Saint Barbra’s Reform School

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Lidia’s best friend was kicked out of college and sent away to a reform school, but something seems wrong as she hasn’t heard from her in months.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter One – Homecoming

Lidia pulled up the driveway of Heather’s home, they had been best friends since public school and been there for each other through thick and thin. There had been so much in both of their own young lives so far, Heather losing her mother to cancer when she was 16 and Lidia’s own tragic loss of her parents in a car accident when she was 14. The two girls had only grown closer because of it, but Lidia had to admit that Heather had taken a turn for the worse afterward.

Heather had always been a handful for her parents, her real father had finally gotten tired of all the fighting between Heather and her mother and divorced her when she was only 6. A few years later she’d married Mr. Welman in a vain attempt to use his connections in the music business, he was some kind of big shot, to launch Heather’s singing career.

Of course, that wasn’t what Heather wanted and that made the fighting even worse between the two of them. Perhaps it was the guilt of having spent so much time fighting with her mother that still drove her to act out.

Her step-father had been a blessing in many ways, he’d been able to use his influence and money to get Heather out of trouble many times, but the incident at the start of the college year had been too much for even him to buy her out of.

She’d sent a picture of the head cheerleader and one of the other girls on the squad kissing each other with an anti-LGBTQ message attached.

It had taken almost all the influence he had to avoid the police charging her with a hate crime, but he had been unable to stop her from being kicked out of the college.

Lidia had kept in touch of course, they chatted almost every day for the first few months of the school year, the distance between their hometown and the college made visiting difficult. Especially since Lidia didn’t have a home there anymore.

When her parents had died, Lidia had very little other family. She would have normally been sent off to her godparents that lived all the way on the other coast, but Lidia had no desire to leave the sun and warmth of the west coast and had instead sued to be an emancipated youth.

Since her parents were quite rich and she inherited it all, the court allowed it with the simple condition of a court-ordered legal custodian for her finances until she was 18. She’d been free ever since and she liked to move around quite a bit, never getting tied down to any one place for long.

She’d moved into an apartment near the college in her junior year and changed again each year after that. This year she’d taken a small apartment a little farther away from the campus, but it was quiet and peaceful.

She’d hated to give it up, but now that she’d graduated it was time to move on and she now had virtually everything she owned in the trunk of her car.

She shut the car off and stepped up to the front door, pausing for just a second before knocking on it. A few moments later it opened and Mr. Welman stood before her, he was still the same, a little overweight, slightly balding and dressed in what could only be described as a business casual shirt and pants.

“Hello Lidia, please, come in. I hear congratulations are in order, top of your class!”

“Hi Mr. Welman. Yeah thanks.”

She stepped in and he closed the door behind her, “Is Heather here?” she asked as she walked into the living room and took a seat.

“I’m afraid not Lidia, she’s still at school.” Mr. Welman replied and sat in a chair across from her.

Lidia frowned, she hadn’t been able to talk to Heather for months, just before Christmas break Heather had told her that her step-father was “forcing” her to go to some stupid reform school.

They’d chatted quite a bit about it, but her step-father seemed to be at the end of his rope and had given her an ultimatum, reform school or he’d let the police charge her for the incident at college.

Lidia had consoled Heather as best she could, after all maybe it wouldn’t be that bad, but Heather had kept the worst news to last. The reform school didn’t allow any kind of outside contact. No phones, no internet, no visits.

It had seemed strange to Lidia, but after doing some research on the internet about the school, everything seemed on the up and up. It had a stellar reputation and recommendations from celebrities, politicians and law enforcement.

“Shouldn’t school be out by now?” she asked.

“Saint Barbra’s runs a little longer, I’m told graduation is in two weeks.”

“Oh, well, have you heard how Heather’s doing? Don’t you think it’s so strange to have no outside contact for this long?”

“I’m told she’s doing very well. I hope she is, I wouldn’t want her to have to attend summer school there as well. I do worry about her of course, but they said that making a clean break from old habits and relationships is the best way to help people like her.” he replied with a little shrug.

“I guess… but… I don’t know.” Lidia said, shaking her head.

“I just hope it all turns out for the best. So are you going to stay around town or are you heading off again?”

“I’m going to hang around for a while, see some old friends, etc.” she replied.

“Very good. Do you have somewhere to stay? The spare room is always available…” Mr. Welman said and the hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention.

She’d stayed over many times at his house, but she’d stopped after one day she’d noticed him staring at her ass.

It was just before they were going to be heading to college, well after Heather’s mother had died, and in some ways she couldn’t blame him, after all she was very attractive.

She’d blossomed late, her curves stelling in near the end of her teens and as she grew more confident in herself she had started wearing more fitted clothing. There were few men that didn’t take a moment or two to appreciate her long dark hair, her latin features, or her well endowed behind.

But something in Mr. Welman’s eyes seemed different than most men, something that she tried to avoid thinking about too much.

“I’ve got a place already, thanks.” she lied and stood up, “Well it was nice talking to you, maybe you can let me know when she’s graduating and we can go together?”

“Sure Lidia, will do. And if you need anything, just let me know.”

“I will, thanks.” she said and walked from the living room, she could feel his eyes on her ass as she did so and she quickened her pace without thinking about it.

Chapter Two – Saint Barbra’s Reform School

Lidia drove slowly past the large metal gates, there was a guard standing just behind them and an electronic keypad near the road. A large brass plack on one of the brick walls read “Saint Barbra’s Reform School”.

In the distance, behind the gates, she could just make out the main brick building of the school, along with several more guards at the front door.

“Why does a reform school need so many guards and security?” she said aloud to no one in particular as she continued down the road.

It was late afternoon and it would be getting dark soon, but she wanted to get a look at the place before nightfall. She’d looked it up online and checked out the satellite photos from the web, so she knew the overall layout, including the forested area behind the school.

She drove a little farther until the GPS guided her to the back roads and around behind the school. She’d be able to park in the forest where no one would see her car while she snuck into the place.

Of course, she really didn’t have a plan for how she was going to find Heather, the place was huge and she could be anywhere. And the chances of someone seeing her and setting off an alarm seemed pretty high overall.

But something just wasn’t sitting right with her about what was going on and she had to do something.

So after parking her car and drudging through the forest, she finally came to the edge of the school grounds and pulled out a pair of binoculars she’d picked up at a pawn shop earlier that day.

She spent a few hours watching as darkness fell and was surprised at her luck when she caught sight of Heather in one of the rooms. The problem was it only made her concern even greater.

It was and wasn’t Heather at the same time. It was obviously her best friend, but everything about her was different.

Gone was the short blonde hair and dark makeup, the baggy clothing with rips and holes in them. Replaced instead by curly blonde locks and bright pink and blue makeup. She was wearing some kind of sundress the plunged down her neckline to reveal her cleavage and hug her hips. It was the kind of outfit that Heather hated, the kind that her mother had made for her to wear to auditions.

Lidia lost sight of her shortly after that when she seemed to flop down on to something, her bed? She guessed that it must be her dorm room and made certain to take note of it.

She continued to watch until well past midnight when almost all the lights had gone out and decided to see if she could sneak into the school.

She was surprised at the lack of security at the rear of the house after seeing so much at the front, but she didn’t look the gift horse in the mouth and made it easily to the back entrance. Finding it unlocked, she moved quietly toward the stairs.

The second floor seemed to be all dorm rooms and she tried to get her bearings, if she was right, Heather’s room should be the third door down on the right.

She moved quietly down the hallway past the first two doors, she could hear tittering behind the first and soft moans behind the second. When she arrived at the third she couldn’t hear anything so she gently turned the knob and slipped inside.

“Heather?” she whispered in the darkness but there was no response.

She moved slightly further into the room and caught sight of some kind of motion to her left, “Heather?” she whispered again.

This time an unfamiliar voice responded, “Oh god Heather, your tongue is so amazing!”

Confused Lidia ran her hand along the wall until she found the light switch and flipped it, “Heather?!?”

Lidia saw two girls in one bed, one was a pretty brunette who had one hand firmly kneading her breast and the other gently resting on the head of the blonde between her legs.

The blonde’s head popped up as the brunette squealed and pulled a sheet up over her chest.

“Oh my god! Lidia!” the blonde squealed and bounced out of bed, her see-through pink nighty leaving nothing to the imagination as she threw her arms around Lidia and hugged her tightly.

“Heather? Heather! What’s going on here?” Lidia tried to push her friend away and get some kind of answer but all that Heather did was giggle and smile back at her.

“What are you wearing? What were you doing?”

“Oh my god, don’t you just love it?” Heather replied, throwing her hands above her head and twirling around once.

“And Diana was just a little horny so I was, like, helping out! Right Diana?” Heather said and shot a look over to the brunette still clutching the sheet in both hands.

“Ugh hun.” Diana replied, nodding.

Lidia was at a lost for words, her best friend in the whole world was standing before her like some kind of lesbian bimbo, it was too surreal to be believed.

She had just about formed another question when she heard the click of the door behind her. Before she could turn around she felt a sharp pain in her ass and then her muscles constricted on their own as she dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Chapter Three – Enrolment

Lidia moaned as she came back to consciousness only to find her mouth filled with some kind of hard plastic ball. She fluttered her eyes at the bright light and tried to move, but her body was strapped down to whatever she was laying on.

Panic set in and she thrashed about to no avail for several minutes until she tired and was sure she had done nothing but give herself rope burn from whatever material was holding her down.

“That’s better, have you got it all out?” a woman’s voice asked and Lidia managed to turn her head just enough to see the source.

The woman was probably in her forties, dressed in a stylish blue pants suit and had the stern look of a headmistress of a reform school if Lidia had ever seen one.

“I am Miss Barbra, founder and headmistress of this school. And you are Lidia Torres.” It wasn’t a question and even if it was there was no way Lidia would be able to answer it with the gag filling her mouth.

“Welcome to my humble school. I have to thank you Richard for the heads up, it made it much easier to lure her inside the school knowing she was coming.” Miss Barbra said as she turned her head to the side and looked over at a man.

Lidia recognized him right away, Mr. Welman.

“Yes, well I could tell she wasn’t going to let it go. It only seemed prudent to give you a call.”

“Now then, what are we going to do with her?” Miss Barbra asked of Richard, ignoring the pleading look in Lidia’s eyes.

“I have some thoughts…” Mr. Welman said.

“I thought you might. Just let me get her started on the first treatment.” she replied as she stepped forward and turned the spigot on the IV that Lidia had not noticed before.

Then she placed something on Lidia’s head that covered her eyes and ears.

Lidia thrashed trying to fight it, but between being strapped down and the strong hands of Miss Barbra she quickly lost and felt a strap slip under her chin.

As Lidia heard the twin sets of footsteps leaving the room, the drugs dripping into her vein started to take effect and she felt her head spin. Then, her vision was filled with lights and her ears with sound as she tried to keep herself from spinning out of control.

Lidia’s head was thumping as she let out a moan and raised her hand to her forehead.

“Oh my god is sleepyhead finally waking up?” Heather cried out in an over the top happy voice that only made Lidia’s head hurt more.

“Ohhhh… keep it down Heather…” Lidia responded and turned over and promptly fell out of the small single bed.

giggle hahahahaha snort” was Heather’s response as she jumped up from her bed and helped Lidia get to her feet before giving her a hug.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe your here with me at summer school!” Heather enthused as she continued the hug.

“Su… su… summer school?” Lidia managed to get out through the fog of confusion that hung over her head.

“Yeah! Wasn’t it so nice of Daddy to pay for us both to go to summer school here at Saint Barbra’s?”

“But… but I graduated…”

“Oh don’t be silly Lidia, if you graduated you wouldn’t be going to summer school would you?”

Lidia’s head spun at the logic but she found it impossible to think clearly enough to refute it. Then Heather grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the closet.

“Come on, you’ve got to get dressed or we’ll be late for class!” Heather said as she grabbed several items from the closet and pushed them into Lidia’s hands before spinning her around and pushing her into the small bathroom that they shared in their dorm room.

Lidia pulled the yellow baby doll nighty… when had she put that on?… over her head and hung it on a hook beside the pink one that must have belonged to Heather.

Then she started to put on the clothes that Heather had given her. Unlike the sundress that Heather was wearing, Lidia’s outfit was in two pieces, the first being a small white top that barely came down to below her breasts and the second was a plaid skirt that was held up by two suspenders over her shoulders. There was also a pair of black high heeled shoes that had to be at least 4″ tall.

She managed to get changed and open the door to complain about what Heather had handed her when Heather grabbed her hand once more and dragged her from the room and down the hallway.

“Heather… slow down!” she pleaded with her friend but to no avail.

“Can’t silly, you don’t want to be late for class… trust me!”

Just as Lidia was about to respond Heather came to a dead stop and Lidia almost knocked them both down as she ran right into the back of her.

“Girls, your almost late.” a stern voice said and Lidia stepped out from behind Heather to her side.

“I’m sorry Miss Barbra. Like it won’t happen again, I totally promise.” Heather replied as she lowered her head and looked over to Lidia, an expectant look on her face.

Lidia wasn’t sure what to do, but the elbow from her friend told her she should be saying something so she just went along with what Heather had said.

“I’m sorry too Miss Barbra.”

“Well, no matter, you both made it here, please take a seat and we’ll get started.”

Lidia followed Heather toward the seats and noticed that there was only one other student in the class, a girl with a long mass of red hair and wearing only a green string bikini with matching heels.

When they sat down, Lidia turned to Heather and whispered, “Ho… how many students are at summer school?”

Heather giggled and whispered back, “Just, like, the three of us.”

A sudden slap of a ruler on a desk brought both girls upright immediately, “Now then, no chattering girls, it’s time to get to work. We start summer school this year with proper evening attire. Now Jessica, you’re going out on a date with your boyfriend, which of these three outfits do you wear?”

The large monitor behind Miss Barbra came to life with three photos on it, each of a woman from the neck down in different evening wear. The first was a formal dress, much like you would see at a red carpet event. The second was more casual, revealing more skin. The third was a shiny little one piece that barely covered the woman’s breasts and privates, but also had a large cutout in the center of it showing off her abs.

As soon as the monitor came to life Lidia felt her head start to spin and she managed to take look over at Heather, who seemed to be having the same experience, before she heard Jessica respond.

“Hum… number 3?”

“Is that a question my dear? Do you always answer a question with a question?” Miss Barbra scolded Jessica and the girl winced.

“No Miss Barbra. I’m sorry Miss Barbra. Number 3 Miss Barbra. The answer is number 3 Miss Barbra.”

“That’s better. Now Heather, same question.”

“Oh my god, number 2 Miss Barbra.”

“Very good Heather. It’s such a shame you didn’t graduate, I had such high hopes for you. But I’m sure you’ll work extra hard at summer school won’t you?”

“Oh yes Miss Barbra, I will!”

“Very good, now Lidia, same question.”

Lidia’s head was still spinning and she was finding it hard to concentrate. But she tried her best to study the three photos on the screen but none of them seemed to be the right answer.

“Lidy… hurry up and answer…” Heather whispered to her but Lidia just scrunched her forehead in thought even harder.

“I… I… none of them seem… right?” Lidia whispered back.

“Oh silly… like there’s only one left!”

Lidia’s head spun at the simplicity of the answer and her lips moved almost on their own, “Number 1 Miss Barbra.” she replied.

“Correct Lidia, very good.” Miss Barbra said and a sudden wave of clarity and euphoria washed over Lidia.

Lidia tossed and turned in her bed, her dreams giving her no rest. They were filled with erotic images of men, men making love to her, men having sex with her, men fucking her.

In her dreams she loved every minute of it; no matter who it was, no matter how they took her. Each and every time she came to a screaming orgasm.

She suddenly sat bolt upright and let out a gasp, her heart racing, her nipples stiff and her pussy dripping wet, before she collapsed back down on to her bed. Turning to her side she saw the time on her alarm clock, it was just about 1 am.

In the moonlight, she could also see Heather’s smiling face as she winked at her, “Oh, those sounded like fun dreams Lidy!” she whispered over to her.

“Yeah, but they leave me so horny!” she confided in her friend before letting out a sigh.

“Like, I know something that can help with that giggle

“You… you do?”

“Ugh hun… want me to show you?”

“O… ok…”

Heather slide out from between her sheets and tippy toed over to Lidia’s bed before climbing in and sliding down under the sheets.

“Heather… what… what are you doing…” she asked but finished in only a moan as Heather’s tongue started to lap at her outer pussy lips.

She continued to moan for several more minutes until Heather finally pulled back, “How ya feeling now Lidy? Want me to stop?” Heather asked.

“Oh god no… don’t stop Heather… lick my pussy…”

giggle Like, ok!” Heather said before diving back down between Lidia’s legs.

It went on for what seemed like hours until Lidia finally had a mind-blowing orgasm. Afterward, Heather slithered up Lidia’s body until they were face to face and then kissed her full on the lips.

Lidia could taste her own juices on her best friends lips and she eagerly returned the passionate kiss until the two best friends fell asleep in each other’s arms.

“Now then, today’s lesson is blowjobs. You have your learning aids in front of you, show me what you know already.” Miss Barbra said pointing to the realistic dildos sitting on their desks in front of them.

Lidy had to admit that she’d learned a lot a summer school so far, the weeks had just flown by. The first week had been all about fashion, the second about makeup and the third about proper etiquette.

But this week seemed like it was going to be the best yet!

Jessica, Heather, and Lidy all picked up the dildos and wrapped their lips around them, each taking their time as Miss Barbra walked from desk to desk to see how they were doing.

Lidy shot a quick glance over at Jessica to see her pushing the long dildo all the way into her throat, another quick glance over at Heather showed her friend pumping it in and out of her mouth quickly. Lidy had gone with a slower pace where she turned her head slightly from side to side as she moved it in and out.

Miss Barbra let them continue for a few minutes before telling them to put their dildos back down on to their desks.

“Not bad girls, but you all could use some improvement. I have three videos here to show you, pay close attention to each of them.” Miss Barbra said and once more the monitor behind her came to life.

Just like each time it had come on, Lidy felt her head start to spin, but she no longer fought it. Instead, she let it happen and enjoyed the feeling as each lesson was brought to life on the display.

Today’s videos started with a naked girl deepthroating a large cock as the man laid back on a bed. She was obviously having problems taking the entire length down her throat and she gasped and choked on it several times, but she never relented and soon she was rewarded with a large deposit of cum in her mouth. By the time she finished her hair was a mess, her makeup had run and her face was alight with satisfaction.

The second video was of a girl in an elegant dress, her hair and makeup done perfectly as she sat at some kind of restaurant with a man. Before long she was crawling under the table and taking him between her lips, giving long gentle strokes until he finally groaned and released into her mouth. She crawled back out from under the table, checked her makeup and smiled over at the man, thanking him before the video ended.

The third video was of a girl on her knees in a sparkly dress, her eyes were transfixed on the cock that hovered just in front of her face. It only lasted a moment before she drove down on to it, sucking it for all she was worth. She was going faster and faster until the man finally grabbed her hair and pulled her off of him. Then he slapped her face several times with his shaft before spraying his cum all over her face and tits.

Lidy enjoyed all three videos, studying them as they played over and over again, but just like it was with each lesson, there was always one that seemed to turn her on more than the others.

In this case, it was the second video. She could so easily imagine herself crawling under the table, her dress and makeup perfect for the occasion as she gently sucked her dates cock between her lips.

By the fourth or fifth repeat of the video, she was unable to control herself and her hand slid beneath her tartan skirt and found her waiting pussy lips.

Chapter Four – Graduation

Lidy clutched her hands in her laps as butterflies swirled around in her stomach. The graduation ceremony was small, but she was still nervous and happy to have finally made it.

She looked over at Jessica and Heather who were seated beside her and smiled. Heather giggle in response and Jessica blew her a kiss.

On stage was Miss Barbra as well as one of the teachers that had returned from summer break early. They hadn’t had any classes with him, which was a shame, but they were all just happy to be here.

There were only two other people in attendance, a man that Jessica had been stealing glances at since he arrived, and Mr. Welman.

She tried to push him out of her mind, it made her pussy tingle too much to think of him and she was desperate to get through graduation without making any mistakes.

But it was hard, ever since that first blowjob class Mr. Welman seemed to be on her mind more and more. She was daydreaming about sucking his cock, dreaming about him pounding her pussy, fantasizing about being his trophy wife. It was far too distracting to let such thoughts ruin her graduation day.

She bit down on her lower lip and tried once more to push him out of her mind.

“Ok, girls, let’s get started.” Miss Barbra said, tapping the mic on the podium, “Would Jessica Dumlane please come up to the stage.”

Jessica jumped from her seat and almost toppled over in her heels but managed to right herself and make it to the stage. Her tight dress pushed her tits together and plunged all the way down to her navel before wrapping itself around her waist in a tiny skirt. The whole thing shimmered in the bright daylight that shown down on the backyard ceremony.

“Jessica has graduated with honours from our Party Slut program. She acquitted herself with the highest degree of sluttiness we’ve ever seen from a graduate of the program. Congratulations Jessica.” Miss Barbra said and handed her a bright pink scroll.

Jessica squealed and almost skipped to the side of the stage before running down the steps and over to the man she had been eyeing. He had stood up and she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately as she dry humped him where he stood.

He pulled her away and sat down once more on his chair, then patted his lap and Jessica eagerly sat on it, wiggling her ass as she did.

“Would Heather Welman please come up to the stage.” Miss Barbra intoned and Heather let out a squeal.

Heather wiggled her way up on to the stage in the tight sundress that squeezed her every curve until she stood beside the podium.

“Heather has graduated from our Bimbo program after her second attempt, which is, of course, the highest honour a bimbo can receive.” Miss Barbra said as she handed another pink scroll to Heather.

Heather climbed down the stairs and winked at Lidy as she made her way over to her step-father. Much like with Jessica, Heather wrapped her arms around her step-father and kissed him before they both sat down and Heather threaded her arm through his, a bright smile on her face the whole time.

“And finally, would Lidia Torres please come up to the stage?”

Lidy almost tripped herself over her long yellow dress, she knew it was going to be a challenge on the grass, between the 6″ stilettos and the hem of the dress that came all the way down to cover them, but it was just to perfect not to wear.

She managed to get up the stairs and stand beside the podium a smile on her face.

“Lidia, or as she prefers now Lidy, was a latecomer to our school, but she has acquitted herself beyond any expectations we might have had and we are happy to call her a graduate of our Trophy Wife program.” Miss Barbra said as she handed Lidy her pink certificate.

Lidy beamed out a smiled to Heather and Mr. Welman and her knees almost came out from under her as she saw Heather bent over into her step-father’s lap.

It wasn’t the fact that Heather was blowing him, heaven’s no. Her classes last week had taught her how it was every man’s right to receive pleasure and how it’s every girl’s job to give it to them.

No, her knees had almost given way because she had been so hoping that she would be the one to give Mr. Welman a blowjob after the ceremony.

But she couldn’t blame Heather though, after all she was just doing what came naturally.

She put on her best smile and headed over to her best friend and her step-father, “Hello Mr. Welman, thank you for coming to our graduation.”

“Ugh… Ok Heather, that’s enough for now.” Mr. Welman said and pulled Heather up off his dick.

“Awe! But I want your cum Daddy!”

“Later Honey, later. Right now Lidy and I have to talk. Why don’t you go to the car and wait for us.”

“Like, ok Daddy.” Heather pouted but wiggled her way towards the main building.

“So Lidy, how does it feel to have graduated?”

“It feels great Mr. Welman!” she said, holding her legs tightly together to try and contain the growing need between them.

“Please, call me Richard.” he said as he stood up, stepped to the side of her and wrapped his arm around her waist. She leaned in against him to keep her balance as her legs threatened to fail once more.

“O…ok Richard.” she replied, biting her lower lip and look up into his eyes.

She recognized the look in them, she’d seen it so many times over the years at his house, but now instead of sending the hairs on the back of her neck straight up, it sent her pussy to buzzing even harder.

He started to speak as he led her toward the main building, “You know Lidy, I’ve had my eye on you for quite a while now.”

“You… you have Richard?” his name feeling better on her lips each time she said it.

“Yes, you’ve become quite the beautiful girl you know.”

“Tha… thank you Richard.” she replied as she blushed furiously.

“You know, I’ve been thinking, Now that Heather has graduated and will be coming home, she could really use another girl around the house to help keep her on the straight and narrow.”

“I… I could help with that Richard.” Lidy said hopefully.

“You would? That’s sweet of you Lidy, but I was thinking that she needed something more than just a friend.” Richard said as they stepped into the main building and towards one of the classrooms.

“Something more?” Lidy asked in return.

“Yes, you know she’s been without a mother for many years now and I was thinking that if I remarried that perhaps Heather’s new step-mother could keep her in line.”

“Step…step-mother? Oh Richard… I’d… I’d be so honoured if you would consider me.” Lidy replied, her breathing quickening as her chest heaved in response.

“Yes… well you know as my wife I would have certain… expectations of you.”

“Of course Richard!” she said eagerly as she pushed away from him and stepped in front of him. She reached around to her zipper and pulled it down, letting her dress fall down around her heels.

Underneath her white lingerie accented her dark complexion as she wiggled in place and slowly started to strip it off for him.

When all of her clothing was on the floor, he stepped forward and reached behind her, grabbing her ass firmly. She leaned in and kissed him, pushing her tongue between his lips.

Before long he pushed her back towards the teacher’s desk, broke their embrace and bent her over it.

“Oh god Richard, I’ve wanted this for so long! Please! Please Richard, fuck me and make me your trophy wife!”

Richard wasted no time in dropping his pants and sliding his cock into her, “Yes! Yes! Yes! I love your cock inside of me!” Lidy cried out as Richard pounded her, slowly, inch by inch, pushing the desk back towards the wall with each thrust.

She finally felt him stiffen even more inside of her and his cum start to flow, “OHMGODYES!!!!!!!” she cried out as her own orgasm came over her and she collapsed onto the desk.

Richard watched from his chair in the living room as his step-daughter squeal in delight. She was holding Lidy’s hand, the large diamond engagement ring just moments ago affixed to her finger.

“Oh my god Lidy, like your going to be my Mommy!”

“That’s right Heather and I expect you to behave for your mother. I won’t tolerate bad little girls in my home.” Lidy replied and Heather’s shoulders slumped and she pouted and bowed her head.

“Yes Mommy, I’ll be a good girl.”

“Good, now go to your room and get ready. We’re going out to dinner to celebrate.”

Heather’s face immediately lit up and she squealed once more as she shook her hands, balled up into little fists, in front of her chest.

Then Heather darted up the stairs as Lidy turned towards him, smiled, shook her head and followed Heather up the stairs to get prepared herself.

Richard had never wanted this for his step-daughter of course, the poor girl had gone through so much, but he had been at the end of his rope.

The last escapade at college had cost him more than just calling in a few favours, he’d had to give a few out as well.

It just couldn’t go on.

He wasn’t sure why the detective had given him Saint Barbra’s Reform School’s business card. Perhaps it was just one father seeing another at his limit. Or perhaps there was another reason that only the detective knew.

Either way, he’d done a bit of research and then made an appointment and then finally signed the paperwork to enroll Heather at the school.

He’d picked the bimbo program for her because he just wanted her to be happy and the school guaranteed results.

But then, when he’d visited her halfway through the program, when he’d seen the progress, something else took hold of him. With the changes the school had brought about in Heather he suddenly saw his deceased wife smiling back at him.

She had been such a joy to be around, at least when she wasn’t fighting with Heather. They had too few good years together and he had to have her once more.

The school was only too happy to make the adjustments he requested in her program and he was looking forward to her graduation in the spring.

Then Lidia had shown up.

The flighty girl who had never worked a day in her life for anything had always grated at him. She bounced around from apartment to apartment, never settling down, never having to grow up. Everything came easily to her; her inheritance, her emancipation, her schooling. Everything.

As soon as he saw the look in her eyes that day she had come over to his house, he knew she would be trouble.

He’d called Miss Barbra to alert her to the possibility she might try and sneak in, but he’d really called her to make sure that she didn’t just turn Lidia into the police.

He’d told Miss Barbra that he’d happily pay for her enrollment at the school if they managed to catch her there.

It had been one of the happiest moments of his life when he’d gotten the call from Miss Barbra to let him know she was there at the school.

From the day that Lidia had sprouted those hips and breasts and started to show them off in those tight little outfits, he’d had a raging hardon for her.

He wasn’t proud of it, but it was what it was. He’d had to fight off a hard on each and every time she showed up and it was sheer will power that kept him from doing something about it.

Enrolling Lidia in the trophy wife program was the easiest decision he’d ever made.

It also solved another problem that he had been struggling with.

He had every intention of keeping Heather for himself, but eventually a man and his grown step-daughter living under the same roof would have drawn attention. And he certainly couldn’t marry his step-daughter, that would be scandalous even in this day and age.

But a husband and wife? A step-daughter could live in that home for as long as she wanted and no one would bat an eye at the arrangement.

Oh, there would be a few people who questioned the age difference between him and his new wife, but she wasn’t so young or him so old that it would be anything but a curiosity for a few months. Then people would move on to the next intrigue and forget all about it.

He leaned back into the chair and smiled, it wasn’t long before he heard footsteps coming down the stairs once more. A moment later his soon to be wife and their step-daughter walked into the living room, both of them beaming bright smiles at him.

Heather was dressed in a tight pink sundress with matching heels and Lidy was squeezed into a tight blue dress that came well below her knees.

“Are you ready Richard?” Lidy asked, clutching a small purse in front of her.

“Yeah Daddy, are you ready?” Heather chimed in as well.

“Almost ladies, almost.” he said as he stood up and took in the view.

His smile faded only a little bit as he looked at Heather’s chest, had her mother’s been larger?

Yes, yes he thought it had. Perhaps he’d have Lidy take Heather to the doctor to see if something could be done about that.

His smile returned to his face as he stepped between his bimbo step-daughter and trophy wife to be, wrapping his arms around their waists and heading out to dinner.

Perhaps he’d have Lidy give him a blowjob under the table tonight, apparently, it was one of the first activities the trophy wife program taught during the blowjob classes. He was curious to find out how well she’d learned her lesson.