Press to Play

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2015

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SYNOPSIS: Having a trophy wife was supposed to make things easy and let Derek have a willing partner in the bedroom, but Julia has other ideas now that a few years have gone by. For his part, Derek has an idea of his own.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Press to Play

Julia finished her nightly routine and exited the master bathroom to her waiting ‘husband’. She’d married for money and Derek was well aware of it as he had married her for her prowess in the bedroom. When they had started dating, she’d been eager to make sure he didn’t forget their time together and had used every trick in the book to get him hooked.

It had worked too well really, she soon found Derek had several kinks that she hadn’t foreseen and within a couple of months she often found herself tied up, restrained or wearing corsets and latex.

Still, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and it brought about a proposal from him within 6 months of their dating. The wedding had been lavish and she now lived a pampered life without a care in the world.

However in the 2 years since their wedding day, she’d realized Derek wasn’t going to lose interest in the games he wanted her to play. While it was ok once in a while, it was a lot of work and lately she’d been pushing him off.

Entering the bedroom she saw the familiar look on Derek’s face and a small box on the bed beside a pair of high heel stilettos. He was looking to play but she wasn’t in the mode.

“Oh Derek, not tonight, I’ve already gotten cleaned up for bed.”

“Come on Julia, it’s been weeks since we’ve had some fun. It won’t take long, I promise.”

“I’m sorry Derek, I just can’t do it tonight. How about tomorrow night instead, I promise.”

She didn’t have any intention of keeping the promise of course, but the expression on Derek’s face told her he wasn’t going to let it go tonight anyway.

“Look Julia, we’ve had this conversation far too often lately. It’s been getting harder and harder to get you to hold up your end of the bargain and I’m tired of it. If you aren’t interested any more, just say so and I’ll call my lawyer in the morning and get the divorce started.”

Julia blanched noticeably at the threat. The pre-nup was iron clad and failure to perform “material duties” was definitely one of the ways Derek could terminate the marriage without fear of her getting a penny.

“Now Derek, don’t do anything rash, it’s just I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the last little while. I’m sure everything will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.”

She put on her best puppy dog face, it usually worked, her brown hair and eyes helped frame it well. But she’d have to find a way out of the pre-nup, she was done with Derek now and it was time to move on.

“I’ve heard it all before. If you don’t like your life I’m sure I can find someone to replace you, someone who is much more willing to play. Now, your choice, play tonight or divorce tomorrow?”

She slumped her shoulders a bit and hung her head slightly. The she readied herself and straightened herself up and smiled, “Ok lover, what do you have for us tonight?”

He smiled, almost a smirk but just on the right side of devious to satisfy her he was still interested.

“Oh I have something new to try tonight. Get undressed and put on the shoes and I’ll show you.”

She only had a baggy night shirt on so it didn’t take long to take it off. She put on the heels, they were a good 4″ tall and stood in front of him. With no concerns or work to distract her over the last two years, she’d spent a lot of time working on her body and it was slim and hard in all the right places.

The cool air from the air conditioning hardened her small nipples quickly and she looked down at her small breasts as they did. Derek had suggested on several occasions she go for implants, but her b cups looked fine on her small 5’4″ frame and it wasn’t a deal breaker for him.

Derek picked up the box off the bed, she noticed it was made out of black plastic and was only a few inches deep but closer to twelve inches long and square. He opened it and she could make out what looked like some kind of stickers laid out inside of it on both the bottom and top parts of the box. The lining was white and she could easily see the black symbols on the transparent material of the stickers.

“Tonight we’re going to play ‘Sex Bot and Owner’, I’ll put these stickers on you and then I’ll give you some commands to follow, got it?”

She nodded, all things considered it wasn’t going to be that bad of a night. It didn’t involve rope or latex and that was a plus.

“Can you pull your hair back in to a pony tail? It will make it easier to apply these. Why don’t you stand over here in front of the mirror?”

She looked over at the nightstand and found a scrunchy and then pulled her shoulder length hair back in to a pony tail, securing it. She turned towards the mirror and Derek was standing behind her, still a few inches taller than her even with the heels on. He had the box in his left hand and gently lifted one of the stickers up front its mounting spot.

Getting a better look at it, she could see it was a black dot, about an inch in diameter encircled by a black line. He placed it on her left temple and it felt slightly warm. She arched an eyebrow as he went for the second sticker.

“Why can I feel some heat coming off that sticker?”

“Oh, just the temporary glue setting. It will wash right off with a bit of soap when we’re done.”

He proceeded to place an identical sticker on her right temple, it too felt slightly warm once it was in place.

Derek pulled out the third sticker, which was smaller but similarly designed and placed it in the middle of her chin. He then placed the box down on the bed and removed a long, slightly curved sticker that looked to be almost the full width of the box. Using both hands he placed it just below her collar bone and pressed it firmly in place. It had several icons on it but she didn’t get a good look at it and now that it was on her she couldn’t quite make out the symbols in the reflection of the mirror.

The next two stickers were similar to the ones on her temples, but instead of having a solid black circle in the middle, they had the center cut out, leaving just the black line. Derek placed one of the stickers on each of her breasts so that the nipple stuck through the hole and was encircled by the black line.

There were two stickers left in the box, each looked identical to the ones on her temples and he placed one just above her cleanly shaven pussy and the final one at the small of her back.

Each sticker had been warm when they were applied, but now they had cooled off and she hardly even felt them on her body. Derek closed the case and set it on his own night stand before coming back.

“Ok Derek, now what?”

“Now? Each of the stickers I’ve applied to you is a button. Each one has a specific function, let me show you…”

She knew this kind of game, he’d tell her what they did and she was expected to play along. She waited as he reached up to her left temple and ‘pressed’ the button that was attached there.

“The one on the left starts the process, it freezes you in place and lets me work on the rest of you.”

She felt his hand touch the button and she was ready to stay still while he played out the game, but as soon as his finger left the button she felt something strange happen, something she couldn’t quite figure out. She tried to ask Derek about it, but found she couldn’t move her mouth.

Panic was close at hand and she tried to reach up and remove the sticker but her body remained perfectly still.

“Now that’s better isn’t it?

I won’t wait for a response, you won’t be able to talk until I finish up with the rest of your programming.”

She calmed herself enough to listen to what he was saying, ‘rest of my programming’ she thought, ‘that can’t be good!’

“Now then, the stickers were filled with nanites that have dispersed throughout your body. The two on your temples were the first so they could get right in that head of yours. The rest are really just control areas. For example, the long strip here on your collar bone selects they type of change I want to make.

Of course it’s not limited to the six icons there were on display when I applied it, a simple swipe left or right bring up all kinds of options.”

She could feel his finger move across the sticker, left and right as she watched him smile like a kid with a new toy.

“Ah, here’s one we can start with, ‘breasts’.”

He tapped the strip but nothing seemed to happen.

“Once a selection has been made, the circles around your nipples control the selected part of your body. For example with breasts selected, your left nipple is smaller and your right nipple is larger.”

He pressed her right nipple hard and she watched as her breasts started to grow right in front of her. They moved through several sizes in the span of under a minute and when he finally let go they were huge. Not just big for her small frame, big for anyone, they had to be at least an E cup.

“Yes, that’s better, but those nipples look a little small now, let’s improve them as well.”

He selected another icon just to one side of the breasts icon and once more pushed her right nipple and she felt it grow under his finger and she could see her left one extend out and thicken.

He scrolled through more options, selecting them in turn and changing her body right before her eyes. Next were her lips, large and plump. They formed an ‘O’ and didn’t quite close any more. Then her eyes; wide, vacant and blue. A change to her cheekbones moved them up her face, changing her slightly rounded features in to a more angular look.

Finally he changed her hair, gone was the smart and stylish brown locks she was accustomed to. In their place was a mass of platinum blond curls the reached all the way down her back.

“Ok, well that looks good for tonight.” He tapped another icon and suddenly the strip below her collar bone disappeared along with the ones on her chin and temples.

“Now then, for the time being, you’re still in body control mode. You can’t move unless specifically instructed to or one of your buttons is pressed.

You’ll notice you still have four visible button and the one on your chin is still active as well, even though you can’t see it.

Each of these set’s off a command that is now programmed in to you. The one on your chin initiates oral sex. The ones on your nipples a titty fuck. The one above your pussy, vaginal sex. And of course the one above your ass, anal sex.”

‘The bastard, I’m going to rip his balls off when I get out of this!’ she thought as he reached towards her chin.

A light brush was all it took and she immediately dropped to her knees. Spreading her legs wide, pushing her massive breasts out, locking her hands behind her back and tilting her head back with her mouth wide open, her body waiting to be used.

He reached down and pressed on one of her nipples, her body moved again. She pulled her legs together and raised herself up slightly as she unlocked her arms from behind herself and pushed her breasts together.

Reaching even farther down, he pressed the button above her pussy, this time her body moved on to the bed, spread its legs and then spread her pussies lips with her fingers.

Pushing his hand under her ass, he touched the final button and her body pulled her legs back all the way to her head, her hands grabbed her ass and pulled it up, presenting her sphincter to Derek.

“Good, good. Everything seems to be in working order.”

Derek walked over to the dresser where they kept some of their toys and pulled out an onyx butt plug, he applied a bit of lube and then walked back to the bed and inserted it in to her ass.

“The buttons have a few secondary functions as well. For example when the anal or vaginal modes are active, rubbing the button clockwise will increase your pleasure.” He demonstrated and Julia felt a rush of pleasure race up her spine, she moaned when it hit her brain.

“But rubbing it counter clockwise will cause some… discomfort.” Suddenly the pleasure was gone, in its place a sharp pain came from her ass, it was too big and felt like it was stretching her wider than she had ever been before.

“And a simple tap…” The pain was gone, this time replaced by a small orgasm.

“…where as a hard press and hold…” The orgasm was back, but this time with a vengeance and it continued to build as he pressed in to her button. She arched and tensed every muscle in her body and the orgasm continued, a scream of pure pleasure coming from her over inflated lips.

“Alright, time to finish up I guess.”

She was still coming down from the shear bliss he had invoked in her when he walked around beside her and pressed the invisible button on the right temple. When he did so the pleasure was gone, along with the anger and fear. Nothing was left, not even a single thought in her mind. She just laid still, waiting.

He pulled out a sheet of paper from his night stand and started reading.

“You are a sex bot, model name Jewel. You have been programmed with a lifelike personality overlay named Julia, which you use when in public to engage in normal human interaction.

However you are not human, but simply a sex bot owned by me. I have chosen to have your personality overlay programmed to behave as a human because it pleases me to do so. Julia is not real, not a person, just a program you run when it is appropriate. Each time you run the Julia program you will revert to your default physical settings. The personality will have no recollection of any missing time since the last time it was run and it will fill in the gaps with ordinary everyday tasks. When unloading the overlay you will revert physically to the state you were in before loading the Julia personality program.”

The sex bot understood the new programming, Julia was not real, only the sex bot was real.

“When we are in private you will always be Jewel unless I give you a command otherwise. If I order you to engage the Julia program in private, you will do so with several limitations; you will maintain your current physical form, Julia will be unable to stop me from touching her, Julia will be unable to physical hurt anyone, Julia will be fully aware of what has happened to her, Julia will be unable to go more than 10 feet away from me, Julia will follow all direct verbal commands even though she does not want to and finally the standard buttons will be active.”

The sex bot tailored its programming to its owner’s specifications, public Julia and private Julia overlays were now available to use.

Derek pressed the right temple again and the sex bot came to life. It stood up at the foot of the bed, pushing its massive tits forward at attention.

“Sex bot Jewel is ready for service sir!”

“Load the Julia personality please.”

Julia was suddenly aware of everything, anger welled up inside her and she swung her hand out to slap Derek. He didn’t flinch away and her hand stopped just before it reach him.

“Fucking bastard, I’m going to kill you!” She lifted her leg up to knee him in the balls, but just like the slap, it never reached its target.

She spun around and headed for the door, 6 steps later she stop dead in her tracks.

“Why can’t I leave!”

“You know why Julia, you heard the limitations you now have. Now come back here.”

She fumed, but she turned around and walked back to Derek against her will.

“Now then that’s better.”

“Fuck you Derek!”

“Later, later. For now call me master.”

“There’s no way I’m calling you master, master.”

Her hands covered her mouth in surprise, she moved them aside and tried again, “Master. Master! MASTER!”

“Yes, I like the sound of that.” He reached out and touched the button on her chin.

She dropped to her knees and assumed the position as Derek dropped his pants, he placed the tip of his dick on her lips and she took it in willingly.

She sucked hard, taking it all the way down her throat. Slurping up and down on it and when he grabbed the back of her head she eagerly let him hold her down at the base of his shaft.

‘I can’t stop! I can’t stop it! Master is fucking my mouth and I can’t stop him!”

Her focus was completely on his dick and she didn’t notice his free hand reach down and start to rub her chin. She started sucking even harder as the pleasure burst forth from her lips and mouth.

Moments later Derek pulled out of her mouth and moved his shaft across her lips and then bounced it several times on them.

Then, missing his target, his shaft touched the button on her chin and she orgasamed. She heard him chuckled slightly and looked up at a broad grin across his face before he smacked her chin with his dick harder this time.

A dozen orgasm wracked her body as he smacked her chin with his cock. Finally he pushed it back in to her mouth and worked it in and out a few times before she could feel it stiffen even more.

He came in her mouth and pushed her chin button hard at the same time. She orgasmed through his delivery of his load in to her mouth and she swallowed every last drop.

She lost consciousness once the orgasm had crested and she lay on the floor, twitching from the pleasure. She started to stir a few minutes later.

“Unload Julia please.”

The sex bot returned to full function and started to stand. She saw her owner sitting in a chair by the TV.

“No stay down on your hands and knees. Crawl over and clean me off, I think Julia missed a few drops.”

The sex bot eagerly crawled over to its owner and licked his shaft clean. It was happy to be of use.