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SYNOPSIS: Being a female executive at OTTII head office can be perilous, especially when you don’t hail from Japan.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
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  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – The Journey

Emilia just smiled as she placed the last of her things in her bag and Jose ran round the office in a panic.

“You can’t leave me here like this, everything is a disaster! And it’s all your fault!” he screamed as he rummaged through another stack of papers.

“Not my problem anymore Jose. My last report to head office showed high efficiency and reduced costs. It’s too bad that you’re first report is going to make you look like an incompetent moron.” she replied and shrugged her shoulders as she picked up her bag from her old desk.

She almost, almost, felt sorry for him. She’d been driving the plant hard for the last six months knowing it would all come crumbling down, but she didn’t care as long as the numbers looked stellar for the last few months. She’d been on the shortlist for the promotion to head office and she needed to look like an all-star no matter what.

So what if she’d broken some labour laws in the process? Had the union up in arms? Fired a dozen people that were costing too much but were critical to the plant?

It was Jose’s problem now.

Her promotion had come through at the start of the week and she’d waited until today to tell Jose about it, but again, not her problem.

Growing up in the poor part of Valencia in Venezuela had been hard, but even harder as her father had abandoned her mother as soon as she became pregnant and wouldn’t terminate it. Her mother was very religious and refused, her father, being a manager in one of the factories and from a foreign country, had just up and left. She suspected that he’d just returned to his family and children he had in his home country, leaving Emilia and her mother to fend for themselves.

Emilia couldn’t hold it against him though, she’d never known him and he had left something of value behind, his genes. Her mother had been beautiful in her youth, or so she had been told, and she had no reason to doubt it. A foreign manager could have had his pick of the locals and so to catch his eye she would have had to stand out. The mix of her mother’s native beauty and her father’s foreign genes though had combined to make Emilia more than just beautiful, but stunning.

She had the naturally dark hair of her mother, but it was less coarse and straighter. Her eyes were a light shade of hazel, offsetting her mother’s dark brown ones. The primary thing she inherited from her father though was her lighter skin tone. Along with her natural curves, it culminated in a package that few, if any, men could resist. The one thing she did regret that she hadn’t inherited from her father was her height, at just 5 feet 1 inch tall, she was the exact same height as her mother and she refused to wear heels as they were uncomfortable and degrading.

Her beauty had proven to be a useful tool to her over the years, and she was hoping that it would continue to do so with the move to Japan. The thought of finally getting out of this hell hole that she had been trapped since birth brought a smile to her lips as she walked out of the plant one last time.

She could still remember the first time she’d crossed the gates at the front of the building, the first day it had opened after she had applied to get a job on the line. It had been just another stake in the heart of her relationship with her mother, one in a long line of them.

After her father had left, her mother had sworn off the “foreign devils” and refused to work in any of the factories that were the lifeblood of the city. They provided the best paying jobs and so her mother had to work harder and longer just to make enough money to keep them both housed and fed.

Emilia could understand the work ethic her mother had, but couldn’t understand the resentment towards the companies that could make their life better. It had been a happy coincidence that OTTII had come to town just as she turned 18 and opened the state of the art manufacturing plant that she had been in charge of until her promotion had come through.

She’d started at the bottom and worked her butt off to impress her managers and superiors, but she hadn’t really gotten too far ahead until she’d given her first manager a blowjob. He’d been easy to manipulate after that, and within a few months she had his job and he was fired.

It wasn’t the first time she’d used her looks to get ahead, and it certainly wasn’t the last. She’d spent the last five years working her way up the corporate ladder, through both hard work and other means. Some of her promotions were purely merit-based, others, not so much. In the end though, she had made it to the top and now was moving on to bigger and better things.

OTTII was a huge conglomerate, with offices all over the world, but their headquarters was in Japan and that was where she was headed next.

She did have some reservations about the rumours she had heard about the head office in Kobe, rumours that spoke of deeply ingrained misogyny, xenophobia, and patriarchy. She just figured it was the normal corporate culture and pushed it out of her mind. After all, if even half of the rumours were true, no company, no matter how powerful and important, would be able to survive the legal implications of such HR issues could it?

Either way, she’d fought hard and dirty to get the promotion, even here in Venezuela she’d had to fight tooth and nail to get ahead in “a man’s world”, so when she’d applied for the promotion she knew it would be no different. In the end though, the numbers she’d put up from the plant’s productivity review couldn’t be argued with and she’d broken whatever glass ceiling or other issues might have existed in head office.

There was one lingering doubt she had though, the language barrier. She could of course speak Castillan, and a few other local languages in Venezuela, along with English. Japanese though was a whole other matter. She was going to be heading into a new position, in a new country and not be able to speak or read the native tongue.

Fortunately for her while reviewing the policies of OTTII head office she found all managers and executives were required to speak English as part of their international responsibilities. Team leads and senior staff were expected to be able to speak English as well, she might run in to trouble with a few peons below that, but she’d fire any of those that didn’t get in line with her needs soon enough.

She walked out of the building and to the waiting car that would take her back to her apartment and then to the airport. She’d soon find out the truth of the matter when she landed in Kobe after the 19-hour flight to get there.

Emilia was at her small desk, in her small office at OTTII’s main building and still found it hard to believe how jammed packed everyone was in Japan. In Venezuela she’d had a three-bedroom apartment, a large office with a private bathroom, a second office for her assistant. In Kobe, she had a tiny one-bedroom apartment, the tiny office barely large enough for her, her desk, and one other person, and her assistant sat in the main floor area with all the other workers.

But in some ways, it fit her well. It had taken some getting used to, but in the week she’d been here she’d learned many of the customs she needed to know and was finally interviewing her new department after several days of ‘corporate’ training.

She looked over at her laptop screen, the reminder displayed was “One on one: Jun Ito (Lead Engineer)”, along with “2 minutes overdue”. He was the last member of her group she had to interview and probably the most important, which was why he was last. There was no point interviewing the important ones first, she needed to get all the dirt on them first from the peons below them. Several of the women, and men, had left her office crying after her “interviews” but they had given up everything she needed.

Jun came stumbling into her office, a raft of papers in his arms and quickly bowed to her, “I’m sorry to be late ma’am, it won’t happen again.” he blurted out as he panted in reasonable English. She had made it known throughout the office that she expected everyone to speak English in her presence and so far there had not been any problems, even with their limited English abilities.

She took a quick inventory of him; skinny, glasses, maybe 5 foot 5, plain white shirt and black tie, an unkempt mop of hair on his head, and perhaps in his late thirties. He was no threat to her and if she pushed the right buttons, he’d be useful to her in the short term.

“Sit down Jun.” she replied. It wasn’t a suggestion, it was a command and Jun obeyed immediately.

“Now then, from the documentation I have, it looks like you’re six weeks behind and still haven’t worked out all the technical issues. Does that about sum it up?”

There was a look of panic in his eyes but then his shoulders slumped and he nodded, “Hai ma’am.”

“Good. Now, just so we understand each other; I don’t accept tardiness, I don’t accept excuses, and I don’t accept failure. I was brought in to get this project back on track and that is what is going to happen. I don’t care if you have to work 24 hours a day, it is going to get done. Understood?”

Jun nodded meekly and almost let his papers slide off his lap.

“Alright, now show me where we are at…” Emilia said and gestured at the papers in his hands.

Jun quickly dumped them on her desk and spread a few out on top of it, “Hai ma’am. As you can see here, the mechanisms for the product have been designed and the initial test run are all within tolerances.”

He shuffled the papers once more, “It’s here, in the software, that we’re having problems. As you can see the satisfaction numbers are below 20%… and there are a few… incidents of injuries as well.” he said sheepishly.

She looked over the documents and shook her head from side to side ever so slightly. She still found it hard to believe the group OTTII had assigned her to to lead. Those rumours were more than 50% true if this group was any indication of the type of work being done inside the company.

At a quick glance the blueprints on her desk might have been mistaken for a vending machine or photo booth of some kind. Even a few extra seconds looking at them would have been enough to see the truth of it though, this was an artificial sex booth.

Jun had been the lead engineer on the project for three years and had perfected an artificial mouth, breasts, vagina, and anus. Each one was a module that could be rotated into position inside of the sex booth for the customer to use as they wanted.

It was a brilliant piece of engineering and some of the patents he’d been granted for the artificial skin and other components were already making OTTII substantial profits in some of their other divisions. It disturbed her to her core, though she didn’t have a good explanation as to why. At first she’d thought she’d been assigned to the group for the shock value, that perhaps they thought she would resign in protest, but they didn’t know her at all if that was the case. She was going to make this thing a success no matter how she felt about it if that was what it took to move up even farther in the company.

The problem was the software, however. As much as the modules looked and felt like the real thing, they didn’t move or react like it. The computer algorithms that Jun was developing had, so far, not proven to be up to the task.

“We’re going in front of Mr. Herakini on Monday and I need to have more than this ready. What can I show him that won’t get you fired?” she almost spat out at Jun.

“I… I…” Jun stuttered as he shifted through the papers until he found what he was looking for, “This module. The software is almost complete for it!”

“Almost isn’t good enough. Have it ready for Monday morning at 9 am. Don’t leave the office until it’s ready. I don’t care if you work all weekend. Got it?”

“Hai ma’am.” he nodded and then grabbed the papers and hurried out of her office.

She let out a sigh as the door closed behind him, so far she was not impressed with her staff. None seemed to have any backbone, but at least that meant they were easy to push around and get them to do whatever she wanted.

Chapter 2 – The Challenge

Emilia sat as Kenshin Kamada presented his group’s results. Jun was sitting just behind her, dark bags under his eyes from a long weekend working. To the side of her was a table with a cloth draped over it, hiding what sat on the table from view.

“As you can see Herakini-san, we have increased the effectiveness of the formula by 20% and also stabilized it so that it can be added to more types of bases, allowing for a variety of new options for deployment. We are also confident that the testing on the direct delivery version will prove very successful.”

Seiji Herakini, the old man sitting behind the desk that was larger than her entire office, nodded and gave a grunt of approval as Kenshin sat down having finished his briefing.

Seiji turned to Emilia and raised a hand indicating it was her turn. The look in his eyes was pure disgust, as if lowering himself to listen to a woman was a stain on his reputation. She was looking forward to taking his job at some point in the future.

For the moment though, she simply smiled and stood, “Thank you Herakini-san. As you know the hardware components of my project have been ready for some time, though I believe there are still many improvements to be made to get them up to OTTII standards.”

It was a clear jab at her predecessor, but it was a way to make it clear she was aiming higher than he had.

“Today though, I’d like to demonstrate some of the work we’ve been doing on the software side of things.” she said and then walked over to the table and lifted the cloth off of it.

Sitting on the table were two large, perfectly formed breasts with a series of wires running out from behind them to a laptop that was on the side of the table. She then walked around behind the table, reached over and gently squeezed the artificial breasts that sat in front of her.

“Ughhhhhhhh…” emanated from the laptop, in a clear soft woman’s voice.

Emilia had to focus on not rolling her eyes in disgust, but continued on anyway. She slipped her hands down until her fingers found the artificial nipples and squeezed them as well.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” the artificial woman’s voice cried out.

Emilia then raised her and landed a series of three loud slaps on the artificial breast, “Aiiieeee! Hai!
Hai! Hai!”

She then quickly retrieved the cloth and re-covered the table, “As you can see we’re making significant progress on the algorithms involved.”

Emilia couldn’t really read Seiji’s face, it seemed to remain in a state of constant annoyance, but he simply nodded his head. Inwardly she sighed in relief as the whole thing had been a sham. Jun had not been able to get it working in time but she’d come up with the idea to simply make it a pre-recorded message, triggered by a light sensor when the cloth had been removed.

Seiji then stood up and crossed his hands in front of him, “Thank you both for your presentations. As both of you have made significant progress since the last update, I think it is time to put a challenge to you both. In eight weeks I will be merging one of your departments with the other. I shall therefore be promoting one of you to VP who will then have the other one reporting into them.”

Emilia almost leap in joy at the news, she would be moving up faster than she thought! Instead she bowed, “Thank you Herakini-san, I will not disappoint you.”

Kenshin bowed as well, “Thank you Herakini-san for this great opportunity.”

Seiji nodded and then returned to his chair and took his seat, turning his attention to his computer in a silent dismissal of everyone else in the room.

Emilia turned as Jun was collecting the equipment from the table and she shot him a series of daggers that nearly gave him a heart attack. A quick deception at a status meeting was one thing, but she’d cut his balls off if he didn’t deliver the goods in eight weeks.

Emilia looked over the research she’d had one of her staff do and frowned. Kenshin Kamada was not a fool and wouldn’t be easily manipulated like so many men she’d met in the past. He wasn’t married, had worked at OTTII for twenty years, and was extremely well respected throughout the company.

He’d taken over the Biomedical Chemical Consciousness division, at least that was the best translation she could find for it, two years ago. It was a prestigious group even though she could find little information about it anywhere on the company intranet.

It was well funded though and had several subgroups to it that seemed to always make their targets and get awards for their work. It was the perfect kind of division for her to ride all the way to the top.

The problem was pushing Jun and the rest of the team to get the work done. She was sure that whatever Kenshin was cooking up in his group, hers would win as long as it worked.

A knock on her door raised her gaze and she frowned as Jun stood just outside of it, “Come in Jun. Have a seat.”

He nodded and stepped inside and sat in the single chair in front of her desk.

“Now then. You have less than eight weeks to fix the mess you’ve gotten yourself into. How are you going to do it?”

“I… we are working…”

“I don’t want to hear ‘we’re working on it’, I want to hear ‘it’s fixed’!”

Jun flinched a little and shrunk in the chair a little more, “Hai ma’am.”

“Good. And just to be clear, if it’s not working in time for the presentation, you’re not just going to be fired, I’ll make it my mission to ruin your entire life, got it?”

“Hai ma’am” he replied and then quickly scampered out of her office.

Jun sat at his desk, hunched over it working on the code when his phone’s alarm went off. He slumped back into his chair and let out a sigh, it was 11 pm and he had to head home to get some semblance of sleep before returning to work the next morning at 6 am.

The problem, wasn’t budging though. No matter how many times he tried training the algorithms with the datasets he had, they just didn’t come outright. Fundamentally there just wasn’t enough data available to train the algorithms with.

That was a problem he hadn’t expected when he’d designed the system, after all, shouldn’t there be lots of data available to train a sexbot? Wasn’t humanity obsessed with sex? Hadn’t the Internet been popularized on sex?

It turned out that actual hard data was more difficult to come by. Sure, he had a library of porn that would be the envy of anyone on the planet, but that wasn’t good enough to get a realistic response from the algorithms.

He just let out another sigh and pushed himself upright in his chair and then reached out to lock his computer for the night. Just as his fingers came away from the keyboard he heard footsteps behind him.

“Hello Jun, working late tonight?” the voice said and he turned around to see Kenshin Kamada standing behind him, his hands holding something behind him.

“Kenshin-san!” he let out in a half squeak, surprised to find such a senior person still in the office, let alone that he knew Jun’s name.

“I presume you’ve found the flaw in your design by now?” he asked.

“There is no flaw Kenshin-san, our product will be ready for the presentation.” Jun replied with little confidence in his voice.

Kenshin smiled, “Oh don’t be so… devoted, to the story Emilia-san has spun. I know that little demonstration was a fake, just as I know you have no hope of completing your algorithms with the data you currently have. I’ve had a few of my own engineers take a look at the problem and they assure me you can’t accomplish your task with what you have. You’re a brilliant engineer Jun, but you can’t do the impossible.”

Jun let his shoulders slump and his head fall.

“I’m sure Emilia-san will be very… forgiving… when you tell her the bad news.”

Jun didn’t think it was possible to slump any lower, but managed it somehow.

“Perhaps, though, if there was some way to avoid such a fate…” Kenshin said as he pulled a long tube out from behind his back and tapped in into his other hand.

Jun’s eyes opened wide and he once more pulled himself up. Kenshin would not be here idly making small talk and insinuations without a purpose.

“Perhaps a new design, that when combined with some of the solutions I have been working on, would at least get you through the presentation. Not ‘winning’ it of course, but once Emilia-san reports to me…”

“That… that would be very helpful Kenshin-san. I would never be able to repay you fully.” Jun replied, bowing his head.

“Perhaps, but I am always interested in having brilliant people under me. Well, it is late and I must be going. Good luck Jun.” Kenshin said and then absently set the tube on Jun’s desk and walked away.

Jun waited for him to be out of sight and then pounced on the tube, opening it and pulling the plans inside out. Along with them, a narrow bag of powder fell out as well.

As Jun unfurled the plans a smile crossed his lips as he recognized what he was looking at.

Chapter 3 – Troubleshooting

Emilia looked at the screen in front of her and frowned, it looked like Jun’s latest status report indicated that he was making progress, but the technobabble made it hard to know for sure. The knock-on her door brought a welcome distraction from the screen and she looked up to see Jun standing there with a small tray that contained a teapot and cups.

She raised an eyebrow and then spoke, “Come in.”

He did so and closed the door behind him, setting the tray on her desk before pouring two cups, “I thought you could use some tea ma’am while we go over the latest test results.”

He didn’t suck up very well, but the tea was welcome. One of the few things she appreciated in Japan was the tea. She took the cup and sipped at the hot liquid, and then took another sip.

“Mmm… very good tea Jun. You’re not completely useless after all.”

“Thank you ma’am.”

Emilia rubbed her forehead and tried to take another sip of tea from the cup. Jun had left maybe forty minutes ago, leaving the teapot behind. She’d finished two cups while he’d been there and been sipping on it since. At least until about five minutes ago when she’d drank the last of it.

It had been wonderful tea, relieving all kinds of stress and letting her relax even in the middle of the day. Now though, all the stress had returned and she wanted nothing more than another cup. She picked up her desk phone to call Jun and then a strange thought crossed her mind. What had they talked about during their meeting?

For some reason the entire thing was a bit foggy. In fact, if she was honest everything had been a bit foggy since he’d left as well. She was about to set the phone back down when a knock came to her door. A smile crossed her lips as soon as she saw it was Jun. Not because it was him, no, because of the small teapot he held in his hand.

“Hello ma’am. I thought you might like another pot of tea?”

“Oh, yes, please!” she said and held out her cup in both hands and he poured the wonderful tea into it.

She pressed it to her lips as soon as he was done and sipped it eagerly. The feeling of relaxation washed over her and she smiled as she held the teacup in her hands.

“Ma’am, if you don’t mind, perhaps you could help me with something…” Jun said and for an instant Emilia was annoyed, but another sip of the tea quickly washed that away.

“Um, sure…” she replied and he closed the door behind him and walked around her desk and pushed her to the side a bit so he could get to her keyboard and mouse. She thought she should be annoyed at him for it, but another sip of tea and she let it slide.

“You see, I have a new troubleshooting program for the algorithms, the more people that use it the better the algorithms become and I was hoping you could help as well.”

He opened up a network drive and added an icon to her desktop before clicking on it and running it. A new window opened with a simple interface, a single line of text and two buttons below it. The text read “OTTII is a great company to work for.”, the buttons below it were simply “True” and “False”.

“The algorithms have already picked what they think is the correct answer, so when you select the correct one it will know if it was right or wrong and correct as necessary. If both of you are in agreement then there will be a little chime. If not, a buzzer. Don’t worry if you see the same question multiple times, the goal is to get as many chimes as possible.”

Emilia scrunched her forehead a bit, this seemed like a menial task that Jun could do himself, or any of her underlings. Another sip of tea relaxed her forehead and she realized she was being silly, he’d already said that he needed as many people as possible to make the algorithms as good as they could be. And she wanted, no needed, the algorithms to work.

She released one of her hands from the cup of tea and then reached out and took her mouse, moving the cursor over to the “True” button and clicking it. Instantly a little chime came from her computer and a smile formed on her lips and something tickled the back of her mind. Then a new statement was displayed, “OTTII is the best company in the world.”

Well, it was a great company to be sure, but the best? She moved her cursor over and clicked “False” and a buzzer immediately went off. She frowned as a twinge of regret went through her.

“Well, it looks like you have the hang of it ma’am. I’ll leave you to it.” Jun said and then walked around her desk and left. She paid little attention as the next statement was displayed, “OTTII employees are the most loyal.”

The buzzer went off again as she pressed “False” once more.

Emilia looked up at the large empty pot and then back down at her empty cup. It was very good tea!

But it was gone. She looked over at her computer, the troubleshooting program still running, and then down at the clock in the taskbar, “7:30!” she said aloud.

“Hai.” Jun said as he stood in her office doorway and nodded.

She looked up, having not seen him there and blushed a little at her outburst, “Oh, Jun. I didn’t see you there.”

“Of course ma’am. I was just about to leave for the night and wanted to thank you for all the great troubleshooting you’ve done today. It has really trained the algorithms today.”

“Oh, yes. As an employee of OTTII I always want to help OTTII any way I can.” she replied and she didn’t notice the smile creep across Jun’s face.

“Hai, OTTII is the best company in the world.” he said.

“Yes, OTTII is the best company in the world!” she replied without a thought and a smile crossed her lips as well.

“Thank you ma’am. I hope that tomorrow you will continue to help OTTII and do more troubleshooting of the algorithms for the company.”

“Yes, of course! But… will there be more of your wonderful tea?”

“I shall make an extra-large pot first thing in the morning for you.” Jun said and then gave a curt bow and left.

Emilia didn’t know if she could wait that long, but cleared the fog from her head as best she could and headed home for the night.

“OTTII is the best company to work for.”

“OTTII staff must always follow orders from their superiors.”

“OTTII staff must always follow orders from their superiors .”

“OTTII staff must always follow orders from their superiors.”

“OTTII staff must always follow orders from their superiors.”

Emilia frowned as the buzz filled her office one more time and she wanted it to stop but the stupid algorithms kept making the wrong choice!

In frustration, she moved her cursor over to the “True” button and clicked it. The accompanying chime sent another thrill through her and a slight giggle even escaped her lips.

God she loved this troubleshooting program, almost as much as Jun-san’s tea!

She took another sip from her cup and let its warmth trickle down her throat. Speaking of Jun-san, he was standing in her office doorway when she looked up from the monitor.

“Oh, hello Jun-san. How are you?” she said as she held her small teacup between her fingers in front of her.

“I am very well Emilia-san. I just came to bring you more tea.” he said, holding up the large pot he was carrying.

“Oh, thank you very much Jun-san. You make very good tea. OTTII is very fortunate to have such a good employee as you.”

Jun nodded and set the teapot down and then left once more as Emilia turned back to her computer and continued the troubleshooting.

“OTTII staff must always put the company before themselves.”

“OTTII staff must always put the company before themselves.”

“OTTII staff must always put the company before themselves.”

Emilia sat behind her desk, her hands folded in her laps as she sat straight up with her chest pushed forward, proper posture was important after all.

“So Emilia-san, your help with the troubleshooting has been invaluable, I hope I can count on your continued support in this?” Jun-san asked.

“Of course Jun-san. I am only too happy to do whatever it takes to make OTTII a success.” she replied.

“Good. I have added a new set of statements to the program. I hope you are not offended as they are a little more… crude… than the ones you have been working with. But we are making a sex booth after all.”

“Of course I will not be offended, it is for the benefit of OTTII, I will do what is necessary.”

Emilia poured herself another cup of tea and then got back to work helping Jun-san troubleshoot the algorithms.

“A woman’s body is made to pleasure men.”

“A woman’s body is made to pleasure men.”

“A woman’s body is made to pleasure men.”

“A woman’s body is made to pleasure men.”

“A woman’s body is made to pleasure men.”

“A woman should only speak when spoken to.”

“A woman must always present her body in a way that is pleasing to those around her.”

Emilia’s heels clicked against the tile floor of the floor as she walked towards her office. Her ankle almost collapsed several times, she still wasn’t used to the heels as this was only her second day wearing them.

It was the same with the length of the skirt, or lack thereof, as well as the low cut top that she was wearing. The whole thing had drawn all kinds of looks as she rode the subway to the office, some more as she walked through the lobby and now even her staff were looking her way.

It was confusing because there was a part of her that thought she should be upset by the looks, but another part that was buzzing with excitement. Several of the statements from the troubleshooting program floated through her head and lifted the confusion from her mind, she had agreed with them all and OTTII could never be wrong about such things.

She walked to Jun-san’s desk and stopped for a moment, bowed slightly to him as he sat in his chair, “Good morning Jun-san. I hope you are well today. Could I bother to ask if you might have some tea ready?”

“Of course Emilia-san. No bother at all. I have already placed a pot on your desk.”

Emilia bowed once more, “Thank you Jun-san, I do not deserve to have you as a member of the team. OTTII is so fortunate to have you as an employee. I hope that I can provide you with everything you need to be a successful part of this team.”

He nodded and she made her way quickly to her office where the promised tea sat waiting for her.

Emilia listened carefully as Jun-san explained what he needed from her, “So, for this round of troubleshooting, I need you to really think like the sex booth. What would the correct answer be for the sex booth. Your opinion doesn’t matter, only what the sex booth would answer.”

Emilia nodded in compliance, “Hai Jun-san.”, she’d started to add a few Japanese words into her vocabulary as OTTII was a Japanese company and she wanted to respect their culture as much as possible. She then took another sip of her tea.

“Good. Perhaps it would help to fully get into character if you thought of yourself by a different name. Something more suitable to a sex booth made in Japan. Perhaps Emiko?”

“Hai Jun-san. Emilia… Emiko will do whatever OTTII requires. Emiko will think like a sex booth. Emiko will help Jun-san troubleshoot herself.”

“Very good Emiko.” Jun-san replied and then left her office, leaving her to continue the troubleshooting program.

“You are built for sex.”

“Every orifice you have is available for use.”

“When a man comes in you, you have fulfilled your purpose.”

“Pleasure comes from men using you.”

“Are your tits exposed?”

“Is your pussy visible?”

Emiko let out a soft giggle as her one hand played with her pussy and the other clicked on the answers as she sat naked in her chair. Having clothes on while she was troubleshooting just took her out of the mindset of being a sex booth and she couldn’t afford that. OTTII was counting on her to finish this project and she would do everything she could to ensure its success.

“Is your pussy wet?”

She let out a louder giggle as she lifted her slick fingers from her pussy lips up to her mouth and gently sucked on her them before clicking “True”.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her entire body as the chime filled her office. She couldn’t believe how far along the troubleshooting was in just three weeks.

A notification popped up on her screen and she frowned, it was almost time for her meeting with Jun-san, which meant she had to get dressed again. Letting out a sigh, she minimized the troubleshooting program and stood up from her chair. She then walked around to the front of her desk where her clothes were neatly folded on the chair in front of it.

She slipped into the miniskirt and tank top and then slipped on the matching high heels. It was all in the traditional OTTII blue and white with gold trim and each piece had the company logo emblazoned upon it. She couldn’t remember where she’d gotten them, but they fit her perfectly and she couldn’t imagine wearing anything else.

Returning to her chair she quickly grabbed her small purse from below her desk and pulled out the makeup compact to check that she hadn’t made too much of a mess of her face. She finished fixing the blue eyeshadow and neutral lip glass just in time for Jun-san’s knock at the door.

“Hai! Pwease come in Jun-san.” she called out and the door opened. She’d been having trouble for the last few days pronouncing some words and tried to correct herself whenever she did, but it was hard because each time she heard her own voice speak them a little tingle in her pussy distracted her. It was far easier to pronounce the few Japanese words that she did know though so she tried to use them as much as possible.

Jun-san walked in and closed the door behind him, setting a new pot of tea on to her desk. She held her empty cup in both hands and extended it towards him, bowing her head deeply.

“Emiko would be wary wappy if Jun-san would wour Emiko some tea.”

A moment later she heard the liquid dribble into the cup and warm her hands that gripped it.

“Wank you Jun-san. Emiko not dewser such a good emplowee.” she said and then started sipping at the tea.

“You are welcome Emiko. How is the troubleshooting coming along?”

“Wary ood Jun-san. Emiko twoble… twoble… wurking hawd fow OTTII.” she replied, her speech getting worse by the moment as the tea warmed her and her pussy buzzed more and more.

Jun-san nodded and smiled, “I was hoping to do some advanced troubleshooting with you during our meeting today, if that is alright with you?”

Emiko’s eyes widened and she almost spilled her tea, “HAI! Wes Jun-san, Emiko wary happy to relp in any way!”

“Good.” he said and walked around behind her desk, and opened up the troubleshooting program. He did something on her keyboard that she didn’t catch and then the program displayed a statement.

“Are your breasts covered?”

Emiko’s lower lip quivered as she moved the mouse cursor over to “False” but didn’t click the button. She knew what the right answer was, knew that the agonizing buzz would sound if she didn’t answer correctly. She bit her lower lip and looked down at her top, then at the screen, then at her top again before leaning forward slightly to reach around behind her and slip it over her head.

As soon as it landed on her desk, she moved the cursor over to “True” and clicked the button. The chime sounded, a giggle escaped her lips and her nipples hardened.

“Do you like having your breasts played with?” was the next statement and she hesitated again, but this time Jun-san had moved around behind her and reached around her chair and grasped her breasts.

gasp Jun-san!” she exclaimed as pleasure coursed through her breasts to the rest of her body and she leaned back into her chair and moaned.

He continued to play with her breasts for several minutes and then stopped, it took another minute or so for her to come back to her senses and click “True”. The following chime almost caused her to have an orgasm.

“Is your pussy covered?”

Emiko didn’t hesitate at all this time, standing up and quickly taking her miniskirt off and then clicking “True”. This time her knees almost gave out and she had to steady herself by putting both hands on to her desk.

“Do you like having your pussy played with?” She clicked “True” once more and spread her legs apart, but before her own fingers could get there, she felt Jun-san’s fingers run over her outer lips.

“Mmmm… Jun-san, rub Emiko’s pussy… Emiko wuve it! Emiko wuve it!” she said as she put her hands back on her desk and pushed her ass back towards Jun-san.

He played with her pussy for several minutes as she tilted her head back, closed her eyes and moaned as he did. When he stopped and she opened her eyes again, her glace immediately moved to the troubleshooting program and the statement that was being displayed.

“Is there a cock in the room that wants to fuck your pussy?”

Emiko grabbed her mouse and moved between the two buttons several times. Jun-san certainly had a cock, but did he want to fuck her pussy? It was hard to tell, he’d never made a move to, so how would she know?

Then she remembered she should think like a sex booth, and if there was a man in a sex booth, and she was the sex booth, the man’s cock must want to fuck her.

She smiled and giggled, happy that at least a cock was there that wanted to fuck her, but she was still unsure. Maybe he wanted to use her mouth, or breasts, or ass?

Her doubt vanished when she felt his shaft push up against her outer pussy lips and she clicked “True” as hard as she could, again and again, the chime going off over and over as he fucked her pussy and used her exactly as she was designed to be.

Chapter 4 – Configuration

“Are you a sex booth?”

“Is your purpose to provide holes for men to use?”

Emiko kept answering the statements and questions exactly as she knew she should as she sat in the new desk that Jun-san had installed in her office last weekend. She’d had to ask him how to use it at first, it was unlike any desk she had ever had before, but then she knew Jun-san would be able to explain it to her.

Now it was easy to get into and use, and felt very comfortable to her. It let her lean almost all the way forward so that her face and ass were almost level. It even had a bar she could hook her legs over to make sure they didn’t extend out past her ass. It gave her lots of support along her torso and the hook that she could tie her hair through took all the strain off of her neck.

It even included an integrated holder for her computer and a small mouse pad just to the side so she could continue to troubleshoot easily. The best part of it though was a tube that ran up to her lips from the large pot of tea that was on a warmer beside her.

She had been so focused on the troubleshooting program that she hadn’t even heard Jun-san enter her office, but the slap on her ass let her know he was there and approved of her progress.

“Wank-you Jun-san.” she said before the next statement came up.

“A sex booth does not speak.”

“Emiko worry, Emiko do better next time. Emiko womise!”

She had known it was a mistake the moment the words had escaped her lips, and so she mentally steeled herself to work on it harder, after all, she had to be the best sex booth she could be for OTTII.

She clicked “True” and then whimpered as the chime sounded. Before the next statement appeared Jun-san took the mouse from her and closed the troubleshooting program. He then unhooked her hair and pulled her back with it until she sat fully upright. She smiled and pushed her bare chest out to make sure he had a good view of it.

“Get dressed Emiko, we have an errand to run.” Jun-san said.

“Hai!” Emiko replied, nodding her head and standing up, quickly getting her outfit from the single chair in the room and putting it on. When she finished she stood in front of Jun-san, cross her hands in front of her and bowed her head.

“Wank-you Jun-san, Emiko ready now.”

He nodded and walked to the door, opening and walked through with her a few paces behind him. They walked through the office to the elevators and then waited for one to arrive. When he stepped into it, she followed along behind him and made sure to position herself against the back wall of the elevator.

She couldn’t see how many floors they rode it for, but eventually it came to a stop and he stepped out and walked towards a reception desk. An Asian woman sat at it, with platinum blonde hair, large breasts, full lips and a tight white uniform that seemed ready to burst.

“Jun Ito, I have an appointment with Dr. Hajji.”

The receptionist nodded, “Please go right in, exam room 3.” she replied and Jun-san walked past the desk with Emiko following along behind him.

They walked down a hallway until a door with the number 3 on it came into sight and Jun-san opened it and walked in, letting her follow him before closing the door behind her.

“Get undressed and sit on the exam table.” he said and Emiko quickly got undressed once more. Just as she finished neatly folding her outfit and placing it on the end of the bed, the door opened once more and in walked, who she assumed was, Dr. Hajji.

She quickly turned and hopped up on to the table and crossed her hands in her lap and lowered her head.

“Dr. Hajji.” Jun-san said as a welcome.

“Mr. Ito.” the doctor replied and then tapped at his tablet for a moment, “It says here you need some custom work done for your project?”

“Yes Doctor. I forwarded you the specifications earlier. Do you see any issues with the requests?”

“Not at all Mr. Ito. My nurse confirmed the delivery from Mr. Kamada earlier today. Let’s take a quick look though to make sure.” the doctor replied and then stepped up to Emiko, setting his tablet down beside her. His hands gripped her breasts and gave a squeeze, then he opened her mouth and turned her head from side to side.

“No, I see no issues here.” he said and then looked down at his watch, “I have her scheduled for surgery in an hour and three quarters, you can leave her here if you like.”

Jun-san nodded and the doctor picked up his tablet, “Good, I’ll have the nurse come in thirty minutes before and prep her.” he said and then left the room.

Jun-san turned to her and looked her directly in the eyes, “Emiko, listen carefully. While you are here, Dr. Hajji and his staff are in charge. They work for OTTII and are your superiors while you are here. You must do everything they say, do you understand?”

“Hai Jun-san, Emiko wunderswand. Emiko do what Emiko told.”

“Good.” Jun-san replied and then turned and walked out of the exam room leaving her there to wait.

Emiko awoke in a fog, part of it was from the discomfort she felt on her chest and face, another part of it was from the unfamiliar room she was in, and there was something else but she couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Before she had much of a chance to think about it a mass of blonde hair came into view along with a smiling face, “Welcome back Emiko.”

Emiko smiled, or tried to, but the nurse placed her hand on Emiko’s forehead, “Just relax, OTTII is taking good care of you.”

The nurse’s statement made Emiko feel much better and a wave of calmness came over her, OTTI was taking care of her so there could be nothing wrong.

Then the nurse took the control of Emiko’s bed and raised her slowly upright, a table extending across the bed came in to view with Emiko’s computer on and the troubleshooting program displayed. Beside the table was an IV drip with a tube that came down and was taped to the back of her hand.

“Jun-san said that you have a lot of work to do and that you cannot just lay around in bed while you recover. OTTII expects you to do your best, you don’t want to disappoint OTTII do you?”

Emiko just managed to shake her head from side to side slightly as the nurse lifted her arm up to the table so she could take hold of the mouse. Emiko was looking down at the two large mounds that protruded from her chest which were wrapped in medical gauss but didn’t look out of place to her in the slightest.

Emiko managed to take her eyes from her chest and focus on the computer screen with the latest troubleshooting statement displayed.

“Emiko is a sex booth.”

She took in a little gasp as her hand moved the mouse and clicked “True”. The chime, even in her foggy state, rocked her hard as her eyes rolled back into her head for just a moment.

“Emiko services all cocks that are inserted into her.”

“Emiko is the property of OTTII.”

“Emiko services all cocks that are inserted into her.”

The statements kept repeating over and over as the chimes filled Emiko’s ears and sent her pussy buzzing more and more with each one.

Emiko stood standing beside the recovery bed that she had spent the last two weeks in as Dr. Hajji and Jun-san stood in front of her. The nurse had helped her put on the new outfit that OTTII had supplied her and she was eager to see if Jun-san approved of it.

She knew he would of course, he had clearly designed it with her new body in mind, and it would not have fit anyone else.

The metal corset that squeezed her waist in also supported the two large torpedo-shaped tits that jutted out from her chest as if they were presented on a tray. It held them high and upright in such a way that they came to just below her chin, and then shot straight out at least a foot in front of her.

The doctor had also done significant work on her face; her lips were swollen and unable to close fully, her eyes had been altered to look Asian, her nose reduced slightly, something had been done to her tongue so she could extend farther out of her mouth, and several nerves had been severed in her face so that she could no longer frown or scrunch her forehead or raise her eyebrows.

Much of her recovery time had been spent in front of the troubleshooting program, or when she had a break, masturbating to her own reflection in the hand mirror the nurse had provided. The rest of the time was spent relearning how to talk, walk and dress in her new outfit without anyone else for help.

“As you can see Mr. Ito, all of the changes you requested have been implemented. No complications and she’s healed well enough for your project to proceed.”

Jun-san nodded, “Very good doctor. Thank you for your work, you have exceeded your reputation.”

The doctor nodded and then turned and left the room, leaving Emiko and Jun-san alone. She remained silent and still as he walked around her once, looking her over. In addition to the metal corset was a pair of black latex shorts that had cutouts for her entire ass that also ran around to her pussy. On her feet were the eight-inch heels that almost made her walk on her toes, but she’d had lots of practice in them the last week.

He paused behind her for a moment and squeezed her ass, then ran his fingers between her legs and over her pussy. She remained silent and still.

He walked back in front of her and squeezed her tits and then tugged on her nipples. She remained silent and still.

Finally he pushed a finger between her two swollen lips and slid it in and out several times. She remained silent and still.

He pulled his finger out and wiped it dry on the bed beside them, then pulled his phone out and tapped on it several times. He held it up to her and she saw the troubleshooting program displayed on it.

“Emiko oral mode running.” But instead of her moving the mouse and selecting “True”, the button flashed on its own and the chime sounded.

Emiko instantly extended her tongue and opened her lips as far as she could. Jun-san inserted his thumb and she eagerly sucked on it, using her tongue to play with it for several minutes until he pulled it out and showed her his phone once more.

“Emiko in standby mode.” Once more the “True” button flashed and the chime rang out and Emiko instantly closed her lips and pulled her tongue back into her mouth and stood there, silent and still.

Chapter 5 – The Presentation

“So, as you can see Herakini-san, we have completed the testing of the intravenous solution with significant improvements in its effectiveness. This will allow for a whole new avenue for OTTII’s special projects division to acquire and develop products in significantly shorter timelines.” Kenshin said as he finished his PowerPoint presentation that had been filled with charts and graphs and statistics but not much else.

Seiji looked suitably impressed, or at least happy with the results, but he still turned to Jun for his presentation and frowned when Emilia was still nowhere to be seen.

“Jun, is Emilia-san so disappointed in her presentation that she dare not show her face?”

“No sir, she sends her deepest regrets and assures you that she will join us as soon as she is able. There was an… emergency, that she had to attend to. However, she is confident that the product will speak for itself and has sent me to present it to you.”

Seiji’s frown deepened even more as Jun mentally crossed his fingers. Behind him was a large booth, much like the one he had designed, but with one significant difference. Instead of a single door, there were two. One on each end of the front of the booth with a section in the middle that had a large maintenance hatch in it as well as a control panel. It looked like someone had pushed two of his booths together facing each other and glued them into one. Across the top of the whole thing was a banner in gold lettering, “OTTII-matic Sex Booth”.

“As you can see…” Jun continued, “there have been a few changes to the design. Extra space was required for the final modules and as such a double booth has been created instead of the originally planned single. This does have advantages though as it reduces moving parts and two clients can use the booth at the same time, while the booth itself only takes up an extra 50% of space. This allows additional capacity to be placed in the same amount of floor space and increases efficiency overall in multi-unit installations.”

Seiji nodded for him to continue.

“If you both would come over here…” Jun said as he walked over to the booth and opened the left end door, a light coming on inside as he did, the two men walked over and looked inside.

“As you can see, this side has a fully developed artificial posterior. Both orifices are fully functional and self-cleaning between uses.” Jun said, waving at the posterior that protruded from the wall of the booth.

Seiji raised an eyebrow and stepped into the booth, his hands reaching out and resting on the artificial posterior for a moment before squeezing it.

“You have improved the texture yet again?” he asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Yet it does nothing but sit here…” Seiji continued.

“Ah, yes sir. That is, of course, the booth has not yet received payment and is in standby mode. In the final production units, the doors will not open in this mode of course.” Jun replied.

Seiji nodded again and then stepped out of the booth, Kenshin took a quick look inside and smiled before following Seiji over to the other door. Jun quickly moved over to it and opened it for Seiji.

“This side houses the upper body units.” he said and the other two men looked into the booth.

Unlike the other side, there were two cutouts in this one. The lower cutout had two large breasts protruding through it, whereas the upper cutout surrounded a black latex covered head, with a round oval in it exposing a nose and lips. There were no visible eye sockets in the shiny black material, only a smooth expanse of latex where they should have been.

Seiji once more stepped into the booth and inspected the units until he was satisfied, “I presume there will be a demonstration?” he asked.

“Of course sir. If you would pick which side you would have for the demonstration I can activate the booth for you.”

“This one will be fine.” Seiji replied with a nod.

“Kenshin-san, would you like to use the other side of the booth?” Jun asked.

Kenshin gave a wicked smile to Jun, “Yes, I think I would.”

Jun gestured towards the other door, “Once the doors are closed I will activate the booth, feel free to spend as much time as you like inside.”

Jun closed Seiji’s door and then walked over to Kenshin’s side and closed it behind him as he entered. Then Jun went to the control panel in the middle and activated the booth.

“Emiko is running in full-service mode.”

Emiko puckered her lips and stuck her tongue out as she wiggled her ass from side to side and then up and down.

The displays that covered her eyes and filled her vision gave a split view of the two sides of the booth as she watched two men undo their belts and step out of their pants, gently folding them and setting them on the small bench behind them.

The man behind her was the first to touch her, his hands gripping her ass tightly and jiggling it before letting go of one ass cheek and then slapping it hard, repeatedly.

By that time though the other man had finished and his dick was just in front of her lips. Her tongue eagerly tried to make contact with it but instead, the man reached down and pressed his thumb between her lips. She sucked on it until she heard his voice come across the earbuds that were lodged in her ear canals.

“I’m impressed with Yun’s algorithms, the last time he presented one to me it was no more than a scripted show.” he said to know one in particular.

She parted her lips and he pulled his thumb out from between them, “Wank-wu. Emiko wucks weally ood. Emiko wuck wu now? Emiko worny, Emiko wo worny!”

Emiko had just finished speaking when she felt the cool touch of lube hit her sphincter and the man behind her liberally applied it to her ass.

She watched in her display the man in front of her step forward and push his dick up to her lips just as she felt the man behind her enter her ass. She sucked as hard as she could on the cock in front of her as she wiggled her ass up and down with the one behind her.

Each man stroked in and out of her with different paces. The man behind her younger and more eager, plunged deep and hard into her ass. The man in front of her older and more experienced, slowly slid his dick in and out of her mouth, slowly going deeper with each stroke.

She moaned and slurped at the dick in her mouth until he finally managed to push all the way in so her nose was buried in his pubes. At the same time she felt the man behind her grip her hips tightly, slam in once more and then release inside of her. Her eyes rolled back into her head as an orgasm crested.

She gurgled as the man in front of her similarly released, causing a second orgasm to wash over her. Both men left their members inside of her for several minutes as they finished emptying their balls into her. She sucked every last drop from the one in front of her and she shivered in pleasure when the one behind her pulled out and slapped her ass with his deflating shaft several times, sending what little cum remained in him flying on to her.

“Emiko in standby mode.” flashed across the displays and the chime filled her ears and she became silent and still.

Jun watched Kenshin step out of the booth first, perspiration on his brow as he closed the door behind him and dabbed at it with a handkerchief. He looked over to see Seiji’s door still closed and hurried over to Jun and shook his hand.

“Well done Jun, very well done.”

“Thank you Kenshin-san…” he started to say just as Seiji’s door opened and he stepped out of the booth, looking just as immaculately put together as when he stepped into it.

“A very impressive demonstration Jun. Apparently Emilia-san was well-founded in her belief in you and the product.” he said nodding.

Kenshin cleared his throat, “Agreed Herakini-san, a most impressive demonstration indeed.”

Seiji actually broke a small smile and nodded at Kenshin’s tacit admission of defeat.

“I believe the winner is clear. Please tell Emilia-san that the promotion is hers and to schedule a meeting with me as soon as possible to go over the details.” Seiji said.

“Perhaps though…” Kenshin interrupted and Seiji glared at him.

“Perhaps what Kenshin?” Seiji replied with a raised eyebrow and frown.

“Well, I was thinking… just out of curiosity… could we perhaps see the mechanisms in action through the maintenance panel? The technology that makes such an amazing thing possible must be a wonder to behold…”

Seiji thought for a moment before replying, “Yes, true enough. Jun, if you would?”

Jun nodded and walked over to the maintenance panel and undid the four thumb screws holding it in place. Just before he removed it completely he tapped one of the buttons on the control panel that illuminated the interior of the booth. He then removed the panel completely and stepped back to let the two men view what was inside.

Seiji’s eyes widened at the sight of the woman stretched out on the metal framework that supported her between the two sides of the booth. On the left side, her legs were folded back allowing her ass to stick out of the wall. On the right side, her head was pulled back by her hair as she laid in a metal support that pushed her breasts and face out of the wall on that side.

Seiji was about to turn around and demand an explanation when the plaque mounted on the rear wall caught his attention:

        OTTI-matic Sex booth

          Emiko Diztsu V1.0
       Based upon Emilia Diza

        Developed by Jun Ita 
     Designed by Kenshin Kamada

A wry smile crossed Seiji’s lips as he turned from the maintenance panel and nodded towards Kenshin.

“I have underestimated you Kenshin. Perhaps I spoke too soon, without considering all of the facets of your presentation.”

“I am a humble employee of OTTII Herakini-san, I am sure your wise decision was correct… at the time.”

Seiji grunted and nodded, “True, when new facts are revealed, decisions may change. In this case, congratulations are in order for you Kenshin. The promotion is yours. And what of Jun?”

Kenshin smiled, “I believe there is an opening under me that needs filling now…”

Seiji smiled and nodded towards the booth, “Very well, I trust you will take care of this… failed… project?”

“Of course Herakini-san, leave it to me.” Kenshin replied.

Chapter 6 – Epilogue

Jose looked at the large crate that sat in the warehouse with a frown on his face, what had head office sent him this time?

He let out a sigh and rubbed his forehead, to say the past few months had been hard would be the understatement of the decade. Cleaning up the mess that Emilia had left with the Labour Department, the Union as well as the Finance Department, had taken months. But he’d finally done it and gotten the plant back on track, this month even matching the numbers that Emilia had achieved with all her tricks and backstabbing.

He received a cryptic e-mail just a few days ago announcing the arrival of the crate, but no other details beyond to wait for the technician to arrive to set it up. Which was why he was standing in front of it now with an OTTII employee from head office beside him.

“Where do you want it?” Jose asked.

“Do you have an unused boardroom or something I can setup it up in?” the man asked.

Jose thought about it for a moment before answering, “I’ve got the previous plant manager’s office that we’re not using…”

“That would be perfect.”

“Ok, I’ll have the guys clean out the office and move the crate in ASAP.”

Jose raised an eyebrow as he looked at the sex booth that was now fully assembled in Emilia’s old office.

“You’re joking right? A sex booth?”

The other man nodded, “Yes, it’s a prototype that hasn’t made it to production yet. The company wanted to reward you, and your workers, efforts these last few months.”

He still couldn’t believe what he was looking at and shook his head in disbelief, “So… how does it work then?” he asked, not knowing what else to say.

“Ah, well it’s quite simple. Just use the control panel to select which side of the booth to activate, enter any preferences, and then click “Start”.

“And… and… how… hygienic is it?”

“Oh, it has a full self-cleaning system built-in and I’ll do a thorough inspection on it at the end of each day. You don’t have to worry about a thing.”

“And when you leave in a month?”

“I’ll crate it up and ship it back to head office. Think of it as a field trial to test its longevity and durability.”

“Well, alright I guess.” Jose said and shrugged his shoulders before walking over to the control panel.

His finger hovered over the “oral” mode for a moment, he’d seen those puffy lips and was definitely tempted, but he couldn’t resist trying “anal” first. He clicked it and then walked over to the left-hand door and entered the booth and closed the door behind him.

When he’d first seen the perfect ass protruding from the wall of the booth he’d instantly been reminded of Emilia’s. The chance to imagine it was her, in her old office, bent over and taking an anal pounding from him was just too much to pass up. At least for the first time, the booth was going to be there for a month and he was sure that he, and the rest of the workers, would have ample opportunity to test out each and every mode and option the sex booth had.