Couples Counselling

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2022

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SYNOPSIS: Jennifer and Barbra are at a crossroads in their relationship, which way will they end up going?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Couples Counselling

Chapter 1 – The Therapist

Jennifer sat in the sterile waiting room with Barbra and inwardly sighed, but outwardly kept an expressionless face painted on. Jennifer already knew how the therapy was going to end up, not because she had any insight into the therapist’s methods or Barbra’s psyche, but because Jennifer was already completely checked out of the relationship and no amount of talking was going to change that.

Jennifer ran her hand across the short stubble of the right side of her head and then pushed a few stray strands of black hair with purple highlights over so it laid to the other similarly shaved side. If she’d spiked it with a pile of product it would have been an awesome mohawk, but that was too much work so she just let the sixteen or so inches of hair lay limply down her left side.

She looked up at the wall on the other side of the room and watched the clock slowly tick away, the lights on each side of it seeming to taunt her. The red one was still brightly lit, the green was dark. Jennifer then turned her head slightly to Barbra who was sitting beside her and the mousy blonde was clutching her purse and staring right at it.

Jennifer had been dating Barbra for almost a year, and it had been fun to say the least. Jennifer had never met anyone with such a talented tongue, and hence why they were both sitting in the waiting room of a therapist instead of being at the apartment yelling at each other. Ok, that wasn’t fair, Barbra was far too shy and quiet to yell at Jennifer, so it was Jennifer doing all of the yelling.

Even after dating for most of a year, Barbra had shown little sign of changing, she was still the shy, reserved, introvert Jennifer had met at the bar. Few of Jennifer’s partners had not opened up at least a little with Jennifer’s wild side, both in public and private. Jennifer usually enjoyed the challenge, pushing someone right to the limits of their boundaries and then going even farther.

It was really the key reason that Jennifer was leaving her, Jennifer needed someone who she could get to open up more, someone she could push to be more open with her sexuality in public and private.

Of course, finding a new girlfriend didn’t happen overnight and so Jennifer was stringing Barbra along for as long as she could. So if that meant wasting an hour or two with a therapist, paid for by Barbra’s work, well so be it.

A buzzer interrupted Jennifer’s thoughts and the light beside the clock turned green, “About fucking time…” Jennifer said only half under her breath. Barbra shot her a quick dirty look but Jennifer ignored it as they both stood up and walked into the therapist’s office.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Thompson…” the smiling man said as he stood up from behind his desk and extended his hand across it.

Jennifer was of course the first to shake it, “Jennifer.”

Barbra followed, “Barbra.”

“Well ladies, if you would…” he said waving his hand over to several large comfortable looking chairs on the other side of the office arranged in a triangle facing each other.

“What, no couch?” Jennifer asked a little mockingly.

Dr. Thompson chuckled, “No, no. I specialize in couples counselling, forcing people together on a couch would be… counterproductive.”

Jennifer nodded her head and chose a chair to sit in, Barbra looked at the Doctor with her big blue eyes for guidance but found none forthcoming and chose the closest one to her. The Doctor took the last one and then unfolded his binder and made a few notes in it.

Jennifer wondered if the order that they’d chosen the chairs was important or he was just making notes of his first impressions of them. Either way, he finished and looked over at them, “Now then, what can I help you with?”

“…and that’s why she just needs to get out there and do it with me!” Jennifer finished ranting at Dr. Thompson and then slumped back into her chair.

She had to admit that it felt good getting it out of her system, even if she hadn’t let Barbra or the Doctor get a word in edgewise for the last twenty minutes. He had been taking copious notes though.

He looked down at his watch and then smiled at Barbra and then over to Jennifer, “Well ladies, that was a good start. I think that it might be productive if we do two separate half-hour sessions each week instead of a single one-hour one. At least for the first few weeks so I get to know each of you on a one-on-one basis. Does that sound alright?”

Jennifer tried not to smile too much, it sounded perfect, she wouldn’t even have put up with Barbra’s whining during the sessions!

“Well, if that is what you think is best Doc.” Jennifer replied.

Barbra nodded as well, “Perfect. I’ll have my new receptionist Tammy set up individual appointments with you for next week.”

Barbra looked over at Jennifer and smiled, she’d been suggesting therapy for months but it was only recently that Jennifer had agreed! Deep down Barbra knew it was silly, not because this was her first lesbian relationship or some other drivel like that, she really loved Jennifer with all her heart. But Jennifer was wild, wild in ways that Barbra would never be.

Barbra came from a very conservative small town, her parents had almost disowned her when she said she was bi-sexual, and they’d cut all contact with her when she’d sent them Jennifer’s photo. She still had that photo as her wallpaper on her phone, the wild black hair with streaks of colour in it, the almond skin, the asian eyes. Jennifer was drop-dead gorgeous, unlike herself.

It wasn’t like guys hadn’t complimented Barbra on her looks, in a geeky kinda way she was cute enough. Thick framed glasses, her blonde hair pulled back in a bun, baggy unflattering clothing, etc. most could see some potential under it all and a few had tried to bring it out.

She suspected that was what had caught Jennifer’s eye as well, but whatever it had been, it was fading. Barbra could see it in Jennifer’s eyes more and more often, and so she hoped against hope that therapy would do them both some good and maybe even rescue their relationship.

Chapter 2 – First Sessions

“Have you ever thought about where all your anger comes from?” Dr. Thompson asked and Jennifer let out a hearty laugh.

“What anger?” she shot back.

“Oh come on now, there’s no point denying it to me, it was obvious within the first ten minutes of meeting you.”

She rolled her eyes and let out a huff, “Fine…” she had to admit that these last few weeks of sessions hadn’t been what she thought they would be. It hadn’t taken him long to start finding which buttons to push to get her to open up, and now when she did try and slam the door closed on him, he just kicked it open again with his easy-going ways.

“So… you’re angry… why?”

She rolled her eyes and rubbed her forehead, “Because… because I’m a small asian lesbian,” she started with a snarky tone, “who has to act ten times larger than she is before anyone will pay any attention to me.” A smile crossed her lips as the tension on her forehead completely disappeared and her voice softened as she continued.

It wasn’t entirely true though, she had always gotten a lot of attention for her looks without being angry. Lots of non-asian guys had a little yellow fever in them and she could easily play that up to her own purposes. Her anger though, well that was on a whole other level. Start acting up and being an asshole and guys flocked to you, women respected you, and no one messed with you.

“Alright, perhaps if we put that anger into something a little more productive…” Dr. Thompson said and Jennifer felt the tension come back into her forehead. It seemed to be happening more and more often during the sessions, a release of tension when she gave in and agreed with Dr. Thompson, and a build-up if she tried to fight his suggestions or steer the conversation away from what he wanted to talk about.

Barbra smiled and giggled a little as she sat in the comfortable chair of her therapist, which was unusual. Not the time at the therapist, no, the giggling.

Not that it was a bad thing though, Barbra hadn’t felt this good in eons. A few weeks of talking to Dr. Thompson had really helped and she was already starting to think of things in new ways. Not big things, at least not yet, but little ones. Like how it was ok to giggle a bit, or flirt a little, or even let her hair down once in a while.

“So you agree that your relationship with Jennifer is… broken?”

“Oh yes… that’s why I’m here…” she replied in a dreamy voice as she slipped down in the chair with the buzzing that was permeating her head.

“And you’re here to fix… the relationship? Yourself?”

giggle Like, whichever works for you Doc…”

Barbra just let everything go and relaxed completely as Dr. Thompson continued to ask her questions and guide her to the right answers, which were always the ones he suggested.

Kevin raised an eyebrow and went back to his desk, quickly unlocking his computer and double-checking the readings. Barbra was fully under already, after just a few sessions and that was incredible. He’d never seen someone succumb so quickly to the devices embedded in the chairs!

He pulled up Jennifer’s last chart and frowned a little. As impressive as Barbra’s readings were, Jennifer’s were just as disappointing. The woman had a mind of steel, but it still showed the telltale signs of succumbing, just not nearly as fast.

Kevin walked back over to the slumped body of Barbra, “Ok Barbra, I need you to listen carefully…”

Jennifer leaned back onto the stack of pillows as she held Barbra’s head between her legs, “God Barbra, right there… that’s it…” she let out a moan as the blonde’s tongue eagerly lapped at Jennifer’s pussy.

Jennifer looked down at the mass of wild blonde hair that danced between her legs and smiled, whatever Dr. Thompson was doing in Barbra’s session, it was amazing. Barbra was still just as talented of a pussy licker as ever, but she was now even more attentive. She spent more time ensuring Jennifer’s needs were met and wanted even less in return.

“I can’t take it anymore…” Jennifer said and quickly pulled Barbra’s face from between her legs, only to force Barbra onto her back so Jennifer could straddle her face and rub as hard as she wanted to. Moments later Jennifer cried out as her orgasm crested.

“And so you got off by using Barbra’s face and then just left her to lay there while you went to have a shower?” Dr. Thompson asked.

Hearing it out loud made it sound far worse than it was, “It’s not like she didn’t enjoy it too…”

“Did she have an orgasm as well?”

“Well… I… I’m not sure…”

“You’re not sure? Have you ever not been sure before?”

“N… well, no.”

“Can I make an observation?”


“I often see this in patients that are ‘projecting’ their wants and desires onto others. When was the last time you orally brought Barbra to climax?”

Jennifer blinked several times, then furrowed her brow. “Well… last week she had an orgasm…”

“From you eating her out?”

“Well… no…”

“From what then?”

“I… I was using a strap-on.”

“And how did that make you feel?” he asked

Jennifer rubbed her forehead, a slight headache coming on, “It… well… I made me feel… in control.”

“And you like to be in control don’t you? Tell me, while you were using the strap-on with Barbra, were you even thinking about her pleasure?”

She rubbed her forehead even harder as she tried to focus on what she had been thinking about at the time, “N… No.”

“Don’t you think that’s a problem?”

Jennifer’s eyes went wide as her lips parted and she hesitated, but as soon as the word left her lips she felt an immense weight lift off her shoulders and she slumped back down into the chair, “Yes.”

“Good Jennifer, good. Now that we’ve identified the problem we can work on it.”

Jennifer smiled and rolled her head to the side a bit, her eyes glazed over, “Sure Doc, sounds good.”

Chapter 3 – Clubbing

Jennifer watched from their bed as Barbra traced around her lips with the bright pink lipstick in the bathroom. Barbra was naked, her blonde hair falling down around her shoulders, as she worked at applying her makeup.

Jennifer smiled and admired the changes in Barbra since they’d started to see Dr. Thompson. Barbra was more outgoing, sexually adventurous, and was always smiling. She’d even gotten contact lenses to replace the thick-framed glasses she’d always loved so much!

Dr. Thompson had done in a few weeks what Jennifer had failed to do in almost a year.

They were headed out clubbing in a few hours and Jennifer was still thinking about where they would be going when Barbra came out of the bathroom and bounced onto the bed, “Hey! So I was thinking we might go to this new club Dr. Thompson told me about… Club Kiss.”

Jennifer frowned for a moment as tension behind her eyes welled up, “Oh, I don’t know… I want to go to the Dungeon Cellar.”

Barbra pouted and bounced on the bed, “Awe… come on, we always go to the clubs you want.”

Jennifer felt more tension growing, she really wanted to go to their usual club because she’d been flirting with one of the regulars and was pretty sure she’d be able to get her drunk enough to go back to their place.

But then Dr. Thompson’s comment about Barbra’s pleasure floated into her mind and things got confusing for a moment. Before she knew what had happened, she heard her own voice speaking, “Sure… ok… if that’s what you want.”

The tension disappeared instantly and Barbra squealed in joy as she hugged Jennifer.

Barbra danced with Jennifer in the middle of Club Kiss and felt the pounding music course through her. Her skimpy outfit leaving little to the imagination, it matched with Jennifer’s own barely-there outfit quite well.

Jennifer leaned in a kissed Barbra passionately, Barbra returned the kiss as they made out on the dance floor and when the song ended, they broke off the mini make-out session, Barbra blushed profusely. She’d never done anything like that before!

A little buzz in her pussy told her instantly that she’d be doing it again soon.

Jennifer grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the booth that they’d joined soon after entering the club. It had several other women in it, two of them drinking shots, another two making out themselves.

Barbra was having a hard time looking away from the two women entwined with each other, but she managed to look across the club and find a dozen or more couples of every type making out as well.

Her gaze lingered on a man and woman along the far wall, she was blonde like Barbra, but with a much larger chest, and the man was mauling them to the point that her top had come away and exposed both of them to the club.

Barbra bit her lower lip just as Jennifer reached over and pulled her in close, placing another kiss on her lips and their tongues dancing between the two of them.

“Come on, let’s go home.” Jennifer said as she stood up and held out her hand, Barbra smiled and giggled and let Jennifer lead her from the club and back to their apartment.

“Oh god! Yes! Yes! YES!” Barbra cried out as Jennifer licked her pussy and Barbra played with her own small breasts. The image of the blonde woman with the large breasts in the club coming back to her as Jennifer brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Barbra’s back arched and her eyes rolled back into her head just as she squeezed her breasts and her orgasm washed over her.

Jennifer crawled up her body as Barbra giggled gently, she laid down beside her and Barbra eagerly traded places with her to return the favour.

“And so Jennifer, you enjoyed bringing Barbra to orgasm?” Dr. Thompson asked.

“Well… I mean… sure. She deserved to orgasm too right? And… and I was still in control really… I mean I controlled how much I licked and how much pleasure I gave her, and when she finally came. Right?” Jennifer replied, feeling the tension build as she spoke and tried to justify what had happened.

“Of course, that could be true. But we’ve made quite a bit of progress over the weeks, do you really think that’s what was going on?”

She rubbed her forehead and shook her head from side to side, “Well, I… I don’t know. I mean it was kind of confusing if I’m honest.” She felt a little of the tension subside.

“We’re all about honesty here Jennifer. Perhaps we can try a little exercise, just to see how it makes you feel. How does that sound?”

“Well, ok I guess.”

“Good, now repeat after me; I enjoyed bringing my partner to orgasm.”

Jennifer felt the tension increase again as she scrunched her forehead even farther, “I… I enjoyed… enjoyed bringing my p… pa… partner to orgasm.”

A wave of relief rolled over Jennifer as she said the words and slumped back in the chair.

“Good, let’s try this one; My partner is my equal and deserves pleasure.”

“My par…” the tension started to rise again, “part… partner ohhhh is my equal and deserves pleasure.” Jennifer finished and another wave of pleasure and relief overcame her.

“And you liked looking at the couple across the club?” Dr. Thompson asked.

Barbra nodded and blushed a little.

“What exactly about them did you like?”

Barbra blushed even more before answering, “The woma… the girl’s… breasts.” she managed to get out.

“Oh, and what about them?”

Barbra couldn’t believe what she was about to say and brought her clenched hand up in front of her face, her gaze slipping to the side so she didn’t have to make direct eye contact with the doctor, “They were… they were so round… and big… and… oh god… fake.”

Barbra let out a long moan as she slumped back into the chair.

“I see. You like her big fake plastic tits. Did they make her almost look like a Barbie doll of some kind?”

Barbra felt a shiver of pleasure wash over her as the words left Dr. Thompson’s lips, “Oh god yes Doc!”

She didn’t see the smile cross his lips, she was too lost in her own little world to notice.

“If I might make an observation… perhaps you liked them because you want to be like them? A fake plastic Barbie doll?”

Barbra’s whole body shivered as a small orgasm rolled over it, “I want to be a fake plastic Barbie doll!”

Chapter 4 – New Look

Jennifer looked in the bathroom mirror and ran her hand through the few inches of hair that had grown back since she’d stopped shaving the sides of her head.

Dr. Thompson had been right, it did look much better now that there was some length to it and all one colour. She’d had the hairstylist cut the rest of her hair shorter as well so that it wasn’t as drastic a difference between the two lengths, but she would be happy when they were the same again.

Well, perhaps not happy, she had to admit that she was looking forward to growing her hair out once it all reached a single length, which was something she hadn’t done since she was a small child.

It was strange how good Dr. Thompson was at couples counselling, even without Barbra and her being in the same sessions. Something about that seemed strange at first, but she couldn’t argue with the results.

“Hey, like are you ready Jen? giggle” Barbra called from the bedroom.

Jennifer mentally corrected herself, Barbie.

It was still strange to call her that, though Jennifer had to admit that it was more fitting these days for her. On the other hand, Jennifer still wasn’t used to Barbie calling her Jen.

Jennifer wasn’t sure when she’d first done it, and she’d tried to correct her several times, but Barbie simply couldn’t help herself and Jennifer had finally run out of desire to correct her all the time.

“Just about… Barbie.” Jennifer called back and double-checked her makeup. It was light, but more than she had ever put on in the past. Barbie had asked her to do it and Jennifer had agreed after Barbie had brought her to orgasm the night before… more than once.

Jennifer walked out of the bathroom to the dimly lit bedroom and saw Barbie kneeling on the bed. She was a sight to behold, one that Jennifer had always suspected was there, but had never managed to draw out.

Barbie’s natural blonde hair was dyed almost white and ballooned out from her head in a halo that surrounded it. Her makeup was heavy and bright, with light blue eye shadow, a heavy foundation masking any little imperfections in her skin, and bright pink lipstick.

It was the lipstick that really stuck out though, not because of the colour, but the sheer amount of it needed to cover her puffy new lips. Barbie had been getting lip fillers for a while and her lips were almost plump to the point of excess.

Though as much as Jennifer was amazed at the changes that Dr. Thompson had managed to encourage, those were not what had her attention at the moment.

Instead, that was the strap-on dildo that Barbie wore.

Jennifer had never let any of her partners use a strap-on dildo on her, she’d always been the one wearing it and she still wasn’t sure she wanted to go through with it. But Barbie had pleaded so much with her, that she wanted to feel the same kind of pleasure that Jennifer took from using it, that Jennifer had broken down and finally agreed to it, if nothing else to get rid of the pounding headache she knew would disappear if she did.

Jennifer tentatively walked towards the bed as Barbie smiled and crooked a finger towards her, drawing her closer and closer until she was kneeling on the bed as well.

They embraced in a kiss and Barbie’s hands slipped down to grab Jennifer’s bum, the dildo sliding between her legs and rubbing up against her pussy. Jennifer let out a low moan as it did and let Barbie guide her back onto the bed and gently push the dildo into her.

“And how did that feel?” Dr. Thompson asked as Jennifer squirmed in the chair.

She looked from side to side as if there might be someone else in the room, “It… it felt good.”

“Just good?”

She shook her head from side to side, “N… no… I mean… oh god, it felt really good!” she gushed as more tension released from inside of her.

“Did you orgasm?”

Jennifer nodded in shame.

“And how did that make you feel?”

“I… I… it was… it made me feel so ashamed.”


“Why? Because… because I’m a lesbian… and she… she was… she was fucking me like a man!” Jennifer said, shaking visibly.

Dr. Thompson nodded and made a few notes, “Jennifer, let’s be honest here. Sex is a natural part of life, and even lesbians can’t undo nature just because they don’t think they should enjoy it. Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking about things in such binary terms. Sexual orientation, attraction, enjoyment… these are points along a spectrum for each of us and that can mean different things to different people.

Take Barbie for instance. She’s in a relationship with you, and someone looking in from the outside might say that she’s a lesbian. But we know better, she identifies as bi-sexual because she enjoys sex with men and women. But just because you self-identify as a lesbian, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sex with men, or at least sex with penetration like a man.”

Jennifer tried hard to release the stress that was building up inside of her, but she was having a hard time agreeing with Dr. Thompson this time.

“When was the last time you had sex with a man?” Dr. Thompson asked.

“I… well… I mean… never.” she replied.

“Never?” Dr. Thompson asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow.

“That, that’s right, never.” she replied with pride, only making the tension even worse.

“Well then, there’s the problem!”

“The problem?”

“Yes, if you’ve never had sex with a man, how could you possibly know if you enjoyed sex with men?”

Jennifer gasped as his words washed over her and the obviousness of the simple truth he spoke buried itself deep in her mind. As it did all the tension in her body released at once and a smile crossed her lips as she sunk deep into the chair.

“Come on Barbie, isn’t this enough?” Jen asked exasperatedly, holding up almost a dozen shopping bags.

Barbie had only a couple in her arms but that was mostly because Jennifer was carrying hers as well. Barbie turned around and smiled at Jen, shaking her head enthusiastically from side to side, “Like, no way! giggle

Then Barbie turned and skipped, yes literally skipped, towards the next store.

Inside the bags that she carried was almost a complete new wardrobe, which didn’t match anything she already owned. Barbie had dragged her out to the mall and insisted they spend the day shopping.

Jen, at first, had thought it weird that every time she tried on one of the outfits she liked, that Barbie turned her nose up and refused to let her buy it, but Jen had tired of fighting quickly and let Barbie make the decisions for her.

Which was how things had been going lately in their relationship in general. Though Jen couldn’t complain too much, the sex was better than ever and Barbie had become a real expert with the strap-on.

A shiver of pleasure ran through Jen at the thought of the dildo, it was strange how right Dr. Thompson had been about the penetration. Once she’d accepted how good it felt, she let Barbie use it whenever she wanted to.

Jen blushed a little at that, not because of the strap-on, but because it was a little white lie that she ‘let’ Barbie use it. Once Barbie had figured out how much Jen enjoyed it, well, Barbie didn’t have to ask.

Jen caught up to Barbie in the next store standing beside a rack full of colourful summer dresses and rolled her eyes, didn’t she have at least a half dozen of those already in the bags Jen carried?

She was about to say something when a rack of dresses caught her eye and she was drawn to them. The long sheer one-piece dresses reminded her of those Chinese silk dresses she often saw in the grade B Kung-Fu movies she liked to watch.

She walked over to it and her fingers caressed a blue one and before Barbie had decided on which sun dress to try on next, Jen was in the change room slipping into it.

“Oh god, oh god, yes!” Jen cried out as she knelt on her hands and knees with Barbie behind Jen with her hands on Jen’s hips, the strap-on sliding in and out of her pussy.

Barbie was fucking Jen doggy style and Jen was loving every second of it.

giggle Like, come on baby, cum for Barbie! giggle

“Oh god Barbie, make me cum for you!” Jen cried out as Barbie drove home the strap-on over and over again.

“Cum! Cum! Cum!” Barbie chanted in time with her strokes and Jen nearly lost it.

Jen let out moans and grunts until Barbie reached out and grabbed her hair, pulling her back hard onto the dildo, “Cum for Barbie you little asian cock loving slut!”

Jen heard the words and they sent her over the edge, a massive orgasm crashing over her and she collapsed onto the bed face first, her ass still sticking up in the air with the dildo deep in it.

Somewhere in her half-conscious brain, she heard Barbie giggle and then felt the slap of Barbie’s hand on her ass, several times. Each one brought on another small orgasm as she hear her own voice squeal in delight.

Chapter 5 – New Goals

Jen sat across from Dr. Thompson and smiled, her hands were placed in her lap and she wore a simple dress that hugged her curves but didn’t reveal much of anything. Her hair had finally grown out to the point she could bundle it up into a bun and she wore a modest face of makeup that brought out her asian heritage well.

“So Jen, how are things going with Barbie?”

“Oh very well Doctor. Our relationship has really grown since coming to see you and it couldn’t be better.” she replied respectfully.

“That’s very good. And your sex life.”

Jen smiled and bowed her head a little, “Excellent Doctor. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us to this point.”

Dr. Thompson nodded and smiled, “That’s good. And how would you describe your relationship with Barbie now?”

Jen smiled and blushed a little, “Well, you were so right about me being submissive and bi-sexual. I’d been denying it for so long that I’d directed it all into anger at the world. It was a terrible place to be in and how could I have a real relationship with Barbie like that? Now I know that I’m submissive, Barbie is making all the decisions for us, both in our public life as well as in the bedroom.”

“What does that mean in your public life?”

“Barbie picks where we go to eat, where we go to party, who we talk to, who we invite back to our place, everything.”

“And when you invite people back to your place…”

Jen blushed some more, “She decides who fucks me and how.”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“So horny!” Jen exclaimed and then covered her lips with her fingertips, “Sorry.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, tell me about the last time Barbie decided to bring someone home with you.”

Jen smiled and her eyes glazed over a little at the memory, “Well it was a girl and a guy… and Barbie wanted the guy to fuck my pussy as I eat out the girl.”

“And what was Barbie doing?”

It looked like Jen’s face would explode with all the blood that rushed to it, but she managed to answer, “She… she used the strap-on on my ass.” Jen said in almost a whisper.

Dr. Thompson smiled and nodded, “And how did you feel about that?”

Jen almost melted into her chair, “Oh god, I came so hard Doctor!”

“That’s good Jen, very good.” Dr. Thompson replied and Jen shivered as she slipped deep into her chair.

“So Barbie, how are you feeling about your relationship with Jen?”

“Oh my god Doc, it’s amazing! Like, I’ve been totally fucking her silly and I’m getting so much cock too! giggle

Dr. Thompson chuckled a little, which sent Barbie into a fit of giggles as well.

“I see. So when was the last time you orally pleasured her?”

Barbie stopped giggling and blinked several times, “Like, uhm, I’m not sure… is that bad Doc?”

“Not at all, not at all. You’re still enjoying sex with her right?”

“Totally! giggle

“And she’s enjoying sex with your right?”

Barbie giggled and nodded her head up and down.

“Then how can that be bad?”

“Oh my god Doc, you’re like, so totally smart! giggle

“Though I have a bit of an observation…”


“Yes, well, lately you’ve been describing… it quite a bit of detail… you’re sexual adventures with men. Do you perhaps think that you enjoy sex with men more than sex with women?”

Barbie slumped into her chair in a fit of giggles, “Oh my god Doc, like yes!”

Jen was sitting at home, waiting for Barbie to return. She’d gone out hours ago and left Jen alone, Jen knew she was out looking for some guy to fuck, and Jen was jealous.

But it was jealousy of two entirely different kinds, the first was that Barbie was looking for someone else to fuck instead of her, the second was that Barbie would be fucking some random guy instead of some random guy fucking Jen.

It made her sad twofold over, and at some point she decided to get up and do something about it. She rummaged through her closet and found the perfect dress and then put on her makeup, before heading out to a club.

Jen slinked into the club and immediately moved to the back of it along a wall where she could almost hide. What had she been thinking!

The music was pounding and bodies were rubbing up against each other everywhere. But all the couples were of men and women, none were of the same sex. She’d come out to a straight club!

She was about to turn and leave when a guy walked up to her and smiled, “Hey, I’m Ken, what’s your name?” he half shouted over the music.

“Jen.” she said not nearly loud enough.

“Jin? That’s a great name, where are you from?”

A slight tension built in her as she was about to correct him, and complain about the racist comment, but something stopped her.

“Rank ru. Asia.” she replied in a deeply offensive accent and smiled back at him, deciding to play along for a bit.

Ken smiled and moved in close to her, slipping his hand around her waist and she placed her own hand on his chest.

“Can I buy you a drink Jin?” he asked and she nodded her head in agreement, letting him lead her over to the bar and order for her. Soon enough they were making out in the club and she wanted nothing more than to get back to his place.

“Yes! Yes! You fuk Jin’s pussy!” Jen cried out as she laid on her back, her legs splayed apart with Ken driving deep into her.

She was holding on to her own heels as he did so and she was so close to cumming that she desperately wanted him to finish.

“You fuk Jin so good! You make Jin cum! You make Jin cum now!” she cried out and Ken pushed hard into her and grunted.

They both came and Jen felt Ken’s weight on top of her as their lips met in the afterglow.

Chapter 6 – New Lives

Barbie and Jin sat in Dr. Thompson’s office smiling eagerly as he walked out from behind his desk and sat down across from them.

“So ladies, how are you today?” he asked.

Barbie spoke first, “Oh my god I’m amazing Doc! Like, never better! giggle

“And you Jin?”

Jin bowed her head slightly, “Jin very good. Jin very happy.”

“So as this is our last session, I just wanted to check into make sure that you are both completely happy with your couples counselling.”

Barbie giggled and nodded, “Like, totally Doc! I can’t thank you enough!”

Jin nodded in agreement.

“Well that’s good. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page, let me just recap your treatment. Jennifer and Barbra came to me to work on their lesbian relationship. They were unhappy in their lives because…” Dr. Thompson said flipping over his notebook and checking his notes.

“Jennifer was a self-centred narcissist that was using Barbra for sex and was actively looking to get out of the relationship. And Barbra was a submissive introvert that couldn’t express what she wanted or actively work towards her goals.”

Barbie giggled some more, “Like, you totally nailed it Doc!”

Jin just nodded again.

“And now Barbra… well Barbie, is a complete bimbo slut that actively goes after everything she wants. And Jennifer, ne Jin, is a complete submissive asian stereotype. Does that sum it up pretty well?”

Barbie giggled once more and gave Dr. Thompson a sultry look, “Well, not quite everything I want Doc… at least not yet… giggle” she said and then slipped from the chair onto her knees and crawled over to Dr. Thompson.

Her hands came to rest on his crotch and she looked over her shoulder towards Jin, “Come on Jin, let’s show the Doc how much we totally appreciate his help…”

“Yes, yes, Jin suck cock, Jin horny little asian slut!”

Jin walked into her husband’s office and smiled at Barbie sitting behind the reception desk. She stepped up and waited patiently for Barbie to finish on the phone with her hands clasped in front of her.

“Oh, hi Jin… oops! giggle I mean Mrs. Thompson!”

Jin smiled and blushed as Barbie’s giggle fit sent her new tits swaying from side to side. Jin raised up one of her hands and brushed a long strand of jet black hair over her ear. It was well past her shoulders now and she couldn’t wait for it to reach all the way down her back.

“Errow, is husband free?” Jin asked and Barbie nodded yes.

“Like, totally, go on in!”

Jin wasn’t sure when exactly she’d fallen for her counsellor, but when she did realize it, she had fallen hard.

It was a whirlwind romance that ended up with him proposing to her after the first time he’d fucked her ass and she screamed out in pleasure with each stroke. She’d never cum so hard in her life and she was only too eager to say yes to being the next Mrs. Thompson.

She was even happier when her husband had told her he’d hired Barbie as his new receptionist after his last one, Tammy, had found a rich husband to marry.

She was overjoyed at the news as it meant he could fuck either of them whenever he wanted. She knew she couldn’t provide all of a man’s needs, and was only too happy to have Barbie around to provide for him as well. Provide the two large round globes that were plastered onto her chest and that she called tits, that is.

She knew her husband would enjoy sliding his cock between them and that Barbie would enjoy it too. It even meant that they could invite Barbie over to the house after work so the two of them could satisfy her husband together.

It was a perfect solution and Jin couldn’t be happier as she opened the door and walked into her husband’s office and a flood of good memories washed over her. The door closed behind her and she walked over to his desk and knelt down to crawled under it, finding his stiffening shaft eagerly awaiting her tender embrace.

Kevin typed away at his computer as Jin eagerly suckled his dick from under his desk. He clicked on reply to the message he’d just read and started to type.

Thank you for your interest, but at this time I am not looking to move either of my current projects along to new ownership.

I will keep you in mind when the time comes, as I did for your friend with Tammy. I would expect to be getting back to you in 6 months or so, as that is usually as long as my interest lasts in any given project.

As for your proposal for your current issue, I am more than happy to take on new clients. Simply send my receptionist a message for what day you and your wife would like to come in and I’m sure I can help.

Yours truly,

Dr. Kevin Thompson.

Kevin hit send and then leaned back to enjoy his new wife’s ministrations.

He seldom kept any of the personal projects he worked on for any length of time, Tammy his last one, had only been his receptionist for a few months before he found a buyer for her.

But once in a while he found a project that caught his attention, and it had been a stroke of sheer luck when the lesbian lovers had walked in to his office. Even so, six months seemed like how long it would be until he grew tired of them.

He heard his office door open and Barbie walked in, parting her tight white top to expose her tits as she came over to join the fun.

He gave a little chuckle to himself, perhaps six months was an underestimation for these two though, they did make a perfect couple now after all.