah… ladies… can I see some ID?” he asked.

He was big enough to block the second doorway that lead into the main part of the club, but they all could hear the music pounding and the lights flashing from behind him.

SolarGirl and WonderMaiden were as tall as he was and could see around him into the club, though both Night Sparrow and Shadow Sword were having issues seeing beyond him, Shadow Sword more so.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” WonderMaiden said as she simply picked the man up like a doll and moved him to the side.

“Hey!” he cried out, but to no avail.

“The sign does say ladies are free right?” SolarGirl sarcastically asked as she followed WonderMaiden into the club and pass the sidelined bouncer.

“Consider yourself lucky, the last time I saw someone get between WonderMaiden and where she was going, he was in the hospital for a month.” Night Sparrow said as she too walked by him.

“Humpf, you’re lucky it was WonderMaiden and not me. No amount of time in hospital could reattach what I’d separate from your body.” Shadow Sword said while gripping the hilt of her sword and glancing down at his crotch.

The bouncer quickly put his hands over his crotch and stepped back several feet, “Have… have a good time… ladies…” he said just as Shadow Sword entered the main club floor.

The music was loud and pounding, the dance floor was filled with bodies, and around it were booths with more people in them. On the far side of the club was a stage with a single microphone stand on it, but no one performing.

To their right was the bar, backed with people purchasing alcohol, in the far left corner was the DJ booth, and right beside it was the VIP area. Intermingled in the crowd they could see waitresses in skimpy black outfits that seemed to crush their waists down impossibly small. The towering heels their wore pushed out their posture to look like they were always bending over at the waist just a little, pushing their butts and breasts out.

“What do you think… in there?” WonderMaiden shouted over the music and pointed to the VIP area.

“Where else?” Night Sparrow replied and the other two nodded. All four of them headed towards the VIP area.

Just as they were about to arrive, a man came out of the VIP, smiling from ear to ear and held up his hand, “I’m sorry ladies, VIPs only.”

He wasn’t a bouncer, that was for sure. Dressed in a dark three-piece suit, his hair done immaculately in a fashionable quaff, and just a touch of grey coming in throughout it.

“You must be the owner.” Night Sparrow said, making an educated guess about him, he nodded in agreement with her.

“A pleasure to meet you, I’m Nigel Real.” he replied and placed his hand on his chest and bowed a little.

“Well Mr. Real, I’m afraid we need to get into the VIP right away… there might be criminal activity going down right now.” SolarGirl said.

“I presume you’re referring to Ms. de Thule? I assure you she’s simply enjoying the ambience.” Nigel replied.

WonderMaiden raised an eyebrow and cajoled a little, “Oh I’m sure she is, but we still have to get by you.”

“I’m afraid I take my guests’ privacy very seriously WonderMaiden. I implore you to take a step back… enjoy my club, get out on the dance floor, have a drink… on me.” Nigel said suavely, quickly pulling several coupons out of his jacket pocket and presenting them.

“Enough of this, move out of our way!” Shadow Sword demanded and started to unsheathe her sword. The other three heroines similarly took action poses just in time to feel themselves become immobilized.

Their minds raced as each one took in what was happening, the music had stopped, the lights no longer strobed, and everyone else was perfectly still as well.

Nigel on the other hand took half a step forwards and smiled, “I’m afraid I cannot allow violence in my club Shadow Sword. And since you have refused my hospitality, I now must insist.”

Chapter 3 – Shadow Sword

Shadow Sword couldn’t move and it was obvious that Nigel had somehow stopped time around them, though she could still think and he could still move.

He stepped right up to her and gently removed the red mask from her face she wanted to yell out to stop, but was unable to.

“Such a shame to hide such a pretty face Shadow Sword. Don’t worry though, no one will recognize you here, I’ll make sure of it.” he said and then touched the middle of her forehead with his index finger.

She felt power… massive power, flow into her.

At first she couldn’t tell what it was doing, but then she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror. Her costume was changing, the blacks and reds of her outfit shifting, lightening, morphing into something else.

Her body seemed to be changing too. Her hair was growing lighter, her breasts fuller.

With his free hand he pulled her sword from its sheath and it too started to change. Lengthening out, shifting colour, twisting into a new shape.

That was when she recognized what he was doing… he was changing her into some kind of anime girl!

She could make out the blue and white Japanese schoolgirl outfit that her costume was morphing into, just as she could see her long black hair turning blonde and forming up into pigtails at each side of her head.

The changes moved rapidly and when they were complete, her sword was a long golden staff with a jewel of some kind on the top of it.

“There… that’s better.” he said and then grabbed her sword hand and moved it away from her shoulder where it had been taking hold of her sword, and positioned it in front of her, then placed the new staff between her fingers.

She looked ridiculous! Like some teenagers wet dream of a cosplayer!

“Alright then, let’s finish you up.” Nigel said and then placed his finger on her forehead again, this time the power flowing behind her eyes and into her mind.

Moon Shadow blinked several times and then smiled and giggle, “Hi!” she said, striking a pose, holding her magical staff at arm’s length to one side away from her with one hand, it’s base right up against her foot, and placing her other hand on her hip.

“I’m Moon Shadow! The magical moon princess! giggle” she shouted and then stood bolt upright and pushed her chest out, holding her staff firmly between her boobs.

“I have to go and save the world!” she cried and then bounced away, skipping between each of the people on the dance floor.

“Do you need saving?” she asked each and every one of them, though none of them replied. It didn’t matter she continued to skip and hop around the club like a teenager on speed.

She wasn’t sure how long it was, but suddenly the music came to life and everyone started dancing!

She let out a squeal of excitement and joined in, dancing and asking everyone if they needed her help. Several of the guys offered her a drink, but she declined, she was on a mission and she couldn’t afford any distractions.

It was only when a man in a tuxedo and a red mask approached her that her knees went weak and her eyes grew impossibly wide.

“Do… do… do you need my help?” she managed to get out in a squeaky little voice.

“I think I do…” he replied, holding out a red-gloved hand.

She took hold of it and blushed, he needed her help!

She hardly noticed him lead her back into the VIP, she was floating on cloud 9, to a private room, where the music wasn’t quite so loud or the lights so bright. On the far wall was a couch with tables to each side of it, two additional seats were on the other walls to the left and right of the entrance.

“Here, let me help you with that.” he said and took hold of her staff and it slipped from her hands. The man walked to the centre of the room and pushed the end of the staff into a hole that she hadn’t noticed was there.

Suddenly her staff came to life and sprung up to the ceiling, coming to rest in an identical hole in it.

She squealed again and jumped up and down before sprinting over the pole, grabbing hold of it and spinning around, bending her legs at the knee so they were at a ninety-degree angle from the pole and her body. By the time she came to rest on her knees at the base of the pole, the man had taken a seat on the couch.

She smiled as she heard a new song start to play and she stood up and pushed her body up against the pole, gaving it a little kiss, then a lick.

She giggled and continued her dance, by the time the second song started her top was on the floor, exposing her boobs to the cool club air, her nipples stood at attention and she could feel her pussy getting wetter with each passing second.

She whipped her skirt off and exposed her bare pussy as well, she couldn’t take it any longer, she got down on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass over between the man’s legs.

“I’m ready to help you mister… please let me help you…” she said as she worked the man’s pants open and tugged them down to his ankles, exposing his throbbing rod.

She let out a gasp, then a coo, then held up her fingers at each side of her head in peace signs, “For the moon!” she cried out and then dove down on his shaft.

Her head bobbed up and down as he moaned and took hold of her ponytails with his red gloved hands. She knew she was helping him in the best way she could, and she loved helping people.

Suddenly he yanked her up and off of his shaft and a confused look crossed her face, “But… but… the moon…” she pouted.

He didn’t reply, but instead stood up and pulled her up to her feet, then guided her over to the pole once more and she squealed in excitement again. When she was close to it, he stopped her from going any farther and so she bent over at the waist, she then took hold of the pole with her outstretched arms.

She felt his foot slip between her heels and push her left out a little, then her right, until her legs were spread perfectly. Then he reached out and grabbed both of her butt cheeks.

“Yes! Yes! Grab that moon!” she cried out just in time for his hand to raise up and land on her right cheek.

“Oh my god! Make that moon shine! Make that moon shine so bright!” she cried out and he slapped her butt over and over again.

Eventually she felt both of her ass cheeks glowing bright red, just in time to feel him enter her pussy and her whole world explode in pleasure.

Shadow Moon stumbled out of the VIP area, using her staff to help her stand upright, just as the next song started to play.

Someone had taken the stage but she paid little attention to them as a smile crossed her lips and the soreness of her ass faded away.

She giggled and skipped out onto the dance floor, asking each and every one of them if they needed her help. No one said yes until she found a man in a Tuxedo, with a red mask and gloves. She grew weak in the knees as the handsome man extended his red-gloved hand toward her.

Chapter 4 – Night Sparrow

Night Shadow watched Nigel walk to Shadow Sword out of the corner of her eye, her head and the rest of her body completely immobile. She tried to use her sonic voice, but it refused to work like the rest of her body.

She could just see SolarGirl and WonderMaiden frozen in place on her other side, both lunging forward to where Nigel had been standing. He was now right in front of Shadow Sword and she managed to see him raise his finger up to her forehead and a little shimmer, like a pebble dropped into a still pond, emanate from where he touched her.

She tried as hard as she could to move, to attack, to do anything, but whatever Nigel had done seemed unbreakable. All she could do was wonder what he was doing to Shadow Sword.

She didn’t have to wait very long, as she could just make out reality warping around her until he finally stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“I’m Moon Shadow! The magical moon princess! giggle” Night Sparrow heard Shadow Sword cry out and then step forward into Night Sparrow’s limited view of things.

The now blonde, giggly girl that she saw was the exact opposite of the previously reserved serious heroine that she’d come into the club with.

“I have to go and save the world!” her transformed friend said and then skipped off towards the dance floor where the other frozen patrons of the club were caught mid-dance.

Nigel then stepped in front of Night Sparrow and smiled, “Now then Night Sparrow, let’s see what we can do about you.” he said and she once more tried with all her might to break free of whatever he’d done, to no avail.

She watched his finger come in close, her eyes crossing as it hovered just above her forehead for a fraction of a second, and then she “felt” the shimmer that she’d seen with Shadow Sword just moments ago.

Was he about to turn her into another caricature of an anime girl? Or something else? Her mind raced as she desperately tried to cry out with her sonic voice. Then, she felt it happening, reality warping around her as her body and clothes started to change. The power that Nigel commanded rushing into her body through that single point on her forehead.

The first thing that she felt change was her jacket, the dark blue half jacket she wore started to extend farther down her body and arms, when it reached her waist, the two sides came together and a large belt formed around her midsection, cinching tight around her.

She managed to catch sight of her own reflection in one of the mirrors dotted throughout the club as she watched her black one-piece dress split in two, revealing her midriff. The top half of it pulled upwards and over her shoulders to form a cut-off t-shirt with the words “Punk Rock Slut” in dirty white letters on it. The bottom half flowed down halfway over her legs and formed a tight pencil skirt.

Her fishnet stockings remained, but her sensible boots receded into themselves until they were a set of high-heel stilettos. Her jacket finished its changes with a series of chains appearing on it, through hoops and loops.

Her choker started to shift as well, the black cloth lightening, then holes appearing in it. She felt it gain significant weight as it shifted from cloth to metal and formed into a chunky chain around her neck.

Then she watched her blonde hair start to recede on the right side of her head until it was just stubble, the hair on the left side of her head slicked back flat against her head, and the hair on the top of her head shifted in colour to an unnatural pink. It also formed upwards several inches into a mane of pink hair that ran all the way down the back of her head to her neck.

Finally she watched as a nose ring formed and a chain extended across her cheek to her ear, a belly button ring, two nipple rings and a tongue stud formed as well.

“Well that’s a little surprising.” Nigel said as he stepped back and looked over the changes.

Night Sparrow wondered why it was surprising? Hadn’t he been the one doing the changes? Weren’t they under his control?

Before she could formulate an answer he reached out and touched her forehead again, this time the power flowing behind her eyes and into her mind, the last thought she had before it overwhelmed her was that she was sure she could feel two separate powers at work.

Nighly Spunkly blinked and sneered a little as she stood in front of Nigel the club owner, “So what if I’m late? Punk doesn’t live by a schedule!” she shot back at him and he just smiled.

“Yes, well, I’m sure it doesn’t. Perhaps you’d like to get up on stage then and get started?”

She gave a little scoff and walked past him, heading for stage left where there were a small set of stairs. She looked at the band that was already set up on stage and took each step carefully, her movements constrained by her skirt, until she reached the top and walked over to the mic.

She turned to the band and nodded and they started to play, after a short intro she took the mic into her hand and snarled into it, “A punk’s gotta rock like it’s the last night of her life!” she nearly screamed, thrusting her hand up into the air, as the dancer remained completely still.

It didn’t matter, she was on stage, and that was what was important. At some point, the club finally came to life and Nighly really got into it.

“Gotta suck some cock and show him his girlfriend is lame… Gonna make him cum all over my face!”

Her singing was almost an animalistic growl, but the crowd loved it and she put all her heart and soul into it. She sang several songs, each one getting the crowd more and more worked up, until she knew she could get them no higher.

“Alright everyone, time for a quick break! I’ll be back to fuck you all up some more soon!” she said and then literally spat at the crowd.

She walked back to the stairs and down them, heading over to the bar for a drink. One of the bartenders came over to take her order, “Whisky, straight up, no ice.” she demanded and the brunette bartender nodded at her and went to get her order.

“Hey!” a guy said, walking up beside her and she gave a little snort in his general direction.

“You’re a great singer, great job up there.” he said and then gave her ass a soft slap.

She twirled around and sneered at him, grabbing his shirt and pulling him down a little and right in front of her face, “Did you just fucking slap my ass?” she demanded.

“I… I…” he stuttered with panic in his eyes.

“You don’t fucking slap a girl’s ass without the balls to follow through…” she growled at him and then grabbed the back of his head and kissed him hard, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Shocked, but not stupid, the guy reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it another slap between squeezes.

Nighly broke off the kiss and smiled, “That’s better. Now I’ve got five minutes before I have to be onstage again… take me backstage and show me you can last at least that long…”

He grinned and fell in beside her, his hand still firmly on her ass as they walked back to the staircase on the side of the stage, leaving her drink behind. They slipped behind the curtains of the stage where boxes and other equipment sat and found a small space that would accommodate them.

Nighly quickly stripped her jacket off and tossed it to the side, then dropped down to her knees and worked the belt and pants free from his body.

“Every had a blowjob from a chick with a tongue stud?” she asked, sticking her tongue out a the end, showing him the stud up against her perfectly white teeth.

He nodded no, “Fuck, I love the way it feels, I know you will too!” she said as she took his member in her hands and then wrapped her lips around it. It hardened almost instantly and she sucked him in, letting it run over her tongue and stud as it did.

“Fuuuuuuck!” he said in a low moan.

Her hands now free she reached around and unzipped her skirt, tossing it to the side with her jacket, then her fingers went straight for her pussy.

“Nighly… three minutes… three minutes…” a voice over the PA system caught her attention and she popped off of his dick.

“Fuck…” she said and then stood up and looked behind her, a black and silver shipping crate from the band was there and she stepped back and sat on it, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy.

“Well, you’d best get to it…” she said and the guy didn’t hesitate, stepping forward and sliding his dick into her. He reached up and grabbed the back of her head to steady her in place as he started to pump.

“Fuck yeah… ohhhhhh… ahhhhh… ooooooo…” she said, the sounds almost forming a melody that she repeated over and over again.

“Nighly… one minute… one minute…”

“Fuck! Hurry up! Do it harder! Faster! Make me cum you bastard!” she snarled and the guy obliged, ramming into her harder and faster.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it! Fuck this punk rock slut for all she’s worth!” she cried out as she felt his cum flow into her and her own orgasm crash over her.

Nighly smiled and caressed the guy’s face before giving him a passionate kiss.

“Thanks babe, I really needed that.” she said and then rejigged her skirt before sauntered out of the backstage area to the stairs once more.

Her bandmates gave her several dirty looks, but she just flipped them the bird and headed back to the bar. She still needed her drink after all, and besides, as she’d said to Nigel, punk doesn’t live by a schedule.

The bartender had put her drink aside and she took it and gulped it down in a single swig, slammed the glass on the bar and then turned and walked back towards the stage.

As she walked by where she’d been talking to Nigel at the start of the night, she paused for just a second and blinked several times.

She gave a little scoff and walked on, heading for stage left where there were a small set of stairs. She looked at the band that was already set up on stage and took each step carefully, her movements constrained by her skirt, until she reached the top and walked over to the mic.

She turned to the band and nodded and they started to play, after a short intro she took the mic into her hand and snarled into it, “A punk’s gotta rock like it’s the last night of her life!” she nearly screamed as the dance floor pulsed with the energy of the crowd.

Chapter 5 – SolarGirl

SolarGirl watched her changed friends walk away from where they had stood, one a parody of an anime character, the other some kind of punk rock singer, and knew whatever was going on, Nigel was more than he appeared.

She’d seen extra-dimensional beings with this kind of power before, the ability to warp reality in whatever way they wanted to, but Nigel seemed different.

He’d genuinely seemed surprised at the turn that Night Sparrow had taken and she wondered if the club itself was somehow more than it seemed as well.

She’d given up trying to break free of whatever Nigel had done, no point expending effort when there was no result and had instead focused on any details she could see in the man that apparently was in control.

Unfortunately, other than her initial observations, nothing appeared out of the ordinary about him.

Once Night Sparrow started to saunter towards the stage, Nigel finally came into view in front of her.

“I see you’ve accepted things SolarGirl, good. There’s nothing you… or I… can do about what happens next anyway.” he said and then reached out and touched her forehead just like he had the others.

She concentrated on what she was feeling, the power flowing into her, but she noticed that it wasn’t coming from his finger… at least not entirely.

She could feel a part of it coming from him, but it was almost like the majority of it was coming from all around her, from the club itself.

By this time, she could feel it starting to do its work. With her enhanced vision and the multiple mirrors, she could see every inch of her body in great detail, and the first thing she noticed was the gap in the chest of her white costume start to close up.

Other things started shortly after, with her gloves starting to merge into her sleeves and her boots starting to flow up her legs. It wasn’t long before she was covered from the neck down in a pure white costume. It was only then that it started to creep up her neck and cover her entire head and face, with only holes for her eyes, nostrils and mouth.

The next change was harder to see at first, the material of the outfit started to change, from a soft but strong fabric into a shiny almost semi-hard plastic material. When the transition was almost over, she felt the entire outfit squeeze her tightly, crushing her waist and pushing her breasts up and out.

Suddenly she fell down to her hands and feet, not of her own volition, but under the control of the power. She instantly tried to fight it, to break free, to fly out of the club, but still nothing happened.

Instead she felt her arms and legs fold in half onto themselves, and where the material touched itself, merge together and flow around both halves holding them firmly together. Her hands interlaced with each other around the back of her neck and her feet were stretched pointing upwards to the ceiling.

Her cape finally started to change as well, forming up into a long thin roll, the metal chain that slung across her clavicles connected to the cape, split in two and attached the opposite ends of it. Then the metal shifted and expanded, on the end by her head it formed into a small hook that mated with a small ring on the back of her head. At the other end, the metal formed into a strange-looking shape, she could make out a large half-circular hook, but halfway around it, a large metal handle of some kind stuck out.

She recognized it for what it was just an instant before a hole formed in her costume and the hook slipped into her ass, pulling her head back and up.

The final changes happened next, with a large nose ring forming that hung almost all the way to her chin, a brass bell hanging from her neck, horns and ears appearing on her head, and black splotches forming all over the pure white material that she was encased in.

With all the changes, she hardly noticed what seemed like pressure on her chest, not from the constraining material, but from inside of them.

She didn’t have any more time to consider it though as Nigel reached down and touched her forehead once more. This time she was sure she could feel two distinct powers, but it didn’t matter as they flowed into her mind and the thought faded away.

SallyCow blinked and moo’d as she looked wide eyes around the club. She didn’t understand what was going on… why was she here? Why wasn’t anyone moving?

She looked up at her owner with confused eyes, “Ah, there you are Sally… what are you doing over here?” he asked as he reached down and attached a leash to her cowbell collar.

“Let’s get you to where you belong.” he said and guided her over towards the bar.

She felt her teats brush along the floor and a shiver ran over her, she moo’d as the pleasure coursed through her udders and over her body.

When they arrived wrapped her leash around the end of the bar and gestured to one of the immobile bartenders. The redhead suddenly came to life and immediately walked over to them, a giant smile on her face.

“Jessica, would you please make sure Sally gets back to her spot while I take care of our last guest please?”

“Of course Sir, my pleasure.” she said as Nigel walked away. Jessica took hold of the leash and gave it a little tug towards the back of the bar.

“Come on Sally, this way.” she said and guided her to a ramp that lead up to the counter behind the bar. SallyCow struggled to get traction, but eventually made it all the way up.

Jessica then unclipped the leash from SallyCow’s collar and instead took hold of her nose ring and pulled her forward.

SallyCow let out another moo as she crawled along the counter, all the way to the other end where there was a crossover to the main bar. SallyCow’s pussy was on fire, being paraded along the counter for the entire club to see was sending her libido into overdrive.

Jessica pulled her along until SallyCow was halfway back to the end of the bar and then stopped beside a set of beer taps. Jessica grabbed a small silver chain with a clip on the end of it, and attached it to SallyCow’s nose ring.

“There we go, you won’t be getting away again now!” Jessica declared just as the music of the club came to life and the dance floor hummed with excitement.

By now SallyCow could really feel the pressure in her udders, they felt like they were going to explode! She let out a moo, hoping that Jessica would do something.

“Ah, don’t worry Sally, I’m sure someone will come by soon and place an order.”

SallyCow just let out a pleading moo as Jessica walked over to take care of the next order.

SallyCow wasn’t sure how many customers she’d moo’d at, but none of them had paid her any attention, at least until this one.

The man standing by her had a wide grin on his face as he reached down and picked up the small silver hammer that was just below her. He then moved it to her bell and gave it a series of taps.

All of the bartenders turned to look and then gave up a cheer as Jessica walked over to them.

“Hey, what will it be? Mixed or straight up?” Jessica asked the man.

“Mixed” he replied.

“You got it.” she said and then moved over a little to grab the handle that was sticking out of SallyCow’s ass.

Jessica pulled it back, forcing the hook deeper into her ass while it pulled her head back even farther.

“MOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” SallyCow cried out; once, twice, three times as Jessica repeated the motion.

Then Jessica grabbed a glass and slipped it under SallyCow’s udder, taking hold of her teat, Jessica pulled and squeezed, sending a stream of milk from it.

“Mmmmmmoooooooooo…” SallyCow let out a low moan as a little of the pressure receded from her udder, but also from the wave of pleasure that rolled over her.

SallyCow was sure the cup must be overflowing by the time Jessica finished, but it was only half full to SallyCow’s disappointment.

Jessica then mixed in some alcohol with her milk and pushed the glass over to the man who promptly paid for it. He lifted it to his lips, slammed it back and returned the glass to Jessica.

The smile on his face was highlighted by the white line of milk on his upper lip, “Thanks. Good girl Sally… that’s one fine glass of milk.”

SallyCow gave out a thankful moo and desperately wanted him to order another. Instead he walked away, back into the crowd, leaving SallyCow once more desperate for someone to come and relieve the pressure in her udders.

SallyCow wasn’t sure how many customers she’d moo’d at, but none of them had paid her any attention, at least until this one.

The silver hammer struck SallyCow’s bell and sounded out along with the cheer of the bartenders. Jessica came over to take his order.

“Hey, what will it be? Mixed or straight up?” Jessica asked the man.

“Straight up.” he replied.

“You got it.” she said and then moved over a little to grab the handle that was sticking out of SallyCow’s ass.

Jessica pulled it back, forcing the hook deeper into her ass while it pulled her head back even farther.

“MOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” SallyCow cried out; once, twice, three times as Jessica repeated the motion.

Then Jessica reached under the bar and pulled out a small step stool, only eight inches high or so and set it down in front of SallyCow.

“Up girl.” Jessica said and patted the stool. SallyCow carefully stepped up onto the stood so her front half was up higher than her rear half.

“All yours…” Jessica said and waved at the man.

The man turned around and leaned backwards, so his head was level with the bar and then moved it under SallyCow. His lips brushed up against her teats as he did so and she moo’d out in pure bliss.

It was nothing in comparison to the pleasure that exploded as his teeth took hold of her teat and pulled it to the side, then the other, before finally sucking hard on it.

When his hand gripped her udder and squeezed the milk from it, her whole body shivered as an orgasm crashed over her.

SallyCow wasn’t sure how many customers she’d moo’d at, but none of them had paid her any attention, at least until this one…

Chapter 6 – WonderMaiden

WonderMaiden watched Nigel lead SolarGirl away on a leash in disgust, she knew what this was, where they were and what nightmare they had entered.

Among the amazons the story of this place was well known, oh it had different names, and had changed with the times, but it was always cursed by the gods.

The man that now called himself Nigel had tried to steal ambrosia from the gods, to make his hedonistic club the most popular throughout time. He’d failed and they’d cursed him to never leave it again.

But Nigel had managed to even trick the gods themselves, as while he could not leave the club, the club itself was infused with their magic, with a life of its own, and could now control reality within its walls. The two were inextricably tied to one another, now and for all time.

She cursed herself for not seeing it earlier, SolarGirl’s inability to see inside, no information about the club on the Internet, there had been clearly something going on, it had just never occurred to her it could be this.

Perhaps she’d been away from her sisters too long, so consumed with the world of man, she hadn’t even thought of the old tales she had been told by her mother.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to be done now, all she could do was hope that Nigel would slip up and give her the opportunity to break free.

It wasn’t long before Nigel returned and stood in front of her, smiling as he had been all along.

“Ah WonderMaiden, I’m sure you recognize me by now. It has been a long time since I’ve had an amazon within my club, I can’t wait to see how you turn out…” he said and then raised his finger up to her forehead and pressed against it lightly.

She watched the changes happen in the mirror across from her, her body softening, her uniform shifting, the changes weren’t nearly as extreme as with the others.

When it was over she was standing in front of Nigel in a long black dress that hugged her curves. Her breasts were on full display in it, with a slit running down between them all the way to just above her belly button. The back was similarly plunged, with most of it exposed.

Her hard muscles had softened and their tone reduced, her arms and legs were thinner and more slender. The harsh lines of her face were gone, it was still her face, but more open and appealing. Her hair, still jet black, was no longer pulled tight into a bun, but instead seemed to float around her head in a halo. Perhaps the most changed thing of all was her makeup, her lips painted bright red, her eyes darkened with shadow, her cheeks pink with blush.

Then Nigel touched her forehead a second time and she felt the power enter her mind and she knew he was not going to make any mistakes.

Wanda Whora blinked as Nigel lowered his hand to his side and then she smiled, the music in the club was pounding and the people were dancing with a passion.

“As I was saying, if you’re going to be working in my club, I expect a cut, and a visit at the end of the night of course.”

She smiled and nodded, “Well of course Nigel, shall we say 30%?”

“Make it 40.” he replied and she nodded again, extending out her hand, it was a resonable deal, the last club had taken 60% of her fees.

Nigel reached out and shook it with a smile on his lips, “Good. Now get to work.” he said and tossed his head towards the booths at the side of the dance floor.

She took a step forward, wiggling her hips from side to side with each stride. She passed by the VIP area and over to the booths. There would be time enough later for the VIP, right now she had her eye on one of the booths where a large gentleman was sitting alone.

She came up to the side of the booth and leaned against the entrance a sultry smile on her lips, “Well hello there… are you looking for some… company?”

The man smiled back at her, staring at her tits, “How much?” he bluntly asked.

“Not that much, and I assure you it will be worth every penny.” she replied and stepped into the booth to stand right in front of him. She spread her legs a little and placed her hands on her hips, swaying them around in a circle while leaning forward so he could get a good look at her tits before turning around and doing the same to show him her ass.

He reached out and grabbed a hand full of her ass and she looked over her shoulder and smiled, “My, you’ve got such strong hands…” she said and then reached back and gave her ass a slap.

“And you’ve got a firm ass. I like it.”

She turned around and then sat in his lap, placing her arm around his shoulders and half turning towards him. She leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“So why don’t we go back to you’re place and have some fun.”

The man grunted, “Fuck, why would I leave the booth I’ve already paid for when I can fuck you right here?”

A shiver of excitement ran through Wanda’s body and came to rest in her pussy, “God, that sounds like a great idea.” she whispered and then suckled his earlobe.

She repositioned herself so she was straddling his lap, her ass pushed firmly against his crotch as she rocked back and forth. His hands reached up and grabbed the sides of the slit of her dress between her tits and pulled it away, letting free both of them.

He grabbed hold of one of her tits and squeezed it firmly, pulling her forward so he could take her nipple between his lips.

“Oh fuck ya, squeeze that tit good! Mmmmm… I love them being sucked on baby!”

He reached around and grabbed her ass with his free hand, kneading it with his strong fingers, as she felt his cock growing harder and harder under his pants. He finally let go of her tit with his hand and grabbed her ass with both hands. Then, he gripped her dress and tore it in two, exposing her ass to the rest of the club.

“Oh fuck baby! Yeah!” she cried out as he destroyed the rest of the dress and left her naked.

He let her nipples slip from his lips with a pop and she shivered in pleasure, pushing back with both of her hands on his chest and then leaning down to kiss him. Their lips met and their tongues danced as she continued to rock her hips in time with the music.

She finally pulled up and gasped, “Baby, do you want me cowgirl or doggy style?” she asked with ragged breath.

“Doggy, I wanna see that ass bouncing.” he replied and he smiled and slipped from his lap onto her knees, her fingers going straight for his pants.

It didn’t take long for her skilled hands to have his pants on the floor and her lips wrapped around his stiff shaft. She gave it a slow and purposeful blowjob as she tried her best to stick her ass up so he could get a good view of it. Of course that meant the rest of the club was getting a good look at it as well, but that only excited her even more.

After a few minutes of sucking him, she stood back up, turned around and gave her ass a wiggle before lowering herself back onto his lap, taking his cock in her hand and aiming it right at her pussy. It slipped inside of her tight channel and he gave out a grunt as she let out a gasp, “Fuck baby! You’re so big! My tight little pussy can hardly take it!”

He reached out and grabbed a hold of her hips, pushing her hard down onto his lap and pushing himself deep into her, “Oh fuck yes!” she cried out as she looked over the crowd.

“Fuck me! Fuck me in front of all these people! Show them all the whore I am!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, but it barely made it out of the booth with the volume of the music.

Holding her hips, he raised her up and down, slamming deep into her with each cycle. She grabbed a hold of her own tits and pinched her nipples, pulling them out from her body and twisting them.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum with you fucking me in front of all these people! Make me cum like a cheap whore!” she cried out and felt the first spurts of cum flow into her.

Her body reacted with an orgasm of its own, then a second, and a third, until she fell backwards and collapsed onto the man.

She lay there for a moment and then he sneered at her, “Fuck, I’m not paying you to lay around, get to work!”

She smiled and pulled herself upright, slipping his cock from her pussy and she turned around and dropped to her knees, once more taking him into her mouth.

She sucked every last drop of cum from him.

Wanda walked out of the booth, naked as the day she was born, her torn dress discarded. She swayed her hips as she made her way back over to where she had been talking to Nigel.

Perhaps he’d have something for her to wear, but then again, her rock-hard nipples and pulsing pussy told her she really didn’t need anything.

She arrived at where they had been speaking and then paused for a moment, blinking once, she took a step forward in her long black dress towards the booths at the side of the club. She passed by the VIP area and over to the booths. There would be time enough later for the VIP, right now she had her eye on one of the booths where a gentleman in a suave suit was sitting alone.

Chapter 7 – Epilogue

Galia stood by the back door as Nigel approached her, her arms crossed under her small breasts, her hair pulled back in to a pony tail, and wearing her usual “public” costume of black pants and a turtle neck shirt that matched her hair.

She looked past Nigel into the club and could see each of the heroines there, she let out a snort as Nigel arrived in front of her.

“Was all of that really necessary?” said asked with indignation.

“Unfortunately I am not entirely in control of these things. The club has desires of its own and I can only do so much.” Nigel replied, spreading out his hands.

“Then how can you guarantee that they will remain… incapacitated… for as long as I need?”

“Of that, you have no worries. They’ll remain here for the agreed upon three days.”

“And when they leave… won’t they track you… and I… down for what you’ve done to them?”

Nigel shook his head, “First off, as soon as they leave, the club will be changing location. Somewhere far away, where no one will recognize it, just like it has done thousands of times before. And second, they won’t remember anything from their time at the club. They will remember entering through the front door, and then walking right back out.”

Galia nodded with a frown, “Alright, then I leave them to you.” she stated and turned to leave.

“Oh, Ms. de Thule…” Nigel said and Galia turned back to him, “Just to be clear, don’t even think about backing out of our deal. I know you supervillains think you can get away with anything, but to double-cross me would be a terrible mistake on your part.”

She snorted again and then turned and left. Outside the door her limo waited and she entered it, the driver closing the door behind her and then getting in the driver’s seat and threading them through the city.

Gilia well knew that Nigel couldn’t leave the club, she’d done her research, and she had no intention of honouring their agreement. His usefulness ended at keeping those pesky heroines out of her hair while she executed her plan.

She’d been working on it for months, but those four had only caught wind of it in the last few weeks, and she couldn’t let them ruin it. At first, when it was just Night Sparrow, she’d planned on creating a diversion, but by the time the other three had picked up the scent of something big going on, well, she’d had to get more creative.

She was well versed in magic and the occult, and had known of the club and Nigel for years, but had always kept it in reserve as a last resort. This situation had fit the bill to a T.

Galia smiled as her thoughts drifted back to the four heroines in their loops, it was not, perhaps, the way she would have done it, but there was something poetic about it.

The limo pulled up to her headquarters and into the underground parking, her mind snapped back to the task at hand and started to mentally double-check that everything was on track for the next few days.

Galia held the small device between her fingers with a broad smile on her face.

“All that for… that?” one of her henchmen said, waving his hands around and then pointing at the device.

She frowned and stared at him, his mouth clapping shut instantly, “Yes.” was her simple reply.

She set the gadget down on her desk and smiled, things had gone perfectly without the heroines getting in the way. There had been a few news reports about their disappearance, but heroes disappeared all the time for short spells without explanation, and she knew that by this time tomorrow all four would be on the news again. The unexplained absences a distant memory to the news media by the end of the week.

She stood up and walked over to one of the stands that were scattered around her office, each one holding a prized trophy of one kind or another. The one in front of her held a small jewel set into a ring.

The henchmen, still not having learned his lesson, spoke up again, “Are you going to give it to him?”

“No.” was her reply as she turned and walked back to her desk and picked up her phone to set the next stage of her plan in motion.

Galia looked at her phone and smiled at the message that was displayed.

“Last chance… the ring by midnight or else.”

It was from Nigel, dated yesterday just after noon. He might be trapped in an extra-dimensional prison, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t use a phone.

She chuckled a little and then locked her phone, turning it over and setting it on her desk. It had been almost a month since the heroines had returned, none the wiser for what had happened to them, or that Galia’s plan had been completed successfully.

She stood up and walked over to the podium with the ring sitting on it, as she stood there a static charge filled the room and she quickly looked around. Then, everything started to shimmer and fade away as she started to be able to hear thumping music swell from all around her.

“Oh shit!” she said and ran towards the door, but it was too late, it had disappeared before she got there, and instead she found herself standing inside of Club Reality once again.

“Ah, welcome back Galia.” Nigel said with a smile on his face.

She pulled out a knife from one of her hidden sheaths and threw it at him, but it stopped suddenly in mid-air, just as suddenly as the music stopped as well.

“Fuck!” she cried out, or tried to, as she realized Nigel, or the club, had stopped time just as he had with the heroines.

“I told you there would be consequences for double-crossing me. The club can move itself to any building in the world, taking over yours was just a matter of making sure you were there.” he said confidently.

She fought as hard as she could, but knew if WonderMaiden and SolarGirl had failed, she had no chance.

“Now then, let us get down to business shall we? Unfortunately, when the club phased into your space, it displaced everything inside of it, except for the people, yourself included. That means that I can’t just take the ring from your office. Instead, I’m going to let you stay here in the club for a while. Maybe a few days, maybe a few months, we’ll see what the club wants to do with you.

Unlike the four heroines that you had me… detain… you’ll be remembering everything that happened to you when you leave as… motivation, to honour our agreement.”

A shiver ran down Galia spine as Nigel’s finger rose up and came to rest on her forehead, pushing aside her dark brown hair.

Gali giggled and smiled, “Like, hiya boss, what can I do ya for?”

Nigel smiled as she twisted and bounced in place, her giant round tits sitting high on her chest hardly moving. They were as fake as her platinum blonde hair that always had an inch or so of roots showing.

She didn’t care though, she loved how fake and slutty she looked, and so did all the guys at the club. She chewed on her bubble gum as she held the tray of empty glasses in one hand and placed her other on her hip.

The feel of the dark fabric of her waitress uniform under her fingers sent a tingle up her spine and another giggle escaped her lips. God she loved how skimpy it was, and how tight! It showed off every curve of her body, and she even had a camel toe as well!

“Didn’t I tell you to take care of the VIP area Gali?” Nigel said as she blew a bubble and it popped.

giggle Like, oh yeah, you did! Sorry boss, like, I’m such a bimbo!”

“Well, drop those empties off at the bar and get to it.”

“Sure thing boss!” she said and the wiggled her way over to the bar, leaving the tray and heading right for the VIP area.

The bouncer let her through and she gave him a smile and a giggle, his name was… Donny? Manny? Well it didn’t really matter, what she did know was that he had a big dick and was willing to share it with her any time she wanted.

She bounced between the VIP room, looking for anyone that wanted an order, but finding no takers. Then in the last room, all the way at the back, she found a single man sitting sternly on a couch.

“Hi! Like, can I get you anything? giggle” she asked and the man gave a smile that sent a shiver down her spine.

“Hello Galia, it’s been a while.”

giggle Like, call me Gali, k?”

“Sure… Gali. Why don’t you come over here for a moment.” he said, tapping his lap and she sashayed her way over and plopped herself down onto it.

“So, like… what can I getcha?” she asked again.

The man smiled, “How about a blowjob?”

She giggled for a moment, “Like, the drink or…” she replied, her hand slipping between his legs.

His reply was more direct, as he grabbed the back of her head with one hand and pulled her back, placing his lips against hers. His other hand reached up and grabbed hold of one of her inflated tits.

She moaned into him, she pushed her body forward a little to make sure he had full access to it and his hand slipped down between her legs to find her waiting pussy. Her hips bucked against his hand as it slid over her pussy, causing her uniform to quickly moisten.

It didn’t take him long to break the kiss and push her up and off his lap, then stand up and twist her around, pushing her forward. She reached out and supported herself with her hands on the couch and she felt him rip her sheer leggings that covered her pussy. His pants hit the floor and his dick slipped right into her.

She squealed in joy as he rocked back and forth, until she couldn’t take it anymore and her whole body twitched and spasmed from the orgasm that crashed over her.

When she recovered her senses, at least the little she had, he was gone and she was face down on the couch. She rolled over and leaned back for a moment.

“Ouch!” she cried out as something stuck into her ass. She rolled to the side and reached down to find out what, pulling out a sharp metal object.

She scrunched her forehead and pouted, it was some kind of bat-shaped weapon maybe? She wasn’t sure, so she got up and tossed it into the trash and walked back out of the VIP area. She headed right over to the bar and picked up her tray and started collecting glasses around the club.

She was heading back to the bar when she ran into Nigel, “Gali… I think there’s something wrong with your uniform… again.”

She looked down and saw the ripped leggings, along with the cum that was dripping down her leg.

giggle Like, oh yeah! giggle I’m such a bimbo slut! giggle

Then she took a step towards Nigel and the back room to go change but paused and blinked for a moment as her waitress outfit repaired itself.

Gali giggled and smiled, “Like, hiya boss, what can I do ya for?”

Nigel smiled as she twisted and bounced in place, her giant round tits sitting high on her chest hardly moving. They were as fake as her platinum blonde hair that always had an inch or so of roots showing.

She didn’t care though, she loved how fake and slutty she looked, and so did all the guys at the club. She chewed on her bubble gum as she held the tray of empty glasses in one hand and placed her other on her hip.