Fire Siren

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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CODES: ff, mc, gr

SYNOPSIS: As a fire fighter Miranda is in danger every time she gets goes out on a call, but this time it has unexpected results.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Fire Siren

Miranda hacked at the door in front of her with her axe, she’d checked it for heat already but it was locked and there was smoke coming out from under it. Kevin was behind her, keeping an eye on the flames just down the hall, making sure they still had an acceptable margin of safety.

The building was an industrial office unit, maybe 50 years old, just 3 stories tall and they had cleared the rest of it already. This was the last office on the top floor and then they’d be able to get out of it and let the crews on the hoses contain the fire until it burnt itself out.

A final swing of her axe broke the door asunder and a plume of smoke came towards her. She calmly breathed through her respirator and waited for it to clear. Once it did she could see that inside the room was a desk and several tables. The desk was ordinary, a computer and some papers on the top of it, but the tables had what looked like some kind of lab equipment on them.

“Kevin, I’ve got someone down here, how are we doing on time?”
“We’re good Miranda, the guys are doing a good job of knocking down the flames.”

She stepped in and advanced towards the tables, a body in a white lab coat lay prone on the floor. As she approached she heard a faint whistling noise just before something on the table exploded, sending the contents of several of the vials sailing in every direction.

She dropped to the floor as quickly as she could to avoid the glass and whatever else was heading her way, covering the body with her own. She felt several impacts on her heavy jacket but nothing that seemed to penetrate. A fine mist of liquid descended without her notice, making contact with her skin where it was exposed around her neck and face.

Pulling herself up, she grabbed the limp body from under herself, throwing him over her shoulder and moving quickly out of the room before anything else could decide to ruin her day.

“Everything alright Miranda?”

“Ya Kevin, no problems, let’s get out of here.”

“I’m with you on that one.”

Miranda watched the paramedics work on the man she had brought down but it didn’t look promising. There was no pulse and they had started CPR as soon as he was on the cart. They loaded him up, gave Miranda a quick head shake and rushed off to the hospital, likely to get an official time of death more than anything. She watched the ambulance pull away, its lights and sirens fading as they faded from view around a corner.

She turned to the burning building as the pump trucks continued to pour water in to it. Now that everyone was safely out they had doubled their efforts and the roof soon collapsed under the weight of the water from above and the fire from below.

“Bad luck on your rescue there.” Kevin said.

“Ya, harder for him though.”

Kevin nodded knowingly, it was never a good day when you had arrived too late to save someone. It was part of the job though and she knew it would happen again, probably sooner rather than later.

They walked over to Captain Jones to check in for their next assignment, when on site the work was never done until everyone was back at the station.

“Hey Cap, we’re clear, what’s next?”

“We’ve got an issue over on pumper 5, go see if you can lend a hand.”

“You got it.”

Just as they turned to go the Captain continued, “Oh… good work on the carry, any problems in the building?”

“Nothing out of the usual Cap, thanks.”

“Alright get going.”

Truck number three pulled in to the station house, Miranda was in the back seat, tired and sore from the long day. The sirens were quiet as they pulled in and started to unload the truck. While their work at the site was done, now it was time to get ready for the next call. Cleaning the equipment, restocking the trucks, drying the hoses and all the other jobs required to ensure they were ready at a moment’s notice.

Three hours later, Miranda approached her cot, it was dark outside now but she still had another 5 hours on her shift. She shared the bunk room with two other women who worked at the station, though they were not on here at the moment, the room still felt small. The men’s room held twenty cots and facilities for them, the women’s room had just four and a single bathroom.

She pulled her t-shirt over her head, ruffling her short brunette hair that was still slightly damp from sweat. She tossed it in to the laundry bin before taking off her sports bra which she barely needed but found her b cups were sore after a hard day of running and swinging the axe if she didn’t wear it.

She walked in to the bathroom as she removed the rest of her clothing, the shower would feel good. She’d been working full time now for 4 years but she still found herself trying to go above and beyond to prove to the men of the station that she belonged there.

It was silly, none of them complained and they all treated her like any of the men, but somewhere deep down a small sliver of doubt still remained in her mind. She wasn’t as tall as the men, many of who were over six feet, but she wasn’t short either at 5′ 10″ she did stand above several of the other guys.

Even so, just like during the day, she tended to try an compensate at the gym, keeping fit and developing the muscles she needed to make sure no one questioned her place at the station. It’s why she had worked so hard to get on the clearing team, it was the most dangerous work and one of the most respected roles on in the house.

She turned on the shower and let it warm up, as it did so she rubbed the back of her neck. She felt a slight sticky substance on it and pulled her hand in front of herself to take a look. It was mixed with black soot making hit hard to tell what it might have been. She placed her hand under the water and worked it off. Stepping in she felt her whole body relax as the water poured over her head and down her body.

She cleaned every nook and cranny that the smoke and soot had worked their way in to and then relaxed on the built in bench of the shower stall. The warm water rolling down her body and between her legs. It was pleasant and soon she found herself thinking of how long it had been since her last boyfriend.

He had left her over six weeks ago, between his insecurities and her schedule it had ended poorly, but he had been good in bed. She slid her hand down between her legs and started to rub her pussy as the steam in the shower continued to work it’s magic.

Thoughts of their last night together quickly moved her from light rubbing to full on masturbation as she closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. Minutes later she orgasmed.

“Wow, my cookie hasn’t felt that good ever! giggle

‘Did I just giggle?’ she thought to herself, ‘I must be more desperate than I thought.’

Miranda turned the shower off, dried herself off and put on her loose fitting night shirt. A few minutes later she flopped down on her cot and went fast to sleep.

She slept quietly only for a few minutes before she started to toss and turn in the bed. Her dreams were restless, her body on fire as she started to perspire from the unsettled sleep.

Miranda was dreaming, she was sure of it. She was still in the fire station but there was no one else there with her. The trucks were still there along with all the cars in the parking lot so it must have been a dream.

But it wasn’t like any she had had before, it seemed so real. She headed back to her bunk to see if she could lie down and “wake up” from the dream.

Entering the room and heard the shower running, when she approached the bathroom it suddenly stopped and she heard the shower door swing open.

As she entered another woman was standing in front of the shower toweling off. The mystery woman was not anyone Miranda recognized, but then she really wouldn’t have expected someone who looked like her to be in the fire house.

The woman’s body was sculpted to look like some kind of sex fantasy, her large breasts were at least as large as her head and topped by large pointy nipples. Her waist pulled in so dramatically Miranda couldn’t believe she could keep herself from toppling over.

Her hips flared out again and continued on down to an amazing pair of legs. Perhaps the only thing about her that seemed like it might fit in to the fire station was the bright red hair that cascaded down her neck to just beyond her shoulder blades.

The woman had been focused on her drying and still had her head down as she moved the towel down her impossibly thin legs. Unlike Miranda, this woman had little muscle on her body even though she was clearly in very good shape.

She somehow pulled herself back up, her breasts swinging as she did so, to dry her toothpick like arms. When she was completely dry she finally noticed Miranda standing there with her mouth half open, staring.

“Oh, like hi!”

“Umm, hi. I’m sorry, I seem to be confused, do I know you?”

Miranda looked at the woman, she seemed to look familiar but she couldn’t place her. Her face was much like the rest of her body, seemingly impossible. It was thin but with big plump lips, a small nose but big eyes with arched brows. She was stunningly beautiful, if only possible in Miranda’s dream.

“Oh, honey, we’re going to be best friends!”

Miranda looked the woman right in the eyes and that’s when it struck her, she was looking right in to her own eyes.

“Wow this is a weird dream… I can’t wait to wake up, I wonder if I’ll remember any of it?” Miranda said outloud.

“Yep, it’s a dream alright, but I’m here to stay!”

“Ah… ya, sure, whatever you say.”

Miranda decided to try and wake herself up, pinching her arm hard.

“Ow! Hey don’t do that Miranda!” the woman said.

“You felt that?”

“Of course, here let me show you.” she replied. She then moved her hands to her nipples and started to play with them.

Miranda’s own nipples suddenly came to life, they hardened and then a wave of pleasure emanated from them.

“Ohhh…. stop that… please…”

“Oh spoil sport, ok.”

As quickly as it had started the pleasure receded.

“Hey how did you know my name?”

“Oh silly girl, how can I be your best friend if I don’t even know your name?”

Miranda shook her head, she couldn’t deny the logic of it but something seemed wrong. Was she her best friend?

“But… I don’t know your name.”

“Well that’s because I’m a better friend then you! But we can fix that right up, call me Randi! giggle

Miranda was still confused, she’d always considered herself a good friend, but Randi was right. Randi must be a better friend if she knew her name and Miranda didn’t know Randi’s.

Miranda stumbled back a bit from Randi and grabbed a hold of the door frame to steady herself. Her head was spinning still, trying to work out what was going on when a strange thought entered her mind.

‘Good girls don’t think about stuff, they just do stuff!’

“What… like… stuff? giggle” Miranda said to no one in particular, but Randi answered anyway.

“God, like the best kind of stuff! Hair and makeup! Clothes and shoes! And the best stuff of all… boys!”

Miranda’s head spun even faster, “I think I need to lay down.”

‘Good girls love being on their backs!’

Miranda stumbled to the cot and sat down, she swung her legs up and rested her head against the pillow. Randi stood above her with a wide smile on her face. Somehow between the shower and the bed Randi’s hair and makeup had done themselves. Her hair framed her face in a halo of fiery red locks and her makeup was applied heavily in several shades of blue and pink.

“How you feeling hun?”

“I just want to wake up now please.” she pleaded with Randi.

“Well why didn’t you say so, I can help with that! Just close your eyes…”

Miranda couldn’t help but follow her best friend’s suggestion. She was so much better as a friend than she was, she just wanted to do anything for her.

Miranda felt invisible hands start to touch her body, her boobs and pussy came alive with pleasure. She opened her eyes to see Randi playing with her own body and not Miranda’s. Before she could say anything Randi squeezed a nipple and Miranda moaned loudly as she arched her back and closed her eyes again.

‘Randi is just the best of friends, she’s making me feel so good! giggle‘ Miranda thought to herself as the pleasure continued to build.

‘Good girls love giving others pleasure!’

Minutes later the invisible hands stopped and Miranda felt Randi’s real lips take one of Miranda’s erect nipples in to her mouth. The feedback loop caused by the pleasure coming from Randi’s mouth on her nipple to Miranda’s mouth and the pleasure from her own nipple caused her mind to spin even farther away from her.

‘Good girls live for pleasure!’

“Yes! Pleasure! giggle

When Randi’s mouth found Miranda’s pussy her whole body exploded in ecstasy.

‘Good girls love to give pleasure with their mouths!’

“My mouth, yes, god, with my mouth!”

Randi pushed her tongue in to Miranda’s pussy.

‘Good girls love to have something in their pussies!’

“Yes in my pussy! Deeper! Deeeeper!”

Randi woke up, one hand squeezing her large tit and the other hand buried deep in her pussy. Her body was drenched in sweat from the changes and her long red hair was matted to her face.

“Yes… yes deeper in my pussy… I’m cooooommmmmmiiiiiiiing….” she screamed at the top of her lungs, drawing it out to almost sound like the siren on the trucks.

The orgasm rocked her body and moments later she collapsed on the bed, exhausted, soaking wet and happy beyond her wildest dream.

She turned he head towards the door, she knew her siren call from the orgasm would draw the men in down the hall too her. Then she’d get to show them just how much noise a real fire siren could make.