Reclamation Centre

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2021

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SYNOPSIS: Lady Crimson tries to thwart The Gagster’s attempt to free his henchwoman from the Reclamation Center.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Reclamation Centre

Lady Crimson looked at the large modern building from behind the small stand of trees that grew just beyond the chain-link fence line. The fence itself was electrified and had video cameras atop each pole to monitor the entirety of the property.

The building was a single story tall, but very large, if not for the fence and signs it might be mistaken for a manufacturing plant for any number of industrial items. She let out a slight sigh as her eyes drifted to one of the many prominent signs along the fence, “WARNING: RECLAMATION CENTRE #6 TRESPASSING STRICTLY FORBIDDEN”. A smaller sign just under it warned of the electric fence, but that was not a problem for her, she could easily jump over it and not have to worry about the electrical shock she might otherwise get.

She turned her head to look down along the right side of where she sat and then scanned back left. The Gagster was sure to come at the building from behind, and with Gwen Penn scheduled to be processed within the next few hours, he was sure to arrive at any moment.

Still, she almost turned and left, the sight of the Reclamation Centre turned her stomach. As Jennifer Powers, senior partner at the most powerful law firm in the city, she’d fought the law establishing them tooth and nail. Technically she was still fighting it, appealing all the way up to the supreme court, but there was no guarantee that they’d hear the case, and even if they did it would be an uphill battle for her.

Unfortunately, the citizens of the city, and to be honest, the whole country was tired of the repeat offenders getting out, or breaking out, of jail and causing havoc once more. Gwen was a perfect example. As The Gagster’s right-hand woman, she was in and out of the psych ward, and jail, more often than a dog chassed its tail.

Sometimes the doctors declared her “sane” and let her out, sometimes The Gagster broker her out, sometimes she just escaped on her own. But no matter how she got out, she quickly found The Gagster and returned to her life of crime.

Though, this time when she’d been caught trying to help The Gagster gas an entire football stadium of fans, the judge came down hard. Armed with the new legislation of the Reclamation Centre’s, he sentenced her to a full reclamation cycle, the harshest punishment available to him.

Jennifer closed her eyes for a moment and settled her thoughts, it didn’t matter if she objected to them, she had sworn to uphold the law. Her super-hearing picked up a rustle of leaves a few dozen yards away from her and she opened her eyes and focused in on it. It only took her a fraction of a second to identify the false alarm as a deer noticed her and sprinted away.

The large explosion that came from the Reclamation Centre was another story altogether.

“Shit…” Jennifer said as she sprung into action. The Gagster hadn’t bothered trying to be sneaky this time and had just gone with a frontal assault.

Lady Crimson’s powerful legs easily launched her over the fence and a few under yards towards the building. When her feet touched ground, she pushed hard, running as fast as she could towards the front of the building where the explosion had come from.

When she arrived, several guards laid strewn about, she quickly checked them, making sure they weren’t in any immediate danger. She then turned to the large hole blown in the main wall of the building, small billows of smoke still coming from it. Inside she could hear screams and commotion as the maniacal cackle of The Gagster rose above it all.

Jennifer frowned and started towards the hole, all of her senses on high alert as she did so until she was through and into the large reception area inside. A quick check of the few people still choking on smoke and an instruction to the remaining people to get out and help the guards outside, left her even farther behind The Gagster.

It couldn’t be helped though, part of being a hero was making sure everyone was safe, not just going after the villain of the moment. Even if she wanted nothing more than to get her hand on The Gagster and end his villainy this day. Fortunately he had left an easy trail of destruction to follow; broken doors and windows, discarded gag guns, a rainbow of coloured powders, all leading right back to the main processing centre.

She made her way there as quickly and carefully as she could, checking on those she found along the way, until she too looked through the shattered door that led into the main facility. It was a large room, perhaps a hundred feet deep and fifty feet across. Along each of the side walls were five cylindrical transparent tanks, large enough to hold a person standing upright, and hooked up to machinery on each side. The tanks were on platforms that elevated them several feet, so that additional machinery could be installed below them.

Several of the tanks held people being proceessed, but the third one down the left was open and in front of it was The Gagster, kneeling while holding someone in his arms. Jennifer assumed it was Gwen, and wondered if he had arrived too late.

“Gagster! Hold it right there!” Jennifer cried out as she moved towards the pair of them.

The Gagster lifted his head up, “Oh my Gwen! What have they done to you?” he shouted and then turned his head around to see Jennifer approaching.

His jet black hair shined in the fluorescent light, his yellow teeth were bared through a grimace that Lady Crimson knew only too well.

“You!” he shouted, “This is your fault!” he continued as he stood up on to his feet and faced her just as she was about to arrive.

He held up his hand, a pile of purple powder in it and blew it at her. She had expected this and was prepared, her mask containing filters that would easily take care of any of his powders.

She threw a punch, but he jumped to the side and out of the way and it was only then that she got a look at the body he had been cradling. It wasn’t Gwen at all, just a random employee of the Reclamation Centre. She turned her head towards where The Gagster had leapt and realized her mistake. Behind him was one of his henchmen, having just dropped an electrical cable from his hands and towards the puddle of liquid that ran across the floor to where she was standing.

Even with her superhuman reaction time, it was too late and she felt the sting of the electricity as it arced across the floor and up through her legs.

The last thing she saw as she fell to the floor and consciousness fled from here, was the twitching body of the employee. Her last thought was to wonder if she was still alive, and then blackness engulfed her.

Jennifer woke up to pain, but it wasn’t the kind of pain she had expected. Electrocution wasn’t that uncommon in her line of work and so this was certainly not the first time she’d experienced it. She knew her muscles would ache, there should be a taste of copper in her mouth, along with a pounding headache.

Instead, she felt none of those and was having a hard time breathing, along with a constant pressure all over her body. She managed to get her eyes open and look out over the processing room from an entirely different vantage point than she expected. She quickly realized she was in one of the processing tanks.

She thrashed about, or at least tried to, but her limbs seemed limp and unresponsive. All she managed to do was produce a few bubbles in the liquid that surrounded her.

She ceased her ineffectual thrashing and tried to make her eyes focus on what was happening outside of the tank she was in. The liquid was clear, but still distorted her vision somewhat. She tilted her head down slightly to see The Gagster standing at the controls of the tank, typing away. Behind him were four people.

The one farthest away was obviously Gwen, her body naked still slick with the same liquid that Jennifer now found herself suspended in. Two more were The Gagster’s henchmen, they were kneeling at the sides of the fourth, a redheaded woman, that they were putting her Lady Crimson armour on.

Jennifer’s eyes bulged slightly at the realization that she was floating naked in the tank and she started to thrash around again with just as much success as the first time.

It was a few moments later that The Gagster looked up and smiled, noticing her awake. He looked back down at the control console in front of him, pulled over a microphone on an articulated stand and then hit a button beside its base.

“Ah, awake again Lady Crimson? Hahahaha, very good! Just in time as we were about to have to leave…” he said, waving to the people behind him.

“Hurry up you imbeciles, the police and who knows what do-gooders will be here soon!” he shouted at his two henchmen and they quicken their pace of work.

“Sorry about that… good help is so hard to find these days. It’s why I just couldn’t let them take my poor little Gwen away from me.” he continued with a sad face as he looked back at the immobile body of Gwen.

“Fortunately I got here just in time! Hahahaha! Sure, she’s a little worse for wear, but my newest friend assures me she’ll make a full recovery!” he said as he reached down and pulled up a limp body of a man in a white lab coat, a stupid grin plastered across his face, his eyes wide and unmoving.

Jennifer knew he was gone, his mind filled with only laughter now. The Gagster let him drop back down to the floor and she heard a slight giggle from the poor man as he hit it.

“Anywho… I’m sure you’ve noticed your complete lack of mobility. These tanks are amazing you know? I mean, you’ve only been in there for a few minutes and that goop has already seeped into every cell of your body! You must feel like you are made out of jello at this point! Hahahahaha!

Don’t bother trying to respond, I’m afraid the liquid has filled your lungs as well, so speech is out of the question.

I must say though, this process takes all the fun out of the whole thing. I mean, who would ever think that processing the mind first would be any fun?

Fortunately, I’m a genius when it comes to these things and have made the whole thing so much better!”

Jennifer tried to thrash in the tank once more, but this time her body moved even less. The Gagster might be certifiably insane, but he wasn’t wrong either, he was a genius when it came to computers. Perhaps though if she could keep him talking somehow someone would show up and stop him.

“All done boss.” one of the henchmen said as they stood up, bringing the now fully costumed woman up with them and suspending her between their muscular arms.

“Very good, now just hold your horses for a sec…” The Gagster shot back and the two henchmen rolled their eyes at the same time.

“So I’d really like to stick around and watch the process, but I’m afraid even the distraction I made on the other side of the city won’t keep your friends away forever, so it’s time for me to take my leave.” The Gagster said as he took a step back and then bowed with a flourish.

“But don’t worry, no one will disturb the process for you… I’ve gassed the entire building! HAHAHAHAHA!” he said and then turned and picked up Gwen’s body.

“Alright you two, out the front, I’m heading out the back.”

“You got it boss.” the two men said in unison and headed towards the front of the building as The Gagster turned and walked the other way. Soon, all of them were out of sight and all Jennifer could do was float in the tank.

Jennifer didn’t have to wait long before she felt the process start, and to The Gagster’s word, it started with her body. At 6″1′, Lady Crimson was a towering presence, her muscles well defined and her entire body rippling with power. The constant pressure on her body from the liquid was changing that though.

She had already watched several strands of her long red hair float down in front of her eyes as they dissolved away. She was sure that the rest of the hair on her body was suffering a similar fate.

It was only after several minutes realized that she was shrinking as well. A normal human would probably never have noticed, but her enhanced senses picked up on the smallest changes and she realized her perspective of the room was changing ever so slightly. In the back of her mind when she’d done her first scan of the room she’d noticed that each and every person in the tanks was floating centred in them, which meant the only way her perspective would change was if her head was now floating lower in the tank, meaning her centre had changed.

It was hard to tell exactly, but if she had to guess she had lost a least six inches of height so far and perhaps more.

The other change she could feel was the changed pressure around different parts of her body. She could feel her abdomen being crushed inward, but her chest and buttocks having significantly less pressure on them. Along with all of that, there was also a strange sensation all across her skin, almost like ants crawling over her.

She wasn’t sure how long it was until she saw the police enter the room, their weapons drawn, but she knew it was too late. Whatever she now looked like was completely unrecognizable to her old self, she was just another one of the bodies being processed at the Reclamation Centre.

It was just a few minutes later when she felt the process enter her mind and she slowly slipped away from reality.

“Shit…” Dan said as he looked at the surveillance footage in the security office of the Reclamation Centre.

Margret nodded her head in agreement at the image of The Gagster’s two henchmen carrying Lady Crimson’s limp body out of the building to the waiting van and then driving off.

“But where is The Gagster?” she asked in response.

“Hgh… I don’t know… let’s see what else is on these damned things…” Dan replied and quickly started to go through the remaining cameras.

“Damn it… half of the cameras are offline from the blast! He must have slipped out the back at some point.” he replied gruffly after several minutes of fruitless searching.

Margret nodded again and then turned and walked back towards the main processing facility. Inside of it was a bee’s nest of activity, dozen’s of techs trying to capture as much evidence as they could. She made her way over to the area with the most activity and scanned the scene.

“Tell me what you know.” she barked out at the closest tech and he fumbled for a moment before standing up and addressing her.

“Oh, ma’am. Ugh… well not too much yet. This was the centre of activity obviously…” the tech replied, waving his hand back towards the processing tank.

“As you can see Gwen Penn has been fully processed, it looks like The Gagster was too late to break her out this time.”

“What do you mean looks like? Haven’t you interviewed the tech’s that were working here at the time?”

“I’m sorry ma’am, that’s not possible. The Gagster gassed the entire building, no one is left that can say what happened I’m afraid.”

Margret frowned and furrowed her brow, she didn’t like it at all.

“Has anyone gone through the system logs on that thing yet?” she asked, pointing to the control console of the processing tank.

“Yes, one of the first things we did, everything looks fine. Gwen’s processing wasn’t interrupted at all and completed without any issues.”

Margret let out a grunt and then looked up at the processing tank, inside the “reclaimed” body of Gwen Penn floating. She didn’t recognize it in the slightest. The large breasts, the tiny waist, the complete lack of hair, the shiny skin. None of it looked like Gwen or anyone else really, it was more of some kind of sick teenage fantasy.

But that was what the Reclamation Centre’s did, even if she didn’t agree with it one bit. She shook her head and walked back towards the front of the building, making a mental note to reach out to her friend Jennifer Powers and see if she was having any luck overturning the law.

Jennifer felt herself jostle around as the truck drove away from the Reclamation Centre, but it was strange. She knew she had once been called Jennifer Powers, but that was not who she was now. The Reclamation Centre had made her something different, something new.

She was… Rubber Sex Doll Unit 469. It was the only way she could think of herself at the moment and the programming the Reclamation Centre had installed into her mind would not let her respond any other way. Even if someone had commanded her to reveal who she had been, she would claim not to know.

The same memories that told her she had been Jennifer Powers, also told her that was part of the law that allowed for the Reclamation Centre’s to operate. Once processed she was no longer a person and therefore had no past.

They had taken her through several tests, including bringing in a psychic, to ensure this was the case and she’d passed with flying colours. That had made her very happy as that meant she was ready for shipping to her new owner.

Which was exactly where she was now, comfortably encased in her shipping container, feeling the hum of the engine and the bumps of the road as they drove towards whatever her final destination was.

After a while, the truck slowed down and made several turns before coming to a complete stop. It wasn’t long before she heard the roll-up door of the truck open and then felt her container being slid along the floor of the truck and down on to a dolly of some kind so that she was standing mostly upright.

A few minutes later she was once more laying flat on her back as she heard the muffled voices of the two delivery men along with a third voice speaking for a moment before they left.

Immediately afterwards she heard the clasps of her shipping container being opened and then the bright light of the room filled her eyes. She quickly sat upright, the wide smile that had been on her lips somehow grew wider as the man that had opened her container stood over her. She quickly got to her feet and stood in front of him, her arms at her side, her tits pushed outward.

“Hello Sir. Rubber Sex Doll Unit 469 is now active. May I inquire, are you my new owner?”

The man smiled before answering, “Yes, yes I am.”

“Thank you Sir, you are now registered as my primary owner. How would you like me to refer to you as?”

“You can call me ‘boss’ for now.”

“Thank you Boss. Would you like to assign a name to this unit now?” she asked just as a second man entered the room.

“Holy shit man, look at those tits!” the second man exclaimed, “Boss, you’ve got to call this one Tits, that’s for sure!”

Her owner chuckled, “That’s what you said about the last one, and we already had a Tits then!”

“Yeah, but boss, I mean…” the second man said, waving his arms in the air towards her.

Her owner raised his hand to his chin and tapped it with his finger a few times, “I’ve got it…” he said and then turned back to her and spoke again, “New name assignment is Tittyfuck.”

Tittyfuck nodded, “Thank you Boss, Tittyfuck is very happy to have a name assigned to her.”

The second man chuckled, “Good one boss!”

“Yeah well, I can always change it later. Tittyfuck, give me a rundown of your features.”

“Of course Boss. As per your order, I have been designed as a Rubber Fuck Doll. My outer coating is a durable living rubber compound capable of withstanding significant usage without damage. Beyond the standard programming of all Rubber Fuck Doll’s, I have been programmed to focus on my tits, using them to provide pleasure to you and anyone you designate. To accommodate this, they have been formed with a channel between them to maximize pleasure for the user.”

“Shit Boss, what can’t they do these days?” the second man asked.

“Don’t know, but they were really pushing the boob channel, as they called it, when I placed my order. So I figured why not?”

The second man nodded in response, “Hey, do you want me to take her out back and get set up?”

This time it was her owner’s turn to let out a laugh, “And let you fuck those tits first? I don’t think so…”

“Hey, can’t blame a guy for trying…”

“Yeah, well, get out of here and back to work before I decide to anyway.”

The second man threw up his hands and quickly made his exit, closing the door behind him. Her owner walked up to her and placed his hand under her chin and tilted her head upwards so she was looking him in the eyes.

“They have really come a long way since the first units…” he said to no one in particular as he tilted her head from side to side and then ran his thumb over her plump lips. He then lifted his hand to her bald scalp and ran over the slick surface of it.

“Too bad they still haven’t figured out a way to keep your hair though. Oh well, we have lots of wigs in the back. Push those tits together for me.” he commanded and Tittyfuck quickly did so.

He looked down between her tits and then pushed his finger into the tight channel that formed between them, “Shit, that’s going to be really something! You’re going to be really popular with a couple of the regulars I know.”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and twisted her around, then he pushed her forward, holding her midsection with one hand so she bent forward at the waist. He stepped back just a little and then Tittyfuck felt his hand come down on her ass, sending it jiggling for just a moment.

“Mmmm…. Boss, slap my ass again… I love it!” she moaned and he slapped it several more times, eliciting more moans from her.

“Damn Tittyfuck, that’s quite the ass you’ve got. I think I might have assigned a name to you too soon. Good thing I can change that. New name assignment, Tittyassfuck.”

“Thank you Boss, Tittyassfuck is very happy to have a name assigned to her.” she replied and waited for her owner to issue his next command.

Tittyassfuck bounced her tits up and down along the length of the man’s shaft whom she knelt down between the legs of, “That’s right baby, fuck my big fat titties!” she cried out before tilting her head forward so that each time the man’s cock popped out of the top of her tits she could get her lips around it for just a second before it disappeared once more.

This wasn’t his first time seeing her so she knew exactly what he wanted, even though she wouldn’t yet call him a regular. She was pretty sure he would be soon enough though.

After several more strokes she lifted her head up and looked into his face, “Come on baby, are you gonna cum all over my big round tits? You know you want to? You know I love it when you do. You know how much I love to lick your cum off my tits baby… please… please cum on my tits!”

The man gave a grunt and she pushed her tits all the way down to the tip of his cock was exposed again. The first stream of cum hit her chin and bounced down on to her tits, the second went almost all the way over her head but landed on the smooth surface of it before starting to run down her face. The final two landed right where they were supposed to and she cried out as an orgasm rocked her body.

She tilted her head forward once more and wrapped her lips around his deflating shaft, lovingly sucking every last drop of cum from it that she could. When it was too far recessed between her tits, her tongue got to work on the remaining cum he’d deposited all over her.

“Thanks baby, that was great.” she said, jiggling her tits until she could no longer feel his cock between them and then let her tits fall ever so slightly as she let go of them. Her fingers quickly got to work scooping up the last of his cum into her mouth.

She sat there between his legs for a few minutes, pushing her tits into his crotch, until he gently pushed her back, stood up and went to the bathroom to clean up. He left without any further contact and when he was gone, she stood up and cleaned up as well.

It had been three weeks since Tittyassfuck had arrived at the brothel, well brothel really wasn’t the right word for it. Brothels contained prostitutes, and prostitutes were human. This place only contained reclaimed property like herself.

There were two other Rubber Fuck Doll models like her, but another half dozen or so regular Fuck Dolls. She was the latest to arrive and as such was generating a lot of interest from the clients, but she knew that wouldn’t last and so it was important to get as many regulars as possible, as soon as possible.

The Boss had made it clear to Tittyassfuck that the moment she didn’t pay for herself, he would sell her off to the highest bidder, and she would avoid that at all costs. Oh sure, whoever would be her next owner would make her feel just as good whenever he used her as her current owner did, but that wasn’t the reason she needed to remain at the brothel.

That reason was just walking in Tittyassfuck’s door as she finished cleaning up from her last client and sat on her bed.

“Hello Margret, Tittyassfuck is happy to see you again!” she said as the blonde detective walked in and closed the door behind her.

Margret had shown up at the brothel just last week and this was the third visit she had made.

Margret rolled her eyes before saying anything, “I told you, don’t call yourself that. When I’m here your Jen.”

“I’m sorry Margret, please forgive me.”

Margret let out a sigh, “Of course.” and then walked over to the bed and sat down beside Tittyassfuck. Margret reached out and ran her hand down the side of Tittyassfuck’s face, gentle turning it towards her before leaning forward and placing a kiss squarely on her lips.

It wasn’t long before the two of them were laid out on the bed, Margret on her back with Tittyassfuck eagerly licking at her pussy.

“God Jen, you do that so well… I never thought I’d find anyone that did it as well as Jennifer did.”

Tittyassfuck knew exactly what Margret meant of course, the memories of the two of them in bed were still in her head, and she was using all of them to pleasure Margret now. The old Jennifer Powers had been Margret’s lover for several months a few years ago, until they had broken up.

Tittyassfuck had been surprised to see Margret walk into the brothel, haggard and weary, obviously just looking to let off some tension, but Tittyassfuck had gone straight for her. It had taken a bit of coaxing to get Margret to agree to book her, but after the first time, she knew she would return again.

It was why she had to remain at the brothel, because no matter how much the Reclamation Centre had tried to eliminate the old Jennifer Powers, there might be still some small piece of her left in the back of Tittyassfuck’s mind. And it hoped again all hope that perhaps, with the right tilt of the head, the right flick of the tongue, the right pressure with her fingers, that Margret would recognize her and save her.

Of course Tittyassfuck knew better, Margret was using her just like every other client did, showing no sign of recognition. Tittyassfuck was only too happy to accommodate Margret the best way she knew how though, using every scrap of knowledge the old Jennifer Powers had to pleasure Margret so that she would continue to return and she could do it over and over again.