Community Outreach

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2017

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SYNOPSIS: Officer Jones has been sidelined to the community outreach program at the university because of her overtly aggressive attitude. Can spending some time with the student body improve her outlook?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Community Outreach

Jennifer looked down at the bloody form of the young woman and frowned, she sheathed her baton back in to the belt of her uniform and considered her options.

Looking around, there wasn’t anyone else on the street, it was late and she could probably just leave and no one would know any better. After all she’d hit the woman’s head pretty hard, she wasn’t likely to remember much of the encounter.

But then she’d have to do something about the computer in the cruiser and with her record, they’d put the pieces together in the end.

She brushed back a strand of blonde hair from her face and grabbed her mic. “Control, this is officer FW657, I need a bus at my location.”

“FW657, this is control, confirm a bus to your location. ETA 7 minutes.”

“Confirmed control. FW657 out.”

Jennifer pulled up in front of the university and shook her head in resignation. The review board was sure to come down hard on her, assaulting an unarmed civilian was frowned on even in the old days, but now it was all over the news in hours. They’d kept it quiet so far, but that wasn’t going to last.

In the mean time her Captain had assigned her to the community outreach program for the university. Really she was a glorified recruitment ad for the police force for the next few weeks, then, well, then she might not even be that.

She drove to the farthest part of the parking lot, like she always did and parked her cruiser away from anyone that might want to vandalize it. She got out of her cruiser and walked in to the main building, the students giving her a wide birth as she headed to the dean’s office.

It came as no surprise to her when she entered it, the wood paneling, the stuffy smell, the well dressed secretary. It all screamed old school in the most literal way.

The secretary guided her in to the see the dean and after a short meeting in which he expressed his high regard for the police and his gratitude for her coming to the school, she was headed back through the brightly lit hallways of the school on her way to the computer lab.

The force had sent her to the school to try and get more science and technology graduates to consider joining, the force was desperate to attract them. The crime taking place today was so much different then in the past but the force really didn’t attract the nerds the way it did the jocks.

She walked in and saw several jaws drop simultaneously. It wasn’t the first time she’d experienced it, she was after all a tall woman, with a thin, if muscular frame and the face of a model. Which was no coincidence as she had done some modeling as a teenager.

After they’d managed to pick up their jaws from the floor, several rushed over to introduce themselves.

Those first few days had been agony. She tried to resist punching anyone in the face with their incessant questions about why she had joined the police force. Fortunately even the most persistent of them had given up after a couple of days of receiving the same cookie cutter answer from the force PR handbook.

Well, everyone except Jason. He hadn’t asked any of the questions she’d expected and seemed genuinely interested. She’d spent the last couple of hours in the empty lab with just the two of them talking.

“Can I ask you for a favour Officer Jones?” he asked.

Jennifer cocked a sculpted eye brow, “I guess so.”

“I’ve been working on this new program for a few days, could you take a look and tell me what you think?”

“Sure, what does it do?”

“It’s a game, for your phone.”

She frowned, she didn’t really play games, “Well, ok, but I’m not a gamer so I might not be the best person to give an opinion.”

“That’s no problem, it’s not targeted at gamers so your perfect to try it out.” He said and extended his hand.

She pulled her personal phone from the pouch on her belt and handed it to him after unlocking it. A few seconds later he handed it back, the new game up and on the screen.

It looked like some kind of jewel matching game, the graphics were a little primitive but she started playing through the tutorial as Jason watched on. It wasn’t a complex game and she got the hang of it pretty quickly, the one things she really did like about it was the music that played in the background. It was somehow both soothing and invigorating at the same time.

When the tutorial finished, the game returned to the main screen and she looked up to see Jason watching her, a smile on his face.

“Give it a try for a few days and let me know what you think.” He said.

She smiled back, “Sure, sounds good.”

Jennifer tapped the screen on her phone, she’d gotten board at the computer lab when Jason hadn’t been there and so she’d started to play the game he’d installed yesterday. The music flowed up the cable and in to the earphone’s she put on after the first 20 minutes of playing when she noticed the dirty looks for the others trying to work in the lab. It made the music sound even better and soon she was riding the waves of music up and down as she played the game.

When Jason tapped her shoulder, she looked up, her eyes wide as they had been for the last few hours. She could see the dark sky outside and saw Jason’s lips move but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying.

She managed to pull her headphones from her ears and Jason’s voice became clear, “…the game needs some more work of course, the graphics are pretty basic still, but I think I’ve nailed the audio. How about you?”

Jennifer managed to node her head, “…. uh… yea.. nailed it.” she replied as a sudden wave of calmness washed over her as the words escaped her lips.

He grabbed the phone out from her fingers and she looked down and stared at her own hands, unsure what she should do.

She looked back up at Jason and watched him tap several times on to her phone before handing it back to her.

“Here, I’ve updated it with some new levels. Give it a try, it’s late and I have to close up the lab so why don’t you head home and we can talk some more tomorrow.”

He placed the phone back in her hands and motioned towards the door.

She stood up and staggered in a daze out of the lab and towards her cruiser. When she arrived home, she flopped down on the couch and started playing the game once more after she’d put the earphones on.

The rest of the week passed in pretty much the same way; she came in to the computer lab, the students ignored her and she played Jason’s game until he kicked her out at the end of the day.

When Friday finally arrived, she had completed the whole game, twice, and was on her third play through. She’d talked to Jason each night, but she couldn’t really remember too much of the conversation, only that the game was good and she should keep playing it.

As the sky darkened outside, Jennifer continued to play the game and Jason walked in to the deserted computer lab. He set a gym bag down beside her and then pulled out his own phone and typed in a command.

Jennifer’s screen flashed and her body arched backwards as a powerful orgasm overcame her. She slouched down in the chair and a moment later blinked several times before looking down to see the gym bag.

She picked it up and without saying a word, walked out of the lab and towards the bathroom.

Jennifer walked towards her cruiser, it was finally Friday and she was looking forward to the weekend. The sharp click of her heels filled the parking lot as she arrived at her car in the farthest reaches of the parking lot.

She stopped just short, staring in disbelief at the man sitting on the hood of it. Who would have the nerve to sit on top of a police car?

She parted her bright red lips and called out to him, “Like, hey! What’s the big idea buster?”

“Oh officer, there you are. I was just waiting here for you, I wanted to show you my artwork.”

“Like, artwork? You’re totally going to be in trouble if you don’t, like, get off my car!”

He jumped down off the car and she walked over as he waved his hand towards the windshield of the cruiser. On it was a drawing of a naked woman and the words “Community Outreach Officer”.

“Hey, like is that supposed to be me?”

“Well, duh, yea.”

“Oh, like you’re in big trouble mister.” She said, pulling her dildo out of her belt. The black leather of the belt rode up high on her hips and cinched her bare waist tightly.

She walked over and held out the dildo in front of her and wiggled it at the man, “If you, like, resist arrest, I’m going to have to totally use this.”

“Oh, I’m going to resist officer, there’s no way I’m going quietly.”

“Oh my god! I like totally warned you!” she replied as she turned around and placed her ass, covered in her short vinyl shirt, on to the hood of her cruiser. She flipped the skirt up, revealing her bare pussy and slapped the dildo against it several times.

“Like, to you surrender now mister?” she asked.

“No way.” He responded.

She scrunched her face and pushed the dildo in to her pussy, sliding it in and out several times.

“Alright buddy, you totally asked for it then!” she said as she continued to use the dildo.

“You know what officer, I don’t think you can arrest me.” He finally said.

“What? Oh my god, of course I can!” she said, pulling the dildo out of her pussy and standing up.

“You just, like watch me!” she said as she extended her tongue and licking the sucker on the end of the dildo before sticking it to the hood of her car.

She pulled her uniform’s skirt off completely and then turned around, grabbed the dildo with her hand and aligning her ass on to it.

“Like, last chance buddy!?” she said.

“Nope still not going to surrender officer.”

She let out a gasp as she pushed herself on to the dildo, “You totally asked for it then! How do you like it now?” she said as she used her strong arms to push herself up and down on the dildo.

“Is that all you have Officer, seems kind of weak to me.”

“Oh my god, that’s it!” she said and pushed herself all the way down on to the dildo before grabbing the cuffs from her belt.

She opened the pink frilly cuffs and slid them on to her own wrists behind her back.

“Now I’ve like totally got you!” she said as he walked toward her.

“I don’t know officer, I think I might have you.” He said as he reached up and undid the knot that held her uniform top together just below her breasts. Without a bra on, her breasts bounced freely as she pushed her ass up and down the length of the dildo.

He grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her forward, off the dildo which made a pop as it came free.

“Now, like, don’t give me any lip mister.” She said as she leaned forward and probed his mouth with her tongue.

He pulled back from her mouth and slapped her ass hard.

“Hey, that’s totally assault on, like, a police officer!” she said.

“No, this is an ass-ult!” he replied and spun her around, pushing her on to the hood of the car again, but this time she landed face first and he maneuvered the dildo in to her pussy.

His dick invaded her ass next and she let out a moan as the dildo and his dick worked in and out of her holes, her hands still secured behind her back.

The pleasure was intense and finally she felt his hot cum enter her ass and her own orgasm triggered in response.

Jennifer stirred and felt the dildo still in her pussy, it sent waves of pleasure through her as she tried to move and instead she found her hips sliding up and down against it.

She heard her moans in the quiet night air as she spredd up and worked herself to orgasm once more.

Jason browsed the net and found the story he was looking for, it was buried several pages in to the local news site, but it was there:

“Local police officer disgraced when found masturbating on the hood of her cruiser.”

He smiled as he looked up from his tablet and over to the hospital bed at his sister. The doctors said she might never wake up, but he still hoped she would.

The blow that Officer Jones had landed had done a lot of damage, but the human brain was an amazing thing.

With just a little bit of code and some innovative programming he’d been able to convince Officer Jones that talking like a valley girl, masturbating herself in public, reaming her ass with a dildo and getting fucked in the ass on the hood of her car were all completely normal parts of her job.

When she’d walked in to the computer lab he new it was fate or something. He was sure the force would sweep her assault on his sister under the rug and this was his chance to get justice.

Of course now she’d be off the force soon enough, they might sweep and assault under the rug but a sexual escapade in the local paper would never stand. He frowned at the truth of that statement, it was unfair but true that victims of police violence were often thought of as somehow guilty of bringing it on themselves and seldom resulted in anything more than a slap on the wrist for the officer.

He couldn’t really get justice since that would have meant Officer Jones would have had to be comatose in a hospital bed like his sister, and that would have just been an escape for her. No, justice demanded that she be an active, aware participant in her punishment, even if she didn’t know it was punishment.

After she was off the force the second part of her new attitude would kick in. A need for anal sex and being out of a job would quickly lead her to the only logical conclusion her reprogrammed mind would provide her, a new life as a hooker that specialized in dressing up as a fetish police officer. To top it off the more degrading the sex was the stronger her orgasms would be.

It would be one ass-ult after another for the former officer, perhaps not Justice, but close enough for him.