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SYNOPSIS: Pop star Trisha Tame is on the run after running afoul of the new three strikes law.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.


This story has four separate endings, each one getting darker than the last, feel free to read only so far as you are comfortable with.

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Chapter 1 – On The Run

12/6/2036 – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Controversial federal three strikes law upheld by Supreme Court! With Congress passing the new constitutional amendments last year that allowed for personhood to be revoked for serious crimes, the new three-strike law requires any thrice convicted criminal to be classified as a serious offender.

4/15/2038 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Super pop star Trisha Tame convicted of DUI causing damage over $5,000, a misdemeanor criminal conviction.
8/21/2040 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame overtakes number one position in the charts for a record-breaking 25th time.
5/22/2041 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Pop superstar Trisha Tame pleads guilty to petty larceny after leaving jewellery store without paying for diamond bracelet, still claims it was an honest mistake.
7/16/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame declared fugitive from justice after failing to appear in court on a second DUI charge. Judge enters default judgment against her triggering federal three-strike law. Multiple processing facilities have confirmed they have teams in the field for retrieval.

“Fuck!” Trisha said under her breath and tossed the phone on the passenger’s seat as she drove in the dark towards the harbour. She knew she was in trouble after the prosecution had trotted out the old lady still in a wheelchair from her supposed injuries from the accident.

It wasn’t like it was her fault, well, not really, she’d been paying attention and was sure she was fine to drive, but the other car had just come out of nowhere!

In any case, it was done now, and she needed to get to the harbour so she could get on Harold’s yacht and get out of the country ASAP.

Both Canada and Mexico were safe havens now, allowing for those who were impacted by the three-strike law to gain entry unconditionally, but she still had to get across the border, and so she’d chosen Mexico as it was closer, just a few dozen miles away from where Harold’s yacht was moored anyway.

She’d grabbed what cash she had on hand, and there was lots of money in her foreign accounts that the authorities couldn’t confiscate, as most countries had broken financial ties with the US after the raft of constitutional amendments had basically changed it into a dictatorship.

Trisha checked her rear-view mirror and didn’t see any headlights, which was good, she could see the lights of the harbour just in the distance so she hit the accelerator and listened to the whine of the electric motors increase.

She’d had to risk staying put during the day, the hours ticking by agonizingly slowly, until night had fallen and she could go, hopefully, unnoticed. She’d made the best use of the time she could, dying her normally blonde hair almost black, applying heavy makeup to change the apparent contours of her face, and dressing in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. She just hoped that it was enough of a change from her usual stylish appearance that no one would recognize her at the marina.

Finally the marina came into view and she pulled up to the gates, grabbed the phone on the seat beside her and opened up the access app, sending the gates moving to the side to let her in. It wasn’t her phone, it was Harold’s, he’d given it to her yesterday when she’d confided in him what she was planning. She knew her own phone would have been tracked as soon as she failed to show up in court.

It was Harold’s car as well, he was an old family friend and had been a lifesaver many times over the years. She hoped she would be able to repay him one day.

As the gate closed behind her she drove down to the yacht and parked, shutting the car off and looking around nervously, before opening the door and getting out.

“Good evening Miss…” the captain said and then stopped himself from completing the sentence with her name, “…please, come aboard.”

She hurried onto the yacht and passed by him, heading straight for the main bedroom as he pulled up the gangway. She entered the hallway that led to the bedroom and almost got turned around in time when she heard the footsteps behind her, almost. Instead she felt something jab into her ass and her knees almost instantly start to give out beneath her. She dropped to her knees, then after another few seconds, collapsed forward onto the floor, consciousness leaving her.

Chapter 2 – Awakening

7/17/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame confirmed to be in custody, no details on the processing centre that captured her or what the next steps are.

Trisha moaned as the world slowly started to come into focus, she tried to rub her eyes only to find her arms secured to something that prevented her from moving them. She tugged on them experimentally, but they didn’t budge. She tried moving her legs, finding them similarly secured.

She blinked as she opened her eyes and looked around the stark white room, she was seated in a chair of some kind, her wrists and ankles secured to the arms and legs of it.

That wasn’t the most concerning thing though, no, that was the fact she was naked and there was a man sitting across from her.

She jerked and tried to free herself, but to no avail, as the man smiled at her, “Listen, I can pay you, I’ve got money…” she pleaded to the man.

“You mean the money we found in your luggage? That’s hardly enough to be of interest… and we already have it anyway.” he said with a shrug.

She narrowed her eyes and frowned, “No… I have more…” she said seriously.

“Oh, I know you do Trisha, but honestly, do you think it’s enough to buy your way out of this?” he asked.

“Maybe…” she replied, “…just don’t report my capture… let me go back to the yacht and I can send you more money than you can dream of.”

He chuckled and pulled his phone from his pocket, unlocking it and showing her the latest headlines.

She slumped in the chair, “You bastard!” she spat at him.

He shook his head and just continued to smile.

He then swiped over to another app on his phone and cleared his throat, “Trisha Tame, I hereby inform you that as a duly appointed representative of the Ninth Circuit Federal Judiciary, you have been convicted of three criminal offences and the Federal Three Strike law applies. As such, your personhood has been revoked under the 32nd Amendment of the Constitution. This also serves as your notice that your property interests have been assigned to Reclamation Processing Incorporated, for processing according to the mandates of the 32nd amendment of the constitution.”

He then locked his phone and put it back into his pocket, “And to be clear, I’m the sole owner and proprietor of RPI.”

She let out a huff and shot daggers at him, “Of course you are, and what’s your name anyway?”

“Roger.” he replied plainly.

Then her face twisted into a question, “How did you find me anyway?” she asked.

“Mostly luck. I knew you’d be heading towards Mexico or Canada, and I remembered an old article I read, an interview you did, on a friends yacht, when you were first starting out. It seemed like something you might try and so I took a chance. Bribing the captain to let me on board was easy enough once I tracked down the yacht.”

“Lucky bastard.” she shot back at him.

“Yes, but don’t fool yourself, one of the other processing centre’s would have found you eventually. Mexico and Canada might be safe havens for regular folks, but a high profile target like you? No, someone would have done a hard extraction, and in the end the government would have endorsed it just to make an example of you.”

She slumped even farther into her chair and sat silently, there was no point in arguing with him.

Chapter 3: Processing

“Well, I have good news and bad, which would you like first?” Roger asked as she sat across from her after letting her sulk for a few minutes.

“I somehow doubt any of it will be good news.” she replied sarcastically.

Roger chuckled and nodded, “Well, good is a relative term at this point for you.”

She rolled her eyes before responding, “Fine. What’s the good news.”

“Well, your case is technically still ongoing, the judge hasn’t actually sentenced you yet, even though the Three Strike Law has already kicked in once he declared you guilty. As such, I have to wait to figure out what I can do with you until he declares what your sentence actually is.”

She huffed in response, “If that’s the ‘good’ news, I can’t wait to hear the bad.”

“Well, be that as it may, here it is anyway. While we’re waiting, I can start your processing anyway, the basics apply no matter what, so we can get started right away.”

He then stood up and walked beside her, rolling a tray of syringes out from behind her.

“What… what are those?” she asked, her eyes going wide as she struggled again against her restraints.

“The latest nanoenhancers, cutting-edge stuff really. These are short term ones, but they should last long enough for the initial processing phase.” he replied and picked up one of the syringes from the tray. He pressed the plunger a little and flicked it to get any air out of it before lowering it down in front of her left nipple atop her modest bust.

“Let me show you…” he said and injected the solution directly into her nipple. As soon as it hit her tissue she felt an electric jolt run up her body and straight to her head, she let out a gasp as her nipple grew warmer and warmer, more and more erect with each passing moment, causing waves of pleasure throughout her body.

She was so distracted by the effect she didn’t even notice him place the expended syringe back onto the tray and pick another one up, repeating the same process to her right nipple. The sensations repeated and it took her several minutes for them to pass and for her focus to return to Roger.

“Is that all?” she asked nervously.

Roger shook his head side to side and then reached out and brushed her left nipple. Her eyes instantly went wide and she moaned as a wave of pleasure coursed through her, it lasted far longer than it should have, and when it passed she let out a little whimper of regret, that she instantly pushed out of her mind.

“As you can see, the nano-enhancers are very… effective.”

He then picked up another syringe from the tray and prepared it as well, before placing his hand on her forehead and holding her head against the back of the chair.

“Now, I’d suggest not struggling or making this more difficult than it has to be. You wouldn’t want me to miss and make your nose an erogenous zone now would you?” he more stated than asked and then lowered the syringe to her upper lip and injected it three times into her lips, once at each side and again in the middle.

By the time she regained her senses, both her upper and lower lip had been injected. Roger then picked up the final syringe from the table and lowered it between her legs and she knew exactly where he was going. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as it pierced her clit and this time an orgasm crashed over her.

Trisha wasn’t sure how long it had taken to recover from the mind-blowing orgasm caused by the nanoenhancer that Roger had injected into her clit, but it had to be more than just a few seconds.

Roger had set up several armatures in front of her, one positioned between her legs, another in front of her breasts, and a third in front of her mouth. They all looked like mic stands that she had used many times on stage, but the clamps at the end of the arms looked different from the ones that normally held her mics for her.

However her suspicions were confirmed when he came around in front of her pushing another cart, on it were four vibrators, three large orb-like ones, and a fourth slim cylindrical one.

He picked up one of the orb style ones first and attached it between her legs, her whole body quivering as he pushed it up against her nano-enhanced clit, almost sending her into another orgasm.

“Now you can try and squirm yourself away from that, but I wouldn’t suggest it. That nano-enhancer has got your clit ramped up to 20 and the attempt would be… catastrophic.” he said before moving on.

The vibrators he positioned against her nipples weren’t quite as bad, but even so they made her want to scream out in frustration.

The final vibrator he placed in front of her face, though not up against her lips, but just away from them so that she would have to lean her head forward to touch it.

He then walked over to the other side of the chair and for the first time she noticed the IV drip running down to her arm. He turned on the spigot and then reached behind the chair and grabbed something hanging from it. A set of headphones lowered over her head and covered her ears, an eerie silence forming as the noise cancellation kicked in.

Roger stood in front of her, his lips were moving, but she heard nothing, “WHAT?” she yelled and was instantly regretful as her lips came together sending a wave of pleasure through her. Her body shivered and shook, causing a chain reaction as her nipples and clit rubbed against the vibrators, and another orgasm exploded in her.

This time when she came around two things were different, Roger was nowhere to be seen, and she felt warm and floaty from whatever drugs he had put in the IV bag.

A smile came to her lips, which sent more pleasure through her, but she managed to avoid squirming and causing another orgasm.

Just as she started to wonder what would happen next, the vibrators on her nipples came to life and she gasped and quivered, hardly even hearing the words that came over the headphones.

Sometime later, after many orgasms, the words worked their way into her head and she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the vibrator in front of her just in time for it to come to life.

The words kept repeating, over and over; “obey”, “slut”, “property”, “submission”, “owned”, “slave”.

Chapter 4: Bonding

Trisha woke up in a bed, her body aching, her nipples hard, and her pussy wet.

Without thinking about it her fingers slipped between her legs and she started to masturbate. It felt good, really good, though not as good as the vibrator had, or a cock would.

She didn’t question how she knew that, that a cock would feel better than her fingers, she just knew that it would. Like how she knew if there had been a cock in front of her face right then, she would have happily sucked on it.

These were things that were just true, because they were true. Like the fact that she was the world’s most popular music star, or that she was a horny little slut, or that she was the property of RPI.

The was no point questioning these things, and so she didn’t.

Instead she masturbated like the good little slut she was and hoped that a nice big fat cock would come along soon so she could suck and fuck it.

Fortunately she didn’t have to wait long as she heard the door open and stopped masturbating as Roger walked into the room. She jumped out of bed and raced over to him, dropping down onto her knees, bowing her head and clasping her hands behind her back as she did.

“Hello Sir, how may I serve you?” she asked in a reverent tone.

He paused for only a moment, “Stand up for inspection.”

She shot back up from her knees and stood at attention, pushing her modest tits out and standing up on her tippy toes. Even so, she was much shorter than he was, only coming up to his chin.

He walked around her, tugging on her hair, grabbing her ass, squeezing her calves, then coming around front and grabbing her tits, cupping her pussy, and even pulling her mouth open to inspect her teeth. She was cattle and he was ensuring she was of high quality.

Then he grabbed her by the hips and twirled her around, pushed her forward to the bed, and bent her over at the waist. Her hands propped her up and she spread her legs just in time to hear his pants hit the floor. She cried out in bliss as she felt him push up against her pussy and sang his praises with each stroke thereafter.

Trisha sat at Roger’s feet as he worked away at his computer, she was softly singing one of her hits just loud enough so he could hear, but not so loud as to be distracting.

The last few days had been a mix of time spent masturbating, obeying his commands, sucking and fucking his cock, and quiet moments like this, where she was naked and on display for his entertainment.

“Yes, yes, that’s fine. Good. I’m glad it has all worked out, thank you.” Roger said as she listened to the one side of the conversation she could hear. He hung up his phone and set it on his desk before looking down at her with a smile.

“Good news Trisha, the judge is finally making his ruling, so we can finish up your processing soon!” he said

Her eyes beamed in delight, not because of what he said, but because he was clearly happy about the news and that meant she was happy too.

Ending 1: Singing A Happy Song

8/1/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: In a surprise news conference Trisha Tame announces new album and tour.

Trisha smiled as the flashing lights nearly blinded her, sitting to her right was Roger, to her left her manager Don.

“RPI is very excited to be partnering with Music Promotions Corp to bring the world more of exactly what they expect from a Trisha Tame album and performance. Trisha’s talent and musical ability is world class and RPI is proud to continue that legacy with our new partners.” Rogers said, as she continued to smile for the cameras.

She had been surprised when Don had walked into Roger’s office a few days ago and had started discussing her future as she knelt beside Roger’s desk.

The judge had handed down a relatively easy fine, just a few million dollars, which her estate had been easily able to cover. What remained was transferred to Roger’s accounts and ownership in short order and he’d reached out to Don right afterwards.

“MPC is also excited to continue our partnership with Trisha, providing her with market-leading promotion, scheduling, marketing, and coordination services. We are sure that Reclamation Processing Incorporated will be a strong partner in Trisha’s future endeavours.” Don said when it was his turn.

Finally it was time for questions and the crowd of gathered reporters shouted over each other until one voice finally won out.

“Trisha, Trisha, Trisha! Can you comment on your experience at RPI?”

She smiled and nodded her head, “Yes, yes of course, it was wonderful. I learned so much about myself and what I really wanted. Processing has given me the ability to really focus on what’s important, my music and my fans. I will never again be so reckless as to put either in jeopardy again.”

It was kinda true, if prepared by Don along with a dozen other responses for any number of questions she might have been asked. If something came up that she didn’t have a prepared answer for, well, Don or Roger would jump in and take the questions.

“Trisha, what can we expect on your new album, any changes to your… style?” another reporter asked.

“Of course not! My music is too important to my fans to change just because of a management shakeup.” she replied and a few snickers came from the assembled reports at her euphemism of her non-personhood.

“Roger, with all the… options, on how to move forward with Trisha, why a new album and tour?”

Trisha knew that “options” was a euphemism, what he was really asking was why there was no mention of sex in the announcement.

“RPI reviewed several options for Trisha, but in the end, her talent and fame made the choice pretty easy. As the top-selling artist of all time, the return on investment to continue that trend was obvious. We already have the next five years of tour and albums mapped out and we’re confident that she’ll be bigger than ever.”

The questions continued for some time, but eventually Don brought the news conference to an end and the three of them left the room. When they closed the door to the limo Trisha knelt down between Roger’s legs and looked up longingly at him.

“Did I do well Sir?” she asked.

Roger smiled and nodded, “Very well Trisha. Very well indeed.”

A shiver of pleasure ran through her and she looked over to Don who was smiling at her as well.

“Would either of you Sir’s like me to suck their cocks?” she asked, desperately hoping that at least one of them would say yes.

Mostly Roger though, she really wanted to suck his cock as she knew she would be leaving RPI for several weeks to go and record the album, and she wouldn’t see him until she was done.

Neither man took her up on her offer and she pouted a little, but continued to kneel at Roger’s feet and hope for them to change their minds.

10/12/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame's new album debuts at number 1, ticket sales for the tour have exceeded even the high expectations of MPC and RPI.

Ending 2: A New Musical Direction

8/1/2042 – BREAKING NEWS ALERT: In a surprise news conference Trisha Tame announces adult musical venture.

Trisha looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, her new large breasts and even thinner waist were being put on display by her slutty outfit to perfection. Her hair and makeup were overdone, adding to the slutiness of her look and she knew it was perfect.

She strutted out onto the set where Roger and Don were waiting for her, “Hello Sir, I’m ready now.” she said to Roger and he nodded.

She walked over and onto the set where multiple scantly clad men stood and positioned herself between them, taking from the man on her right a microphone shaped like a dildo.

“Action!” the director called and she held the mic/dildo up to her lips and gave a snarl before belting out one of her new songs.

“Fuck me like a whore/Use me like a slut/Honey make me yours!” she sang then wrapped her lips around the end of the mic/dildo and fellatio’d it.

This was the video for the second single from her new album, the first going straight to the top with the hyper-sexualized first video being called “as close as legally possible to being porn without being porn.”

This time they were doing two videos, one for the mass market, and one explicitly being pornographic.

It was in the run-up to her tour, she was visiting every major city around the globe, and anywhere where it was legal, she’d both be singing for her fans, and fucking those that could afford it.

She had of course lost some fans, many of her long-time female audience fled her when she announced the sexual component of her new musical direction, but she’d brought in a lot of young, and older, men to replace them.

Roger had reached out to Don, her previous manager, about the direction he wanted to take her, and Don had been reluctant. Don had suggested leaving things as they were, letting her continue her musical career with the fans she had, but the courts had put an end to that idea.

The judge had handed down her sentence, all of her musical catalogue went to her victims, along with her public image rights, leaving her unable to legally perform as she once had.

Roger had been disappointed of course, but in the end, had found a compromise that he knew would pay off. As such, Trisha Tramp was born, the slutty pop star that fucked and sucked her way to the top.

It was the complete opposite of who she had been, and that ensured no legal issues with the courts.

She did miss singing some of her old songs in public though, if only just a little. Fortunately she had lots of opportunities to sing them in private for the lucky fans that could afford to spend an hour or two with her. She usually had to sing them as they were fucking her of course, but that was fine with her.

A few hours later she’d finished shooting for the day and joined Roger and Don as they sat just off set. She walked around behind their chairs and silently stood there as they talked.

“So how are the ticket sales going for the tour?” Roger asked.

“The concert ticket sales are a little slow, but we expected that with the shift in demographics. The VIP tickets are sold out already though.” Don replied.

Roger nodded, “What if we extend her stay in each city by a day and release some more VIP tickets?”

“It’s a good idea, but too late for the first concert dates. Too much pre-planning on getting all the equipment between cities has happened, but I’ve already started to move future dates around to give a few extra days between concerts.”

“Good, good.” Roger replied and then stood up and turned to Trisha.

“Come on, I’ve got a few people for you to meet. They’re going to be the video team that will be following you on tour.” Roger said as he started to walk away and Trisha followed along behind him.

She’d had video crews on tour before, but she knew this one would be different, Roger and Don had already announced the availability of recorded sessions for the VIP ticket holders, so she knew this crew would be recording every second of the tour, not just the concerts.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her at the thought of being filmed while fucking her fans and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Ending 3: Personal Property

8/1/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame confirmed sold to a private buyer, public life comes to an end without fanfare.

“Shit! You’ve got to be kidding!” Roger said as he spoke on the phone, Trisha could tell it was bad news just from the tone, let alone the words.

She pouted as she knelt at Roger’s side, unhappy because he was unhappy.

He hung up his phone and set it down on his desk, then looked down at her and sighed.

“Bad news Trisha, the judge has ruled that your image and likeness, as well as any future music earnings, are now the property of the victims as part of their compensation. That means you won’t be performing in public anymore I guess.” Roger said and patted her on the head in sympathy.

Other than the fact that he seemed unhappy, it didn’t really bother Trisha, she got the most joy by performing for Roger each and every day.

Roger then turned back to his computer and started typing while Trisha stayed by his side and waited.

Trisha was standing on a small platform, naked, her tits pushed out, her ass on display, as five men and one woman sat in chairs in front of her.

“Thank you for coming lady and gentlemen, you have all been briefed on today’s event, and the limitations that come along with it.” Rogers said and the assembled people nodded in agreement.

Trisha recognized three of them; Don her previous music manager, Maryl one of her biggest and richest fans, and Harold, the family friend who had tried to help her escape.

The other three men seemed to exude wealth and power, which sent a shiver right to her pussy.

She knew she was being auctioned off today, the buyer taking ownership of her from Roger. What would happen to her would of course depend on who purchased her, but it was the purchase that excited Trisha, not what would happen afterwards.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t curious though, she could guess that Don was there on behalf of his management group, most likely wanting to have her on hand to prompt new artists and other non-performance related work for the label.

Maryl had always been a huge supporter of her music, but Trisha was under no illusions that Maryl wasn’t deeply attracted to her. She had said as much several times, hinting that if Trisha ever wanted to explore a lesbian relationship that she was more than willing to show her the ropes.

Harold was, well, Harold. She imagined he was there to try and save her, not that she needed saving, she was happier now than she ever had been.

One of the other men looked to be Arabic, she could only imagine any number of rich Arabs that would want an American pop star as part of their private harems.

The second man she didn’t recognize looked Japanese, another part of the world where she had a huge following.

And the third she couldn’t quite get a read on, but as much wealth and power he presented, there was something else about him, something slimy, some underlying feeling that he might be a used car salesman.

“Then if there are no questions… let us begin the bidding at 10 million.”

All of the seated people raised their hands and Trisha almost came right then and there.

Trisha sucked on Harold’s cock as they drove towards his home in the limo, she’d been surprised when he won the bidding, and even more surprised when he came up and claimed his property by molesting her body right in front of everyone. Surprised but not unhappy of course.

“Fuck you suck cock well Trisha, did you always or was that something you learned at RPI?” he asked and she popped off the end of his dick for a moment.

“At RPI Sir. I was an ok cock sucker before Sir, but they really showed me how to be great.” she replied before going back down on him.

He nodded and let out a little grunt as she pushed all the way down and held for a moment before quickly stroking almost all the way off him.

“It’s too bad that the processing company I tipped off about your plan didn’t get to you first, it would have saved me a bunch of cash. All they really wanted was the PR from having processed you! I even almost let that bastard Urich win the bidding.” Harold said as she bobbed up and down.

Urich was the third man she didn’t know but she’d learned he was a porn producer and brothel owner. His plan was to put her to work in his Vegas brothel and charge top dollar for her use.

“I could have gone and fucked you anytime I wanted, but I’ve got a whole wing of my mansion dedicated to you, a room for each of your albums, costumes you’ve worn, everything. I can’t wait to fuck you in each and every one of them. I just couldn’t imagine sharing you with anyone else.”

She let out a moan as a shiver of pleasure ran through her, she’d never known Harold had thought of her that way, but in some ways it made sense.

She was a hot young pop star, he was a dirty old man who was always there to help her no matter what. Now she belonged to him and she couldn’t wait to fulfill every dirty fantasy he’d ever had about her.

Ending 4: Vegas Residency

8/1/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame confirmed for Vegas residency to start next month.

“Shit! He can’t do that!” Roger shouted into the phone and then slammed it down on his desk. He let out a huff and then picked it back up and hung up before returning it and then looking down at Trisha.

“Bad news Trisha, the judge has sentenced you to three years of hard labour.” he said shaking his head from side to side.

She cocked her head to the side and a confused look crossed her face, “Don’t worry, when you’re done I’ll still have ownership of you.” he said and a smile crossed her lips as a shiver of pleasure came over her.

Roger stood up and she followed suit, then he headed out of his office and down the hallway to one of the rooms she hadn’t been in yet. On the door was a sign that read “Hard Labour Prep Room”.

Inside there was a metal scaffold that looked roughly like a human could fit into it, and a second structure that looked like a box that was missing its top and half of two of its sides.

Roger walked over to the far wall where there was a fridge and counter, along with a tray on wheels much like the one that had contained syringes full of nano-enhancer that he’d used on her over a week ago.

He opened the ridge and pulled out a box of syringes and placed them one by one onto a towel that sat on the tray. When he was done, he placed the box back into the fridge and closed it, before wheeling the tray over to the scaffold that she was standing close to.

“Alright Trisha, let’s get you into this.” he said, waving his hand at the scaffold.

He guided her around behind it, and gently nudged her forward as she tried to figure out how to position herself. It took a little while, but in the end she managed to get mostly into place.

Her legs were bent up under her, forcing her ass to stick out of the scaffold, but her feet were held at ninety degrees parallel to the floor. Her stomach lay deep into the scaffolding, but her chest was pushed upward as her face was pushed up against a metal form that held it in place.

It was such an awkward position that she couldn’t bend her spine in such a way as to lay completely into the scaffold, and there was nowhere to put her hands, but she did the best she could and clasped her hands behind her back.

“Not bad Trisha, now this might pinch a bit.” he said and walked around behind her with one of the syringes. A moment later she felt it plunge into her ass and she let out a little yelp.

It took a few minutes to take effect, but as it did she felt all the strength leave her body until she was lying limp in the scaffolding, which let her stomach move a little closer to it.

“Alright, let’s get started.” Roger said, “The muscle relaxant will make it easier, but the nano-enhancers will do most of the work, these are much longer lasting than the ones I used last time, they should hold you throughout your sentence.” he said to mostly himself as he picked up the next syringe from the tray.

He walked around behind her again, and much like the first time injected the nano-enhancers into her clit, but this time he also injected one just above her sphincter.

Waves of pleasure came from her clit and asshole and she wanted to moan, but the muscle relaxant prevented her from doing so. It wasn’t long before she came hard as the nano-enhancers finished their work.

When she came down from her orgasmic high, it was just in time to see Roger inject her left breast with a large syringe, and then repeat the process on her right breast.

She had expected a similar experience to the first time when he’d injected her nipples, but nothing seemed to happen at first, then, slowly, she felt it. Unlike before it wasn’t confined to her nipples, but the feeling spread throughout her breasts, and after a few minutes she realized that they felt heavier too!

Roger didn’t wait for the nano-ehancers to finish, but instead retrieved another syringe and injected it into her forehead, then another at the sides of each of her eyes, and finally two more into her lips.

The combined injections sent her into a spiral of orgasms and she hardly noticed Roger taking the last syringe and walking beside her, injecting it into her spine.

Trisha felt strong hands lifting her out of the scaffold and strangely her body was no longer limp, but in fact stiff. She tried to help, but was still unable to move, though for a completely different reason than the muscle relaxant from before.

Her eyes were wide open and staring straight ahead, she watched herself be moved over to the strange-looking box from when she entered the room, then lowered down into it. Inside of it were supports that matched the scaffolding from before and there were cutouts on the two half walls of it for her breasts, face and ass to stick through.

Her feet rested perfectly up against the back wall, her collarbone perfect against the padded front wall. Still unable to move, not even her eyes, she watched as best she could as the missing parts of the half walls were lowered down onto her like a set of stocks, then the top of the box put in place.

Roger stood in front of her and snapped a photo with his phone, then walked around behind her and did the same. He typed away at his phone for a moment, and when satisfied, walked up to her and showed her the images he’d just taken.

The first was from the front, it looked like she was trapped inside of a wall, her face and tits sticking out, but they weren’t her face and tits, at least not entirely. Oh anyone that saw her would recognize the pop star that she had been, but only in an exaggerated way that screamed sex doll.

Her lips were so full that they formed an almost perfect ‘O’ and didn’t close tightly, her eyes were wide and vacant, and her face perfectly serene. It only then occurred to her she hadn’t blinked since she had come around. She tried, but her eyelids refused to move, just like her eyeballs.

Her tits were huge, much larger than they had been, sticking out from the wall, her nipples were thick and erect. They had to be at least as large as her head, maybe larger.

At each side of her face was a photo, the first was from early on in her career, a close-up of her holding a mic and singing forcefully. The second was a very recent one, of her smiling face from a cover photo shoot she’d done just a few months ago before her processing.

Above her head was the stylized signature that she signed all her fan photos with.

Roger flicked the phone to the next photo and the image of her ass hanging out of a similar wall was displayed before her. Unlike the front view though, there were no photos beside her ass, instead a single monitor sat just above her ass, her smiling face beaming from it.

She had no doubt that any image could be put there, perhaps even a live feed of her face and tits stuck in the front wall.

A shiver ran through her and a small orgasm crested for her as the thought of being reduced to three holes and a set of tits for public use for the next three years came into her mind.

“Well, I guess I’d better make sure everything is good to go.” Roger said and then placed his phone on top of her box and dropped his pants.

He reached out and grabbed her tits, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her, then bent down a little and pushed them together before sliding his cock between them. Minutes later he let go and stood back up fully, taking his hard dick and pushing it into her mouth and fucking it.

Endless orgasms crested for her and she lost track of all time and meaning, only able to tell he’d moved on to her pussy and ass when the orgasms increased in ferocity even more.

11/6/2042 - BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Trisha Tame tickets sold out for next six months at Blackwell Brothel on the Vegas strip. Lineups for day of cancellations wrap around the block. RPI and BB confirm public access to "backstage" passes to commence next year for a significant premium.