Generative Change

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2023

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SYNOPSIS: In the brainwashing business AI generated content has really advanced the field.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – Arrival

Alison Greene walked into the nondescript office of Titus and Associates with a frown on her face. Not because she was disappointed in the appearance of the office, no, she had been expecting it to be as much before she arrived.

Instead, it was the annoying nit that was trying to burrow its way under her skin that was named Ian Sommers, which was the reason she was here, that caused her to frown.

Ian was a long-time rival in business, if you could call the last two years since she’d assumed the CEO role of her family business at the age of 28, a long time. Either way, he was a constant annoyance that seemed to appear at every step or turn she made.

Alison brushed a few stray strands of brown hair over her ear as she walked up to the counter, behind which a very professional woman sat. The blonde looked up and pushed her glasses up her nose and smiled, “Hello, welcome to Titus and Associates, do you have an appointment?”

Alison forced a half smile onto her face, “Yes, I have a two o’clock with Mr. Danby.”

The woman sat up just a little bit straighter and started typing without breaking eye contact with Alison, “Oh, we’ve been expecting you Ms. Greene. Mr. Danby will be right out to collect you.”

Alison nodded and then looked past the woman at the desk to the large double glass doors that were to the left of her. The glass was frosted and betrayed nothing that was going on behind them.

Much like the entire building, to be honest. A simple two-story grey building in the middle of a nondescript business park, a simple sign out front indicating the company name, and a half-full parking lot. She could tell there were loading docks farther back, probably at the rear of the building, but she didn’t see any trucks when she’d driven into the parking lot.

Her thoughts were brought back to the moment as she heard one of the glass doors release and then swing into the lobby. A smiling gentleman, in a well-tailored grey suit, was opening it and looking toward her.

“Ms. Greene, welcome, I’m Wendell Danby, please come in.” he said in a very proper English accent.

“Thank you.” she replied and stepped over to the door and past him. She took a closer look at his attire and smiled a little, not as expensive as her own designer blue business suit, but still well above what even the most well-healed VP could afford.

He let the door swing closed and extended his hand, she shook it and recognized the well-practiced event for what it was.

“Please come with me, we have a meeting room set up for our discussion.” Wendell said and guided her over to a mid-sized glass room, similarly frosted to ensure privacy. He offered her a drink or a snack but she demurred and thanked him as was appropriate for the occasion.

“So Ms. Greene, let’s get down to business, shall we? What can Titus and Associates do for you?”

She grinned a little, at least he wasn’t going to beat around the bush too much, “I’m told you can help with certain… problems, in a very unique way. I have such a problem and am looking for a solution.”

Wendell looked a little uncomfortable, “Well, we are a very specialized, and expensive, service. However, you wouldn’t be here without an existing client reference as well as our own due diligence of your… qualities, that would qualify you for our services.”

“Yes, Howard was a little vague on the details, but assured me that you would be able to help with my problem.”

Howard had been a family friend, well, forever as far as she knew. He’d been like an uncle to her growing up and had been a godsend when her parents had been killed in the plane crash. He was one of the only people who actually knew her true net worth.

Most people, even those in the financial industry, knew she was rich, as any CEO of a Fortune 500 company would be. They even knew she had some ownership stake at the company, but few had ever detangled the financial labyrinth her family had set up to ensure their near total ownership of a hundred billion dollar empire that spanned the globe.

If it was public knowledge, she would have been called the richest woman in the world.

Instead, she was known for leading a successful company, donating to charity, and championing women’s rights once in a while. A semi-public figure that didn’t seek the spotlight, but didn’t turn away from it either. The only thing that brought her any notoriety was her young age and good looks for a CEO.

The last two things were the source of her problem with Ian Sommers.

He’d pounced on the, what he had assumed at the time, inexperienced CEO and tried to outmanoeuvre her time and again, even attempting to foment a revolt within her own company and perform a hostile takeover.

She put it down quickly, those that were unloyal to her were quickly learning the folly of their ways and found themselves blacklisted across the industry.

She could even have moved past Ian’s disrespect of her business acumen, but there were two things that she couldn’t get over. The first was the constant delays he was causing to her progress, making counter-offers to every company she was working with or trying to acquire. It was completely unacceptable.

But even that wouldn’t have driven her to Titus and Associates. No, that was the second thing that she couldn’t move past… his behaviour at the board meeting during his hostile takeover attempt.

They’d been at the meeting three weeks ago, him and his few traitors trying to convince her handpicked board members to betray her. Even that should she could look past… but when he stood beside her, in one final attempt to sway the board, and gave her ass a loud slap that they could all hear and said “You don’t want this young slut telling you what to do for the rest of your lives do you?”, she’d almost lost it and scratched out his eyes right then and there.

It was in that moment that she’d decided that just ruining Ian wasn’t going to be enough. She needed something more.

“Perhaps then I can fill in some of the details Howard left out then…” Wendell said, a little more confidence in his voice.

“You see, we here at Titus and Associates specialize in personality reconditioning. Our clients range from government agencies to large corporations, to wealthy individuals, like yourself, that have a need to change something, about someone, discreetly.”

Alison nodded with a smile forming on her lips, she had suspected as much.

“A government might want to turn a foreign agent into a double agent. A company might want to retain, or gain, a critically talented individual. An individual might want loyalty from someone who would not normally give it… or something a little more extreme.”

“Oh, I’m most definitely interested in something a little more extreme Wendell.” she said with a wicked grin on her lips.

Wendell nodded and then opened a portfolio that had been on the table since they came into the room, he pulled out a single 8×10 photo and slipped it over to her, “Can I assume we’re talking about this subject? From the incident in the board meeting?” he asked.

She looked at the photo of Ian and frowned, unlike herself, he didn’t take care of himself, he was overweight, balding, with terrible skin.

“You may. I see you’ve done your research. I thought I’d killed that gossip before it had spread.” she replied, half annoyed that Wendell seemed to know more than he should.

“Yes, well, we do pride ourselves in our detailed research. As soon as your name came up we directed our research division to start building a dossier on you so we could anticipate your needs.”

She nodded, “Good. I don’t like to be kept waiting. So, how exactly does the process work? How… extreme can I go with him?”

“Both very good questions. The process is a three-phase program, but explaining it is easier if I can show it to you.” he replied and stood up, gesturing for her to do the same.

“Follow me and I’ll take you to a subject currently in phase one of the program.” he continued and then walked out of the meeting room and down a hallway to the back of the office and away from the administrative area.

Chapter 2 – Phase One

Wendell led Alison into a small room, along the left wall was a large window that looked into the adjoining room, below the window was a long desk that ran the length of the window with several monitors and computers on it. At the desk were two empty chairs, the rest of the room was mostly empty with the exception of a small fridge in the back corner.

Wendell pulled one of the chairs out and offered it to her. She smiled and sat down, pulling herself in and getting a good look at the room on the other side of the window.

In the middle of the other room was a single reclined chair, with a semi-clothed woman seated in it. She was wearing enough to cover all the important bits, but not much else. On her head was a small VR headset, along with a pair of earphones. Alison could see an IV drip to the side of her that was attached to her arm.

Wendell took the other chair and turned one of the monitors towards her, “So, in phase one, we focus on general compliance for the subject.” he said, pointing to several graphs that were running across the screen.

She didn’t know what they meant, but Wendell didn’t really give her a chance to ask any questions either.

“The client in this case is looking for some… more traditional changes to the subject.” he said and then tapped the keyboard and the image on the monitor changed to a video.

The video was of a blonde woman smiling, standing beside a man whom she assumed was the client, as he was talking to another man. Then he turned to the blonde woman and said something, the blonde nodded her head and replied, the smile never leaving her face.

She was about to ask what was being said when a light bulb went off in her head, “Is that Renee Sanderson?” she asked in shock.

“A very keen eye you have Ms. Greene. It is, in fact, Renee Sanderson in the chair, wife of the Texas oil baron Jack Sanderson, and well-known socialite. However, the image on the monitor is not Renee Sanderson, but instead, an AI-generated video and audio construct of her.”

Alison leaned in to get a better look at the image and suddenly the sound came on;

“…don’t you agree dear?” the man said.

“Oh yes dear, most certainly. You always know best after all.” The image of Renee replied in a sugary sweet voice.

Alison watched and heard the conversation repeat several times, she’d met and talked to Renee at several charity events, and other than the out-of-character inflection in her voice, she couldn’t tell the difference.

“Quite convincing isn’t it?” Wendell said, interrupting her listening.

“Very.” she replied, sitting back in her chair once more.

“We’re using the latest in generative AI content creation, for both video and audio. With a subject like Renee we collect as much existing public information as we can to train the AI on, which is quite a bit for a socialite like herself. Once we have her here at the facility, we can also get all of her private information from her devices as well. Once it’s trained it can create pretty much any scenario we want from just a few paragraphs of prompts.” he said, turning the sound off once more.

“Anything?” she asked with a raised eyebrow, “Then why something so banal as agreeing with her husband?”

Wendell smiled, “Well, this is phase one, as I said it focuses on general compliance. Being agreeable with her husband, even when he’s clearly in the wrong is a good way to re-enforce the desired behaviour. Renee is several days into phase one, which usually lasts a week or so, her original set of scenarios would have been even tamer than this.

A common one we use is at a coffee shop, where the subject places an order and they make a mistake. Most of the subjects that come through here would have chewed out the barista, but in our generated video, they just accept the mistake and thank the barista.

Of course, none of this fancy AI-generated content would be particularly effective without that…” Wendell said and pointed through the window at the IV drip.

“What’s in that?” Alison asked.

“A cocktail of drugs, honed over the years, to open up the mind and make it much more receptive to the artificial reality that it is watching.” he said with almost a pang of regret in his voice.

“You know…” he continued, “I almost miss the bad old days when we had to do this all by hand. Find an actress that looked close enough to the subject, write scripts, record the video… it just had a more real feeling to it somehow.”

Alison nodded, recognizing a man that was proud of his work, even if that felt a little wrong somehow to her.

“Anyway, the new technology lets us do so much more than we could before. And has far fewer downsides. In the past there was more than one of the actresses that eventually became one of the subjects when she learned a little too much.” he said with a little knowing chuckle at the end.

“When you say you can do so much more with it, what do you mean?”

“Oh, well, as you can imagine, the AI generator we are using can create specific, unique scenarios for each subject. It can even create hundreds or thousands of variations of them. The more scenarios you have, the better the outcome will be. We used to get what we called a ‘glitch’ sometimes after the process was complete in the subjects. They’d encounter a situation that they weren’t sure how to respond to, and as they tried to reconcile it with the scenarios we’d programmed into them, they’d freeze. Just for a split second, it looked a little weird, but that was all.

With the vast ability of the generated AI content, glitching is a thing of the past. There is always a scenario that they’ve been programmed with that will match whatever they may encounter!” Wendell replied with pride.

“And what is the end result going to be for Renee, if I may ask?”

“Of course, of course. Mr. Sanderson has been stepping out on his wife for years now, but she has only just recently discovered his indiscretions. She’s planning on divorcing him, and as they married so young with no prenup, Mr. Sanderson is looking to avoid a large settlement and the embarrassment of a public divorce. As such, he’s asked us to recondition her personality into someone more accepting of his indiscretions. Someone who will stand by her man, no matter what.”

Alison nodded and smiled, she could only imagine the size of the divorce settlement that would result, and that expense of Titus and Associates would be a deal in comparison.

“If you have no other questions, let’s move on to a subject in phase 2…” Wendell said and stood up, gesturing towards the door.

Chapter 3 – Phase Two

Alison followed Wendell down the hallway, passing several doors, until he came to one that he opened with his security card. Inside was the exact same layout as the last one, just flipped left to right.

As soon as they entered, Alison looked through the window to see another woman sitting in a similar chair, a VR headset and headphones attached to her, as well as the IV.

There were a few differences this time though, most obvious was the nakedness of the woman, but a close second was the devices and wires that ran from her body to a computer on a stand beside the chair.

Alison sat down in one of the chairs and Wendell did the same as he once more turned a monitor towards her and then flipped over to the feed that was being displayed on the VR headset.

“Phase two focuses on more advanced compliance. In particular, sexual compliance.” Wendell said as she watched a loop of AI-generated video play on the display.

In it was a young woman, no more than 21 years old, with bright pink hair, olive skin, and obvious Asian features. She was straddling a man, riding him cowgirl style, her hands up by her head as she formed two peace signs with them.

“Is phase two always sexual compliance? What about your government agencies, surely they don’t need sexual compliance in their double agents?” Alison asked.

“You’d be surprised about that, but it is true that not all of our clients need sexual compliance, however it is also true that without sexual compliance, the overall reconditioning can degrade over time. Resulting in the original personality re-emerging.”

Alison raised an eyebrow, “That would definitely not be good!”

“Exactly. We pride ourselves on having a 100% success rate, and a 0% recidivism rate.”

Alison nodded and turned back to the monitor, “And what’s going on here?” she asked.

“Ah, yes, Miss Tanaka is currently in phase two. You might recognize her from her hit single ‘Korean Dance Party’.”

“Of course, that was huge in the summer, she was all over the place. Is some super-fan your client?”

“Oh no, not anything like that. Miss Tanaka is here under the auspices of her label.”

“Wait… wasn’t that song by someone called Ji-yoo or something?”

“A very good memory Ms. Greene. Yes, it turns out that Miss Tanaka is a very talented Japanese performer, focusing on traditional folk songs from the countryside. She was tired of being turned down by all the major labels that were focusing on pop stars, especially the highly popular Korean ones. So, as a way to prove her talents, she created Ji-yoo and ‘Korean Dance Party’ as a way show the hypocrisy of the labels.”

Alison nodded and looked up over the monitor as the woman’s body spasmed, she looked back at the monitor just in time to see a man spraying a load of cum over her face and the woman in the video orgasming.

“Anyway, she figured she’d keep up the pretense until after she’d been signed to a label, but things spiralled a little out of control when the label placed performance goals in her contract and she had to keep up the facade for longer than she expected. By the time it was number one on the charts pretty much all over the world, she had little choice but to ride it out.

Of course, as it faded from the spotlight, she revealed to the label her intent to go public if they didn’t give her a proper contract for her traditional songs as well. The label played along just long enough to reach out to us to take care of the problem for them.”

Alison nodded, she could understand the label’s position. They had a hot commodity and had to strike while it was hot. They couldn’t afford to indulge the girl’s silly ideas of folk music for the masses.

“And she’ll still be able to write hit songs?” Alison asked.

“Who knows. Hit songs are unicorns, she may only have ever had one in her in the first place. Or she may go on to write a dozen more. Either way, the label will take care of all those details, bringing in writers if needed, or anything else to ensure her future success.”

Alison didn’t know much about the music business, but what she did know was that it tended to burn through young singers quickly. She could only imagine the benefits of having a singer that could be moulded into whatever was popular at the time.

Alison looked at the monitor once more, the woman was now tied up on her back, a man fucking her pussy, another fucking her mouth. Alison wondered how popular a singer could become who could fuck fans, managers, producers, or anyone else like that.

Alison noticed the young woman orgasming again in the chair at the same time as the AI-generated version of herself did as well.

“How are you synchronizing the orgasms?” she asked.

Wendell smiled in pride, “Oh, that’s the best part of the AI-generated content for phase two! It’s not prerecorded, it’s real-time! There are a series of sensors on her body, along with actuators, that monitor and stimulate her in accordance with what is going on in the generated content. It’s a beautiful feedback loop, and combined with a pretty significant aphrodisiac that is introduced in the IV, a powerful one as well.

Any other questions about phase two Ms. Greene?”

“No, I think that covers it.”

“Good, let’s go see a subject in phase three.” Wendell said and then led her out of the room and further down the hallway.

Chapter 4 – Phase Three

Alison smiled as she looked at the monitor, then glanced up at the woman in the adjoining room.

“Phase three focuses on any custom request that our clients make. This is where our government subjects become double agents, our corporate subjects become loyal employees, and our subjects from individuals such as yourself… become anything you want them to be.” Wendell said and waved his hand through the air coming to point through the window.

There wasn’t a chair in the next room, like there had been in the first two, instead there was only what she could describe as a framework of tubes. They supported the woman that laid face down in them, along with her massive tits. Her arms and legs were tied back unto themselves, and her red hair was pulled back into a ponytail that was attached to a chain that ran back to a hook that was inserted into her asshole, holding her head upright.

Her head was covered in a black latex hood, and the same VR headset and headphones that had been in the other rooms adorned it. In addition, a large circular nose ring hung down below her chin. Wires ran all over her body and away to the same kind of computer she’d seen just moments ago in the phase two room.

Her eyes darted back down the monitor to see the AI-generated video of the woman wrapped in white latex with black splotches, similarly positioned. One very obvious difference was the two large pumps attached to her tits.

“Mooooooooo!” the woman’s voice filled the room and Alison looked up to see Wendell having flipped the switch on a speaker that was mounted beside the window.

“As you can see, phase three is almost complete for this subject. This is one of our more extreme reconditionings, there is little left of the old personality. The client has a nice upstate farm that they will be re-homing her to where she will be very well taken care of between his visits.”

Alison stared at the woman, “Her… her breasts…” she stuttered out.

“Ah, yes. Titus and Associates is a full-service organization, and as such, we ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our services. Between phases two and three, there is an opportunity for any… physical changes the client would like to be made to be completed. In this case, well, the changes the client requested are quite obvious.”

Alison nodded and then a wicked smile crossed her face, “Wendell, will she be able to speak after phase three? I mean in anything other than moos?”

Wendell shook his head from side to side, “No, the client was very specific about that. I don’t personally recommend it… it limits your options quite a bit. But these kinds of extreme requests don’t come along all that often, so as long as the right client makes the request, we’ll perform it.”

“Right client? That almost sounds like you’d say no to some requests.” Alison said.

“Oh yes, very much so. There are limits to what we will perform. Most are obvious, we’ll never recondition a subject to allow themselves to be killed, or to kill. That one has been a bone of contention with our government contracts for quite some time, let me tell you.

Likewise, a subject will not let themselves be permanently injured or permanently injure someone.

And that extends to the conditions that the subjects will be kept in. For example, if this client didn’t have the facilities and resources to properly care for the subject after phase three, we would decline to complete the request form them.

Of course, this seldom happens, we do our due diligence to make sure such issues do not arise.”

Alison nodded in agreement, what he said made sense.

“Any other questions?” Wendell asked and Alison shook her head no.

“Then let’s go to my office and discuss the fine details of your request.”

They left the room and headed back towards the administrative area, Alison with a wide grin on her face as they did so.

Chapter 5 – Negotiations

Alison sat across from Wendell in a well-padded leather chair, not so well padded as the one Wendell sat in though she noted.

“So, Ian Sommers…” Wendell said, spreading his hands out in front of himself.

“Yes, Ian Sommers.” she confirmed.

“Is that a problem? I did notice that all of your subjects seem to be women.” she continued in a semi-accusatory tone.

“No, not at all. I will admit that many of our clients are men, and they do tend towards female subjects, however we are an equal opportunity company. We have male subjects of both men and women clients, they just aren’t quite as common. In fact the subject you saw for phase three is for a female client.”

“And the fact that Ian is a well-known public figure?” she asked.

“Nothing we haven’t managed in the past. There are truly so few that are as secure in this world as they think they are. Ian Sommers is no different. My research team has already been working on his file in fact.”

“I would expect no less.” Alison replied.

“Do you have an idea of what you would like for phase three?” Wendell inquired.

Alison grinned from ear to ear, “Actually, you’re little tour was quite inspiring for that.”

“I thought it might be.” he replied.

“Ian Sommers is a bastard and a pig. A real low-down dirty dog that deserves to be heeled at my feet.”

Wendell chuckled a little while nodding and waved his hand to continue.

“I want him on all fours, all the time, the only sound he should make is a whimper and a pathetic little bark. He should be in a latex bitch suit at all times, a muzzle on his face, a tail in his ass, and his pathetic little cock flaccid at all times. I want him neutered too, I want his balls in my purse. You can do that right? After phase two?”

“Of course, not an issue.” Wendell replied and then leaned forward and started typing on his computer.

“Well… perhaps one small problem…” he started to say and Alison raised her eyebrow.

He tapped away at his keyboard for a moment and then in a flourish smacked the enter key.

“You see Ian is already a client of Titus and Associates… he took his tour the day after the board meeting…”

Alison was about to protest but she suddenly felt something push up against her right butt cheek, two sharp pricks emanating from it. She started to look down to see what it was but her body suddenly jerked ridged and then spasmed as she felt the surge of electricity flow through her.

She didn’t see Wendell get up, but when she managed to open her eyes a little she could see him standing above her, a needle in his right hand, his left pulling her arm straight.

“What… what are you doing…” she tried to say, but all that came out was a gurgle.

She watched him inject the clear liquid that was in the syringe into her vien and then wipe it down with an alcohol swab.

“There we go, all done. That should take effect long before you regain all of your motor functions. Don’t worry, just a sedative for now, to keep you nice and immobile.

Now then, as I was saying, Mr. Sommers was in quite the state when he arrived for his tour. Much like yourself in fact. Very perturbed about the event that transpired at the board meeting. Annoyed at having to fight tooth and nail for every deal he wanted to close, and very insistent that the failure to complete the hostile takeover of your company couldn’t go unanswered.”

She tried to lift her arm to no avail as she started to feel the effects of the drug reach her brain.

“In fact, he had a very similar idea to yourself after seeing phase three… I think you’ll appreciate it, even if you don’t like it.

By the way, I must thank you for asking so many questions and being so engaged on the tour, it has given our AI team plenty of new data to train your AI on.” he said and then reached down and took her purse from her, fishing her phone out of it and setting the purse on his desk.

He held the phone up to her face and it unlocked, “You know, the other thing the AI we create for you is good at, is impersonating you while you are undergoing the process…” he said as he swiped away at her phone, “… all we have to do is install one little app on your device and it will be able to interface with all of your social media, business contacts, family, etc. They won’t even know you’re otherwise occupied.” Wendell finished as Alison’s vision darkened and her consciousness slipped away from her.

Chapter 6 – Reconditioning

Alison’s head was spinning around and she let out a little moan. She blinked several times as she stood in line at the Starbucks in her office building, her foot tapping in impatience as the line seemed to never move.

When she finally arrived at the head of the line she looked at the young barista and rolled her eyes, the blonde had a vacant look in her eyes that told her everything she needed to know, that she wasn’t likely to get her order right.

“Latte, double single with a shot of caramel. Alison.”

Alison watched the dumb blonde write the order on the cup and then in big letters “Ali” across the bottom of it. She was about to correct her but something stopped her, and instead, she just walked down to the pickup area and waited.

It wasn’t long, nor was it correct as she took a sip. She lowered it and looked right at the dumb blonde, parted her lips and said “Perfect, thanks.”

Alison walked away, her head spinning, her world out of control, and then a moment of clarity solidified in her mind.

She was in phase one.

“Can I interest you in a bubble tea today?” the blonde girl behind the counter said and Alison smiled back at her.

“Ok, sure, sounds good.” Alison replied and then glided down to the pickup area. She was always up to try something new, especially when someone else suggested it.

She picked up the order and sipped it before she thanked the barista and headed back up to her office on cloud nine.

“Hey Alison, can you grab us some coffee while you’re down there?” Mark called out to her as she walked out of her office.

She turned and smiled at him, “Sure thing Mark, no problem.” she called back and headed toward the elevator to head down to the coffee shop. She couldn’t wait to find out what the barista suggested she get today.

Alison opened her eyes to see Wendell looking back at her, “Hello Alison, how are you making out?” he asked.

She parted her lips to answer just as a flood of memories came rushing back to her, her lower lip quivered and then she responded.

“Fine, thank you for asking Wendell.”

He smiled at her, “That’s good to hear. Stand up please.” he said.

She stood up out of the chair and a shiver of pleasure came over her, “Wendell… please… I… I can pay you… anything you want…” she managed to get out.

“Oh I know you could Alison, I hated to turn down your business quite honestly. Ian is a terrible human being… almost as terrible as you. However, Titus and Associates has a firm first come, first serve policy and I’m afraid Ian just beat you to the punch. Now, follow me.”

He walked towards the door and she followed along behind him, she was dressed in a basic white top that just covered her breasts and a pair of similarly white shorts. They walked out of the room and down the hallway, she knew where they were going, if not the exact room.

When he opened the door and she saw the mass of wires and the device sitting beside the chair, she let out a small whimper.

“Strip and take a seat.” Wendell said and she promptly complied. Tossing the top and shorts to the side and then sitting.

A technician came around beside her and quickly lowered a VR headset over her and then applied the headphones as well.

“Please… I’m begging you…” were the last words that slipped from between her lips as she felt the IV be attached to her arm and the VR headset come to life.

Alison was stroking the man’s hard cock as she looked down at it and licked her lips, “Baby, can I suck it please?” she said.

The man nodded and she lowered her mouth down onto it, taking it between her lips and slowly taking it all the way in.

It was such an amazing feeling, her pussy was buzzing, her nipples were hard and she could almost taste his cum already.

“That’s it… take it all the way down you cock sucking slut.”

Her whole body shivered and she pushed herself lower, until her nose was buried in his pubes and her pussy twitched with need.

The taste of his cum hit the back of her throat and her own orgasm exploded as well.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck that tight little pussy! Slam it hard!” Alison cried out as she was bent over the chair, the man behind her gripping her hips tightly as he fucked her.

He reached out and grabbed her hair, pulling her back, “Do you like that slut? You like being bent over and fucked?”

“Yes! God yes! I love it! I love it!” she cried out as he continued.

Alison stood in front of the man, her hands tied behind her back, a collar around her neck, and words written all over her body; slut, whore, cunt, fuckmeat, milk bags, anal slut, worthless, free use, etc.

“What are you?” the man asked.

“Tits is worthless fuck meat Sir.” she replied with a shiver of pleasure.

“Show me.” he replied and she nodded then walked over to him.

He was naked, but seated in a large chair, so she straddled his lap and took hold of his hard cock. Her fingers guided it towards her tight rear entrance as she lowered herself down onto him.

She let out a gasp as it pushed against her sphincter, then bit her lower lips as she let her weight slide it inside.

“Fuckmeat loves a big hard cock in her ass Sir. All of Fuckmeat’s wholes are of use Sir.”

She gasped as she slid all the way down and he was deep inside of her, then she started to rock her hips back and forth until she was satisfied it was in as far as it would go.

“Fuckmeat loves anal Sir.” she said and then started to bounce up and down, forcing his cock in and out of her ass.

Each stroke sent another wave of pleasure through her, “Fuckmeat is an anal whore Sir!” she cried out over and over again until the man came inside of her and her own orgasm exploded throughout her body.

“Hello Wendell… will you fuck me now?” Alison asked as she looked up at him from the chair, the VR helmet having just been removed from her.

She knew that was the right question to ask, as she was naked, and Wendell was a man, and that meant she was supposed to offer herself to him.

Wendell chuckled and shook his head, “No, not right now Alison, but thank you for asking.”

Alison smiled, “My pleasure Wendell.”

“Come with me Alison.” Wendell said and held out his hand. Alison stood up and took it, letting him lead her out of the room.

Chapter 7 – Pickup

Wendell looked across his desk at Ian Sommers with an easy, practised smile.

“So she’s finally ready is she?” he demanded impatiently.

“Yes Mr. Sommers, right on time.”

He huffed and shook his head, “Well for what I’ve paid, she should have been ready sooner! She’d better be everything you promised.”

“We have a 100% satisfaction rate Mr. Sommers, we have never failed to deliver what we promised. Now, since all of the paperwork is complete, shall we…” Wendell replied, standing up and waving his hand toward his office door.

The two men walked out of the office, back through the administrative area, to the loading docks. They were not regular, dirty, grimy docks, but instead immaculate and clean. Lush carpet covered the floor and there were several couches and chairs scattered about.

In the middle of the space was a single man, holding a long black leash, that ended at a woman entirely clad in white latex sitting on her haunches.

Ian picked up his pace and Wendell did the same, until they came up to the man and woman and Wendell took the leash and waved the other man away.

“Alison, speak.” Wendell said.

“Arf! Arf!” Alison barked and then stuck her tongue out and panted a bit.

“Roll over. Play dead. Shake.” Wendell commanded and Alison did each command in turn, finally extending her bound arm out as far as she could.

“Up.” Wendell commanded and Alison got up on all fours, she followed him around the loading bay for several laps until they returned to where Ian was standing in awe.

“Fuck, you really did it! I mean, it’s incredible.”

“Yes, yes it is. Come, let me show you the rest.” Wendell said and then took the leash from Ian and walked over to one of the couches that had a coffee table in front of it.

“Up!” Wendell commanded and Alison got up onto the coffee table and stood on all fours.

“As you can see, the outfit is custom-made for her, reinforced in the legs and arms to keep them tightly onto themselves. Also reinforced at the base of the knees and elbows for longer wear.

Wiggle your tail Alison!”

Alison wiggled her ass, sending the tail that was stuffed into her ass moving from side to side.

“The tail is all-natural fur and the plug was taken from a custom mould of her ass so it is in there securely. There’s a custom brace here…” Wendell said, pointing at the base of Alison’s neck where her hands came together.

“It secures her hands but also runs up the back of her neck to her head where it is woven into her hair to keep her head upright.”

Ian was only half paying attention as his hands reached out and easily encircled her waist, “Ah yes, the rib removal went smoothly and the internal corset has healed up nicely as well.” Wendell continued.

“Now then, any questions Mr. Sommers?”

“About when I remove the outfit…”

“Ah yes, of course. Yes, as per your request, if you remove the outfit she’ll return to a semblance of her old self. You’ll be able to take her out in public and she’ll hang on every word you say… or don’t say.

However, at every chance she gets, she’ll be begging you to take her home and put her back in the suit, to treat her like the ‘slutty little bitch she is’.”

Ian chuckled and smiled, “I can’t wait for her to tell the world about our engagement… and exactly how rich she… or I… am now. My lawyers already have the prenup all drawn up, if I ever get tired of her and kick her to the curb she’ll walk away with just about nothing.”

“Well, if that’s all…” Wendell cut off Ian’s gloating and he took the hint.

“No… that’s all. That’s very much all.” Ian replied T the leash from Wendell’s hand and guided Alison back to the waiting van that he’d brought to pick her up in.

Wendell had to admit he enjoyed his time with Alison, it had been years since he’d been hands-on in a capture, or the process. It was a pleasant diversion, even if Mr. Sommers was most distasteful.

It was a hazard of the job though, the clients were quite often that way. Fortunately he seldom had to concern himself with them these days.

He walked back to his office and pulled up the recent subject records, scrolling through until he found the three he was looking for.

Mrs. Sanderson had left the facility a few weeks after Alison’s admission, with almost no phase three required, she returned to her husband a new woman. The woman that he wanted her to be.

Wendell did a quick search of the tabloids and quickly found several articles of Mr. Sanderson’s dalliances, and even an interview Renee had given about them, claiming she was happy to be the woman at home.

Miss Tanaka had taken a while longer, with several surgeries required to make her transition to a kpop princess more convincing. He pulled up a music gossip site and found a story about Ji-yoo’s rumoured new album and tour.

The third file was simply marked as “Complete” with no other notes and Wendell knew better than to try and search the web for her. Instead, he wrote a quick e-mail to the health check group and requested an update on her when it was convenient.

He leaned back in his chair and smiled, business was brisk and he had a stack of work to do, but he took a few minutes to relish the more hands-on approach he’d had with Alison and committed to himself he’d get involved in another subject soon.