Magical Odds and Unnatural Ends

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2014

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SYNOPSIS: Cloe has a bad habit of shoplifting but she doesn’t see it as a problem.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Magical Odds and Unnatural Ends

Cloe was walking down the quaint street on a warm summer Saturday afternoon. She was just window shopping, she couldn’t afford anything in these high end shops, but she enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things they contained.

She looked in the fashion shop window in front of her, a classic long black dress graced a thin mannequin’s frame that flared out in just the right places. Her own frame was thin like the mannequins but she didn’t have the curves it did. Her almost flat chest and small hips couldn’t fill out the dress in the same way.

Cloe wasn’t unhappy with her body, she quite liked it. She had always taken care of herself and many men complemented her beauty. Her long brown hair framed her clean face, which was more the result of necessity than desire. Her job at the restaurant paid the rent and basics but not much else.

The next few shops were more clothing stores, each specializing in slightly different types. She passed each by while only stopping for a short while to admire the wears in each. The next store she came to seemed out of place here, it held an assortment of trinkets and bobbles, a mishmash of items with no discernable theme.

The sign above the window was in blue and gold, a gothic script spelling out “Magical Odds and Unnatural Ends”. A sparkle in her eye, she lingered at the window longer than she should have admiring the items on display. She knew she couldn’t afford anything in the shop, but a small voice in the back of her mind assured her, ‘Just take a quick look inside the store, you don’t have to buy anything.’

She opened the door and a bell rang out from above, the shop was chocked full of items from wall to wall. There were several rows, stacked high running the length of the store, with no rhyme or reason to what they contained. She saw several pieces of furniture interspersed with smaller display cases in each. On the walls hung all kinds of different items, from art to small farm implements. Along the bottom of the walls were larger pieces of furniture and more display cases.

The woman behind the counter raised her head from her magazine and smiled. She was older then Cleo, but only by a few years she guessed, maybe in her early thirties. She had lovely blond hair that was lightly curled and rested just above her shoulders. She was wearing a fashionable top that hugged her slender frame showing just a hint of cleavage. Some light makeup and understated jewellery completed her outfit.

“Welcome, have a look around and if you have any questions just let me know.”

“Thank you, I will.”

Cloe looked above the shopkeeper and noticed the sign, “Shoplifting will not be tolerated!”

She walked through the isles, loosing site of the shopkeeper as she moved behind stacks of items. Even with her heels on, her 5’1′ frame didn’t stand a chance of getting her high enough to see over everything crammed in to the store.

Near the back she came upon a small display case, in it were an assortment of rings, bracelets and ear rings. Each had a small price tag on them, all of them out of her budget. The voice was back again, ‘Just try on that nice bracelet, you can put it back, no harm in seeing how it looks on your wrist.’

She slid open the case, she was a little surprised it wasn’t locked, but didn’t worry about it. The bracelet that had caught her eye was a thin silver loop of two strands intertwined. It had a floral pattern engraved on it and a small clasp with a tiny chain to do it up.

It was beautiful, it felt almost as if it wasn’t there, she lingered a moment admiring it before removing it. As she went to place it back in the case, the voice once more spoke to her. ‘Just put it in your purse, no one can see you back here, then you’ll have it all to yourself.’

She tried to resist, but the voice always won and she was soon browsing the rest of the store with her prize safely stashed away. She spent several more minutes looking through the items at the front of the store, to make sure the shopkeeper could see her, eventually turning towards the door and leaving.

Cloe went straight home, the buzz of lifting the bracelet still fresh in her mind. She closed the door when she entered her apartment and quickly opened her purse, she took the bracelet out and placed it on her right wrist, closing the clasp after fiddling with it a bit. A broad smile crossed her face, this was always the happiest time for her, the voice was gone for the time being and the satisfaction of getting away with it again always left her with a euphoric buzz afterwards.

She spent the rest of the day alternating between doing simple chores around the apartment and admiring her new possession. When it was time to turn in for the night she was still too excited to go to sleep, instead trying to read for a while, but that didn’t help. Instead she found herself looking for another kind of distraction and soon found her hand with the bracelet between her legs, the cool feel of the silver enhancing the pleasure she was providing to herself.

She was soon in the throes of passion, her climax building, without noticing the bracelet was no longer cool, but had started to heat up. As she came all of the energy released in her orgasm seemed to go straight in to the bracelet, a second later being returned to her ten fold. A second orgasm rocked her from the release and without knowing it she called out “Yes mistress!” to her otherwise empty bedroom before falling in to a deep sleep.

Waking up the next morning Cloe rolled over and felt something was off. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and groggily walked in to the bathroom, clearing the sleep from her eyes revealed to her what it was. She had breasts, well larger breasts at least. She cupped them in her hands and she raised them up slightly, they were a good C cup now, much larger than her old A cups.

The nipples were hard as well, sticking out from the top of her breasts like little erasers on the end of a pencil. She touched her nipples and found them much more sensitive than before. It was then she noticed the silver bracelet was still on her wrist.

She flipped over her hand and went to remove it, which revealed a second change, her nails were longer as well. At least an inch long now, they were perfectly rounded and strong. In fact, now looking in the mirror and over the shock of her breasts, she could see many changes. Her waist was smaller, her hips a little wider and her flat brown hair was longer and had a slight shine to it.

Overall, she had gone from plain to plain but pretty overnight.

She picked at the clasp on the bracelet with her new nails but it would not come off. She grabbed a nail file and still had no luck. After a few minutes she gave up, but for the first time in her life, the voice in her head came back the very next day. ‘If you take it back now, everything will be ok. Quickly, take it back before it’s too late!’

She had never heard the voice sound so demanding, almost in a panic. It was strange but she tried to fight it. The voice always got her in trouble and so she fought it down, the voice getting quieter and quieter before disappearing completely.

She went about her day, getting dressed, doing some chores and watching some TV, like she did on most Sundays. She went out and did some grocery shopping and found she attracted quite a few more looks then she was used to, she even had someone she had never met before ask her out to dinner.

She declined politely and smiled the entire day though. She finished watching her Sunday night shows and turned in early, she had the breakfast shift at the restaurant in the morning and she couldn’t afford to be late.

Tonight she decided to explore the changes in her body, each one seemed to provide her much more pleasure than what she had before. She squeezed her breasts together and moaned. Grabbing her nipples brought a wave of pleasure and a gasp. She moved her hands down her now firm stomach to her pussy, where her fingers explored deeply. Her hips bucking at the pleasure she was giving herself.

The voice returned once more, “Quickly, take it off! Can’t you feel it? Save yourself… save us!”

She pushed it back down, the pleasure helping, she looked for something else to think about and an image came to her. It was the woman from the shop, her curly blond hair and friendly smile filled Cloe’s mind.

“Yes mistress, anything for you!” she called as the orgasm took her. Once more the energy flowing in to the bracelet first before being released back in to her.

Cloe beamed as she looked in to the mirror, her reflection no longer matching anything she had seen just two days ago. Her now even larger tits sat high on her chest, accentuating her even thinner waist and wider hips. Her hair was curled and a rich brown color. Her face had smoothed out, her nose slightly smaller and her lips much larger. Her nails were now two inches long and no longer round, they were cut flat with a half inch tip of white that seemed to be part of the nail itself. A ‘natural’ French manicure of some kind.

She was however most startled by the simple fact that she no longer had any hair below her neck. It had all disappeared overnight and she was now smooth and blemish free. The voice, now small and in the background, sounded defeated. ‘It’s too late now. You should have listened.’

She looked through her closet for something to wear, nothing really fit well but she eventually found a skirt she could cinch and a simple white shirt a previous boyfriend had left behind that was large enough to get around her now ample bosom.

She walked to work as she did every day, it was still quite early and there was no one on the street. When she arrived no one seemed to notice anything different, she put on her simple apron and waited for the first customers of the day.

As she waited her mind wandered and started to daydream of the shopkeeper, her daydreams quickly took on a more erotic flavour as she started to suck on the end of the pencil she used to take orders imagining it to be one of the shopkeeper’s nipples.

She was pulled out of her reprieve as the first customer came in and she got to work.

The rest of the morning was hectic, but since her daydream she had been horny. Every time she had a small break, her thoughts returned to the shopkeeper, each time trying to picture her naked. By the time her lunch break came at 10am she was desperate for some relief.

She watched one of her regulars paying for his meal and then heading back to the washroom. She waited a moment before following him back and waiting for him to come out.

“Gary, do you mind giving me a hand with something before you go?”

“Sure Cloe, what do you need?”

A shiver went up her spine as he said it, “Well, it’s just back here, follow me.”, she said grabbing his hand.

She opened the maintenance closet and pushed him inside.

“Hey, there’s not much room in here…” he said as she followed him in and closed the door.

She pushed in against him, pressing her now sensitive nipples in to his body before giving him a deep kiss. He returned the favour and reached around and grabbed her ass, she moaned as he did so. She reached down and undid his belt and pants. She broke the kiss and slid down his body, taking his pants and underwear with her.

Her eyes widened at the sight of his dick, her pussy pulsed and she quickly took it in her mouth. Her new lips wrapped around his shaft as she worked it in and out. She looked up as the pleasure from her body hit her mind and she quickened her pace.

Once Gary was good and hard Cloe rose back up his body and mounted his dick. She hadn’t found any panties to fit her that morning and now was glad she hadn’t.

They went at it for several minutes, Gary pawing at her tits through her shirt, her head thrown back as the pleasure coursed through her body and in to the bracelet.

Soon Gary let his load go in her and her body followed suit, the bracelet consuming the energy once more from her orgasm before releasing it back in to her. In her mind it wasn’t Gary in front of her, it was the shopkeeper and she wasn’t riding a dick, she was eagerly licking her pussy.

Cloe dropped on to her bed after a long day at work. Gary had provided her with enough of a release to make it through the rest of the day but now she needed to rest. She fell asleep almost immediately after getting undressed, finding no need to masterbate again.

Her sleep was filled with vivid dreams, sexual dreams, submissive dreams. They took her to places she had never imagined before and when she awoke she remembered all of them.

Her body had changed little from the day before, a few refinements that made her drop dead gorgeous, but she hardly noticed as she prepared for the day. The same could not be said for her mind, she was now focused on returning the bracelet to her mistress. She called in to work and said she was sick before leaving her apartment and heading back to the shop.

She opened the door and a bell sounded from above, the shop was the same as it had been on Saturday, as if no one had been in since. Cloe walked up to the counter where the shopkeeper was sitting, she stretched out her hand and presented the bracelet, still on her wrist, to her mistress.

“Oh, I wondered where that had gotten to. You have certainly changed quite a bit haven’t you?” The shopkeeper said as she removed the bracelet from Cloe.

“Yes Mistress, does it please you?”

“Oh my yes, you turned out lovely. I seem to recall a girl you could hardly call a woman coming in here Saturday.”

Pleasure coursed through Cloe’s body at having pleased her mistress. The shopkeeper came out from behind the counter and went to the front door, locking it and turning the ‘Open’ sign around to ‘Closed’.

“Mistress, if it pleases you, may I know your name?”

“Of course, you may call me Irene, now follow me dear.”, she said as she walked towards a door leading to a back room, “You know I used to have a real problem with shoplifters. Some people just can’t help themselves but most return the merchandise within hours. You held out three days, that means you really had a problem.”

Cloe followed the shopkeeper back through a tight hallway that ended in a door. The shopkeeper produced a key and inserted it in to a lock, but instead of just turning it once, she made a complex series of turns which ended in a bright white light tracing its way around the door before she opened it.

“It got so bad I had to hire a mage to cast a ward on my entire shop, any item that leaves without being properly paid for will curse the thief. As you have found out yourself.” She said as she walked through the door in to a spacious living room which was incongruous with the rest of the shop and clearly was not part of the building.

“I am sorry Mistress Irene, I did not mean to hurt you in any way!”

“Oh I know, but don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to make it up to me.” Irene said as she undressed and sat down on the sofa.

“Now why don’t you do a little strip tease for me before you show me what you’ve learned over the last few days.”

Cloe started to dance, slowly swaying her hips from side to side, running her hands up her waist to her tits. She squeezed them together and started to unbutton her shirt, in a few minutes she was naked except for her high heels. She walked seductively over to her mistress and straddled her on the couch, bending down slightly the give her a deep kiss. Her mind exploded in bliss as their lips touched.

Her mistress broke the kiss off after deeply exploring her mouth and pushed her back slightly, Irene grabbed her nipples and twisted them slightly, sending a bolt of pleasure through her. The moan that escaped Cloe’s lips was pure ecstasy.

Irene took one of her nipples in to her mouth and sucked, flicking it with her tongue as she did so. When she pulled back, Cloe moved down Irene’s body and returned the favour. Irene’s breasts where not as large as Cloe’s tits, but Cloe’s sensitive lips continued to provide incentive to her.

Irene’s hand on Cloe’s head pushed her down slightly and she proceeded to find her mistress’s pussy. The sight of it was heaven, the smell of roses, but neither compared to the blissful taste as she buried her face in it.

When Irene reached orgasm, Cloe found herself bathed in a spray of her mistress’s juice. Cloe’s own orgasm was powerful and lasted longer than any she had ever experienced. Afterwards Cloe nuzzled in to her Mistress’s pussy, lightly licking it as she looked longing up at her.

“Oh you have learned well. I’ll be sad to see you go.” Irene said as she stroked Cloe’s hair.

Joy, followed by confusion, filled Cloe.


“Oh, I’d love to keep you dear, but that warding spell was expensive. Part of the payment is the first 12 people to be caught in it and I’m afraid your only number 11. It’s too important to me to risk the mage’s wrath by trying to keep you.

But don’t worry, everything will be fine. Your new mistress or master will take good care of you I’m sure.”

Cloe continued to lick as her Mistress stroked her hair, everything was going to be fine because her Mistress had said so. Cloe had another small orgasm at the thought of being payment for something her Mistress found so important, it pleased her to be of use in any way she could.