Jacob’s Ladder

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2016

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SYNOPSIS: Jacob has been hired to tack down the last of Lilith’s offspring after so many other have failed.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Jacob’s Ladder

I looked down the darkened main street of Miltonvale Kansas at the end of a warm spring day and wondered if anyone back east had ever suspected my journey would bring me here.

It was a small town, off the beaten path, a few hundred residents and surrounded by farms. I half expected to see Clark Kent walk by.

I walked down the street, the sun had set hours ago and the quaint little stores that lined it were dark and lonely. It looked like the locals had rolled up the streets as soon as the sun had set so there was no one to be seen, nor did I expect to find anything tonight. I’d just arrived and my search would have to wait until morning.

Thinking back to when the council had “requested” I take the assignment, I wouldn’t have expected to be here either. I didn’t have much to do with the council, they saw little value in my services usually, but I guess they had run out of options and need to look like they were doing something and so here I was.

But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself, I should go back and fill in some details for you before I get too far along in my story.

Twenty years ago, give or take a few months, Lilith, the queen of the Succubus escaped Hell and came to Earth. Her power had been fading for decades, having peaked in the 60’s, AIDS in the 80’s and 90’s had put an end to much of the free love the she drew power from and she was desperate to change that.

Coming to Earth and dropping in to Richmond Virginia had caused quite a stir, both in the human world and the shadow world. For the human world, it was a few hours of unbridled passion as every fertile man and woman copulated non stop.

Well at least until Lucifer tracked Lilith down and dragged her back to Hell of course.

I’m still not sure which was more disturbing for the council, Lilith’s little orgy or Lucifer walking the earth. Afterwards things went back to normal, Lucifer had no intention of interfering with mankind, apparently his plans were moving along just fine without any help. As for Richmond the mini baby boom raised a few eyebrows but no one could find any other ill effects and the children born 9 months later seemed healthy and normal.

That was at least until the first children of that night reached puberty. Then the council took notice.

Most of the children were just normal humans, but a few, those girls born to mothers who had accepted Lilith in to their hearts that night, had a gift.

They were unnaturally beautiful and each had an ability to induce a trance on to others. They weren’t like Lilith, able to trance someone with just her voice, or eyes or just about any other body part. No the children were more limited. Their power was focused on just one part of their body. Some could use their eyes, others their lips, some their breasts and the options included just about any other body part you could imagine.

The first of them had been found using her power to become a pop star, her focus was her lips and she tranced her fans in to loyal obedience with her music and videos.

The council dispatched an enforcer to take care of her when they found out and once she had been removed from the public eye the investigation revealed the scope of the problem.

That was six years ago and since then the council had been tracking down each spawn from that night and checking them. There were just a few left, those that no one had been able to find thus far, and that was what had brought me to Miltonvale.

My own story is a sad tale of mediocrity and apathy. I was born in the human world to ordinary parents that had never heard of the shadow world. It wasn’t until my own coming of age that I realized something was different.

I could see things others could not, feel things that no one else felt. It was only by accident that I bumped in to a mage and he recognized my talent.

Well, talent may be too strong of a term for it. You see few have a true talent for magic, mages, witches and the like wield the power and command respect throughout the shadow world. The few like myself, who can sense the talent but not actually wield it, well we’re the gophers of the shadow world.

Able to do some the mundane work a mage would otherwise have to do but without any respect or power.

And that is why the council had handed me this assignment. They had spent enough of their time on the task and now it was time to push it down to those less qualified, in their mind at least, to handle it.

I really didn’t mind though, getting a request from the council was almost an honor, if a backhanded one. And in this case there was no downside, they already expected me to fail. If I even found a little bit of new information it would be a success and if not, no one would blame me.

But if I got lucky, then there was a lot of upside. Coming back to the council with Lilith’s offspring would bring a little fame and fortune my way. With a little good word of mouth I could increase my rates, more than making up for the time and effort spent on the request.

Of course I hadn’t expected to be traveling half way across the country when I’d started out.

A trip down the coast to Richmond had led me to many of the same dead ends those before me had run in to. The child had been born a little premature but healthy, to a young girl ill prepared to raise her.

She’d tried to have an abortion, even scheduling the appointment but never turned up. When she was in the hospital delivery room, she was alone. She didn’t know who had impregnated her, his name and face lost in the haze of Lilith’s powerful presence that night. Her parents had died years before and she lived alone, working three jobs to try and make ends meet.

She’d signed the adoption papers a few days prior and had refused to even look at her child before she was taken back to recovery and that was the last record he had to work with.

Other’s had tried to get the details from the adoption service, but using magic on humans was frowned upon and so they had little choice to be return with nothing to show for it.

Perhaps it was fortuitous then that the task had finally come to someone like me, someone still aware of my own limits. I’d interviewed the adoption clinic staff but it wasn’t until I found the retired secretary that I’d hit pay dirt.

Oh, at first she’d refused to tell me anything, but it didn’t take long to notice the condition of her apartment or a dozen other little things that told me she was in financial trouble. After that it was a quick negotiation, which ended in a surprisingly low figure, to get the information I needed.

The child had been adopted by a couple from Baltimore and lived there for a few years until the mother’s parents had started to have trouble maintaining the family farm. The three of them had moved to, you guessed it, Miltonvale to help run the farm.

The grandparents had passed a few years after that and then when the large corporation had offered a tidy sum to by the farm, they’d sold it and moved in to town.

And here’s where Elise still lived, an offspring of Lilith living out her life in a small town in Kansas. I walked down the main street back towards my car to catch a few hours sleep before the town awoke and my real work started.

Elise stretched out in bed and rolled over, the bright rays of sun falling through her window and on to her face as she smiled.

Her perfectly white teeth sparkled as she let out a sigh and closed her eyes again for just a second before getting up and heading to the shower.

As she passed the mirror she checked her reflection, her thin frame, long legs and large breasts were the envy of the entire town and she knew it. She ran her hand through her long blonde hair and gave a half smirk, life was good.

A quick shower later she applied a little lipstick and checked her reflection, her perfect skin needed nothing and so she put on a low cut sun dress over a bikini and headed downstairs.

“Oh, your up honey, do you want anything for breakfast?” her mother called.

“No mom, not today.” She said as she walked by the kitchen towards the front door. A quick checked confirmed her mother was exactly as she expected. Dressed up like a 50’s housewife, frilly dress, apron and all. A vapid smile on her face as she waved to her daughter.

“I’m taking the car.” She called out as she grabbed the keys from the bowl by the door.

“You be careful young lady.” Her father said. She turned towards the living room, he was seated in a big easy chair reading the paper. He’d lowered it and she could see the sweater vest he was wearing and the pipe clenched between his teeth, a large bubble forming at the end of it, ready to pop and be replaced by the next one.

She opened the door and headed towards the car, everything was perfect, just the way she liked it.

She drove through town on her way to the lake and passed the diner where she saw a car she didn’t recognize. It was a rental and no one came to Miltonvale in a rental car, heck no one came to Miltonvale period if they didn’t have to.

She drove on by, making a mental note to check to see who it was when she got back from the lake.

As she drove out of town she passed several fields until a dirt road appeared on her left and she headed down it. A few miles later she pulled up to the pond, or as everyone called it the lake. It was the local hang out for the teenagers and she needed to work on her tan so it seemed like a good spot.

She pulled up and found the perfect spot to catch the sun, unfortunately Samantha had already taken it.

“Hi Sam, why don’t you find another spot.”

Samantha looked up and glared at her, “No way, find one yourself.”

Elise frowned, Samantha was always the suborn one, maybe it was the red hair or maybe something else but it didn’t really matter. Elise crouched down beside Samantha and flashed her best smile at her.

“Oh come on Samantha, don’t you want to move?” She said, sliding her fingers along the straps of her dress and pulling it to the side, exposing her nipples.

Elise pushed the power down to her breasts and out towards Samantha. Samantha looked up in shock, “What are you…. do… ing…”, she tailed off as her mouth fell slack.

“That’s right Sam, just keep looking at my amazing breasts. You can’t take your eyes off of them, you don’t want to look away, they’re so perfect they make you feel so inferior. You just can’t help but do anything I want, just to get another look at them, isn’t that right?”

“I… I… I… can’t… look away. I’ll do anything.”

“That’s a good girl, now we’ve had this conversation before and this time I really want you to listen. I’m the most important person you know, you want to do everything you can to make me happy. If I want your spot, your more than happy to give it up. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes… more than happy… to give you my spot.”

Elise covered her breasts again and Samantha blinked.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Elise smiled at Samantha with an expectant look on her face.

“I… Oh my gosh, Elise, I’m sorry, here have my spot.” Samantha replied as she hurriedly got up and grabbed her towel. She started to move away, looking for a new spot to sun in.

“Sam, don’t go far now, why don’t you spread out my towel for me.” Elise said pointing at her beach bag.

“Of course Elise, how silly of me.”

Elise watch Samantha spread out her towel and make sure it was perfect before waiting to see if Elise wanted anything else.

Elise smiled at Samantha, “Very good Sam. Now I don’t expect to have to have this chat with you again so let’s make sure you remember it next time.”

Elise looked around the lake and found what she was looking for, “Ah, there he is. See Jason over there?” Elise pointed at the slightly overweight teenager across the other side of the pond. Samantha nodded.

“Jason’s asked you out several times hasn’t he? Including to prom last year? You turned him down in front of most of the school as I recall. He didn’t come out of his house for at least a month after that. Why don’t you go over there and show him how sorry you are, make sure to show him exactly what he missed out on after prom to.”

Samantha’s eyes widened but she turned and started walking towards Jason a smirk on Elise’s face. Prom had been a lot of fun after Samantha had tried to steal away one of the, five guys she was there with. She could clearly remember telling Samantha to make sure he used all three of her holes before the night was threw.

Elise pulled her sun dress up and over hear head before turning her attention to her tan.

Elise drove back in to town and frowned at the rental car still in the diner’s parking lot. She decided to pull in and see who it was.

Shutting off the engine she stepped out and looked around, inside the diner seemed deserted as it was mid afternoon but she caught sight of Carole behind the counter.

She opened the diner door and the bell rang out like she’d heard so many times before and Carole looked up from her work and gave a hesitant smile.

“Hi Elise… what can I get you?”

“Hi Carole, do you know whose car that is outside?” Elise asked as she came up to the counter and sat down on one of the stools.

“Oh he was here earlier, had breakfast and then walked down the street. He seemed nice.”

“Any idea what he was doing here?”

“He said he was a photographer, taking pictures of small towns.”

Elise raised an eye brow, “Is that what he said?”

“Yes, he had a camera with him.” Carole replied, shrinking back a bit.

“Well, ok. Did he say where he was going?”

“No… but he did say he’d be back for dinner.”

“Thanks Carole.” Elise smiled, stood up and walked back to her car and drove home. Someone new to play with was always a fun way to spend a night.

I watched Elise drive off from the diner and swore under my breath, I’d just missed her at home this morning and now I’d missed her again.

At least now I knew I was tracking the right woman. She was drop dead gorgeous and carried herself in a way that screamed power.

I looked in to the diner and saw Carole, visibly shaken.

I opened the door and Carole almost jumped out of her skin at the sound of the bell.

“Easy there Carole, just me.” I smiled at her.

“Oh, goodness. I’m so sorry, you scared me half to death.”

“No problem, but you looked kind of concerned before I came in. Anything wrong?”

“What, oh, no, nothing wrong.” She shifted her gaze from me nervously.

“That wasn’t very convincing Carole, want to try again?”

“Well, it’s just, did you see Elise leave?”


“Well, she was asking about you and I think it’s best if you just leave town right now.”

“I’m not done taking photos yet, I think I’ll have to stay the night. Why would I leave now?”

“I’ve said too much, I’m sorry, I have work to do.” Carole replied, grabbing a serving tray and heading in to the kitchen.

I walked over to the booth up against the wall and took a seat before pulling my laptop out and taking some notes. It sounded like I wouldn’t have to chase Elise anymore, she’d be coming right to me soon enough.

Elise checked her reflection in the car mirror, the tight dress hugged her every curve and split in two all the way down to her bellybutton, exposing the sides of her breasts.

She stepped out of the car and her high heels clicked on the pavement as she strode towards the diner’s door. Inside she could see Carole, a few of the regulars and in the booth along the wall someone she didn’t recognize.

He was older but looked to be in good shape, the sharp lines of his face gave him a hardened looked that seemed out of place with his clothes. A dark, loss fitting shirt and jeans along with an obviously expensive pair of shoes. He seemed a walking contradiction in so many ways, she couldn’t wait to find out more.

The bell of the diner rang as she entered and everyone turned to look to see who was coming in. Everyone except the stranger in the booth that is. She frowned and everyone quickly turned away and found some way to look busy as she walked up to the counter.

“Hi Carole, what’s the special tonight?” she said, slightly louder than she needed to too try and draw his attention.

“Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy.”

“Oh, sounds yummy, I’ll have one.”

Elise looked over to the booth, the man still had his attention on his laptop and so shed decided the direct way was probably called for.

She walked over to the booth and slid in to the empty side of it, flashing her thousand-watt smile at him.

“Hi, I’m Elise.” She said.

He looked up from his laptop and smiled, never making eye contact with her. Typical she thought.

“Jacob, nice to meet you.” He replied when he finally managed to rise high enough to see her face.

“So Jacob, what are you doing in Miltonvale?”

“Just taking some photos of the local architecture. I’m doing research… for a book.” He replied.

She took quick stock of him, there was something off about him but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

“Sounds interesting.” She said, playing with her hair.

“And you Elise, what are you doing in a small town like this? Shouldn’t you be a movie star or something?”

Elise smiled, “Well, I grew up here and I kind of like it. There’s a lot of privacy here, no one pays any attention to what happens in a small town like this.”

“Sounds like a perfect place to just get lost in.”

Something was definitely wrong about Jacob, it was time to find out what. She stopped playing with her hair and slowly slid her hand down her dress, Jacob’s eyes followed along and when she pulled her dress aside his eyes fixated on her exposed breast. She summoned her power and pushed it towards him.

“Now Jacob, do you have a hotel room?” she asked, having seen the look in his eyes hundreds of times before.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Why don’t we head back there and get to know each other better.” She smiled wickedly at him as he nodded.

She slid out of the booth and Jacob followed her, she took his hand and lead him out to the parking lot to his car and he drove them back to his hotel room.

He opened the door for her and as she stepped inside a bright flash of light surrounded her and she felt every muscle in her body turn to jello before she collapsed on to the floor, unconscious.

The problem with always getting your way is that you never expect anything different. Elise had flashed her perfect tit at me in the diner and I’d seen the magic come to life and flow out of it right at me.

It splashed against my forehead and dissipated around me and I could see it in her eyes, she didn’t know the difference. She expected me to be in a trance and so when I played along, she thought nothing of it.

Which is what I had expected. I had the talent and even someone who couldn’t use the talent but had it was immune to it. That didn’t mean it wasn’t still dangerous of course, there were other ways she could of used her power against me, there were a half dozen other people in the diner to use.

But the case files the council had supplied me were quite extensive on the those they’d already tracked down and none of the girls had understood what they were, let alone been able to harness it beyond a simple trance.

Elise was no different and when we walked in to my room, the simple sleep spell I’d set before I left had been more than enough to take her out. The spell had been expensive, but unlike a mage I couldn’t cast spells, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t trigger them once they had been cast and bound to an object, like the scroll that was tacked to the ceiling.

I looked down at her unconscious form and closed the door behind me, she’d be out for several hours which gave me more than enough time to setup.

I walked over to the closet and removed one of the mirrored doors, placing it up against the credenza and facing it towards the wall so I could access the back of it.

I pulled several large markers from my bag and started drawing symbols on the back, they were protective glyphs, not magic by themselves, but they could protect against it. It would take an hour or more to get them all right and so I set about my work.

When they were complete I turned the mirror back around and made sure it was positioned properly, fully upright and stable. Then I grabbed one of the chairs and set it in front of it. I grabbed Elise’s body and set it in the chair and tied her down firmly to it.

Then I pulled her dress to the side and exposed both of her perfect breasts and sat down on the bed behind her and waited, holding a dark quartz stone in my hand.

Elise stirred to life and felt tight bonds on her arms and legs. The last thing she remembered was a bright flash of light as she walked in to Jacob’s hotel room.

She blinked several times and raised her head up to see Jacob standing in front of her, his hands clasped behind his back.

“Ah awake at last are you?”

“What… what’s going on?”

Elise struggled against her bonds to no avail.

“Go ahead and struggle all you like, I’m enjoying the view quite a bit as your tits sway back and forth.”

Elise looked down and realized she was naked from the waist up. She smiled, realizing what must have happened.

She’d picked up a pervert and when her instructions from the diner had been completed, he had been free to do as he wanted again. He must have knocked her out and now was getting ready to get his jollies off that he thought he had the upper hand.

Of course he didn’t know how much of a mistake it was to expose her breasts, how could he?

Her smile turned to a snear, “Get a good last look fucker, you’re not going to get another one.”, she yelled out.

Elise closed her eyes and focused all her power on to her breasts and pushed out the most powerful blast of energy she had ever done. She opened her eyes just as the power shot forth but to her surprise Jacob was no longer in front of her, instead only her own reflection confronted her.

And her breasts were mesmerizing….

I stood behind Elise, the projection stone held behind my back as I watched her build her power, just as she was about to release it, I dropped the stone and my image in front of the mirror disappeared and I watched the energy shoot out of her nipples and bounce off the mirror, the glyphs doing their job perfectly, and right in to her forehead.

Her eyes were vacant and her jaw slack as she stared at her own breasts in the mirror.

I sat down on the bed beside her and spoke, “Elise, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Came the soft and quite response.

“I have some questions for you, your going to answer them truthfully and completely aren’t you?”


“Now, how many people have you tranced with your breasts?”

“I… I…I’m not sure, lots.”

I pulled my laptop over from the other side of the bed, “Well let’s start with the first one and go from there.”

Several hours later she had recited a hundred and forty-six names, most of which had simple instructions forced upon them. Simple thralls to do her bidding, but a few would require special attention.

The high school rival that she’d told to drop out of school and find an abusive boyfriend would have to be fixed. And so would her parents, they were mostly just automatons now with no life but to wait on her.

The high school principle would have to wait for another day, federal penitentiaries were not easy to get in to and that assumed he was even still alive. Inmates had a lower opinion of child molesters, how could they know he wasn’t responsible.

Most though could be left alone, once Elise was gone they would be just fine.

“Now then Elise, time to make sure you don’t cause any more trouble. Listen carefully to everything I tell you. Everything I am going to tell you is absolutely true, you know this in the deepest parts of you. It doesn’t matter if you can remember something else being true, what I tell you is going to push that right out of your mind and it will become just some dream you had once. Do you understand?”


“Good, now think back to the first time you tranced someone with your breasts. It wasn’t your boyfriend or your parents, no it was yourself.

You were just starting to grow your breasts and you were exploring them, playing with them, while looking in the mirror in your bathroom and as you did so you became enthralled at the sight. Soon you were in a deep trance and every stroke, squeeze and caress brought you more and more pleasure until you finally came for the first time.

You realized your breasts were special and over the next few months as they grew you tranced yourself many times. Each time the pleasure increased and the orgasm was more intense. Each time you realized your breasts were more and more important than anything else. Your breasts were the most important thing about you.

Of course you quickly became very popular at school and when you started dating you enjoyed all the attention your breasts brought you. But it wasn’t until your first boyfriend reached second base that you realized how much better it was when someone else played with them.

But you also realized how vulnerable you were, whenever you were in a trance your boyfriend could tell you to do anything and you’d do it.

That’s why you broke up with him and didn’t date again after that.

Instead you hid away in your room, keeping to yourself. You dropped out of school and never graduated.

You know, deep down, you can’t trance anyone but yourself with your breasts. So you swore off everything to do with them. You kept them covered up, hidden away so that you would never be tempted to use them on yourself again.

Eventually, your parents forced you to go out and get the only job in town you could, waitressing at the diner. You spent your days wrapped up in that dreary outfit they have and your nights trying not to think about how good it feels to have someone squeeze your breasts.

Then, today, I walked in to the diner and you couldn’t help yourself. There was something different about me and soon you were flirting with me, until you finally couldn’t take it any more and asked me to take you back to my hotel room.

As I played with your breasts, you fell deeper and deeper in to your trance until there was nothing left but the sound of my voice and your own moans of pleasure.

It was too much for you and you let down your guard, telling me I could do anything I wanted to you. Make you anything I wanted you to be as long as I kept playing with your breasts.

I looked in to your eyes and knew it was true and so I told you what I wanted you to be.

My submissive, obedient, slutty fuck toy so eager to please me you think of nothing else. You came with the most massive orgasm you had ever had as you became exactly what I wanted.”

I watched Elise’s body twitch as the orgasm hit her and she collapsed in to the chair, her mind reeling to catch up with her new reality.

I untied her bonds and replaced the mirror as she recovered, when I returned she was still sitting in the chair, her hands crossed in her lap, looking up at me.

“Th… thank you sir.”

“For what?”

“For making me yours, how can I please you sir?”

“Well, in a little while we’re going to go for a drive and visit some people. I’m going to tell you to do something and you’re not going to understand why, but your going to do it anyway.”

“Of course sir! Anything you want.”

“Good. But first, I’ve been staring at those breasts since the diner, I think it’s past time I fuck them don’t you?”

Elise smiled at me and pushed her breasts together and then slid out of the chair and crawled over to me.

Maybe I’d drive back home, take a few days and enjoy the trip before giving the council the proof they required.

Yes, that sounded like a good idea as Elise wrapped her perfect breasts around my hardening shaft and started to move her body up and down, trying desperately to keep it between them.

I watched her eyes roll back in her head, I could only imagine the pleasure she was getting from the motion but she kept at it even as I watched her body shake from what I assumed was an orgasm.

I smiled to myself, the council required proof I’d found her and removed her as a threat, but maybe if I asked they’d let me keep her just to make sure she didn’t cause any problems in the future.

After all, with this big of feather in my cap from completing the assignment for the council, I’d need an assistant to keep up with the work I’d be getting now.