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SYNOPSIS: 4sight is one of the most trusted and powerful heroes in the league, but can even she stop what’s coming?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
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  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Ana let out a sigh as her gaze drifted to the softly rising and falling bosom of SolarGirl as she sat across from her. It was SolarGirl’s weekly interview with Ana, better known to the rest of the world as 4sight, a precog that had risen to the top of the league in just a few short years.

It wasn’t surprising though, the league had quickly realized her potential as soon as she’d shown up, her ability to see the future had become indispensable to the league. She’d saved every one of them a dozen times, averting disasters that would have otherwise decimated the city or even the world.

But at the moment it wasn’t any of these heroic feats that were on Ana’s mind, but instead the familiar twang of jealousy at the size of Solar Girls breasts.

It wasn’t like it was a big deal really, her own small b cups were more than respectable and her lovers seemed pleased with them. But there was no denying the fact that when Solar Girl, or Miracle Maiden, or one of the other well-endowed heroines walked into the room all the men’s eyes turned to them. To make it worse was the simple fact that it seemed like every other heroin’s breasts were larger than hers.

Of course, she’d thought about doing something about it, but her powers had developed early and she started heroing as soon as she turned 18. By the time she’d seriously considered it, there would have been issues. First, if her secret identity and 4sight both suddenly had implants, some of her friends might become suspicious. And second, there were questions and blood tests that the doctor would perform that she just wouldn’t have been able to explain.

And so Ana let her shoulders slump as she looped a stray strand of her brown hair over her ear and her thoughts were interrupted by SolarGirl’s voice, “Hey, is everything alright 4sight?”

Ana shook herself out of her funk and smiled back at Solar Girl, “Yes, of course. Just a little lost in thought there for a second. Shall we get started?” Ana replied, trying to sound chipper.

“Sure.” SolarGirl said, her seemingly permanent smile across her face.

Ana closed her eyes and focused on SolarGirl’s future, she didn’t really need to close her eyes, but sometimes the double images of the present and the future gave her a headache and so she’d gotten into the habit of doing it unless she was in the field.

Her ability to see the future of anyone in her immediate vicinity had made her one of the most trusted heroes in the league, but it did have its limits. The farther out into the future she looked, the less certain it became. A day was almost crystal clear, a week was like looking through a dense fog, and anything further out was just a swirl of chaos with nearly limitless possibilities.

She could look at her own future as well of course, and as you would expect it had been the first thing she’d done when her power had blossomed in high school. She’d looked forward as far as she could and saw herself weeping on her bed, her makeup running badly. She’d scanned back to find out what had happened and found her boyfriend breaking up with her the day before. He’d given some lame excuse about how it wasn’t her but him, but when she’d later looked into his future, she’d seen him that very same day asking out Jessica. Jessica’s defining trait, of course, was her large bosom.

At least that’s what she’d thought at the time, but of course it wasn’t true. Jessica wasn’t defined by her appearance any more than Ana was, but at the time that hadn’t mattered. Ana had done what any scorned teenage would have done and tried everything to keep her relationship alive.

It hadn’t made a difference, and now after years of experience, she knew why. She could save the world and change the fate of anyone around her, but her own fate was set in stone. No matter what she tried to change her future, it made little difference. Oh, she could alter little inconsequential things, maybe delay the breakup by a few minutes or even an hour, but it would happen none the less.

She’d spent that first year looking ahead and trying to find a way to alter her own future, but to no avail. She looked back at the time now as a wasted year, a year she could have been doing real good, but she could do nothing about it now.

Since then, she’d only very seldom looked into her own future, there was something anticlimactic at knowing what was going to happen and especially since there was nothing she could do about it.

Ana’s view of SolarGirl’s future finally came in to focus, as always she started a week out and Ana let out a gasp at what she saw.

SolarGirl was on her knees, half-naked, sucking a dick between her lips.

Ana blocked out the vision, it was, of course, a hazard of looking into people’s future, you never knew what personal, private activities they may be doing.

She pulled back a day and focused once more, this time SolarGirl was flat on her back, her naked breasts jiggling as she was clearly having sex.

Ana’s lips curled into a frown as she pulled back several more days, this time SolarGirl was fully dressed but dancing around a pole, wiggling and jiggling her body.

“Is something the matter 4sight?” SolarGirl’s voice asked and Ana opened her eyes.

“I’m not sure, hang on a sec.” Ana replied and closed her eyes once more, reaching out into the League’s headquarters and finding only Miracle Maiden there with them at the moment.

She focused on Miracle Maiden’s future for the next week and Ana shook her head, “No, no, no…” she said as the vision of Miracle Maiden bound naked to the X frame with her glowing lasso, her large breasts tightly tied at the base with it as well causing them to turn red and stand out from her body. The whip coming across them, again and again, but it was the cries of pure pleasure from Miracle Maiden’s mouth that made the scene so horrible.

Ana pulled back to the present and refocused on SolarGirl, looking just hours into her future. SolarGirl was in some kind of cave, a bright smile across her lips as a giggle escaped them.

Ana pulled back even father until she was just a few minutes into the future, in Ana’s office, a bright green slit hanging in the air as she saw Miracle Maiden, SolarGirl and herself there, along with a man.

She couldn’t get a fix on him, his future not within her immediate vicinity, so she opened her eyes just as a flash of green light temporarily blinded her.

She blinked several times to clear her vision and saw SolarGirl doing the same, but she now recognized the man that stepped through the portal hanging in the middle of the air, Damian Child.

He was a powerful mage, a common foe of the League and not one to be trifled with. SolarGirl saw him as well and lunged towards him, but he released a spell he had cast before stepping through the portal and another flash of light filled the room.

Ana watched SolarGirl freeze in place and felt her own limbs become unresponsive as they both became living statues. By this time the League’s headquarters had detected the breach and the alarm had sounded, a moment later Miracle Maiden burst through the door and flew straight towards Damian.

A second flash of light filled the room, but had no effect on Miracle Maiden, being made by the gods had made her invulnerable to earthly magic, and so she barrelled headlong into him.

As soon as she made contact with him Ana realized Miracle Maiden’s mistake. His image shimmered and disappeared as Miracle Maiden continued on, disappearing into the portal that was just behind his illusion. Of course, he’d known that Miracle Maiden would be unaffected by his magic, the entire time his plan had been to send her away to wherever the portal led.

Damian reappeared off to the side of the portal, where he had probably been standing since emerging from it, and took a step towards SolarGirl. He waved his hands as he called upon his magic until there was a glow all around him, then he placed his index finger on to SolarGirl’s forehead and the glow flowed into SolarGirl.

When it was done, SolarGirl unfroze and landed on the floor, easily righting herself and standing upright. But the scowl that had adorned her face was gone, replaced with the bright smile Ana had seen in her future just moments ago.

Damian eclipsed her view of SolarGirl as he once more focused his magic, the glow forming around him once more until he stood right in front of her. His finger touched her forehead and the magic burst into her mind, she let out a scream, or at least in her mind she did as it burned its way through her.

It seemed to last forever, but she felt her small frame collapse on to the ground as she lost consciousness. A minute later she started to come around and was amazed at the ease SolarGirl had recovered from such a tremendous assault on her mind.

Ana felt SolarGirl’s strong arms pick her up from the floor and hold her tightly against her chest, forcing Ana’s face against one of SolarGirl’s large breasts.

Unable to focus her power on anyone else, Ana looked into her own future. She saw the three of them step through the portal and Damian close it behind them. On the other side was a warehouse of some kind, large and empty she could see Miracle Maiden fighting three mechanical men, they seemed to be getting the better of her as each one landed blow after blow.

Damian’s voice caused her to turn her head to him, “Ah, finally awake again, good. You are banned from using your powers to change the future without my permission.”

The words hit her like a ton of bricks, her power instantly shutting off and bringing her back to the present just as they stepped through the portal for real.

It was exactly like she’d seen it, of course; the empty warehouse, and Miracle Maiden on the ropes.

Damian’s voice caused her to turn her head to him, “Ah, finally awake again, good. You are banned from using your powers to change the future without my permission.”

She winced as he repeated the words she had already heard him say in her vision of the future, “Now then, I’m sure you have some question, let me see if I can answer a few of them. The reason you didn’t see this coming is because the entire plan was only put in place last night, from inception to completion in less than 24 hours.”

She scrunched her forehead as her body started to recover, if she could keep him monologueing, maybe she would have a chance. Though it was clear the plan wasn’t his, he was more of a “create chaos” kind of villain than a “create a plan” one.

“And yes, I am just one part of the plan, this magnificently crafted plan is obviously not something I would concoct. However, Dex Ruger, well that’s a different story altogether.” he continued with a chuckle.

“Dex promised me chaos and mayhem, and with you pesky heroes out of the way, that’s exactly what I’ll get. Oh, and before I forget, you will do nothing to harm me or work against my goals.”

The words hit her hard again, her mind wrapping itself around them and taking them into its very core.

“As I’m sure you can guess, I’ve cast an obedience spell on you. A simple enough bit of magic, but more than effective on one such as yourself. As for SolarGirl, well, she needed something a little more comprehensive. I’m afraid there’s not much left of the old SolarGirl in there, but she is so much happier now. Isn’t that right SolarGirl?”

“Like, totally Sir! giggle” SolarGirl replied, sending her bosom jiggling right in Ana’s face.

“I think you can set 4sight down now SG.” he said, waving his hand at the two of them.

giggle Like sure thing Sir!” SolarGirl chirped and gently set Ana down on to her feet. Ana managed to stay upright, but only just as she still felt the powerful effects of the spell.

Ana looked across the warehouse just in time to see one of the mechanical men land the final blow, bringing Miracle Maiden to her knees and then she collapsed on to the hard cement floor.

One of the other mechanical men quickly grabbed her lasso from her belt and tied her hands behind her back, then with the help of the third mechanical man, brought her legs together and spun the lasso around her knees and ankles before completing the process by gathering her hair and tying the lasso around it, arching Miracle Maiden in to some kind of hog-tie that looked to stress her body to the limit.

The mechanical man that had knocked her out, grabbed the lasso between her feet and hair and picked her up like a piece of luggage and walked towards SolarGirl, Damian and herself.

“Ah, very good, I see Dex’s technological contraptions did their job.” he said as he waved his hand in the air and another portal opened a few feet in front of him.

“I hope you didn’t do any serious damage to her, Dex has promised to return her to me unblemished after all.”

“No significant injury has been caused.” the mechanical voice of the mechanical man replied as he turned and walked through the portal carrying Miracle Maiden with him. The others followed him until it was just the three of them left in the warehouse and Damian closed the portal.

It had been a month since Damian had stepped through the portal into her office and just as he had said, chaos rained across the city. For her part, Ana could do nothing but watch from Damian’s mansion.

Dex’s plan hadn’t been just to capture the three of them, in fact SolarGirl and Miracle Maiden had been collateral damage, Ana had been the primary target.

In one of Dex’s trademark fits of creativity, he’d seen the connection and the dependency that had formed between the League and 4sight. The League had become so successful because of her, but she could also be their weakness if exploited in the right way.

And so Dex’s plan had been simple, with Damian’s magic and his technology, infiltrate the League headquarters and corrupt her. Damian had spent several hours giving her very specific instructions, crafted by Dex, before returning her to her office.

Over the next several days, as each of the heroes came in for their interviews, she gave them false leads and warnings, leading them each to their capture and downfall by one of the many villains Dex had recruited to the cause. They all trusted her implicitly, and by the time anyone realized what was happening it was too late.

The League was depleted, a final push by the villains crushed the last bits of resistance and they now roamed the city with no one to stop them.

Of course, since then skirmishes had started to occur between the villains, but that had been expected and Dex was managing it through a combination of his intellect and the small strike force of ex-heroes he now commanded.

She walked back into the bedroom from the balcony and stood in front of the full-length mirror and looked into her own future just a few minutes, keeping her eyes open so she could see the reflection of her future self overlaid on to the present.

As Damian had said, the plan hadn’t been his and she was sure he didn’t think anything of the minor slip up he’d made with his first command to her. While it was true that she could not look into anyone’s future without his permission, as even the simple act of looking would change it if only in the smallest of ways. She could still look into her own future as she could not change that.

She reached over and picked up the lipstick from the counter beside the mirror and applied some more of the flat black makeup to her lips, matching what she saw in her future reflection perfectly.

She set it back down and looked once more, making sure her future self and her present self matched exactly. She started with the big black block letters on her forehead, “EMPTY”. It had been hard to get them perfect while looking in the mirror using the marker, but no more so than the “WH” and “RE” on each of her cheeks.

Looking further down to her chest, more block letters adorned her skin, “TINY” and “TITTIES” above each of her breasts. “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” in two semi-circles just above her pussy. “SPREAD” and “WIDE” on her inner thighs.

She turned around and looked over her shoulder as best as she could, down the centre of her back “SLUT” covering almost all of it. On her as cheeks was “FREE” and “USE” with arrows beside each word pointing to her ass. She’d had to ask SolarGirl to do those, the blonde bimbo had giggled constantly as she used the marker to write the words on to Ana’s skin.

She turned back to the jingle of the two small bells that were looped through each of her nipples, the chain that connected them also running down her abdomen to loop through the ring that adorned her clit.

Her hand rose up and ran across her hair, she’d just shaved it that morning before starting to get ready to see Damian. She’d of course seen all of this before and she knew it would happen no matter what she did, and so she did the best she could to make it as easy as possible.

It was all for a good cause though, she wanted to use her powers to view the future of Linda, one of the people who worked in Damian’s mansion. As, even though he had four former heroins in his possession, he still needed a few domestic servants to do things like cook and do the shopping.

True to his word, Dex had returned Miracle Maiden a few days later; broken and docile. The former hero was now eager to follow his commands. She spent much of her days now bound and gagged, traipsing around the mansion in her ballet heels and her tits cruelly bound in her own lasso.

In the weeks that followed, Damian had brought low two other heroes, StarFlare and Night Sparrow. StarFlare followed him around like a lost puppy, eager to receive any attention he might give her. Night Sparrow, on the other hand, was a more practical acquisition, as she wandered around the house dressed as a french maid, cleaning constantly.

But the one thing all four of them had in common was that their large breasts were always exposed, on display and ready to be groped by Damian at any moment.

It had turned out that he was quite the breast man, and that had made his possession of Ana problematic. With her small breasts, she hardly could complete with the others, but likewise, she was too dangerous to let go of. And so he’d kept her close by, but resenting her presence all the same.

So, as she let her power collapse and her vision returned to the single image of her own reflection, she stepped from the bedroom and headed down to the study, where she had seen herself find him in her vision.

He was there, sitting in his chair, relaxing as SolarGirl’s head bobbed up and down in his lap as he sipped a snifter of brandy.

He turned to the ringing of the bells hanging from her nipples and raised an eyebrow, “Well, if it isn’t Tiny Tits.” he said with a smirk, reaching down between his legs and placing his hand on SolarGirl’s head, pulling her gently up from him.

“Yes Sir, Tiny Tits is here for your use Sir.” she replied, the humiliation burning just as hard as it had in her vision. But she had to do it, it was the only way he would give her permission.

Without the “advantages” of the other captured hero’s, Ana had done the only thing she could, and appealed to his villainous nature. At first, it was small things, degrading herself verbally in front of him, begging him to use her, whatever it took to get his attention.

But it had worked too well and soon he was pushing her farther and farther, until now it was a whole production before he would pay her any attention at all. And she needed his attention if he was going to give her permission to use her power. The calculus was simple really and a simple look into her future had confirmed it.

Damian stood up, pushing SolarGirl to the side, a pout on her lips as she realized she wouldn’t be getting to finish Damian off this time.

He stood just in front of her and pulled on the chain that hung between her nipples, tugging on it hard as she remained in place and her breasts distended from the force. He tugged on it, causing the bells to ring out as he did so.

“And what does Tiny Tits want today?” he asked, tugging on the chain even harder.

She let out a moan before answering, “Tiny Tits wants… wants to use her power on Linda, Sir.”

He let the chain fall from his hand and reached out and grabbed her small breast, encapsulating it easily and squeezing it, then jiggling it hard from side to side sending the bell once more ringing.

“And what is Tiny Tits willing to do for that privilege?” he asked.

She didn’t hesitate at all, “Anything Sir. Use Tiny Tits any way you wish!”

He smiled and released her breast but quickly grabbed her nipple and twisted it cruelly. A sudden flash of his magic ran across the ring that was looped through her nipple and the bell disappeared, the magic ran along the chain, each link vanishing as it did until it reached her other nipple as well as her clit. When it was done, both the chain and the bells were gone, the rings replaced with two metal bars.

He twisted the bar in his fingers hard and crushed it against her body, “Yes Sir, please… harder!” she let out in a half whimper from the humiliation of it all and half from the pleasure that was coursing through her body from her abused nipple.

He let it go and landed a hard slap on her other breast, then did so again and again until her whole body was shaking from the mix of need and fear.

His strong hand grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her over to the chair he had been sitting in, SolarGirl had taken a seat there and he pushed her forward until her face was just in front of SolarGirl’s massive tits. Ana placed her hands on each of the arms of the chair to support herself as she stayed right where he had placed her.

“Look at those tits, Tiny Tits, those are the tits of a real woman. Don’t you agree Tiny Tits?”

She whimpered once more before responding, “Yes Sir, those are the tits of a real woman Sir. Tiny Tits’ tiny tits are just nothing in comparison, just like her.” Ana said, her face burning bright red with humiliation.

“Then show SolarGirl how you treat a real set of tits, Tiny Tits.” Damian said and Ana leaned forward and took one of SolarGirl’s nipples between her lips and gently suckled it. SolarGirl moaned, Ana moaned, as they both savoured the experience for completely different reasons.

Ana felt SolarGirl’s hands reach up and take a hold of Ana’s small breasts, SolarGirl’s super strength threatening to crush them in her powerful grip.

“That’s right Tiny Tits, worship SolarGirl like the big-titted goddess she is.” Damian said as his hand ran down over Ana’s ass and between her legs. His fingers finding her clit ring and giving it a tug, then another.

Ana couldn’t help herself, she sucked as hard as she could on SolarGirl’s nipple, pushing her own face hard into the massive mammary until she couldn’t breathe and she didn’t want to.

She only released herself from the heavenly embrace of SolarGirl’s breast when Damian landed the first of several blows to her ass, “OH GOD YES! Spank Tiny Tits’ ass!” she managed to get out before her face was forced between SolarGirl’s jugs.

SolarGirl finally let go of Ana’s breasts, the blood flowing back into them quickly after the crushing strength had squeezed them so tightly, “Like, I just so love Tiny Tits’ head between my tits!” SolarGirl cried out and squeezed her two massive tits from each side, nearly wrapping them completely around Ana’s head.

She felt Damian’s hard dick slide across her dripping wet pussy lips several times and her cry of delight hardly managed to escape the muffling caused by SolarGirl’s tits. But it didn’t matter, moments later her similar cries were just as muffled as Damian ran his dick up and over her pussy, pushing hard into her ass.

Damian pounded her ass from behind, SolarGirl crushed her face between her tits, and Ana’s orgasms started to crash over her. The most intense one crested when she felt Damian unload inside of her, but several more followed as he slapped her ass with his dick, sending droplets of cum on to her ass and lower back.

Ana, unable to support herself any longer, collapsed forward into SolarGirl’s lap, the blonde superheroine catching her in her strong arms and pulling her up so her head rested between her tits. Ana looked up at SolarGirl’s smiling face and returned it with her own smile as SolarGirl let out a giggle, “Like, Tiny Tits is just so totally cute when she sucks my nipples!”

Ana instinctively turned her head to the side and found SolarGirl’s waiting nipple, as SolarGirl held her tightly to her. It felt so good to be there, so right to have SolarGirl’s large tits surrounding her head, she never wanted to leave.

She closed her eyes and let her power flow, looking into her own future once more, just a few hours until bedtime, where she saw herself snuggled peacefully between SolarGirl’s tits, just like she was every night.

“Alright Tiny Tits, you can look into Linda’s future, but you’ll tell me everything you see, got it?”

Unwilling to let SolarGirl’s nipple free from her mouth, Ana simply nodded and Damian seemed satisfied and left, leaving the two former hero’s alone.

She would, of course, tell Damian everything she saw in Linda’s future, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t be able to make any changes. It was one of the few things she could still do to help people out, looking into the future of the staff and guiding them away from Damian’s grasp.

He’d catch on eventually of course, or maybe he already had, but either way, it was the only thing she could do to make things better. Well apart from sucking on SolarGirl’s nipples of course, that made everything so much better for her at least.