House Bound

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2021

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SYNOPSIS: Four friends are on a road trip when they’re forced to stay at a bed and breakfast.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1

Susan squinted at the sign as she passed it and let out a harrumph that caught Fiona’s attention, “What’s wrong?”

Susan jumped a little in the driver’s seat, “What? Nothing… nothing.” the second nothing was spoken in a smaller, quieter voice that let Fiona know that it was far from nothing.

Fiona swivelled her head around and looked out the back of the car, Isabella and Sally both had their noses stuck in their phones, just like she had until a moment ago, but what really caught Fiona’s attention was the setting sun behind them.

“Why are we heading east?” she asked accusingly as her head swivelled back around to Susan.

“We’re not!” Susan replied with a little bit of panic in her voice, “At least I don’t think we are…”

Fiona rolled her eyes and knew she shouldn’t have let Susan drive, her sense of direction was the worst.

“How long do you think we’ve been driving west for Susan?”

“Ah, I don’t know… maybe half an hour? I kinda got turned around when I got off the highway.”

“And why did you get off the highway?”

Susan bit her lower lip before she answered, “Well, there was construction… and a detour… and… and…”

Susan’s lower lip started to quiver and Fiona knew what came next if she didn’t head it off at the pass, “Well, whatever, no big deal, we’ll just check the GPS and we’ll get back on track in no time…”

“Hey, where did my signal go?” Sally spoke up from the back seat as she finally looked up from her phone.

“Mine too…” Isabella chimed in as well.

Fiona checked her phone and found no signal as well, “Must be in a dead spot, good thing GPS is satellite-based…” she said as she loaded up the map app and was presented with a blank screen.

“GPS might be satellite-based, but all the map data needs to be loaded from the Internet…” Isabella said with a condescending tone in her voice, like Fiona should have known better.

“Shit, well, maybe we should turn around then. Get back to the highway, or at least a signal.” Fiona replied.

“Uhm, the sign back there said that the town of Bucks Ferry was just 2 miles ahead…” Susan said, almost in a whisper.

Fiona looked at Isabella and Sally and they both nodded, “Ok, I guess Bucks Ferry it is. Hopefully they have somewhere to stay for the night, it’s getting dark and I could really use a good night’s sleep.”

“Amen to that!” Sally said.

Fiona turned back facing forward and set her phone down in her purse as darkness continued to close in on them. The four of them were unlikely road trip partners if someone had just met them, but they had known each other since grade school and had remained tight throughout their lives.

The road trip was their annual summer tradition, even now that they were in their second year of university at different schools across the state. Sally had enrolled at the top agricultural school in the state and was on track to graduate with honours. Isabella was enrolled at a prestigious engineering program at the same school that Fiona was taking her environmental engineering degree at. And poor Susan, well, she was enrolled at a local community college taking an arts degree.

Fiona had always been the unofficial leader of the group, but in the last couple of years Isabella had been chaffing at that fact. Between them both attending the same school and Isabella looking down at Fiona’s “fake” engineering degree, well, things were not good between the two of them.

Fortunately Fiona had more in common these days with Sally and they got along great. And, well, everyone got along with Susan, she was just one of those happy people that no matter how badly they messed up, you could never stay mad at them for long. And she did mess up a lot in all honesty.

Which was why all three of them had been hesitant to let her take a turn driving. Two years ago, the last time she’d driven during the trip, they’d lost four hours in a maze of back roads trying to find the highway again. But just like people couldn’t stay mad at Susan, saying no to her was just as hard and the three of them had relented.

Apparently though, history was repeating itself and all Fiona could do was hope that it would be less than four hours lost this time.

“Oh look! A bed and breakfast!” Susan called out, taking a hand from the wheel and pointing at the large sign at the side of the road.

Fiona, Sally and Isabella all looked at the sign and then at the slightly dilapidated farm house down the long driveway that was beside it.

“You can’t be serious…” Isabella said.

“I don’t know, it kinda looks like a converted farmhouse.” Sally replied with interest.

Which was about the time Fiona noticed the small text at the bottom of the sign that came in to view as they approached, “Last lodging for 50 miles!”

“Ugh… 50 miles!” Fiona grunted as Sally and Isabella read the text as well. Sally just smiled but Isabella shared Fiona’s grunt.

“So… uhm… am I turning in?” Susan asked and Fiona just let out a little sigh.

“Yes, looks like it.” Isabella interjected before Fiona could say anything else and Fiona shot her a glare.

Fiona knocked on the front door of the B&B while looking at the peeling white paint that covered it. Isabella was holding the screen door open just behind her and Susan and Sally were looking out from the porch at several of the outbuildings.

It took a minute for the owner to answer the door, but when he did Fiona had an even worse feeling about this particular adventure that Susan had gotten them into.

Standing there, with a toothy grin, was an old man, at least 80 if Fiona had to guess. She would hesitate to call the scruffy white whiskers on his face a beard, but they were certainly too long to be called stubble. He was partly hunched over, wearing a dirty set of blue overalls and a red flannel shirt underneath. His whole vibe was “creepy old guy that lived in the woods” and it didn’t sit well with Fiona at all.

“Oh, hello there girls!” the old man said, “Are you looking for a room for the night?”

“Uh…” Fiona started to hesitate, perhaps the extra 50 miles wouldn’t be so bad…

“Oh, yeah we are!” Susan replied, pushing her way in front of Fiona before she could stop her.

Fiona just rolled her eyes and sighed again, “Yes, I guess so.”

“Ah, well that’s good. Come on in…” the old man replied and opened the door the rest of the way and waved them in. Inside was not much better than outside from what Fiona could see, the main living room was set up with a couple of couches and a main dining table, but had old magazines and newspapers littered all over it.

“I see there are four of you. That’s perfect, I just happen to have four beds available!”

“Well, actually, we’ll just take two.” Fiona replied, not yet knowing how expensive this detour was going to be, but not wanting to spend more than they had to.

“Ah, well, I sorry, but all of the beds here are singles…”

Fiona just shook her head and lowered it, “Well, ok. How much?”

The old man grinned, “Oh, 20 dollars each should be fine.”

Fiona perked up, “Are you sure… I mean…”

“It’s not like I was getting any other customers tonight, and the four of you look like you could really use a good night’s rest. By the way, I’m Dave.” the old man replied.

“Well, alright, thanks Dave. I’m Fiona, that’s Isabella, Susan and Sally.”

“A pleasure to meet you. If you don’t mind me asking, what brings you all the way out here to the little town of Bucks Ferry?”

“Oh! That’s my fault I’m afraid… I kinda got lost…” Susan interjected.

“But we’re headed to the west coast to meet up with some friends in a few days, we’re expected there.” Fiona continued over the confused look on Susan’s face. It wasn’t true, their road trips never had a destination in mind, just driving around the back country of whatever state they happened to end up in.

“N… ow!” Susan started to replied but Isabella kicked her foot.

“A the road trips of youth! I wish I’d been able to do such a thing in my younger years!” Dave replied and Fiona suspected that cars weren’t a thing back in his younger days.

“Well, I guess I should give you the bad news then…”

Fiona brace for it.

“I’m afraid I only have two rooms in the house. The others are in the barn and the shop.”

“Shop?” Isabella said.

“Barn?” Sally replied at the same time.

“Yes, don’t worry, they’re very nice and comfortable. Fully furnished and clean with their own bathrooms.”

“I’ll take the one in the barn.” Sally replied, a smile on her face.

“And I’ll take the shop.” Isabella said.

“Ok, great, let me show you other two ladies to the room in the house and then I’ll take you two out to your rooms.”

Chapter 2

Fiona tossed her backpack down onto the single bed and was relieved that it was at least clean and tidy in the room. Even if it was small and cramped. If she had to guess it had been a servant’s quarters at one point, converted into a part of the B&B whenever they had renovated the place.

It was on the first floor, just behind the kitchen and she picked it for two reasons; the first was it was closest to her car; the second was that it was as far away from Dave as she could get in the house. The old man still gave her the creeps, even if he had only been friendly and generous. There was just something in his eyes that unsettled her.

Opening her backpack and grabbing her toiletries, she headed across the hall to where the small bathroom was and started to get ready for bed. A quick brush of her teeth, a little flossing, and then tying her long brown hair up into a bun for the night.

When she returned to the room, she pulled out her pyjamas and quickly changed and then put everything else back into her backpack and looked for somewhere to put it. A quick scan of the small room revealed the closet and she opened the door to put her backpack in it for the night.

A small smile crept across her lips as she looked in the closet, a black and white maid’s outfit hanging on the single hanger that it contained. Perhaps there hadn’t been any renovations done at all she thought with a slight chuckle and then closed the door.

Susan flopped down onto the bed and let out a little squeal… it was amazing!

The large room held the huge canopy bed easily, and it was filled with stuffed animals and awash in pinks and pastels.

She felt like a princess and couldn’t believe Fiona hadn’t wanted the room for herself. But Susan wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and perhaps the slight mistake she’d made in getting lost would be worth it after all.

It wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy spending time with her friends, but, well, their interests had changed so much over the years. Fiona and Isabella seemed more interested in one-upping each other than actually having fun, and in all honesty if she had to talk to Sally about farm animals one more time…

Ugh… farms were just so dirty!

Susan rolled over and then cleared the mass of red hairs from in front of her face as she propped herself up on her elbows and looked at her overnight bag on the bed. She frowned a little, there was so little space in the car after the four of them and their bags that she hadn’t been able to bring much in the way of her art supplies, but she had managed to get a pad of paper and a few pencils in.

She reached out and opened her bag and retrieved them, opening the pad to an empty page she started to sketch out Dave, the old man that seemed to be under Fiona’s skin for no good reason. He’d been nothing but nice after all!

Isabella and Sally followed Dave as he walked towards one of the outbuildings. It was a cinder block one-story building with a flat roof and a large garage door in the middle and two smaller doors at each end of it.

Dave walked up to the door closest to the house and twisted the knob, swinging it open easily.

“You don’t lock your doors?” Isabella asked.

“Gosh no, who would be all the way out here to try and break in?” Dave asked and Isabella looked around, the fields were empty and she couldn’t see any other homes in the fading light. She shrugged to herself and had to admit it made sense.

As Dave walked in he flicked a light switch and the fluorescent lights flickered to life just as Sally and Isabella entered the building. Isabella’s eyes went wide at the array of equipment inside. Lathe’s, presses, milling machines, welding torches, and a pile of other equipment that she would have killed for back home.

“What the hell do you have all this for!?!” she blurted out.

“Huh? Oh, well, this is a working farm. Lots of equipment needs to be maintained and fixed and the closest repair shop is two towns over… so… I have to do it myself.” he replied and waved his hand in the general direction of the shop.

“Now, right overhear is your room…” he continued and walked over to the corner where a separate room had been made out of the same cinder block as the rest of the building. A heavy metal door sealed it off from the rest of the building to ensure privacy.

Dave flicked another light switch and inside the room was a hand-welded bed, with industrial furnishings and decorations all over the room. Isabella’s smile was from ear to ear as Sally and Dave left the building and she raced back out to the shop to investigate each and every piece of equipment before she turned in for the night.

Sally just shook her head as she left the shop, Isabella clearly in heaven with all that mechanical stuff around her. It didn’t do anything for Sally, but she could certainly understand what Isabella saw in it.

“The barn is just over here.” Dave said and pointed his crooked finger towards the large two-story red barn that anyone with eyes could see.

They approached from the side of the building and Sally could see the classic layout of the place. The “lower” level was actually underground on one side of the structure, whereas it was at ground level on the other. This allowed for both levels to have easy access through large doors on each side, to let farm animals in, or whatever else was required.

“Cows or horses?” Sally asked.

“Oh, both actually. Cows on the lower level, horses up top.”

Sally nodded as they approached the door on the side of the building on the lower level. She imagined there was a similar door on the opposite side but on the upper level instead.

Dave opened the door and flicked on the light, inside was a modest room that was wallpapered in a black and white spotted pattern that was obviously inspired by a Holstein dairy cow. There were several picture frames on the walls, with different cows, sheep, bulls, and other farm animals in them. The single bed was similarly themed, with a round stainless steel bed frame that almost looked like a milking station.

“Thanks, Dave. This will do fine.”

Dave nodded and left, closing the door behind him as he did.

Chapter 3

Fiona rolled over and grabbed her phone, quickly silencing the alarm as she stretched out in bed. Through blurry eyes she looked at her signal strength and couldn’t believe she still had none. She was definitely going to have to ask Dave about that before they left this morning.

It was the smell of food that finally got her out of bed and she quickly made her way to the bathroom to have a shower and do her morning ritual. By the time she was dressed, her stomach was growling like a lioness and she left everything in her room and headed out to the kitchen.

There was no one there, or in the living room when she made it that far. It wasn’t until she was on the front porch that she saw her friends, and Dave. They were standing by the car, along with a police officer and his patrol car as well. Fiona bolted from the porch and quickly joined everyone else in the middle of a conversation.

“Yes, I’m afraid that’s right.” the officer was saying. The look of consternation on Isabella’s face sent the hairs on the back of Fiona’s neck standing on end. Sally looked concerned, and Susan looked as blissfully ignorant as usual.

“What’s going on? Officer…?” Fiona asked as the two questions at once as she arrived.

The officer turned towards her and smiled, “Officer Johnston. I was just telling the other guests that the county has been put into a lockdown because of the virus. No travel is allowed for four weeks at least.”

“WHAT!” Fiona nearly screamed as her mouth dropped to the ground.

“Yes, I’m afraid the virus has really run rampant across the state and both the governor and our local mayor have declared a stay-at-home order.”

“You can’t be serious…” Fiona said more calmly, regaining her composure quickly, “We can’t stay here a month… we don’t live here, the order can’t apply to us…” she continued, the last part trailing off with little confidence.

“I’m afraid it does. But I do have some good news for you. I was talking to Dave before you all came out and he’s generously agreed to let you stay at the B&B for as long as the order applies… at no cost to you.”

Fiona and the other all turned to Dave, his grinning face still sending chills through her even after his generous offer.

“But… but, we have to be somewhere…” Fiona tried to think of a reason, any reason, that might let them leave.

“Well, you’ll just have to call them and let them know you’re not going to make it.”

“Oh, about that, what’s going on with cell reception around here?” Fiona asked, the officer’s suggestion reminding her about the problem.

“Ah, yes, well we used to have a cell phone company around here, but they couldn’t get their equipment working reliably and so they folded up shop and left when nobody purchased a plan from them.”

“What about wifi?” Isabella asked, mostly to Dave. Fiona brightened up a bit as she waited for his response.

“I’m afraid we’re a little backwards around here, too small for the big phone companies to be interested and too spread out for the small ones to be able to turn a profit. There’s a computer at the library in town, but of course with the stay-at-home order, I’m sure it is closed.” Dave replied nodding towards Officer Johnston at the last part of his statement.

“Yep, I just came from there myself to make sure it was locked uptight.”

Fiona shook her head and let out an exasperated sigh, “Can we at least use your landline?” she asked of Dave.

“Of course! It’s in the kitchen, but try and use it sparingly, I’m sure wherever your calling will have significant long-distance charges.”

All four friends just nodded as the officer excused himself and Dave slowly walked back into the house.

“I can’t believe this!” Fiona said as she leaned back against her car and the others formed a semi-circle around her, “Stuck in the backwaters of timbucktwo for… a month or more!”

“Awe, come on, it’s not so bad.” Sally replied, “We’ve got lots of time before school starts up in the fall and this place is kinda cool. I even helped Dave milk the cows this morning, that’s practical learning!”

“Yeah, and I found a broken lawnmower in the shop last night and spent a few hours fixing it. That shops fully kitted out!”

“And oh my god, I slept like a baby last night! I haven’t had that good of sleep in… forever!”

Her three friends continued to talk about the place like it was Disneyland while all Fiona could think about was how small her room was and how much of a mess the place was.

Chapter 4

Fiona rolled out of bed and hit the floor, pretty much like she had the entire week she’d been stuck at the B&B. She just couldn’t get use to the small bed that gave her no ability to stretch out in the morning properly.

“Ouch…” she muttered to herself as she put her hand on the bed and managed to get herself up on to her feet. She walked across the hall, where her toiletries had remained after the first day, and took a nice long, hot shower. It was one of the few things that really relaxed her at the B&B.

As the warm water ran down over her body, her fingers slipped between her legs and she gently massaged her mound, a low moan coming from between her lips as she did so. There was just something about the feeling of being clean that had really been turning her on the last few days.

With her free hand she grabbed the bar of soap and started rubbing it all over her body, mostly her breasts and pussy, but nowhere was left without some suds on it. It didn’t take long for her climax to come and she squeezed the bar of soap so hard that it flew into the wall and bounced around the shower stall several times before coming to rest at her feet.

After coming down from the orgasm, she shut off the shower and dried herself off, taking the time to enjoy the afterglow.

At least Dave had a fully equipped, if small, bathroom. She had everything she needed including a hairdryer.

Finishing off her morning ritual, she put her hair up into a bun and then walked back over to her room, where she rummaged through her bag trying to find some clean clothes. With everything laid out on the bed, she realized there was nothing left that didn’t have a stain or mark on it of some kind.

Her fingers reached out for the one that was least dirty, but there was something in her mind that just wouldn’t let her wear dirty clothing. As she pulled her hand back, something tickled her memory and she turned towards the closet, the “maids” outfit still hanging there.

Her lips curled into a smile as her hand reached out for it. It was kinda fitting in a way, she’d been bored out of her skull after the first few days of staying here and had eventually been desperate enough for something, anything to do, she’d broken down and actually started cleaning the living room.

Since then, she’d cleaned pretty much the entire first floor, so the maid’s outfit was almost suitable to wear. She slipped it from the hanger and the soft material sent a little jolt of electricity through her fingers and up her arm.

A few minutes later she walked out into the kitchen with it on and saw the sink filled with dirty dishes from last night’s dinner. A frown crossed her lips and she walked over and started the hot water running.

Isabella looked at the mass of steel rods laid out on the floor in front of her and smirked at them. It had felt so good using the equipment and her hands to cut and bend each piece to shape.

Dave had been great too, there wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t bring something into the shop for her to work on. A tractor, a trailer, a pump, a trough, or whatever else had broken down that day.

It was the least she could do, he’d been kind enough to put them up while the stay-at-home order was in effect, a little bit of work around the shop seemed like the least she could do. The fact that she was enjoying the work was just a happy byproduct.

She looked down at the pile of metal that had taken her the last three days to assemble and then looked at the diagram that Dave had provided her. It all seemed right, but she still had no idea what it was all for.

She shrugged her shoulders, she was sure Dave would let her know what they were for eventually. And if not, well, it wasn’t really her concern either.

Dave had told her to go ahead and use whatever material was around the shop if she wanted to do any personal projects, and now that she was done with his request, she had something that needed to be done.

Grabbing a block of aluminum, she headed over to the machining lath a secured it before spinning it up and running the cooling oil over it as she started to cut into it.

Susan sat by the pool, yes the pool! The B&B had a nice pool just out behind the house that none of them had seen that first night, but when Susan had looked out her bedroom window the next morning, there it was in all its glory!

The sun was beaming down on her as she laid out on a cot in her bikini and doodled on the pad of paper on her lap. She took in a deep breath and nearly squealed at how perfect things were.

She was just finishing up a sketch of a large oak tree when she heard a man clear his throat from behind her. She twisted around to see Officer Johnston standing behind her.

“Hello there Susan, how are you today?” He asked as he walked around the cot until he was standing in front of her and then pulled a chair over and sat down.

She smiled at him and stuck the end of her pencil between her lips and played with it a little. Officer Johnston had dropped by every day to check up on the four of them, in an official capacity of course. But after the first day or so, he always seemed to make a beeline for her and she had to admit she kinda liked it.

Fiona was the strong confidant woman that everyone paid attention to, Isabella was a fiery Latino that everyone wanted to date, and Sally, well, Sally had a big chest. Susan, well, she didn’t have much but her red hair and that scared more men away than attracted them.

So Officer Johnston’s attention had put a smile on her face from the first day he’d shown it.

“Hi Officer Johnston, I’m great! How about you?” she replied, wiggling the pencil from side to side a bit, before sucking on it gently.

“I’m great Susan. Just checking in with you all to make sure you’re still here.” he said with a chuckle at the end.

“Yep, still here! I hope the stay-at-home order is never lifted!”

Officer Johnston smiled at her and a shiver ran down her spine and settled in her pussy, “That’s good to hear. And it definitely looks like the place agrees with you, the sun has really brought out your freckles.”

“Oh my gosh, are you serious?” Susan replied, sitting upright and raising her hands to her cheeks, “Are they really that noticeable?”

She’d always hated the stereotype of the freckled redhead, but as soon as Officer Johnson let out a happy little laugh somehow her anxiety faded away about it.

“Oh they are, very noticeable. I think they look great.” he said as he pulled his chair closer to her and reached out and put his hand on her bare leg, rubbing it slightly.

“Oh… oh you do? Really?” she asked as she blushed she spread her legs apart just slightly. His hand moved up her leg and slipped between her legs and she let out a little moan as he did so.

She put her sketch pad and pencil to the side and leaned forward, “Officer Johnston, can I… can I ask you something?” she said in a husky voice.

Officer Johnston smiled, “Of course Susan, ask anything you want.”

“Do… do you… do you find me attractive?” she almost whispered as she bowed her head and didn’t make eye contact with him.

He raised his hand to her face and gently brushed her hair over her ear and she looked up into his smiling face, “Of course I do, very attractive.”

Without thinking Susan leaned even farther forward and planted a kiss right on his lips as her pussy buzzed in anticipation.

Sally looked at the strange contraption in the corner of the barn where the milking machine was and raised an eyebrow. She was familiar with everything a working farm would need for milking cows, but whatever this was, it was too small for a cow. It had two pumps hanging on the front of it and two devices that kinda looked like pumps on the back of it but certainly were not pumps.

She sighed and turned her head as Betsy mooed as the last of the milk was pumped from her teats and Sally walked over to stop the machine and remove the pumps from her.

Sally had been milking the cows by herself for the last several days, once Dave had been satisfied that, yes, she really did know what she was doing.

She rolled her eyes at the thought of the old man and tried not blame him for his antiquated attitudes. Betsy mooed again and Sally walked around to the front of the machine and opened the gate that let her wander away. Betsy was the last cow to be milked and one of the best-behaved animals she’d ever seen, but even she had only so much patience once she was done.

Sally headed back to her room to get cleaned up and changed, milking cows wasn’t exactly the cleanliest of jobs, but it was satisfying. Something up the hum of the pump, the squirt of the milk, the mooing of the cows, it all just made Sally so happy.

By the time she’d gotten undressed and made it to the shower, so was more than ready for the warmth of the water to relax her. She spent a few minutes washing down her body, with the exception of her breasts, and then hesitated for just a moment.

Maybe it was all the fresh air, or maybe it was just that time of the month, but her breasts and nipples had been very sensitive the last few days. And not in a “this rubs me the wrong way” kinda way, but a “god I wish I had a guy to fuck me” kinda way.

With nothing left to clean though, she gently pushed the bar of soap up against her left breast and let out a low moan as the pleasure coursed through it. It wasn’t long before she was sitting on the tiled floor of the shower, both hands massaging her breasts, the soapy water running over them.

It was a few minutes later that she felt an orgasm coming on, confused, but unwilling to stop, she continued to massage her breasts until it crested and she heard herself cry out, “MOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”

When she recovered from the force of the orgasm, she laughed as the water ran down over her. She had never orgasmed just from playing with her breasts, but obviously she’d been spending too much time around Betsy and the other cows!

She smiled and let the water run over her for a few more minutes before standing up and shutting it off.

Chapter 5

“Come on princess, suck that cock…” Officer Johnston said as Susan’s head bobbed up and down his shaft.

Susan’s squeal was muffled by said cock, but that didn’t stop her from squealing. She tilted her head back a bit so she could look up at Officer Johnston standing in front of her while she sat on the edge of the cot she’d been sunning in just a little while ago.

Officer Johnston had arrived for his daily checkup on her and her friends. Since that first kiss, Susan had been an insatiable slut whenever he was around. That first day she’d nearly dragged him up to her room and mounted him.

Afterward a series of mind blowing orgasms, it had been the first time he’d called her princess when he’d finally gotten a chance to get a full look at her bedroom.

She still squealed like a little girl each time he did, no matter what else she was doing. For example, at the moment he was holding on to the two red pigtails that came out of each side of her head as she was sucking his cock by the pool. It didn’t matter, he said the word and she squealed.

It was such an amazing week since that first time, if she had thought this place was perfect before, well, now it was doubly perfect! Officer Johnston was the man of her dreams; forceful, commanding, powerful, in charge.

She hadn’t even flinched yesterday, when for the first time, he’d told her to get undressed right there at the pool instead of going up to her room. Nor had she batted an eye when he’d told her to suck his cock when he arrived today.

In fact, she was hoping he’d tell her to do more things, more often.

She felt him stiffen and then pull her off of him by her pigtails, holding her in place as her hands sprung up and held on to him as streams of cum plastered her freckled face.

“God you look so pretty like that princess…” he said and she squealed once more before diving back down onto his cock to get any last drops of cum that remained.

Isabella smiled as the gleaming aluminum dildo slipped into her pussy and she let a moan. It had taken her three days to make it on the lath and then polish it, but it was time well spent!

The hum of the motor whined as the dildo pulled back out and then pushed back in.

“Oh god yeah, fucking pound that pussy!” she cried out just before a loud squeal from the motor was followed by a pop and a little bit of smoke.

“Shit!” she cried out and jumped out of the rig that she’d set up to hold the mechanical dildo and herself. She quickly grabbed the power cable and yanked it from the wall, before inspecting the smouldering motor that had, until a moment ago, brought her so much joy.

She let out a sigh and quickly got dressed again, then grabbed a wrench and started to unfasten the motor from its mounts. She had wondered if the motor would be strong enough to last after the first day she’d used it, but now she had her answer.

She looked back at the rig that she had set up and still wondered what Dave had intended for the metal that she had used. Well, he hadn’t mentioned it since she had completed the work a week ago, so she’d taken the liberty of used some of it to build her, well, fucking machine.

She smiled and let out a little chuckle at the idea. It was a machine alright, and up until a moment ago it had been fucking her, and now it was a fucking broken machine to boot!

She grabbed the motor and moved it over to one of the bins of scrap parts before rummaging around for something to replace it.

At least she’d gotten one good day out of it, her pussy had been badly in need of a good fucking for a week and no matter how much she’d used her custom made aluminum dildo on herself, there had just been something missing.

Yesterday’s session in her rig though… god, that had been fantastic. She’d cum at least a half a dozen times and had finally had to shut it down from exhaustion. She’d slept like a log last night, but her eyes had kept drifting to the cloth-covered device all day today as she worked.

Moving a sheet of steel Isabella smiled at what she found under it, “God, that looks like it’s powerful enough to drive a dozen dildos!” she exclaimed and reached down to retrieve her found treasure.

Fiona was blushing profusely as she walked into Dave’s bedroom, could she really do this?

Her hands subconsciously flattened out the front of her uniform before she clasped them together and she lowered her head, “Excuse me Dave… I… I was wondering if I could… could… clean your room?”

A wave of pleasure coursed through her as she finished her question and Dave looked up from the book he was reading as he laid in his bed.

Dave smiled, “Well Fiona, I don’t’ see why not.”

Dave’s room was the last one she had yet to clean and she had been avoiding it for as long as she could. But the rest of the house was done and she knew, deep down, even without seeing it, his room was a mess.

She was right of course, now seeing the full extent of it made it obvious she had to clean it. Clothes were strewn everywhere, there were dirty plates and glasses on the dresser, there was a layer of dust over everything, and she could only imagine the mess that was under the bed!

“Oh thank you…” she scrunched her forehead a bit as she looked for the right thing to say, “Thank you… sir?”

The word came out of her mouth and she instantly knew it was right.

“No problem Fiona, no problem at all.” he replied and returned to reading his book.

There was a part of her that had hoped he’d leave, but there was a stronger part that was happy that he was staying.

She quickly got started, first picking up each piece of dirty clothing with the tips of her fingers and by bending over at the waist. She knew the short skirt of the uniform would almost certainly expose most of her ass, but all that did was make her pussy quiver even more.

The first time Dave had seen her in the kitchen, in the uniform, he’d complimented her on how good it looked on her. She’d not known what to say and just stared at him for a moment, but he’d continued on, telling her about the other dozen uniforms that were in storage in the back room. The only thing she’d been able to think of to say was “thank you”, and that had been exactly what came out of her lips.

Since then, she’d been wearing the uniforms each day, and to top it off, she’d found matching high heels that fit her perfectly in the storage room as well.

Once she had finished picking up the dirty clothes and placed them in the hamper, she made a circuit of the room and picked up the dirty dishes, making several trips down to the kitchen to carry them all safely. Each time her heels clicked and clacked against the wood and tile floors in the house and each sent a little shiver of pleasure up her legs and into her pussy.

It was two hours or so later when she’d finished vacuuming, cleaning, polishing, and scrubbing that the smile on her lips was the widest. She took the remaining trash down to the kitchen and then slipped back to her small bathroom to freshen up before returning to Dave’s bedside.

“Excuse me… Sir.” the word still felt right, but her tongue still had trouble making it.

Dave looked up from his book and smiled, “Oh Fiona, done already?” he asked.

“Yes… Sir. Well, at least unless you have something else for me to… clean?” she asked her head bowed, her hands clasped in front of her.

“Hmmm… well I might… let me check…” he said and then tossed the covers to the side, revealing his wrinkled member.

Her eyes went wide, her mouth formed a perfect circle as she let out a little gasp, “Oh please Sir… can Fuh… Fuh… Fiona clean it?” she asked, but without waiting leaned over and wrapped her fingers around the base of it and tilted her head slightly to the side before placing her lips on the tip of it.

“I don’t know, let’s see if you can or not… Fifi.”

She closed her eyes as a small orgasm came over her and she gently lifted her head up a bit, “Fifi knows how to clean Sir!” she said just before opening her eyes, locking them with his, and then lowering herself on to his member.

Fifi was performing her cleaning duties and she would show Dave that she was the best maid in the house.

Sally knelt on all fours as she lowered herself into the contraption, facing directly at Betsy as she was having her daily milking.

Sally really considered Betsy as a friend these days, after milking her for almost two weeks now, it seemed only right. It was only a couple of days ago when she was milking Betsy that Sally had finally figured out what the contraption was for, though she hadn’t been able to bring herself to use it at that time.

Instead she’d been masturbating for hours to the idea in the shower, in her bed, in the barn, everywhere really. She knew that today, she’d have to try it, even if someone walked in on her. Though that seemed unlikely, Dave didn’t check in on her anymore, trusting her with the cows, and her friends… well… they must be just about as busy as she was as the only time she saw them was at dinner. And even then they barely said two words to each other, each one seemingly focused on something else completely.

Sally sighed and steeled her willpower and then pulled up her top and attached the two pumps that dangled in front of her to her sensitive breasts. She gasped and moaned as the suction pulled her nipples forward and she almost orgasmed right then and there.

It wasn’t long though before she did. The sound of the pumps, the suction on her breasts, the mooing of Betsy in the background, it was all too much and the first of several orgasms came over her.

They distracted her so much that she didn’t even notice the first droplets of milk drop from her nipples into the pumps that were sucking on them.

Chapter 6

Isabella laid back in the rig, the first dildo she’d created pounding her pussy, the second between her lips and the third buried deep in her ass. Her hands were squeezing her tits and pulling on her nipples as the machine whirled away.

She was cumming hard every few minutes, and she had been for what seemed like hours.

Finally, the timer binged and the machine slowed down and finally came to a stop. Isabella just laid there for a bit, all three dildos still inside of her, but eventually she slipped each one out and managed to get herself out of the rig and stand upright.

She let out a contented sigh and stroked the metal framework of the rig that she had created, “God, you are the best thing I’ve ever engineered!” she said aloud to the empty shop.

She checked her watch, it was late and she had several jobs to do in the morning, but she still had to clean up after herself and so she detached all three dildos before tossing the cloth over the rig.

It wouldn’t take long to clean them, the metal was easy to maintain and a quick rinse in the sink with some soap would do the trick. Then she could let them dry overnight as she got some sleep, they’d be ready for when she finished her work tomorrow.

She’d spent each night that week in the rig, making small modifications to it each day to make it better and better. She was pretty sure it was almost perfect… except for her tits and nipples, and maybe a few other things as well. She frowned a little as her mind turned over the problem once more, a smile coming to her lips when an idea came to her.

Sally didn’t notice Dave walking into the barn, she was too lost in the orgasms that she was experiencing from the constant sucking of the milking machine connected to her tits. She also didn’t notice her own voice echoing in the barn, a low, almost constant moo coming from her lips.

“Well now Sally, I see you’ve really gotten the hang of milking the cows…” he said with a chuckle as he walked up to her.

Sally just let out another moo as a smile cross her lips and an orgasm cross her body.

Taking a step to the side he walked around behind her and smiled, “I see you even figured out what these are for…” he said, the two cylindrical objects that weren’t pumps that hung off the back of the contraption were firmly lodged in Sally’s pussy and ass.

“Good girl Sally, good girl.” he said, petting her head before turning away and walking back towards the house.

Susan straddled Officer Johnston as he laid back on the sun cot by the pool, his pants on the ground and Susan riding his cock. Her bikini top was beside his pants, her bikini bottom was pushed to the side as she bounced up and down.

“Oh my god baby! Is Suzi a good girl? Please baby, tell Suzi she’s a good girl!” Susan cried out as Officer Johnston gripped her hips and pulled her down onto him, holding her there.

“Fuck Princess, you are definitely a good girl!” he said with a grunt and released inside of her.

SQUEAL Princess Suzi’s a good girl! Princess Suzi’s a good girl!” Susan cried out as the orgasm crashed over her and she fell forward on to Officer Johnston’s chest. Her voice a lower murmur that could only barely be made out as she repeated the mantra over and over again.

Fifi was cleaning again, this time she was using her pussy to clean Dave’s cock and she was loving every moment of it.

“Oui Sir, Fifi love ze cleaning!” she cried out as she rocked her hips back and then forward as she sat on top of Dave in his bed. She was wearing her uniform, of course, she never cleaned when she wasn’t wearing it, so it was a good thing she always wore it just in case.

Though she had stopped wearing panties or a bra almost a week ago, just after cleaning Dave’s cock the first time with her mouth. Since then it just hadn’t seemed necessary to wear them, as they only got in the way of her cleaning.

Like any good maid though, it was her responsibility to do the work when cleaning. Especially with Dave being so advanced in years, it would never do for him to have to exert himself while she cleaned. So she always ensured he was well taken care of no matter how she was cleaning.

Fifi felt his cum enter her as she cried out, “Oui! Oui! Giv Fifi ze dirty cum!”, before she orgasmed herself.

Chapter 7

Fifi was preparing dinner when she heard the voices come from the living room. She walked over to the door as quietly as she could as the click-clack of her heels filled the kitchen. Once she was at the door, she cracked it open ever so slightly to see Dave and Officer Johnston sitting in the living room.

“Fifi, bring Chuck and I a drink!” Dave called out and Fifi almost tripped over her own feet as she moved backwards.

“Oui mousier!” she called out and hurried to the fridge to retrieve two beers. She knew what Dave liked, but didn’t know what Officer Johnston drank and so just grabbed two of the same kind.

She then wiggled her ass through the kitchen door and over to the seats where the two men sat. She leaned over, bending at the waist and placed Dave’s drink on the table beside him, the coaster protecting the wood from the sweat of the beer.

She knew Officer Johnston was getting a good look at her ass and she wondered if his cock might be as dirty as Dave’s always was. It was a suspicion that she’d have to investigate later, in the meantime she turned to the table beside Officer Johnston’s chair and similarly placed his beer on the coaster, giving Dave an equally good look at her ass.

Fifi then returned to the kitchen and remained by the door, leaving it ajar just a bit so she could see and hear what the men were discussing.

“Fiona turned out well, didn’t she?” Officer Johnston said, raising his beer to Dave.

“Yeah, and it looks like Susan is a real winner too.” Dave replied, lifting his beer in return.

“Hey, have you looked at Susan’s sketch pad?” Chuck asked.

“No, why would I?”

“I think you should, I flipped through it the other day, and well… just take a look when you get a chance.” Chuck replied, trailing off at the end.

The two men sat quietly for a moment before Chuck broke the silence once more.

“How are Isabella and Sally coming along?”

“Humph, they’re on track, should be fine for pickup on Friday. But then again why wouldn’t they be.” Dave replied with disdain in his voice at the last part and shaking his beer bottle at the ceiling.

“Hey man, just let it go. We can’t do anything about it now, we made our bed and have to lye in it.”

Both men chugged some of their beers and then sat quietly until Officer Johnston stood up and left. When Dave did the same thing, Fifi quickly went out to clean up the empty bottles they left on the tables.

Isabella’s eyes were rolled back in her head as Officer Johnston walked into the shop and saw her laid out bare in the rigging that she had created.

The three dildos were pistoning in and out of all three of her orifices, along with four flap wheels that were slapping against her ass and sides of her tits. The final part of the rig was the fishing wire looped through the three rings that pierced her nipples and clit, pulled and releasing them in a cyclical pattern.

Chuck smiled and walked over to her, leaning down by her head. The smell of sex was strong, she must have been there for hours already and it was only mid-afternoon. There was little doubt she was ready for delivery, the only question was where she was going.

They never knew the answer to that question for most of the girls, but for Susan, well, he knew exactly where she was headed and it was time to pick up his reward.

Suzi couldn’t believe how lucky she was getting a ride in Officer Johnston’s police car, even if she couldn’t see much as her face was buried in his crotch as she sucked at his cock.

It didn’t matter though, Officer Johnston had told her how much she was going to love living at his place and as always, he was right.

It was the same as when he told her how much she loved sucking his cock, or acting like his spoiled little princess, or any of the other things he’d told her with so much authority that she just couldn’t help but believe.

She even loved the cute little pink skirt and white top that he’d brought her to wear today, and he hadn’t even told her to! She was so proud of herself, she almost squealed when she put them on.

She couldn’t stop herself from squealing after she’d applied the glossy pink lipstick and makeup that he’d brought as well.

Suzi knew that even now it was forming pink streaks up and down his cock, she couldn’t wait for him to slip it into her pussy with them still on it so she could squeal and mew even more!

She knew that Princess Suzi’s life was going to be perfect and couldn’t wait to get started.

Dave walked out to the barn as he saw Chuck walking toward the shop. When he entered the main area of the barn there was a single cow being milked, Sally.

She was in the contraption that he’d had Isabella make in the first week the four girls had arrived, but on top of that, she was wearing the outfit he’d left on her bed a few days ago.

It was a latex catsuit with a black and white cow print on it, it covered her head and had two small horns. It was open around the breasts, where Sally’s hung heavy with milk as the pumps sucked it out of her. Around the backside of it, both her pussy and ass were exposed so the vibrators could fit easily through it.

The final touch was the brass bell that hung around her neck, “Sally” inscribed on all four sides of it.

As Dave approached, Sally let out a moo as she looked down at her arms. The outfit had come with straps to bind her arms and legs, which she’d been able to do with the legs, but had been unable to secure her own arms.

Dave smiled, “Does Sally need some help with those?” he asked pointing to the straps that hung loosely from her arms.

Set let out a plaintiff moo and nodded, causing her bell to ring gently. Dave watched the orgasm come over her at the sound of it and knelt down and secured the straps once it had passed.

“There we go Sally, all done up, nice and secure.” Dave said and then tapped the bell with a ring on his finger.

It gave out a little chime and he watched Sally orgasm again. He tapped the bell several more times, causing a flurry of orgasms to come over her.

“My, you’re going to make someone a fine heifer, aren’t you? A good little milk cow.”

The long sustained moo and the look of utter bliss on Sally’s face told him everything he needed to know.
Chapter 8

Chuck watched the unmarked cube van back into the garage door of the shop as a tow truck hooked up Fiona’s car and lifted it off the ground.

Chuck was still impressed that Isabella had thought of everything that would be needed when she built the rig she was now strapped in to. Wheels to make it easy to move, several batteries so that it could run for hours during transport, even a lightweight sound dampening cover so that no one would be suspicious unless they stood right beside it.

The two men in overalls were pushing the rig up the ramp as he watched and thought about this morning when he woke up to Susan eagerly sucking his cock. The two red pigtails bobbing up and down making his morning wood even harder.

Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of Dave, walking behind him on all fours and a leash, was Sally.

“Holy fuck…” he whispered under his breath. The blonde had been busty when she first arrived, but even from this distance, he could see her tits bulging out from her sides.

He’d thought Isabella had the worst of it this time, but now he was reconsidering, Sally’s arms and legs were bound back upon themselves, she was wrapped in what looked like a latex cow print suit, and was struggling to keep up the pace as Dave walked ahead of her.

The only thing that made him think Isabella might still be worse off was the joyous moo’s coming from Sally.

He shook his head as the ramp of the van was raised and then the van pulled forward to clear the building, before the ramp was lowered once more and Dave walked up to it with Sally close behind.

Dave guided Sally up the ramp and then to the back of the van where he set down the portable pump he had been carrying from the barn and hooked it up to her. The moo’s of pleasure intensified until Dave placed a gag over Sally’s mouth and strapped it behind her head.

Dave exited the van and the men closed the door, walked around to the cab, got it and slowly drove away.

“We’re all good here?” the tow truck driver asked, holding up his hand with his thumb extended.

“Yep, all good.” Chuck replied with the same gesture.

A few minutes later, both the van and Fiona’s car were out of sight.

Dave turned to Chuck and looked seriously at him, “We have to have a discussion.” the old man said in a strained voice.

Chuck rolled his eyes, “This again?”

“Yes, this again you bastard.” Dave replied.

“Look Dave, I know you got the short end of the stick, but I’m not going to shove it up my own ass just to make you happy.” Chuck spat back.

“SHORT END OF THE FUCKING STICK!?!?” Dave yelled and held his hands out at his sides and waved up and down.

“Fuck Chuck, all I can do is lay there like a corpse when Fiona is fucking me! Do you know how god damn infuriating that is? How humiliating?”

Chuck let out a sigh, “I know Dave, but well… you know…” he said waving at the house with his hand.

“Of course I fucking know, I was the one that found this place! I was the one that researched the incantation! I was the one that collected all the supplies! You… you were just the fucking muscle!”

Dave took a swing at Chuck, but he easily dodged the old man’s blow.

“Look Dave, I get it, but it’s not going to change… unless you want to take a risk with…” Chuck said, waving at the house again.

“It’s a fucking house Chuck… you can call it what it is, it doesn’t care.”

“Yeah, well I’m not willing to take that chance. Whatever you raised in the basement has wants and desires and a plan, I’m not taking the chance of getting on its bad side.”

Dave took a deep breath and just shook his head, “Fine. Fine. Let’s just get it over with…” he said, resigned that things weren’t going to change.

“Hey, look at it this way, at least we both got to keep one of them this time.” Chuck replied, trying to lighten the mood. Dave got this way once in a while, but especially when he’d been alone for some time. A few weeks of Fifi maintaining the house and attending to all of Dave’s “cleaning” needs would likely brighten his mood.

Dave frowned, “You know it won’t last. Someday, someone will come and pick them up. They’ll become useful in some way to the house and we’ll never see them again, just like last time. And the time before that. And the time before that…” Dave trailed off as he turned and walked towards the house.

Chuck couldn’t blame him for being pissed off, before he had raised… well whatever he raised in the basement of the house… he’d been in his mid-twenties, just like Chuck was. The power that permeated the house now was old and dark, and they could both feel it whenever they entered the building.

But whatever plan the house had, it needed one of them to be a kind old man running the B&B, and the other to be a police officer. It was just bad luck for Dave that Chuck had a policing background, even if he’d been kicked off the force for unbecoming conduct.

In the instant the power had emerged, it had chosen Chuck to be the police officer, and that meant Dave was destined to be the old man. Dave was convinced though if they both wanted it… and asked the house the right way… that they could swap positions. Chuck doubted it, but had no desire to try it anyway.

The fact that it was only two months until the fiftieth anniversary of the day Dave had raised it, was probably what was getting under his skin more than anything else. After all, being an old man for a few years until you died was bad enough, but being stuck as one for fifty years? And for who knew how much longer as neither of them had aged a day in those same fifty years.

How long would they be here? How long would the house require their services? Another fifty years? A hundred? A thousand?

What would happen when they were no longer required? Would they be released to live their lives as if it had never happened? Would they be sent straight to hell? Would the world end when whatever plan the house had came to fruition?

These were all thoughts Chuck tried to avoid, and each time Dave brought it up he was forced to face them. Chuck shook the thoughts from his head and followed Dave into the house, where they would go down to the basement and commune with whatever power was there. Chuck suspected that if they were lucky, nothing would change, if they weren’t, well he pushed that thought out of his mind as well.

Instead, as he walked away from the shop, he looked back and watched the building shimmer just slightly as the equipment inside vanished, the cinder block building once more become an empty husk. It would remain that way until the next gusts for the B&B were selected and then it would become whatever the house needed it to be.

Chuck was sure the barn had done the same thing, along with the rooms inside the house as well. The house’s power had grown over the decades, expanding until everything in the surrounding area, including the town, were under it’s control. As such, no one came to Bucks Ferry unless the house wanted them to.

Which was why he had no concern about anyone looking for the four girls, or at least anyone coming to Bucks Ferry to look for them. Their car would be stripped and sold for parts by the wrecker and no one in town would recognize them even if they had met them at some point.

“Hey Dave…” Chuck called out as Dave took each step up to the porch slowly, “Did you ever look at Susan’s sketch pad?”

Dave turned his head and frowned, “No!”, he shouted back and then continued on up the steps.

Chuck just shook his head and followed him up to the house, Dave really should look at the sketch pad. Chuck had caught sight of one of Susan’s sketches and been very surprised. She’d told him he was sketching an oak tree, and she was, but there were all kinds of symbols and creatures around it.

He’d flipped through the rest of the pad, the drawings before arriving at the house were just normal sketches. But each sketch after she had arrived became more and more twisted. Perhaps she was seeing the house and it’s surroundings for what it really was subconsciously and drawing them.

When he’d asked Susan about it, she’d just gone on and on about how beautify the sketches were, like there was nothing different about them at all.

Perhaps, in one of them, there might be something Dave could use. But if he didn’t want to look, well, he wasn’t going to force the issue. After all, he wasn’t trapped in an old man’s body.

Chuck smiled at the thought of Suzi waiting for him at home and one last question crossed his mind as he entered the house.

Would the next group of guests to arrive leave in any better shape than this group had?