Dog and Pony Show

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2017

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SYNOPSIS: Alison has agreed to spy on a foreign government while she’s overseas doing business, will she be able to get the information the government wants?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes: This story was originally inspired by a post on tumblr ( by bimboexec, thanks for writing a great caption.

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Chapter 1 – The Offer

Alison scowled at Tom as he stood in front of her desk in her corner office, the view of the city behind her the envy of pretty much everyone in the firm.

She’d made partner at the firm faster than anyone before and she’d done it on pure determination and brains. But sometimes it was hard for the men in the office to look past her appearance and Tom was the worst.

“Look Tom, I’m too busy to spend that much time going all the way to North Korea just to make a good impression for your client.”

“Alison, it’s a real opportunity, you’re our best international specialist and this is the first time the state department has let any private company go to Pyongyang. We need to make sure our client knows we’re serious.”

“I understand Tom, but it’s a waste of time. You and I both know the government is never going to let them do business with the North until there is a major change. This is just a PR exercise and I have better things to do with my time. I’m not going to go as part of your dog and pony show, thank you very much.”

Alison watch Tom’s blood pressure rise, “Look, this is a big deal and I’m giving you a great opportunity. Think about it overnight and let me know tomorrow.”, he said, raising his voice and then stomping out of her office.

Alison smiled and curled some loose brunette hairs over her ear before letting out a sigh of relief. Tom’s bark was far worse than his bite, he didn’t have any real leverage to get her to go and he knew it.

If he had, he’d have gone straight to the managing partner and had her assigned to it instead.

No, she wasn’t going to waste her time traipsing all over the world just so Tom could score some points with his client.

Tom slammed his office door and flopped down on the couch, how could the cold-hearted bitch turn down such a great offer, and from him none the less!

Sure she was a stunning woman, at 5’9″ with that slim body she could have been walking down any fashion runway she wanted, but that didn’t mean she was above him.

He needed her expertise, otherwise he was sunk. He didn’t have the knowledge required to broker this kind of deal and no one else in the office did either.

He’d already promised the client the world and there was no way he could deliver it without her so if she didn’t come around he was going to look like an idiot and he might even loose the client.

Alison stood up from behind her desk and stretched her tall lean frame out after a long day. Looking out of her office window she could see the bright lights of the city sparkling against the pitch black sky of the night and she checked her watch, 8 pm.

She picked up her computer and put it in her case and then grabbed her jacket, just as she was about to step out of the door as her cell phone rang. She didn’t recognize the number but answered it anyway, may of her clients called from different phones all the time.

“Alison Dales.” she answered.

“Hi Alison, it’s Brenda!” the cheery voice on the other end called. She searched her memory only for a moment before recognizing her first year university room mate’s voice.

“Brenda! So good to hear from you, what have you been up to?”

“Oh you know, the usual. Work and work and then some more work. Ha ha.”

“Oh don’t I know it, so what can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if you were free for a drink tonight?”

“Oh, I’m just getting off from work, I don’t think tonight would be a good idea.” she said, remembering the many times they’d gone out drinking at university and the thumping hangovers that followed.

“Oh, it won’t be like the old times, it might be an opportunity though. Come on, just one drink, no more than an hour.”

“Well…. Ok.” Alison responded, after all one drink with a friend couldn’t end up that badly, could it?

“Great, there’s a limo waiting for you in front of your office, can’t wait to see you.” Brenda said and hung up before Alison got a chance to ask about the limo.

“Your joking right? Brenda Dillon, defender of the first amendment, working for the CIA?” Alison asked as her friend sat across from her in the quiet, up scale bar the limo had dropped her off at.

She might not have believed it, except for the two men that sat at each side of Brenda in their white shirts and black suits.

“Yep, who would have thought it! But I guess not everyone turns out like we expect. Well, except for you of course, Alison Dales, high priced international lawyer. Exactly what you wanted to be.”

Alison cocked a wry smile, “Yep, though I sometimes wonder if all the work is worth it, but then I just look at my bank account and don’t worry about it any more.”

“So, Brenda, while the small talk has been fun, why did you really ask me here tonight?”

“Boys, can you take a walk for a few minutes?” Brenda said to the two men in black, they turned and walked away, but stayed close enough to keep an eye on the two of them.

“I was wondering why you don’t want to go on the North Korea trip with Tom?”

“And how would you know that I don’t?” Alison asked accusingly, had the CIA been bugging her office?

“Well, I can’t get in to details, but let’s just say those knew powers congress gave the FBI have been quite helpful to them. And unlike the old days, they like to share and share alike now. But you didn’t answer my question.”

Alison was pragmatic about these kinds of things, she knew the government did all kinds of things that weren’t strictly legal, but as long as it kept the populace safe, she didn’t see the harm in it.

“Well, to be honest, there’s really no point in going. The government isn’t going to open up trade relations with the North any time soon so this is just a waste of time. I’ve got lots of work on my plate with companies opening up shop in countries that we can actually trade with.”

“Yes, but I think you should really go anyway, after all we approved the application just to get your firm in to the country.”

“Our firm?”

“No, your firm.”

“Let me get this straight, you approved a trade mission for a private company so you could get me in to the country?”

“Well, yes. Do you remember Jihoon from university?”


“Yes, oh, sorry, he went by Jay.”

“The asian guy with glasses?”

“Yep, that’s him. He’s really moved up in the party in the North and we think you could help us get some information from him.”

“What, like be a mule or something? He’s working for you? “

“No, he’s not working for us, but he might drop his guard around you.”

“I don’t think you’ve got the right woman for that Brenda. I barely know him.”

“Seriously? You never wondered why he was always in the library at the same time as you? Always showed up at the same parties? Always offered to help with… well… anything?”

“What? No, you can’t be serious.”

Brenda glanced over to the two men in black suits, “Look over there and tell me if I’m being serious.” she replied.

Alison thought for a moment before responding, “So you want me to go to North Korea, met up with a man I haven’t seen in 5 years and try and spy on him for the government. Did I miss anything?”

“Nope, that’s pretty much it. Well there is one other little thing.”

“Let me guess, you’ll have those two take me out back if I don’t do it?”

“Oh nothing so dramatic, but you might find it hard to do international law when your black listed at every embassy, political event and none of our allies will give you the time of day.”

Alison’s mouth dropped as it set in, Brenda was playing hard ball, leaving her no real choice.

“Well, when you put it that way, I guess I’ll have to have an uncomfortable chat with Tom tomorrow. And what information am I exactly supposed to be getting from Jay? Let alone how I am supposed to contact him?!”

“Glad your on-board Alison. I can’t really tell you the details, just see if you can get the conversation to head towards his southern neighbour and report back whatever he tells you. Don’t worry about meeting him, that will happen through the natural course of your work, just don’t force it. It was good to see you again.” Brenda said as she stood up and grabbed her coat. She took a single step before turning half way back to Alison.

“Oh, that last little thing… you’re not officially working for the government, so if you get caught, we’re going to deny everything. Have a great trip and I’ll see you when you get back!”

Alison picked up her drink and tossed it back, the alcohol burning the back of her throat as it went down.

“Hey!” she called out to the waiter, “get me another one, make it a double.”

Alison strode across the office floor, her low heels echoing across the room as she took each purposeful step. Tom’s door was open and she walked right in, she wasn’t looking forward to this but just like a band aid it was better to tear it off quick rather than picking at it slowly.

“Tom.” she said, as he had his head down reading a stack of papers.

“Alison?!” he replied, looking up at the imposing figure standing in front of his desk.

“I thought about it last night and I think I will go on the North Korea trip. Get it set up and I’ll make room in my calendar.” she said and then promptly walked back out of his office before he could respond.

Tom rubbed his neck, it felt like he might have whiplash from the sudden change of mind from Alison. Though he had to admit the view of her ass as she walked away, even in the boring suit, almost made up for it.

He watched her stride across the office and finally entered her office and closed the door behind her and breaking his view and he blinked, “Karen, get in here!”

He waited for Karen to come in to his office, his young assistant had only started a few months ago, but what she lacked in experience she more than made up for in looks. Her petite frame was the complete opposite of Alison, she couldn’t have been more than 5′ tall, but had curves that gave her a classic hour glass shape.

“I need you to add Alison to the North Korea trip.”

“Yes sir.” she replied, making a note on a spiral bound notepad.

Chapter 2 – The Trap

Alison stepped off the plane with Tom and started to walk through the airport along with the representatives from the client. They were all older white men and she had paid very little attention to them. Several of them had tried to hit on her, but she was experienced in declining gracefully and none of them seemed to take offense.

They arrived a few minutes later at the customs station and proceeded through. The first few of them cleared through quickly, but when it came to her turn, there seemed to be some delay.

“Wait here.” the man behind the counter said as he stood up and walked towards a back room, taking her passport with him.

Panic started to kick in but she managed to reign it back and she didn’t think it had shown on her face. She’d traveled far and wide and her passport was littered with stamps. Likely the agent just had not recognized one of them and needed to confirm it.

Surely it wasn’t due to the deal with Brenda, how could anyone know about that?

She started to fidget a bit, but soon the door opened and the agent returned, extending her passport back to her, “Welcome to North Korea, have a pleasant stay Miss Dales”, he said and waved her through.

She held her sigh of relief in until she was well past the next guard.

Tom was an idiot, that was the only explanation she could come up with.

She hadn’t worked with him before, but after the first meeting really got in to swing she’d had to step in and stop him from torpedoing the deal before anyone had even said what they wanted.

She’d spent the next several days leading the meetings and, to her surprise, seemed to be getting somewhere. She was sure the government would call a halt to it once they had something down on paper, but none the less the contacts she was making here might prove useful in the future.

As for Tom, when she got back she was going to make sure he was fired one way or another.

This morning had been a long meeting dealing with the details of transporting goods in and out of North Korea, it was with mostly junior members of the Trade Ministry and had gone well. This afternoon on the other hand was with senior members and was focused on something much dearer to everyone’s heart, duties and taxes.

After a quick bite to eat, they were taken down the hall from the conference room they had been in earlier and escorted in to a larger room. A long table with 20 representatives seated behind it was in front of the much smaller table for their party of 6.

Alison scanned the faces starting from the right until she stopped in the middle, where her classmate Jay sat. As their eyes met a slight smile crossed his face and she returned it.

She doubted anyone else would have noticed either one of their expressions change, but he had recognized her and that was all she could do at the moment.

Alison stood as the long line of men left the room, Jay had been the first to leave and the rest had followed. After that brief smile at the beginning, he had show no other sign that he knew her and she hadn’t expected anything else.

As the last of the officials left the room, one stayed behind and after a moment walked over to the table.

“Excuse me Miss Dales, do you have a moment?” he said in perfect English, waving a hand away from the rest of her group.

“Of course.” she replied and walked a few steps with him towards the other side of the room.

“The Deputy Minister would like to invite you to a private dinner, of course he could not do so in public you understand.” he said quietly.

“Of course, I would be honoured to accept.”

“Very good, there will be a car waiting for you at 7pm in front of your hotel. Formal attire is required.”

“I’ll be there.”

Alison watched the store fronts fade to homes and then finally to trees as they drove out of the city and in to the country. It was nearly 45 minutes later that they pulled up to a large western style home and came to a stop.

The driver opened the door for her and she stepped out on to the paved driveway, her heels clicked as she walked to the front door, which was open and an honest to god butler was holding it. White gloves and all.

“Miss Dales, the Deputy Minister is waiting in the dining room.” he said as he waved her towards the left-hand side of the hallway and closed the door.

As she passed by a large mirror she double checked herself, she’d put on a tight dress that showed off her long legs, but was still conservative enough not to draw attention. She’d put her hair up and put on some light makeup that complemented her dress and everything seemed to be in place.

She walked in to the dining room, it was lavishly furnished with a large modern table and chairs as well as what looked like art from several famous painters.

“Alison!” Jay called as he stood up and walked towards her.

“Deputy Minister.” she replied.

“Oh come now, none of that! Call me Jay, just like old times.” he said as she gave her a light hug, she returned it.

“Jay!” she replied, “You’ve really done well for yourself!”

“Do you like?” he said, stepping back, turning around with his arms and hands out showing off his finely tailor suit, “Not too bad if I do say so myself. But look at you! Alison Dales, high priced international lawyer! Just like you said you would be.”

“Yep, no surprise there, is it?” she said with a slight laugh.

After a little bit of small talk, dinner was severed and consumed along with a marvellous white wine and after dinner brandy.

They retired to his sitting room on to the couch and talked and drank and talked even more. What she hadn’t noticed was how little he had been drinking in comparison to her and soon she was doing most of the talking as the alcohol loosened up her normally frigid demeaner.

“Ha ha ha, it’s so… so… so good to catch up with…. old friends.” Alison said as she placed her hand over his heart and let it slide down a bit.

“Yes it is, isn’t it. Nothing like having a drink with an old friend from university.”

“And… like… this is the second time! I was drinking with… Brenda… just a few weeks ago…” she said as she hickuped and placed a finger over her mouth.

“Oh… maybe… I shouldn’t have said… that.”

“Why not? It’s not like I didn’t know already Alison. The CIA isn’t nearly as secretive as they think they are. But I don’t know if you really want to call Brenda a friend any more, after all she sent you in to a hostile country to spy for them and didn’t prepare you in the slightest. No not a very good friend at all.”

Alison, even as drunk as she was, knew she was in trouble and so stood up.

“Uhm… I think… I should… go now.” she said, pointing a limp hand towards the doorway only to see two large guards standing in it.

“Fudge.” she said as Jay motioned them forward and they each took one of her arms and picked her right up off her feet.

Alison grabbed her head in her hands as she sat up on her bed, it throbbed and the noise coming from all around wasn’t helping. She opened her eyes and looked down at her baggy grey uniform and suddenly the night before came crashing back to her.

The guards had taken her away from the house and driven for several hours with her handcuffed in the back of a large SUV. She’d passed out several times during the trip but when they finally arrived at their destination she recognized it for what it was, a prison, more precisely a women’s prison.

Flashes of herself being stripped of her dress and forcibly bathed came to her followed by rough hands sliding her prison uniform on to her naked body.

She looked up at the grey walls and bars of her cell and jumped up from the cot that was her bed. She grabbed the bars of the cell door and pushed and pulled on them but they held firm.

She paced around the cell, sat down, stood up, did everything she could think of until she finally sat back down and rested herself against the wall.

It was a while later that the guard came and stood in front of the cell. He pulled the baton from his belt and pointed at her, motioning for her to stand, then turned and face the wall.

She did so and heard the door open, then his footsteps enter her cell and finally the cold steal of handcuffs snap shut around her wrist.

“There’s been a mistake…” she started to say but the baton landed on her shoulder and the pain shot down her arm.

“But…” she tried again and was given the same reward on the other shoulder.

After a brief pause the guard pulled her way from the wall by her cuffed hands and guided her out through the prison to a small room with a table and chairs in it. She was seated on one side and a few minutes later an older man in a suit came in and sat down across from her.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“I’m not sure, are you my lawyer?”

“No, you have no need of a lawyer Miss Dales. Your trial finished several hours ago, I am the prison administrator.”

“My trial? How can it be over? I have to be able to defend myself!”

“No Miss Dales, this is not your decadent western legal system. Here in the North we are very efficient. The Deputy Minister presented his evidence and the magistrate found you guilty of espionage. The sentence we handed down immediately following the verdict. Life.”

“No wait, it can’t be!” she cried out.

“I assure you it is. As you are a foreigner we have placed you in a private cell, temporarily, so you can become familiar with our prison system. You will find it much different than those in the west. We are not here to reform you and return you to society, this prison is here only to keep you out of society until the day you die.”

Alison finally broke down and cried as the administrator continued to lay out her future misery.

Alison walked slowly from the wing that held the private cells as she was escorted out in to the general population. They walked through the doorway in to the prison yard, it was mostly a large dirt field with a few wooden benches around the edge of it.

There were several groups of women cluster in different areas, the administrator had described them as communities, but from his description she clearly recognized them as gangs.

From what she had been able to pick up from other prisoners in the private cells, at least the few that spoke any English, was that the general population was ruled by three main gangs.

The first was the Lifers; murders, repeat offenders and the worst of the worst. No one bothered them, but they mostly kept to themselves unless they perceived a slight against them. Then their revenge was quick and vicious.

The second gang was the Family; an organized crime ring that didn’t see prison as any reason to stop working. They ran virtually everything inside the prison that was illegal.

The third had only come in to existence a few months ago when a large prostitution ring had been busted. Over a dozen women had been sentence at the same time and they had formed their own gang, protecting each other and using their skills to win favour with the other gangs and if the rumors were true, the guards as well.

Alison stepped slowly in to the yard and the guard removed the handcuffs before closing the door behind her. She moved towards an empty area of the yard, where two walls of the prison intersected.

Too late did she realize she’d literally backed herself in to a corner, as several women started to approach her.

They didn’t speak English and so she didn’t understand what they wanted. She tried to move away, but cornered, one of them simply blocked her escape and pushed her back up against the wall. She held her hands up but another woman knocked them down and a third pushed her again.

All of their voices grew louder, the pushing continued until it became hitting. She fell to the ground and it became kicking. She curled up in to a ball and protected herself as much as she could and soon it ended.

When it did, one of the women stayed behind, bent down and leaned in to her ear, “Need protection. You see Han.”

Alison managed to get herself to her assigned bed and inspect her wounds, a few scrapes but mostly bruises. They’d heal soon enough, but she knew this would be only the first of many if she didn’t do something.

She looked around the room, it was filled with bunk beds, but there were only a few women in it, mostly talking to each other.

She pulled herself up off the bed and headed out once more.

She knew the Lifers would have been her best bet, but they hadn’t come to help her in the yard which meant they didn’t think she was one of them. That meant there was no point in searching them out.

But the Family could work. They were business people and that meant they made deals. She was pretty sure she’d be able to make some kind of deal with them.

It didn’t take long to find them, a small group of women were standing around a set of bunk beds while two other women sat and were talking. If the ones standing had been wearing black suits they could have easily passed for the agents that had come with Brenda that night.

She waited for the conversation to end and the woman to leave, then approached.

“Excuse me, can I have a word?” she asked, somewhat hesitantly as she didn’t know if any of the spoke English.

The woman sitting in the middle of the group waved her in and offered a seat.

“You want protection, yes?” the woman said, in a broken accent.



“No? But I can offer…”

“No. You claimed by Han.”

“Han? But I haven’t spoken to a Han.”

“You claimed, not protected yet.” she said as she looked up and nodded at the woman standing behind her.

Alison felt a hand grip her hair and lift her up before throwing her back down on to the bed face first. She struggled but the other women grabbed her arms and legs and held her down. She felt the cool air hit her ass as her pants were pulled down around her ankles.

Then the weight of the woman she had been talking to fell on to her legs and she felt a hard round object press up against her pussy as the woman she had tried to make a deal with used a home made strap on to push in to her.

Alison sat across from Han, the middle-aged woman was surrounded by the young girls she had worked with before being sent to prison as well as others that had joined the gang since she had arrived.

“You want protection?” Han asked.

“Yes.” Alison replied without hesitation. Between the beating and rape she knew she wouldn’t last long without one of the gangs and from what the Family had said, Han was the only option available to her.

“You want protection, you work for it. No free ride. You understand?”

Alison knew what Han meant, she’d be expected to have sex with the other prisoners and maybe the guards, but she had no options.

“Yes.” she said and nodded.

“Good.” Han said and stood up. Then she pulled her pants down and sat back down spreading her legs.

“You lick, you protected.”

Alison hesitated only for a moment before sliding down off the bed on to her knees and leaning in to Han’s pussy.

She moved in slowly until she caught a whiff of a sweet smell, she breathed in deeply and then found her tongue on Han’s outer lips. She’d never licked another woman’s pussy before, not even in university, but she quickly found it was far more pleasurable then she had imagined.

The sweet smell and the taste that seemed like pure bliss on her tongue was like nothing she’d experienced before. Something she was sure her pussy didn’t smell or taste like no matter what the few lovers she’d had in the past had said.

Alison buried her face between Han’s legs and continued to pleasure her, eager for more of the taste. She felt Han’s hands on her head, pushing her harder in to her and soon she felt Han’s body shiver as she came.

To Alison’s surprise, her own body did the same as her orgasm blossomed and her body went limp as it subsided.

Han leaned down and brushed her fingers through Alison’s hair and then down her cheek before coming to rest on her chin. Han tilted her head up slightly, “Good. You make good whore for me.”

The next few weeks blurred together for Alison, Han was true to her word and provided protection from the others, but was also true to her assessment afterwards as well.

The first few days Alison hadn’t left Han’s side, and even though she knew at some level there was no way she could be smelling Han’s pussy through the clothes and smell of the prison, some little part of her thought she could and it sent a shiver through her body each time she did.

Of course each time Alison’s face was buried in Han’s pussy the smell and taste overpowered everything else until she felt Han climax which was always followed by her own orgasm.

At some point, while licking Han’s pussy, Alison felt one of the other girls start licking her own pussy, which made the whole thing feel even better.

She didn’t mind when they had started using a dildo and had only managed to take a quick look over her shoulder when the male guard had replaced it with his hard shaft. Han had grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face back down and she had resumed her eager licking while the guard plunged in and out of her.

What was crystal clear was just a few days ago, instead of Han, another of the girls had sat in front of Alison and spread her legs. Alison hesitated and refused, asking where Han was.

“Han busy, you good whore, lick pussy.” the girl had replied.

Alison had refused again and then the girl left.

That had been three days ago and no one had come by since or talked to her for that matter. The first day had been strange, she’d become so use to the sex that it didn’t feel right not to have her tongue in a pussy or a dick in her.

By the time night came around, her body was in need, she’d curled up in her bed and tried to masturbate, but her fingers seemed unable to do the job. She tried imagining her tongue between the folds of Han’s pussy, the guards large penis in her, but should could not cum it was a restless night.

The second day, her body was on fire. It needed release and she went around to Han’s other girls, but none of them would talk to her. She nearly begged them by the end of the day but each one refused, only saying she would have to speak with Han.

The third day, today, had started badly and only gotten worse. Just before lunch she’d gone to the guard that had been regularly fucking and nearly attacked him, dropping to her knees and trying to pull his pants down.

A quick open handed smack across her face ended it and she ran back to her bed, curled up in to a ball and cried.

She knew what she had to do next, her trembling hands pushed her up off the bed and she managed to get her feet under her. She walked out to the yard and across to where Han was sitting with some of the other girls.

“Excuse me… Han.” She managed to get out, as she stood in front of the woman she so desperately wanted to pleasure.

Han looked up, “Ah. You ready now whore?”

“Ye… ye… yes.” Alison stuttered out.

“What are you?”

“I’m a whore.”

“Hrmph, yea, I got lots of whores. What arrre you?”

Alison hesitated only a moment, “I’m your good whore.”

“Better. What good whore do?”

“A good whore licks and sucks and fucks.” Alison replied with the words she’d heard nearly every day from Han as Alison had licked her pussy.

“Good whore.” Han said and a small shiver of pleasure washed over her.

“Undress.” Han said and Alison looked around the yard with the prisoners in it.

She started to say something but the look on Han’s face told her everything she needed to know and instead she started to strip down. A few minutes later, her uniform was in a pile on the ground and Alison stood naked for everyone to see.

“Good, lick.” Han said, pointing down, but not at her pussy, but instead at the bare foot she had flicked her shoe off of.

Alison dropped to her knees and bent down, the sweet smell she had been craving the last few days wafted up from Han’s foot and Alison’s lips wrapped around her toes.

The taste was the same and the effect was as well, soon she was lost in the pleasure as she heard Han repeat over and over, “Good whores lick and suck and fuck. Good whores do what they’re told.”

Alison’s orgasm shattered everything she thought she knew about pleasure and it was only some time later that she managed to get up off of the dirt and rejoin the group back in the common area.

Chapter 3 – The Escape

Alison rocked her hips back against the Lifer’s home made dildo and squealed in delight. Or at least what sounded like it, she’d learned that this Lifer particularly liked to hear her moan and squeal and generally make any kind of sound that confirmed her ham-fisted attempts at arousing her partner was getting the job done.

Of course, it really wasn’t doing anything for her but she knew better than to let on otherwise.

No, this was her second client of the day and there was one more to see, one of the guards before she could return to where she knew she’d find her pleasure for the day.

Alison felt a slap across her right ass cheek and knew it was time to finish up, she sped up her rocking and panted harder, the Lifer in turn grunted several times before gripping Alison’s hips tightly against the dildo and giving one last push before collapsing on top of her.

Alison rolled off of the top of the guard and used a tissue to clean up a bit before putting her uniform back on. She started to leave when he turned over towards her.

“Wait.” he said and reached down to the floor, pulling a plain white envelope from his pants pocket.

“For Han.” he said as he waved it towards her.

She took it from his hand and smiled before turning and leaving the room.

She turned it over in her hands several times on the way back to Han’s cell, but there were no identifying marks on it and it was sealed closed.

She walked in to Han’s cot and stood with her hands clasped in front of her and her head bowed while Han prepared for bed.

“What that?” Han finally said when she noticed the envelope.

“From the guard, Madam Han.” Alison replied and held it out without raising her head.

Han sad down on the bed and flicked her shoes off, Alison immediately dropped to her knees and started to lick Han’s feet as her dripping wet pussy buzzed with pleasure that none of her clients could ever provide her.

Alison stood in front of the guard, a plain white envelope in her hands, “From Madam Han.”

The guard raised an eyebrow and took it, inspecting much like she had the one he had given her.

“Madam Han says it is very important, you must deliver it now.”

“After.” he replied.

“Madam Han said now, or no more visits, ever.”

The guard scowled, his brow deep in thought and it looked to Alison like he might ignore Madam Han’s command. But then, his face relaxed and he put the envelope in his pocket.


“Yes, tomorrow.” she replied and then they both left the room.

Alison stood near the wall of the yard along with the other girls, Madam Han was speaking to one of the guards near the private cells where she had first entered the prison almost a year ago.

A brief flicker of memory brought her back to that time and she wondered if anyone was still trying to get her freed, but then Madam Han started walking back towards the group and the thought floated away as quickly as it had come.

Alison squirmed a bit, the two layers of clothing had made it hotter than it really was and less comfortable as well. Madam Han had insisted they all wear the “civilian” clothes under their prison uniforms for their yard time today and so they all had.

The alarm sounded the end of yard time and the Lifers and the Family members started to head back in, but Madam Han stopped the girls from moving, “Stay.”, she commanded and the all did.

As the last of the others left the yard, Madam Han gave another command, “Hold hands, follow me.”

Then the blast shook the ground and the concrete wall of the yard came crumbling down.

Madam Han rushed towards it, dragging the line of girls behind her and over the rubble.

Alison heard gunshots, but they didn’t seem to be directed at the girls. Instead, stealing a quick glance back, the guards were picking off any members of the other gangs that tried to make a run for it as well.

Madam Han guided them directly to several waiting vans and pushed them in, “Get rid of uniforms.” She said gruffly before sliding the van door closed and moving on to the next, leaving Alison with several other girls as they sped off down the road.

Alison looked around the warehouse, it wasn’t large, but it still held the four vans without any problem and the girls all stood around in a group by Madam Han.

Alison watched as Madam Han spoke to a well dressed man in a suit, she’d learned to pick up a few phrases during her time in prison and managed to piece together most of it.

Madam Han wasn’t a Madam at all, she was the head of the crime ring that owned the brothel. She’d been there as a customer, having her weekly dalliance when the authorities had raided it. She’d done the only thing she could and posed as the madam.

Since no one suspected her of being anything but the madam, she’d been given the same sentence as the rest of the girls and had expected to ride it out. She had run the business from the inside as best she could until she was released.

But someone had worked out that they had caught a bigger fish then they had thought and they were planning on taking Madam Han back for more “interrogation”.

Madam Han had found out and had arranged for the escape.

Now they were discussing what to do next.

“I think it best if you stay out of the city for the next little while.” the man in the suit said, “Perhaps head north?”

“North, I do not run. No I need to regain my position and these whores will help me do that.”

“As you wish Madam Han.”

Alison looked up from between the legs of the city official, his dick between her lips as she stroked up and down. It didn’t take long for her to suck him dry, she pulled off of his softening shaft, opened her mouth showing him his cum before closing it again and swallowing it.

She moved in closer and licked him clean, his hand stroking her hair as she did so until she was finished. Then she stayed there, her cheek pressing up against his limp shaft until he was ready to get up.

When he did he walked in to the next room where Madam Han was waiting.

“Thank you for waiting Madam Han.”

“Not a problem, I find it best to conduct business after pleasure.” she replied flatly.

“A wise policy, but I’m afraid in this case it will not help. What you ask is impossible.”

“Impossible? I doubt that.”

“I’m afraid so, your rivals have already infiltrated the committee, I cannot override their decision.”

“I see.” Madam Han said, her brow furrowed in thought, “Can I assume I will have your support in the future then?”

“Of course.” he replied before pausing for a moment, “My I make one suggestion though?”


“You should do something about your girl, it has been a while now, but she is far too recognizable. Someone who is not as loyal to you might find a way to use her to his own advantage.”

Madam Han’s eyebrow raised slightly, “Yes, perhaps. Thank you for your candor.”

Alison walked in to the room, her tight red dress hugged every new curve of her body. She’d spent the last few weeks recovering from the surgery that Madam Han had booked for her and this was her first client since.

He was another official of some kind, but she didn’t pay any attention to the titles any more. Madam Han had all the girls visiting government officials and they were all alike.

This one was older and a little chubby, but his smile told her everything she needed to know. The toothy grin was a mixture of pure lust and school boy joy at the woman in front of him.

She worked to curl her own inflated lips in to a smile and wiggle her newly enhanced breasts as she did. Her old brown hair was gone, replaced with a platinum blonde mane. She took a step forward in the stiletto heels that took her already impressive stature to a whole new level. Her legs that had always been her best feature now seemed to go on forever.

Soon enough she was bent over his desk, his dick plunging in to her pussy and the words he enjoyed coming from her mouth, “Yes baby, fuck your western whore good!”

It was a script, like the dozen or so other officials that fucked her on a regular basis, but she delivered it with the same drive and determination that had made her a partner in the law firm at such a young age.

The memory of her past life interrupted her and she flailed her hands around on the desk, pushed the paper and the trinkets that sat atop of it off and on to the ground.

“Oh god! Oh god! I… I…” she called out, trying to stop him, but he took it as encouragement and pushed in harder.

She felt him cum in her pussy and before she knew what was happening, she heard her own voice say, “Mmmm… yea, you fucked your western whore good baby.” and the moment of memory passed.

Alison felt him slide out of her and drop back on to his chair, she waited for just a moment before getting up herself and leaving.

Alison looked up at Madam Han, having returned and told her all about her momentary lapase.

“So you good whore again? What good whore do?” she asked in her broken English.

“Yes Madam Han. A good whore licks and sucks and fucks.” she replied.

Madam Han didn’t look convinced but likewise seemed to be distracted with other business. When her phone rang, she swore several times before hanging up.

“No matter now. Go.” Madam Han said and pointed out of the room.

Alison walked back to her room, disappointed. She hadn’t gotten to suck Madam Han’s toes, or lick her pussy or suckle her breasts, she hadn’t orgasmed in days and she was getting frustrated.

Chapter 4 – The Trip

The next few days had passed slowly, she hadn’t been sent out for her regular clients and the only thing that made it bearable was a quick pussy licking session with Madam Han yesterday. Madam Han had been distracted throughout the entire time, but Alison made the best of it and the orgasm had been a welcome relief.

Finally though, all the girls had been summoned to the main room and Madam Han spoke.

“We’re moving first thing in the morning. Pack only what you need in one case.” she said and dismissed them.

The next morning all of the girls arrived in the common area with their suitcases in tow. One by one, Madam Han called their names and handed them a passport and a slip of paper. Each of them walked out of the room to a waiting car and then disappeared.

Finally, only Alison stood in the room and Madam Han walked over to her.

“Even with big tits and fake hair, you too recognizable. Come with me whore.”

“Yes Madam Han.” Alison replied and followed her through the common area and in to the lounge.

In the center of the lounge was a large, square, black shipping case. The lid was propped open but Alison couldn’t quite see over the lip.

“Come here.” Madam Han said, having walked over to the box. Alison walked over and looked inside. There was a cavity inside that looked like someone could kneel in, but there were a few other things as well.

The first was a set of dildo’s, one sat loose on the floor of the box with a cable that ran to the side of it, the other was mounted on the wall right about where she thought a head might rest. Attached to the second dildo, at it’s base, was a small vile with a rubber stopper in it.

Madam Han held out a sheet of paper to Alison, “Read.” she commanded just before sticking her phone in front of Alison.

Alison looked at the paper and read it over once to herself before starting to recite it out loud.

“I am a whore.

Whores lick and suck and fuck.

Whores obey their owners.

I am a good whore.”

Alison felt the box jostle as it was taken from the brothel and place in to a truck, but she paid it no mind.

Instead she listened to her own voice repeat the phrases over and over, coming from the headset that was firmly affixed over her long blonde locks.

Of course the words were not what had really captured her attention once she had been secured in the box. Madam Han had lowered the headphones on to her and then told her to place the dildo on the floor in to her pussy.

She did and Madam Han turned it on, it buzzed wonderfully for a few seconds and then stopped. It came to life again a few seconds later.

Then, when she was satisfied, Madam Han had reached down and uncorked the small vile attached to the other dildo before telling Alison to take it in to her mouth.

As Alison had pushed down on the dildo, the familiar, sweet smell filled her nostrils and her body came to life with pleasure as the vibrator in her pussy buzzed to life once more.

She stayed down as long as she could, but eventually had to come up for air, then she pushed back down and bliss filled her again.

She didn’t know for how long she was in the box, but eventually it came to rest for a long while, then it moved again until finally coming to rest once more.

When the lid cracked open, Alison had passed out from the waves of pleasure and the pure bliss of the many orgasms she’d had during her trip.

The touch of Madam Han’s fingers on her face brought her around and she looked up in awe.

“How my whore doing?” Madam Han asked.

“I am a good whore.” the words left her mouth before she even realized she had said them.

“What good whore do?”

“Lick and suck and fuck.”


“Obey their owner.”

“Who own whore?”

“Madam Han owns this whore.”

Chapter 5 – The Condo

Ali looked out over the cityscape of Hong Kong from the condo, Madam Han owned all of the condos on this floor as well as several others where her girls worked from.

She turned from the window when she heard the door handle jostle and her next client came in to the condo, Madam Han escorted him in.

She took her normal pose, her feet spread apart, her hip cocked to one side, her left hand on her semi-transparent lingerie by her pussy and her right hand on her hip.

Her long platinum blonde hair flowed down the one side of her neck and covered her right breast, while she pushed both of them out, tilting her head down slightly as to not make eye contact until she had been told to.

Madam Han spoke to the client in herr native tongue, “I believe you know this one Deputy Minister?”

“Yes Madam Han I believe I do.” Jay responded.

“I was surprised to hear of your escape from justice Madam Han, but even more so when you contacted me with your offer.”

“Yes, my business rivals forced me to make some changes to my plans. However, my… setback, could prove to be a rare opportunity for you.”

“Perhaps, but I’m sure your aware she could never come back home. It would have to be a temporary opportunity.”

“Of course, please enjoy your visit and we can speak some more afterwards.”

Ali felt Jay’s cock push in to her pussy as she was suspended from the ceiling, the blindfold over her eyes blocking the mid day sun streaming through the windows.

A small, muted, cry came from the gag that was tightly bound around her latex encased head. Her long blonde hair pulled back in to a pony tail and sticking out of the black hood.

It had only taken a few visits for Jay to realize she was his to use as he pleased.

His first visit had been soft and gentle. Everything she would have expected from a long lost lovers being reunited. It was nothing to her, she had played the part perfectly; licking, sucking and fucking like the good whore she was.

It wasn’t until later that night when Madam Han had let her suckle her feet for an hour that Ali had cum, but she was sure Jay wasn’t aware of that.

Madam Han had told her to be a good whore for Jay and she always obeyed her owner. She was sure Jay was satisfied with her performance.

His second visit, he had been more direct. Grabbing her and taking her to the bedroom. Throwing her down on the bed and stripping her lingerie off before mounting her and fucking her hard and fast.

His third visit, they hadn’t even gotten out of the living room. He’d pushed her to her knees and fucked her mouth hard and pulled out just in time to spray his cum all over her face. She smiled, looking up and him and thanked him before shovelling every last drop in to her mouth and swallowing it.

After that he’d started to use the toys Madam Han had stocked in the condos until he finally noticed the eye hooks in the ceiling.

And so, here she was, hanging from the ceiling; bound, gagged and blindfolded. In addition to the latex hood, she was wearing a latex cat suit, with holes cut out for her breasts and pussy. Attached to her nipples were two clamps and she was wearing 9″ platform heels.

Jay was furiously penetrating her, grabbing her pony tail and pulling her back hard against him. She felt him stiffen and she wiggled her ass as best she could.

He pulled out at the last moment and a stream of cum arched from his tip and landed on her back, it was followed by several more and she screamed in pleasure as best as she could and twitched in the chains.

Jay gave her latex covered ass a hard slap before walking away to clean up in the bathroom, leaving her hanging in the air. She relaxed as best she could, depending on his schedule, he might leave right away and then one of the other girls would come in and let her down, but if he had time, he might let her hang there while he enjoyed some TV or other distraction.

Of course if he stayed, he might decide to use her again which was fine with Ali too. After all she was a good whore, just like Madam Han told her she was.

Jay wasn’t the only client she had and once word had spread about her “eagerness” to participate with Jay’s sessions, other clients started asking for her directly for more specialised services.

At first, there had been a few and Madam Han had paid little attention, but by the time nearly half of her schedule was taken up with clients that were using her for various fetishes, Madam Han decided it was time to step in.

The first thing she did was to increase Ali’s rates, though Ali herself didn’t know what that meant. Madam Han had never told her what the clients paid and so Ali paid no attention to the new rate.

The second was to have Ali specialize in these new sessions and soon they were all that she was doing. A few of her old regulars had simply paid the extra fee and continued to fuck her, but most had found other girls to entertain themselves with. The new clients though were a different story, they had paid the extra to get a specific experience and she soon found out that Jay’s fetishes were only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Chapter 6 – Going Home

Tom looked across the table at the middle age woman and smiled, “Of course Madam Han, I’m well versed in international trade law, that’s why you contacted me isn’t it?”

The question had come through the translator she was using, but he could guess what she was trying to get at, but she needed to say it first.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite translate that correctly.” the translator said.

“Madam Han is asking if you know how to get around international trade law.”

“You’ll have to be most specific, I’m afraid.”

“Ah, she asks if you can smuggle something in to or out of the US.”

Tom’s smile grew wider, since the fiasco with the North Korean’s his firm had taken a step back from international trade deals, but since it was a large part of his clients, that had left a pretty big gap in his billable hours.

The firm wasn’t concerned with that, they knew in a few years they’d be back at it and Tom’s experience would serve them well. So they didn’t mind carrying him, but the lack of hours had hit his own wallet quite hard and when the opportunity came up to expand in to some new areas, he’d taken it.

The last few months he’d been working his way up the ladder from brokering some small time deals to having the clout to do more.

“Yes, I can help with that Madam Han.” he replied, taking a sip from his drink.

As it turned out, Madam Han wasn’t interested in smuggling in some fake clothes or other counterfeit items, she was looking at doing some human smuggling.

He had of course suspected as much, he’d done a bit of research on Madam Han before he’d agreed to the meeting. He was in Hong Kong finishing up one of the old deals for the firm and when she had reached out to him, it didn’t take long to find out her business was prostitution.

She’d started out in, of all places, North Korea where she had grown a large prostitution ring and become one of the most respected underworld leaders. However, when the government had arrested her an thrown her in jail, she’d lost much of her power.

After that her past had gotten murky, until she’d shown up in Hong Kong with a group of prostitutes and the force of will to break in to the high-end escort business. It was rumored several of her competitors had disappeared by her hand since she had arrived and now it looked like she was looking to expand.

He had just the right contact in mind for a job like this and he was sure he could broker a deal that would benefit all of them.

Tom extended his hand, the briefcase full of diamonds in it, to the smuggler he’d been negotiating with for the last several days. The man was in a suit and tie, but his impressive frame left no room for doubt that he could handle himself if things got messy.

Not that that was likely to happen with the three armed guards that stood around him, but Tom had learned quickly that men in this profession took their security seriously and so he paid it little attention.

“All in order then?” he asked as the other man opened the case and checked the merchandise.

“Looks good. We cast off a week Friday, make sure everyone is on board before 5pm.”

“Will do, pleasure doing business with you.”

Tom left, quite a bit lighter in the wallet, but that was only a temporary state. Once Madam Han paid his “commission” and expenses, he’d be fine.

Tom watched the cruel smile of Madam Han unfurl at the news. It was a smile of the cat that had just ate the birdy and Tom suspected whatever she was playing at was more than just sending a few prostitutes to the US, or bringing a few back for that matter.

“As promised, your fee.” the translator said, handing over a large satchel in which he could see bundles of US currency.

“A pleasure doing business with you Madam Han. If you ever need anything else…”

“Yes, speaking of pleasure, would you be interested in something… on the house?” the translator said, handing him a leather-bound book.

Tom didn’t mix business and pleasure usually, but since his business was concluded, he saw no reason not to take advantage of the offer. He took the book and opened it.

“Yes, I think I will.” he replied, flipping through several pages of beautiful Asian women, dressed provocatively in various poses. Along side the main photo was a list of some kind, he recognized the lines of prices well as some of the obvious “options” listed, but others were a mystery to him.

He flipped to the next page and a stunning blonde was pictured, she was clearly Caucasian and oozed sex appeal. It took him a moment, but he finally recognized her.

He raised an eyebrow and looked over at Madam Han, who’s Cheshire grin had been replaced with an innocent smile that he didn’t believe for a moment.

“And this one…” he asked.

“Ah yes. Madam Han picked this whore up in North Korea. Madam Han says she is very well used now and caters to men’s… peculiarities.” the translator said, pointing to one of the photo’s where she was bound and gagged.

“Yes, I think she’ll do.” he replied, hand the book hack and standing up.

Ali sat on the couch as the door opened and in walk Tom, the man that had start all of this in motion. Her heart started to race and feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time welled up inside of her; shame, fear and panic.

“Hello Alison.”

“To…” she started but she couldn’t finish his name, “Mr. Richard.” she finished instead.

“You know, the story of how you went from a high priced international lawyer to a fetish model in Honk Kong is a story I’m going to enjoy hearing at some point, but right now I just don’t care. Right now I’m just wondering why you got such small tits.” he said, walking over to the couch and grabbing one of her breasts and squeezing it.

“I’m sorry Mr. Richard, please don’t complain. I’ll make it up to you while your in Hong Kong.” she nearly begged him. Her face was flush, her heart was racing, Madam Han had told her she would have a special client today and it was important he was fully satisfied with her when he left.

“Anything I want? No limits?” he asked, taking her chin in his hand and tilting it up.

“No limits Mr. Richard.” she said nodding.

“I really don’t know where you got this reputation as a hard negotiator…. I advise you to be a good girl or Madam Han will know how disappointed I was.”

Ali nodded as Tom ran his thumb over her brightly painted lips and then stuck in to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked as hard as she could, eager to please her client.

Tom returned several times that week, each time he explored every inch of her body, each time finding new ways to humiliate her. And each time she cried out in pleasure as he used her body for his own enjoyment.

Tom looked across the desk at Madam Han, he’d just finished his last session with Alison and the memory of her bound and gagged as he fucked her ass still brought a smile to his face.

“You wanted to see me before I left Madam Han?”

“Yes, would you be interested in working with me on another project, something more lucrative in the long run?” the interpreter spoke after Madam Han had finished.

Tom raised an eyebrow, “That sounds suspiciously like not being profitable in the short run.” he replied.

Madam Han gave a small chuckle before replying, “Yes, that’s true, but someone who can see the advantages of a long-term strategy like yourself may find it interesting.”

“I’m listening.”

“I came from North Korea to Hong Kong because the authorities had clamped down on my business. In North Korea, the government is very strict, very harsh in it’s punishment. But here, officials are easily bribed with tender flesh and soft whispers.

I will soon have Hong Kong under my thumb, but I want to expand, take my business global. I’ve already started to move in to Russia, it’s borders are so full of holes I don’t even have to bribe anyone, but Europe and America are harder. For that, I’ll need to move people and cash in to those countries, which is where you come in.”

Tom smiled, he knew Madam Han was ambitious but the scope of her plans did intrigue him.

“And what would be in it for me?”

“My business is constrained, at the moment, for cash. I have many, irons in the fire, if you will. In the short term, I can cover direct expenses, but no more. In the longer term, I will need trusted allies in each of the countries I operate to handle the day to day work. They would pay a franchise fee to me, the rest would be for themselves.”

Tom considered it for a moment, “To be clear, I would have the North American territory, all of it?”

“Yes.” Madam Han responded directly.

“It seems like a lot of risk up front.”

“Of course, but without risk, there is no reward. Perhaps there is something I can offer to reduce the stress.”

Tom knew she was offering Alison to him and that did sounds like a very good idea, but if everything went as planned, he’d have as much booty as he could handle at his beck and call.

“Alison would be interesting, but I’m more interested in what you did to make that stuck-up bitch in to a mewing slut.”

It was Madam Han’s turn to raise an eyebrow, “Knew you smart.” she spoke in her own voice.

Madam Han looked over to the interpreter and waved her away, the other woman quickly left the room and closed the door behind her.

“Big secret, you keep?” Madam Han said, her expression turning serious, almost dangerous.

“Yes, I can keep your secret.” he nodded.

“Ok.” she responded and pulled out a small vile from her desk drawer.

“Powerful drug, make whores horny for it. Make whores need it. Put it on pussy, dick, whores go nuts for it.”

Tom looked at the vile, “How does it effect men?” he asked.

“No problem. No effect.”

“So you apply it to yourself, then have sex with the woman you want and she’ll become addicted to it.”


“But how did you get Alison to become Ali? It’s not like she’s getting her fix from me.”

“Drug make whore pliant, easy to change. Then two ways. First, give order, no sex until complete. Whores learn to obey, soon not question any order.”

“And the second?”

“Take away.” Madam Han said, shaking the vile.

“Whores need it, day, two most, beg for it. Agree to anything. Whores really broken then. Make them anything after that.”

“I see, and if I took Alison back with me, how would I get more of that?”

“No need, once broken, wean off it. Whore not know difference, lick pussy without just as good as with now.”

“Alright, you have a deal as long as I can get some of that, enough for at least one woman.”

Madam Han’s Cheshire grin returned as she stood up and extended her hand.

“Deal.” she said as they shook.

Ali watched Tom hand an envelope full of money to Madam Han and in return receive a thin envelope back.

Her stomach was twisting in knots as he walked over to her.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked.

Ali hesitated only a second, “My… my… ownership.”

“And what just happened?”

“You… bought me.”

“What does that make me now?”

“My owner.” she said as a wave of pleasure washed over her and she almost lost her balance as the orgasm spread throughout her body.

“Good, come with me.” he said and walked out of the condo’s front door. Ali raced behind to keep up, her towering heels made it hard to move fast but she did her best.

They walked through the hallway, past the elevators and around the corner all the way to the other side of the elevators, where the freight elevator was open and waiting.

Inside was a familiar crate and Ali almost bumped in to Tom as he stopped just in front of it.

“Well, get in.” he commanded, pointing at the crate.

She stepped in and lowered herself down, finding the dildo on the floor, she quickly placed it in her pussy, then took the second dildo in to her mouth and felt the familiar headphones rest against her head.

She pushed down on the dildo and the memories of the last time flooded back as the same words played over the headphones.

The only difference was Madam Han’s face no longer came to her when she thought of her owner, Tom’s did.

Ali felt the box being moved, first down the elevator, then in to a truck, across several roads and then, when she heard the aircraft landing, she surmised she was at the airport. Her crate was jostled around for quite a bit, but she never heard more than one or two people talking so she just assumed she was not in the main terminal.

By the time she was finally loaded on to a aircraft, she could heard the barking of dogs and other animals and she knew she was in the cargo bay of a plane. She’d been loaded with the other livestock, just another animal being taken somewhere by its owner.

Her pussy buzzed as the vibrator came to life as the thought of Tom fixed firmly in her mind.

The flight had been long and afterwards there had been a drive until her crate had finally been moved down a set of stairs and left alone.

A short while later Tom opened the crate and Ali looked up at her owner and smiled, an orgasm washing over her as he brushed her sweat stained hair back from her face.

Chapter 7 – Training

Ali let the warm water flow over her body and wash away the kinks and knots in her muscles. For the first time she’d just finished the exercise program Tom had created for her and it had been a strenuous few hours.

She got out of the shower and towelled herself off, her lean thin frame seeming even longer as she immediately placed on the platform heels. Tom was quite clear that she was never to be out of the heels except for showering.

She walked back out to the main room of the basement and saw all the new things Tom had brought in since she’d arrived a few months ago. On the other side of the basement was the exercise room, filled with various machines that worked muscles she didn’t know she’d had.

On this side was the small bedroom with her single bed in it and larger bathroom attached to it that she’d just come out of. The main area of the basement was filled with various sex toys. In the middle was a large bed in front of which stood a large X frame. To the left was a suspended harness along with a wooden horse. To the right was a suspension system from which she could be hung upside down, along with a padded area.

On the walls were a variety of gags, bonds, latex and rubber clothing and other gear. Between the wall and the rest of the equipment in the center of the room was a track that she’d been jogging on since the lines were laid down.

Overall the space was huge, but she knew Tom had bough a large house out in the country and this must be it. She’d never seen outside (the one window in the bathroom had been blacked out) and she had not set even a single foot on the stairs leading up to the main floor.

Ali went in to her tiny room and found a black latex dress in her closet, it was always a surprise as she wasn’t allowed to look in her closet until she was ready to get dressed and Tom only placed a single item in it each night.

She shimmied herself in to it and then returned to the bathroom to do her makeup. Tom would be home in a few hours and her pussy was already dripping wet.

Ali felt the plug push in to her ass and then with a pop, slide in to place. She tried to look down at the horse hair tail that had just been pushed in to her ass, but the blinders attached to the side of her head prevented her from seeing anything.

She felt Tom give it a little tug and when satisfied, drop the riding crop on her ass cheek, “Giddy up!”, he called.

She started to trot around the track, raising one foot at a time before placing it back down. It had been easier last week when she’d still had her platform heels, but Tom had replaced those with the ballet heels and so trotting was more difficult now.

She bit down on the bit between her teeth and continued to move around the track, each step becoming more painful then the last.

Finally, just as she was about to pass the wooden horse for a second time, Tom called out, “Whoa girl.”

He walked over and grabbed hold of her bridal, pulling her from the track with a jerk, causing her to almost loose her balance. With her hands bound behind her back it was hard enough keeping upright, but she managed to steady herself as he brought her over to the horse.

He positioned her right behind it, then using the bridal, pulled her down on to it, each of her breasts coming to rest on one side of the horse.

She let out a moan as his fingers pushed the tail to one side and slid up and down on her moist pussy.

The next thing she felt was the tip of his cock press up against her and then push in. She squealed and tried to push back against him, eager to take him inside of her.

He obliged and rocked back and forth, the wooden horse squeaking against the concrete floor as his pace picked up. He grabbed her tail and moved it side to side, rotated it around and gently pushed it up and down.

Ali was always in pleasure as her owner fucked her, used her and when she felt her tail being pulled out and replaced with his cock she bucked hard against him and let out a guttural moan of pure need.

She didn’t have to wait long as she felt his hot cum flow in to her ass and her own orgasm exploded throughout her body.

Ali looked at the dress in the closet and cocked her head to the side, it was a simple white pullover.

She tentatively reached out and touched it, unsure if it was real or not, but the simple cotton fabric caressed her fingers and confirmed its existence.

She pulled it over her head and let it drape over her body, then walked out of her bedroom and did her makeup, keeping it simple like the dress. Then she went to the bed in the main area, sat down and waited.

It didn’t take long for Tom to arrive, in some casual clothing and a smile on his face, “Good, I see you got the message. Come on.” he said and extended his hand.

She stood up and took it as he walked up the steps, out of the house and in to a car and drove out of the front gates.

“Do you remember that first time in Hong Kong Alison?”

“Yes Sir.” she replied.

“Oh, before I forget, when we’re not alone, call me Tom.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good, now do you remember what my first question to you was?”

Ali tried to think back, but that first time she’d been so surprised it was all a blur, she nodded her head no in shame.

“Don’t worry if you don’t, I know there’s not much left up there.” he said, taking a hand from the wheel and stroking her hair.

“It was something like ‘just wondering why you got such small tits’.”

A flashback came to her; the words, the shame, the need.

“Well I have good news, I’ve found someone who can fix up those tits for me without asking… awkward… questions.”

Ali smiled, her owner was going to improve her for his use!

“So, we’re going to pop out those small implants and stuff in a couple of real dozzies. But your going to have to answer a few questions for the doctor and it’s important you give him the right answers.”

“Yes Sir! I’ll answer them just the way you tell me to.”

“That’s a good whore.”

A shiver flowed over her and was followed by a small orgasm as they drove in to an industrial park of some kind and then Tom took her in to one of the offices.

Ali squinted her eyes at the bright light and mumbled something that even she didn’t understand. She felt a weight on her chest and someone squeezing her hand. A muffled voice came from above her and she tried to focus on it.

“Ca… o …. ear… e?”

She tried to raise her hand to shield her eyes but it refused to move.

“Can you… me?”

Ali nodded her head a bit.

“How are you feeling?” the nurses voice came.

“Thirsty.” she crackled out from between parched lips.

The nurse raised a small cup of water and she drank from it. Satisfied the patient was coming around, the nurse walked to another gurney and check on another patient.

Tom leaned in and whispered to Ali, “How’s my whore doing?”

Ali’s lips parted and she let out a little moan before she responded, “Your whore is so horny Sir.”

Tom smiled and brushed the side of her head, “We’ll get to that soon enough.”

Ali spent the first week in a private recovery room at some posh hotel, once the doctor was satisfied with her progress she returned to Tom’s basement and resumed her workout routine, with some modifications that Tom had made at the Doctors direction.

By the second week, she had been cleared to resume all normal activity a Tom had quickly taken advantage of her new assets.

Ali had considered her old implants to be quite large, but the new ones were easily twice the size of those and looking in the mirror she was pretty sure her tits were nearly as large as her head now.

Tom spent the next few weeks fucking them, sucking them, slapping them and generally sending bolts of pleasure through them straight to her pussy.

After a couple of weeks, things settled back down and her old training routine started once more. Trotting around the track with her new tits took quite a big of work, but after a few sessions with the riding crop she managed to get the hang of it once more.

Soon she was easily making 10 or more laps, her ballet shoes no longer were a problem, or the attachments he’d added to them to make them look like a hoof with a horseshoe on it.

One night he’d brought a new bridal with him, instead of the one she was used to, this one included thin chains that he could use to pull on each side of her to steer her which direction to go in. However, instead of attaching to her bit, the chains hung down and had two clamps on them. He attached each clamp to her nipple and then walked behind her, tugging on each nipple to get her to turn one way or the other.

Unfortunately, the clamps would often come off if he tugged a bit to hard, but he soon found a solution to that.

It was her second trip from the basement and a visit to a tattoo and piercing shop several hours from his home, but when she returned to the basement, she had newly pierced nipples. He’d also had her tongue pierced for good measure.

After that, the chains never came loose again, no matter how hard he tugged at them.

It was only a few days after her piercings had healed that he introduced something new to her daily trots around the track. Instead of binding her arms behind her back, he brought in two long tubes that had the same kind of hooves on them as her shoes did.

The tops of them were hollow and she found her arms fit in them perfectly. Soon enough, she was walking slowly around the track on all fours.

The addition of a wide collar to hold her head upright as she walked completed her outfit.

The next few weeks Tom focused on the little things; how she should wiggle her ass to get the tail to move just right, when to whinny and neigh, how to stomp her hoof and when the right time was to do it.

In addition, he started to have her wear the outfit more and more. Soon enough the only time she was out of it was to shower. She was even sleeping in it, sprawled out on the bed in the main area as she wouldn’t fit in her own bedroom with it on.

Chapter 8 – The Show

Ali walked around the room, her hoofs clicking against the concrete floor as she did so. She moved to the track and trotted around a bit before hearing the door open and she quickly moved to the bottom of the steps.

She looked up and saw Tom coming down the stairs, but in his hand was a leash and she could make out something following him.

She stepped back and by the time he reached the bottom of the stairs she could see clearly the woman clad in pink latex, her arms and legs bound to themselves forcing her to crawl on her knees and elbows which were encased in a rubber cup that looked like a paw.

As she reached the floor she let out a small yap and scurried around Tom’s feet, “Sit Girl, sit!”

The pink latex mutt leaned back on its haunches and whimpered just slightly, “That’s a good girl.” Tom said and fished a small treat from his pocket, placing it in front of her mouth on his fingers, she quickly took the offered treat and fingers in to her mouth and started to suck on them. Only when Tom pulled his fingers free did she crunch the treat and swallow it.

Ali let out a small whinny and Tom looked up, “Oh don’t worry, I’ve got a treat for you too.” he said as he reached under her and squeezed one of her dangling tits.

Ali let out a satisfied neigh and wiggled her ass and tail.

“Now, you remember Karen don’t you Alison?”

Ali looked down at the woman by Tom’s feet and realized she did, Karen had been Tom’s assistant at the firm and had setup the travel arrangements for them to go to North Korea.

“Turns out she wasn’t a very good assistant I’m afraid, I put up with her for quite a while as she was willing to put out to keep her job, but eventually I knew I would have to let her go.

Fortunately, Madam Han’s concoction proved to be very effective on her. I’m sure you tried to fight it at least a little Alison, Karen here though broke down and begged me in just a couple of hours when I took it away from her.

Since then, she’s been a perfect little pet, haven’t you Karen?”

Karen let out a small yip in response as Tom leaned down a bit and rubbed her head behind the fake latex ears.

“Yes, who’s my good little puppy dog? You are, aren’t you Karen?” he asked in the most condescending way possible and Karen’s only response was a low whimper and a pant.

Tom reached around and unclipped the leash, when he stood back up Karen got back on to all fours and started running around the room and between Ali’s legs.

On one of the passes, Karen noticed the chains hanging from the rings in Ali’s nipples and rolled over on to her back, batting at them with her rubber paws.

Ali felt the rubber paws pass over each nipple and she tried to lower herself down so Karen had better access, but Tom would have none of it, a quick switch with the riding crop on her ass brought her back to her proper posture..

“None of that, now. Karen, come over here.”

Karen rolled over again and came around to be in front of Ali where Tom was. Tom took the reigns from Ali’s bridal and hooked them on to Karen’s collar.

“Ok girl, time to go for a walk, around the track.” Tom said and Karen started off.

As soon as the reigns became taught, Ali stepped forward to keep pace with Karen.

After several laps Tom went over to one of the shelves and pulled down a head mounted camera and put it on.

As they came around once more, Tom called out, “Sit girl.”, Karen sat down on the track and Ali stopped as well.

Tom started the camera recording and walked over in front of Karen. He spent a moment there before walking around both Karen and Ali, spending some additional time on Ali’s tits and ass before coming around the other side and returning to where he started.

He pulled out a small treat from his pocket and this time Ali got a good look at it. It really was a small dog treat.

Karen perked up, “You want a treat girl?” Tom said and Karen yapped in response.

“Ok, play dead.” Karen dropped and rolled on to her back, her feet in the air and her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

“Sit up.” Karen rolled back over and stood up on her hind legs.

“Talk.” Karen barked.

“Shake hands.” Karen stretched out her paw and Tom took it.

“Good girl.” he said and once more extended the treat so she could take it.

Like last time Karen sucked on his fingers but this time Tom didn’t take them out quickly, instead letting her suck them until he was satisfied.

“Ok girl, go for a walk.” Karen got back on all fours and started around the track again, Ali trailing behind her.

Tom kept pace and recorded both Karen and Ali as they did a lap, then a second and then a third. The fourth lap he focused almost entirely on Ali, making sure he recorded the tail flicks and whinnies and neighs she made as she worked her way around the room.

Finally, he called a halt to the procession and unhooked Ali’s reigns from Karen’s collar. He then reattached the leash to Karen’s collar and walked her over to the wooden horse, attaching it to the back of it.

He then returned to Ali, picked up the reigns and stood behind her, “Giddy up girl.” he called and flicked the reigns. She started off once more, working her way around the track as he pulled on the reigns and switched her ass with the riding crop.

After several laps he stopped her at the wooden horse and had her position herself on to it. Then, using a much shorter leash, he secured Karen to the back of the wooden horse with her nose just a few inches from Ali’s dripping pussy.

Tom reached in to his pocket and pulled out another treat, placing it between the swollen lips of Ali’s pussy, “Stay!”, he commanded to Karen as she whimpered, desperate for the treat.

Tom walked around to the front of the wooden horse once more and removed the bit between Ali’s teeth and she neighed in need. She extended her tongue out as far as she could but couldn’t quite reach the tip of his cock.

“Ok girl, get your treat!” Tom said as he finally moved forward and ALi took his cock in to her mouth. She felt Karen’s tongue dive in to her pussy after the treat and then continue to lap her pussy. Ali twitched her tail as the pleasure from Tom’s cock and Karen’s tongue reached her brain and burst like a thousand stars exploding all at once.

Tom looked down at Alison sucking on his cock and then panned up slightly to see Karen’s dog hears bobbing up and down from behind Alison’s ass and tail.

His business with Madam Han had gone well, he’d “retired” from the firm just last week and no one had been surprised when Karen had turned in her resignation at the same time. The office rumor mill was full of strange stories of the two of them and the other assistants knew she was incompetent. It didn’t take a genius to put two and two together and get four-nication.

He’d expanded in to every major city on the eastern seaboard and was moving west next, which meant he was going to have to be spending a lot of time in LA for a while and he couldn’t just leave Alison alone.

Fortunately, Karen had succumbed to Madam Han’s concoction so thoroughly he no longer had to worry about that. Karen would take care of Alison’s needs while he was away and make sure the house was in order as well.

Tom grunted as he pushed hard in to Alison’s mouth once more.

Ali felt Tom’s precum hit her mouth and she looked up as best she could and sucked even harder, wiggling her ass and tail as much as she could as Karen lapped at her pussy.

Tom’s cum hit the back of her throat and she took it all in as her body spammed in pleasure from the orgasm.

“Ugh. Hey Alison, you remember when you said you would never be part of my dog and pony show?” he said with a wry smile.

Ali looked up through the fog of pleasure and a flash of her sitting behind her desk, Tom in front of it, came to mind. She could almost hear the words she’d spoken that day.

“Well guess what?” he asked, tapping the camera strapped to his head.

Karen was still lapping at Ali’s pussy, but even her pleasure addled mind could work it out. Karen was Tom’s dog, she was Tom’s pony and this entire thing was Tom’s show.

Another orgasm rocked Ali at the realization and she let out a whinny of pure bliss as she let the wooden horse take her full weight as the last of her strength seeped from her limbs.