Miss Manhattan

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2017

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SYNOPSIS: Miss Manhattan, defender of the city, has foiled Lady Red’s plans once too often, can she escape from the man Lady Red has hired to finally take care of her once and for all?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Miss Manhattan

Miss Manhattan flew across the city, the night lights illuminating the streets as she searched for crime and criminals, but alas, tonight, all was quiet.

It wasn’t often she ended her patrol early, but tonight looked to be one of those nights as she turned south and headed back downtown to her headquarters.

She gave a small smirk at that, she had obviously been spending too much time with the league, with their secret lairs and such. No, now she was just heading back to her small condo in one of the many towers that made up the city.

As she flew off, she didn’t notice the lone man on a close by rooftop, a set of high tech binoculars held to his face as she disappeared from sight, her dark blue cape and muted red uniform making it hard to distinguish her from the night sky.

Dave spread the photo’s out in front of him on the table, turning them so the client could get a good look.

“You know this won’t be an easy job right?”

“Easy? Of course not and for what you charge I wouldn’t expect it to be.” the woman sitting across from him replied and slammed her hand against the table.

She hadn’t told him her name and didn’t know if she thought he hadn’t recognized her or not, but he’d made it a habit to know all the heroes and villains in the city and there was no mistaking Lady Red as soon as she’d shown up.

“That do gooder has foiled my plans too many times and now something has to be done about it.”

“You mean, now you can afford to do something about it.” he said matter of factly.

“Yes, fine. Clearly you know more than your saying and that’s good because otherwise you’d never be able to pull this thing off would you?” Lady Red said, a dangerous glare in her eyes.

He wasn’t too worried about her though, sure she was dangerous, but not like some of the other super villains. No, she had no powers, she was dangerous because of her intellect. That last heist she’d pulled, stealing some of the museum’s most prized artifacts while distracting the league with a lot of noise and fury on the other side of the city, had been pure genius.

He was quite sure the payday from it had been why she could all of a sudden afford his services.

His services were… unique. In a world filled with super powered heroes and villains as well as legions of mad scientists and creatures from myth and legend, there was no one else with his skill. He could see their weaknesses.

They all had them of course, Lady Red sitting across from him thought of herself as a having none, but he could see them clearly. Her need to stop Miss Manhattan bordered on obsession. Obsession was a weakness he could easily exploit if he wanted to.

And there were others, so many others. Some so deeply buried in her psyche that they would shatter her very idea of who she was.

He’d spent the last few days following Miss Manhattan around on her nightly patrols. The photos were from that work, but they were just a by product, he’d looked in to Miss Manhattan’s very soul and found all her weaknesses. Or at least enough to do what Lady Red was requesting.

“I didn’t just mean taking her down would not be easy you know; her friends could be a problem too. They tend to get a little miffed when one of their own goes missing.”

“That’s your problem, all I want is for her to be out of my hair for good. Can you deliver that?”

“I can, but my price is non-negotiable.”

“Of course, just get it done soon. I have a big heist coming up in a few weeks and she has to be out of the way by then.”

“Not a problem, you should see something in the papers in a few days.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then I’ll probably be dead, but I wouldn’t worry about that, I already have things in motion.”

Dave flipped through his research on Miss Manhattan once more, as a hero she was quite formidable and not to be taken lightly.

He reread the oldest parts of the research first, her arrival on earth, her ship crashing just off the coast of Manhattan Island just ten years ago. The newspaper headlines proclaiming the new visitor’s arrival with full colour photos of the statuesque blonde emerging from the water.

A few days later the first paper nicknamed her “Miss Manhattan”, both because of her obvious beauty and the fact her ship had just “missed” Manhattan Island.

It was a corny name, but it had stuck and when she’d donned her uniform and started fighting at the leagues side, the latest superhero had been born.

He set the folder down and looked at the chart on the table as the ship heaved in the water, “How are we coming Capitan?” he called out.

“Almost there Dave, just a few more kilometers to go.”

He looked out over the water, the sunshine reflecting off the waves and then turned and looked back at the city, he longed for steady land once more but the trip was necessary.

When they arrived at the spot, he headed out on deck, three other sailors joined the Capitan and himself to help lower the equipment over the side of the ship. Once it was done, the remote-controlled vehicle descended deep in to the Atlantic Ocean until it reached the destination. There, still on the ocean floor was the debris from Miss Manhattan’s space ship.

The government had of course gone over it with a fine-tooth comb and taken anything that looked like it might still be of use, but what he was looking for would have never caught their attention. After several hours of searching, he finally came across the small crystal, mounted on an alien stone for display. The arms of the rover reached out and placed it in the cargo tray and started to head back to the surface.

Dave watched Miss Manhattan land on the roof, just a few meters away from him. Normally she would have been on high alert with a strange man standing beside the doorway, but the cloaking device he’d borrowed from a previous client rendered him completely hidden from even her enhanced senses.

She walked over to the door and turned the knob, Dave measured himself up against her, his own regular 5’10” frame dwarfed by the 6’6″ goddess that stood beside him. The door opened easily for her and she stepped inside, Dave followed along behind her, making sure to keep away far enough not to bump in to her, but stay close enough not to lose her through a door.

Finally, she entered her apartment and Dave moved quickly to the far corner and waited. He had no intention of making a move until she had gotten deep in to sleep and so he waited patiently for several hours until she shut off the lights and headed to her bedroom.

There Dave watched as she stripped down, her impressive figure, with large firm breasts, tight waist and long legs, causing more of a distraction than he liked. When she slipped between the sheets and eventually dozed off, he turned off the cloaking device and walked over to the side of the bed.

There he pulled out a small vial and unstoppered it just above her nose, the odorless, colourless gas drifted down over her nose and mouth until she inhaled just a small amount of it, then her body reacted involuntarily and gasped in the rest through her mouth.

She blinked several times and started to stir before the gas overcame her and she slumped back in to bed.

For all of her powers, she was still a biological life form, and every life form was susceptible to some kind of knockout gas. This one would normally have killed most other creatures, but in Miss Manhattan’s case, it would give him a few hours at best.

He reached in to his pocket and pulled out a choker and wrapped it around her neck, it glowed for just an instant and then her body started to lift off from the bed, taking the sheets with it.

He pulled off all but the bedsheet and wrapped her in it, turning her over in the air several times until she was mummified in the sheet, leaving just her head and long blonde locks exposed.

Pushing her from her feet, he re-engaged the cloaking device and headed back up to the roof where his cloaked VTOL was waiting for him, courtesy of the same client as his personal cloaking device.

He pushed Miss Manhattan in to the craft and moments later lifted off from the rooftop, heading in to the dark night sky.

Alicia winced and firmly held her eyes closed, both because of the bright light shining in them and the pounding headache she had. She raised her hand to her forehead, or would have if it had not been securely held down at her side, and decided that she needed to see what was going on even with the pain.

Opening her eyes only caused her to wince at the bright light until her eyes adjusted to it and she finally was able to see the rest of the room. It was a white, sterile room with several devices encircling her on what looked like a hospital gurney, but was clearly far more.

She pulled at her restraints, they groaned under her strength, but did not break. She raised her head and could see both her ankles and wrists were wrapped in silver metal bands. A similar band encircled her waist, holding her firmly in place.

“Ah, awake at last Miss Manhattan? Or do you prefer Alicia?” a man asked from across the room, close to the doorway.

“Who are you? Let me go! Unbind me now and I’ll go easy on you!” she said, her bravado clearly evident in her voice.

“Let you go? No, we’re only getting started. I’ve taken a contract and I always fulfill my contracts.”

“Contract, what kind of contract?”

“Ah, well, honestly you’re not going to like it. It seems Lady Red has finally had enough of your medalling and has hired me to take care of you… permanently.”

“And just who do you think you are? I’ve defeated the toughest villains around, I’ll snap your spine with my little finger once I get out of here.” she yelled at him, straining against her bonds.

“Me? Oh I’m no one you’ve heard of before. I keep it that way, I prefer my anonymity really. Those that need my services though, they always seem to find me none the less. Now then, tell me if you recognize this?” he asked, stepping up beside her and holding out the crystal on the stone base.

“How did you… find, know about that!” she squealed as the sudden revelation of just how much trouble she was in surprised her.

“I’ll take that as a yes then. As to how, well, let’s just say I have a talent for finding the weaknesses of others.”

She renewed her struggle against the bonds holding her down but they would not budge.

“Would you like some more time to try and break those manacles? Given a week or so I think you could probably do it, but you don’t have that much time, do you?”

“You won’t get away with this. The league…”

“Oh yes the league. Well they’ll have to find you and after this,” he said lifting the crystal a bit higher for emphasis, “is done with you, they won’t recognize you even if they did find you.”

She sneered at him and fought against her bonds once more as he set the crystal down beside her.

With a smile, he touched the crystal to her arm and her whole body suddenly grew rigid. She felt the crystal pulling her powers from her, draining her of her strength, speed, agility and flight. But more than that, she felt herself shrinking, changing, becoming less than she was. Her body twitched as she grew weaker and weaker, until finally she felt there was no more to lose and just as suddenly as the crystal’s power had touched her, it vanished.

She collapsed on to the gurney and tried to remain conscious, she flopped her head to the side, looking at the man holding the stone base of the crystal and extending his other hand to touch it.

The room was filled with multi coloured light as she watched her powers transfer in to him. His muscles growing, his stature increasing, she knew all that had been taken from her had now been transferred to him.

Finally, regaining some of her wits about her, she realized she was no longer held prisoner by the manacles. The change in her body had rendered them lose and she easily slipped out of them. She rolled off the gurney and came face to face with her captor. He stood easily a foot above her and had muscles everywhere. He looked down to her and smiled.

“Where do you think your going?” he asked and suddenly she found his hand around her throat, lifting her off her feet. She grabbed at his wrists as she kicked at him, but her feet simply bounced off his hard abs and she couldn’t pry his hand away from her throat.

He reached over to a tray at the side of the gurney and picked up an injector of some kind.

“You know, before it was a real challenge to knock you out, but now without your powers…” he said and pushed the injector up to her arm and pulled the trigger, “well, now you’re just like any other person, easily rendered unconscious with the most mundane of drugs.”

She watched the room dim and she felt her arms fall to her side as darkness over took her.

She woke some time later in a small room, the bed she laid on was soft and comfortable and so she remained still for a little while until she managed to pull herself together.

She pulled herself upright and found no restraints held her in place this time. Though, really, why would there be? She was no longer a super hero, she was just an ordinary girl again.

She placed her head in her hands and sobbed, but only for a moment, there was no point feeling sorry for herself and so she stood up, determined to regain her powers. Looking around the room revealed little more than a dresser, a table and a doorway to a bathroom.

In the bathroom she looked at herself in the mirror, her brown hair was dishevled, her face was red and a mess. She looked down at her body, gone were her perfect breasts, tight waist and long legs. Instead, her old body had returned, short of stature, small of chest and pudgy around the middle and straight down the hips.

She never thought this day would come, how could he have known about her secret?

She thought back to that fateful day, fishing with her father in the Atlantic when the thunderclap of the descending ship broke the silence. It crashed so close to them that it capsized their boat and threw them both in to the water.

They’d been careless, not wearing life preservers and as she flailed in the water, she neither noticed the small life pod bubbling up to the surface or her father sinking below the waves.

When the alien had touched her on the shoulder she’d almost lost control of her bowels, but a sudden calmness came over her and a voice echoed in her mind. The alien was dying, she had little time left and needed to transfer her powers to someone who was worthy.

The alien had held the crystal in her hand and Alicia had watched the alien shrink and change right in front of her. With a single finger, the alien had pointed at the crystal with her last breath and Alica had reached out to take it.

She remembered the feeling of them transferring to her. Her body changing, growing stronger, until it was finally over and the alien seemed to evaporate all on its own. Alicia had been so startled that she had dropped the crystal and it fell in to the ocean and sank beneath the waves.

She’d looked for her father, and the crystal, but found neither. Then she swam to shore and started her new life, never looking back on the old one.

Alicia cleaned herself up as best she could and walked back in to the main room, sitting on the bed and waiting for him to come in. She didn’t have to wait long.

He entered the room, filling the door way, a commanding presence like the one she used to present. In his hands was a tray of food, he held it out to her.

“I’m sure your hungry.” he said.

She nodded and took the tray, quickly digging in to the food like she hadn’t eaten in months.

He waited for her to finish before continuing, “So how much do you remember from our brief meeting before?”

“Everything.” she admitted, “So now what? Are you going to kill me?”

“Kill you? Of course not.”

“But you have a contract. To take care of me, permanently.”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean I have to kill you. I could let you go right now and I doubt you’d ever get in Lady Red’s way again would you?”

“No.” she admitted sheepishly, “Then why am I still here?”

“Well, I don’t deal in probabilities, I deal in certainties and so I still have work to do.”

“What kind of work?” she asked nervously.

“Oh, you’ll see, now come with me.” he said and walked from the room. She hesitated only for an instant, she knew he could snap her in two with just a finger, there was no point in trying anything at this point.

She walked out of the room and down a hallway to another room. She recognized it immediately as the same one she had been in before where he had taken her powers.

The gurney and machines were gone, in their place was a reclining chair with some kind of helmet on it, along with a new set of machines.

“Have a seat.” he said and waved her over to the chair.

She tentatively sat down, noticing the straps. He secured her in the chair with them, unlike last time, they were just Velcro and not metal, but they held her just as firmly now.

“Now this can go two ways.” he said as he finished, “The easy way and the hard way.”

She winced at the second one, knowing it was coming.

“The easy way is this; I’m going to ask you a few questions, nothing too personal, and your going to answer them. The hard way, well, you know the hard way I’m sure.” he said as he cinched the strap he was securing tightly with a little tug to emphasize his point, “Which is it to be?”

“The easy way.” she conceded.

“Good, now, what’s your name?”

“Alicia Thomas.” she replied.

“And your human?”


“Good. Now I’ve deduced that you acquired your powers from the real alien that landed and I know how. But I’m not sure why you didn’t tell the truth when you washed up on shore.”

She furrowed her brow and looked downwards, “Look at me, I’m just ordinary, Miss Manhattan, she was an alien goddess that fought for good and justice… why would I want to be me?”

“Yes, that I can understand. Alright, all done.”

“All done? What do you mean?”

“Well, that’s all the questions I have for you. In a few minutes I’ll place the helmet over your head and let it start to work.”

“What’s it going to do?”

“Actually, it’s going to give you what you want most. To be special again.”

“Special… how?”

“Well, let’s make that a surprise, shall we?” he said and lowered the helmet over her head. It covered her eyes and ears and a moment later came to life. Fuzzy sounds filled her head, blurry images filled her eyes. She tried to block them out, whatever it was, but soon she lost and her body slumped in to the chair and relaxed.

Alicia woke up some time later, a headache pounding as she rolled over and almost fell out of bed. She steadied herself and stood up, walking to the bathroom she took care of some pressing business and then took a shower.

When she came back out, she went to the dresser and found several sets of clothes waiting for her, some outlandish, some very plain. She put on something simple and then spent the rest of the day wondering what he had meant before going to bed and drifting off to sleep.

The next day, started off pretty much the same, he visited her, fed her and then took her to the chair once more. She fought it again, but could tell it was winning, whatever that meant.

The cycle continued for several days, until finally she was looking at her dresser and instead of picking up the simple tee-shirt and jeans, she grabbed the sun dress instead. It wasn’t’ like she’d thought about putting it on, ‘I should put on the sun dress.’ had never crossed her mind, no instead it was just the right thing to do.

It was like that with the dreams as well, they’d started off simply enough; erotic, stimulating, dreams to masturbate to for sure but at some point they had started to change as well. Little things at first, instead of her being on top, she was on the bottom, then on her knees, then with her ass up in the air. Strong hands holding her became cuffs and ropes, then straps and leather.

She’d wake up from the dreams, drenched in sweat, the afterglow of an orgasm running through her body and she’d smile and enjoy it.

By the end of the second week, she was sure that whatever the machine was doing to her, she didn’t mind it at all.

The next day, on her way back to her room, she’d looked up at her captor and asked, “Am I special again yet?”

He looked down at her, her short miniskirt barely covering her ass, her tight red top cut just below her small breasts, “No, not yet Alicia.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked sincerely.

“Well, there might be. Do you remember what made you special before?”

She scrunched her forehead, she wanted to say her powers, but something in the back of her mind seemed to stop her. Lots of heroes had powers, that wasn’t special at all was it?

She opened her mouth as if to respond and then closed it again. If it wasn’t her powers what was it? A sudden image of her large breasts, followed by one of her tight ass and finally one of her beautiful face and hair flashed in her mind.

“My… looks?” she finally responded.

“That’s right Alicia, your looks.” he smiled down at her and she nearly had an orgasm from the pleasure of knowing what had made her special.

“And if you want to be special again, well, you’ll have to do something about those looks, won’t you?”

“Yes! Of course! Anything to be special again, just tell me what to do!”

“Well, in that case, I have someone you should meet. I’ll get him to drop by tomorrow, after your session, how does that sound?”

“Yes, please, I want to meet him if he can help me be special again!”

“He can certainly do that.” He said with a smirk.

She threw her arms around him and hugged him before nearly running back to her room in her 4″ high heels.

“So, tell me Alicia, what is it that I can do for you?” the doctor asked. True to his word, he’d arranged for the doctor to come over after her session in the chair. She was still sitting in it, though no longer restrained, she hadn’t thought about escaping for over a week now.

“Well doctor, I want to be special and so I need to change my look completely.”

“I see, what were you thinking?”

“Oh, breast implants, butt implants, lip fillers, the works!”

“Alright, let me see here.” he replied, tapping on his tablet a few times and then turning it to her.

On the display was her current frame, then it shrunk to one side and another image slid in beside it. The new image was of her new body, large round breasts, a big protruding butt, large puffy lips. It looked perfect.

“Yes doctor, that’s it! That’s it!”

Alicia woke up from the surgery, sore and tired, but well taken care of. Several nurses tended to her every need, they even took her to the chair to make sure she had her daily sessions.

After a week, she could walk on her own and do most things for herself and so the nurses left and she was lonely. No, lonely wasn’t the right word, it was like something was missing but she couldn’t quite figure out what.

Each day her captor would come in to her room and bring food, but she had to admit that he really wasn’t her captor any more. No, there were no restraints anywhere to be found and she could see the exit, she was pretty sure she could leave at any time if she wanted to. But of course, she didn’t want to, he was helping her become special again!

One day, after all of her bandages had been removed and she was healing well, she got dressed in her favorite outfit, a tight fitting red dress that had a cut out between her boobs and her midriff, then wrapped around her back and stretched over her generous ass. It also had a small blue cape that hung off her shoulders.

Like so many other things lately, she didn’t know when she’d decided to start working out more and more, but the results spoke for themselves and so she didn’t give it much thought.

After she put on her make up, painting her puffy lips a bright red to match her dress, she did up her dyed blonde hair and put on her 6″ red sparkly heels just in time for him to enter her room.

“Hello Alicia.” he said and smiled.

“Hi!” she responded and twirled around, “Do you like?”

“Very nice indeed.”

“So, like, am I special again?” she said, pouting a little bit.

“Do you feel special?”

“Nah, not really… why not?” she said, almost sulking at the realization.

“Well, you said before it was your looks that made you special and you definitely have those again. What else made you special before?”

She tried to think hard and finally images flashed in her mind; her standing in front of cameras, her smiling as men looked on, men looking at her body with lust and desire.

“Oh, I know! I need to show off my body!”

“That’s right, Miss Manhattan needs to show off her sexy body to everyone. That makes her happy, that makes her useful, that makes her… special.”

Alicia felt an orgasm cresting as he said the words and her mind accepted the truth, she was Miss Manhattan and she was special. She used her body to bring pleasure to others, nothing made her happier than to show off to anyone who would watch. She loved performing in front of cameras, on stage or in public, anywhere someone would watch.

She felt his strong arms catch her as she collapsed from the wave of orgasms crashing over her and she looked up in to his eyes.

“Now, I have someone else you should meet.”

“Like, ok.” she managed to get out between ragged breaths as he picked her up from her feet and led her from her room.

Alicia twirled around the pole and then slid down it, one of her massive tits on each side as she did. The crowd cheered and her smile broadened even more if that was possible. She humped against the pole as she sat at it’s base and the music played. She leaned back and spread her pussy lips wide for the crowd to see as the song finished.

“Give a big round of applause for Miss Manhattan!” the DJ called out of the PA system and the crowd clapped and hollered their appreciation.

Alicia stood up and grabbed her outfit and walked off the stage, not bothering to put it back on, the stares of the men exciting her as she passed by each one of them.

She was just about to enter the change room when the manager came over to her, “I’ve got a VIP for you. He’s in room 3.”

“You got it boss!” she responded and quickly headed in to get freshened up.

She’d been at the club for almost a month now, each night she’d dance and strip for the customers and then go home and masturbate for hours due to how horny it made her. But sometimes, like tonight, a VIP customer would come in and if she was lucky, he’d take care of her horniness at the club.

She strutted to VIP room number 3 and opened the door, there sitting on the bench was a man and a woman.

She almost didn’t recognize him, he had been so much larger before, stronger. Now he looked like the first time she’d met him. She threw herself at him and jumped on to his lap, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him firmly.

She rubbed her moist pussy up against his crotch, “Like, I’m so happy to see you!”

“I can tell, aren’t you going to say hello to my friend here?” he asked, pointing to the woman beside him.

“Oh my gawd, I’m sorry Lady Red, hi!” she said, smiling and waving at her while still rubbing herself on him.

“This is Miss Manhattan?” Lady Red asked incredulously.

“Yep! That’s me!” she said and bounced up and down on his crotched several times.

“She doesn’t look much like her.” Lady Red asked in a questioning tone to him.

“What? Like, look at my big titties they’re bigger than they used to be for sure!”

“That’s true, but why don’t you dance for us while I talk to Lady Red for a minute.”

“Sure thing!” she replied, bouncing off of his lap and standing in front of them, starting to dance to the music.

“You can ask her anything you like, something only the two of you would know perhaps?”

“Perhaps… alright. Miss Manhattan, what happened when you thwarted me on the dock job?”

“Oh! Like you jumped on top of me but I moved back a bit and like, your face landed right on my pussy! You squirmed around for, I don’t know, half a minute trying to get up!” she responded and pressed her hand up on to her pussy and lightly slapped it several times, letting out a little moan.

Lady Red scowled, but conceded the point.

“As you can see, I’ve held up my end of the bargain.”

“Yes. Yes, she won’t be a problem any more will she.” Lady Red unlocked her phone and tapped in a few commands and then locked it again.

“Your payment is processed.”

“Good. Now then Miss Manhattan, why don’t you show Lady Red why your special now.”

Alicia’s eyes lit up as she finished removing her outfit and she smiled down at the two of them. She stepped foreword and bent over at the waist, lowering her head all the way down in to Lady Red’s lap and snuggling in to it.

Her fingers pulled at Lady Red’s pants and finally freed her pussy, her tongue darted out as she buried her nose in to Lady Red’s sex.

Dave watched Miss Manhattan start to pleasure Lady Red and stood up, walked around behind Alicia and dropped his own pants. He’d been waiting months for this moment and Lady Red and Miss Manhattan were not the only ones going to leave the VIP suite satisfied.

He pushed up to Alicia’s pussy and pushed inside, Alicia for her part reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them for him to have easier access to her.

He looked down at the fallen hero and watched her large tits sway beneath her from the force of his thrusts. He grunted with effort, it would have been easier when he had her old powers, but those tended to bring attention and he didn’t like that at all.

So once he’d finished the contract, he’d found a nice young up and coming henchman to sell the powers too. He’d be paying those off for many years to come.

Dave pulled back and slammed in to Miss Manhattan’s pussy once more as he looked up to see Lady Red enjoying her former nemesis licking eagerly at her pussy.

When he’d found Miss Manhattan’s weakness that first night he saw her on patrol, he knew exactly how he would defeat her. However, seeing Alicia for the first time, her ordinary body and mind laid out on the gurney, he’d instantly recognized her weakness and it had been a surprise to him.

Her near neurotic belief that her entire self worth was in being Miss Manhattan had given him an easy path in to her mind and with the machine he borrowed from another client, he had used it against her with surgical precision.

He grabbed Alicia’s hips tightly and increased his pace, Lady Red for her part grabbed Miss Manhattan’s head and pushed her deeper in to her lap. He watched Alicia’s body shutter with an orgasm as Lady Red came and he let his own load go shortly after, causing another orgasm to rock Alicia.

For her part, Alicia collapsed on to the floor, nuzzled between Lady Red’s legs, her face covered in pussy juice as she smiled up at Dave. Her plump lips formed whispered words and he strained to hear them, he caught just the last part of it, but instantly knew what she had said, “Miss Manhattan is special now!”