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SYNOPSIS: Dave and Jenna move into a new home with strange neighbours.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
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Chapter 1 – Move In Day

Dave looked out over the grassy field and watched his trusty stead galloping through the tall grass that swayed from the warm breeze. He looked up at the shining sun and let the warmth of it roll over him as he took in a deep, contented breath.

All that he surveyed was his now, his property, his kingdom.

“Dave!” Jenna’s shrill voice broke him from his thoughts back to the sound of Buster yapping in the small backyard with the noise of the traffic coming from the main road just a few dozen meters away from their front door.

“Yeah Jenna?” he called back.

“Does Buster want in? I can hear him barking from all the way in here. And if he doesn’t, quit lollygagging around and get in here and help me unpack!”

Buster had made a few more circuits of the backyard and was now at the sliding glass doors that lead outside, looking up at him with those small eyes and scraggly fur that made the small dog so adorable.

He smiled down and slid the door open and Buster burst in, his tiny claws making scratching noises on the tile floor as he tried to find traction after having so much in the small patch of grass that was now his favourite place.

It was quite the change from the small apartment that they had moved from in the city’s downtown core. Not just for Buster but for Dave and Jenna as well.

Dave had always dreamed of owning a house and he’d been saving every penny he could to afford one, Jenna on the other hand had been mediocre on the idea at best. She’d certainly been interested in having more space, but she’d preferred the convenience of the city as well as the proximity of all the things she liked to do.

In some ways it was worse for Dave than Jenna, as she worked from home, where she was impacted in her day-to-day life very little. Dave, on the other hand, had gone from a five-minute subway ride to a forty-five-minute train plus another ten minutes on the subway.

But Dave didn’t mind, to have somewhere he could own and call home was more important than a few hours a day in travel. Especially now.

A small frown came over his face before he walked into the kitchen to find his wife bending over and picking up another box that contained their entire lives together. Buster was running around her feet, yapping away in an attempt to help. Dave’s frown quickly vanished at the sight of his wife’s butt in her tight jeans. His dick stirred a little but it quickly passed and he grabbed another box from the floor and placed it on the counter to open.

“Can you believe all the junk we have?” Jenna asked.

“Who knew we could pack so much stuff into that small apartment, right?”

Dave sighed inwardly, not letting it show, their relationship had been rocky for the last few months since they’d had the bad news.

They’d been trying to start a family since their honeymoon almost two years ago with no luck. Thinking it was just bad luck for the first year, they’d eventually admitted that something must be wrong and had gone to a doctor to find out.

Looking back on it now, the six months of testing that had found nothing wrong with Jenna, had been a giant waste of time. Not only the doctor, but both Jenna and Dave hadn’t considered that Dave could be the problem, he was healthy and played baseball and golf. Society always put the burden of child bearing on the woman and Dave felt terrible for burdening her with it as well.

Once all of the tests for Jenna had been exhausted, it had only taken a few days and a single test to find out that Dave was the problem. It had put a great strain on their relationship, but they had been working through it, kind of at least.

Dave had dove in head first into his longstanding dream of owning a house, whereas Jenna had doubled down on work.

Since then, they hadn’t been intimate, and Jenna’s focus on work had started to show up as weight gain. They had both always been active, Dave with sports, Jenna with the gym and yoga, but with her extra workload, she’d started to let that slide.

Not that she wasn’t still desirable, but the news of Dave’s infertility had pretty much killed their sex life. While there was nothing wrong with Dave’s plumbing per se, everything still worked from a physical perspective, he was shooting blanks.

That had really hurt his confidence and he’d been unable to do more than stay hard for a short time. Not that Jenna had noticed, as her own sex drive had trailed off and she often slept with her back to him now.

The view of the back of her head, covered in her jet-black hair, haunted his dreams and nightmares.

Dave shook his head and focused back on the task at hand, taking a whisk from the box and finding a place to put it in the drawers under the counter of their new home.

The house was a chance to start over, to make things better and he hoped Jenna saw it as the same.

Dave stood on the front steps of the house and looked up and down the street as the sun set, a row of near-identical homes on each side of it.

It wasn’t the most upscale neighbourhood, in fact if you drew a venn diagram of “good neighbourhoods” and “bad neighbourhoods”, theirs would reside just to the left of the “bad” circle.

The overlap of the two would be just across the street where he could see the faint glow of neon in the fading light of the day. Some might have called it a red-light district, but it wasn’t really that. Sure there were some strip clubs in it, but it was mostly filled with bars and clubs that catered to the young.

It was the kind of place that a city put up with within limits. Those in the good neighbourhoods taking advantage of its hedonism to indulge in things that they would never admit to their friends, and those in the bad neighbourhoods looking to use it as a stepping stone to better things.

It was the only reason they’d been able to afford the house in the first place. Being so close lowered the value of the neighbourhood to the point where they could afford it, but still being on the “right” side of the tracks, so to speak.

Dave had no problem with the compromise, Jenna had been more outspoken, but had come around after the second viewing of the house.

“Hey neighbour!” a chipper voice called out and Dave turned to see two women coming from his left side neighbour. His eyes widened and he managed not to stare, for too long at least as the women approached.

The blonde that had called out was wearing a red and white polka dot sun dress that flared out at her hips and pushed her considerable breasts together at her top.

The brunette that walked beside her was equally as curvy but wore a much more sedate t-shirt and jeans that hugged every inch of her body.

“Ugh… hi?” Dave managed to get out as they walked up the path to his doorstep.

“I’m Cathy and this is Dorthy.” the blonde said, nodding to the brunette as she introduced them.

“I’m Dave.” he replied and extended his hand instinctively, only then noticing the cake that was in Cathy’s hands.

“Oh, shit, let me get that…” he said realizing his mistake and the two women gave a pleasant laugh as they glanced at each other.

“Thanks Dave. We just wanted to welcome you to the neighbourhood!” Dorthy said and they looked around Dave and into the front door, “Did we see someone else moving in with you?”

“God, I’m such an idiot, yeah, of course… please come in…” Dave said as he turned and walked into the house, the women following behind him, “Hey Jenna… we have visitors…”

“Really?” Jenna said as she emerged from the kitchen and started towards the front hall, the four of them intersected in the living room and Jenna smiled until she caught sight of Cathy and Dorthy walking behind him.

To her credit, she didn’t frown or make a face, but he could see the suspicion that flashed across her face even though she hid it well.

“Hi Jenna, I’m Cathy and this is Dorthy.” Cathy said, re-introducing the two of them to Jenna.

“They brought cake!” Dave said.

“I can see that.” Jenna replied in a deadpan as Dave walked past her and into the kitchen to put the cake on the counter.

“We just wanted to drop by and introduce ourselves, and welcome you to the neighbourhood. We just live next door!” Dorthy said as Jenna’s smile returned and so did Dave.

“That’s great, thank you.” Jenna replied, putting on her best face.

“If you need anything at all, just pop over, we’re always home.” Cathy said.

The rest of the conversation was just small talk and pleasantries that Dave mostly tuned out of as he tried not to stare for too long at the two beautiful neighbours that were standing in his living room.

Chapter 2 – First Weekend

Dave tossed in bed and Jenna did the same as the two of them had their backs to each other. The first week of living in their new home had gone by at lightning speed, but hadn’t helped their relationship. In fact, things might have been worse.

When Cathy and Dorthy had said they were always home, they had really meant it. Neither Dave nor Jenna had seen them leave the house for more than a trip to the grocery store or other necessities.

While this hadn’t been a big deal for Dave, as he’d been spending most of the week at work, or commuting to and from work, Jenna had been home all week.

Dave hadn’t seen the problem until today when the week had been over and he’d spent the day in the backyard cutting the grass and doing other yardwork.

Next door, Cathy and Dorthy had spent the day cavorting around their small pool. And by cavorting Dave meant making out and sounding like the set of a lesbian porn movie.

Jenna had wanted him to go over and give the two women a talking to, but Dave had stalled, saying that it wasn’t that bad and they were in the privacy of their own home after all.

That had gone over like a led balloon and a fight had ensued. Which had led to their current positions in bed.

But there was something more bothering Dave than the fight, something that was nagging at the back of his head all week… why hadn’t Jenna gone over and talked to them herself?

She was a high-paid project manager for a fortune 500 tech company, she dealt with conflict resolution all the time, why had she waited until he was home on the weekend and asked him?

He let out a sigh and tried to push the train of thought out of his mind and get some sleep, eventually, it worked and he drifted off to a pleasant dream of Jenna and him making love like the last time they had so long ago.

Dave and Jenna had agreed that Sunday would always be a relaxation day, no unpacking, no work, just the two of them spending time together. It was a small way to try and repair their relationship, but was having mixed results. Today, they’d cheated just a little and set up a couple of chairs and the umbrella in their backyard, before sitting down to enjoy the warm summer day as Buster ran around the grass.

“God, I can’t believe they’re at it again!” Jenna said exasperatedly as the sound of Cathy and Dorthy came over the fence that separated their properties.

Dave rolled his eyes but had to admit he was having a hard time keeping his growing erection from showing through his pants. The thought of their beautiful neighbours making out with each other was hard to ignore for sure, but unlike Jenna that grated at it, Dave had been enjoying it all morning.

“I can’t take it anymore… I’m going to the store for a bit.” Jenna declared and stood up and walked out of the backyard and into the house.

“Thank god…” Dave said under his breath as he heard Jenna grab the car keys and close the front door behind her.

Shifting around in his chair, he repositioned himself to relieve a bit of the discomfort he was feeling and then leaned back and relaxed. It was the first time he’d been able to remain hard for more than a few seconds and he was on cloud nine. His mind diffed off as his imagination took over and he daydreamed about his neighbours and the sounds that came from over the fence.

“Hey Dave!” the sound of Cathy’s voice said and Dave’s eyes bolted open as he jerked upward and almost fell out of his chair.

He managed to sit upright and turn to see Cathy looking over the fence, “Cathy! Hi! I… I didn’t hear you… I mean… I…”

Cathy gave a little giggle and beamed a thousand-watt smile in his direction, “Don’t worry about it Dave. Hey, did I hear Jenna head out?”

“Ugh… yeah… she went to the store.”

“Oh, that’s good. Hey, want to come over for a swim, it’s a real hot day out.”

“Ugh… no… I shouldn’t… I mean…”

“Oh come on, the water’s great and we don’t bite… much.” Cathy said with a wicked smile on her bright red lips.

Dave’s erection stiffened even more and before he knew what he was saying he replied, “Ah, ok, let me get my swim trunks.”

Dave scolded himself internally for making such a stupid choice. He’d gone and grabbed his swim trunks and walked over to his neighbours’ pool, only to find Cathy and Dorthy in tiny string bikinis that hid nothing from view.

He’d instinctively started to turn around and head back to his house, but Dorthy’s hand had grabbed him and pulled him closer to the pool. Before he could comprehend what was going on, he was up to his neck in water, surrounded by his neighbours splashing him.

“You were right Cat, he is in good shape, and cute too, in a lost puppy kinda way.” Dorthy said as she touched Dave’s shoulder.

“I know, right? I can’t believe how lucky we are Dot! I mean, anyone could have moved in next door!” Cathy replied, her hand not resting on his shoulder but instead running down his stomach and into his swim trunks to find his ridged erection.

The feel of her hand touching his dick snapped him back to reality and he jerked and pushed back towards the edge of the pool.

“I… I’m sorry ladies… I have to go…” he said and without waiting for a response rose up out of the pool and nearly ran out of their house.

“Awe… come on Dave… stay a while…” he heard one of them whine, but he tried to block it out of his head.

Chapter 3 – Second Weekend

When Jenna had returned from the store on Sunday, he’d stayed in the backyard trying to ignore Cat and Dot as Jenna had retreated to her home office and done the same.

He doubted either of them had been very successful, but he hadn’t spoken to her other than the bare minimum since then either. He was grateful that she hadn’t tried to engage with him during the week as they both had sensed something was wrong and neither wanted to talk about it.

On Thursday night, he had almost thought he’d felt Jenna run her hand down his back during the night, but he knew it must have been a dream. Speaking of which, his dreams had woken him up several times during the week.

In cold sweats and raging hardons no less. He couldn’t quite remember the details of them, but he knew they involved Cat and Dot, and that was a problem.

Dave was just finishing cutting the grass when Jenna walked into the backyard and approached him, “Hey, ah, I met Cathy and Dorthy out front.” she said, not making eye contact with him.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as his flight or fight response kicked into high gear as to what they might have said about last weekend.

“Oh yeah?” he replied tentatively.

“Yeah, they were wondering if… if we… if we wanted to come over for a swim.” she managed to get out, seemingly embarrassed by the question.

If Dave had been drinking something, the spit take would have soared over their neighbours’ fence and right into their pool.

“A swim… I mean…” Dave stuttered a little, trying to find a way to say no that wouldn’t look suspicious.

“I mean… it would be nice… but if you don’t want to…” Jenna interjected, running her hand over her ear, pushing a few stray strands of short black and blonde hair away from her face.

“No… I mean… I could… use a swim…” he replied, inwardly rolling his eyes and what he was saying.

“Ok… I mean… I think it would be nice… I’ll tell them we’ll be over in a while.”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Dave said, the sinking feeling in his gut heading straight for his feet.

His face twisted into confusion for a moment as she turned to walk back into the house, “Hey, ah, did you do something with your hair?” he asked.

Jenna turned and beamed a bright smile at him that he hadn’t seen in months, “Yeah, do you like the blonde streaks?”

“Yeah… yeah, they look great.” he replied, dumbfounded with nothing else to say.

Dave laid in bed as Jenna finished up in the bathroom, astounded that he’d managed to survive the afternoon pool party.

Partly due to the raging hardon he’d had to conceal all afternoon long; partly because neither Cat nor Dot had brought up the previous weekend, partly because they had both behaved like perfect neighbours throughout, and partly because Jenna had seemed to get along famously with them both!

What he had expected to be a complete disaster had turned into the best day Jenna and he had had in ages. The sound of the light switch clacking darkened the bathroom and bedroom and he turned to see Jenna’s dark outline move toward the bed until she slipped into it.

“Goodnight honey.” he said, not expecting a response as he closed his eyes.

To his surprise he felt Jenna’s hand come to rest on his chest for a moment, and then start to roam over it.

“Dave… I’ve been thinking that maybe… maybe we could…” Jenna said as his hand roamed down to find his hard shaft waiting for it.

“I see you’ve been thinking the same thing…” she replied and then slipped under the sheets as both of her hands started to work his manhood. They were soon replaced with her lips as he leaned back and received the first blowjob from her since two birthdays ago.

It wasn’t long before she came up for air and straddled him, taking his shaft in her hand and aiming it right for her pussy before she slipped down onto it.

“God Dave, I’ve been so horny this week… I’ve missed you inside of me… I need you inside of me…”

Dave grabbed hold of her hips and grunted in response as she started to buck back and forth.

Jenna cried out in passion as she continued, “God Dave, we’re fucking like we used to! I’ve missed this so much! Fuck me Dave! Fuck me!”

It went on for what seemed like hours but eventually they both came hard and collapsed together in bed for the first time in eons.

Chapter 4 – Third Weekend

Dave sat by the pool on Saturday as he looked over at Jenna, Cat and Dot chatting up a storm. The three women were touching each other’s arms, and hair, and faces as they fawned over each other like they had been best friends since kindergarten.

Dave’s dick was as hard as steel and he couldn’t wait to get back home and have another night like last Saturday with Jenna.

The last week had been a real eye-opener for both of them; Dave because he’d been able to perform for the first time in a long time, and for Jenna as she’d realized how much she’d missed the intimacy with him.

Perhaps that was why she’d gone back to the salon and added more streaks of blonde into her hair, and picked up a whole new line of makeup as well. She was also looking fantastic in her bikini.

Jenna had never worn much in the way of makeup, just enough to look professional, which was still the case during the week, but today she’d applied more than he’d ever seen before. Still not as much as Cat and Dot were wearing, but the change was marked for sure.

Dave leaned back and relaxed, trying to put the three women out of his mind, and failed to do so. Especially when a little while later Jenna had walked over and sat down beside him, placing her hand on his crotch and leaned in and kissed him.

“Hey, you seem to be having a hard time… relaxing. Want to head back to our place?” she purred.

Dave grunted and nodded in response and the two of them bid goodbye to Cat and Dot. As they walked out he was sure he could hear one of them say “lucky girl”.

Jenna was laid half over Dave’s body as her head bobbed up and down, her ass right beside Dave’s head.

His hand was between her legs, gently rubbing her pussy as he looked over at her ass. The firm, tight cheek that sat beside him had never lost its shape, or attraction to him. It was the one thing about their previous love life that had always frustrated him.

They both enjoyed foreplay, but playing with her ass, any kind of play, was completely off-limits.

But with her ass swaying right there, his hand between her thighs, something in his head said “fuck it”, and he reached out and grabbed a handful.

The pop of her coming up off his dick was audible, as was the moan as he squeezed her ass, “Oh god, that feels good Dave!” she said breathlessly as he jiggled her ass.

Before she returned her lips to his dick, she shuffled over so they were sixty-nining and Dave’s tongue found her pussy, while both of his hands took hold of her ass cheeks.

Jenna sucked harder with each jiggle and squeeze that Dave gave her ass, and after a few minutes that same thought came back into his head… “fuck it”.

His right hand rose up and came down on her ass with a slap, Jenna’s head popped up even quicker this time as she gasped and her whole body shivered on top of him.

A second slap caused her whole body to twitch, “Yes! Again!” she cried out as she dove back down onto him and he slapped her ass again and again.

Her ass was bright red when she finally came, and she returned the favour by sucking every last drop of cum from him as well.

Dave walked down the street with a smile on his face, Sunday was another beautiful day in the neighbourhood and life couldn’t be better!

Well, ok, perhaps it could be better still, after all, his two sexy neighbours were still going at it every day like high school kids, but neither he nor Jenna seemed to mind the noise anymore.

As he walked towards the mailboxes he saw another one of his neighbours out on their porch and he waved to them. The busty redhead in the tight cutoff jeans and plaid shirt waved back and smiled.

A few minutes later he saw another neighbour, this time a small Asian woman wearing what looked like a cosplay outfit of some kind.

At the mailbox, he ran into another neighbour, this time a Latino woman whose ass was even better than Jenna’s.

They made small talk for a moment and she flirted with him, before he turned to leave, and then it hit him. Was he the only man in the neighbourhood? Was any of the women in the neighbourhood over thirty? Were any of them not drop-dead gorgeous?

A sudden panic came over him and he ran back to the house. He burst into the living room to find Jenna sitting on the couch.

“Jenna, I have to tell you…” he blurted out, stopping suddenly as he looked at Jenna.

She turned around and smiled, standing up her hair was completely blonde and flowed over her shoulders, her makeup heavier than he’d ever seen her wear, and her bikini smaller.

“Hey, ready to go over to the pool?” she beamed at him.

“I… I…” he stammered but his dick had already responded as she walked over and rested her hand on the protrusion in his pants that it made.

“I see you are, come on, let’s go! Cat and Dot are waiting for us.” she replied and then hooked a finger under his belt and pulled him towards the door.

Chapter 5 – Fourth Weekend

Dave was still having a hard time getting his head around what was going on. Even a week later he still couldn’t believe it.

They’d gone over to the pool, Dave in a stupor with his little head doing all the thinking, and Jenna doing all the leading. It had only taken a little bit of small talk with Cat and Dot before the two couples were making out by the pool, and he could only wonder what it had sounded like from his own backyard.

A few hours later, Jenna had dragged him back to their house and they’d fucked like rabbits until they’d both passed out in bed. He’d spend the rest of the week at work as much as possible, because every time he went home, Jenna was all over him. Breaking what little train of thought he’d been able to piece together about what was happening to the two of them.

And he knew whatever it was, it was affecting both of them, though in different ways.

Jenna was an insatiable dynamo, always ready for more, especially if he played with her ass in any way.

He, on the other hand, had never stayed that hard for that long in his life, even when he was a teenager. And he needed no time to recover, he’d fucked Jenna at least three times Sunday night, sending a giant load of cum into her each time.

But it was other things as well, like Jenna’s hair. The blonde streaks were easy enough to write off, but the complete conversion to the long blonde locks she now possessed was impossible. They weren’t extensions, there were no roots showing, it was her real hair.

And that broke… well, it broke all the laws of physics that he know at least.

On the few days he’d arrived home earlier than he wanted to, he’d walked around the neighbourhood, thinking and trying to figure out if he was going nuts. Everyone he saw was a young, hot woman, and most were in relationships, or appeared to be, with other young hot women.

The first few times he saw a new womon, he approached them and tried to talk to them. That had been a mistake. They were all very friendly, far too friendly. All of them hit on him, made sexual suggestions, and a few came right out and suggested… well, suggested all kinds of things really.

After that he kept his distance, noting when he saw new women, but not approaching them. By the time the weekend came, he’d walked around the entire neighbourhood, several times.

He’d learned three things; first, that he did appear to be the only man around, and second that the closer he went in the direction of the centre of the city, the more sexual the women acted, and the third was that the farther he went towards the city, the harder he found it was.

It was a strange thing really, it was like he would be walking towards an area and then his mind would wander a bit. When he thought about where he was going again, he’d found himself completely turned around and far from where he wanted to go.

It had frustrated him for several nights, and tonight he was determined to go as far as he could.

“Wake up Dave!” Jenna cried as she tossed a pillow at him.

“I’m up! I’m up!” Dave called back and saw Jenna standing in yet another new bikini by the foot of the bed.

Her blonde hair was like a halo around her face, and a waterfall that fell halfway down her back. It looked perfect.

Her body was just as perfect now, her abs well defined, her breasts larger than they had ever been, but still not as large as Cat’s and Dot’s. She was drop-dead gorgeous just like all the other women in the neighbourhood.

“Hurry up sleepy head, or we’ll be late!” she exclaimed and tossed a swimsuit onto the bed beside him.


“Yeah, for the pool party silly! Don’t tell me you forgot.” she said and crossed her arms under her breasts, raising an eyebrow as she did.

“No… no, I mean, of course not.” Dave lied and wondered if she’d even told him. It didn’t matter, he quickly pulled on the swimsuit and they headed off to their neighbours like they did every weekend.

Dave couldn’t help shake the feeling something was wrong though… hadn’t he been trying to get somewhere last night? How had he gotten home? He didn’t remember returning to the house at all.

Dave’s jaw almost hit the patio stones around the pool as he and Jenna entered their neighbours’ small backyard. It was packed with women in bikinis that would have made most supermodels jealous.

Tall women, short women, every colour of hair, from a half dozen ethnicity. And right in the middle were Cat and Dot soaking up the attention.

As soon as they saw Dave and Jenna they made a beeline for them and gave them each a giant hug, “What took you guys so long?” Cat asked.

Jenna rolled her eyes, “Dave needs his beauty sleep, you know?”

Cat smiled a predatory smile, “Well, it certainly works.” she replied.

Cat looped an arm through Dave’s and walked him towards the guests, introducing him to each and every one of them.

The pool party had quickly devolved into a orgy as multiple of the women paired off, or thruppled up, and found any small space they could.

Dave had left Jenna talking to Dot while he headed into the kitchen to get them a drink. It had taken quite a while to make it there, with each woman he encountered trying to get him to come away with them. The return trip was no better.

When he returned to where Jenna and Dot were, his jaw almost hit the patio for the second time since they arrived. Dot was on her knees between Jenna’s legs, her face buried in his wife’s pussy as Jenna mauled her own breasts and moaned.

“Jenna!” he exclaimed and her eyes opened she smiled at him.

“Hi Dave!”

“What… what… I mean…”

“Oh moan come on Dave. I’ve got needs ahhhh and you’re working so much these days god Dot!”

Jenna closed her eyes again and bit her lower lip just as Cat came up behind him and placed her arm across the back of his shoulders.

“Why don’t you leave Jenna and Dot to have their fun Dave. I’m sure I can find some way to entertain you while they do.”

Dave turned to see Cat standing beside him, naked, her large breasts calling to him as she lead him back into her house and to her bedroom.

Dave had lost count long ago at how many of the women at the pool party he’d fucked. He was pretty sure it was all of them, some of them multiple times.

He knew this was impossible of course, no man could “reload” that quickly, or that many times, but each time a new woman found him, he was hard and ready before he knew what was happening.

The next woman was approaching him even now, and he tried his best to turn away and head home, only to have her take his hand and pull him close.

“Ah, poor baby… you look all tuckered out.” Jenna’s voice filled his ears and he let out a relieved sigh.

“I’d best get you home and to bed. You’ve had a long day and it’s almost over…” she said as she leaned in and gave him a kiss while grabbing his even now hardening shaft.

He let out a resigned sigh and returned the kiss as they walked away from the pool party, leaving the dozen or so remaining women still cavorting with each other.

Chapter 6 – Walkabout

Dave looked dead ahead to where he wanted to go, he could feel the need to look away growing, but he remained steadfast in his determination.

This was his third attempt tonight, and he’d managed to get farther than he had before. So far in fact that it was no longer just a feeling of his mind wandering, but an actual force pushing back on him.

He placed one foot in front of the other and continued walking, slowly, purposefully. Until finally the pressure relented and he was standing in front of a large house, a mansion really, that was out of place in the neighbourhood.

He blinked several times, not really sure what he had been expecting to find… perhaps an alien ship? Or a large scfi machine?

Whatever he’d expected, the house was there and so he stepped onto the front lawn and walked towards the door. He reached out to open it and before he could it swung open revealing another drop-dead gorgeous woman standing naked in the doorway.

“Oh, like, hi! I’m Chrissy, come on in!” the woman said in a bubbly voice and waved him forward.

“Uh… I…” he stuttered out as she closed the door behind him.

“Oh, like, I know. He’s totally waiting for you! Follow me.”

“Ok.” Dave managed to get out as he followed Chrissy through the house to a large room at the back. It was filled with books and a desk, clearly a study of some kind. Standing by the window looking out was a nondescript man that Dave guessed was in his fifties.

“Ah, Dave right? Welcome to my home.” the man said as he turned to face Dave.

“Thank you… and you are?”

“Oh, so sorry about that. Call me Wendell.” he replied and stepped towards Dave, extending his hand.

“Ok… Wendell.” Dave replied, the name feeling strange in his mouth.

Wendell chuckled and Dave cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh sorry, just I don’t hear my own name very often. Usually it’s Sir or Master or Lord, you know?”

“Ah, no, not really.”

“Well of course you don’t. It’s been quite a while since a man has made it all the way here, and I have to congratulate you on that. I have to admit that I do miss some male companionship sometimes, you know, to talk sports and such. But the ladies quickly remedy me of that.” he said with a chuckle.

“About that…”

“My girls? They are great, aren’t they? Hot as hell and ready to go at the drop of a hat.”

“But how…?”

“Well, that comes down to my ability to warp reality. It’s a blessing and a curse really. If I focus on something I can make pretty much anything become reality. That’s the blessing. The curse is that when I’m not focused on things, like most of the time, well, my subconscious kinda just runs amok and does whatever it wants. And I’m sure you have seen what my subconscious wants most of the time…” he continued with another chuckle.

Dave shook his head in disbelief, but it wasn’t an honest shake. He knew what Wendell was saying was true, not only because he’d seen the effects on Jenna and himself, but because there was something deeply troubling about him that he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Don’t worry Dave, I’m not going to do anything bad to you. Hell, you’re the first guy I’ve talked to in at least three years! And besides, I kinda like you, that’s why I let you buy the house in the first place!”

“Let me?”

“Sure, I mean not consciously, but do you think anything happens in this neighbourhood that my subconscious doesn’t approve of?”

Dave nodded and then thought of a question, “How far does your influence go?”

“That’s a good question Dave, I knew I liked you. You’re pretty much on the edge of it. The red light district across the road from you is kind of a ‘like knows like’ situation. I don’t control it, but it’s there because I’m here.

But that’s not the question you really want to ask is it?”

Dave shook his head.

“Then go ahead, ask away.”

“What’s going to happen now?”

Wendell smiled broadly, “Well Dave, we have two choices. I know what I’ve just told you is a lot, and most people would have a hard time processing it and accepting it. Most people like to think they have control of their own lives. As such, if that is the case, I can wipe your mind and send you back home. I’ll make it so you don’t question what’s going on and you can live out a happy life with your wife in your perfect neighbourhood.”

“And the second choice?”

“I can leave the knowledge intact and you can enjoy your neighbourhood, and the many others that surround my house as you please. You can drop by once in a while to chat if you like, or don’t, you’re choice. But this choice does have its implications. You will know you are cheating on your wife, even though she won’t consider it as such. She is after all, even now, visiting with Dot and enjoying herself immensely. That is something you’ll have to decide if you want to live with or not.”

Dave nodded in thought.

“Oh, there is one other thing… I mean, I subconsciously let you move into the house for a reason, and it wasn’t just you. At some point, maybe soon, maybe not, Jenna will find her way here. She’ll spend some time, again, maybe a short time, maybe a long time, living here and being available for my entertainment.”

Dave frowned as Wendell continued.

“If you choose the second option, you’ll have to be ok with that. Jenna will be if that’s any consolation, but so will you. On the other hand, if you chose the first option, well, you won’t even miss her for the time she’s away.”

Dave let out a little sigh, he’d made his choice, but there was still something he wanted to know.

“I assume that Jenna will eventually grow too old for your.. tastes… when she does and we leave, can you fix my impotence?”

Wendell let out a hearty laugh and slapped his knees, “Oh Dave… what makes you think anyone grows old here?”

Dave’s eyebrows shot up as Wendell walked over and gave him a slap on the back, “I’m so going to enjoy our talks! I can’t wait to open up your mind to the possibilities! By the way, how’s Buster doing?”

Dave’s eyes went wide as he tried to remember the last time he’d seen his pet…

Buster felt his balls being licked by… Princess? Daisy? Coco? One of the other bitches?

He let out a low growl and rolled over to see half a dozen of them scattered around the lawn, several letting out little whimpers of contentedness from their recent romps with him.

He flicked his tail and hit the nose of the cute poodle that had been licking at him and managed to get back to his feet to the glee of Duchess… yes, that was her name.

He walked up and gave her a pat on the head with his paw and she quickly scrunched down, sending her haunches up into the air as he positioned himself behind her and then mounted her.

Buster wasn’t sure how it was possible, he’d always been a good dog, certainly ready to service any bitch in heat, but even he couldn’t account for his virility over the last few weeks.

He’d been so busy going from yard to yard that he hadn’t even seen his pack leader Dave in weeks!

As Buster performed once more, all he hoped was that his pack leader was getting at least as much action with the bitches as he was.