Poker Queen

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2015

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SYNOPSIS: Janine is a top poker play, but the men still don’t take her seriously. Now she’s in the biggest private game in LA and she’s going to play for everything.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes: This is a story that takes place in the OTTII universe as created by TOXIS and expanded by The Mayor of Cherish and James J. Craft.

This story would not exist with these great authors and I wouldn’t be writing today.

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The Deal

I watched my opponent across the table, a stern but passive mask on my face to hide any tells I may have. I’d practiced it over thousands of hands of poker and now it was serving me well. It wasn’t the look that had gotten me in to the game a few hours ago, no that was a broad smile and a fake laugh that distracted these men around the table from the predator in their midst.

Seiji Herakini’s face on the other hand, while impressive for an amateur, told me everything I needed to know. He’d made his set of jacks on the river but it made no difference, I’d turned the diamond flush and now it was just a matter of how much money I could extract from him. The pot was already over $50k but having watch Seiji play all night it was obvious he liked to push people around when he had a big hand, so I simply checked to let him take the lead.

He shuffled his chips a few times before cutting out a large raise, “Raise,” he said calmly, “One hundred thousand.”

I jumped for joy even though the expression on my face hadn’t changed at all. He’d bet enough to get all my chips in the pot and the best part was I didn’t have to do anything.


I turned over my flush, showing the winning hand and his ageless face showed just the slightest hint of annoyance before cracking a smile.

“Well played Miss Kohlar, a very enjoyable game. As it is late I must retire for the evening, perhaps we will play again sometime?”

“Thank you Seiji, I would love to.”

Seiji stood from his seat and slide his arm around the woman behind him. I’d heard her name earlier, Sankeiko, but the only reason I had remembered it was because of the body she had. It was all out of proportion with itself and looked like some kind of extreme male fantasy sex object more than a woman. I’d heard Seiji refer to her as his PR rep, but that was clearly a cover for her real purpose.

The other men in the room had all come with arm candy with them as well, a fact that had allowed me to get in to the game in the first place. When I’d first met David at the casino it wasn’t by accident, I’d been trying to get in to a game with him from weeks. This private game between some of the CEO’s in Hollywood was legendary and impossible for pro’s to get in.

David had been easy to flirt with and after just a couple of dates he’d invited me to the game, to show me off to the rest of the guys. I’d fit in well with the other ‘girls’ that had come out tonight, my mix of Mediterranean and American heritage had made for a stunningly beautiful mix. At 5’4′ I could wear heels and stand out or flats and blend in. My slender frame let me wear any kind of outfit, including the tight but tasteful dress I had on for the game.

With Seiji’s announcement that the game was over, the players were cashing in their chips and David and I followed suit. I had just under $150k in chips, which gave me almost $100k in profit. That would take care of the bulk of the debt I had at the various poker rooms but wouldn’t wipe it out completely. Certainly enough to make everyone happy for a couple of months though and I’d have a bit of a bank roll left over.

Thinking back at the elaborate plan I had devised to get a seat at the game once I had arrived seemed almost comical now that it was over. There had been so many steps involved, so many things that could have gone wrong, but instead none of them had been needed. When I’d whispered in David’s ear about a hand he had lost he’d smiled and asked sincerely if I’d like to play for a while. I’d been dumbstruck and almost missed my chance, but I recovered quickly enough and said yes.

Now with the money in hand I was waiting for David to finish a conversation with one of the other players, after exchanging his chips he’d walked over to him and they were laughing at some joke they’d made.

“Excuse me Miss Kohlar, my name is Mr. Tanaka. Mr. Herakini was very impressed with your play tonight and would like to invite you to another game.”

“Oh, it was a lot of fun, I’d love to play next time he’s in town.”

“Perhaps. Mr. Herakini however would like to invite you to Tokyo to play. He has been working with the government to legalize gambling and has setup a series of 10 private poker tournaments to show various government officials the benefits of legal gambling. He thinks you would make an excellent addition to show the international appeal of the game.”

My mind went in to overdrive, getting in on the ground floor of a poker tour in Japan could be huge, but I had to play it cool.


“Of course Mr. Herakini would sponsor you. Your travel and accommodations would be paid for as well as your entry in to each tournament.”

“Ok, I guess I’m going to Japan!”

The Flop

It had been a nightmare, the Customs officers had taken me aside in to a small room and grilled me about my phone and computer. Then they had found the cash.

I’d put all the money I had in the world in my suit case, just over $15,000 and checked off “nothing to declare” on the customs form. Now it was gone, confiscated along with everything but my ID and the few hundred dollars I had in my wallet.

They’d taken my clothes, contact lenses, computer, phone, everything. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Opening them again I looked through the cracked lens of my glasses. I hated flying with contact lenses and always were glasses on the plane and they’d even managed to break those while patting me down!

I walked out of the airport and found Mr. Tanaka waiting for me, holding a tacky sign just like in the movies. I walked over to him, the grimace on my face must not have been as obvious as I thought.

“Mr. Herakini would like to welcome you to Japan, Miss. Where is your luggage?” he said cheerfully.

“Customs took it all, everything! All they gave me was this stupid claim ticket that I can’t even read!”

“I am sorry to hear that. Please, give me the ticket and I will have the OTTII legal department get right on this.”

“Really? Thank you Mr. Tanaka, that’s very kind.” I said handing the ticket to him.

“Mr. Herakini would not want this to be your lasting impression of Japan, OTTII will make it right. You must trust OTTII.”

He said it almost like a command, but I hardly paid attention instead desperate to enter the car through the door he was holding open and put my head back while we drove through the city.

It hadn’t taken long to arrive at a large office building where the car came to a stop.

“This is where I’m staying?”

“Yes, this is OTTII’s latest mixed use building. It has office space as well as apartments, recreational facilities and an events center where the tournaments will be held.”

“Wow, that’s impressive.”

I walked in to the front lobby and Mr. Tanaka brought me through the security area to the elevators. Mr Tanaka explained that the first set of elevators serviced the office space which took up the bottom 10 stories of the building. The second set serviced the living space which were the top 10 floors.

It was a short walk from the elevator to my apartment, number 1604, Mr. Tanaka used a swipe card to open the door and held it open for me. The apartment was modern and spacious, especially since I had heard that space in Tokyo was very expensive.

“You have had a long day, I will leave you in peace. You will find everything you need for the night in the apartment and I will return in the morning to give you a full tour.”

“Thank you Mr. Tanaka.”

The door closed as Mr. Tanaka left and I tossed my wallet on to the table just inside of the door. Walking in to the main living area I flopped down on the couch and closed my eyes for a moment.

I didn’t know how long had passed since I sat down on the couch, but my eyes flew open.

“Shit, I didn’t get the security card for the apartment!” I said out loud.

Oh well, Mr. Tanaka would be back in the morning and I was too tired to do anything tonight. I sat up on the couch and looked around. The apartment was an open concept with the kitchen, dining area and living room all connected and without any walls. It was like any modern apartment with two glaring differences; there were no windows and it was all painted different shades of pink.

My lips were parched and so I decided to make some coffee, getting up from the couch was unpleasant, it was soft and warm and my body would have preferred staying right where it was but I eventually managed it. Entering the kitchen area revealed a bright and modern kitchen, with stainless steel appliances and all the modern conveniences.

I search the cupboards but all I found was a tea pot and kettle, along with several different flavours of tea of course. Tea wasn’t my favorite drink but it would have to do and a few minutes later the kettle was boiling. I couldn’t read any of the tea packages so I just picked one at random and added it to the pot.

I took a cup and the tea pot out to the inviting couch again and settled in while the tea steeped. There was a TV across from the couch and I grabbed the remote control from the end table and turned it on. There seemed to be only two channels available, a news channel and some kind of music video channel. I wasn’t able to understand either so I just turned it off again.

I poured a cup of tea and leaned back in to the couch. I took a sip of the hot liquid and swallowed it. It was much stronger than I expected and I choked a little bit, but it did have an interesting flavour to it and so a few more sips followed.

By the time I had finished the pot I didn’t have a care in the world and everything was right as rain as I drifted off to sleep, not even bothering to move to the bedroom.

I woke up the next morning, tucked snuggly in to the bed. I rolled over and put my hand on my forehead, I didn’t remember getting up from the couch but it had been a long day. A sudden clap from outside the bedroom brought me fully awake and I redressed in the clothes I had worn yesterday along with the broken glasses. I carefully entered the living room and saw Mr. Tanaka standing in the kitchen making tea.

“Ah, Miss Kohler, good morning.”

“Mr. Tanaka, you gave me a start!”

“My apologies Miss Kohler, I arrived too early and did not want to disturb you. I decided to make some tea, would you like some?”

The memory of the tea from last night was still fresh in my mind and it sounded like a great idea.

“Sure, I’d love some.” I said as I walked in to the kitchen. I noticed a suit case by the door, it wasn’t mine but as it was bright pink it certainly wasn’t Mr Tanaka’s either.

“So whose suit case is that?”

“My apologies Miss Kohler, we have not been able to get your luggage released yet. However OTTII feels responsible for this and is providing you with new clothes and sundries while we continue to work with customs to retrieve your belongings.”

“Thanks, that’s very nice.”

“We also have something very special for you. May I assume you wear contact lenses normally?”


He picked up two rectangular boxes from the counter, extending one of them to me, “This is OTTII’s latest medical breakthrough. A contact lens that never needs cleaning, automatically adapts to the correct prescription for the wearer and acts as a display for this smart phone.”

I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor, but I still managed to say “Are you serious?”

“Yes, Miss Kohler. The contacts work perfectly but as this is still a prototype the smart phone is limited to only connecting to the OTTII network so I’m afraid you cannot place a call with it. However you will have access to the OTTII intranet as well as all of the OTTII public internet sites.”

“That’s amazing!”

Mr. Tanaka poured two cups of tea and extended one to me, “Please have some tea.”

“Thank you.” I said and handed him back the contact lenses.

The tea went down quickly, much like the fourth and fifth cup I had. Mr. Tanaka didn’t seem to want his but I didn’t mind as it meant more for me. After the pot was done Mr. Tanaka and I sat at the table, he had some paperwork for me to sign to finalize my sponsorship deal with OTTII. I was feeling so good I didn’t even read any of them and just signed where he told me to.

“Now then Miss Kohler, you must be anxious to change in to some fresh clothes. Take the contact lenses and the suit case in to your bedroom and have a shower. When you are done put on the contacts and find something you would like to wear.”

“Ok, that sounds like a great idea. giggle

I stumbled out in to the living room and managed to grab the handle of the suit case and used it to steady myself. I walked in to the bedroom with it trailing behind me.

The shower was warm and fantastic, the water relaxed me even more and I felt completely at easy by the time I was done. I rinsed and dried myself off and spent a few minutes getting myself put together. The bathroom was loaded with makeup and everything else I might need. Much of it wasn’t my style but I found a few things I could use.

Before heading back to the bedroom I opened the contact lens case and found there to be just two lenses in it. No cleaning solution or anything else. I took off my broken glasses and carefully put them in, suddenly the world came back in to focus. I walked back in to the bedroom after finishing up.

The suit case was on the bed and beside it a small tray with a teapot and cup. Mr. Tanaka again I guess. The thought of him being in my bedroom while I was showering almost worried me, but was pushed out by the sweet smell from the tea as I poured another cup and sipped at it. Then a second and third.

Having reached the bottom of the pot, I decided to open the suit case. Inside was a plethora of pink clothing; t-shirts, shorts, mini-skirts, thongs and socks, all different shades of pink and white. Each one with an OTTII logo on it.

They weren’t my style but they were better than the smelly jeans and t-shirt I had worn on the plane yesterday so I found the lightest shade of pink I could and put them on.

Standing in front of the full length mirror I looked at the outcome. The pink and white tea shirt was a little small and held my small breasts tightly against my chest, I hadn’t bothered with a bra as it just looked wrong, the OTTII logo was just above my heart. The pink shorts came just above mid-thigh and were similarly tight fitting and the logo was above the back left pocket. They covered the pink frilly thong panties that felt strange as I usually didn’t wear a thong. My shoulder length brown hair was still damp and hung straight down as I hadn’t bothered to style it.

I giggled a bit and Mr Tanaka’s words came back to me, “find something you would like to wear”. I smiled and decided that I did like what I was wearing, even if it wasn’t my usual style.

When I returned to the kitchen Mr. Tanaka was waiting at the table.

“Does that feel better Miss Kohler?”

“Yes! I feel great! Thank you for the tea. How do I look?”

“My pleasure. Turn around so I may have a proper look.”

I turned around and faced away from him, I didn’t even consider what I was doing, I was just doing it. I was about to turn back to him when I almost thought I saw something like a flash obscure my vision for the briefest of instances.

But nothing was there and instead a new idea came to me. I placed my hands on my hips and bent over at the waist, holding the pose for a moment before returning upright and turning around.

“So, what do you think?”

“You look very nice Miss Kohler.”

“Thanks! giggle

“Now let me show you around the building.” He said as he handed me a large cup with a straw in it.

“What’s this?”

“Well I’m sure you haven’t had anything to eat since the flight so this is a protein shake to hold you over till later. You can get more of them from the dispenser by the fridge if you like them.”

I don’t remember coming back to the apartment or for that matter much of the tour of the building. What I do remember is how good that protein shake was!

When I woke up on the couch later I didn’t know what time it was but I saw the smart phone on the table in front of me so I grabbed it. It didn’t look anything like a normal smart phone, just a small display that showed the battery level and connection information as well as a full physical keyboard.

I pressed a key and suddenly in front of my eyes a full screen of icons and options appeared along with a welcome message.

“Welcome to OTTII Research Alternative Natural Device Interaction.

Simply move your eyes left, right, up and down to change your selection. Nod your head to make a selection or shake it to cancel a selection. You may use the keyboard attached to the smart phone for textual input as well as voice recognition.”

In the top right corner was the time, just after 7pm and my stomach growled in response.

I played around for a few more minutes, trying to get the hang of the controls and they came very easily. The phone seemed to have the basic apps, a language tutor as well as some games, including a poker game on it. I’d have to come back to that one later. For now it was time to find something to eat.

I stood up and walked to the apartment door and picked up my wallet on the way, only then realizing I still didn’t have a security badge for the apartment. I guess I’d be stuck here for the night, hopefully Mr. Tanaka would be coming back tomorrow again.

So instead I opened the fridge to find it well stocked with rice, chicken and vegetables. In the freezer was a frozen dinner and I decided to toss it in the microwave for something quick. Minutes later I was back on the couch eating dinner, drinking tea and playing with the phone.

I woke up to a soft pink glow that seems to envelope everything around me. Opening my eyes I see my phone display floating in front of me once more, softly pulsing a pink haze over everything. The message on the display is, “6am Wakeup Alarm”.

Ugh, 6am, I’m never up before noon! It must have been the default setting, though I have to admit the visual alarm was kind of cool, I feel fully awake and there wasn’t any jarring noise. OTTII is the best company!

I toss and turn a few times but finally decide I’m not going to get back to sleep so instead head in to the bathroom for a shower. It feels great to let the warm water run over me and as I lather my body a familiar feeling comes over me. It’s been a while since the last time I masterbated and I don’t have a vibrator but I decide I’ll just have to make due.

I leaned back against the opposite wall of the shower and grab my small nipple between my fingers while my other hand found my pussy. Soon enough my orgasm built and I slide down the wall as I cum.

After drying off I start doing my hair and makeup, yesterday I had kept it simple but today I decide to do a little more and spend some time applying eye liner and lipstick. I spend even more time getting my hair just right, using a curling iron to give it some life. I put on a bath robe and decide to head out to the kitchen before I get dressed, my stomach rumbling I go straight for the fridge. Before I open the door I see the protein shake dispenser beside it and decide to have one for breakfast.

I find a stack of cups and straws beside it and fill one with the thick pink shake. A smirk crosses my lips at yet more pink, OTTII might be a great company but they need to find themselves someone who can choose some other colour than pink!

The shake is thick, I didn’t really notice yesterday but it’s hard to draw up the straw but after a few good hard sucks I get it started and the flavour hits my tongue. It’s just as good as yesterday and I continue to suck it up the straw as I walk back to my bedroom.

I open the suit case again and really don’t know why I didn’t think they were my style, they look fantastic!

I grabbed the smallest pair of pink panties and the shortest skirt and put them on. The top I found was, of course pink, but it was more comfortable than the one I wore yesterday as it only came just below my breasts and had a deep cut neckline in it as well.

I finished my shake and set the cup aside as I approached the full length mirror once more. A sudden flash of deja-vu hits me, “Giggle That’s just silly, I’ve never worn this before!”

I grabbed my phone to check the time, just after 8am and notice a message is waiting for me.

Subject: Tomorrow

Dear Miss Kohler, 

My apologies for leaving abruptly.  I will drop by again at 10am to ensure everything is alright and I hope to have more information about your luggage by then.


I selected the reply option after reading it but was greeted with an error message, I guess they still had some bugs to work out.

Well with a couple of hours to kill I decided to give the poker game a try, I huddled down on the couch with another protein shake and started to play.

I blink a few times as my game ended and I notice Taki-San standing in the kitchen. I shake my head a bit to try and clear out the cobwebs but it doesn’t help much.

“Taki-San, when did you get here?”

“Ah Miss Kohler, not too long ago. You seemed to be very engaged in whatever you were doing on your smart phone and I did not want to disturb you. I have made some tea, would you like some?” He said as he walked over with a tray of tea and cups in his hands.

“Yes please, that would be wonderful!”

He sat the tray down on the table in front of the couch and poured a cup for me, I grabbed it and downed it all at once, before he even had time to set the tea pot back down.

“I see you are enjoying OTTII’s special tea blend Miss Kohler.”

“Yes Taki-San, OTTII tea is the best!” I said as he poured a second cup for me.

“That is very good to hear. I must apologize though, customs has been very insistent that they will not be releasing your luggage any time soon. I trust OTTII lawyers will resolve this soon, but in the mean time I have brought you some additional clothing.” He said as he waved his free hand towards the apartment door where two large suit cases sat.

“OTTII is so good to me, I trust them complete! Thank you Taki-San! giggle” I said after the third cup of tea was empty.

“That is good to hear Miss Kohler. Tell me, how have you found the new smart phone OTTII has provided you?”

“It’s the best, simply amazing! But I couldn’t reply to your message or send a new message to anyone either.”

“As a prototype, sending functions have been disabled to ensure no one leaks information about it, I’m sure you understand we must protect OTTII’s interests.”

“Oh, yes, I understand. It’s very important to protect OTTII.”

“You should try all the features of the phone, including the language tutor. You may find it helpful for the first tournament tomorrow morning.”

“The tournament is tomorrow?”

“Yes Miss Kohler. I will pick you up at 10am and take you to the poker room. Please be ready, it is important to OTTII to be punctual.”

“Yes Taki-San, I won’t disappoint OTTII!”

Taki-San pours the last of the tea in to my cup and I continue to drink it as I turn on my phone again. The language tutor sounds like a good idea and so I select it. I don’t notice Taki-San taking the new luggage in to my bedroom, or coming out a few minutes later with the one from the other day. In fact I don’t even notice him leaving and the door closing leaving me trapped once more in the apartment until he returns.

“Welcome to OTTII’s Speech and Languages Universal Teaching program. Please wait while we setup the program and customize it for you.”

A spinning circle was displayed for a few moments and then faded away to be replaced by an animated character.

“Hi! I’m your language buddy and I’m here to help you learn a new language! Are you ready to start?”

I giggled at the sight of the animation, it was cute, if a little sexually suggestive. The character had large breasts a tiny waist and a mass of blond hair. Her eyes were large and round with big pink lips on her face. All dressed in pink and done in an anime style.

Something seemed familiar about the character but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it and so I selected yes and my language buddy jumped up and down several times.

“Yea! Ok, let’s get started then. Here’s how it is going to work, on screen an English word or phrase will be displayed. At the same time the Japanese translation will be displayed and spoken as well through the speaker of your phone. Then you say it out load in Japanese and I’ll let you know if you got it right or not!

Ok, let’s start with something simple!

Hello = Konnichi wa”


“Not bad, but try it again, this time faster!”

“Konnichi wa.”

“Almost go it, faster!”

“Konnichi wa!”

“One more time, faster!”


“That’s it, great!”

I giggled out loud as the little character did a dance in front of my eyes. The next several phrases all were similarly simple everyday things I might use. I had heard Taki-San use some of them but he pronounced them differently, slower with different emphasises on them but the language tutor wouldn’t let me continue until I’d said them how it wanted me to so I followed along.

“Congratulations! You’ve completed the first lesson set!”

I’d hardly notice the time fly by but it was now almost dinner time.

“As a reward you may now use your language buddy as your avatar for all your applications, would you like to do so now?”

I nodded yes, “Your language buddy is now your avatar!”

The Turn

The soft pink glow of the alarm from my phone wakes me from my slumber and I stretch out in my bed. Rolling over the side of the bed and finding my feat, I headed for the shower. There are only a few hours before the tournament and I have to look my best for OTTII! My head was aching and things were a bit hazy but a shower should help that.

Like yesterday the warm water flows over my body and as it crests my pussy I find my hand has almost beat it to it. I lean back against the wall once more and push my fingers in deep, but unlike yesterday it doesn’t push me over the edge, instead I stand tantalizing close but unable to climax.

I pinch my nipples, suck on my fingers and continue to work my clit, but nothing seems to do it. After minutes of working at it I slide down the shower wall to my knees, suddenly my climax builds and I go after it with a new found focus. Moments later I come hard.

After I recover and finish my shower I get out and dry off, spending a bit of extra time looking at my breasts. They really are small, but that had never bothered me before, now I wasn’t sure. Perhaps if they were a bit bigger it would be better. Oh well, something to look in to when I get back home I guess.

Sitting in front of the vanity mirror I started to do my makeup and hair. I worked on my hair for longer than I had intended, yesterday had been some simple curls but by the time I was finished today I’d gone all out! With the curler’s still in I started my makeup, something like yesterday would be fine but when I looked at myself in the mirror it didn’t seem right. I added more pink eye shadow and found a different lipstick that made my lips look fuller.

By the time I finished with the makeup and pulled the curlers out it had been almost 3 hours since I’d finished my shower and there was less than an hour left before Taki-San would arrive!

I rushed out of the bathroom, not bothering to grab a robe and went to the suit cases in the bedroom. As I did my headache came back with a vengeance and I stopped before I reached them. My stomach growled and I instead headed to the kitchen and straight for the shake dispenser.

My lips curled around the straw and sucked hard, bringing the delicious shake to my tongue and I swallowed greedily as I gripped the cup with both hands. The headache vanished in a pink fog as I walked in to the living room and flopped down on the couch.

When I’d finished the shake I realized I’d forgotten my bath robe and was sitting naked on the couch! What if Taki-San had come in and seen me? I giggled at the thought, Taki-San was so nice, I’m sure he would forgive me. But then again, he was a man and I really could use a man right about now… No I’ve got to get ready, I can’t let OTTII down.

I walked back in to the bedroom and unzipped one of the suit cases. I was surprised when it only contained shoes, lots of shoes, and all of them pink with the OTTII logo on them. I opened the second case and found more clothes in it, but noticed there were no bras or panties.

I picked out one of the skirts, pink of course, that colour had really started to grow on me! It was short and the waist band had the OTTII name and logo printed on it in rhinestones, the skirt itself was made of some kind of shiny metallic material. I found a matching top that had long sleeves and showed off a lot of my midsection. Fishing through the first bag I found a set of matching shoes with 4″ wedge heels on them.

It was the perfect outfit for the tournament!

And I was just in time as I heard the apartment door open as Taki-San arrived. I hurried as quickly as I could out to the living room to greet him.

“Ah, Miss Kohler, you look very nice today.”

“Thank you Taki-San.”

“Are you ready for the tournament Miss Kohler?”

“Yes Taki-San, I hope to make OTTII proud!”

“May I suggest you take a protein shake with you, it may be helpful in keeping your stamina up.”

“You are so thoughtful Taki-San, thank you.”

He went to the kitchen and returned with a fresh shake and handed it to me. He then opened the door and I walked out of the apartment for the first time since I’d arrived in Japan.

“Miss, it is your turn to act.” The dealer said, somewhat annoyed. I tried to focus on the cards in front of me but the headache was pounding at my skull. I really wish I’d made that shake last longer, but I’d sucked it down fast as usual and spent the first hour of the tournament on cloud nine, making all kinds of basic mistakes.

When I’d come down I’d noticed the waitresses walking around the room but the only thing they could bring me was water and that didn’t really help. The other group I’d noticed walking around the room was the “Poker Girls”, scantily clad young ladies prancing about holding up boards in front of them with the chip leader and time to when the next level would start.

Every once in a while they’d stop at a table for a moment and giggle and make some remark in Japanese but I didn’t understand it. I’d have to spend some more time with that language tutor on my phone, it was harder to play poker when you didn’t understand what your opponents were saying.

It was almost impossible to focus through the head ache and I’d gone from basic mistakes to stupid ones. I was down to just a few big blinds left and they’d bet enough to put me all in. The cards blurred in front of me and I called, not really knowing what I had.

I was out of the tournament, taking my chit up to the desk where Taki-San was waiting.

“Ah Miss Kohler, not a very good day?”

“No, not very good at all.”

I flung the chit down and massaged my temples as they did their paperwork.

“Perhaps you would like a nice protein shake?”

I looked up and he was holding a shake in one hand, I grabbed it and quickly started to suck on the straw. Moments later he was guiding me from the tournament floor to a back room. It was the poker girls change room.

He waited for me to almost finish the shake when he started to speak.

“Now Miss Kohler, as part of your endorsement contract, if you are out of the tournament you are required to do some promotional work for OTTII. As one of our ‘Poker Girls’ has called in sick, OTTII requires you to fill in for her. Of course, unlike being a player in the tournament, you will have full access to the protein shake dispenser here in the change room. You can even take one with you if you like.”

I hadn’t noticed it before but now as I sucked down the last of the shake it was calling to me, I walked over and refilled my cup.

“Ok, I guess, but what do I have to do?”

“Oh it is very easy, you’ll find an app on your phone called ‘Poker Girl’, it will guide you through everything you need to do. Here is your placard, I will return when the tournament is done.”

“Thank you Taki-San!”

I sucked down some more of the shake, my headache gone and once more everything was right in the world. After changing in to one of the spare poker girl outfits I walked out of the dressing room and activated the app. My avatar came to life.

“Welcome to Poker Girl! This is a VR training application, simply follow the on screen instructions as you work your way around the tournament floor and everything will be great!”

A large pink arrow appeared pointing me which way to go and so I started walking. Soon I was following it around the room, between tables and eventually back to the main desk to get updated information. Each time I made a lap I’d come back and refill my cup. After the first hour the instructions started to change.

I’d stop at a table and wait for a few minutes, then walk on. Once in a while I’d walk around a table a few times. Eventually one of the players would speak to me if I stayed long enough and the phone would prompt me for what to say. Usually it was one of the phrases I’d practiced the night before and even though the phone didn’t translate what the player said I replied as instructed. A few times it simply told me to giggle and walk away.

By the end of the day, when the winner was announced I was tired but happy to have been able to make myself useful for OTTII.

Taki-San lead me back to my apartment and I collapsed in to my bed.

The soft pink glow of the alarm from my phone woke me once more, 6am as always but I don’t mind. I need the time to get ready for Taki-San’s arrival.

I stumble in to the bathroom and turn on the shower, as I wait I recall the last couple of showers I’d taken and giggle. The thought though does remind me of how unsatisfying fingers can be and so I take a quick look around the bathroom until I come across a can of hair mousse. It’s about 8 inches long and maybe an inch and a half round, it should do nicely!

Once in the shower I immediately get down on my knees and start to work my makeshift dildo around my pussy. Soon enough my juices are flowing and I slide the rounded end of it in and really get to work. My climax builds but like yesterday it stops so close. I work the dildo hard but nothing helps so I pull it out and raise it to my face, confused as to what is wrong.

Inspiration hits as I stare at the mousse can that is covered in my juices and I stick my tongue out and lick it from its base all the way up to the cap and then slide it in my mouth. My fingers find my clit as I suck on it and I finally come.

After my shower, before I start to get ready, I look in the mirror and grab my small breasts. They’re definitely too small and my hair could really use some colour too.

By the time Taki-San arrives I’m ready to greet him in a pink tube top, short pink skirt and pink stilettos. My hair and makeup are perfect, big and bright and I’ve even done my nails!

“Good morning Miss Kohler.”

“OhaYoGozaiMasu Taki-San!” I say just like my language buddy taught me, fast with a high pitched voice.

“Did you enjoy the tournament yesterday?”

“Oh I played terribly but I had a lot of fun afterwards!”

“Yes, many men commented on your promotional work for OTTII.”

“Were they pleased?”

“Some worried that you did not understand the complements they gave you but overall they said good things.”

“Oh, I am so sorry Taki-San. I will do better for OTTII next time!”

“Yes I’m sure you will Miss Kohler. The next tournament is in 6 days, I am sure you will do better by then.”

“Oh yes Taki-San, I will!”

“Very good. Is there anything else you need today?”

“No Taki-San, you have been most kind, will I see you tomorrow?”

“Of course Miss Kohler, of course.”

After Taki-San left I sat down on the couch with a shake and started up the language tutor again, determined to do better at the next tournament.

“Welcome to lesson set two, are you ready to start?”

The next several days fell in to the same pattern. I would wake up, masturbate in the shower with a new make shift toy each morning, consider all the things wrong with my appearance in the mirror before doing my hair and makeup and then get dressed before Taki-San would arrive.

He’d started to bring me a new suit case every of day with new clothes and shoes in them. On the fourth day the suit case didn’t have clothes or shoes in it, but instead several dildos and vibrators. Taki-San was so thoughtful!

After he left I’d start the language tutor and spend most of the day going through the lessons, sipping on tea or sucking on a shake. On the third day it had started to mix in live television broadcasts to help me learn the Japanese culture. I wasn’t sure how representative they were as they seemed to be mostly fashion shows, music videos and pop culture related but they were fun and I liked them.

I’d learned quite a bit about three of the most famous pop stars in Japan; Riki who seemed to be very famous in the drifting circuit, Yummi Yaguchi a famous pop singer and Nikko a famous baseball mascot.

Between the three of them they accounted for at least 80% of the shows I was watching as part of the language lessons. Each seemed to be hyper sexualized but with all the masturbation I’d been doing lately that didn’t seem like a bad thing really.

On the fifth day I woke up before my alarm for the first time and even managed to masturbate twice before Taki-San arrived! Two days ago I had insisted he only speak to me in Japanese as I wanted to make sure I was learning it and he had been very patient with me.

Today I was waiting for him in the living room when he arrived. The pink latex body suit had taken quite a while to get in to but it was worth it when he entered and I bowed for him.

“Welcome Taki-San, I hope my foreign body on display for you makes you hard and ready.” I said in my fast, clipped Japanese.

It was one of the advanced phrases I’d learned yesterday and I was so proud to have gotten it right!

“Yes Miss Kohler, it does. Your Japanese is coming along well.”

“Thank you Taki-San. Please I am unworthy of such a formal address, call me Janine.”

“As you wish J-nine.” He didn’t quite get the pronunciation correct, making it sound more like he was saying the letter J followed by the number 9.

“As you know the next tournament is tomorrow, are you ready J-nine?”

“Yes Taki-San. While unworthy of the help OTTII has given me, I will do my best to honour OTTII.”

“Very good J-nine. You will find I have unlocked a new language lesson set for you today, it will help you tomorrow if you are required to do promotional work again.”

“Thank you Taki-San. I will study hard and hope my performance will please you and leave you satisfied.”

I started the new lesson right after he left and spent the rest of the day on it.

I walked through the tables holding up the placard in front of my chest, I hadn’t even lasted in the tournament as long as the last time, my mind wasn’t on the game. I was however now focused on the Poker Girl app that was guiding me through the rows of tables.

I had found the same skimpy uniform the Poker Girls had worn in the bottom of the last suit case Taki-San had brought me and decided I might as well wear it just in case. The only difference was that while theirs were blue and white, mine was pink and red.

I had just stopped at a table one a moment ago when one of the players noticed me.

“Aren’t you one of the players?” He said in Japanese and I understood him.

“I’m just a silly girl who doesn’t know poker is for men. I am much more useful now that I can show you this important information!” I repeated the prompt from the app.

He just laughed and the app guided me onwards.

“Why do you not hold the sign high up above your head like the other girls?” Another player asked.

“My small breasts are embarrassing but I hope my heavy makeup makes me more appealing to you!” I read from the app.

When one of the players grabbed my ass I wiggled it slightly and said, “Thank you sir, I hope my body has made you as hard as I am wet!” finishing before the app had even displayed the last of the response.

Soon the tournament was over, but unlike last time when Taki-San came and collected me, the other poker girls pulled me up on to the stage with them as the prizes were given out. Looking out over the crowd made me giggle and smile and was a huge turn on as well for some reason.

When we walked off stage Taki-San was waiting with a shake and took me back to my apartment.

“Taki-San, did I perform to OTTII expectations today?”

“Yes J-nine, you have done well today. Many men told me how much they enjoyed you.”

“Thank you Taki-San!”

“Did you enjoy the promotional work today for OTTII?”

“Yes Taki-San, very much.”

“More than playing in the poker tournament?”

I paused for a moment, did I? Yes, yes I had!

“Yes Taki-San.”

“If you would like, next week OTTII can arrange for you to work as a Poker Girl instead of playing in the tournament.”

“Please Taki-San, I would very much like that if it would please OTTII.”

“It will be arranged. However as a Poker Girl you will need to fit in better with the others so there will be additional training this week.”

“I will train hard all week Taki-San.”

“Good. Tomorrow afternoon one of the Poker Girls will come by and take you to the training studio. As well there will be a new mode enabled for the language tutor, it will be active at all times and provide you with suggestions in real time.”

“I will not disappoint OTTII Taki-San, thank you.”

“Welcome back!” My language buddy said as I started the language program the next morning. Taki-San had just left and I was eager to get started with the new program mode he had enabled.

“Real Time OverlaY mode is now available, would you like to enable it?”

I nodded my head.

“Fantastic, let’s get started!”

The language tutor program faded away, leaving just my language buddy in the corner of my vision. A speech bubble appeared out of her mouth, “I’ll be with you all the time now and if I have a suggestion you’ll see it here!

I see there’s no one else in the room, would you like to return to the tutor to continue your lessons?”

I nodded yes once more and started my lesson for the day.

It was several hours later that I heard the nock at the door, I closed the language tutor but my language buddy stayed in my sight as I walked to the door and opened it.

“Hi J-nine, I’m Miko. Taki-San said you need some help learning the ropes as a Poker Girl.”

I recognized her from last week, a curvy Asian woman with a bright smile. She was wearing the Poker Girl uniform and was bright and bubbly.

“Hello Miko, yes Taki-San said you would be coming. Please come in.”

“We have a time slot at the training center, let’s go there first and then we can come back here, ok?”

“Of course Miko, but I don’t have a key card for the apartment.”

“Oh don’t worry, Taki-San gave me one, let’s go.”

The training center was just a couple of floors up and was more like a dance studio than anything else. It had a wall of mirrors and a wooden floor that my heels clacked against each step I took.

Miko spent several hours showing me how to walk, how to hold my hands, when to bow and all kinds of other things she said were important. It might have been boring if not for the one redeeming feature of the training room, the protein shake dispenser.

Throughout the day my language buddy stayed with me, but only a few times did she have any suggestions. They were mostly small things, like a giggle instead of responding with a yes.

By the time Miko dropped me off at my apartment again I was dead tired and just had a quick bite to eat, a pot of tea and then I turned in for the night.

The next day when Taki-San arrived he brought with him another suit case of clothing as I sat on the sofa sucking on a protein shake.

This time it was filled with only one outfit, the pink poker girl uniform. My language buddy came to life and prompted a response and I spoke it immediately.

“Thank you Taki-San, J-nine is very happy OTTII is taking care of such a silly girl.”

I didn’t even realize I had spoken the mispronunciation of my name let alone spoke in the third person until after the words were already out of my mouth.

“You are welcome J-nine, why don’t you change in to one of the outfits for today’s training.”

Once again my language buddy provided the proper response, “Hai Taki-San. J-nine is happy to wear the clothes OTTII provides for her.”

I pulled the suit case in to the bedroom behind me and changed in to the skimpy outfit as quickly as I could and then returned to Taki-San in the living room. My language buddy coming to life again as he came in to view.

“Taki-San, does J-nine’s body bring you pleasure in this outfit?”

“Yes, J-nine, very good. This morning Miko will return to continue your training, do your best to please OTTII.”

“J-nine will do her best Taki-San!”

I didn’t see Taki-San for the rest of the week. Each morning I would get up and masturbate, spend several hours on my hair and make-up and then wait for Miko to arrive. Once she did we would spend the day training.

The training moved from the basics of the first day on to more advanced ones, like how to wiggle my hips as I walked and how to get down on my knees and rise again properly. Soon I had moved on to the really advanced training and she had me straddling a pommel horse, rocking my hips back and forth as I leaned forward and held on to it with both hands.

On the day before the tournament, Miko picked me up as usual, but instead of going to the training center she took me to a floor I had never been on before, it turned out to be a beauty salon.

They had started with my fingernails, a manicure followed by 2″ long fake nails painted a bright pink that matched my outfit. The pedicure had followed and left my toenails a matching shade.

They’d then gone to work on my hair, washing it thoroughly before applying hair color. They might have asked me what color I wanted but I really didn’t remember as they’d given me a cup of tea to sip on as they worked and had refilled it throughout the session.

After that they’d taken me to another room in the salon where there was what looked like a dentist chair and guided me in to it. They’d taken the tea cup from my hand and pushed me back in to a recline position and then told me to open my mouth. I did so without complaint as they pushed in a spreader and some kind of protective mask over my face that covered my eyes as well.

I heard a machine click several times and a while later they removed the mask and let me sit upright again. I looked around for my tea but it was nowhere to be found, instead a protein shake sat on the table beside me and I grabbed it and sucked hard on it.

Next they took me to the makeup room where they spent a long time working on my face.

Since they had started I had not had a chance to see my own reflection, but now as they finished and turned me around to the mirror, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

Staring back at me was a woman with platinum blonde, long curly hair, heavy pink and blue makeup that seemed to make my eye twice as big as normal. Her lips were pink and full and behind the smile they formed sat sparkling white teeth.

My language buddy suddenly came to life and I realized how much I now matched her appearance.

“Thank you for making J-nine so beautify for men to look at.”

The Poker Girl app guided me around the tables as the tournament dragged on. I’d been working since early this morning and knew I had not been doing well. The other girls received far more attention then I did from the players, one had even been lucky enough to have one of them squeeze her breasts.

The best I’d had was a quick ass grab.

I walked towards the tournament desk and saw Taki-San speaking to one of the players that had just busted out.

“J-nine, come over here.”

“Taki-San, how may J-nine be of service?” I said with a small bow.

“J-nine, this is Tanada. He is one of the players OTTII sponsors and is a very important man. He needs your help, go with him.”

“Yes Taki-San, J-nine is happy to help an important man to OTTII.”

Tanada wrapped his arm around my waist and led me towards the back change rooms. Instead of going in to the Poker Girl’s change rooms we entered a door across the hall that was labelled “private”. Inside there were two chairs as well as a futon laid flat.

I looked about for a moment, not sure what to do, until my language buddy provided me the answer.

“How may J-nine’s body serve you sir?” I said, head tilted downwards, my hands crossed in front of me.

In response, Tanada slide his hand along the side of my head and intertwined his fingers with my hair. He pulled me forward and kissed me.

My language buddy prompted me to moan but it was unnecessary, as soon as our lips had touched my entire body had flared to life.

He pulled my head back and pushed me downwards, I flailed for his belt buckle as he did so and managed to get it undone before I reached my knees. I undid his pants and pulled them and his underwear down, letting his dick spring to life from under them.

I paused for a moment at the magnificent sight before me, it was no more than 4 inches long and nearly 1 inch round, but it was the first actual dick I had seen in months.

“Suck!” he commanded me as I paused to long.

My lips found the tip of his dick and then moved their way down his shaft, it was heavenly. Far better than the dildos I’d been using in the shower. Soon he was moving my head up and down his shaft as he held on to the back of my head, one of my hands had found my nipple and the other my pussy as he used my mouth.

He pulled me off his shaft after a few minutes and tossed me to the futon. He laid down beside me on his back and I crawled on top of him, lowering myself down on to his hard dick.

I placed my hands on his chest and the memory of the training on the pommel horse came flooding back as I began rocking back and forth.

My language buddy continued to prompt me, with small squeals and squeaks. Low moans and deep breaths.

Soon I felt his dick spasm inside of me and his warm seed enter me, the orgasm that rocked my body didn’t need any prompting.

He rose from the futon and redressed himself and I did the same. Just before we left I said, as prompted by my language buddy, “J-nine is happy my body could bring you pleasure sir.”

The River

“System Update Complete!” my language buddy announced.

I jumped up and down a couple of times and giggled, OTTII had given me a new present!

I quickly opened up the system and it welcomed me, “Hi J9, welcome to the new system! Please complete the upgrade by saying the following: Unit J9 is ready to serve OTTII today.”

I spoke the words out loud as my pussy pulsed in delight. Taki-San was standing just in front of me having activated the upgrade.

“Taki-San, J9 is so happy OTTII has done so much for her! J9 wants to do all she can for the tournament tomorrow.”

“Very good J9, your performance has been adequate so far, I am sure you will do so again tomorrow.”

My heart sank, “No Taki-San. J9 does not want to be adequate. J9 wants to be… better.” I said, pushing together my small breasts.

“And how does J9 propose to be better?”

“J9 sees the other Poker Girls get more attention due to their large breasts, could J9 get larger breasts?”

“True, many men have commented on how disappointing J9’s small breasts are.”

“J9 knows she has small breasts. J9 is sorry she does not please more men with them. They make J9 sad.”

“OTTII does not want its employee’s to be sad. If J9 is willing, OTTII could improve J9’s appearance.”

“Yes! Yes! J9 is willing! J9 will do anything for OTTII!”

“Very well, I will arrange for it after the tournament tomorrow.”

“Thank you Taki-San, J9 is unworthy of OTTII’s generosity.”

The Poker Girl app is active but I’m hardly paying any attention to it as I float around the tournament.

“Poker Girl, why are your breasts so small?” one of the players calls out.

“J9 knows her small breasts do not please men, that is why J9 is getting big new breasts soon! Too please many men with!”

I hardly even notice when the tournament is over and Taki-San sends me in to the private room with one of the players.

Afterwards Taki-san guides me back to my apartment and gives me the good news, he has scheduled a visit to a clinic the next day to take care of my small breasts. He says they will be doing other things as well but I just giggle in response.

The next day when Taki-san arrives and picks me up for the clinic, I am a little surprised when we go up in the elevator instead of down.

“Taki-San, J9 thought we were going to the clinic?”

“Silly J9, we are. OTTII has the best plastic surgery clinic in Japan here in the building.”

giggle J9 is so silly! OTTII is so great!”

He leads me directly in to a pre-op room where the doctor is waiting. The doctor tells me to get undressed and I do so with Taki-San still in the room.

“Doctor, J9 hopes you can make it so her body is more pleasing to men.”

His expression doesn’t change but instead he pulls out a black marker and starts drawing lines on my body. First around my breasts, then around her waist and butt and then finally my face.

Once he is done the only words he speaks to me are, “Lay down.”

I wake up to the pink glow of my alarm and feel like an elephant is on my chest. I take a look down and a large bandage is wrapped around my chest and I gasp at how far above me it sits. I don’t hear the gasp so much as a wheeze before I realize my face has several bandages on it as well.

I raise my hand up to my face and feel a bandage across my forehead and one under my chin as well as one across my nose.

I move my hands down to my chest and feel my new breasts when a thought enters my mind. I had breasts, they were small and unimpressive. These are massive round orbs, they’re not breasts, they’re tits!

A small orgasm hits me and my stomach muscles contract, alerting me to the bandages that surround them.

“Ah Unit J9, I see you are awake. Don’t try and speak, your lips will take a few days to heal.” Taki-san says.

“Just relax, Miko is here to take care of you until you get back on your feet.”

Taki-San left and Miko walked over to the side of my bed and took my hand.

“Anything you need, just let me know.”

I don’t remember much about the first few days after the operation, just a few fragments of Miko bringing my protein shakes and her changing my bandages. Along with a some flashes of my language buddy telling me all kinds of new things.

It’s not until the fourth day that I remember anything clearly. The doctor had come to check on me and had provided instructions for my recovery.

He said it was important to make sure the implants where massaged well, several times a day and Miko had nodded. Otherwise he said OTTII was very happy with my progress and I nearly orgasmed. He had removed the bandages on my head and waist and said in another few days he would be back to remove the rest.

The first time Miko had massaged my tits had been painful and I had cried. Miko had asked if I wanted to stop but I knew OTTII knew best and so I told her to continue.

The next day I had managed to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom for a shower, when I passed by the mirror I turned and was stunned at what had been done.

Of course my large tits completely dominated my small frame but they were not the only changes. My waist looked smaller as well, making my hips seem to flare out from it.

My face was different as well. My eye’s looked so big and wide and the bump on the bridge of my nose was gone. But it was my lips that now overpowered my face, they were large and plump. They were so distracting that I almost didn’t notice my cheek bones, which now seemed higher.

I looked at the reflection of myself in the mirror and was amazed at the woman who stared back. No, this was no woman, this was a walking sex machine. Its body designed only to give sexual pleasure to the men around it.

And it was me. I was the walking sex machine. OTTII had remade me to suit its purpose and as the realization washed over me my orgasm exploded and I called out my language buddy’s prompt.

“Unit J9 is ready to serve OTTII!”

Unit J9 walked the floor of the tournament, her sign held high above her head as she showed off her massive tits to the players.

“Hey, Poker Queen, over here.” One of the players called out to her, she’d been promoted from Poker Girl to Queen after the last tournament, she was now the official face, or as the players liked to say, tits of the tour.

“How may the Poker Queen please such an important player as yourself?”

He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him, burying his face between her massive tits. She swayed them side to side and cooed as she continue to hold the sign above her.

“Thanks Poker Queen, I needed that.” He said as he pushed her back and gave her ass a slap.

“The Poker Queen is glad her tits were of use to use sir.”

She continued on through the tournament until finally the last player had won. During the presentation she gave him his trophy along with a deep kiss that intermingled their tongues. She walked off the stage with him, she was part of the prize package, a trophy he would get for the night.

Unit J9 walked in to Seiji Herakini office, following Taki-San a few steps behind.

Taki-San waited until Seiji acknowledged their presence.

“Taki-San, I see you have done well with my Poker Queen project.”

“Yes sir. As always you were correct, Unit J9 has been very useful in convincing the government representatives that OTTII should have an exclusive license to run Poker tournaments in Japan.”

“And the ratings?”

“Very high sir since Unit J9 took on the mantel of Poker Queen. The cameras tend to follow her around the poker area, with a bit of careful editing of course. There has been an unexpected positive side effect as well, the players now know they will get the Poker Queen for the night if they win and they have been playing much more aggressively, which has made for a more exciting tournament.”

“Very good, this will be a lucrative new business for OTTII. And Unit J9?”

“A complete success, the new programming contact lenses worked flawlessly.”

“Unit J9, come over here.”

Unit J9 walked over to Seiji-San’s chair and when he patted his knee, sat down in his lap. Automatically she started to wiggle her ass slightly.

“Unit J9, tell me your purpose.”

“Unit J9 is the Poker Queen, OTTII’s fully automated poker promotional unit, designed to spread poker throughout Japan on behalf of OTTII.”

“Unit J9, do you remember the first time we met?”

Unit J9 scrunched her forehead slightly, “Yes sir, Unit J9 remembers.”

“You cost me to lose face with the other men at the game.”

“Unit J9 is very sorry. Unit J9 did not understand how strong and powerful a man Seiji-San was. Unit J9 did not know OTTII was the best, most powerful company in the world.”

“Very good Unit J9.” He said and Unit J9 had a small orgasm.

He placed his hand on Unit J9’s shoulder and pushed slightly downwards. Unit J9 responded as programmed and slide down between his legs.

Unit J9 found his hardening member after releasing it from his clothes, wrapping her puffy lips around it and providing him pleasure.

Unit J9 placed its hands behind its back and clasped them each at their elbows as she bobbed up and down. Soon Unit J9 felt Seiji-San’s hands grab her head and pull her off him. He stood up and tilted her head back as Unit J9 unclasped its hands and started to jerk Seiji-San’s hard dick. Moments later his semen burst forth and on to her face.

Unit J9 orgasmed, “Thank you for using Unit J9 for your pleasure.”

Seiji-San continued to hold Unit J9 in position, his softening dick, resting across its lips.

“Taki-San.” He said.

Taki-San walked over, holding his phone and taking photos now that the video was complete.

“Unit J9, I have taken back what you took from me. These photos will be sent to the other players at the poker game. You will accompany me to the next game where I will offer you to be used by anyone who wishes it.”

Unit J9 orgasmed again, Seiji-San had used her for the good of OTTII and she could not wait for her next opportunity to serve.