Deformation of Character

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2020

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SYNOPSIS: Valiant Guardian is sure the cities richest man is up to no good, but can she prove it?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Deformation of Character

Valiant Guardian pressed the breaks gently and came to rest just outside of Kepler Tower, the bright lights illuminating the lobby a stark contrast to the darkness that engulfed the city at this late hour. The security guard looked over his desk and caught her eye, she held his gaze for a few seconds before letting her foot off the brake and allowing her intimidating vehicle to slowly roll past the building.

When she was out of sight of the guard, and the many cameras that encircled the building, she gunned the gas and roared into the darkened city streets before heading back to her condo to call it a night.

She of course didn’t really expect to catch Jordan doing anything nefarious in his corporate headquarters, but her nightly visits were more about letting him know she was watching him than anything else. Oh sure, he wouldn’t actually be there to see her drive by, but she was sure he’d get a briefing on her visit the next morning. And that was more than enough to let Natalie sleep soundly.

That still left the bigger problem for her to solve though, because as much as she was sure Jordan Kepler was up to no good, she had yet to find any proof. That hadn’t stopped her though, and she’d been waging a war in the media against him for the last six months which had shot her profile in the hero community through the roof. She’d only been “heroing” for a little over a year, and in the first six months she’d been unable to even break into the local news let alone the national.

That had changed when allegations against Jordan had surfaced, at first they hadn’t gained any traction, mostly the standard kind of things for a wealthy bachelor. An unhappy ex claiming kinky things in the bedroom, a fired ex-employee claiming discrimination, etc. They’d all been debunked, but before they had she’d managed to get her face in front of a national reporter and given them a sound bite that had made headlines.

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to take advantage of the situation and so she’d taken every opportunity since to badmouth him and the media had eaten it up. The problem was though that even her most ardent supporters were starting to grumble about the lack of evidence against him.

That wasn’t going to stop her of course, he was her golden goose, that had taken her from yet another unknown hero to a national figure. Besides which, she knew it was only going to be a matter of time before she, or someone else, found the evidence of his wrongdoing.

She rounded the corner towards her building and quickly selected the cloaking mode of her vehicle. The air around it shimmered and distorted for a moment until the image of a nondescript SUV appeared in its place. A few minutes later she had parked, changed into her street clothing and was riding the elevator up to her waiting bed.

Natalie rolled over and slammed her hand on her alarm clock, but the noise continued and through her grogginess she realized it was her phone and not the damned clock. She blinked several times, clearing the sleep from her eyes as she stared at the time, 1 pm, an ungodly hour if she ever heard of one.

Grabbing her phone and swiping to answer she muttered, “Hello?”, before turning over and silently cursing whoever was calling.

“Val! Val! Wake up! Turn on your TV, you have to see this!” Natalie recognized Emerald Vixen’s voice perked up. Rolling back over she swung her legs over the side of her bed and stood up, almost losing her balance in the process.

“I’m up! I’m up! What is it?” Natalie replied as she stomped out of her bedroom to the living room, still only in the underwear she wore to bed. Her strong legs carried her quickly to the remote and turned on the TV.

“It’s Jordan Kepler, he’s making some kind of big announcement.”

Natalie blinked, trying to get the sleep out of her eyes as the TV came to life, the news channel that was the only channel she ever watched, displaying a podium and a scrolling line of text below announcing the event. She scanned the screen for any details, but none were given.

“What do you think it is Emm? Think he’s finally going to tell the truth?” Natalie asked as she continued to focus on the TV.

“Don’t know, but I knew you’d want to watch.” Emerald Vixen replied as Jordan, a woman and a third man stepped in to frame and towards the podium.

Jordan stepped to the microphone and cleared his throat, “Welcome and thank you for coming. As you know, I’ve grown my company, Kepler Industries, into one of the largest companies in the world. I’ve spent years of my life dedicated to the simple proposition of improving everyone’s life through technology.

Today, I’m announcing new leadership for the company I founded, leadership that will take it into the great future I know it has.

As such, I will be stepping down as CEO and day to day operations, and without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Kelsey Monroe, the new CEO of Kepler Industries.”

Jordan stepped aside and the woman behind him stepped forward to take the podium.

“I can’t believe it! He can’t do that!” Natalie cried into the phone.

“What? What’s wrong? Isn’t this what you wanted? I mean you beat him… he’s running away!” Emerald Vixen asked.

“But he didn’t admit to anything! He’s just going to disappear from the limelight and hide in the background! The bastard!” Natalie screamed and then threw her phone across the room, her enhanced strength easily embedding it into the wall.

Valiant Guardian cruised through the streets of the city, her pitch-black armour-plated vehicle looking out of place in the bright sunlight of the afternoon sun. She sped around the corner, bringing Kepler Tower in to view and she pulled up right in front of it, blocking a lane of traffic, but paying it no mind.

She opened her door and stepped out into the daylight, her similarly black outfit, hugged her body and provided little protection against the heat of the sun, which wasn’t normally a problem. Today, beads of sweat were forming along her dark black hairline.

Storming towards the building, she burst through the door, sending them shuttering on their hinges as she stomped her way up to the security desk. The confused, almost panicked eyes of the rent-a-cop sitting behind it almost made her smile… almost.

“I’m here to see Jordan Kepler…” she said and the guard started to open his mouth but before he could even start his sentence, she continued, “…NOW!” she said, slamming her fist on the counter and cracking it.

Before the guard could do anything, the phone beside him rang and he held up a finger to her nervously and answered it, looking for any kind of lifeline.

“Hello?” he asked, “Yes… yes of course. Right away Sir!”

He turned back to her and gave a nervous smile, “He will see you right away ma’am. Go right up to the thirtieth floor.” he said and waved towards the bank of elevators.

She didn’t respond and went directly to the first one that was open. Stabbing at the button, it broke, but the doors closed and the elevator started moving upwards as the muzak played over the speakers in it. It wasn’t long before she stepped out of the elevator and into the main lobby of Jordan’s office. There was no one at the receptionist’s desk and so she moved quickly by it and into his expansive office.

“Ah, Valiant Guardian, so nice to see you. Did you catch my press conference by chance?” he asked with a smirk.

“I don’t know what game you’re playing at, but it won’t work Jordan!” she replied, her teeth gritted and her eyes narrow. As always he was well dressed in a suit, tailored to fit perfectly. He cut an impressive figure, getting older sure, but still in good shape and with a boyish grin that would disarm most.

“No game VG, I’m just tired of the spotlight that’s all. It’s time to let other’s be the public face of the company.” he replied with a shrug.

“Ah-ha! So you’re still going to run things behind the scenes, right!” she cried accusingly.

“You got me VG, I’m still going to own the company and be interested in how it’s run.” he said, rolling his eyes in an exaggerated fashion.

“Look, I was hoping you’d see reason and let this go, but that doesn’t seem likely. But I still have to try, right?”

“What are you talking about Jordan?” she replied, raising an eyebrow as she did.

“Look, you’ve been harassing me for months with baseless claims of some kind of wrongdoing. I thought, perhaps, if I stepped out of the spotlight you might take a step back as well.”

“That’s never going to happen, I’m going to keep digging until I find out what your hiding!”

“I was afraid you’d say that. Ok, well then you leave me little choice…” he said and stood up from behind his desk, walking around it until he was standing just a few feet in front of her.

“We can do this two ways, the easy way, or the hard way.” he continued.

“Oh, it’s going to be the hard way for you Jordan, that’s for sure.” she replied, a smile coming across her lips.

“Well, I’d prefer you choose the easy way quite honestly.”

“And what’s that?”

“The easy way is that you’ll leave here and make a public apology, retracting what you’ve said, and promising to leave me alone in the future.” he replied.

“That doesn’t sound like something I’d do… and the hard way?” she said, shaking her head and tapping her finger on her chin.

“I’ll file a lawsuit for defamation of character and sue you for every penny you will ever earn.” he replied coldly, the boyish grin gone from his lips.

“Go ahead you have no chance, you can’t sue a superhero!”

“I figured you’d say that…” he replied, reaching into his suit pocket and pulling something out.

“Valiant Guardian, you’ve been severed.” he said handing her a folded piece of paper and before she realized it she’d taken it from him.

Natalie was fuming and Emerald Vixen wasn’t helping at all.

“Well, what did you expect Val?” EV said.

“A lawsuit though!?! I mean… a lawsuit really?” Natalie said, waving the paper around in the air.

“Yeah, well, he’s a businessman. He deals with flesh-eating lawyers all day long and I imagine has quite a few on retainer as well.”

“But… how… I mean… he doesn’t know my secret identity, how can he sue me?”

“Even I don’t know your secret id Val, but what does that have to do with anything. Haven’t you ever heard of the movie studios going after file shares without knowing their names?”

Natalie stopped pacing mid-stride, “No… no, they can do that Emm?” she asked, sounding less sure of herself.

“They can, they do, and they even win sometimes. How can’t you have known this?” EV replied, rolling her eyes as she did.

Natalie flopped down on the couch in one of the lounge areas of The Secret Club, one of the few places superheroes could meet and not be concerned about privacy or other things. It was neutral ground and both sides abided by it.

Emm was sitting across from her, her vaguely cat-based costume a mixture of black and browns that had never made much sense to Natalie. Emm was about the only friend Natalie had in the hero community, and even she was starting to show signs of being fed up with her.

“I don’t know Emm, but thanks for putting up with my venting.” Natalie said and smiled at Emm.

“So, what am I going to do now?”

“Do what everyone does when they get sued… get a lawyer!”

Natalie sat across from yet another lawyer, the third one today and the third day in a row she had done so. It wasn’t that she was picky or cheap, it was that each and every single one of them had turned her down. Most for the obvious reason that they didn’t want to get involved in a high profile case, especially involving Jordan Kepler.

Though that wasn’t completely accurate, she had turned one down herself, he had given off a real bottom-feeder vibe to her and seemed almost too eager to take the case, and so she’d moved on. She had two more today after this one, even if he turned out to be willing to take her case.

“I just need someone to put an end to this stupidity and beat Jordan Kepler for me.” she said, half exasperatedly, just wanting it to be over, but also half pleadingly that someone would take up the fight with her.

“Look Valiant Guardian,” he started to respond.

“Call me Val.” she interjected before he continued.

“Alright Val, I can take your case, but I have to be honest, you have little hope of winning it.”

Natalie raised an eyebrow, it was a different response than she’d gotten so far at least, “What do you mean?”

“Well, you’ve pretty much painted yourself into a corner I’m afraid. I mean there are hours and hours of video of you making, what any judge or jury would agree, are defaming remarks about Mr. Kepler. Many of which you make clear that you don’t care if there is proof or not, you just ‘know’ it’s true.”

“Well, Mr…. Donald,” she replied, double-checking his name, “that’s not a very inspiring statement about your defence… if I hire you that is.”

He smiled a bit, “Call me Jim and I think you’re going to hire me… let me guess, you’ve been to a dozen other lawyers before me? How many more are on your list? Doesn’t really matter, I doubt you’ll find anyone willing to take your case other than me.”

“Oh? And how do you know that?”

“Because Jordan Kepler does business with just about every law firm in the city. And even if he doesn’t hire them directly, they probably get hired to do work by the ones that he does hire on a piecemeal basis. And as much as lawyers will do just about anything if you pay their fees, the one thing they won’t do is kill the golden goose.”

“So what do you suggest then if you can’t win? Why would I spend my money on a loser?”

“Because there’s losing and then there’s losing. I can do everything in my power to make sure you land as softly as possible from this fall. We can start by seeing if he’d be willing to settle out of court…”

“Humf, that’s unlikely, I think I already burnt that bridge.”

“Well, I guess that’s not too surprising. Then our next strategy would be to gain as much jury sympathy as possible.”

She nodded her head and considered it, “Well, I do have two more firms to visit, but can I let you know tomorrow?”

“Of course, I’ll clear some time for the next few months for you.”

She stood up and smirked a little, “That confident they’ll turn me down?”

“Yep.” he replied and held out his hand. She shook it and re-evaluated the man. Perhaps things would work out alright.

Things were a disaster!

Jordan had brought out every trick in the book, demolishing every last defence they tried against him.

And just as Jim had predicted, she’d lost.

She didn’t blame Jim of course, he’d always been straight forward with her and gave her honest evaluations of how they were doing throughout the trial. It was just that, just as he predicted, she’d buried herself before the trial had even started. The jury had taken just 5 minutes to come back and give a guilty verdict.

Now as Natalie and Jim sat in his office, there was nothing left to do but wait for the judge to award damages.

“So, what happens next?” she asked.

“Well, the judge will likely grant Kepler’s motion to treat each incident as a separate defamation, and then assign some kind of monetary value to each one. I’d guess somewhere in the mid-tens of thousands of dollars.

Which means a final judgment in the millions. If you’re unlucky he’ll also deem the defamations as malicious and triple the damages.”

“Ok, but how do they collect it? I mean they can’t force me to reveal my secret identity can they?”

“No, the 32nd amendment guarantees your anonymity, so no worries there. But if you don’t pay they can come after you for contempt of court and put you in jail until you do.”

“What if… what if I can’t pay it? I do have money, but not millions just laying around you know?”

“Well there is no other legal advice I can give… but if I’m off the clock?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Well, then your only other option would be to retire.”


“You know, retire. Put Valiant Guardian down and no longer appear in public. I mean, if they can’t find you, they can’t do much about it.” Jim replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

Natalie slumped her shoulders and shook her head, knowing he was right but not liking it none the less.

“But, as your lawyer, and friend, do the right thing. Pay the judgment or do whatever else you have to to stay on the right side of the law.” he said and she nodded in reply, knowing full well that was unlikely to be an option for her.

Natalie watched the news as she slumped in her couch, “And still no word from Valiant Guardian since she disappeared after the 23 million dollar verdict was handed down by the judge in her defamation suit. I think it’s safe to say we’ve heard the last of her Tony.”

It had been only a month since the verdict and the public had turned on her. Even her staunchest defenders had left her when she disappeared, unable to reconcile her actions with the image she had always projected. And now, even the media was losing interest. This had been the first report she’d seen on herself in almost 6 days.

She let out a sigh and turned the TV off, it was just about 10 pm, just when she should be getting out there and roaming the streets, but that was impossible now. Perhaps in a few more years she could take up a new identity and start over… but perhaps not.

A frown came to her face as she recalled Emerald Vixen’s disgust when Natalie had told her what her plan was. Natalie had tried to break it to her easily, but there really wasn’t any way to do that and in the end Emm had stormed out of The Secret Club and blocked her number.

But perhaps the worst part of it was the time. Natalie had dedicated years of her young life to being a hero and now… what was she going to do?

It wasn’t like she needed to work, or that she would have been able to get a job anyway with no experience. After all putting “superhero” on a resume wasn’t something she could do. Perhaps she could get a job as a personal trainer, she was in top physical form, or perhaps as private security, but pandering to the rich seemed like a slap in the face to her.

She involuntarily shuttered at the thought as the memory of the poor rent-a-cop sitting in the lobby of Kepler Tower popped into her head.

With nothing else to do, she got up off the couch and headed to bed, perhaps something would come to her after yet another good night’s sleep.

As she slept, even her enhanced hearing would not have picked up the inaudible sound of the gas filling her room.

Natalie groaned as she came around from the effects of the gas, she recognized it instantly and jerked out of pure reflex, even before her eyes opened. She heard the groan of the metal bonds that held her down to the chair she was seated in, but they did not break.

“Ah, good, I’m glad your awake Natalie.” Jordan Kepler’s voice said as it filled the brightly-lit room.

She peeled her eyes open to see him standing in front of her, dressed in a suit and tie as always.

“Where am I? What’s going on? I knew you were up to no good, you won’t get away with this!” she spoke with more confidence than she felt, but it wasn’t the first time she’d been captured.

And then her mind caught up with what was he had said and her mouth dropped open and her face went white.

“Ah, there it is. You know you superhero’s put all your faith in the 32nd amendment, but always forget that the restrictions on identifying a hero only applies to the government. Not private individuals.” he said shaking his head.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, or cheap, but it was doable.”

“How… how long have you know?” she asked, slightly deflated.

“Oh, I started having you investigated after that interview you gave calling me ‘the worst person possible to have living in our city’. It took a few weeks after that, so maybe 3 months now? That sounds about right.”

That meant he’d know her secret id long before he sued her, and that could only mean one thing.

“Yes, that’s right, the lawsuit was all part of my plan to get you right here, right now. Well maybe not right now, I mean it could have been last week, or next week, or next month I suppose. But that’s neither here nor there really. What’s important right now is why we’re here.”

She rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe he was actually going to monologue. But that thought quickly left her when she tilted her head down to shake it and realized she was naked.

“Really!?! Naked?” she called out, some of her previous bravado coming back into her voice.

In response, he chuckled, “Well, yes. I guess I could have covered you up for this first part I guess. Blame it on my inexperience as a villain, after all this is my first time.”

Natalie blinked several times at that.

“Yes, that’s right. I really didn’t have any secret agenda before or after you started to attack me. In fact right up until that interview I thought you’d just fade away like so many others that have tried to bring me down. But I could see it in your eyes that day, you weren’t going to let it go no matter what.

And so, that day, I formed this plan in its entirety.

You know, the thing is, I gave you lots of opportunities to avoid this. A simple apology, pay the judgment, and so many other times. You turned away from your ‘valiant’ path each time you had an opportunity to do the right thing.”

She flexed and tried to break free once more, struggling with everything she had to no avail.

“Don’t worry, they’re more than strong enough to hold you. A product of one of my research divisions, the material is going to revolutionize the auto industry in a few years.”

“You couldn’t have known I’d retire… what if…”

“What if you’d continued to fight crime? Well two things really, first, eventually you’d be caught and sent to jail for disobeying the court order. In that case I had plans in place to break you out and bring you here anyway. And the second, was simply that I had a ringer to make sure you went in the right direction.”

“A ringer… who?”


“Impossible! I could have picked any lawyer!”

“No, no you couldn’t. Jim told you himself that no other lawyer would take you. Which wasn’t technically true, there were a half dozen like Jim that I had on my payroll to take your case and follow the script I’d given them. The rest of the legal establishment in the city would never have taken you on as a client.”

“Bastard! When I get free…”

“Well in that case, I think we should get started then.” he said calmly as she shouted profanities at him.

“Do you recognize this?” he asked as he walked over to a table and picked up a headset of some kind.

That brought her attention to him and she focused on it, “…No, no I don’t think so.”

It was a thin band of metal, maybe two inches across and not more than half an inch thick, it looked like it would sit on your head but not cover your eyes or ears.

“Well, they are only used in extreme cases so far, so I’m not surprised, but I’m sure you heard of them. One of my subsidiaries make them, they call them a ‘Reformation Headset’.”

She did recognize that name, it was a device used to reform the worst of the worst inmates, reforming their minds into productive members of society. It was still very experimental, but from what she had heard, was 100% successful.

“Of course, as I’m sure you know, the marketing people are assuring everyone that it can only affect the areas of the brain that are abnormal, re-aligning them to be normal again.

That’s not quite true, I mean, the units we’re sending out to the government are limited to that, but this unit… well I like to call this one the ‘Deformation Headset’. It has no such limits as to what it can do.”

Natalie struggled again as Jordan stepped closer to her, but again without success as he lowered the headset down on to her like a crown. A small jolt of electricity left from it to her scalp as it made contact and her struggles continued.

“Now then…” he said and grabbed the back of her chair and twisted it around until she was facing away from him towards the wall, where a large monitor was hung just a few feet away from her.

“…let’s get you settled in.” he continued and walked around in front of her again, reaching down between her legs and picking up two wires with clips at the end of them.

He opened the clips and attached one to each of her nipples, which instantly hardened under the pressure. Then he pulled a small remote control from his pocket and pressed a button.

She had expected the monitor to come to life, but instead she felt pressure on her outer lips as something pushed into her pussy. It was well lubricated and slid in easily, but she let out a screech none the less.

Another press of a button and her rear entrance was similarly penetrated.

Then, with a third button, before she could raise her voice in defiance, her mind emptied and she gasped as the device came to life.

Natalie’s body went limp as the Deformation Headset turned off and she took in a deep breath several times trying to catch it.

How long had it been on for? Was her mind her own or had Jordan subverted it already?

Before she could formulate an answer to either question a straw we held up to her lips and she sucked on it eagerly without thinking about what it might be. She was parched and beyond the headset, Jordan had no reason to harm her.

After the drink, which was obviously some kind of sports re-hydration mix, some kind of protein bar was offered and she wolfed it down as well.

When she finished, she finally managed to make eye contact with Jordan, “You… you failed, I’m still me.” she said with little confidence.

“Oh, don’t worry, that was just the first session. And a short one at that, just eight hours.”

Natalie blink several times in surprise, it had felt like so much longer. She closed her eyes and tried to recall the time that had passed. It was a mixed bag, she could clearly recall some parts, the dildos penetrating her, the stimulation of her nipples, but there seemed to be long sections of time where her mind was just vacant, with nothing happening. There were a few times she could remember when the monitor had come to life, but she couldn’t recall what had been on it.

“Well you came through that pretty well, let’s try 12 hours next.” Jordan said as he pressed a button on the remote just as she cried out for him to stop.

Natalie sucked on the straw, desperate to get the liquid into her body. When the first cup was gone, a second was provided and then the protein bars. Jordan seemed quite pleased with himself and she knew why. She wasn’t angry at him, and that was a problem.

She should be angry at him, furious. He’d ruined her life, and was actively trying to destroy what little she had left. That should be more than enough to generate anger towards him, but it wasn’t.

Which meant the headset was working.

It was literally deforming her thoughts so that anger was… apathy? She wasn’t quite sure what she felt towards him at the moment, but it wasn’t anger.

The other thing was that she could remember more of what had happened during the session. There were less vacant times and more times she could remember… pleasure?

Again, that wasn’t quite right. Before the memory of the dildos brought shame and humiliation each time they penetrated her, with a bit of pain for the one on her backside, but that was no longer the case. Just like her anger towards Jordan, those feelings had been deformed into something else. She just wasn’t sure what just yet.

Nat looked up at Jordan as she sucked in the drink and curled her lips into a smile. She’d lost count at the number of sessions she’d had with the headset, but she knew things were different.

The most obvious was her name, she never thought of herself as Nat, she hated it when people shortened her name. But now it was the first thing that came to mind when she thought of her name. She knew her full name was Natalie, but that was just something that was written down on a piece of paper somewhere. She was Nat, there was no doubt about that.

There were other things as well, there was no hate or anger when she looked at Jordan anymore. Those feelings had long since vanished, replaced with… tranquility? Contentment?

It was hard to describe. Each time she saw him it was more and more like she was always supposed to see him. Like he was supposed to be a major part of her life.

And then there was the pleasure… oh god the pleasure. It filled most of her memories of the sessions with the headset now and she could even remember what was being displayed on the monitor too… porn.

Every time the monitor came to life, the dildos followed along, mimicking the action that was being displayed along with the clamps on her nipples. She’d cum so many times, and far harder than she ever had before.

She could even remember hearing her own voice repeating what the porn star on screen had been saying after she’d been shown the scene a dozen times or so. That had made her orgasm even better.

“Umh, Jordan, won’t you take these restraints off? I promise I won’t leave.” she asked as she finished the last bite of the protein bar.

He smiled down at her and a shiver ran through her, “Oh, I know, but they’re important for later. Trust me.”

She nodded and smiled in reply, she did trust him, and she knew that was a change as well.

Val wiggled her ass in the chair, her wrists and ankles restrained and causing her pussy to pulse with excitement. God she loved being restrained, especially when Jordan was doing it.

She didn’t even try to keep track of how many sessions she’d had with the headset, mostly because she was always eager to get to the next one.

She knew it had changed her quite a lot, there was some part in the back of her mind that knew she’d had another name at some time, but she couldn’t imagine what it might have been.

Just as she knew that she hadn’t always gotten sexually excited by being restrained. Or enjoyed sex nearly as much as she did now. There was just something about being tied up and fucked that made her want to beg for it that she couldn’t explain.

Of course she didn’t really want to explain it either, it was like the headset itself. She loved to have it on her head, to be under its power, to know that Jordan was deforming her thoughts into those that suited him better.

And that was all she needed to know, because Jordan was the most important thing in her world, of which she had no doubt at all.

Valarie moaned and rocked her hips against the dildo in her pussy, “Mmmm… yeah, fuck my pretty little pussy! Fuck me like the slut I am baby!”

The headset wasn’t on, which disappointed Valarie, but Jordan had asked if she wanted to use the dildo between sessions and she’d of course said yes.

She was a slut, plain and simple, so of course she took every opportunity to have something stuffed in her needy little pussy.

Well, that wasn’t quite true. Sure she was a slut, but plain and simple wasn’t how she’d describe herself. Instead words like; bondage, humiliation, exhibitionism, and slavery came to mind.

Plain and simple? No far from it.

And the best part was she knew Jordan was making her even more so. She looked up at him and saw him watching her push herself on to the dildo with abandon.

“Oh god Jordan, why won’t you fuck me? Use me please! I want your cock deep in my pussy, or my throat, or my ass, use whatever hole you want! Please Jordan, please!” She cried out just in time for him to press the button on the remote for the headset one more time.

Valarie fidgeted on her couch, checking the time on her phone over and over again… he was late and he was never late.

She stood up, the tight little red dress she was wearing pushing her tits together to give her ample cleavage to show off with her blonde hair just reaching the tops of them, as she paced back and forth.

She checked her phone again and unlocked it, her fingers hovering over the keyboard to send a message, but not actually making contact. Then she heard the knock at the door of her condo and she moved as quickly as she could in her high heels.

Opening the door Jordan stood before her and her knees almost gave out, “Hey baby!” she squealed as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue.

His hands reached around and grabbed her ass, squeezing it hard.

“Come on, we’ve got places to go.” he said after breaking the kiss and embrace.

He took her hand and she followed along just a half step behind him. It was a big night for her, it was going to be the first time Jordan took her out in public, cementing her place as his main piece of ass and she was so excited to be shown off hanging on his arm.

She knew tomorrow they would be all over the tabloids, after all it wasn’t every day the most eligible bachelor in the city showed off a new piece of arm candy. But she was sure she was going to make the most of it and make him proud.

In the limo on the ride to the event they made out, he played with her tits and ass just the way she liked him to until it was time for her to fix her makeup before they arrived.

She hung off his arm the entire night, except of course when she gave him a blowjob under the table. She was pretty sure a few people had noticed her moans coming from under it, and certainly the squeal she gave when he came in her mouth and she orgasmed.

The night ended late and instead of going back to her condo, she went home with him, her pussy buzzing from all the attention she had received and eager for him to use her again. She wasn’t disappointed when he’d told her to go into the spare room and put on what she found there. She was sure he could hear the squeal of her voice from the excitement of discovering the costume.

It was black and skin-tight, a large VG on the front of it in a dark gray, making it hard to distinguish, but impossible to mistake for anything but what it was. Valiant Guardian’s uniform.

Valarie hadn’t been in the city when VG had been around, but she had seen the old news reports about how she had harassed and defamed Jordan until she’d disappeared a while ago.

Quickly putting on the costume, she found a pair of matching high heels as well as a mask to complete it. There were a few differences to VG’s costume of course, first there were the obvious holes for her pussy and ass. Also, the arms didn’t open at the end, instead forming mittens which, after some experimentation, were meant to be clasped together behind her back.

After getting everything put on, she wiggled her ass into the bedroom where Jordan was waiting, smiling with each step she took.

He stood up from the bed and walked around behind her, clipping the gloves together and securing them in place, forcing her arms into an almost prayer-like position behind her.

He stepped around in front of her again and the smile vanished from his lips, “I’ve got you now Valiant Guardian.” he said with all seriousness.

“Ha! Not likely, I’ll get out of this!” Valarie replied as he grabbed hold of her shoulders and twisted her around.

“I don’t think so!” he said and slapped her ass, then slapped it again and again.

“Oh no! Not my weak spot! Blast it! I’m helpless!”

Twirling her around again he guided her to the bed and pushed her backwards on to it, then grabbing her ankles, pulled her legs all the way to up to beside her head.

“Please no Mr. Kepler! I promise to never smear your good name again!”

“Too late VG! My revenge will be complete soon enough!” he said as he mounted her, pushing his pulsing head up against her asshole.

“Oh god, not my ass! Please, anything but that! If you fuck my ass I’ll belong to you forever!”

“That’s right VG, you will be my personal anal slut for as long as I want you to be.”

“Oh my GOOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!” Valarie cried out as the pleasure rushed from her ass to her brain as he entered her.

“Oh please Mr. Kepler, stop! Please stop! If I cum from your cock in my ass I’ll be lost forever!”

“You already are VG, you were lost the day you decided your fame was more important than my reputation, now take my cock deep into your ass!” he said as he shoved all the way to the base of his cock.

Valarie cried out in pleasure, “OH GOD YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK VALIANT GUARDIAN’S ASS!” she cried out as he pounded in and out of her ass until she felt his hot seed enter her bowels and her own orgasm crashed over her.

When she recovered, Jordan was in the bathroom cleaning up, which gave Valarie lots of time to feel his cum slowly dribbling out of her ass as she lay there, her arms still firmly strapped behind her.

She smiled and wondered how she had gotten so lucky to be with Jordan, she wasn’t sure, but she did know she could hardly wait for him to put the Deformation Headset back on her and make whatever changes he wanted so he’d use her even more often.